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Couldn’t attend the nearest Women’s March the other day and I’ll forever mourn my own loss but that only means more purpose for me to draw my faves obviously having been there. In this case, these cuties were travelling their way from their barnz to the city lyfe to march alongside. Country folk getting lost/explorin’ city vibe much??

A quick lil’ shoutout to Thomas @thatsthat24 for creating such a beautiful phrase that’s on Peri’s shirt that will be featured in another piece soon because what a godsend of a phrase. 


You don’t have to separate these things with Jefferson. He can have written this incredible document, and several incredible documents, that we all, sort of- with things that we all believe in. And he sucks.

I think those are both true, and those have to be both true. I think we really have to stop separating them, ‘cause that’s when you get into trouble. That’s when you stop letting people be whole people.

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For the send me a ship and I'll tell you thing. Can you do Lafferson? 'Lafayette X Jefferson'

Sorry this took so long, I have a few more. Also great ship, I for one can ship just about anything (within moral reason) so this was a lot of fun ^^ I didn’t expect to get this one so thanks!

  • Who said “I love you” first (Laf)

“Your French is truly amazing.” Lafayette smiled, watching his dearest ‘friend’ write in perfect grammar. “I am grateful you are willing to do the translations for me.” He motioned to his snapped wrist. Lafayette might have been the sweeter of the set of rambunctious boys but he was still part of the team. He was just as scrappy as the lot of Hamilton’s little crew. Something Thomas wasn’t terribly fond of. Thomas had made friends with Laf on an educational level, on a work level. He saw the professional Lafayette was. Which applied to Thomas’s more delicate lifestyle.

“Honestly you should reconsider your friendships.” Thomas spoke, his teeth clenched tightly as he finished the rest of Lafayette’s work. Not only copying his handwriting but being fluent in French, why was he doing this man a favor? He could have been home doing…nothing. Which was probably why he was doing this. No other reason. “Hamilton and his bumbling band of idiots are going to get you hurt. And I don’t say this to anyone, but you have a lot more potential than the lot of them.”

The jealousy rolled off Thomas like steam from a hot shower. Lafayette wasn’t blind, he knew Thomas would rather the Frenchman spend his days with him instead. Laf enjoyed his friends but…that was not to say he wasn’t growing fond of the tall, softer man’s presence. With his good wrist he ran his fingers through Thomas’s fro, his fingers toying with a particularly full curl. “Oh Thomas, if you want to spend more time with me just say so.” He purred watching Jefferson’s eyes go wide with embarrassment.

“Why I never said that–” he began to ramble fast, nervously over reasons why he wouldn’t want to spend time with Lafayette. All of which were terrible lies and excuses. Laf could feel the heat of his blush on his frantically nerve wrecked face. Slowly Laf brought a finger to Thomas’s lips and gave him a soft smile.

“Thomas please, no need to hide it. I’d love to spend more time with you, I’m afraid I’m rather…well..” Lafayette paused for a second and nodded, “I think I may love you, mon amie”

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background (Both but Laf is a little less extra about it)

“Say Tom, can I borrow your laptop?” Madison called out from the living room.
“Sure whatever.” Thomas was in the kitchen, probably heating up some left over mac and cheese. Madison opened the laptop, needing to check his email for a second when he paused. Thomas joined his best friend in his living room when he realized Madison was just staring at his laptop.

“What?” He looked and smirked, there was a slideshow of pictures playing as the background of his laptop. All of which were Lafayette. Images of him standing there, smiling, some selfies. The slide show was moving at a pace of 5 second intervals. “My boyfriend is hot, so I have his picture as my background, sue me.”

Madison wouldn’t comment it was a bit much. He closed the laptop and decided against using Thomas’s computer. He didn’t want to know what else he had of Lafayette on his device.

“Oh Jemmy can you pass me my phone?” Thomas pointed to his cell phone closer to Madison’s side of the couch. Like a good friend, James took the phone and went to hand it over. His grip must have set off the phone, for it flashed and the lock screen picture nearly blinded him. James dully tossed the phone at Thomas. “What?” He looked down and blushed, “it’s a good photo.” He purred, looking down at the image of Lafayette sprawled over his couch, naked with only a blanket covering his loins. Thomas did enjoy his French lover.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror (Laf)

“Holy, shit, Laf are you done?” Thomas groaned, “we’re going to be late for our date.” Thomas grumbled. Sooner than not, the door opened and Lafayette walked out, his hair similarly curled like Thomas’s was wild. Thomas looked up at him and blushed a bit. “Finally.” He pushed passed his post showered boyfriend and walked into the sauna that was their bathroom now. Honestly Thomas could not understand what kept Lafayette in here for so long. Only time Thomas took the longest was when he needed to wash his hair. Both men took a lot of pride in their curls, more Thomas than Laf since he enjoyed to wear it out. His eyes went to the large vanity mirror which had lovely script writting all over it. Thomas blushed reading the message Lafayette had left him.

‘Mon ange, mon amour, mon adorable oiseau— mon Thomas’

Thomas didn’t have the heart to call him out for being sappy. He grabbed his phone and took a picture of the fogged message. He would make sure to return the sugar later tonight.

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts (Laf)

“Tomas! Tomas! Look what I bought for you.” Lafayette bounded over holding bags upon bags of gifts. Thomas was wealthy and didn’t mind to shop, on the other hand Lafayette burned through money like he was made of it which these days he was not. “You’ll love it.”

“Laf, you don’t have to buy me gifts, we’re dating now.” He chuckled, the gifts Lafayette showered him in always made him feel like he was being bought. It wasn’t a terrible feeling but remotely unneeded since Thomas was not with Laf for his ability to spoil him. He was with Lafayette for his ability to make Thomas’s heart sputter. Still he humored his boyfriend as he pulled out a pair of cat ear headbands. “Did you steal that from a youtube makeup guru?”

“It is adorable, yes?” Lafayette beamed, he cutely placed his matching pair on his head and made a pawing motion to Thomas. “Cute, cute, you wear yours.”

Thomas hesitated for a second, Lafayette continued to paw at the air in front of Thomas until he gave in. He slid the other pair on his head and looked over at Laf. “Are you happy now.” He rolled his eyes feeling absolutely foolish. Before Thomas could rip the accessory off his head, Laf wrapped his arm around Thomas. He buried his face into his curls and very sweetly whispered.

“Now that’s a kitty I’d gladly stroke~”

  • Who initiated the first kiss (Laf)

“Again?” Thomas was ushered into the police station, Laf was the last one left in the holding cell. Hamilton and his friends, had yet again reeked havoc. Laurens managed to make bail after his more than annoyed father let him out. Hamilton was let out by the good graces of George. Alex swore he’d find a way to get Laf out, perhaps convince George to pay up for him too. But that was hours ago. Lafayette called the only other person he knew would come. “Jesus fuckin’…”

“Mon amie…” He whimpered holding his arms as he sat in the cell, the police officer began running Thomas’s card through the system as he paid Lafayette’s bail.

“DO. NOT. Mon amie, me!” Thomas yelled at him, half the mind to take his card back but it was too late. The payment was being processed. “Why is it, you only need me when they fuck you over huh?”

“Alexandre tried he does not have the means to pay for me –”

“Oh but he has the means to get you into his mess? Lafayette, when are you going to stop being reckless and start realizing not all of Alexander and John’s schemes are healthy hm? What are you going to do when I am not here to pick you up or bail you out? You better learn to lick your own goddamn wounds” Thomas lashed out angrily at Laf, he watched as the taller, bloodied and bruised man shrank in his seat. “Is that all I am? Your back up, when shit hits the fan?” Thomas cared deeply for Laf but he was not here to be Laf’s escape route when he exhausted everything else.

The police officer walked over to the holding cell and opened it up but Lafayette did not move. “Lets go, Laf.”

“No.” He groaned. “You hate me.”

“…I don’t…please, can we go?” Thomas pinched the bridge of his nose, annoyed at the entire situation. “Gilbert.” Lafayette cringed at the sound of his name, only used when Thomas was through with his shit. “I don’t hate you, I’m …tired of caring more about you than you do for me. If you can’t stay out of trouble…for me, then…”

Lafayette rose to his feet and practically lept out of the holding cell. He threw his arms around Thomas and kissed him deeply, letting the slightly shorter man melt into his arms. He kissed him as if the officer wasn’t standing only a few feet away, watching as the Frenchman deepened the kiss right there and then. His hands moving down Thomas’s back, stopping at the small of his spine. “Trust me…I do not care less…” He whispered softly against Thomas’s lips.

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning (Thomas)

“Laf I’m leaving to work.” Thomas was already in his suit and tie, ready for the work day. While his French tutor boyfriend laid lazily in bed. He didn’t have to be up for a few more hours, so Laf took all the liberties to sleep in. His large, muscular arms hugged the pillow that Thomas had used and inhaled deeply. “…Mm” Thomas purred finding Lafayette’s clinginess to be too adorable to ignore. It was mornings like this, when Laf was naked under Thomas’s silk sheets, smothering his pillow, hair wild and undone that made Thomas want to stay. Stay and enjoy the beauty that was his boyfriend and his needy like love. Thomas leaned his body over Laf’s and kissed him softly. One kiss turned to two, two turned to several and slowly Lafayette was wide awake.

“Mm” He moaned between kisses which were now melting into deeper, wetter french kisses. “Don’t …I’m awake, I’m awake, don’t stop.” He felt Thomas’s tongue retract. “Tch, lache” he hissed angrily.  

“Ah yes, I’m the coward, the coward keeping our very expensive lifestyle afloat so you can waste away on my silk sheets.” He chuckled, “be kind to me Laf, you’ll never find another like me.”

  • Who starts tickle fights (Laf)

“Tooooomas” Laf was laying on the long, leather couch watching his boyfriend from the study. He was on the phone, yelling at Hamilton of course. He had been for the last hour, they were working together. A terrible idea really, and now Thomas had been yelling. Their lavish home filled with the hoarse and bitter sounds of Thomas’s temper. Lafayette felt like a helpless dame watching his man turn into a nasty ball of fuzzy fury. “Tomas..” Lafayette got up and crossed the long arching hallway to the study. He leaned against the frame just in time to meet Thomas’s apologetic stare. He held up at hand at Laf then continued to speak, this time quieter but still seething with anger.

Laf hated to see the love of his days like this. He walked into the study and gently wrapped his arms around Thomas as he complained, his Southern accent coming up the angrier he got. “Mon cherie…” he whispered, swaying and rocking the slightly shorter man. Thomas gently made a swatting motion with his hand, he wanted Laf to leave. He didn’t want to be seen like this.

Lafayette was not having it. Slowly his long, slender fingers peeled up Thomas’s finely ironed suit shirt. He exposed his soft sides and started ghosting his fingertips over his skin.
“He..heh..” Thomas started to involuntarily smile, he bit down on his lower lip, going silent as Hamilton’s voice blared a mile a minute through the phone. Laf smirked getting the reaction he wanted he playfully danced his delicate, feathery like finger tips over Thomas’s skin.

“Ah-haha!!” Thomas choked out some laughter. Laughter that Hamilton interpreted as an insult. He was being mocked. “I-I have to call you bac-hahaha, Ha-ha-hamilton!” Thomas slammed the phone down and laughed even larger. Lafayette giggled, watching the anger melt away from his Thomas’s voice.

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower BATH (Laf)

It was a long day, Thomas had a long day. He got to his large home and was welcomed by Lafayette’s arms. Like some sort of housewife, Laf rid him of his suit and suitcase, not because he felt like he had to. Thomas did truly work hard and had a stressful line of work. “I ran you a bath, dear.” He kissed the top of Thomas’s frizzed head.

“Thank you.” Thomas yawned, he walked like a zombie towards the bathroom. He lazily kicked off all his clothing, barely paying mind to the fact it was a bubble bath. Lafayette had used the expensive bath salts and soap, filling the air with relaxing lavender scents. What did Thomas do in this life to deserve such a good man? The bath, still warm, and smelling amazing was also lit with small candles. That…was a strange touch but Thomas wouldn’t complain. Any bath was better than no bath. He sank down into the water letting out a loud and throaty groan. His body slumped and throbbed with pain but soon the warm water ebbed away at his aches. He had just closed his eyes when he heard the pop of champagne.

“Mind if I join?” Laf smiled holding the bottle while he stood there nude by the door.

Thomas’s mouth opened a bit, “not at all..” he watched his lover walk over, a sway to his hips that made his stomach turn. “Not…at all.”

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch (Thomas)

“Working through lunch again?” Hercules looked over Laf who was the master of odd jobs. Strange how a man who came from riches of France was now in over his head in debt and more importantly seemed to change jobs more than he changed clothes.

Laf shrugged a bit, “I must.” He waved Herc off before he could be told once again he was allowed to be treated to lunch. First, he did not want to give anyone the wrong idea, and secondly he needed the money. Living with a wealthy lover gave Laf an unease…he didn’t want to be another burden or debt to someone. He worked with Hercules today, who needed someone to watch the dry cleaning place for him. Laf moved to the back and started steam ironing expensive suits, the sweat beading up along his brow as the door opened and the bell dinged. “I will be right with you.” He turned his head for a second only to accidentally steam his thumb. “Ah merde!” He hissed dropping the metal industrial steamer. “Sorry!” He rushed to the front only to find Thomas was standing there with a concerned look on his face. “Tomas, what are you doing here?”

“I wanted to…surprise you with lunch, aren’t you on your break?” He looked around wondering why Laf was still working. “Am I too late?”

“Oh no…I was just going…” He blushed a bit, “you shouldn’t have come, I’m fine.” Laf’s stomach growled otherwise.

“Mhm” Thomas shook his head and offered his arm. “I know a little place we can grab a bite to eat and some wine.” Laf stared at Jefferson’s arm. He didn’t have the heart or the stomach to deny such a face. And nothing made Lafeytte giddier than a glass of fine wine.

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date (Thomas)

“You’re shaking, mon amie.” Laf snickered as Thomas mounted the carriage with him. “Don’t tell me you don’t like horse drawn carriages…” Lafayette felt his smile weaken a bit. Was Thomas not happy?

“I’m fine.” Thomas snapped, he was shaking because he was nervous. No one took him on a date before. He was always the planner, the one who sorted out where they were going and when. Especially first dates, no Laf was the one. Lafayette asked Thomas out, and now it was his date. What if it was something Thomas wasn’t good at, or what if he had nothing to say. Thomas wasn’t prepared and the anxiety of it all was building in him. More precisely building over his left temple. He rubbed his fingers against his temple, mulling over all the things they could go wrong. Even more terrifying, he wanted this to work out. He wanted this to be perfect so bad…

Thomas was in the brink of tears when he felt Laf wrap a secure arm around his shoulders. He leaned into Thomas and sighed. “I’m so happy you’re with me, Tomas.” He mused, closing his eyes. “I was frightened you would have rejected me so…”

“Why?” Thomas chuckled, Lafayette was gorgeous, intelligent, and absolutely too sweet to be with Thomas. “Because you’re Hamilton’s friend?”

“Oui” Laf chuckled, it was a hard position to be in, when his best friend disliked his current lover so much.

Thomas felt the ease of the conversation push his aches back but his heart was still pounding hard and fast. At least that he could ignore more or less. The horse began to draw the carriage along, Thomas settled close into Laf working through the remaining bits of nerves he had left. “I think the fact I’m dating one of Hamilton’s best friends and it drives him inside to be one of the best things about you.” He smirked.

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders (Laf)

“Tomas, my love, I’m home.” Laf walked into the house only to be met with silence. “Thomas?” He walked in a bit more. The large and overly decorated home was eerily quiet. Lafayette instantly felt a pang of worry…until he heard something.


“Thomas?” Laf whipped his head back and forth trying to locate the origin of the sound.

“PST, LAFAYETTE” Thomas whispered from across the living room. He was holding up a long broom like a shield over his chest, his eyes scanning the ground. “Don’t move. In this very area there is the most disgusting creature I’ve ever seen in my life.” Thomas gulped, his face growing a bit paler with worry.

Lafayette looked around and saw nothing, he crossed his arms a bit. “Thomas I thought you told me you were raised in the Southern countryside, what creature could you possibly be afraid of?”

The southern man shot his French lover a dirty look of embarrassment. The glare could have cut through steel, “that doesn’t mean I liked it! Don’t come any closer” He noticed Lafayette was trying to cross the room to come towards him. “LAF NO WA–” Their eyes both went towards the ground. A long legged spider crossed the room and paused in front of Laf. Thomas’s mouth opened as if he was going to shriek.

With a loud THUD, Laf brought his foot soundly down on the bug and continued to walk across the room. “Let’s find this creature that has unnerved my sweet, bird.” He kissed Thomas’s head and ushered the man away from the sight.

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk (Thomas because Laf proclaims his love sober or drunk, don’t matter)

The dinner party was going fine, Hamilton was there speaking between all of the ladies he wanted. John was loathsomely glaring at Alexander as he stole all the ladies, or perhaps because the ladies stole Alex’s attention? Either way there he was, Hercules was having a nice conversation with a few of the bosses which left…

“Jemmyyyy” Thomas purred, his face warm from all the booze he had been ingesting. He wrapped his arm around the shorter, stockier man and pulled him into an unprecedented hug. “I want you to meet someone…” He started to drag Madison through the crowd of well dressed men and women.

“Thomas…please” James cringed, drunk Thomas was near intolerable. He was a babbling, sloppy mess, even walking to where he was trying to talk James he knocked over a server who was carrying crabcakes on a platter. Thomas motioned to Lafayette, who was dressed in all white, shirt tucked, looking like a handsome angel. “Lafayette” Madison awkwardly smiled at the man.

The smile was met with a smooth and calm one from Lafayette. “It’s good to see you again, Madison. How is Dolley?”

“Fine, she’s…” He was cut off by Thomas who flung his arms around Laf’s neck.

“James, I want you to meet the man I’m going to marry one day, Maarie…Marie…” He pursed his lips trying to figure out the lengthy name that belonged to his dearest. “Marie..Jean..paul..no..Marie..Antoinette? Marrrii?” Thomas struggled as Laf soothing rubbed his buzzed boyfriend’s back.

“Thomas I’ve already…” He sighed, James figured Thomas wasn’t listening so he turned his attention to the ever patient Laf. “Good luck with him.” He slowly walked away leaving Thomas in the sober care of his boyfriend.

“Maria…” Thomas stammered only to be met by a soft kiss. “Laf…how can I marry you if I can’t say your name?”

“Simple, I’ll take your name, mon cher.” He chuckled indulging in Thomas’s drunk fantasies. Though the idea of Thomas wanting him for the rest of his life was enough to end him into a love drunk stupor.

Thomas paused for a long second and turned to the crowd, yelling at the top of his lungs until all heads were on him. “MET MYYY FUTURE HUBBY YA’LL, LAFAYETTE DE JEFFERSON”