god i love this so muc

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hey it's me again that anon that keeps sending you hxh asks and i just. need to talk to you about how wholesome and amazing and pure gon and killua's friendship is. it's literally everything i've ever wanted to see in an anime god bless i love them so muc h!!! !! ! oooh and i'm at ep 42 or so now and!!! killua's outfits are so cute!! first the top with the two arm warmer kinda things and then the cute pink sweater with the lil shirt underneath ahh i love it so so so much

AH i KNOW they’re so sweet!! they’re the fucking best friends i just!! i love them so much what the fuck??? and i know every time i see killua im just fucking in love with him AHHH. im on episode 61 ive been slowing down a bit because of school (dumb)

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honestly my first impression of u was liek 'oh my God Wait this is that one popular rayark blog I've FUCKED up big time' but then I realized ur such a good person and you are kind and calming and I'm fglad were mutuals ur like up there on the favorites list

 OH Y=M GDO……………………………. I LVO YUO SO MUC H,,

  • Patrick Stump: is in the backround of a picture, extremely blurry, can barely see him
  • me: Oh My God look at my son, the light of my life, Patrick Vaughn Stump doesnt he look so good here?? i am screamign i love my sun so muc h

every time i see tim lincecum smile it makes me smile because his whole face lights up and he gets the lil crinklies and he looks so genuinely happy oh god i love that loser so muc h