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highlights of the 18hr livestream’s Mario Kart sessions (feat. Competitive Lauren™ and Mom Friend Ashley™) pt. 2


• “GOD *incoherent screaming* who keeps doing that?!?!”

• Gabe: “I do it for #Garlos I do it for the fans”

• Joey: “remember when Mario did a crossover with kung fu panda?” Gabe: “nope. did that happen?” Joey: “no.”

• Lauren *falls off track and saved by the cloud guy*: “ah godammit. always gotta get this guy to fucking save me”

• Ashley: “only like 1 in 3 people spell your name right” Brendan: “it’s ok it wasn’t right on my high school diploma either” Lauren: “so you never actually graduated high school” Brendan: “it’s tru”

• “i am honestly so sick of everyone”

• Brendan: “you know, whoever keeps firing things at me you don’t have to. i am perfectly capable of running off the course all by myself”

• Ashley *reading the chat*: “‘Lauren sure does swear a lot’ but the rest of us perfect angels”

• Lauren *starts losing*: +

• Brendan: “guys i got six points that time! oh, i’m still in last place…” Gabe: “it’s a selected number of points. you’ve gotten one point” Brendan: *death stare* Gabe: “i love you”

• Lauren *getting her controller back as the race starts*: “jojo. thank you so muc- JOEEEY!”

• Lauren: “wait, FZERO?? i used to have this game on nintendo” Joey: “well, guess what? this is a nintendo console my DAWG”

• “oh my god this is totally taking me back. i’m doin it for child hood me”

• Lauren *starts losing AGAIN on the fzero track*: “corey it’s broken!! corey stop the game!!!” Corey: *crickets*

• Gabe: “what the dic- who is- noOO!!”

• Brendan *drives off the edge*: “bye everybodyyy…”

• Joey: “lauren’s in first cause she loves this game so much” Gabe: “what??? how is she doing that?!?!” Lauren: “fzero’s my jam biiiitchh”

• Ashley: “Brendan you’re doing amazing sweetie”

• *clayton knocks on the door* “honestly no one can talk when they enter the room ok i’m focusing. ahh it’s bROkeN!!”

• Lauren *almost falls off*: *incoherent hiss/wheeze/growling?????*

• Lauren: “UGHHHH THIS FUCKING GHOSTTT” Brian: “it’s a squid” Lauren: “it’s a GHOST” Brian: “it’s clearly a squid”

• Brendan: “I’ve hit everything I’m not supposed to hit…”

• “oooh bitch. i got a fucki- i got a plant i got a plant biiIITCHH!!! oh shit. i got a plant i got a plaaaanttt”

• Gabe: “what keeps happening?!” Lauren: “Gabe, are you having a fall from grace?”

• “get outta my way. geT OUTTA MY WAAAY!!!”


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Your post about Sonya being like a mother for Nino made me draw this… I’m not sure Genny will let Nino steal her favorite mom ;-)

Sonya is still best mom though.

OH MY GOD I’M CRYING I LOVE IT?????? kiddos plz. but i’m sure eventually genny and nino will decide MAYBE they can share sonyamom after all and end up the best of sisters :’)

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modern college au where laurens and ham are out on a friday night & they see tjeffs and tjeffs is talking shit about alex so laurens punches him and it ends in a bleeding head and definite concussion for laurens but at least tjeffs has a bleeding nose and alex is like JFC u have to go to a hospital right now immediately and laurens is like no?? im totally fine?? and alex is like no ur not and then eliza appears like an angel of the lord out from her shift in the hospital as a med student (1/3)

and alex sees her and he’s like pls?? help my boyfriend?? he doesnt want to go to the hospital?? and laurens keeps insisting he’s Fine even though he’s definitely about to pass out so eliza brings them to her apartment and has laurens lying on her couch with ice packs and a bandaged head (good thing u didn’t need stitches - eliza) and alex starts flirting with eliza and she’s like your boyfriend was literally bleeding on my couch like five seconds ago (2/3)

and laurens is like it’s alright i also think you’re pretty cute and eliza is working so hard not to be Charmed so she’s like ok but you’re concussed right now so i don’t trust your opinion so alex is like ok but what if we come back when john is definitely not concussed anymore and ask you out on a date and eliza’s like ok but they actually do because they do like her a lot and eliza can’t believe it and now tjeffs has 2 ppl out for his blood when he talks shit about alex the end (3/3)