Because there’s what I believe.. and then there’s you.

Guess who’s been watching In the flesh ?? This one goes straight to paticmak for getting me into it -I HATE YOU NOW I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT UNDEAD BOYFRIENDS WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME- Go watch it if you haven’t !! It’s really great !


You tried Marco, you tried. 

At first I thought “Okay, this was the gayest it could get on a Kid’s show”….

I mean, Amethyst literally charged into Garnet’s crotch…
Nope! then this super sweet gay fusion happens…

…And then this fusion happens..

Which out-gays the gayest couple on the show and done by a thristy af Pearl.

Rebecca Sugar is out gaying her show and its amazing and I love it!


EDIT: the sweetest fusions