god i love this show

you know what I really really love about skam? The fact that they show teenagers how they /really/ look like in their puberty. They show their pimples, blemished skin, scars… It’s feels so good to watch a tv-show that doesn’t portray teens like gods, that have no flaws - like all the other existing shows out there do. They show us the real life and it just relieves me so much to see that e.g. Isak Valtersen has some pimples on his back, just like I have.

Because there’s what I believe.. and then there’s you.

Guess who’s been watching In the flesh ?? This one goes straight to paticmak for getting me into it -I HATE YOU NOW I HAVE STRONG FEELINGS ABOUT UNDEAD BOYFRIENDS WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO ME- Go watch it if you haven’t !! It’s really great !


You tried Marco, you tried.