god i love this persons art so much!


MAN I LOVE THESE GUYS ARRGHGHHG THANK YOU SO MUCH @twizzlertrolls for these babies!! Can’t wait to draw them!! I also need to find names for them and doodle them myself but I AM EXCITEEEDDDD

The first troll is meant to be Majora’s dancestor (or some relative thereof)! I specifically asked for them to have the same horns for this reason <3 

1st: Cosmic Love by Florence + the Machine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EIeUlvHAiM

2nd: On Melancholy Hill (acoustic version) by Gorillaz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lAjs75dkho

3rd: Take On Me by a-ha (MY FAVOURITE SONG IN THE ENTIRE WORLD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djV11Xbc914

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good

“God doesn’t love you, not like I do.” -Val

just saw an outlast 2 playthrough finally, this was a really fun break from some other work I've been doing, but here’s a sketchy painting of Val cause I found them really interesting at first. I dunno how to feel about the ending and about midway through it got a lil…..boring???? I guess butttt I’m not much of a horror game person so my opinion is, frankly, irrelevant. in any case, still enjoyed watching the game.

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Hello, i am a little new to tumblr and i was just wondering, why don't people want others to repost their art/posts? is it like, stealing their post or something? ok, bye :)

Hi! Hello and welcome to tumblr!

This might get long and relatively angry-sounding but by all means this isn’t towards you at all anon, its just that this have been building up in me for a long time. But just know that yes! reposting other artists’ works is offensive and even damaging to them for multiple reasons!

>>Here’s a really well explained answer to why reposting is terrible for artists in general <<

For me, my posts/art are things I created. Things I worked hard for, and spent time on. Some of them are personal to me. To repost that art/post is just like STEALING that work right from me. 

We get that stealing is bad, right?

Because that’s what it is. No sugarcoating, no “reposting”, no “sharing”. It. Is. STEALING

But still, people do it. Sure some might leave credits to the original artist, some might even link back to the original source. But when you’re dealing with the internet, things get muddied real fast. Sources get linked back to other websites, to other blogs that reposted it and some people will flat out claim that work (That YOU created) as theirs. People will trace over them, remove watermarks, add their own stuff to it, etc etc.

And what that does to the original artist, is leave them creditless for the most part and taking the control over their own stuff from them.

To make matters worst, we depend on our content. To some artists, this is literally the only way they make a living. I know you see posts about it like its a joke but it’s not?? Whether its for the next meal, to pay off debt or hospital bills, to leave an abusive place, etc, we really do depend on these art works. It’s not us being whiny or being butthurt on the internet. It is quite literally a matter of Life and Death to some of us. 

It doesn’t matter that you say that “love the artist!” or “credit to the artist!” It affects ALL artists NEGATIVELY. It is always a stab to the heart knowing another one of our pieces got taken and reposted again. Heck, not a day goes by when I don’t find reposted pieces of mine on instagram/twitter/tumblr and so on. (Some just leave no descriptions/credit at all, some are a simple “Found it on tumblr. Forgot from who lol”. Fuck you, specifically, btw.)

So let me ask this: why do you guys need to repost them so badly? 

  1. “I just want to share them with others!” Then by GODS why can’t you just reblog the original post? Will that physically kill you to do so? Can you not have anything on your blog that’s not uploaded by you personally? 
  2. “I just love the art so much!” WELL HELL!! I do too, buddy!! I love it. Because it’s mine. It’s what I created. Rebloging the original post will show how much you love it just as fine! It won’t hurt at all, I promise!
  3. “But I want to share it on other social media besides tumblr??” Listen. Buddy. Pal. Friendo. 8 of 10 times, that artist your talking about is on different social media platforms too. We tend to spread out and do that. Please take time to look through our FAQ/Blogs to make sure? ALSO when it comes to places like Facebook or Twitter, copying and pasting the link of the original post will do just as fine! I repeat: You do not need to repost the artwork at all. Just link them back to the post. 
  4. “But I want to add a comment” Then reblog and comment. But don’t you dare delete the original caption because I swear to god that is an entirely different plate of garbage to deal with.
  5. “…I want to get the notes/likes for it” B*TCH ME TOO!! Why do you think I made it??? If you want to get notes or likes then by all means create something yourself but don’t take credit for someone else’s work?? Do I have to spell out that notes/likes are important to the artists that made that artwork, and to have all of that given to someone else because they reposted it is like a slap to the face?? Some of us face that DAILY. We’re ready to kill a man.

On that note, some artists have different ways of dealing with these circumstances, so if you ever have an inkling that it might be ok, GO ASK THE ARTIST FIRST!!!!!! 

tl;dr : Reposting is bad bc it’s stealing from artists not only their hard work and credibility, but even their income. Please, I’m literally begging all of you to stop it and to not ever do it

thanks for asking anon.

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hey do you think you could recommend me some really good fics that aren't Unholyverse, King and Country or Skin of the Canvas ('cause I've already read these)?

you probably have but if you haven’t you MUST read anatomy of a fall

also i haven’t rec’d a bunch of fics for real in a while so congrats here we go

on the midtown direct they meet on the train and they fall in love and its sweet and lovely and i love it a lot

cupid’s chokehold frank is REALLY BAD at being a cupid. really. terrible. gerard is a cupid’s worst nightmare. or is he ;)

should you choose to remember listen…there’s a specific line from this fic that i can just recite at a moments notice and that i just THINK about a lot because its fucking great the whole thing is fucking great please read i don’t want to give anything away just take my word for it

no experience necessary they work at a pizza place its great

in a pretty how town the only kidfic that has ever mattered….they love each other so much it made me cry real tears….the slowest burn but the greatest payoff…its so good that its bottom gerard and i still am telling you to read it

across the lines forbidden love….good

transatlanticism ldr but they love each other…..yours….kill me!!!!

smokeless flame of fire gerard’s a genie and it’s written by the same person who wrote king and country so…read it

progressive diminishment and the art of living GOD this is sad but happy ending i promise and its pretty short its so good im

mind the gap between the train and the platform they realize how in love they are while on the tube in london…as someone who studied in london this is a big nut for me

becoming joan frank dresses as a girl so that gerard won’t recognize him and comes to learn that he really enjoys it it’s so great i love it a lot

the happiest fuckin’ place on earth frank works at disney and he’s very cynical but gerard helps him to BELEIVE int he MAGIC

love and other cliches gerard and frank keep getting stuck in romance novels and its legitimately fucking hilarious

an inexplicable occurrence of angels listen…i love wing!fics and this is one i have read many times and will continue to read so…recommend


The way I was drawing Ethan bugged the hell out of me but I love drawing him pfft, so, I decided to try and “personalize” his face a tiny bit more in my style, or idk something like that lol



Love is in the air guys. So, I decided to draw my favourite otps in this whole month as my personal project!

Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology couples that I ship!!

  • Hades+Persephone 
  • Loki+Sigyn (Loki is based on the Marvel movie. I need Sigyn in the movie so much!!)

I think I have something with the bad guy in the mythology LOL

If any one of my otps is not yours, just ignore it please. It’s just imagination.

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If you don't mind me asking, how did you and Witty become friends? Tumblr or real life? (Because your friendship is so damn amazing)

Once upon a time, witty and i were filthy homestucks.

Witty wrote fics for one of our fave ships, i found them and read them and i loved them so much to the point where i did a shit ton of fanart for her. I drew a looot of it, so she eventually remembered my screen name and i felt so honored every time she commented on my art lmao (because wow my fave author complimented me oh my god!!) that kind of thing.

Never got the courage to just message her like a normal fucking person tho. At one point life happened and she stopped being on tumblr for a good amount of time, i thought that she was permanently just gone. THen she came back and i just instantly drew art for her again lmao i was so excited to see her back.

We then got on to a joined fandomblog where we then finally got access to each others skype and that’s where we actually started talking talking. 

It legit took us like, 2 years of hiding behind the screen screaming at eachother before we got over ourselves and started talking.

Kurt Vonnegut for the Signs
  • Aries: "People aren’t supposed to look back. I’m certainly not going to do it anymore."
  • Taurus: "It’s the emptiest and yet the fullest of all human messages: ‘Good-bye.'"
  • Gemini: "Everything is nothing, with a twist."
  • Cancer: "Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt."
  • Leo: "If we are not sad when we part, we must have done something lovely."
  • Virgo: "I couldn’t help wondering if that was what God put me on Earth for - to find out how much a person could take without breaking."
  • Libra: "Many people need desperately to receive this message: I feel and think much as you do, care about many of the things you care about, although most people do not care about them. You are not alone."
  • Scorpio: "I am better now. Word of honor: I am better now."
  • Sagittarius: "To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."
  • Capricorn: "All moments, past, present and future, always have existed, always will exist."
  • Aquarius: "Of course it is exhausting, having to reason all the time in a universe which wasn’t meant to be reasonable."
  • Pisces: "The purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved."

“But here’s some advice, boy. Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That’s why they’re called revolutions.” 

Trying something new with my art style!

I finally started reading Discworld and oh my gosh, please talk to me about sam vimes, my bitter human espresso, my lawful good cop who is as angry as i am, the kind of person who /chooses/ to be good and kind and steadfast. 

//wheezes he’s the hero i didn’t even know i needed/was looking for but this is it, this is the character i’ve been waiting my entire life for, game over, my favourite forever and ever

hey guys, long time no see huh?

recently I’ve been wondering if I should combine this blog with multiple fandoms (maybe even my own personal ideas at some point?), and after a bit of speculating I’ve decided to do it.
not to say that I wont draw undertale anymore, but if I start posting other things here it might become a bit more busy on this blog that it’s been so far.

so here, since my Gorillaz hype hasn’t been able to calm itself since the release of SATURNZ BARZ, I had to draw my precious guitar playing baby.

… god Im so gay for her….

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Hi Sovo ^^ I don't know if you replied this question before, but I'm curious about why do you love Ford so much? I mean...what characteristics of him are you attached to? Also what part of his personality do you dislike? By the way, I love your art ❤, It makes me happy when I feel crest fallen. I'm really grateful to you, finding your blog is the best gift I've ever received. Thank you (≧◡≦)

oh my god here it is, my favorite question to answer (and ahh im happy you feel that way///// that’s amazing for me to hear!)

i think a huge part of why i love ford is in the lead-up to the reveal of the Author of the Journals. like, we get mysterious, we get ominous, we get “trust no one” and warnings of the end of the world, and even when we finally catch the first glimpse of him we get this dark and serious figure– but what really gets me is that, we meet him, but we haven’t met him yet.

i mean, we’ve all seen this played out. reclusive genius brings about the end of times, usually the guy’s either doomed and out of the picture or he’s really just there to emphasize the severity of the situation with science talk. what im saying is, with all the places this character could’ve gone, we got ford, and he turned out to be fun. he turned out to be enthusiastic, and vibrant, and embarrassingly genuine, and that placed against the backdrop of his identity (against the canvas of who the author should be!) is what i love abt him.

and in some way (and i really use this word way too much) i see a tenderness in him that i can’t let go. i have to explore it. i have to write all these, these mushy love letters, these daydreams, i have to fabricate the scenarios i need to explore what i think i know of his character and it’s so satisfying that it keeps me coming back, trying to find that feeling of insight again–

–which leads me to what rly keeps my love burning on: i want to know him. everything he says, everything that comes from that mixture of tropes, of roles, of who he is, are hints to the enigma that is ford pines and i am terrible at mysteries. i’ll never solve him and that’s why i’m still here, longing for it, to write a character i’ll never be able to capture

as for what i dislike about him, there’s this feeling i get from his old journal 3 entries that reminds me of…well, i overlaid some rl experiences on it that soured the whole thing for me, i suppose. so i don’t like that. and if you’re looking for me to list out a few actual character traits, well, they kinda make him him, don’t they? sure i could find some occasionally annoying but, i love him. he’s my favorite. it’s okay if he’s a pain sometimes

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Man, I can't get over how amazing this blog is <3 I just love everything about it. The art is spectacular, the comics are marvelous, and you're a wonderful and kind person! I always look forward to seeing your comic everyday as well as any of your post ^^ I wish we could be friends, since I'm sure you'd be an awesome one, but I'm to shy to talk to ya. However, I'm fine with simply sending you stuff that'll hopefully make you happy!

whaaat ;\\; YOU are amazing oh my god your message made my day ;\\; Don’t be afraid to write me!!  I really would like to talk with you ;\\; thank you so much!! <3<3

Art style meme of @fenioucreek ‘s (senpais) art
Feniou I love your stuff so much ugguuu you’re like one of my top favorite south park artists and an anatomy god. Doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re a good or bad person I love your art so there ;P


Yeah, so guess which Faction I’m in. Everyone is so different and there’s personality, and they’re such a mess that I love it so much. No hating on the other groups but I’m all aboard this messed up train!

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I love everything about you. Like, EVERYTHING. Your personality, your love for MP100, your illustrations, your art style, your choice for colors, lighting... Like, there's still a list of of what I like about you. I'm using Anon to talk to you because I'm always so shy to talk to anyone ;-; But still, at least I tried to send one small love from a random Anon ;; Please keep up the good work!!

OH MY GOD ANON I’M– SDJKHSLGS THIS IS SO SWEET AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO REPLY AAAA  ;//////////////; Thank you very much for your kind words, this just made my day