god i love this persons art so much!

 “To the stars who listen — and the dreams that are answered” 

I cant look at this anymore… it has taken so long. 

I’m not much of a romantic person - I am one of those unfortunate people who has been hurt very badly in the past and so keep my emotions tightly locked behind a vaulted door, but god Sarah has this way of writing that reaches down and wrenches that door right open so that everything comes flooding out. I love that she writes multiple relationships with her main characters because it reflects real life - there is no prince charming, not straight away anyway. There is heartbreak and heartache and you spend a while picking up the pieces before you can fully heal again. 

So, thank you for making me feel something again, Sarah, even if it has turned me into an emotional mess! 

Characters copyright of Sarah J Maas

Yeah, so guess which Faction I’m in. Everyone is so different and there’s personality, and they’re such a mess that I love it so much. No hating on the other groups but I’m all aboard this messed up train!

she is my spring.
heartbreak found me in fall, followed me through winter
and I felt a chill down my spine, slipped in through cracks in my walls.
I cried at art I did not understand
and searched endlessly for someone’s hand to hold
and in the darkest part of night,
my 12:15,
just before the moon comes round my house
and offers me a cold light until morning,
I saw her standing there.
she has the kind of beauty she doesn’t realize,
my personal opinion is that her loveliness
is too much for the possessor to process
and so she blushes and looks away
when I stare
oh my god, she makes me feel so loved-
it is a strange and unnerving find, to be made to feel beautiful
when you are accustomed to tearing yourself down
I cannot tear my gaze from her
and when she looks down upon me-
close enough for noses to graze,
her dark hair a barrier hiding our minds
from the outer, other world-
I think I have found my peace
and how could I ever leave?
—  I Think I’ve Found Her (October 18th)

I’m practicing some diverse faces, and who better to draw than my favourite elf son who deserved so much better (I’m not still upset or anything)

I completely exaggerated his ears but oh my god do I love drawing long ears!

I’m taking suggestions for what Dragon Age character to draw next, so please send me an ask if you want to see a certain character!

Hakuryuu Kija, the white Dragon 

He’s my fav character in my now fav Anime/Manga. Just…beauty and badassery in one person. And as he’s described in Chapter 53, a Death God. Bless you, Kija. Bless you. 

I have to submit a topic I want to write about for my research paper in my English class and one of the subjects we can choose from is “Art and Literature.” Am I really about to submit Osamu Tezuka’s influence on Japanese animation and comics as my topic– LMAO I looked to see if there were academic articles and books of him in my university’s database and library and there is– sO THERE’S NOTHING STOPPING ME. Hopefully my professor doesn’t judge me, I mean, I AM going to that university exclusively for the animation program, so I might as well have fun with what I’m going to write about.

/punches a wall/ Why are you /kicks a trash can/ so damn cute??!!!!! i swear to god sometimes makoto just looks at haru and he just kinda smiles because god he loves this boy so much and he’s so fond and he’s so lucky to have him. and i’m just so weak for that. OTL i’m open for commissions btw!

nolanou-in-the-house  asked:

Not sure if this is the right place to say this but - GOD I LOVE YOUR ART qwq you habe officially dragged me into this batjokes hell and I can't get out now that I have found you art qwq Its like a saint! Keep it up! Be the amazing person you are and drag more people here with your cool art style! ;;;;w;;;;

Awwwww thank you so much! ;________; <///////3

I’m so happy that you like my art!!

Thanks a lot for your words! This message just made my day!! I don’t really know what to say! ;____; <////3 I CAN’T


I’ll try to convert more people to my otps! B))


Today, me and my husband finally finished decorating our Christmas tree! As I was dreaming about doing it since the last year, we NEEDED a sinja tree!

The past times, when I remembered about this plan it was already too late. But I wouldn’t fail not doing this year again! ٩(๑òωó๑)۶ So I started searching for purple Xmas little balls and God, here in Brazil is so hard to find anything different from golden, silver and red balls and other kind of decorative item!

Sinbad and Ja'far are a so special couple for us - and they’re our favorite ship that we love to cosplay too. It was very important for me doing that together with Jorge, and I was so happy with the final result!

The best part was having the amazing works from @mari-m-rose, an artist that I appreciate so much and a so sweet person that gave me permission to use her art to decorate our tree! Mari, thanks so much! You helped granting our dream and having your beautiful art in it makes me so happy! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

I also used some art from other artists that, unhappily I found by the internet and didn’t knew who belong to ask permission, but if you know, please, tell me for adding credits to this amazing artists!

Hope you all like! And Merry Christmas! *__*


I was tagged by the lovely  @tel-abelas-mofo thank you so much <3. I had to post my lock screen, last selfie and last song I listened to

My lock screen is a concept art of Fenris which I absolutely adore. I did consider not posting a selfie but I figured “eh fuck it” so there it is, resting bitch face in all it’s glory, oh god. The last song I listened to is probably one of my favourite songs ever from one of my favourite band/artist.

I will tag @ferelden-doglord @roguelioness @love-in-nature @rosenrotxiii @welttraeumerin @dragongem777. I legit don’t really know who else to tag. You don’t have to do the tag if you don’t want to.

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occasionally i see your art pop up again on my dash and it's always pleasant! but i forget that i'm following you and then i scroll through and i'm like "wow this is some quality content!" and then i move to the button to follow you and then i'm like "wait a minute. it's that really cool prospails person!" just wanted to let you know and also have a great day!!!

!!!!!! This is the sweetest thing?????!!!! 
Oh my god thank you so much ;u; I hope you have a lovely day too u wonderful person!!! <3

Send me art requests!

(in no particular order) @silverfangs @punkbone @godmutt @axeolotls @demoralizedlycanthrope @hollow-s @soberdog @jagged  @deadmutt @god-fucking-like

I love you all so much and I just!!!! wanted to give something for y’all - and the only thing I can give is art so not much to choose from lmao

anywho, either send me an ask here or at my art blog @lumilimu and I will start working on it! one per person pls

i just fkin love you guys so much,,,

if i didnt mention you im sorry i still love you but i can only take so many requests at a time

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I have been following you for a while but don't have the nerve to talk to you but HECK I LOVE YOUR ART AND PERSONALITY SO MUCH GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL.


thank you SO MUCH!!! but wow my personality sucks i’m actually amazed you like me as a person

but! talk to me, don’t be shy, i love talking to people :3

and i’m lonely

anonymous asked:

Oknobut,, I love your account so much,, I've been shipping juuzou and seidou for ages and it's so hard to find stuff with those two but then I found your account and fgsgbjjh amazing :')

-in the distance I hear another Juuzou Seidou shipper-
ANON!!!! ;/////////////////;

Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who shipped these two in the whole fandom. There’s not really many art of this shipping, which still surprises me. BUT thank goodness, I’m so glad to know that there’s another person who loves these silly precious cinnamon/sinnamon rolls. ❤   ❤  ❤  They need more love. 
I’m also thinking about commissioning art of these two too! Will be sure to post them on my blog.~~~ Yay for the Pineapple Pudding pairing!
Feel free send me requests of this pairing whenever LOL I love drawing them.~

theatredragon  asked:

Can I just say. You've had to put up with so much bullshit lately oh my god. Kudos to you for acting like a decent human being and bring mature about it. I never understood stupid anons. You're so much better than their hate. I love your work <3

Thank you my friend. I honestly think It’s one Butt Hurt Person, but it makes me sad just because the actually creator of that art was so understanding and listened? 

I appreciate your kind words. 

Thank you!

Thanks guys for following me! I thinking to screenshot at ‘’ 444 followers ‘’ but I was late- But hey! Thanks!!! My other blog was active too and also could be rp but uh- The rp I was doing with @cheshireseraph was stop coz I don’t have any idea- sorry ;;w;;

Also guys! Two more weeks I will get my tablet back! HORRAY!!! May 26 I will start drawing using it!~ YASIHAVEBEENBEINGVERYCRAZYWOLF//slapped//

*cough* Sorry bout dat- By the way, thank you very much to my senpai and my best friend for supported me a lot until now. //littlesobing//

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Dear self ,
You’ve grown so much. This year has changed you in ways that you never saw coming , your young soul is filled with so much betrayal and many have walked out of your life but you’re privileged, you are worthy & even more beautiful than you were before . It’s important that you are happy & love yourself , you are an impeccable person and you are rare ,worthy and different & that is your superpower.
—  Selen .T
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