god i love this movie...i forgot how much

Things the Hogwarts Houses say

(loosely based on conversations I’ve had/overheard)

Hufflepuff -

  • “If you don’t start singing along to High School Musical with me in under 30 seconds you will no longer be my best friend" 
  •  "I swear on my chicken nuggets-”
  • “Yes I made that joke up by my self - no it’s not from Spongebob Squarepants how dARE YOU-”
  • “Speaking of Spongebob can we just take a few moments to discuss how much of a masterpiece that first movie was please”
  • “Ah yes, it’s 3 in the morning, time to get emotional and tell all my friends how much I love them”
  • “You made me chocolate??? Oh my God I love you so much thank you I’ll have some right no - THIS HAS RAISINS IN IT YOU TRICKED ME
  • “Oh my God yeah I saw that movie, my favourite part was when - oh shit wait there’s this adorable kitten video I meant to show you last week and I completely forgot let me get it up on my phone”
  • “Sorry I’m late I was up all night watching those videos where kids get surprised with puppies”
  • “Are you awake? Great, let’s start planning our future homes together, I have a pinterest board ready”
  • “This is my favourite photo album! It’s full of photos of all the cats and dogs I’ve made friends with on my walks, I’ve even given them all names”
  • (crying) “Stop calling me emotional God damn it”

Ravenclaw -

  •  "Of course I remember you said you liked the colour red, you told me at like 1:35 am last year in May"
  • “What? Simplifying equations? No, I can’t help with that but I do know all the words to every Simpsons episode in the first 5 seasons if that helps"
  • “Sorry I really can’t go out today. No I’m fine, I’m just stressed I’m doing something important. I’m trying to memorise all the words to this documentary about frogs - What? Yes of course it’s important!”
  • “I discovered and fully analysed that meme 3 weeks ago, step up your game”
  • “What do you mean why do I have a folder full of strategic plans on how to succeed at animal crossing, that’s not weird?”
  • “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been doing my own research and you’re getting all of this wrong. Well yes I know I’m not the teacher here but - Yes, actually, I’d love to teach the class my self I’ve already made a lesson plan, thank you”
  • No, I won’t come and see Jurassic World with you. Because it’s completely unrealistic! Do you have any idea what dinosaurs are actually supposed to have sounded and looked like? Even adult velociraptors weren’t meant to be that b - OK you know what, I will come, but I’ll be pointing out every single problem to you. No, it’s too late, you already invited me. I’m buying our tickets right now, don’t move”
  • “You really think you can beat me at Mario Kart? I have spent YEARS studying this game and honing my skills, spending hours upon hours training until my hands cramp and even my tv is judging the amount of time I’ve spent playing and you think YOU can beat me? Let’s fucking go
  • “I think these guys think I want to murder them because I followed them home but it’s only because I overheard them talking about what would happen if Pokemon is real and I wanted to see how good their logic was”
  • “Shut up? Shut up? I haven’t shut up for 17 years and I’m not about to start now”
  • (crying) "I just want Shakespeare’s ghost to be proud of me”

Gryffindor - 

  • “I’d love to have a sleepover but it can only be when there’s a thunderstorm so we can dance in the rain, let me check the weather forecast”
  • “Did that bee just try and sting you? COME BACK HERE BEE YOU COWARD I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UP - wait shit no run”
  • "What did you say? Don’t touch it? Alright.” (touches it as soon as the person turns away) “Sucker”
  • “Whaaat? Someone wrote on the desk? No it wasn’t me I would never do th - My name was there? Well, I’m not the only one in the world with my na - My surname was there too? What are the chances?!”
  • “Help me I started saying lmao ironically and I can’t stop”
  • “Before you say anything it wasn’t me - unless it was something awesome then I definitely planned the whole thing”
  • Excuse me? They said what to you? … I have to go for a second, I just remembered something completely unrelated. No, no, I’m not taking this fork with me for any particular reason”
  • “Um, did you just tell me it’s impossible to sing along to a guitar solo? Stand back. Your mind is about to get blown”
  • “I am so not drunk! I’m completely drunk! … Wait shit I meant sober”
  • “I bet I can stay up for longer than you - what no I’m not tired shut up - nO THAT WASN’T A YAWN I WAS JUST SHOWING YOU WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE IF I WAS TIRED - SEE I DID IT AGAIN TOTALLY ON PURPO - ok fuck you I’m going to sleep”

Slytherin - 

  • “Oh my God, just tell me what you did already so I can start complaining”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Did you say STOP saying fuck, or KEEP ON saying fuck?”
  • “Over your dead body? I was hoping you’d say that”
  • “If you even LOOK at them one more time I will take a stick as big as your ego and stick it right up your-”
  • “Don’t come near me or - OK fine, we can snuggle for exactly 15 minutes. I’m setting a timer now”
  • “Hey, I saw you posted a picture of us on instagram yesterday where my eyeliner isn’t completely straight? You’re gonna have to delete that, if anyone thinks my eyeliner isn’t drop dead perfect every day and that I’m not a literal make up goddess I’ll lose my reputation as the Regina George of the school”
  • “But keep the one where I’m wearing no make up so that all those bitches know I still kill it without trying”
  • “Oh come on, you know I’d never do anything to embarrass you! Speaking of which, that video I posted on youtube the other day of you falling down the flight of escalators in the shopping centre has reached over 1000 views”
  • “My dad told me tattoos were trashy so I got a giant tattoo saying ‘trashy’ on my back I’ll send you his reaction later”
  • “I’m not a sentimental person but if you touch my teddy bear I will turn you into a stuffed trophy to put next to him”
  • “What do you mean I look smug this is my normal face”

Three years ago I was dealing with a bout of depression. It was not unusual, I’ve had depression and anxiety for almost as long as I can remember. But this bout followed my thirtieth birthday. I was not upset about turning thirty. I did not think my life was over or that my youth was behind me. Rather, I was in the middle of an amazing year full of the freedom that came with stepping away from religious oppression, finding my own faith and defining what that meant to me, and coming off of a year of painful fertility drugs and the decision not to continue treatment. I’d honestly never felt better.

And yet … depression.

I got that apathetic kind of depression where nothing seems fun or exciting or even remotely attention grabbing enough to pull me out of bed. I was just … stuck. I was missing something. 

As I do when I’m in a depression, I binged watched things. On a random Saturday, I stumbled upon Deathly Hallows Part One playing on ABC Family, likely during one of their marathons. 

“God I forgot how much I fucking love these movies.”

I’d seen almost every one in theatre. He-Man had read the books religiously (and even worked at a book store during the release of the first few). I knew the general plot because he is utterly incapable of NOT sharing things with me when he’s reading. So when the movies came out, of course we went. He fumed and fumed in his seat over missing characters and twisted plotlines, and I laughed and laughed until some random kid behind me loudly whispered to his friend “That’s the one that dies at the end” when Cedric Diggory first appeared on screen. (Seriously. WTF, you little brat?)

Rather than read the books, I’d spent time playing on Pottermore and the wiki pages learning ingredients to potions and the etymology behind the spells. I loved the world that JKR created, but I suck when it comes to reading fiction. My attention span (especially in my twenties) was garbage. 

So in the last week of June 2014, I borrowed my mother-in-law’s DVDs of the movies and binged them all. I laughed, I cried, I FELT something for the first time in weeks. Emotions. Feeling. Life. Magic. 

“I want to read the books now. I need to read the books.”

So I read them. I read several chapters every night out loud while my husband played video games. I laughed when he cried. He laughed when I cried. I did voices, and we argued over exactly how pompous Lockhart should sound. I gasped during parts that were not in the movies. “Why is Molly being such a bitch to Sirius?” “Wait, who are all these other elves?” “Dumbledore’s a shit. I’m glad he’s dead!” “OMG Tonks. OMG Fred. OMG Remus. OMG I hate this so much.”

And I loved it.

I loved it so much. 

I felt like an addict waiting for my husband to get home each night so I could keep reading. I begged him, “Just two more chapters. I’m almost done with this book!” even as I LITERALLY lost my voice in the middle of Deathly Hallows. 

Then, like magic, I remembered that the story didn’t have to end. I’d been RPing written stories with friends for two decades, and I’d stumbled into fanfiction from time to time. So I knew what sites to go to.

I read epilogue continuations first. I wanted to know what happened after. Then I thought, “I wonder what if …?” And I fell head first into the deep end of Dramione, Marauders, and a crap ton of Marriage Law and Time-Turner fics.

“I have an idea. I want to be apart of this. I think I have a story in me.”

And three years later, I have a life. A hobby. A PASSION. I’ve made amazing friends, rebuilt a really fucked up self esteem and sense of pride, learned a lot about grammar and story structure, and helped to add building blocks to a fandom that saved me. 

I can’t believe it’s been three years.

Thank you all, for some of the best three years of my life.

♥♥♥ Shaya ♥♥♥

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For the ship thing - Chloe and Oliver? :D

Omg omg I’m so excited to do this, thank you for asking themmmm <3

can’t stick to the grocery list
-Ollie.  He’s a rich boy.  He’s not used to even doing the shopping himself, he had servants for that kind of menial crap growing up.  He has several personal shoppers as the head of Queen Industries, as well.  When Chloe makes him go grocery shopping with her, he just chucks whatever he wants into the cart without even considering prices - lobster, steak, the most ridiculously priced cookware that he doesn’t even use (because he’s never the one cooking, and Chloe is totally okay using cookware that doesn’t cost as much as an entertainment system), and insists that they shop at the high end grocery near his company’s building, the one where a bottle of designer water costs ten dollars and has snooty cashiers, just because he prefers their seafood.  Chloe follows him around, shaking her head, refraining from commenting as she wonders why she even suggests he come along when the shopping needs to be done.

would be addicted to Netflix (and chill, if applicable)
-Definitely Ollie.  Especially in his days before he and Chloe were together, when he was feeling down and drinking too much, he’d waste away hours in front of his movie theatre sized TV, drowning his sorrows and watching comedy shows.

manages the joint account
-Chloe.  Once she saw how Ollie just let his accounting staff handle everything and he had no clue how much money he actually had or was spending on anything, she took over and taught him how to actually keep track of his money, so he’d know if anything was wrong if anyone ever tried to steal from him (happens when you’re rich).

is the better city driver and why
-Chloe.  Ollie alternated between being chauffeured everywhere to joy riding on his motorbikes and in his flashy cars.  Meanwhile Chloe has been driving a normal car since she was 16, both in Smallville and Metropolis, so she’s far more used to the actual rules of the road and is a good driver overall.

walks around the house in their underwear
-Ollie.  He has multitudes of boxers with funny pictures and patterns on them, including Superman ones, which Chloe finds both hilarious and a little disturbing.  She’s threatened to tell Clark more than once, but Ollie was convinced that Clark would be proud and she decided not to tell him for Clark’s own sake.  He also has ones with teddy bears, ninja turtles and ones with an elephant face over the front, so he can use his own appendage to make it’s trunk.  The last ones are his favourite pair and Chloe has not yet figured out where he hides them when not wearing them, because she would very much like to burn them.

which one prefers to watch Game of Thrones and which one prefers the books
-Ollie loves the show and has never read the books.  Chloe doesn’t really care for the show, but thinks the books are a decent read.

has the higher alcohol tolerance
-Ollie.  Many, many years of partying have raised his alcohol tolerance considerably.  Chloe is a bit of a lightweight, but she doesn’t really care to drink too much anyway; she prefers the slightly buzzed, tipsy feeling to being drunk, unless she’s really upset about something (then she might be tempted to drink away her problems).

instigates sex most often
-Both, but Ollie a little more often.  Everything Chloe does turns him on, even just tucking her hair behind her ear, or watching her hands as she fiddles with some kind of tech.  Among the other things that turn him on: the mischievous sparkle glinting in her eyes, that adorable yet sexy grin of triumph when she outsmarts him or beats him at something, the way she bites her lip when she’s thinking or nervous, the way she runs a hand through her hair when she’s frustrated or tired… the list is endless.

likes having candles around the house
-Chloe, but mostly just in the bathroom.  She’s always loved having a bath surrounded by candles - she finds it incredibly soothing and relaxing, especially in their huge jacuzzi tub.

always misses the clothes hamper
-Ollie.  Again, he’s always had someone cleaning up after him, so he doesn’t really pay attention to where he tosses his dirty clothes, much to Chloe’s irritation.   She regularly reminds him that she is not his cleaning lady and can he please put his clothes in the damn hamper, not around it or on top of it, but he rarely remembers.

gets the first gray hair
-Chloe, but it’s really hard to see in her light blonde hair.  Ollie’s hair is a dark enough blonde that his is more pronounced.  He has mixed feelings about it, but Chloe enjoys teasing him about being married to an old man until he finally notices hers and starts teasing her back.

is more protective
-Ollie is extremely protective, and can be too protective at times.  It often rubs Chloe the wrong way because she is a strong, capable woman and sometimes Ollie will step on her toes in an attempt to protect her, when she is perfectly capable of handling a given situation on her own.  After all, she has done some pretty badass stuff in her life too, and it bugs her when he implies that she can’t handle herself.  This is probably the thing they fight about the most when they do argue, which thankfully isn’t too often.  

prefers a quiet night in
-Chloe.  Ollie always wants to be active and out on the town, but Chloe prefers to snuggle up with her superhero on the couch and watch a movie or two, preferably interspersed with some kissing and sometimes ending up in a steamy round of their favourite indoor game. ;)

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Today, ALL of my friends were busy! So I took myself out. I went to the zoo, a mom & pop diner, an art museum, and the coolest local cinema ever to catch a goofy French movie. Throughout the day, I journaled and doodled all the thoughts I would've shared with someone if they were with me. It turned into a really beautiful, albeit random, thought collection. I almost forgot how much I love spending time with myself! I had so much fun with just me 💖

oh my god this is so good!!! honestly sounds like a dream im glad you had fun!!

200+ follower bias list

I first saw Star Wars with my Dad in theaters. They re-released it for….I think it was just being remastered with new scenes? Or it was the first 3d release, I can’t recall which. But I loved it and I watched the VHS tapes and then for years after I kind of just forgot how much I loved it.

Then the new movie came out. And when the big bad thing happened, I yelled out loud in the theater. It’s the first time in my entire life that I have ever been shushed while watching a movie. I yelled, OH MY GOD NO!

So I had to pick up Han. And I was terrified because I had already been stalking some mega koala tea people. But I was surprised to find that everyone in this fandom has been so kind, so welcoming, so interactive. I have made it onto peoples bias lists and I have not deserved those spots, lots of you are still waiting on STARTERS for crying out loud.

But today, Christmas Day, less than a week after starting this blog, I have hit and passed 200 followers. I am so blessed and proud and happy that people like my portrayal. I am so glad that I have met so many wonderful people and that people are giving me the threads I need between my Han/Leia love and my attempts to make peace between Han and Kylo Ren, his Benny. Because in my heart I know, he loves that kid so fucking much.

So below this cut, since I made this so long already, is my bias list for now. None of these are in any particular order.

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  • Troye: I forever wanna watch Juno
  • Troye: watching juno
  • Troye: Oh my god I almost forgot how much I love Juno can it please be nominated for more oscars again
  • Troye: *tweets iconic Juno quote* "'...I think I'm in love with you?''Like you mean as friends?'"
  • Troye:
  • Me:
  • Troye:
  • Me: They mustn't have seen the movie...