god i love this bugger

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Also Jmeas, Reggie, what do you like most about each other?

James: I like Reg’s kindness… he’s so kind.  He’s nothing like Sirius (thank god)

Gilderoy: -You’re welcome 😊

James: -Bugger off.  And I just love how understanding he is of everything.  He always knows what I’m thinking, and he knows how to comfort me, and he’s not scared of yelling at me.  I just love his whole personality really.  Plus, he’s hot.

Regulus: I just really love the way James can make me feel.  He makes me feel like I’m the most special person in the world, and when we’re together it’s like we’re the only ones.  Nobody has ever made me feel like that before.  I love it.

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Okay so one time ladybug got into a contest with another bugger (g1, just able to eat organic stuff I guess) over who could eat a tree fastest. She lost, but if you see her digging into a pine she's stressed. She used to be a termite which explains the wood thing. She LOVES being scratched where her elytra meet her wings. It calms her down instantly. Next is the ladyjet herself skydash!



Oh but wait here’s one shelter story.

So this big gruff 60-something dude comes in and he’s sort of glowering through the window at the cats so I go to see what’s up. And he tells me his dog died a few months ago and he’s pissed off and never wants another dog again because he got way too attached, and maybe a cat is harder to get attached to. And I was caught off guard so I just sort of said, “Oh… kay. Yeah, good luck with that." 

But I show him some of the cats anyway, and he stays back a few paces and glowers as I introduce them one by one. When I get to a little eight-month-old black cat, he snorts and says, "Okay, I’ll look at that one.” I take them both to a room to hang out, set the cat down, and it immediately skitters off to hide under a couch. The dude sighs and slumps down in a chair and says he’ll wait it out.

At this point, a bunch of new people are coming in so I go to take care of them. It takes a while for the rush to die down, and eventually I remember I’ve just left the dude in the room with a freaked-out little cat, so I scramble back to check on them…

…and the dude’s practically in tears with this little cat pushed right up against him, purring up a storm, rolling over for belly rubs. He’s cooing and baby-talking and just generally being adorable. So I come into the room and he says, “God damn it, I knew this was gonna happen, I love the little bugger already, where do I sign?”

Turns out he’d also lost his wife this past year, and was really looking for company–he’s got no family around here. When I called the adoption counselor in to draw up the paperwork, I heard him muttering to his new little cat, “Bud, you and I are gonna watch so much terrible daytime TV together.”

It was the. Cutest. Thing.