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FIc: Before, After, and Now

Prompter: onceuponaluke

Prompt: Military AU where Killian is returning home from a 7 month long deployment and reunites with his gf Emma. Bonus points if features David.

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,000+

Author’s Note: This got away from me, but I hope those who read it enjoy! ~Kate



The last thing she wants is for him to go, but she knows he’d rather die fighting than to let the enemy win. It had hurt, a lot, that he’d actually hidden his military life from her and when he finally came clean (when he had to come clean), she didn’t speak to him for three days. He’s  going to be deployed and she’s going to have to face the possibility that he may never return to her…to them.

He kept a secret from her, and she isn’t sure whether or not she should share hers considering the circumstances. He needs to be focused, and dropping this bombshell on him so soon before he leaves for the war could be a mistake.

Her stomach rolls and she grimaces, curling into a tighter ball and snuggling into bed and pulling the comforter up to her chin. When she feels a soft caress trail up her spine, she shivers. He presses a kiss to the back of her head and hears a soft sigh from behind her.

“Morning,” she mumbles, closing her eyes and trying to force the nausea away.

It’s mornings like this one (quiet, peaceful) she’ll miss over the next several months. His gentle touch, the way he can soothe her frenzied thoughts without even trying.

“Good morning, love.” She’ll miss hearing that lilt in his voice, his loving tone and terms of endearment. When his hand drifts across her stomach, she tenses. “What’s the matter?” he says with a heavy, sleep-induced voice.

She shakes her head and tangles their fingers together while resting her hand against the one he’s got on her still-flat belly. “Nothing.”

“You aren’t being truthful with me.” He pulls her against him, spooning her and she feels a tear trail down her cheek. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to leave you, Emma,” he whispers.

“Then don’t,” she chokes, clenching her eyes shut and forbidding any more tears to break free. “Don’t leave. Stay.”

“For the hundredth, love, I can’t. I would absolutely stay if I had the option, but I don’t. I have to go. Doing anything else now is simply poor form.”

“You could die.” Her voice comes out much, much weaker than she’s meant it to but she’s tired, she’s upset and she doesn’t have it in her to make herself sound like she’s perfectly fine with him up and abandoning her –them. It’s them now and another tear escapes.  “Killian, I need you.”

“Aye,” he says softly. “And I, you, but what choice have I? Zero. I should have told you much sooner, I know that, and I cannot begin to tell you how sorry I am for keeping it from you long as I have.”

She knows she’ll hate herself if she keeps this from him. So she opens her mouth to respond to him when her stomach protests and she lunges from the bed and into the bathroom.

“Emma?” Killian kneels beside her and rubs her back. “I know this ordeal is stressful, and I wish the deployment wouldn’t last as long as it will, but –” she heaves again and he pulls her hair off the nape of her neck. “Bloody hell, Emma, I’m so sorry.”

“No,” she gasps when she’s granted a brief respite. “This isn’t your fault…it’s…both of ours.”

“I don’t understand.”

When her stomach settles for the moment, she wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, unable to look at him as she says, “I think I’m pregnant.”

A long, painful bout of silence stretches between them, and she frowns. She doesn’t regret having told him, but thinks he might feel otherwise.

“Killian?” she asks, casting a glance at him and sees his jaw working underneath his skin. She’s afraid to look him in the eyes so she doesn’t. Her heart drops when he stands up and walks out of the tiny bathroom and she feels sick for an entirely different reason.

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