ok but honestly zag is so great. they want to make a show that will connect with people across the world?

lets have a female protag
lets have a female protag who is a good person at heart and sincerely regrets it when she lets herself be petty
lets have multicultural families
lets have rich people whose money doesn’t make them any happier
lets have male main characters with serious emotional issues
want to make the show french? include dark-skinned characters from france’s territories  

like damn they are doing such a good job. theyre raising the bar for the entire animation industry

honestly imagine hogwarts when james and lily first walked down the hallway holding hands…. i am so here for all the cliches imagine how some of the students’ jaws dropped to the floor because “oh my god….. potter and evans are, like, touching.” imagine the staff room conversations: “this was my doing, you know. why else do you think i paired them up for the potions project?” “please, slughorn. we all know it’s much more due to the fact that i made them write a charms essay together. one they got an o on, if i may add.” the money that exchanged hands as everyone collected up on bets and the poor kids who couldn’t buy anything at hogsmeade for like two months because they never thought this would happen. best of all, imagine mcgonagall and dumbledore sitting in his office. “have a lemon drop, minerva.” “shut up, albus. i can’t believe you won. if they had just waited two more months….” “tragic, minerva. now, hand over your signed, limited edition copy of hogwarts, a history

But seriously Felicity since when


oliver Queen

Said No

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