god i love their dumbass relationship

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uhm...he's NOT comparing those relationships to pedophilia? pedophilia is a legal adult being attracted to a CHILD, aka, PRE PUBESCENT, aka, UNDER 15. the only shaladin ship that is technically by definition pedophilia is shidge. please stop ignoring LITERAL DEFINITIONS just so you can hate on people who are trying to enjoy ships they find appealing. pedophiles are attracted to CHILD-LIKE BODIES, and lance, hunk, and keith are in their LATE TEENS, aka 16-19, aka, AFTER PUBERTY, aka ADULT BODIES

lol i got my period at 13 so i guess i was ready for a relationship with an adult!! I did hit puberty after all!!

you’re such a disgusting human being lol. The fact that you honest to god think that puberty automatically = emotionally mature is so ignorant. Stay away from children forever.

and they aren’t 18 or 19 dumbass, they were literally stated to be not adults. 18 is an adult.

also?? do you own???  eyes??

yeah these scrawny twig babies have fully mature adult bodies LOL look at that ankle line mmmmhmmm love my adult coded boys!!! 

Coping Pt. 7

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AN: Hey guys! Here is the long awaited Part 7 to Coping! I hope you enjoy and I would absolutely love some feedback! I promise the next part will not take so long! Please give it a read and share with your friends!

Words: 5,713

Chuck Shurley X Reader

Coping Pt. 1, Coping Pt. 2, Coping Pt. 3, Coping Pt. 4, Coping Pt. 5, Coping Pt. 6.  

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Guess what kiddo? Touka and Kaneki probably had sex a lot of times! Remember how timeskips exist, huh? It isn't terrible writing at all to have a marriage scene. It shows how this relationship that's been building up for over 100 chapters finally comes to fruition you dumbass?

oh…how could i forget the buildup…the last time she saw him and hit him and called him a piece of trash? god. it’s like…that was when i knew they were meant to be. the fruit of their love blossomed right then and there

Olicity Prompt: “I don’t care who leads ~ Club Encounter

My friend wanted her other idea brought to life so here’s my best shot….

Read it here or on AO3

Disclaimer: Rated Explicit, heavy (for me) smut so you’ve been warned. 

Lowered lights and cheesy music always made his head ache; something he figured out while sitting along the edge of Verdant’s dance floor. Tonight however he had a theory, the ache in his head was only due to growing tightness in his chest. 

She was there dancing away with suitor after suitor while he sat there watching mournfully. His breath hitched as her head fell, the latest suitor must be funny he grimaced since her smile kept growing as the dance continued. She’d curled her hair so it fell in soft ringlets down her exposed back. Her bright red dress fell above the knee; the bodice was tight forming an a line as the material flowed around her swaying hips. Her perfect shoulders were bare but her pert breasts were concealed since the dress was collared around her slim neck. Her dance partner braced his hands over her upper back then dipped her slowly, it was all he could do to keep from groaning when those small hands began to glide down the ridge of her spine… 

“Geez Ollie if you break another glass I’m going to start charging you.” 

“Very funny,” he called out over his shoulder toward a frowning Thea. 

“I’m not kidding Ollie, those glasses cost money and you sitting here brooding over Felicity is cutting into my profits.” 

He didn’t bother to look over his shoulder he didn’t need to see her narrowed eyes to know she was deadly serious. He pushed the half full tumbler of aged scotch down the line of the black counter sighing, “I’m not brooding; I’m observing there’s a difference.” 

“Yeah and I’m a college graduate,” she snapped as she caught the sliding glass before it fell over the edge of the bar. 

His small smile of pride was diminished by his frown of disdain, “Oh god another one?” he moaned as Thea moved swiftly behind him. 

“Yeah dumbass another one!” she scoffed as her palm hit against the back of his head. 

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The One Where Chandler Gets Caught

“Hey, Stiles says he’s running late, got caught up at the mall getting Christmas presents for Derek.”

Scott rolls his eyes, glares at his muffin, “Every year, he gets the best gift for Derek, and I look like the chump brother that isn’t thoughtful enough.”

“Maybe one year you could give us actual presents instead of making donations on our behalf to the museum,” Lydia suggests sweetly.

“I like them,” Allison insists loyally, and Scott beams at her. “It makes me feel like I’ve done something good, you know, saved an old relic for another year.”

Scott’s happy smile dies, and he scowls, “Ha ha.”

Allison winks at him over her coffee cup, glances out of the window. “Hey, isn’t that Stiles?”

They all look up to see Stiles and a pretty blonde woman walking down the sidewalk. Stiles is talking animatedly, and the woman is laughing. At one point they stop, and she reaches out, tugs something out of his hair. Stiles’ eyes crinkle as he smiles down at her.

It’s a fond look. 

“He lied to us,” Lydia states flatly, “Why would he—”

“I don’t believe it,” Erica murmurs, watching with wide eyes as Stiles kisses her on the cheek, helps her into a cab. “Nope, not happening. I saw them this morning. Derek had a hickey for god’s sake.”

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Do think about high school derek and the music he listened to. All the music that was out in the mid 2000s and just what did derek listen to?? Was he super into pop punk bands? Did he and Laura blast My Humps whenever it came on the radio??

Okay *cracks knuckles*

Are we talking canon Derek here, or AU Derek who used music to COPE WITH THE PAIN OF THE PRETTY BOY WITH THE MOLES NEVER NOTICING HIM???? 

Either way, you know Derek isn’t going to be a chart fan. He’s going to be that emo indie rock jock boy. 

He’s going to be that kid who listens to Oasis and Fall Out Boy, rocking out to Wonderwall in his bedroom and the shower. (Shut up, Laura, you can leave if you don’t like his voice.)

BUT LOOK. Derek also listens to songs like Teenage Dirtbag (especially if we are going down the AU route, don’t fight me, he just wants Stiles to go to prom with him IS THAT SO BAD??? ISN’T HE ALLOWED TO BE HAPPY???) But he also likes Madonna- “PAPA DON’T PREACH, I’M IN TROUBLE DEEP!!!!!”- and the Harry Potter soundtrack. 

(Harry Potter is the one thing he and Laura would let themselves have in New York. They bought new copies of the books every time they moved to a new apartment or hotel and read them at night. Every year a new movie came out they would make a point of going to see it and pretend they were kids gain, sneaking out of the house like they used to.)

But you know he is also that kid to find all the obscure indie rock. All the emo. If he is having a bad day, BRING ON THE SAD SONGS. But also folk rock. Derek likes his dad’s music too. He likes the stories Simon and Garfunkel tell, listens to The Sound of SIlence again and again and learns all the lyrics. Derek’s a jock but it’s his music taste that makes him cool. He walks about, maybe kind of judging everyone who sings C’est La Vie but unable to help getting it suck in his head because it’s a catchy song okay? 


Let’s think about indie boy meeting chart boy- A LOVE STORY FOR THE AGES.

Let’s think about the bickering. 

Let’s think about Stiles deliberately blasting chart music through his headphones and getting detention because this was in the library but hey, it was worth it to see the beautiful- uh, annoying- scowl that spreads over Derek’s face as Nicki Manaj’s Anaconda plays. (If Stiles mouths the lyrics and winks in his direction causing Derek to blush, well, no-one but Stiles needs to know how adorable it is.)

Let’s talk about Derek breaking into Stiles’ Jeep BECAUSE YOU KNOW PRANK WARS WILL BE A THING. Let’s imagine Derek’s smirk as he passes Stiles’ car after school, unable to help laughing as Stiles yells and covers his ears as The Smiths play and HOW SOMEHOW IT WON’T TURN OFF. “WHY WON’T IT TURN OFF SCOTT????” It’s not that Stiles particularly dislikes all of Derek’s  music BUT IT’S THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING. 


Let’s talk about mixed tapes and how the first time they make love how Erica ends up making the sound track because every song they both like is either too depressing or unromantic. “Stiles, I am not having sex with you to Katy Perry’s E.T!” “Yeah, well I am not going to go down on you to Skinny Love, Derek! IT’S ABOUT THE END OF A RELATIONSHIP AND I PLAN ON KEEPING YOU!” “Wait, really?” “Oh my god, of course I am keeping you, dumbass! I love you!!!” “I love you too.” “Wait, what?”

Erica and Laura: Oh my god. Why. 

But look, I know @crossroadswrite has proper headcanons on this. So, uh, Rita?

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can you suggest me sterek fanfics?

omg so idk if you know but i already have a sterek ficrec masterlist (i need to update it asap but i’m too lazy to do it :’/) so i’m gonna rec you a few good fics i’ve read recently and a few ultimate faves that everyone should read

Bamon will be endgame. Why? Because the writers are using the old tactic of: Oh, I have a boyfriend now, which means you lost your chance. But its not like you had one anyway. Okay, maybe just a little chance. And he was here for me when you weren’t. But I also know deep down, even though I don’t want to admit it, you cared about me. You put me first. But he was here. But now so are you. But like I swear i love love him. Truly. Really. I mean….oh, God, just get away from me. I don’t like you. But I do. But I don’t. I love you. I mean, where did that come? Get out of my face! Oh, come here, you handsome dumbass and kiss me!

You see these things on other TV shows. Where the girl is in a new relationship, but still isn’t over her old one. The reason why the current relationship isn’t working? Because the girl is still in love with the old one.

Usually, the old flame is a best friend (particularly a male best friend) and they leave for a while and then come back, and the girl doesn’t even know what to do with herself. Like: who do I choose, Edward or Jacob? And the girl always goes back to the old friendship when she realizes how stupid this all is.

The other reasoning why BD are going to be endgame: because you don’t just try to make someone else jealous and not have feelings for them. Especially not when you claim “I cared about him more then anyone else”. Bonnie said that. She cared very deeply about Damon. And those kind of feelings, where she’s go literally to hell and back for him, don’t just away. Even after three years.

Damon was her best friend. And that kind of relationship can’t just be erased.