god i love the wrecking crew

our exalted party owns a boat that is inhabited and captained by its own god, a dude named Red Sail, who is only the god of said boat because he was long ago demoted from his old position as the God of Rabbits when he caused a wild rabbit infestation in Heaven that literally chewed through (and pooped on) centuries-worth of important research and paperwork. there’s a sidereal who is still so salty about this that he regularly sneaks away from work every time Red Sail finds another crew for his boat and lures a horrible kraken to it.

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Can i ask you for some relationship, kissing and sleeping HC's for Kid and Killer ?

Of course you can! That’s what I’m here for. :) enjoy!


Kid - he’s not the kind of guy to remember little details such as anniversary date, birthdays, the date of first kiss etc. It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s just that it doesn’t matter to him. Having said that, he’ll always remember the things that remind him of his S/O. The curve of her smile, the smell of her hair, how she winks at him. Little things like that spur him on to ensure that no one touches his S/O, not even a strand of their hair. To make up for his shortcomings, he’ll buy his S/O gifts (after seeking help from Killer lol). He would, however, comply to his S/O’s wish to spend time together (surprisingly). Kid is aware that personal time is a rare commodity when in command of a pirate crew, even lesser would be alone time with his S/O. He does love his S/O, perhaps not in the usual way of lovey-dovey messages and pampering them with massages, but rather shows it practically through quality time. :)

Killer - here, you’ll probably have a sweetheart. Killer might be intimidating at first sight, but I swear to God, he’s total marshmallow. I mean, have you seen him slurp his spaghetti?! CUTENESS. Unlike Kid, Killer remembers the tiny details (including anniversary date) and would make it a point to surprise his S/O on special occasions. He’d be nervous wreck, and Kid would rib him. :) Killer’s S/O can talk to him about anything and everything under the sun, but he might not be the best at dishing out advice though he’s an excellent listener. He’d fret over his S/O’s safety, and would do his best to keep them out of harm’s way. Killer would try to learn to cook his S/O’s favourite food and then surprise them with it, because he knows that his S/O mastered cooking spaghetti for his sake. He’s a sweetheart, really. :)


Kid - he hates that shit. Honestly. Don’t even try to fucking kiss him. Especially not in public. You want Kid’s kisses? You’ll get them aplenty during sexy time (in the bedroom). He’s not a fan of PDA, I believe, and would reserve all that face-smashing till he’s in the bedroom. He’s cute in a way that he does his best to maintain a threatening persona, but has peculiar reservations about certain things. Things like that make him extremely endearing to his S/O, and his S/O would strive their best to not kiss him in public. They’ll, however, try to sneak in a peck or two just to see Kid scowl (which is a pretty cute sight). :P

Killer - he’s okay with PDA, but would just limit to pecks on face. Don’t pull that french-kiss shit on him in public. He’d blush so bad!!! Similar to Kid, face-smashing business are reserved for the bedroom. He isn’t a sloppy kisser to begin with. He absolutely enjoys kissing the top of his S/O’s head just because he can. Killer’s a very sincere kisser, and closes his eyes while at it.


Kid - Kid just seems like the kind to sprawl across in the middle of the bed. Bear in mind that he’s a rather tall man, standing at 2.05m with them long limbs, so it’s only very natural that he’ll take up majority of the bed space. Kid is likely to pass out in his day clothes, plus he snores and drools when he sleeps. A heavy sleeper like Kid wouldn’t be able to tell if his S/O is curling up against him in bed, so they’ll do just that. He’s actually very adorable when he sleeps. :)

Killer - sure, he may be almost two metres tall and could possibly occupy the whole bed if he wanted to, but it’s just not the kinda thing he’d do. He’d much prefer to stick to his side of the bed if he’s sharing it with someone. He’d do cuddles, but prefer to be left alone when’s sleeping. Like Kid, he snores too, but not as loud. All that drooling doesn’t happen much, but if he does, it isn’t a lot anyway. And yes, Killer does take off his mask when he’s asleep. :)

fake AH crew raywood mix (x)

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Deadpool Comic Appearance Details #213

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #5
Written by: Mike Benson & Adam Glass, Art by Carlo Barberi and Sandu Florea

Tombstone and the Wrecking Crew face off against Deadpool and Spider-Man.

[Wrecker to Spider-Man]: Ain'tcha gonna introduce us to your girlfriend ‘fore we pound his brains outta his nose?
[Deadpool]: Some people call me Deadpool. Some call me the gangster of love. Some people call me Maurice, 'cause I speak of the pompatus of love.
[Spider-Man]: You asked.

The fight starts.

[Deadpool]: Before the festivities begin– You guy shave heard of me before, right? The merc with a mouth? Ring any bells?
[Yellow]: Oh god. Shameless.
[White]: Pandering.

Wrecker belts Spider-Man into orbit.

[Deadpool, watching Spider-Man get sent flying]: Oooh. Glad I’m not him right about now.

Distracted by watching Spider-Man, Deadpool is hit hard in the back.  He gets piled on by Piledriver and Wrecker.

[Deadpool hallucinates as he gets knocked down].

Spider-Man slams into the ground behind the fallen Deadpool.  The Wrecking Crew is about to finish Deadpool off, but Spider-Man recovers and webs Wrecker in the eye.

[Spider-Man]: Don’t tell me this is the first time you took one in the eye.

Spider-Man and Deadpool stand back-to-back, facing off against the Crew.


[Deadpool]: This feels very “Lethal Weapon”.
[Spider-Man]: One or two?
[Deadpool]: There was a sequel? Tell me you got an ace up your sleeve?
[Spider-Man]: I’m a sort of a fly-by-my-pants kind of guy.
[Wrecker]: Wreckin’ Crew–Let’s make it rain!
[Spider-Man]: Spiffy catchphrase.
[Deadpool]: Please. Stole it from “The Warriors”–Remember the orphans scene?
[Spider-Man]: Riiiiight!

The Wrecking Crew are hit by a laser blast.

[Deadpool]: Do you see hat… Or is this a Pool-O-Vision shot?
[Yellow]: Great! Let the whole world know about the “Pool-o-Vsion” shots!
[White]: Blurter!
[Spider-Man]: You mean the Punisher on Green Goblin’s glider, wearing Unicorn’s battle ram and the Claw’s prosthetic hand?
[Deadpool]: Yeah! Good. We’re all good here.
[Deadpool]: Never thought I’d be happy to see that guy.
[Spider-Man]: Give it a minute. The night is still young.
[Deadpool]: True dat.

Punisher joins the fight.

[Wrecker]: Buncha minor league wannabes. Yer kiddin’, right?
[Deadpool]: “Wannabes”?
[Yellow]: Yeah. We got TWO books out right now.
[White]: And another next month.

Punisher hits the Wrecking Crew with a Hobgoblin knock-out gas pumpkin.

[Spider-Man]: Hobgoblin’s jack-o'latenterns pack enough knockout gas to put down a herd of elephants.
[Deadpool]: Ahhh… the old knockout gas-in-the-jack-o'lantern trick. Very Golden Age. Very Steve Ditko.
[Spider-Man]: What?
[Deadpool with a sad smile]: Nothing.

With Punisher’s help, the heroes defeat the Wrecking Crew. Deadpool continues on after Tombstone, who has gotten to another motorcycle, kicking his man off of it.

Deadpool follows back to Tombstone’s place. Conrad has finally given up, sick of Tombstone’s bullying. He bulks as Tombstone is about to drag him onto his escape helicopter, so Tombstone tosses him into the pit with the man-eating pigs.

[Deadpool, despite being set up by Conrad, saves him from the man-eating pigs, though he lost an arm in the process.]

Conrad reveals that this was all a bet between Tombstone and him about whether Tombstone could take Deadpool out.

[Deadpool]: You killed all those people in that building for a bet?
[Tombstone]: That’s how I roll.
[Deadpool]: Yeah, like a punkass gangsta wannabe.

Tombstone objects to Deadpool calling him that and faces off against Deadpool. Deadpool attacks, but he doesn’t know that Tombstone’s skin is diamond-tough and that he is invulnerable. Deadpool’s attacks backfire and Tombstone defeats him.

Just as Tombstone is about to finish Deadpool sweeps Tombstone’s legs out from under him and pounces, threatening to send a ragged wrist bone through Tombstone’s not-invulnerable eye.

[Tombstone]: What do you want?
[Deadpool]: A confession.
[Tombstone]: Nobody’s gonna believe you.
[Deadpool]: You’re right. That’s why I’m rollin’ with my posse.
[Yellow]: Posse/ God, you’re so white.
[White]: So that’s why we can’t dance.

Dare Devil, Spider-Man, and Punisher all show up, having Deadpool’s back.

Deadpool returns Conrad to the O'Shea home. O'Shea expresses his displeasure with this son and questions why he should let Deadpool kill him.

[Conrad]: What? Are you kidding me?
[Deadpool]: Yeah, what he said.
[Mr. O'Shea]: I’m deadly serious.
[Deadpool]: Uhm. I thought you said there was a ransom to be had?

Mr. O'shea gives Deadpool a suitcase of money and then has Deadpool let the police in.

Deadpool leads Outlaw into a place with his hands covering her eyes.

[Outlaw]: Can I look already?
[Deadpool]: Mmm– In a sec… *sniff* *Sniff*
[Outlaw]: Are you smelling me?
[Deadpool]: Kind of. Okay, you can open your eyes.

Deadpool has led Outlaw to a new, furnished apartment that he bought for her.

[Outlaw]: This one of your jokes, Wade?
[Deadpool]: Not a joke, Outlaw. I ruined your last place and got you bounced out of that crappy hotel. You’ve always been there for me– I wanted to do something nice for you. It’s not like I have that many friends.
[Outlaw]: What’s the catch? There’s ALWAYS a catch.
[Deadpool]: I dunno. If the Punisher destroys my next place, I can crash with you? The couch folds out into a bed.
[Outlaw embraces him]: I don’t know what to say, Wade. No one’s ever done anything remotely lie this for me before.

Outlaw raises his mask up to kiss him, then throws him down onto the bed.

[Yellow]: Is this REALLY happening?
[White]: I was just about to ask you the same thing.
[Deadpool]: Outlaw *umpf* I didn’t buy it for you to get into y–
[Outlaw]: THAT’S why it’s happening.
[Yellow]: Maybe there is a god.
[White]: Can you not talk and let me enjoy this.
[Deadpool]: Be gentle with me.