god i love ponies


that call was too close man, i’ll start to do the daily draws earlier

Anyways so, Tama was useful for something and reminded me about Gabby’s existence, and I only like, drew her just once cuz I was affraid of claws tbh


Days in a row where I arted at least once a day: 6 


tbh it should become common practice to link people to this video when they’re unnecessarily hating on a character simply for having flaws

anyway so ben 10k bara never made sense to me so like a lot of ben 10 canon, i reject his design and am just gonna play with my own

the concept art was a huge inspiration and i’m bitter the omnitrix merging with his arm wasn’t canon and that he doesn’t have long hair that he can put it in a pony tail bye

also still very trans. god i love my trans son who is not a bara at all lol

anonymous asked:

hcs for what the gang + bob call their dick? idk if you've done this already

I love questions like this oh my god

Little Newman. Paul Newman’s little brother. Still as great.

Also, Luke. As in Cool Hand Luke. Never gives up and everyone just literally thinks it’s awesome, like, that’s enough reasoning right there. It’s determined and hard, while effortlessly sexy.

Pepsi. It’d be disrespectful to call it Pepsi-Cola, because of his dad, so it’s shortened to Pepsi. Name something sweeter than Pepsi. Swallowing Pepsi. It’s a thing.

That or he’ll call it Squirt. Like, the soda. I think you can figure out the relevance.

His two-bits. I mean, duh. His actual dick is just Keith Jr. Lack of creativity, I guess.

TOP GUN just kidding it’s the “Randle Handle”.

Texas Ranger. Dallas, like, Texas. And cowboys and shit are just fucking cool. He thinks if his dick was a person, it’d be a prison guard in a desert that has a toothpick and hoarse voice from hard drinking and smoking and life. It’s canon. Dallas, Texas Ranger.

The Pink Panther. It came out in ‘63 and needless to say he wasn’t paying too much attention to the movie when he acquired the nickname. Personally, I like it.

You know what came out that same year? 8 ½. If that’s not fitting I don’t know what is.

Doug. Doug the Dick. “How you doin’, Doug?” “Hey, Doug.”

The Graduate. He got the nickname after hooking up with an older woman. Bob likes milfs? He has a separate Graduation party on his birthday, because the Graduate gained another year (meaning he can fuck even older women can I get a hell yea).

Free Love. He’s a hippie so it just kind of felt into place. Don’t ask about it. Just go get some Free Love.

Moby Dick. His first ever book. It’s large and powerful, yet elegant and timeless.

The Wild One. A movie starring Marlon Brando, the ultimate savage, who plays the leader of a motorcycle gang. His name is Johnny. It was made to be, essentially.

The Wild One was a greaser who managed to capture the heart of a girl, all the while being badass. It’s Johnny’s favorite movie and the inspiration behind the name of his dick.

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the bounty hunter has a bark in which he says he wants a pony and i imagine this hulking man riding one of those shetland ponies and god, i love it

oh no

That’s precious


Recently, and by recently I mean like a month and a half ago, I really got into two blogs: ask-glittershell and aero-replies. The have helped me out a lot, and made me truly take another look at myself, allowing me to accept my more feminine nature at times and make me wish I could crossdress more XD

But anyway, a couple weeks ago, or so (I can’t really remember at this point) I decided I should do fan art of both Glitter and Aero, and so I did. Problem was, and this had been my problem for months, I didn’t have a good way to save my art and upload it places. Today, however, I went through the trouble of setting up my old printer/scanner and scanned in my 45 or so drawings I’d made in the past 5 or so months.

Now, I feel that it would be a good time to upload these pictures to tumblr, to show my appreciation and give my thanks to both Tales-from-the-Krypt and senseidezzy. You both are seriously awesome, and even though I’ve essentially never interacted with either of you, I love you both with all my heart. Thank you for crafting such beautiful blogs. Thank you for helping me discover who I am on another level. 

I wish I could have colored these pictures, but I only have 3 colors at my disposal: red, blue, and black. So I will upload them as is. Hope the both of you enjoy them.