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my biggest fear in life is that by the time I finally get the money to go to playlist live or vidcon, dan and phil will have stopped doing youtube


After a recent post, i got tons of messages asking how i was able to score such high allowances while barely seeing these men.

Some general advice

Get a head start

I believe that you have to give your sugaring some time. If you are in a position where you need to make some quick cash, you are more likely to accept low offers. In order to get a great allowance, you have to be in a decent starting position. Don’t be desperate, assholes smell that shit from miles away. 

Dress well

Even if you don’t have a lot of money, try to dress well on first dates. Inexpensive companies like Zara provide everything you need: A pair of heels, a dress and a nice jacket. When in doubt, wear black. And don’t show too much skin. If you do own designer items, put them on! 

Have manners

You better know how to walk the walk and talk the talk. You know which forks to use and which vino to order. The internet is your friend.

Don’t show that you are impressed

This is important and a great way to manipulate rich men. Don’t show how impressed you are. He takes you to an amazing restaurant? Talk about “this other place” you had dinner at. Do your research before. He owns a private plane? Sentences like “Oh my god, I love sitting in the jump seat!!” show that you are excited about what he has, but not too surprised or impressed. Act like everything he has is according to your expectations, but not below or above them. There is a fine line between being easily impressed and putting a man down. Try to balance. 

I’m going to illustrate negotiation and manipulation skills using my current SDs as examples, but remember that every man is different and you gotta adjust the mind-games accordingly. 

SD 1: 5000 euro for a 2-day trip every month. Married. True business man. So with this man, it was easy. He was the one that brought up an allowance before even meeting me, asked me how much I wanted. I asked him to make an offer (I prefer that, if I make an offer myself I’m always worried he would have offered more otherwise). It was a quick phone call, he offered 3500 (in case we got along obviously). I told him I’d think about it, calculate what i needed and get back to him. Didn’t text him for about 2 days, then sent him a short message saying “I am going to need at least 5000 to take care of my needs”. Again, in order to have the ability to take risks and be so bold in negotiations, you can’t be in a desperate position. He texted me back and agreed within 10 minutes. 

SD 2: 8000 euro, 2 evenings a month, no intimacy so far. This is far more interesting than SD1 and the way most SDs work. In my experience, highly effective. And we all know, i love to play people. Especially men.

So, this type of man - yes, i can certainly generalise -is complex. He wants someone that likes him for him, not for his money. Something real. At the same time he knows exactly that the money is the reason we want to be with him. He doesn’t want us to show that though. This man is extremely generous, but doesn’t want to feel like he is paying for sex or companionship. He wants to spoil the girl of his dreams. To this man, you better don’t bring up an allowance until after the 2nd date.

So, how do we deal with this? We don’t want to fear him away, nor do we want to be tricked by salts. Salts hope/assume we won’t talk about money because we don’t want to seem like gold diggers. Real Sugar Daddies want us to be more than gold diggers (even if thats all we are). So, how do we know we aren’t wasting our time but have a true gentleman as a POT? 

1. Obviously, screen the shit out of him. What his profile says doesn’t mean anything, but does he give you his real name? Find out as much as possible and if he is able to afford you.

2. Let him choose the restaurant for the first date. If it’s an expensive place, extra point for him. When you are there, don’t you dare order the cheapest dish. You order one of the most expensive things, and when you are done eating, you keep ordering expensive drinks. Watch his body language during all of this. Does he cringe while you order the lobster?  No need to waste your time. Does he decide to order bottles that are 100 bucks? Good. Talk, laugh, smile and listen during all of this. Find out what he is interested in. Theatre, music, sports? Generous men will feel the need to give you a few hundred bucks after a good first date (bonus point). When that happens, you smile and say “I have a hard time accepting this, I had so much fun with you”. Refuse twice. He will give it to you anyways. And think very highly of you. No kiss at the end of it.

3. Text him the next morning. Say how much fun you had, and that you would love to see him again. On date 1 you found out what he is into (sports, theatre, whatever). Do your research online and tell him about an event he could be interested in. Suggest it as a spot for your second date. He is going to love the fact you listened and are interested in his hobbies. The seats he gets are another great indicator for his generosity.

4. During date 2, get over any mediocrity you might have in yourself. Brush up on your general knowledge, talk about current events. Impress him, know more than him. Talk about your dreams. And dream big. Wanting your own company and the ability to provide for yourself will make this man more generous than your dreams of designer clothing. If the date goes well, you can let him kiss you. Maybe.

5. After the second date, its time to talk about allowance. Emphasise your dreams again, and see what offer he makes. If it’s too low, move on. Again, sugaring takes time. But this technique has been proven to be rather bulletproof and scored me whatever I wanted.



So far the setting for Nitori is an aspiring pilot! \o/

Piloting has always been a dream for itsy bitsy Nitori, but after running into a very cool looking co-pilot in his dashing uniform, he became even more determined to chase after his dreams. Becoming said cool looking pilot’s kouhai is more than a dream come true!

Becoming a pilot is tough work!! v 0 v

Huge thanks to racyue for helping me brainstorm about the AU!!

The Plane (Eisuke/Soryu)

This is dedicated to the anon who requested KBTBB angst (ages ago, me sorries!) ! I hope you enjoy!

I was inspired during my flight home yesterday- why on earth I started writing this ON THE PLANE is beyond me. That’s just asking for trouble!

“Must you go?” Your boyfriend glares at you from across the ritzy limo.

“For my sister’s wedding? Yeah I should probably be there.” She can’t help but mock him. He’s been so childish for weeks now over this trip. Like its her fault her sister chose a destination wedding in Hawaii. You hold back a breath before daring to speak your next sentence.

“In fact you should be coming Eisuke!” He dismisses you with a wave of his hand. Ugh! What nerve!

“It’s the hotel’s busiest season, and the upcoming auction.” You huff in disbelief, cross your arms, and instead stare outside.

“Oh don’t be like that.” You feel his large hand caress your cheek. You shrug him off and continue to glare out the tinted limo window.

“Please believe me. I’d much rather have you show me off instead of cooped up here working.” His hand gently grasps your chin, and you allow him to turn your head towards him.

“Eisuke…” You turn your eyes downward to your lap. You want to trust him, you do. But he can be such an egoist ass at times. He rarely shows his romantic sensitive side to you. Unless he can show off a little by spending a small fortune.

“I just wanted my family to finally meet you.” You whisper, but Eisuke is close enough to catch your words.

“Next time I promise.” You feel the limo come to a stop. A quick glance outside reveals you have arrived at the airport. You hurry to collect your purse and carry on while dodging Eisuke’s kiss. Within a moment you have escaped the formidable limo.

“You might not have a next turn Eisuke.” His face darkens but he has no time to react to the threat. You slam the door shut and head off by yourself. Screw him. You were so tired of his high and mighty attitude lately. How hard is it to assign another to take charge for a few days?

Your anger starts to dissipate as you make your way through the airport. His selfish attitude may piss you off at times. But you sure do appreciate the hell out of his private plane. You send a mental thank you to him for insisting you use it for the trip. If he hadn’t you would have been stuck in a crowded commercial flight. With crying babies and grouchy old people, ugh you cringe just thinking about it.

On the return trip back Eisuke snapped at the driver for every little bump and sharp turn. Upon his arrival he barks at the front desk for the marble floors not shining enough. Even the elevator received a scolding for rising so slow.

The other bidders waiting in the penthouse were completely ignored. Eisuke stomps passed them, and continues to do so all the way up to his office. He sinks down in his chair with his hands supporting his head. He peaks out and sees the mess of paperwork covering his desk. A moment later with a swift move they scatter to the floor. Eisuke wants so bad to smash something. Instead he gives himself just a moment to pout. Then he cleans up the papers and begrudgingly starts working. Not wanting to see the others. Not really wanting to be working. Yet definitely not wanting to think of you.

Yet again you’re bitter with him. You always seem bitter with him lately. How many more chances will he get? You come back this time right? Your family won’t persuade you away? It would be so easy. ‘He’s an asshole! He didn’t even show up! Leave him! Come back! Come home!’ He loves you, yes. Of course. But for you is it enough? Will a day come that it won’t be enough?

These thoughts swirl inside Eisuke’s head as he tries to work. To complete something. The distraction isn’t helping at all. He slams his laptop shut and spins around in his chair. A shower. Yes. Maybe that’ll help.

The flight was way too long. And lonely. God you missed Eisuke. Even if he could be an ass at times, at least he would have been someone to talk with. The pilot and copilot were aboard, but they were busy flying the plane and all. There was also the stewardess Eisuke hired to take care of all his whims when he flew. He truly was a helpless child.

The stewardess lingered just long enough to ensure that ‘Eisuke Ichinomiya’s girlfriend’ settled in. With a bottle of  overpriced wine and a bag of Terra Blue potato chips. Who knew that a variety of blue potatoes even existed? Anyway. The stewardess disappeared long ago and has been missing for the past several hours. Not that you needed her around except for maybe a person to rant to. Regardless she didn’t seem at all interested in you. If Eisuke came along that would have been a different story without a doubt. The stewardess’ face dramatically fell upon realizing that only you were flying today. With no hot wealthy young man to flirt over. To flaunt her large breasts that were almost bursting from the tight uniform. The stewardess’ day seemed far less exciting. Hmph. Eisuke and you would for certain have words. Questioning the stewardess’ credibility for one, and her uniform for another.

The flashing fasten seatbelt sign awoke you from your wandering thoughts. The missing stewardess appeared out of nowhere and hurries up to the cockpit. Most likely turbulence. There was at least another hour to go. You are just about to click your seatbelt into place when the copilot rushes up to you.

He is speaking so frantic, you can barely understand. You can’t comprehend. You need more time to think. But there is no more time. One of the engine’s has failed. Eisuke’s expensive over the top plane has a flaw. Now’s not the time for that. He’s saying something about the other engine. And the plane? You can’t keep up with the information. Your mind is in shock. Crashing. The plane is going to crash. Nowhere near land but that doesn’t matter. It’s crashing regardless. In the middle of the ocean. Alone.

“Miss! You must come!” He’s pulling on your elbow. What for? Time’s almost up.

“-the phone Miss! Please, you must call Mr Ichinomiya!” Phone? No point. There’s no service in the middle of the ocean. Besides no one is expecting you. Except for Hades in the underworld…

Ichinomiya…? Eisuke…? Eisuke! Oh my god! How could you have forgotten about Eisuke! Your love’s name drags you out of the terror and shock you were stuck in. You finally understand what the copilot has been trying to get through to you. They have a phone, it could connect you to Eisuke! Oh your poor love, you aren’t ready for this. How could any be ready for such a moment? But there’s no time. The plane is starting its wild descend by now. You allow the copilot to pull you into the somewhat crowded cockpit. There’s no time to pay attention to the others, the pilot and the stewardess. For the emergency phone is thrust into your hands in no time. You dial Eisuke’s cell straight away. Silently thanking the others for one last moment with him. With your love, with their boss. Oh bless them. Any one of them could have been selfish enough to call their own loved ones first.

Ringing. Why is it still ringing? Eisuke! There’s no time. At last it goes to voicemail. You can’t think. The ocean is right in front of you. Out of time. Eisuke! You realize you’re crying, and half hysterical. You keep rambling on the voicemail until the pilot announces every to brace themselves. The copilot forces you to disconnect from your Eisuke. Shoving you outside the cockpit and into the closest seat with a seatbelt. You think its meant for the stewardess. Not like it matters much.

Oh god. Oh god.


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yeah i ship it



May All Who Read This Know Also this
Is The Truth Of Your Being, Whether You are Conscious Of This Truth It Is


moments in carol when i lost it

  • ‘’i like the hat’’
  • when carol put her hands on therese`s shoulders while she was playing piano
  • when therese put HER hand on carol`s shoulder when she came over
  • when they were in the diner and therese gave carol the record and then touched her hand and photographed her. that whole scene
  • when therese smelled carol`s blouse while she was in the shower
  • when therese was helping carol take off her coat while she was driving GOD i loved that moment
  • ‘’my angel. flung out of space’’ i died again
  • the shot of them lying together naked after the ‘’you don`t have to sleep over there’’ kiss
  • the ‘’dearest, there are no accidents’’ voiceover
  • ‘’i miss you. i miss you.’’
  • when carol said ‘’i love you’’ (obviously)
  • the fucking closing shot

this-is-bwaarf  asked:

Sam Drake(/reader or not) and 19 :D

i went all angsty on this one (i apolagize in advance)

19. “I’m scared”

You’d never been shot before. You didn’t know what you’d expected, but the pain was unlike anything you’d ever felt before.

Sam hadn’t seen it at first; he’d heard the shots, of course, but he hadn’t looked back at you until you gasped and let out a cry of pain, reaching to hold your lower stomach, stumbling backwards.

Sam spun around and saw you then. He stood there, mouth open, eyes wide for a second before rushing to your side, pulling you down behind cover.

‘No, no, no, no,’ Sam muttered to himself, pulling your shirt up just enough to see the bullet wounds. They hadn’t gone straight through. ‘Fuck- Okay, baby, you’re going to be okay-’

Sam tried to lie you down and you cried out in pain, breathing quickly, scrunching up your eyes as you started to cry.

‘Baby, please, you’re going to be okay,’ Sam tried to assure you but he was freaking out, pressing his hands over your wounds.

‘Sam,’ you cried. You shakily brought a hand up to Sam’s cheek as you tilted your head backwards in pain. You coughed and a small trickle of blood escaped from between your lips. ‘I-I’m scared…’

‘I know it’s scary, sweetheart, I know- I’m going to get you out of here, okay?’ Sam glanced around frantically before ripping a strip of fabric from his tshirt. He placed it in your hand and got you to press down onto your wounds. ‘Hold that right there- that’s it, beautiful, just like that- We’re getting out of here-’

‘Sam, what the hell is going on down there?’ You heard Sullivan shout from Sam’s radio, gunshots in the background.

‘Sully, you need to get your plane as goddamn close to us as you can- (Y/N) was-’ Sam took in a deep breath and punched the ground, grabbing your free hand to ground himself. ‘She was shot, we need you to get here as fast as you can-’

‘Shit,’ You heard Sully mutter. ‘Alright, kid, I’m on my way. Hang in there, darlin’, alright?’’

Sam picked you up in his arms and you buried your face in the crook of his neck, letting out a cry, more blood escaping from the corner of your mouth.

‘Sam,’ you whimpered, but he started running and didn’t stop once Sully’s plane was in sight. You felt tired; really tired. ‘Sam, I-I love you and if I don’t- If I don’t…get out of this just know…that…’

‘No, baby, you’re getting out of this with me, and we’re going to go home and we’re going to be okay-’ Sam said, and you could hear him start to cry. You wanted to reach up and tell him it’s okay, but you didn’t have the strength.

‘Sammy…’ You mumbled, eyes slowly closing. Your grip on Sam’s arm loosened. ‘I love you…okay…?’

Sam was breaking and you wished that you had been just a little faster, just a little bit better at this kind of work. You and Sam would be off this rock by now, sipping beers with Sully in the plane.

‘Oh god, I love you so much,’ Sam murmured, pressing kisses to your forehead. ‘Please hold on, (Y/N), for me, please…’

You slipped from consciousness feeling Sam’s lips against yours, and in all honesty, if this was to be your last moment, it’d be a pretty decent way to go.

On a scale of one to ten how late am I? – Actually, scratch that; I have gained a superior knowledge that makes me an entirely new asset to this place. See, I did some hardcore French studying on the flight over. – Yeah, you heard correct. So far, I have animals, time and sports pack down. If you’re yearning to know how to say ‘I wanna badminton the night away with my dog’, or other meaningless shit look no further, because Bryce Summers is your man. 

cablab96  asked:

MaRo it's my birthday today!!! :D been waiting so long for this chance! Can I please get some trivia on my favorite character/card from my favorite block/plane? 'Athreos, God of Passage' :) I love your work and what you at wizards do :)

Atheists was based on the character of Charon from Greek mythology. He ferries the dead across the river Styx.

Happy Birthday!