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The Agreement: Part 1

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I read this prompt somewhere, and if anyone knows the person name let me know so I can give them credit, that Diana would make a deal with Hades to retrieve Steve. And I kinda wanted to make a full story for it.

Diana prays to Zeus for the opportunity to see Steve again. After hearing her cries for decades, Zeus decides that Diana’s sacrifice and duty warrants her the path to Hades. He can’t help her get Steve out from the Underworld, but with her determination, he won’t have to.

Rating: M (eventually)

Word Count: 1,170


She stood staring at the larger than life painting before her. The Last Day of Pompeii served as her reminder of all the destruction the world can hold, but how good people can still find it in their hearts to help one another. Diana let out a deep sigh before continuing closing up the museum. As head curator of the Department of Antiquities at the Louvre, it wasn’t unusual for her to spend late nights working. The six years she spent there were enjoyable. The work, while challenging and time-consuming, kept her mind busy. But she knew she couldn’t stay much longer. Coworkers would start to notice that she didn’t age or get sick like everyone else, and would begin to ask questions. She was considering a position at the British Museum. But every time she thought of returning to London, it brought on a rush of emotions. It was her first home amongst men and she had such fond memories of adventures and love, but also very sad ones.

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