god i love my team so damn much

i know it’s the summer olympics at the moment but all i can think about is michael holden (from Solitaire) my winter olympian (he wears contact lenses while competing)

Things I learned/was surprised by while in stl (aka; a loserana/Texas girl travels)

Now the Midwest is not “north” but you have to understand, it’s North to me. Sorta.
First things first; the sweet tea was okay…
Midwest accents are pretty pleasant! For the most part I didn’t notice much of a difference and to be fair my own accent isn’t /that/ thick 😂
SO MUCH RED. These people love their city and will rep their teams all day long. Seriously!!! I saw more baseball Merch (and Blues Merch) than I’ve ever seen in my entire life. While I know it’s a baseball town, every corner we turned I continued to be #surprised.
Honestly I could fucking kiss stl traffic because compared to Dallas or Houston it’s a wet dream. Next time I’m driving up here cause god damn I want to experience smooooth transition on the interstate 😩😩😩
I’m not use to the area and my throat is sore. Not stl’S fault but 🙄🙄🙄 damn you weak immune system!!!!
Went to a bar to watch hockey ( or rather the squad started out watchin hockey but I flipped my lid over the cards v. Giants game) didn’t get into a bar fight 2/5 would try again.
4 girls crammed into a room, 3 of which love to talk loud and fast, who lives who dies who tells our story????
The city’s historic side is beautiful??
The pizza is a delicious atrocity??????
The Italian food is so so good???????
(All shit aside, I had so so so much fun and special thanks to @davidbackass and @freshzombiewriter for showing @thirtyfouram and I around!!!! I hope to see y'all again sometime in the future 😭)

Work work work work work work work work work. I spelled every word in that line correctly except for the very last one.

Me and TLF had another shootout today. God it was so much fun. My arms have little red marks on them but damn, damn! I want to get my team their own guns. I want to have actual nerf battles with them. Hell, maybe we can get the real deal nerf guns instead of these cheap little toys.

TLF is now my arch nemesis. I love him to bits <3

Don’t tell him that though. He’ll heat up the workshop and we don’t need that.


What I think about sakura bashing

I see a lot of misunderstanding from folks who like sakura or those who don’t understand why the rest of us dont like her. They think sakura bashing is just on the premise of her having feelings for sasuke and holding on to them for so damn long. And I guess for some pple thats an issue but for me what sakura bashing is really is about this:

No one helped Naruto carry the burden of his feelings for susuke. No one supported him in the trials that came from believing in sasuke. No one offered him emotional support, not Kakashi or Tsunade. He knew what believing in sasuke would cost him and he shouldered it anyway. Heres why I dont like sakura. She didn’t do the same. She didn’t carry that burden, instead she shifted it all unto Naruto, even while knowing how he felt about her, even while knowing he had his own issues to deal with. Instead she placed all her own hope and expectations on Naruto and that isnt bloody fair.

Dont get me wrong I still feel Naruto was naive to accept it but for someone as lonely as Naruto, its to be excepted he’ll bend himself outta shape for those who finally recognise him so I cant hate on him for it. My point is instead of equally sharing the burden of a teammate gone rough, instead of sakura stepping up and being Naruto’s emotional support she dumped all her feelings for sasuke on him. So not only does Naruto have to deal with the reality of his best friend/brother wanting to kill him, he also has to deal with the feelings of the woman he loves being thrown onto him. Thats a whole lot of pressure.

Kakashi also didn’t do a shit ton of work as well when it comes to saving sasuke or helping shoulder Narutos burden, especially considering how he should also understand how much losing a teammate hurts. Erryone just using Naruto at this point but dont tell me sakura was just so hopelessly in love she didn’t know what to do. Shes a god damn ninja. Dont tell me she loved the man if she couldn’t even carry the burden of wanting him back as a normal fucking team mate🙃🙃

Edit: honestly dont come to insult me or my intelligence. I will not be kind to those who are rude, crude or insulting. Come correct or dont come at all. You are under no obligation to agree or interact with this post. -signed management

I am sitting here fucking sobbing and I don’t care if anybody thinks it’s stupid or ridiculous, this was SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to Ney, to this whole team, and it came down to Ney at the end and HE FUCKING DID IT AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND THIS MEANS THE DAMN WORLD TO ME BECAUSE IT MEANS SO MUCH TO HIM


OH my goD OH MY GOD OHMy GOd tsukki pays more attention to yamaguchi than the rest of the team does
…. and for FIVE MONTHS? 

Damn like that’s huge coming from tsukki and yamaguchi knows it holy shit, i love their dynamic so much 


So since I wanted to write my own review of Age of Ultron I decided to watch the movie all over again and write down my thoughts.

The movie in general wasn’t bad, I had of course higher expectations at first to be honest but it’s good how it is.

What I noticed is that Pepper didn’t appear in the movie and I kind of missed her and Tony’s dinamic, but at least she was mentioned along with Jane Foster when Tony and Thor were talking about whose girlfriend is more successful. I loved that scene because both are equally proud of their woman and we get to hear how much they have done in their lives even though they don’t have any powers.

Along with the Tony/Thor bromance I enjoyed all Steve/Thor scenes as well, I can only imagine the crew trying to get Thor and Steve drunk.

Yet I think there were less Thor scenes and I WANT THOR TO WEAR A FLOWER HAT FOR A SECOND BECAUSE HIS HAIR IS AMAZING. That would be my thoughts about Thor. 

Now i should get to Tony. I love that guy, he took over the whole responsibility for his actions. What I especially love about Tony Stark is that he is childish at times, he is not one of those broken heroes with dark pasts and broken hearts. I don’t say he always had a great time but he handles everything the right way /his way/, basically whatever happens and however bad it is he will always find a way to himself again. What I didn’t like is the fact that the whole movie he repeated this one damn prank, the first few times it was funny but hearing it over and over again is like when your parents tell you a life lesson. Also Tony, if you want kids, you have Pepper so make some and not a crazy pile of metal with a father complex. That would be it.

Pietro…WHYYYY JOSS WHENDON? WHYYYYYY? I swear everytime I remember Pietro’s death I can just see Joss’ face in front of me saying ‘You didn’t see that coming, huh?’ and I wanna punch him so hard…Okay calm the feels Meme, calm the feels. However, what I really loved about Pietro besides his sass was how he was written as an actual human being, like yeah he’s fast but he still needs to stop sometimes to rest.

Wanda, what I like about Marvel characters is that they’re written to be real, to live with us. And when I saw Wanda’s reaction on Pietro’s death it made me think of ‘what would I do if I was her?’, so what I love about her is that I can really understand her pain because I have a brother too, who almost died and how she screamed remembered me of that so hard.

I should get to Natasha and Banner, I am slightly disappointed of her characterizaion, but only slightly. To be clear, I’m really sorry but this won’t be a Brutasha support post. I am a hardcore Romanogers shipper but the worst about this whole Brutasha thing is I /actually/ could’ve shipped it if it would’ve been showed off in a less fanfiction way. I see they have both been through too much but what was so NOT-NAT to me is that she just opened up to him, like talking about the Red Room is nothing. Also I saw people calling Natasha the dame in distress and other’s saying that’s bullshit. I agree with both sides, first of all Nat had some really badass scenes in the movie and I just adore her as Auntie Nat but on the other side there was this *Banner rescue me scene* which pissed me off. Natasha would, in my opinion, at least try to get out of that cell, but Banner had to rescue her. Not the Hulk, BANNER.

And I am pissed off at the ‘run away’ thing, like NO. JUST NO. Natasha may want to run away but she’d never leave anyone behind, her past is haunting her too much and she wants to get rid of that blood on her hands too much to just leave. But that’s only my opinion.

What I loved is her picking up Cap’s shield and fighting with it with the same lightness like Cap does. And how she immediately run over to Clint when he got hurt at the begining of the movie. So in general, every Natasha scene WITHOUT Banner was great so it wasn’t a that big fail.

What I wanted her to do in Age of Ultron has nothing to do with any ship, I wanted her to be the one picking up Thor’s hammer. Why? Natasha has always felt less worthy because of her past and I think that would’ve helped her a lot more than a forced relationship.

About Banner…I don’t want anyone to feel offended so I won’t say much. Also don’t you dare sending hate to Mark Ruffalo, he’s to precious for that. I liked the scenes he had in the first movie, his little interactions with Tony, Steve and the rest, even with Loki but I can barely see him talking with people about anything other than Natasha anymore and that makes me kind of sad.

And him, picking up Thor’s hammer…just no. I don’t say he’s not worthy but that scene was so awkward though. I don’t know, I just found it awkward and waited for them to break the silence. Like SOMEONE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING.

What I liked is that we could actually see him hurt /broken/ because he wasn’t able to control the Hulk, we could see how much it touched him to see what he’s capable of and that he is afraid of such an amount of power.

Clint. Oh my God. His character developed so much in this movie and I loved every single scene with him. Every damn line. And I also liked how the fandom accepted Laura Barton, even the Clintasha shippers. To get back to Clint, let’s make a list of the things I loved in the movie that had to do with him:

— Clint and Natasha friendship, the movie needed some of their scenes really bad.

— Clint taking to Wanda as a friend as much as a leader, inspiring her to fight.

— Clint’s kids are so adorable and how they love Nat.

— Clint trusting the team enough to show them his family.

— Him going like ‘whaaaat?!’ when Laura asked about Banner and Natasha.

— All ‘you didn’t see that coming’ scenes.

— Him accepting that he has no powers but also realising that the team needs him.

— Clint and Laura being all adorable.

Can’t remember more, but there surely are more reasons.

Captain America/Steve Rogers. Like every Romanogers shipper person with eyes I can’t accept the fact he told Banner to go for Natasha, because I’ve seen his face. I am in a similar situation right now and I fully understand why he said that, because he didn’t want it to look like he wants to stand between them. He wants Natasha to be happy and that means leting her go for him.

Skip the Romanogers part, Cap had some really great scenes in AOU, didn’t he? He totally did. His fight with Ultron was just amazing (and Natasha came to help him. *coughs* Romanogers *coughs*)

And Thor’s heart skipped a beat when Cap almost took the hammer, in the comics Cap was able to do that right? Well I want that to happen next time.

And after AOU I couldn’t help but thought to myself ‘It’s all good, shh. Civil War is coming next year, wait for it’. 

Little question, Joss Whedon said Romanogers was never meant to be a thing but I think there was a interview or something that said they only didn’t start the relationship in CATWS because they wanted them to develop a stronger relationship or so. And to avoid making Natasha’s appereance only for her becoming Cap’s girlfriend. So what is true now?

By the way, if anyone feels offended by this post I really am sorry because I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s otp or so. If you ship Brutasha that’s toally okay for me, I don’r like sharing hate around. Thanks for reading /and understanding/. 

i honestly can’t find the right words to thank every single one of you guys i’m getting really emotional seriously.. I never would’ve thought I would reach this amount of followers on here and I seriously appreciate everyone single one of you. Thank y’all so much for being apart of my year, thank you all for making it wonderful and meaningful despite the fact that I have been having trouble with school and such but I just wanted to thank you all for being there whenever I need to rant something or confront something :(( god, i really appreciate all the messages I have received throughout the year like I just really want to extend my gratitude alright I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH…

on behalf of the 1dph family, thank you all so much for choosing me. I never would’ve thought that someday, I would run a street team in my life?? oh god being a part of this family has been such a great experience from me, meeting new people and just everything alright.. I can’t find the words to thank you guys enough ily all so much.

and ofcourse to one direction hahahahhaaahha thank you for a year of endless sobbing, heart melting and soBBING FUCK JUST COME TO OUR COUNTRY GOD DAMN IT THIS AIN’T A WORLD TOUR WITHOUT ASIA WE’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH… ok thank you for making me happy with your music (midnight memories is sof uriffkriicng good holy hell i applaud you all) and for being you guys.. <3

And ofcourse, Harry.. The Harry Styles. Thank you so much really.. some of you maybe thinking (why do u have a favorite fuck that’s illegal) (oh wait we’re not in 2011 anymore) but yeah, Harry made a huge impact in my life. He in particular saved half of it. (it’s a long story) but thank you so much for being that source of positivity in my life. Whenever i’m down i would just probably stalk my dashboard and see photos/gifs of him and i just cry and think ffricki i love this boy too much i’m so attached to him it’s having an effect on me but I don’t really mind aha.. Thank you again for everything. I really wish to meet him someday like fuck before i sleep i relentlessly pray to God that someday I would be given a chance to meet him someday and be able to hug him and talk to him (IM NOT KIDDING) ok goodbye ily all

goodnight, merry christmas ily all so much alright.. I hope you’re all having a merry christmas <3