god i love my team so damn much

i know it’s the summer olympics at the moment but all i can think about is michael holden (from Solitaire) my winter olympian (he wears contact lenses while competing)


OH my goD OH MY GOD OHMy GOd tsukki pays more attention to yamaguchi than the rest of the team does
…. and for FIVE MONTHS? 

Damn like that’s huge coming from tsukki and yamaguchi knows it holy shit, i love their dynamic so much 

I am sitting here fucking sobbing and I don’t care if anybody thinks it’s stupid or ridiculous, this was SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to Ney, to this whole team, and it came down to Ney at the end and HE FUCKING DID IT AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND THIS MEANS THE DAMN WORLD TO ME BECAUSE IT MEANS SO MUCH TO HIM