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Match. - Niall Horan Imagine.

This is the first time that I wrote an imagine in other language, so … it’s not that good (Sorry for the verbs. I always struggle with that ones.) If you want the version in Spanish, just let me know, please.

And he was disappointed.

But it was not my fault that his football team has lost against mine. 

It was not. Or was it?
“Love, are you upset?” He quickly denied.
“I’m not, I’m not.” His blue eyes never looked at me, or at least not since the game finished. And that had been about 6 hours. We were still wearing our jerseys. By the way, both were green. 

But this time I had won,I felt I kicked him in the liver. I tried to cheer him up, but nothing worked. He continued to have this sad frown.
I knew what It was like to lose in a World Cup. I knew it perfectly.
And his team was about to be in the semifinals, a hair to be a winner, was not for less his sadness. I knew the feeling, he felt a hollow in the lower part of his stomach when he was disappointed, and God knew it was true.

What would not I do to make him feel better?
“Do you need a kiss?”
He denied.
“A hug?”
“No,honey. Thanks”    
Oh, I know what he needs.                                                                                
“A blowjob?” And it seems that now he listened to me. He looked at me suggestively.    
“Well, now I’m listening to you.” I smiled.
Oh, Niall. You never change.
“I think you’re wearing too much clothes.” He sighed, I knelt in front of him and slid the elastic of his sweatpants down slowly out of his body.
“Well,well.” I whispered and raised my eyebrows. And this naughty boy did not wear underwear. Excellent, because mine seemed to be completely ruined just after taking a look at his crotch.

“Show me what you can do with this pretty mouth.” He stroked my cheek and placed his thumb between my lips. Damn, he makes me hate him very often.
“Oh, no, not this time.” No, I was going to have the reins today. 

He was surprised and I took that slight moment of doubt as an advantage. Let’s say he was already leaning on his back while I was on top of him. My God, he looked delicious, vulnerable. The times I had with him like this were counted, he was helpless, but I enjoyed each one. 

“Your underwear just makes this worse, I can feel you through the fabric, you’re killing me.” And it was not too much to say that he was doing the same to me. But come on, I’m a strong girl, I can take it. I think so.
“Ugh, poor boy, I guess I’m hurting you.” I pretended to get off of him, but he would not let me. The movement only caused more friction between his body and mine. He was right, he was killing me.

And then the need to feel him was somewhere deep inside me, just where I wanted him to be. In a very deep place. I took off my underwear from my body in desperation, but I was not planning for him to remove my jersey.There was no way.
“No way, handsome boy.” He had returned to his position quickly and I took advantage of the movement of his hip to put him inside me.
Oh, just where he had to be, he had moaned, I heard his groan of pleasure, and I loved to hear him come out of the depths of his throat.
“All the damn day you complained that my team had fucked yours. Well, I’m definitely going to show you what a fuck is.” So I did it.
My God, I was delighted with the expression on his face when I was in control. I was delighted with the swaying we did from top to bottom, with as much force as we could.His hands on the sides of my waist made me do it stronger and faster, faster.
The thought was bouncing in my head, this thought, and throbbing inside exactly where I needed it. Well, more than just the thought. And then, there I was, at the top.
Judging by his face, I gather he was. His face tensed for a second, his stomach was hardening and he lifted his hips. Incoherent babbling came from his mouth and his hands took me harder.
God, yes.                                                                                              

When we finished I leaned on his chest and felt the dampness in the fabric for the effort. His hair was messed up by the speed of our movements and rough breathing. He caressed my face and sighed on my lips.

“Oh, God, I’ll definitely complain more often about games.” He said.
I laughed, he was in the bathroom a moment later.
“Do not think I’m done with you.” He turned slightly, I could see his face still reddened by the heat.
“Not yet?” I denied it while waving my eyelashes slightly.
“I still owe you a blowjob, then you’ll know what it’s like to bite the dust.”
“Holy …”
He said with a look of surprise, he seemed to be about to faint.
Damn, how much I loved this man.

As I said before, this is my first imagine (in English)

Hope you like it.

-Kisses, H.

i know it’s the summer olympics at the moment but all i can think about is michael holden (from Solitaire) my winter olympian (he wears contact lenses while competing)

Sns family discord be like:
  • Disclaimer - compiled real life events
  • Me, just woken up: Hhmmmmm, what should I do tod--?
  • Snsfamilydiscord chat, going wild: 103+ new messages
  • Me: God damn!
  • Me, 15 minutes of scrolling later: God damn... I missed? everything?
  • Me: Now who are we forcing into reading/watching what, when, where and why?
  • Member L: good night people
  • Me: Nuuu! *sigh* Oh, okay, sleep tight <3
  • Member H: Oh no, what did I miss nowwwww???
  • Me, dealing with fomo: SaMe dUde. *TT.TT*
  • Member I: *restarts a convo I missed but wanted to be a part of*
  • Me, kinda in love: *types furiously, tags like 10 ppl, oops they might be sleeping, oh well*
  • Member B: Guys check out this sns video that ripped me apart!
  • Member R, arted a thing and shares it on group: I did a silly, hehe
  • Me, staring at art for 5 mins straight: Damn, she good. Maybe...I can share some of my art. //Hey guys, I worded some sentences today and uploaded a crappy chappie, pls read, k thanks, bye// Well at least I put myself out the--
  • Member A: Need this now.
  • Member B: omg what if... *throws a hilarious scene idea at me*
  • Member C: LINK ME THIS ^^^^
  • Member D: <3
  • Me, outright sobbing, singing: Where I'm meant to be~~~
  • Member E: Guys! take this to the other chat, k thanks
  • Me and like six other snooping members, giggling: Oops
  • Member X: omfg guys I need an AU where *details an A+ fic*
  • Me, dying from want: Neeeddddd!!! Write it and finish it yesterday!
  • Member X: Sox, can't have an exam... but after
  • ~An hour later
  • Me, desperately: Fic me, fic me, fic me now!
  • Member N: *feeds me fics, like a loving enabler*
  • Member Y: guys! //this// live spectacles is awesome! look it!!
  • Me, red-eyed: Omg lolzor, hahahahahaha
  • Member Z: I can voice chat in 45 mins
  • Member O: I can come on in 15!
  • Me, pulling out my earphone: Hells yeah, more diverse voices to hear!! <3
  • Member F, that comes on once a day for like one hour: I love you guys so much
  • Me, overwhelmed, slightly tearful: I'm home.
  • ~15 hours later
  • Me, falling asleep over my cell phone while ranting about the possibilities of Team Taka and Team 7 getting along: It's 1 am, lol should prolly go to sl--
  • Member L: good morning!
  • Me, having missed member L: God damn it!!
  • ~2 hours later
  • Me, crying because my battery is on 1%: I'll miss you all, don't forget me!
  • New member, kinda shyly: Hi everyone
  • Me, typing furiously to welcome but the battery dies: And that's why I'm anti-ending! -.-"

monkeyisapainswedish  asked:

Alright, you know what? Your constant Generation Kill spams are making me feel weird, because I've only seen the first episode, and I didn't really like it. Obviously, you more than like it – understatement of the year 😂 –, and so I have decided to give you the chance to convince me to watch the whole thing. What makes it good? Which are your favorite characters? Which episode is the best? Anything else you think might win me over? Hit me with your best shot 😆

Whew! Ok, while I don’t think I am the best person for this (as I am still a real newb in the Gen Kill fandom) I am certainly willing to try to explain what makes it so gosh darn good. Cause you’re right, ‘more than like it’ just does not cover the way that I feel about this show and these guys.

First, I’d like to say this: I do not think Generation Kill is for everybody. There are people who have watched the whole thing and decided it wasn’t for them, or at least don’t feel the hype. There are moments in the show that are really upsetting - they don’t hold back. There’s violence (and the results of that violence shown a lot), racism, sexism, slurs, derogatory language used throughout by characters you are meant to really like. And it’s not like Band of Brothers or the Pacific. It’s not made by the same people, it’s not of the same war or even era. Expecting it to be just a modern take on BoB or Pacific is going to leave you disappointed. So, I completely get it if by the end of watching it (if that’s what you end up doing) it didn’t grab you the way it did for me and many others.

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, let’s see if I can get at the root of what makes Generation Kill so great (spoiler alert, I probably won’t be able to do that, but I’m sure gonna skim some surfaces).

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What I think about sakura bashing

I see a lot of misunderstanding from folks who like sakura or those who don’t understand why the rest of us dont like her. They think sakura bashing is just on the premise of her having feelings for sasuke and holding on to them for so damn long. And I guess for some pple thats an issue but for me what sakura bashing is really is about this:

No one helped Naruto carry the burden of his feelings for susuke. No one supported him in the trials that came from believing in sasuke. No one offered him emotional support, not Kakashi or Tsunade. He knew what believing in sasuke would cost him and he shouldered it anyway. Heres why I dont like sakura. She didn’t do the same. She didn’t carry that burden, instead she shifted it all unto Naruto, even while knowing how he felt about her, even while knowing he had his own issues to deal with. Instead she placed all her own hope and expectations on Naruto and that isnt bloody fair.

Dont get me wrong I still feel Naruto was naive to accept it but for someone as lonely as Naruto, its to be excepted he’ll bend himself outta shape for those who finally recognise him so I cant hate on him for it. My point is instead of equally sharing the burden of a teammate gone rough, instead of sakura stepping up and being Naruto’s emotional support she dumped all her feelings for sasuke on him. So not only does Naruto have to deal with the reality of his best friend/brother wanting to kill him, he also has to deal with the feelings of the woman he loves being thrown onto him. Thats a whole lot of pressure.

Kakashi also didn’t do a shit ton of work as well when it comes to saving sasuke or helping shoulder Narutos burden, especially considering how he should also understand how much losing a teammate hurts. Erryone just using Naruto at this point but dont tell me sakura was just so hopelessly in love she didn’t know what to do. Shes a god damn ninja. Dont tell me she loved the man if she couldn’t even carry the burden of wanting him back as a normal fucking team mate🙃🙃

Edit: honestly dont come to insult me or my intelligence. I will not be kind to those who are rude, crude or insulting. Come correct or dont come at all. You are under no obligation to agree or interact with this post. -signed management
Been thinking about a wounded Reaper, pinned down with a squad of UN guns pointed at his head

Everything seemed hopeless, He’s been defeated, the “good guys” have won. 

Damn it but he tried.

Breathing heavily on his knees, he tilts his head downwards, eyes closed, waiting for the inevitable barrage of bullets to come his way. 

They never came.

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I am sitting here fucking sobbing and I don’t care if anybody thinks it’s stupid or ridiculous, this was SO FUCKING IMPORTANT to Ney, to this whole team, and it came down to Ney at the end and HE FUCKING DID IT AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND THIS MEANS THE DAMN WORLD TO ME BECAUSE IT MEANS SO MUCH TO HIM


OH my goD OH MY GOD OHMy GOd tsukki pays more attention to yamaguchi than the rest of the team does
…. and for FIVE MONTHS? 

Damn like that’s huge coming from tsukki and yamaguchi knows it holy shit, i love their dynamic so much 

i honestly can’t find the right words to thank every single one of you guys i’m getting really emotional seriously.. I never would’ve thought I would reach this amount of followers on here and I seriously appreciate everyone single one of you. Thank y’all so much for being apart of my year, thank you all for making it wonderful and meaningful despite the fact that I have been having trouble with school and such but I just wanted to thank you all for being there whenever I need to rant something or confront something :(( god, i really appreciate all the messages I have received throughout the year like I just really want to extend my gratitude alright I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH…

on behalf of the 1dph family, thank you all so much for choosing me. I never would’ve thought that someday, I would run a street team in my life?? oh god being a part of this family has been such a great experience from me, meeting new people and just everything alright.. I can’t find the words to thank you guys enough ily all so much.

and ofcourse to one direction hahahahhaaahha thank you for a year of endless sobbing, heart melting and soBBING FUCK JUST COME TO OUR COUNTRY GOD DAMN IT THIS AIN’T A WORLD TOUR WITHOUT ASIA WE’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH… ok thank you for making me happy with your music (midnight memories is sof uriffkriicng good holy hell i applaud you all) and for being you guys.. <3

And ofcourse, Harry.. The Harry Styles. Thank you so much really.. some of you maybe thinking (why do u have a favorite fuck that’s illegal) (oh wait we’re not in 2011 anymore) but yeah, Harry made a huge impact in my life. He in particular saved half of it. (it’s a long story) but thank you so much for being that source of positivity in my life. Whenever i’m down i would just probably stalk my dashboard and see photos/gifs of him and i just cry and think ffricki i love this boy too much i’m so attached to him it’s having an effect on me but I don’t really mind aha.. Thank you again for everything. I really wish to meet him someday like fuck before i sleep i relentlessly pray to God that someday I would be given a chance to meet him someday and be able to hug him and talk to him (IM NOT KIDDING) ok goodbye ily all

goodnight, merry christmas ily all so much alright.. I hope you’re all having a merry christmas <3