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Period pains *Major Fluff*

Request: Helllooooo! Love your blog! Could you do a NewtXreader where Newt comforts reader when she’s hurt?



Unfortunately Mother Nature decided today was the day she would pay you a visit. As much as you longed for a peaceful sleep in, you just weren’t that lucky. Searing cramps rampaged through your stomach, the spasms causing you to winch. A little groan of protest escaped your lips, as you curled into a foetus position .

Looking to your left you saw Newt’s adorable sleeping frame. You weren’t selfish enough to disturb him for the cuddles you desperately needed. He worked so hard and deserved every moment of rest he had. Instead you placed a gentle kiss to his forehead and peeled the bed covers from your body. Thank Merlin that you didn’t bleed through the sheets like last time.

Staggering to the bathroom you opened the medicine cabinet searching frantically for painkillers. Your luck seemed to worsen when you saw that the tiny bottle wasn’t there and had the urge to scream. Those red pills were what made you a functional human being during these times.

A defeated sigh left you as you slammed the cabinet closed. You just stared at yourself in the mirror as you tried to think through the cramps. Coco. You needed hot coco to help with this. Coco is a girl’s best friend in times such as these.

However as you made your way into the kitchen/living room, you were startled by Newt. He had obviously just woken up as he sat in a disorientated state on the sofa. Although he quickly snapped out of it though upon noticing your miserable presence.

“Y/N…” He said softly. Just observing your face he knew something wasn’t right, “That - time - of month?”. Newt being Newt was always slightly shy when it came to topics like this. A light pink tinted his cheeks, highlighting his innocence and inexperience in the matter.

Instead of answering you let out a weak moan giving him a ‘seriously?’ look.

“I’ll take that as a yes”, he chuckled. The laugh however didn’t last long when he saw the amount of pain you were in. His smile fell instantly and concern washed over his features.

“Really that bad love?” Sympathy flashed in his eyes. Nodding your head in reply, a lone tear trailed down your cheek. You couldn’t help it. You hated looking weak but it hurt so much, as though someone was tearing your insides out.

Newt’s heart ached at the sound of your sniffles, it was only natural for him to feel your pain.

“Hold on a second baby”. Newt rushed to other room for a second without another word. Where was he off to now? Goodness it was getting difficult to keep a track of Newt’s thought process. Making your way to the couch, you wrapped your body in a bundle of blankets, a chill overcoming your body. You felt completely drained and the urge to sleep was becoming unbearable.

But before you could drift off, a flustered Newt reappeared into the room, numerous items wedged under his arm. “I - I didn’t k-know what to get?” He nervously stuttered, his gaze flicking back and forward, “Chocolate - hot water bottle- I heard they help - and painkillers? I can get paracetamol if that better?” He rambled on, each time he listed something new, his speed increased.

Although Newt wasn’t a “worrier” seeing you this way did make him panic. He felt the same emotional pain he would feel for an injured creature. Oh how he longed to help you, but you weren’t as simple as one of his creatures and frankly Newt hadn’t a clue what to do. You attempted to get up and make your way to him but quickly you realised how futile it was when you had to bite your lip to keep from crying out. Sharp pain lanced through your body, colorful spots flashed in front of your eyes. “No no sit back down”, he ushered you back into the sofa, “You look in need of a cuddle?”.

Hell yes.

Deep, deep down that was the answer you longed to say. Newt’s hugs always made everything better, even at the bitterest of times. You couldn’t be so selfish though, you knew he had heaps of work, he could do instead of comforting you. “It’s ok Newt”, you fake smiled ,“you can write more of your journal, I’m just gonna take a nap”

“Ok darling” he said placing a quick peck on your lips but the concerned look never left his face. Grabbing his pen, he sat at the end of the sofa, resting the journal of magical creatures on his lap. With one hand he wrote and the other was placed on your foot, rubbing soothing circles. Newt’s touch worked like an antidote, lulling you to sleep. A gentle hum echoed from his lips as he noticed the content smile on your face.


Slowing lifting your eyelids, you allowed your vision to adjust to the light. Observing your surrounding you noticed you’d fallen asleep on the sofa, wrapped in heaps of blankets. Stretching your arms out from within the warm cocoon, you sat slightly up to see where Newt was.

Fortunately you didn’t have to look hard as beside you lay a half asleep Newt. His features where calm, almost childlike even. Newt’s sheets of paper scattered the surface of the floor, his pen carelessly thrown to the side.

Oh Newt.

Pulling the blankets further over both of you, a warm hand found your abdomen. Tugging your tank top upwards, Newt laid his hand flat across your stomach and rubbed it in slow, circular motions. The other gripped your hip, holding you protectively close.

With every moment, he eased the tension in your muscles, your body relaxing into him. The heat from his palm soothed the contractions, it was almost as though Newt was your personal hot water bottle.

“You can’t fool me love. I know when you want a cuddle ” he cooed, his voice smooth and calming. God could you love this man anymore?

“Merlin I love you” you lovingly whispered.

Newt allowed you to death hold his hand while the cramps passed, you were surprised that he himself remained oblivious to the pain you were causing him from your grip. As you winced in agony Newt nuzzled his nose against your neck, earning a giggle from you.

“Newt that tickles!” You complained but secretly loving it.

“I just wanted to see you smile”, he mumbled shyly into your hair, “a whole day where I get you all to myself…periods aren’t that bad are they?”

You gave him a playful punch to the stomach. “What was that for?” He exclaimed fake hurt.

“Imagine that but ten time worse” you giggled, “you have no idea Mr Scamander”

“Can we just do this all day?” Newt asked with a wistful sigh, “Just cuddle” he goofily smiled, squeezing you tighter.

“Well you do make the perfect pillow” you teased.

 Curling up closer to his frame, you allowed your head to rest on his head, listening the steady beat of his heart. The need for painkillers was long gone, replaced by your own personal antidote Newt.

Maybe periods weren’t that bad after all? As long as you had Newt by your side anything was bearable. 


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“God, I love you.” Merlin surges towards Arthur, pulling him by his collar to kiss him. Arthur goes willingly, opening up to him, but Merlin stills, a brief panic seizing his features. His eyes are searching Arthur’s face. “Is this too soon?”

Arthur smiles, feeling unbelievably warm and basking in it. He shakes his head, pulling Merlin closer. “No,” he whispers. “Please say it again.”

Trope I just realized I’m always a sucker for: the king/captain/leader who carries the weight of the world on their shoulders and their deputy/friend/right hand who is maybe more technically personally powerful and will push and challenge and also do anything at all for the person they’ve devoted themselves to and will fight anyone who says anything negative about the other person’s leadership. 


Turn: Washinton’s Spies + Greek Gods

Greek || Egyptian || Roman

(Inspired by x)

Merlin x Reader: Babysitting

I don’t own the image, and I don’t own BBC’s Merlin.  Other than that, enjoy!

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Gwen asked as you bounced the baby in your arms.

“We’ll be fine Gwen; now go!  When was the last time you and Arthur had some peace?” Gwen looked reluctant as she gazed at her son.  “Gwen.”  You told her.  “We’ll take good care of them, you don’t need to worry.”

“I know you will, it’s just,” She looked over at where her daughter was playing on the ground with Merlin.  “I’ve never been away from them this long before.”  And it was true.  When the princess was born, Gwen had refused to let a governess care for her and insisted she and Arthur parent the child.  At first Arthur was unsure, but only because he had been raised by a governess himself.  It was obvious he was reluctant to leave his children as well, as he hovered in the door nervously.

“They’ll be alright.  I’m sure they’ll understand that Mummy and Daddy need some time to themselves.  Plus you keep telling us how they beg to visit Auntie Y/N and Uncle Merlin.”  


“But nothing! Go!”  Gwen sighed in defeat, and with one last kiss for her son, Arthur and her left.  “Well,” You said to the baby in your arms.  “It’s just us now, little man.”  You carried little Richard to where little Ygraine played on the floor with Merlin.  The five year old giggled and clapped her hands as Merlin pulled a coin from behind her ear.  Richard babbled nonsense as his pudgy little hands played with your hair.  

“Auntie Y/N!  Did you see what Uncle Merlin did?” Ygraine exclaimed.   You smiled.

“Yeah, it was amazing wasn’t it?” She nodded with a wide grin.  

“Can you do tricks, Auntie?” You smiled and shook your head.

“I’m afraid not.  All the tricks belong to Uncle Merlin.”  Ygraine frowned and glared at Merlin.

“What?” He asked.  She pinched his arm.  “Ow!  What was that for?”

“You should share your tricks with Auntie Y/N!” Ygraine scolded him, and you could see Gwen in her face.   It was plain to see that she inherited Arthur’s spirit though.  

“Hey hey hey,” You gently grabbed Ygraine’s arm and pulled her off of Merlin.  “I don’t want any of his tricks.”  She looked at you.  “I don’t nee them.  I have other skills.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I’m a better cook than Uncle Merlin, and I can clean faster than even your momma.” He huffed, but didn’t deny it.  “And I have a trick of my own.” You whispered.  She leaned forward, eager to hear.  You passed Richard to Merlin, who took him with a smile, and leaned into Ygraine.  “I know when to pass your brother to Uncle Merlin.  I’ve never had to change him.”  Merlin groaned.

“Someone’s a little stinky!”  He bounced Richard in his arms as he walked away. 

“And he doesn’t suspect a thing.”  You whispered.  Ygraine giggled, but stopped when her stomach rumbled.  She held it sheepishly and you stood up with a smile.  “Come on, little miss.  Let’s find something to eat.” She took your hand and you walked into the kitchen.  “How does vegetable soup sound?” You asked as you rummaged through the pantry.  She grinned as she hopped up on one your chairs.  You smiled and set to work.

Merlin came in a few minutes later with Richard on his hip.  He kissed your cheek as he walked by and sat at the table, setting Richard on the tabletop in front of him and making faces at him.  “Smells good,” He commented as you brought the soup over and began ladling it into bowls.  You passed the first to Ygraine, along with a warning about the temperature.  Then you made one for Merlin.  Finally, you made one for Richard and poured some water in it to cool it.  You made one for yourself and set it off to the side.  

“I can take him,” You said as you reached out for Richard.  “You eat.” Merlin obeyed and passed the baby to you.  You balanced Richard on your knee as you began to feed him his supper.  He fussed at first, but soon gave in and ate his soup hungrily.  When he was done, you passed him back to Merlin who burped him and took him away to put him to sleep.  When he came back, you were cleaning up the kitchen and Ygraine was waiting to play with her uncle some more.  When the kitchen was finally back in order, you came out to see Merlin with a blindfold on, counting to 30.  “…And 30!” He lifted the blindfold and began looking around.  You both noticed Ygraine’s little slippers poking out from behind the curtain.  Merlin pointed at them, and held a finger to his lips.  You nodded, and he left the room, quietly calling for Ygraine.  You backed into your kitchen and waited.  After five minutes, Ygraine poked her head out from behind the curtain and slowly crept out.  You snuck up behind, and began to tickle her.  She dropped in a mess of giggles and shrieks.  Merlin came back in.

“Uncle Merlin!” She shrieked.  “Help me!”  He grinned mischievously, and for a moment you thought he was on your team.

But that was until his smile became levelled at you.  “No.” You let go of Ygraine and started backing away with your hands up.  “Merlin, don’t you dare!”  But it was too late.  He grabbed you around  the waist and pulled you against him, tickling you as you laughed and tried to escape.  “Mercy!” You gasped as tears ran down your face.  “Mercy!”  After a few more seconds, he released you.  You wiped your eyes and Ygraine cheered and hugged Merlin’s leg.  

“You’re my hero, Uncle Merlin!”  He picked her up as she continued to cheer.  You smiled at the sight, until a cry pierced through the air.  You all went silent, and Merlin and Ygraine looked at each other sheepishly.  

“I’ll get him.” You said.  You walked away from them and towards the crying. “Yes yes, I’m here.” You said as you picked up Richard and cradled him to your chest as you rocked him, bouncing on the balls of your feet.   You walked around the room, trying to get him to go back to sleep.  It took awhile, but eventually Richard’s cries dissolved into soft whimpers, and eventually, into sleep.  You smiled and laid him back down.  You turned around and gasped.  Merlin was standing in the doorway, watching you with a smile.  “You scared me!” You whispered as you laid a hand over your heart.  He smiled and approached you, wrapping his arms around your waist.  He gently kissed you.

“You’re great with children.” He told you.  You smiled.

“You are too.  I’m beginning to think Ygraine loves you more than Arthur.”  Merlin laughed softly.

“He’d kill me.”  You giggled as he led you out of the room.

“Speaking of which, where is Ygraine?”

“Sleeping,” You laughed.  “She just sat down on the ground and closed her eyes.”  You looked over and sure enough, the little princess was curled into a ball on the ground.   Merlin let go of you, and picked her up.  He carried her into the back room and laid her down on the bed.  He came back and sat down next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders.  “Can you see us as parents?” He asked you after a few moments of silence.  You looked up at him.

“Well, yes.” You said.  “I think a family of our own would be amazing.”  He smiled.  “What brought this up?”

“I saw you with Richard, and I couldn’t help but think, ‘what if that was our baby?’”  He turned so he was facing you.  He grabbed your hands in his.  “Y/N, I want a baby.” He said seriously.  You were about to answer when a knock sounded at the door.  You got up without an answer and went to the back as Merlin opened the door.  You heard Arthur’s voice drift through the house as you lifted Richard gently.  You carried him out to his parents as Merlin went to get Ygraine.  Gwen’s face lit up as she eagerly took her son, and Arthur ran a fond hand over his head before taking a still-sleeping Ygraine from Merlin.  After saying your goodbyes, the royal family went home.  Letting out a tired sigh, you began locking up the house and putting out candles.  You were just about to go get changed when Merlin gently took your wrist.  You looked at him. “Well?” He asked nervously.  You smiled.

“Well, if you want a baby that badly, we better get started.” Merlin looked at you before he grinned impishly.  He swept you into his arms and kissed you hungrily as he carried you to your bed.

“God, I love you.”

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modern au girls night out!! elaine’s on a date with ban as usual, merlin continues to insist that “its not that cold outside”, diane just got off football practice with ‘the giants’, and elizabeth is just really happy she was able to get a day off from her part time job waitressing at the boar hat.



↳ Merlin. (Part 1)

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Merwin prompt: Eggsy goes undercover to figure out Merlin's birthday so he could properly surprise him come the special day. When it happens, Merlin is a combination of angry and confused, but mostly confused because of the stripper that popped out of the birthday cake

i am so blessed by the plethora of merwin prompts that i have waiting for me truly the heavens have smiled upon me 

but yes i will have fun with this thank you for sharing this gift with me~ 


The problem with Merlin being the “tech guy” is that Eggsy has no way to access his records. No way to see if he has any allergies or has a middle name or, most importantly, when his birthday is. 

Merlin, prick that he is, won’t say a word about his personal life. 

“It’s unprofessional,” He says. 

“It doesn’t matter if I’m allergic to anything,” He says. 

“Do not–Why do you even care what my middle name is? Get back to work,” He says. 

“Stop asking, Eggsy,” He says. 

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i’ll tear you apart | dark!merlin fanmix

Merthur AU- Destruction falls upon Camelot and all fingers point to Merlin. Unable to come to Merlin’s aid, Arthur finds him gravely injured from the panicked masses, but fears his magic. Unwilling to kill him, Merlin is sealed away in the Crystal Cave. The wait is long and cruel. After 1500 years, Merlin finds a way out, and to his reincarnated king. What follows is not a tearful reunion.

[  L I S T E N  ]

To Andre, Andrea, BeckyChrissie, Hanni, Kass, Kassie, Kit, and Lily!

Let's talk about Loaded March

For anyone who has never heard of it before, Loaded March is a Merlin military modern!au (say that five times fast) and is possibly the best fanfiction I’ve ever read.

The characterization is perfect! Everyone is three dimensional, flawed, and amazingly in tune with the personalities that we’ve seen in the show itself. Arthur is explored from all angles, looking not only at his natural leading abilities and ruggedness, but also the fearful, worried, caring side of him that we only really got to see fleetingly in the actual series. MERLIN ISN’T THE WEAK SECONDARY WHO NEEDS TO BE SAVED OH MY GOD YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS!! Too often in Merlin fanfic, the “most powerful warlock to ever walk the earth” is often boiled down to a frightened, magical being who doesn’t know how to control it and is ultimately in need of looking after. Obviously, this doesn’t happen all the time but the point stands. In Loaded March, not only is Merlin very much aware of his powers and uses them as discreetly as he can to help as often as he can, he’s an SAS soldier. He is physically and emotionally strong, manipulative, independent, and a bloody genius. In the first meeting with Arthur he is in control and gives a severe dressing down to some new recruits, which is possibly one of my favourite things ever. We don’t often get to see Merlin in a position of power and Footloose (the author) gives him that while still keeping his kindness and charm and everything we originally loved about him. On top of this, secondary characters are characterized and given back stories and dialogue that makes them all real.

Then there’s the plot itself. This isn’t the standard shoot ‘em up military!au. It’s complex and interesting. One of the things I love most is probably the main villain organization. Now I don’t know if this was intentional or not, and if anyone knows I would love to find out, but the contrasting power in Loaded March is an eerily similar shadow to Al Shabaab - literally meaning “the youth” - the current terrorist group trying to take power in Somalia. This is what makes this fic feel more believable than others. There are organizations exactly like those in Loaded March who fight and are fought with similar tactics. The enemy isn’t some crazy extremist who wants to kill as many people as possible, it’s an organized group that has its fingers in every jar and allies in powerful places. They’re given a reason to exist other than “I need a villain to fight in this story” and the members themselves are humanized. 

Magic is seen exactly how it is seen today - only real to those who practice it - and it isn’t gimmicky. It’s not just a fun quirk that Merlin has, it’s crucial to the plot that he does (another nice change in merlin fic). Sometimes, when a modern!au incorporates magic into the plot things get messy. It’s used as a solution to every problem and as a character trait. Merlin, again, is reduced to “the magician”. Nothing of the sort happens in Loaded March and I can’t even being to decribe how much talent I think that takes. Magic isn’t the be all end all. It’s not always reliable, it’s not exclusive, and it’s not even the most important thing about Merlin, he is simply a character who happens to have powers.

The only thing that upsets me about this fic is that it isn’t done. Oh my god someone hold my hand and fangirl with me and then cry when I get to the end of the chapter because yeah, okay, you gave me 100, 000 words for basicaly all 13 parts BUT WHERE IS THE NEXT PART IT CAN’T END HERE OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE IF I HAVE TO KEEP WAITING ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO MY BABIES.

tl;dr Loaded March is probably one of the most well written, complex, interesting fanfictions I have ever read and it kills me that it’s a wip