god i love making gifs of this

can we just: this one little facial expression progression is the entire progression of varian’s character
> sweet, slightly mischievous puppy boy
> that invisible part of blatant betrayal and hatred
> half-lidded manipulator our for revenge

Synopsis: You are cursed with the ability to feel others’ emotions through touch. During a battle you’re fighting with Loki, he touches you and it opens your eyes to who he is. 

A/N: I’ll probably add more parts to this and make it a mini-fic, just because I love this concept so much. Our poor little God of Mischief isn’t evil, just misunderstood and dealing with a lot. 

Warnings: implied smut, violence, blood

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…you orchestrated it all.
                …to achieve this very moment.
                                                  Congratulations, Captain.

James Flint Appreciation Week
Day 5 >> Most Empowering Moment

been reading a lot of klance fics lately so i thought i’d share it w you guys!! here’s 14 of them and definitely my favorites. comes with the title (duh), description, a review by yours truly, and link to the fic. the writers of said fics also have some gorg other masterpieces so be sure to check those out!

1. ) Smile for the Stars by maIikcutie


Though he’s been dealt many bad cards, Lance isn’t sure he can handle this one: winding up stranded, a million lightyears away from home, with only Keith to keep him company.
The universe is cruel.


amazing a+++ fic but i strongly advise not to read this unless you are willing to live the rest of your life broken hearted and Sad. i promise ur heart will be wrecked but in the best way possible!!! a buncha artists on tumblr made art for this so be sure to check those out & also there’s a epilogue-ish thing for this that dulls the pain a lil less and its called The Stars Smile Back in case yall were interested

2. ) Dirty Laundry by Gibslythe


“Two whole months of free laundry in exchange for two weeks of being my fake boyfriend. Deal?”
Keith hesitated for a moment. Was this really worth it? Hardly. Lance was an asshole, and he wasn’t sure what fake dating would entail. But, free laundry was free laundry, right?
“Alright, it’s a deal.”
Or: Lance makes the mistake of telling his Mom he has a boyfriend coming home with him for Christmas. Keith makes the mistake of agreeing to be Lance’s ‘fake boyfriend’.


if u love slow burn then BOY ur gonna love this !!!! mama lance is so warm i luv her !!! fake dating aka one of my fav tropes so 11/10 and i just rly love this ok im in tears

3. ) call me, beep me by safra


(00:31) Do you think she gave me the wrong number on purpose?
(00:31) Or was it a genuine mistake?
(00:32) Like maybe she writes funny and I misread it?
(00:32) Some of the numbers do look a little dodgy…
(00:33) Cause, you know, her threes couldvery easily be poorly formed eights? And maybe she writes her sevens like her ones?
(00:45) What
(00:46) The
(00:46) Fuck??
(00:47) Oh good, you are awake!
where lance messages the wrong number and things kind of snowball from there


i love through-chat fics therefore i am so in love with this!!!!!! your everyday "wrong number” trope but so so so much better!!! cute and happy

4. ) Seasons by fairietailed


“Do you think we’ll be together, still, by the time we make it home?”
Lance is quiet for a moment, thinking. Then he says, “That depends. Do you plan on going somewhere?”
Keith laughs, threading his fingers through Lance’s hair.
“No, I suppose I don’t.”


their relationship is just SO PURE AND SOFT and so well written i’m in luuuv but the open ending will shatter and will most likely rip u apart

5. )  Don’t Break Connection, Baby by princedeadend


Keith works part-time as a phone sex operator and receives a prank call from Lance. This does not go as planned for Lance. Thus begins the adventure of our dear sweet idiot continuing to call Keith to fuck with him (but not like fuck fuck with him…at least not yet). And y'know, eventually having legit conversations with him and getting attached and growing on Keith.
aka the phone sex operator fic no one asked for


this is soooooooooo cute and adorable and wow i luv ittttt!!! made me smile so hard it hurts

6. ) He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus


In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.


oh my god the buildup may be slow but i promise it’s worth it like everything just falls perfectly into place !!! and its so adorable and creative and just wow not ur usual klance fanfic and that just makes it 1000x better and also,,, dragons !!

7. ) Bonding Time by magisterpavus


“Shiro, I fucked up,” Keith blurted, wringing his hands.
Shiro paused mid-punch, shooting him a quizzical look. “What? What happened?”
“I think,” Keith whispered, “I think I accidentally roofied Lance. With my dick.”


galra keith will always and forever be my fav au so this is a definite fav for me !!! i love the other 3 sequels it comes w too!! and nsfw content too dont even lie ik u guys are thirsty for that

8 .) Just Static by Jessadilla


-iro, Hunk, Kei—, nybody? I’m—-
–I’m sorry guys. This is all my–
—I found my coordinates. They’re–
-guys. I hear something—
-end transmission-
Alone on a hostile planet, transmissions aren’t getting through. How did it come to this?


this fic got me sad and crying in the middle of the night )’: wont leave u too sad tho the ending is pretty nice

9. ) What a Healing Pod Can’t Repair by Remember_Me


The compromised wormhole was ripping apart at the seams, sending everyone spiraling away in completely different directions. Lance could feel himself being pulled and bent in ways he was definitely not supposed to be.

Stitching the team back together after everyone is separated is difficult, and for one Paladin rescue wouldn’t be coming for a very long time.


no words. literally no words. this was so painful and just wow the buildup will shatter u i swear )’: also poor bb lance i sob. comes with cool-looking art which makes it a whole lot better

10. ) Seen: 5:29 by SpeedOfSins


AU where Keith is some important guy who has a business suit, and lance is a good housewife. (tha ts a lie, i honestly dont have a summary but this fic hurts, i have been told by at least 3 people)
Written in text format


will wreck u, beware!! may be short but enough to bring u to tears honestly

11. ) On Thin Ice by Minadora


Once upon a time, two Canadian nerds decided to start a figure skating au about their two space sons and their wonderful misfit friends. Ten pages of headcanons later we finally put electronic pen to electronic paper and created this monstrosity. This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.
Enjoy the ride because it’s only just started.


the description says it all !!!!! a fic beloved by the vld fandom and gosh whats not to love honestly???? also the whole gang is so happy !!! (sidenote: this is unfinished and its killing me)

12. ) I bet you look good on the dancefloor by xShieru


“So like in 'Step Up’?” Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in 'Step Up’.” The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps.
Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith.
Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.


if u love step up ur gonna LOVE this !!!! i love it so so so so much can i just say and wow keith is so hot ffs

13. ) thunderstruck by xShieru


Lance doesn’t pine for anyone ever, Keith’s never been to a dance, Hunk tries his best to be supportive, Shiro is very done, and Pidge steals a car.But hey, it could’ve been worse.


space prom!!!!!!! and cute pining gays!! whats not to love about that?

14. ) In English, Please


Lance thinks he can get away with flirting with Keith if it’s in Spanish. Lance thinks if he says the words angrily enough no one will catch on to the ruse. Lance thinks his secret crush is safe. Lance, my friends, is very…very wrong.


two words - too. cute. i can’t even with this fic

Low key i was hesitating to show you this gift i did for you as a thanks for making such great art and being a really cool person! You introduced me to draw many eggboys and homestuck in particular so i tried out a real digital gif (which was hard to do) i hope you like this since i know you like john :00

thank you so much this is so precious what a great boy

Your True Self

Summary: The reader is one of the few people that is close with Loki while he stays with the Avengers, which causes her to fall deeply in love with him. After talking with Steve, Bucky, and Thor the reader finally feels confidant enough to make a move. 

Word Count: 5383

Authors note: Playful Loki is the BEST Loki! Get ready for this beautiful mixture of smut and fluff…this ones gonna HURT!

You were currently sitting in the living room of Stark Towers, for once all of you were able to enjoy a free day. Things were slow and before they got to 100 miles per hour again, you all were determined to enjoy it…even The God Of Mischief.

Loki was still relatively knew to your group, and only you and Thor seemed to be able to get along with him. You didn’t know what it was, but when it came to Loki you just couldn’t help yourself.

Maybe it was the beautiful contrast between his pale skin and raven hair, or the way his intense blue eyes seemed to stare into your soul. It could be that infamous smirk of his, and how good it felt to be the cause of it.

Whatever it was, you had it bad. It wasn’t that you were inexperienced, but rather just shy…and the man was a god. You were just a mere mortal who happened to be able kick ass, but you didn’t have any special powers.

These types of thoughts stopped you from letting your feelings be known, but that didn’t mean your friends remained in the dark about them. Everyone seemed to pick up on them, even Thor himself.

Thor had become an extremely close friend to you, and you embraced each others positivity and good heartedness. Whenever he saw the affect his brother had over you he would just laugh, “ I don’t understand you mortals, why do you hide your feelings?”.

You would just roll your eyes, “ Easier said than done coming from a literal god…I’m just me..”. His mood would shift when he heard you talk badly about yourself, it saddened him. He wished so badly for you to see yourself the way others saw you..the way his brother saw you.

Trust and friendship did not come easily to Loki, but they came easily with you. That was a miracle in itself, and Thor hated that you couldn’t realize it. Thor would turn to face you, always making sure you looked into his eyes for this was a serious matter.

He’d place a hand on your shoulder, “ A title like that means nothing, it is your actions that define you nothing else. Your actions make you a remarkable woman (y/n), it is a great misfortune that you cannot see that…at least my brother does”.

With that he would leave you alone with your thoughts, refusing to meddle any further. Thor loved you deeply, and he knew how lucky he was to have a friend like you.

Knowing that someone like you cared for his brother filled him with immense joy, if only you would act on your feelings. Despite what Thor told you, it was hard to see yourself how he saw you.

Currently you were in the kitchen talking with Steve and Bucky while the rest of the group hung out in the living room. Both the boys were arguing over who could make the best grilled cheese.

Bucky claiming that Steve “might’ve been frozen too long because his memory is damn wrong”. You sat there on one of the countertops, enjoying the bickering and teasing. Steve rolled his eyes, but laughed at Bucky’s comment.

He pointed the spatula at him, “ You and I both know I make the best grilled cheese in all of Brooklyn, Buck”. God they could argue over anything, but it was always lighthearted topics.

Things like, “ Who rode the Thunderbolt longest at Coney Island as kids” or even, “Who knew episodes of The Lone Ranger better”. You were just thankful that there was never any real fights between them.

Bucky was already getting the cheese and butter out of the fridge, “ Maybe that’s what you tell yourself to sleep at night…”. You laughed loudly at that, he was getting so into this. Steve grabbed the bread and pans, placing them next to the stove.

Suddenly both men turned to you, and you already knew what they were going to ask. Bucky spoke up first, “Why don’t we have our little (y/n) here be the judge!”. In hopes to get you on his side he finished his sentence with a wink.

Steve rolled his eyes, “ You’re barking up the wrong tree Buck, we both know who (y/n) has her eyes on”. You watched the smirk form upon Bucky’s lips, remembering your apparent crush for a certain Asgardian.

Trying to keep your cool you said, “ Right now I’d rather have my eyes on the best grilled cheese in all of New York, if either of you fools can make it”. They both pretended to be hurt by your comment, but the smirk only left Bucky’s face for a moment.

He raised an eyebrow, “ So what does it for you? The dark hair…the accent…his huge-”. Steve slapped Bucky behind the head, stopping his friend while he was ahead.

Bucky put his hands up defensively, “ I was going to say scepter, Captain Dirtymind”. Once again you found yourself laughing, you were lucky to have the friends you did. As if on cue Loki walked into the kitchen, maybe he was the god of bad timing.

Based off of the knowing glances both super soldiers were giving you, you were already blushing before Loki even said anything. He walked over to you with a book in his hand, “ Hello love, hungry are we?”.

You stood there for a moment without saying anything, your mind automatically drifting to more dirtier places. The sound of Bucky holding back a giggle behind you brought you back.

Smiling you said, “ I was going to see which one of these idiots could make the better grilled cheese”. You turned around briefly shooting daggers at both men, while they stood there smirking.

Since you were turned around you couldn’t see the smirk plastered across Loki’s face. He knew full well the innuendo he’d just said, and he knew why Bucky was laughing.

Loki questionably repeated the word, “ Grilled cheese?”. And you smiled realizing he had no idea what that meant. Steve spoke up, “ It’s a type of food here, that I just so happen to be the best at making”. For affect he turned to Bucky, a smug look plastered across his face.

You were eager to change topics, “ How’s the book coming along, do you like it?”. Loki shared your love of reading, and you’d actually got him to start reading one of your favorite books.

You’d given him your personal copy of, “ Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut” will all your favorite quotes underlined. He smiled, “ American authors write quite differently than Asgardians, I’m afraid most references go over my head”.

He watched that beautiful smile of yours fade away, and realized what he said might’ve come across wrong. Quickly he added, “ Would you mind explaining some of it too me love?”. Watching your smile form again made him just as happy, although he kept that to himself.

You got so excited, “ Are you sure?! I don’t want to bore you and-”. Loki laughed lightly knowing that was something you could never do. Holding your gaze he said, “ I find your passion for things quite intriguing darling”.

His words sent shivers down your spine, especially when he called you things like “love” or “darling”. Smiling you asked, “Usual place and usual time or for once will you actually get some sleep?”.

Loki laughed at your little joke, a smile forming upon his own lips. Before turning to exit the kitchen he said, “ I was thinking my room would be better, that way I can finally share one of my favorites with you”.

You nodded your head, way to excited for words to form. Once again he smirked, the effect he had over you was so thrilling for him. With that, he was gone, off to wander the halls until you’d find him later.

As you turned around you saw both Steve and Bucky smirking again. Steve smiled, “Usual place..usual time?”. You mentally slapped yourself for letting them hear that.

Bucky raised his eyebrows suggestively, “ Oh no Steve, he wants to show her something in his room maybe his-”. Once again Steve slapped Bucky behind the head, not wanting this teasing to make you feel too uncomfortable.

Bucky nodded his head, “Okay that time I wasn’t going to say scepter”. This caused you and Steve to crack up laughing. Steve’s expression softened, “I think he really cares for you (y/n) I mean have you even seen him be that inviting with any of us?”.

Steve had a valid point, it did take a lot for Loki to open up. Thinking out loud you said, “Maybe Thor is right…”. Both men looked to each other, and then back at you. Bucky’s eyes widened, “ Doll don’t tell me HIS OWN BROTHER said he had feelings for you!!”.

You hushed Bucky, not wanting the rest of the group to hear what you’d been talking about. Steve spoke up, “If Thor said something to you (y/n) then it has to be true..he knows his brother better than anyone”.

You started to blush finding yourself finally seeing the truth in Thor’s words. Looking up you said, “Okay maybe Thor has mentioned it a couple times but-”. Bucky’s jaw dropped, and Steve was just as shocked.

Bucky looked at you, “ But what?! Please don’t tell me it’s what I think it is..”. You avoided his gaze, letting him know what he was thinking was right. Steve knew what it was too, “You have no reason to be insecure (y/n), you’re one of the most incredible women I know”.

Bucky walked over to you, taking your hand in his. He made you do a spin, “You’re a bombshell doll, start to believe it”. Once again you found yourself smiling and thanking the universe for putting these people into your life.

Steve added, “ We love you and we wouldn’t lie to you, you have NO reason to be the slightest bit insecure…you don’t realize the way he looks at you”. You were confused, and raised an eyebrow.

Bucky rolled his eyes, “ Doll the way he smirks at you is sinful, I only know because I’ve been known to give a couple special women that look myself”. Rolling your eyes you ignored the second part of his comment.

He continued, “ I know desire (y/n), and it’s in his eyes everytime he looks at you”. This many of your closest friends wouldn’t give you false confidence, so what they were saying had to be true.

Smiling you said, “ I love you guys, and I promise I’ll judge your contest later, I have to go get ready”. Bucky cheered while Steve stood there with a look of happiness all over his face. Finally his best friend was going to get the love she deserved.

You quickly left the room which meant you couldn’t see the stares the rest of the room had given Bucky from his cheering. Clint casually said, “ Is (y/n) finally going to make a move on Horns?”.

Bucky nodded his head to which Nat responded with, “ Finally…by the way Stark you owe me $20”. Tony grumbled but handed Natasha the money, causing the room to look at her confusingly.

She smirked, “ What? Tony said it would take (y/n) another month, and I guessed it would be by the end of this week”.  Steve gave Nat his best, “disappointed dad” look.

Sam grinned, “ Look the money was going towards a good cause, and Barnes you owe me $15”. Steve looked to his best friend, who pulled out the money from his pocket. Shocked Steve asked, “ You too?”.

Bucky shrugged his shoulders, “ Hey at the end of the day (y/n)’s the one getting laid, so who cares”. Steve pinched the bridge of his nose, god his friends were idiots…but their good intentions made up for it.

After the kitchen you went directly to you room, wanting to quickly get ready to meet with Loki later. You weren’t going crazy, not even wearing makeup, but you did wanna freshen up.

Before you’d shower you wanted to pick out your clothes for meeting him. You knew green was his favorite color, and man did you have a surprise for him. Nat had insisted you’d buy this dark green bra and panty set.

It was a mixture of green lace patterns and see through mesh. The underwear were high-waisted, but the see through mesh showed a lot of skin tastefully. It showed off your curves beautifully.

You decided that for clothes you would go the simple route. A pair of leggings and a white off the shoulder top, simple but beautiful. You wore your favorite necklace, it had been a gift from Steve.

Surprisingly it was a gold choker with about five stars that dangeled. You loved that he had taken the time to pick it out, giving you proof that chivalry wasn’t dead. Of course feetwise you’d only be wearing a pair of your favorite fuzzy socks.

Loki always found them amusing from the first night he saw you wandering the halls wearing them. You’d had a cup of tea in one hand, and a book in the other. Your hair had been tied up, but strands still covered your face.

He loved how disheveled you look, truth be told his mind drifted immediately. When you noticed him you smiled, “ Can’t sleep either?”.

Loki never forgot how you weren’t scared of him, or cold, like everyone else had been. You were kind and inviting, something he wasn’t used too. Smiling he answered, “ I’m afraid I never get much sleep love”.

Raising a brow you asked, “ Why is that?”. You seemed so concerned for him, something else he hadn’t expected. Walking closer to you he pointed to his head, “ Nightmares, strange how no bit of magic can seem to cure them”.

You stepped closer to him as well, “ Well I’m guessing wandering around alone at night doesn’t help…I always need to be with someone when I get them”. His expression softened, was this an offer?

You added, “ Buck’s the same way…total cuddler…but don’t let him know I told you he’d kill me”. Loki laughed softly, you were already so trusting. He said, “ Well that must make you a good lover”.

You snorted…lover that was a hilarious idea. He looked confused so you explained, “Bucky’s one of my bestfriends..I love him but not like that”. As you spoke you found yourself walking closer to him.

He raised an eyebrow, “Are there that many types of love for you Midgardians?”. That was when you remembered how tough Loki’s life had been, you doubted he knew any type of love.

Smiling you said, “If you’re one of us there is…and you seem to be working on it”. As he listened to you a smile formed upon his lips. Talking to you was like a breath of fresh air.

You added, “ If you ever want to wander the halls together I wouldn’t mind”. You never understood how you were so daring, but maybe it had to do with the fact that it was the middle of the night.

Loki smiled again, “ I’ll have to take you up on that offer, but I can tell that tonight you desire sleep”. You were extremely tired, and talking to him had calmed your nerves. With a glimmer in your eyes you responded with, “ You better be serious Loki”.

He laughed lightly, “ I shall come find you tomorrow night love, I promise”. To some a promise from the God of Mischief probably meant nothing, but you trusted him. Smirking you said, “ And if you break it I’m afraid you’ll be to dead for sleep anyways”.

You parted your separate ways, but not before seeing a smirk form upon his lips. Loki thought to himself, “ Oh this shall be fun”. That was the start of whatever was currently happening between you both.

After laying out your clothes you jumped into the shower. The warm water felt wonderful on your skin, calming any nerves you had. You lathered yourself up with your favorite body wash; a mixture of lavender and lilac.

You made sure that every part of you body was freshly shaven and soft. Your hair looked extremely silky and smelt heavenly. This all made you feel extremely beautiful.

By the time you were actually ready an over hour had passed. As you looked at yourself in the mirror you smiled, being you was good enough. For once, you confidently made your way towards Loki’s room.

So many thoughts filled your head that you’d become distracted. While turning the corner you knocked into a very strong body, as you looked up you realized it was Thor. With ease he lifted you up, “ Sorry (y/n), you seem quiet distracted though..”.

He took in your appearance and smiled when he noticed your socks. Smirking he asked, “Going to find my brother are you?”. You blushed wondering how he’d known, what could’ve given it away?

With a hearty laugh he explained, “My brother had mentioned his love for your…fuzzy socks?”. Looking down at your feet you smiled, and Thor realized he had gotten the work right. He added, “ Steve also told me of your encounter earlier in the kitchen”.

Looking up at Thor you smiled, “Loki said he wanted to share one of his favorite books with me”. Thor’s smile only grew, that was a big thing for his brother. Quickly you added, “I finally trust what you’ve been telling me Thor..that he cares for me”.

His eyes lit up when he realized what you’d said. Taking your hand in his he said, “ It warms me to know that you finally see your true self”. You hugged Thor, and smiled when he wrapped his arms around you.

Softly you said, “ Thank you for not giving up on me”. Thor only hugged you tighter, wanting his love to be known. When he let you go he said one last thing, “Thank you for not giving up on my brother”.

You continued to make your way towards Loki’s room, your heart now filled with love. You knocked on the door to which Loki said, “ Come in love”. Loki’s room was not what you’d thought it would be.

It was extremely simple, the more extravagant things being his extensive bookshelf, and overlook of the city. Instantly you walked over to the huge window, staring out into the night.

You would’ve forgot where you were had he not come up behind you, “Beautiful isn’t it?”. As you turned your head you realized he was standing directly next to you, shoulders touching.

He continued, “ I didn’t expect to find it so enchanting, but there’s so much more complexity here than Asgard”. You’d never been to Asgard, but from what Thor had told you it seemed beautiful.

Reading your mind he said, “Asgard is beautiful, but Midgard is so free..people aren’t just confined to one single planet”. You’d never thought of it like that, the only people to travel in Asgard had to be high authority.

Turning to him you said, “ I guess my escape is reading, which I’m guessing you share”. As he looked at you, he smiled again. He walked over to his bookshelf, “ When I was confined to my cell reading kept me sane…as sane as I could be”.

You followed him, “ I can’t imagine the toll that must’ve had on you Loki..”. No one had ever had that reaction, no one had ever considered his burdens. His fingers skimmed the books before finding the one he wanted.

Still not facing you he said, “ The price to pay for the crimes I’ve committed I assume”. When he finally turned around to look at you, immediately you saw the hurt in his eyes.

Walking closer to him you said, “ To live your entire life feeling like there was this part of you that made you not belong is an awful thing to go through”. His lips parted, but no words came out.

You continued, “Not to overstep my boundaries, but I don’t agree with a lot of things the All-father has done. He should’ve never hid the truth from you, or pin you against Thor, it shouldn’t be the case that only one can rule…but despite all this Loki I don’t think you’ve become an awful person”.

He thought he might drop the book he’d been holding, no one had ever spoke to him like this. It was like you were reading his thoughts, looking at what hurt him the most.

For once Loki struggled to find words, “ I didn’t think anyone could look past the awful things I’ve done”. Without even realizing he’d been walking towards you.

Holding his gaze you said, “You’ve made mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you should be condemned for them…people can always grow”. You shared such a unique perspective on life, and he now saw why Thor liked you so much.

Laughing softly he said, “If only others shared the same outlook that you do…the world would be different”. By now you were only a foot or so from each other, the closest you’d ever been.

Loki noticed you biting your lip, “ What is troubling you (y/n)?”. You had heard that Loki had a true form and you often wondered what it looked like. You didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.

Taking a step closer to him you asked, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable Loki, but I’ve often wondered what your true form looks like..if you don’t want to show me I won’t be hurt”.

From everything you’d been through, he trusted you. He took your hands in his, their coolness refreshing. Loki softly said, “ Close your eyes love”. No matter how much he trusted you, he was scared you wouldn’t like his true form.

A moment later he asked you to open your eyes, and you were mesmerized. His skin was a beautiful dark blue with light blue patterns all over it, his eyes a deep shade of red.

Instinctually your started to trace the pattern on his neck, and blushed when you realized what you’d done. Blushing you said, “I’m sorry..it’s just…your skin is so beautiful..”. His jaw dropped, beautiful?

Raising an eyebrow he asked, “ You don’t find me frightening?”.  You couldn’t help but giggle, how could he be frightening? Smiling you said, “ Loki that’s the last thing I’d ever think of you”.

You watched him process your words, seeing him smile when he finally trusted them. You added, “ If you felt comfortable enough you could remain in your true form every time you’re around me”.

His smile grew, “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known (y/n)”. Holding his gaze was too much, so you turned your head to the side. He placed two fingers under your chin, turning you head to him.

Now that you held his gaze he said, “I care deeply for you (y/n) and now I know you feel the same”. You wanted to faint, he admitted his feelings for you. You no longer felt nervous, you were ready.

Placing a hand on his chest you said, “ I love you Loki, for who you are”. He moved his hands to rest on your hips, bringing your body closer to his. Leaning forward he kissed you passionately, his grip on your hips pressing your body into his.

You eased into the kiss, moving on hand to grip his hair on the back of his neck. Just as soon as it had started Loki stopped it, “ I didn’t mean to be so forward love…I just-”.

Smirking you asked, “ I thought the god of Mischief always took what he wanted”. You watched his lips shift into a smirk, and there was a different look in his eyes.

Loki looked at you like you a predator looks at prey, and it made you core ache. His voice was low, “Are you teasing me my pet?”. The way his words rolled off his tongue made you want to moan.

He began to kiss slowly up your neck, taking his time. Loki wanted to leave his mark on you, let the world know he loved you and you were his. He began to nibble on the area below your ear, “I do love you (y/n)”.

Loki began to kiss back down your neck, “ I love the way your breath hitches when I find the slightest ways to touch you..the way your eyes seem to beg me to claim you as mine..is that what you want darling?”.  

By now Loki had picked you up, carrying you to his bed. He laid you on your back, and hovered over you by propping himself up with his elbow.

Loki helped you take off your shirt, “Do you want everyone to know that you are mine? That those pretty noises coming out from your lips are my doing?”. You were already so needy, and he had barely been touching you.

When Loki noticed what you’d been wearing under your clothes he groaned loudly, licking his lips. His smirk was sinful, “You shall be the death of me love”. You sat there, anticipation stopping you from saying anything else.

Loki snapped his fingers, “ Normally I’d love to rip your clothes off of you, but I’m afraid you’ve made me very impatient”. Not only were you left in your undergarments, but Loki was now only left in his.

The light blue patterns continued all over his chest and legs, and you were mesmerized. Bringing a hand to his chest you traced the patterns once again, and for a moment love replaced the lust in his eyes.

Loki couldn’t contain himself anymore, he picked you up once again making you straddle him. His back pressed against the headboard, and his hands on your hips. Looking down at him you said, “I think I can work with impatience”.

Once again he brought his lips to yours, kissing you fevioriusly. You couldn’t help but grind yourself against him, causing him to moan throughout the kiss.

Loki moved his hands to undo your bra, letting it fall slowly off your body. Without hesitation he brought his mouth to suck on one breast, his hand massaging the other.

He teased your sensitive nipples by dragging them lightly between his teeth, and then flicking them with his tongue. Moaning you begged, “ Loki please I need more”.

He moved his free hand down to tease your clit through the fabric of your panties, his cold fingers an amazing contrast to the heat of your area. Loki moaned realizing how wet you were, “These are soaked darling, such a good little pet”.

You began to grind yourself against his fingers, needing any sort of friction. Loki laughed softly, “So needy for me”. With a snap of his fingers nothing separated your bodies anymore.

He teased you further by rubbing circles around your clit, his cold fingers sending shivers down your spine. Moaning loudly you said, “That feels…so..good”.

Had your eyes not been closed you would’ve seen his smirk, “ Perks of being a Frost Giant darling”. The coldness seemed to tease you more, and you’d never felt anything like it.

It made you so needy, “ Please Loki I-”. He stopped what he was doing with his hand, and you finally felt his hard member pressing against you.

Loki smirked when he saw you taking in his size, “That’s just a perk of being me love”. So Bucky was right…he did have a huge…scepter. Everything about the man was amazing.

Your brought your hand down to slowly pump him, “ What happened to impatience love”. Loki smiled hearing you tease him, mocking his tone.

You moved your body down, your face inches from his member. No sly comment left his lips, he needed you just as badly as you needed him. Slowly you licked up his member, watching his pupils dilate.

When you got to his tip you flicked your tongue over it causing his breath to hitch. Finally you took him into your mouth, taking as much as you could. Loki moaned loudly feeling himself hit the back of your throat.

To his dismay you changed positions. Now you moved your mouth to lick the underneath of his balls, knowing that it was a very sensitive area. Loki moaned, his eyes rolling into the back of his head.

It was your turn to smirk sinfully, and it felt good. You moved to take him into your mouth again but Loki pulled your body up. His voice was needy, “If you do that again this will be over before it has begun”.

With one hand Loki slowly pressed himself up and down your slit, “And it’s much more pleasurable this way”. His eyes seemed to search yours for any remaining doubts, he didn’t want to rush you.

You took his face in both your hands, “Loki I am yours”. That was all he needed to hear, slowly he inserted himself inside of you. Your walls stretched around him, causing you both to moan.

You started to bounce up and down, loving the feeling of him going in and out of you. Loki moved his hands to your hips again, guiding you. He moved you forward and backward, riding him.

In between thrusts he said, “You look so beautiful like this (y/n)”. With your hands holding onto his shoulders you leaned forward, letting him go deeper inside of you. With each thrust he was hitting your g-spot.

This angel gave him the perfect opportunity to suck your breasts again, giving you even more pleasure. The chill of his mouth against your hot skin made your pleasure only intensify.

Together your bodies moved as one, needing each other badly. This was all becoming too much, “Loki I’m so close”. You felt yourself right on the edge.

Loki was panting, “Tell me whos you are love”. You didn’t know if you could even speak right now, you only seemed to be able to moan. Picking up the pace Loki repeated himself, “Let everyone know who’s making you feel this good”.

Loudly you screamed, “Loki…you are Loki…fuck”. Somehow he went even deeper and faster, and you knew you couldn’t hold back. Loki nearly growled, “Cum for me (y/n) cum for me right now”.

His words pushed you over the edge, your orgasm now washing over you. It felt like a tsunami that started at your core and caused wave after wave of pleasure to crash throughout your body.

All you could do was moan his name, you were screaming it out. As Loki felt your walls clench around him, he was pushed over the edge. He’d never felt anything like this before, it was so intense.

Loki came just as hard, yelling out you name. Together you rode out your orgasms, wanting this feeling to last forever. Neither of you had felt something this good.

When Loki finally opened his eyes and saw how disheveled you looked he found his heart swelling with love again. Looking deeply into your eyes he said, “I love you so deeply (y/n) and as long as I live you shall be mine and I yours”.

This time when you brought your lips to his the kiss was slow, as if you both wanted to remember this moment forever. You felt him smile against your lips, and you laughed softly.

You rested ontop of his chest as he asked, “What is so amusing darling?”. You looked up into his eyes again, he was still in his true form. Smiling you said, “ I just can’t believe how lucky I am to have you Loki”.

He kissed your forehead softly, “And I the same”. For once Loki felt at peace enough to finally get some rest, the rise and fall of your chest calming him.

He closed his eyes, shocked when only good thoughts crossed his mind. Although magic couldn’t fix his nightmares, maybe your love had been the answer. Loki fell fast asleep, not questioning it further.

Power Trip

Summary: Someone decides to give Chris Evans too much power during an interview, which he of course uses to tease the reader. As things escalate, and a new side of Chris is shown, the reader is forced to finally take action. 

Word Count: 3342

authors note: this is totally inspired by the fact that during a live game of telephone Chris said, “I like fucking girls up the butt” and they had to bleep it out aka this is extremely dirty guys 

From the moment Jimmy had first explained the game you’d be playing you knew you’d be in for it. You and the team were doing press for infinity war, which meant an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show.

You were currently sitting between Chris Evans and Sebastian, which was trouble enough. Jimmy clapped his hands together, “Alright folks, we’re going to play telephone Marvel Style”.

Looking to your left you saw the grin on Chris’s face, and immediately you shook your head. With a smirk he turned to you, “This will be fun huh (y/n)?”. His body was nearly on top of yours, and you were staring right into his blue eyes.

Needless to say, it was pretty freaking hard to suppress all your feelings for him. For the sake of the fact that you were all going to be on national television you just smiled, “I’m already scared Chris”.

He laughed, and while doing so gripped your upper thigh. Although it was innocent, you couldn’t help yourself from having extremely dirty thoughts. While trying to calm yourself down you turned to your right, and were met with Sebastian’s wiggling eyebrows.

You sighed, god you weren’t going to catch a break today. Jimmy smiled, “Round one starts now”. He turned and whispered into Chris’s ear, and Chris nodded his head. He winked at the camera before turning to you.

He covered his mouth with his hand as he whispered into your ear, “Sebastian, I want you to fuck me up the ass”. Automatically you burst out laughing, it only took two seconds for Chris to make things dirty.

Although the world knew him as America’s sweetheart, the real Chris Evans was a lot dirtier. He held up his hands, “Come on (y/n) you gotta pass it along!”. You rolled your eyes before saying fuck it to yourself.  

You turned to whisper in Sebastians ear, “Sebastian, I want you to fuck me up the ass”. For effect, you rested your hand on his upper thigh. As you leaned back you watched his eyes widen, and even a light blush form upon his cheeks. Mackie looked at you both, “Oh god, whys Stan blushing”.

Sebastian swallowed before turning to whisper in Scarlets ear. He of course changed it, you could tell by her reaction. As you turned again you saw how happy Chris looked. He leaned towards you, “The hand was a nice touch (y/n), looks like you’re not too innocent either”.

You just bit your lip, trying to stop a blush from forming upon your cheeks. When it finally got to Robert he held up a finger, “I don’t know which one of you idiots changed it but…I want you to buy me a new cat?”.

Seb pointed to Chris, “From what (y/n) said…this has Evans all over it!”. Everyone turned to look at Chris, who was doing his best version of puppy dog eyes. Jimmy laughed, “It was; the avengers are on the show tonight”.

Chris shrugged, “that’s exactly what I said, right (y/n)?”. Everyone could see right through him, all agreeing that he was obviously lying. Laughing you said, “I think you might have a hearing problem Chris”.

Jimmy poked his shoulder, “Alright maybe if we start with Evans it won’t get messed up, you start and I’ll sit out this round”. Instantly you got butterflies in your stomach, knowing full well that giving Chris all that power was a mistake.

He grinned, “You know man, I like the way you think”. Biting your lip you braced yourself for whatever he was going to come up with. He thought it over for a second, before grinning like a madman.

Chris and you had flirted for the entire past year, but he was using this little game to take it to the next level. From how close you’d been getting to him, you knew that there was a lot he kept hidden about himself.

As you turned to look at him, you knew you were right. He was looking at you as if it was just you and him in the room, as if there weren’t cameras rolling, it was a total power move.

There had always been certain moments where this other side of Chris peeked through, but you seemed to be one of the few people who could pick up on it. His tone would be slightly more demanding, he’d look at you as if he was just begging you to make a move.

It was clear that he loved to be in control, and he’d constantly be teasing and testing you. So you swallowed hard and just prepared yourself for whatever was going to come out of that man’s mouth.

Just like before he blocked what he was saying with his hand, making it hard for the cameras to pick up. His voice was low, “I love how easily I can turn you on (y/n)”. Your heart stopped for a moment, his words making your core ache.

Luckily you covered the moan that left your lips but saying, “Oh….god Chris”. All your friends looked to you both, but Sebastian was the only one who knew about the feelings Chris had for you.

You couldn’t help yourself, so you turned to Chris and said, “Can you repeat that I’m not sure I heard you right?”. Chris licked his lips while nodding his head, turned on by the fact that you were encouraging this game he was playing.

Sebastian laughed, Seb knew full well that Chris was using this game to tease you, and part of him wanted to laugh….but the other part was weirdly excited to see what would happen.

Seb was close with the both of you, and in all honesty was tired of you both being all talk and no action. So he smiled and played along with you guys.

Chris leaned in again, “After this is over I’m gonna make that pretty little pussy of yours cum so hard”. This time you covered your reaction by laughing, and luckily enough the only person who saw through you was Seb.

You nodded your head before turning to Seb, “Robert sleeps with a teddy bear and nightlight”. It was the first thing that came to mind and although it was stupid, you knew it would be a good enough cover.

Sebastian quickly turned to Scarlet, but not before winking at you. You rolled your eyes, he was just as smug as Chris was. Finally it got to Robert, “Alright Evans…I told you that in confidence!”.

Jimmy excitedly asked, “What was it?”. Chris looked to you resting his hand on your thigh, “Why don’t you tell the man (y/n)”. You quietly said nice save to Chris, your voice low enough for only him to hear, and he was proud of his own cover up.

“Robert sleeps with a teddy bear and nightlight” you said while laughing. The entire room burst out with laughter. Jimmy looked into the camera, “And that was Telephone Marvel Style, thanks for joining us tonight!”.

You all waved goodbye to the camera before getting up. Thanking Jimmy and then going your separate ways. You’d have some time to yourselves now. As you were leaving Chris came up behind you, “My dressing room, now”.

His voice was extremely demanding, and to make matters worse he squeezed your ass while walking by. You just stopped in your tracks, both nervous and beaming with excitement.

Quickly you turned around to see if anyone else had been in the hallway and saw what had just happened. You were only met with a very smug looking Sebastian. He brought a finger to his lips, “Secrets safe with me (y/n)”.

You looked down and to the left while blushing, “You’re really gonna keep this one from Mackie?”. Sebastian laughed loudly, a grin now on his face. He held your gaze, “You’re right…you might owe me for this one (y/n)”.

After rolling your eyes you said, “Pizza, my place, later? You get to pick the movie?”. Sebastian nodded his head, opening the door to his dressing room.

“You got it (y/n), consider us even! Oh but extra cheese this time!” he said while leaving. While walking away you called, “Alright Stan, you got it”. You smiled to yourself, thankful to have such incredible people in your life.

Finally you were standing outside of Chris’s dressing room, your heart beating rapidly. You took a breath in and then out, summoning up the courage to open up the door.

Chris was leaning against the vanity, undoing his buttoned shirt. His tie was hanging loosely from his neck, one leg crossed slightly over the other. When he saw you enter the room he looked up, “I was scared you wouldn’t come”.

Instantly you laughed thinking to yourself; how the fuck could I not? Smirking you said, “Let’s just hope you’re one to keep your promises Evans”. You watched his entire expression change, for a moment he laughed but seconds later the mood shifted.

His shirt was completely unbuttoned now, “You have no idea princess”. Chris looked to you with lust in his eyes, his perfect plump lips slightly pursed. You couldn’t fight your feelings any longer.

You walked over to him, his lips becoming intertwined with yours. He tugged at your bottom lip, making your lips part. It was only a kiss but his tongue felt so good, and it instantly made your mind wander.

The kiss was feverish, his hands running all over your entire body, your hands tangled in his hair. Within seconds you were completely lost in eachother, no control left in either of you.

To your surprise Chris picked you up placing you on the vanity. He moved his mouth to kiss down your jaw, leaving marks all over your skin. You tugged at his hair harder making him moan, “fuck doll”.

His hands slid up your thighs, bringing the dress you’d been wearing up. Smirking you pushed him back, and he looked up at you like a lost puppy. While leaning back you took off your dress yourself, “Thought you’d enjoy the show”.

His smirk only grew as he watched you, admiring your nearly naked body. As his eyes ran up and down your body he groaned, “So fucking sexy princess”. You bit your lip, bringing your hands behind your back to undo your bra.

Within seconds you felt his large hands massaging your breasts, unable to wait any longer. Your breath hitched as he pinched one of your nipples, making you arch your back. Chris licked his lips, “So eager for my touch huh (y/n)”.

You nodded your head, nearly screaming when his tongue flicked over your nipple. He brought it between his lips, sucking on it. You tangled your hands in his hair again, “Oh Chris”. Within seconds he could have you right on the edge, melting into his touch.

Wrapping your legs around him you brought his body closer to yours. His mouth was working wonders against your skin, and he loved how easily he could make you come undone. Breathlessly you begged, “I need more”.

You felt him smile against your skin as he teased, “So wet for me and I haven’t even started”. He brought his head back up, kissing up your jaw this time. His lips were grazing your ear, “I bet you’re just dripping doll”.

You felt his hands part your legs, and he leaned back with a devilish smirk. Licking his lips he held your gaze, “Tell daddy what you want”. Your eyes widened, trying to make sure you’d heard him correctly.

When you saw how lust blown his pupils were you knew he was serious. Softly you said, “I want daddy to fuck me”. Chris smirked when he realized how easily you submitted to him, you didn’t even hesitate to call him daddy.

He felt himself becoming more lost in his power trip, “good girl”. You tried to hide it, but a moan escaped your lips. As Chris kissed you again, one of his hands teased up and down your slit. You moaned against his lips, and he loved every second of it.

He was teasing you through your panties, driving you wild. You bucked your hips forward, and he groaned. He continued to tease you for awhile, making you beg for his touch.

Finally he slid your panties to the side, “that’s it baby girl”. His fingers teased your clit, rubbing it in all different directions. Chris wrapped a hand around your neck, making you hold his gaze.

His fingers went faster, and you felt your orgasm building. His hand around your neck felt so good, “Fuck Chris-”. His grip tightened a little, and your breath hitched. You loved how in control he was, and it was bringing you closer and closer.

To your surprise one of his fingers darted inside you, making you moan loudly. Your breathing became more rapid, “Chris oh..shit-”. He started kissing your neck again, leaving various love bites all over your skin.

“So tight…so fucking tight” his voice was so low. Your moans were becoming louder, and he knew you were close. Chris pulled his fingers out, making you snap your eyes open. While holding your gaze he brought them to his mouth, sucking on them.

While moaning he said, “You taste so good doll…but I wanna feel you cum around my cock”. His words were bringing you right back to the edge. Quickly Chris pulled down his pants, and when you saw how large his member was you moaned.

His expression was smug, “I always keep my promises (y/n)”. He pulled your body forward so you were now pressed against the vanity. You brought your hand down to stroke him, making him moan loudly.

You went to get down on your knees but Chris stopped you, “Next time doll, and trust me there’s gonna be a next time”. You found yourself smiling, and for a moment the happy go lucky Chris was back.

He turned your body so your back was to him, and you could feel his member pressing into you. Once again his large hands parted your legs, and his member teased your entrance. Chris ran a hand up your back before grabbing a fistful of your hair.

With his other hand he finally entered inside of you, throwing his head back and groaning. His voice was so low, “Fuck doll you feel so good”. You bit your lip as you adjusted to his size and the feeling of him filling you up.

You couldn’t help yourself, slowly you moved your hips backwards taking more of him inside of you. Chris was smirking, “So impatient baby girl”. You were smirking too, and Chris pulled your head back to rest in the crook of his neck.

Looking up to him you said, “and you fucking love it”. He started to roll his hips forward, picking up the pace. In between thrusts he said, “You’re fucking right I do”. The room was soon filled with the sounds of your moans.

Chris was moving his hips rapidly, his full length entering in and out of you. With each thrust you felt yourself getting closer, “Holy shit Chris”. You thought you’d faint as you felt one of his hands slide down your body, stopping right above your clit.

What’s my name baby girl” he was teasing you. You knew what he wanted to hear, “Daddy”. His hand finally massaged your clit, moving as fast as his hips were. Grinning he said, “Oh fuck yeah”.

The moment was ruined when you heard knocking on the door, “Mr. Evans five minutes until we’re back on set, is everything okay?”. He took his hand out of your hair and brought it to cover your mouth.

He didn’t stop thrusting, “Everything is fucking wonderful”. You saw his reflection in the vanity, and he looked so blissfully happy. The Stage hand didn’t leave yet, “Are you sure Mr. Evans can I get you something?”.

You felt the knot in your stomach again, meaning your orgasm was extremely close. He went even faster, “Oh- I got just what I need right here- right fucking here”. His words were pushing you over the edge, not to mention the fact that at any moment you could be caught.

The stage hand waited for a second before saying, “Okay Mr. Evans, have a good day!”. Chris was pounding into you relentlessly while his hand was working wonders over your clit. He still looked so smug, “this is the best fucking day ever”.

You heard the footsteps slowly vanish, leaving you two alone again. He moved his hand, letting your moans escape your lips. His chest was moving up and down rapidly, “Such a good girl for daddy (y/n)”.

Breathlessly you said, “I’m so close”. You could feel that his thrusts were getting sloppier, his moans louder. Chris was just as close, “Cum for daddy babygirl, fucking cum for daddy right now”.

His words sent you right over the edge, and you closed your eyes letting your orgasm shake throughout your entire body. It felt like every single nerve was erupting with pleasure as you let yourself go.

Chris was right there with you, his own orgasm taking over. He held onto your hips tightly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over him. The only sounds in the room were your moans and his growls.

You felt him empty himself inside of you, and you nearly came again. He threw his head back, letting himself become completely lost in the pleasure you were giving him.

You watched as his chest heaved rapidly, and his cheeks became flushed. His whole face contorting with pleasure was a beautiful sight. Chris became so lost in the moment, so lost in you.

Seconds passed as you both came down from your highs, riding out your orgasms together. Slowly he pulled out of you, and as you turned around to face him you saw the biggest smile on his face.

That was the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done (y/n)…holy shit” his words almost made you blush. Smiling you said, “Well you promised a next time didn’t you?”.

He walked over to you, cupping your face in his hand, “Didn’t you just learn I always keep my promises?”. The biggest smirk formed upon your lips, and you nodded your head. Before bringing your lips to his you said, “So next time it is”.

There was rapid knocking on the door again, and you both struggled to get dressed. This time the door swung open, and there of course stood a very happy Anthony Mackie. He was beaming with excitement, “YOU DIRTY BIRDS!”.

You saw both Sebastian and Robert standing behind him. Seb shook his head, “I swear he figured it out all by himself (y/n)!”. Looking at how proud Mackie seemed you knew Sebastian was telling the truth.

Robert was smirking, “I didn’t know you had it in you (y/n)…very naughty of you…I’d expect it of Evans but-”. He was cut off when Chris slammed the door shut. Chris looked back at you, “Let’s just say I don’t like to share”.

You laughed, “Does that mean I’m all yours now?”. Chris matched your smile as he walked over to you again. He rested his hands on your hips, “All mine (y/n)”. You smirked before kissing him one last time.

Taking his hand you teased, “There might not be a next time Evans if we both lose our jobs”. He nodded his head while laughing, leaving the room with you. As you walked down the hall he smacked your ass one last time.

Turning your head to the side you said, “Hey unfair!”. Chris walked backwards for a moment, looking to you with a huge smirk. He winked, “You know you love it”. Before joining him you said, “Yes I do”.

Someone come up with some context for this one, because I’m not too sure. I happened to see Allura cross her arms and I instantly thought of the iconic Crossed Arms Shiro™.

I swear to god, these just happen on accident. I don’t really plan these out.

Shallura Manip Collection

My Little Creation

gif is not mine

Title: My Little Creation

Pairing: God!Chuck x Baby!Reader

Word Count: 981

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Chuck wasn’t one to visit his creations.  He usually trusted the parents to do their jobs and raise them.  Unfortunately, not every child had the best parents.  It wasn’t that your parents were terrible, but that they were busy.  Often too busy to hear your cries for attention.  He was willing to make an exception for you.

Chuck padded up to your crib, putting a finger to his lips.  Your cries for help subsided slowly.  It was almost as if you knew who he was, but he knew better.  There was undeniably something special about you and the way you reached out for him.  He picked you up, cradling your small body in his warm arms.

He snapped his fingers, a small bottle of milk appearing on the changing table.  He smiled at the way you eagerly accepted his offer of food.  He looked in the direction of your parents, frowning as they started to argue.  It was as if you were the least of their concern.

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kisses from the most beautiful flower to make your day better 🌷🌹🌻🌼