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Scene from @thechronicliar‘s awesome fic, An Idiot in Love!

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just a small montage of some of my favorite jokes and stuff from the show

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Oh my Mobbie shipping heart! (seriously though this episode was amazing I loved every second.) 

(Even though technically this episode made my fanfic an AU but oh well, Also I am open to Robbry. Still Mobbie just holds this special place in my heart.)

So someone somewhere asked for a Time Stuck AU but with Dipper and Carla and BOY did my mind start working 

The setup behind the thing I drew here is the usual, Dipper accidentally goes back in time (about 35+ years here) and falls right into a gathering for a group of hippies in the late 60’s. At this point, Dipper is scared and confused of everything happening around him with no familiar faces whatsoever. Except for one. That is familiar and new at the same time. Carla is one of the nicer people there who isn’t very spooked by his sudden appearance. She’s kind to him, and the two quickly become friends. She also looks a lot (and acts a lot) like his sister, but he decides not to think about it too much. 

This all happens after Carla has left Stanley for Thistle (hence the hippies), but Dipper quickly realizes this is THE Carla that Stan had talked so much about. He puts the quzzlepieces together himself, and also remembers Stan’s words about Thistle’s suspicious ways of seducing women. Dipper decides it’s time he paid Stan back on helping him with the Wendy situation from from a while ago and sets it upon himself to uncover Thistle’s crude ways. 

 …and in the end inevitably make Stan and Carla reunite because I’m a sucker for Starla

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I totally want more info on the Banshee's shenanigans. Just her being awkwardly flustered and trying to court Stan cause that's totally what humans do when they like something. So she brings strange gifts from the woods that Dipper and Ford appreciate far more than Stan cause they come from the weirder parts of the woods. Bouquets of death related flowers show up every so often because you know that Mabel's offering her help to woo Stan. Cause Mabel will ship anything including Stan/Banshee.

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8D you wanna hear more about the banshee who has become this cute little lady in my head? Also I’ve been curled up in a ball laughing so happily at just seeing Stan/Banshee. I’m so delighted, I never thought I’d ever see that, it’s so amusing to me.

In all honesty I’m not even sure if it counts as anything or more of a ‘*.* That human was nice to me, I like that human, I’m going to keep an eye on the human’ 

I just - Can’t you hear Stan saying something like 
“Now what’s a lovely lady like you doing out in the woods at this time of night?”

Oh god what if he offered to walk her home. Ok, getting too engrossed in that meeting point haha.  Sheepish banshee wasn’t meant to be seen and here’s this human who is concerned for her welfare when she has no need for it.

AND MABEL. Mabel would be so heartbroken hearing that this banshee has been looking after Stan for years but that they’ve never actually spoken more than a few words if that? but excited to matchmake all at the same time? Like she’d hear about this woman Stan sees in the forest every so often and be convinced that it was his soul mate and drags Dipper out with her. When they find the banshee it’s obvious she’s not human but Mabel gushes at her and hey, look at that, the banshee’s found another human she likes.

And she doesn’t understand why Mabel gets so excited but she manages to talk to them (her voice is probably very croaky considering it mostly gets used for wailing) and tells them how she looks after their Grunkle and Mabel gets it in her head not that, you know, they could talk and maybe get to know each other (lul that is also making me chuckle) but that Stan should go out with the banshee because that’s how Mabels brain works (Dippers getting ready to go tell Ford that there’s not only a Grim following Stan around but that he’s got a Banshee admirer…he’s not sure how Ford will take it)

So Mabel convinces her to send gifts because humans like gifts but yeah, she doesn’t know what counts as a good gift. She probably leaves trinkets on the porch - things from past lives/deaths she has been a warning for. I can imagine her collecting things from battlefields in eons past?
But Stan has no need for an old shield or spear - Ford finds it intriguing, he steals it away for his research.
Next time she hears him complaining of back pain and brings a remedy from deep in the forest for him. (Ford steals this away too when he realises what it’s made of ad that he has never had a chance to investigate that particular plants healing properties…he puts it back where he found it when a high angry scream echoes from nowhere) 

I just had a thought that technically banshees are singing mourning songs in some variations of the myth - what if she tries to serenade Stan some nights I’m crying.

So yeah, none of that works (though Stan does really appreciate the medicine and kind of awkwardly shouts ‘thank you’ at the forest) so Mabel gets involved to try and help again and says that flowers might be a good idea.
Oh god. Mabel thinks that’s all she’ll need to say. She doesn’t realise a banshee might think a flower wreath is a lovely bouquet of flowers.
Ford almost has a heart attack when he finds it on the porch.
She does do better the next time with lilies but obviously the connotations still there.

Stan’s just kind of chuckling in the background. I mean he’s got a grim for a pet, he’s not all that phased when Ford says there’s a banshee after him. Besides he’s met the banshee on a number of occasions wandering the forest/ has realised she’s supernatural because she never aged and he just thought it was nice to have some kind of guardian or companion while he traversed the forest.


Gonna flip the script here because that’s all very cute but all I keep thinking about is the grim reaper cause - 


There’s a name sitting on your list and it’s been there for so long now, it’s glaring up at you as a failure. And you go to the little house in the middle of a sleepy town and you’re standing just on the edge of the forest.

And there’s that grim sleeping on the porch but it’s ears are twisted round to where you are so you know stepping any closer is going to get at the very least a growl of warning.

Then you notice the murder of crows sitting on the roof, and it’s kind of foreboding that they’re not even ‘cawing’ they’re just staring at you.

Oh, and then after all that? You turn around and there’s a banshee next to you but - wait, what? Are they staring longingly at the house? Was that a wistful sigh?

I can just see this grim reaper throwing his arms up in defeat, letting the clip board drop from his hands and walking off. It’s just not worth it.

…you know what? I somehow thing Ford and the Grim Reaper would get on in this AU.

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A hypothetical reality where Dipper saves Mabel from whatever the hell’s going on in the previews for Weirdmageddon but can’t stop the apocalypse that is already happening, cut to five years later where they are post apocalyptic badasses surviving in a world of horrors (aka scared teenagers barely managing to get by)