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Kurt, what if it’s only a matter of time before I become like that?

Ghost kids sketch dump!

“i like nightcrawler, i just hate when he gets all religious lol”

I loved Justice League Gods and Monsters it was so awesome!!! I loved it so much I so want to buy it!!! It was better than Bruce Timm Justice League series!!! Also if any wants to ever chat about DC or Justice League Gods and Monsters I'm up for it!!! Ok guys?


Love it!!!! Love it all!!!! 😆😍❤️😊😘😀😁😉😍😃😆😄❤️

Heathers the Musical: The Summary
  • Beautiful: High school sucks. Oh look I'm popular, maybe this isn't so bad.
  • Candy Store: Dump Martha, she's a baby. Let's actually do stuff that's not watching Sesame Street.
  • Holy Shit!/Fight for Me: Daaaaamn this trench coat kid can fight, how bout you date me?
  • Candy Store (Reprise): More singing.
  • Freeze Your Brain: I come to 7/11 to escape my troubles.
  • Big Fun: Parents are away, so we'll get drunk and make fun of Martha. Pig Piñata.
  • Dead Girl Walking: The Heathers threw me out of their group, lemme get in your pants.
  • Veronica's Chandler Nightmare: Good morning slut. I'm gonna tell everyone you slept with trench coat kid. 3-D glasses.
  • Pain in My Path: Lol Heather died. She died because she was having her period.
  • The Me Inside of Me: Chandler died. Let's get out of school early. No one thinks a pretty girl has feelings.
  • Blue: Friends help friends get raped.
  • Blue (Reprise): We didn't actually have sex with you, but we'll spread rumors that we did anyway. Sword-Fighting.
  • Blue Reprise Playoff (Freak! Slut!): Blue Reprise Reprise. Name calling. JD punches Ram.
  • Our Love is God: I love you, so I'm gonna kill Kurt and Ram for spreading rumors about you. Ich Luge Bullets.
  • Prom or Hell?: My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • My Dead Gay Son: Kurt and Ram killed themselves because they were gay. Guess what? We're gay too!
  • Seventeen: Let's stop killing people JD. Kissing.
  • Fight for Me (Reprise): JD is gonna hurt more people if he doesn't stop. Song that should have been in the show but wasn't.
  • Shine a Light: What the fuck is wrong with you Ms. Fleming? TV Cameras.
  • Lifeboat: Surpise! McNamara is a cinnamon roll.
  • Shine a Light (Reprise): lol go kill yourself McNamara.
  • Cheerleader Transition: Foreshadowing Dead Girl Walking (Reprise).
  • Kindergarten Boyfriend: My crush died and my best friend abandoned me. Very sad.
  • Yo Girl: Veronica is going to hell.
  • Meant to Be Yours: I was gonna kill you, but let's blow up the school instead.
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): Veronica didn't kill herself and she tries to stop JD from blowing up the school.
  • I am Damaged: I love you Veronica. *audience crying*
  • Seventeen (Reprise): Okay let's stop doing stupid stuff and just be seventeen. Red scrunchie.
Author Spotlight: Skivvysupreme day 4

Day 4: Recs!

Please recommend 3 - 5 fics written by someone else.

I’m going to go with 3 of my  forever favorites that are permanently stuck in my memory, despite the fact that I feel like I always say the same fics when someone asks for recs, haha: “All the Other Ghosts” + “Grey” by Rainjoy, “Stripped Bare” by missbeizy, and “One Spectacle Grander” by lurkdusoleil.

Rec 1 - “All the Other Ghosts” + “Grey” by Rainjoy

I think this is one of the most important fics ever written in the Klaine fandom. I’m not going to quote one of my favorite parts here because this fic is Long. Very long. I could not even begin choosing a part to quote. What I love about this brilliant superhero AU is that it digs deep into Kurt’s and Blaine’s psyches in a way that I’m not sure I’ve seen anywhere else. It’s complicated, very dark in parts, euphoric in others… It’s the perfect superhero story, and is my standard for superhero fiction at this point because of the way it examines the people behind the masks. This is a beautifully written, devastating fic that is well worth the time it takes to work through it. I devoured the new chapter every week before it was completed, though I remember hesitating when the final chapters were posted because I wasn’t ready, haha. I needed the story to end, but I still wasn’t ready.

Rec 2 - “Stripped Bare” by missbeizy

The dancer moves like liquid across the stage, bending and arching and opening himself in ways that Blaine could not imagine moving himself. He does things to that pole that would make even the most over-sexed person blush. He crawls across the stage on all fours, bending and tossing his head, his back flexing like a cat’s, and Blaine notices that he’s wearing white eyeliner, pale lip gloss, and blush high on his cheeks.

He stops in front of Blaine on his hands and knees, breathing a little rapidly, ass up in the air and angel wings spread behind him. “Like what you see, honey?”
And it’s only then that Blaine realizes that he’s sitting right in front of the stage, that this beautiful man is talking to him. He guesses that this is his cue and slides a five dollar bill from his wallet.

Porcelain grins, eyes a little wild as he leans over and takes the bill between his teeth. He winks, wiggles coyly, and then continues crawling across the stage.
Blaine’s heart is pounding. He can’t feel his fingers.

He is in trouble.

AAAAHHHH THIS FIC! Blaine, who hasn’t previously examined his sexuality too much, is married to Rachel, and Kurt is an erotic dancer. This is the alternate meeting that dreams are made of, unless you have an issue with infidelity despite endgame Klaine, haha. I love so many things about this fic: it’s incredibly sexy, there’s no shame or judgment in Kurt’s job, there’s no outlandish angst in Blaine figuring out his sexuality, and the story moves. This story could have been a much slower burn, and I appreciate that it isn’t.

Rec 3 - “One Spectacle Grander” by lurkdusoleil

Before he knows what he’s doing, before he can think twice, Blaine takes off, flying over quickly, landing on a grouping of rocks partially hiding the form from view.

There he is.

He’s so pale that the sun reflects enough to make Blaine squint. He’s gorgeous and lithe from the waist up–broad-shouldered, trim-waisted, veins running down his shoulders and shapely arms blue and thick. His hair is reddish brown in the light, swept up off his angled, graceful face, framed by a braid at each temple that’s about as thick as Blaine’s pinky. He’s wearing several strands of beads and shells and other decorations around his neck, and otherwise bare.

And below his hips, scales form from the skin, pale and nacreous like the smooth insides of some of the most precious shells Blaine collects. He doesn’t have legs–just this one long tail, sinuous and limp on the sand. It tapers and ends with long, gossamer fins.

Blaine looks over at the water–the sun is just past its zenith, and the tide is at its lowest. The edge of the surf is many yards away, so Blaine feels safe enough hopping down onto the sand to get a closer look.

The fish-man is unconscious. His eyes are shut, flickering restlessly and scrunched tight–in pain, or because of the light in his eyes, Blaine’s not sure. Gills behind his strong jaw flutter weakly, though he breathes through his chapped lips, shallow and unsteady. His skin is flushed and starting to burn, and–

Blaine sniffs. He smells blood.

He looks the man over, suddenly much more nervous. And there, on his far side, a stain of red on the sand, below a deep wound in the scales over what Blaine estimates would be his outer thigh, if he had legs. The scales around it are torn, and Blaine almost gags–it’s a large wound, and he’s no longer surprised that the fishman is laying here passed out.

“Blaine! Come back here!”

Blaine shakes his head at Cooper’s call, shouting back, “He’s hurt!” He kneels and leans over him, hands hovering uncertainly before they land on the merman’s shoulders, shaking gently.

“Hello?” he asks, feeling stupid. “Can you–can you wake up?”

Oh god, I love the merman!Kurt trope in almost any incarnation, but this one is my favorite. The added bonus is Blaine as a bird hybrid, so right off the bat there’s that lovely star-crossed friction of each of the boys being unable to live in the other’s home, even more extreme here than it would if Blaine were human. Everything is so clearly described - an important writing feature in a fantasy AU, especially one in a world that sounds so beautiful. And, overriding all else… Blaine is so incredibly Blaine here, at his most determined, earnest, and sweet. (Kurt is wonderfully characterized as well, but the story is mostly from Blaine’s point of view.) I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread this!

Glee Rewatch: Pilot 1x1

So after all my whinging about not being able to watch on Sundays, my kids had friends over yesterday so that didn’t work either. Now I’m up on Mother’s Day watching the pilot episode while everything else is still asleep and I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. WOO HOO!

So I’m basically going to live blog my watch, in one post so I don’t drive people away, with comment. It won’t be terribly interesting comment, because I’m not a meta person. I love to read it, but I’m not a writer of it. So just random observations as I write. Or get distracted. Whatever happens. I hope to get funnier as we go on.

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