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Hello can I request a jungkook smut when he is in Hong Kong (after mama:D)in his hotel room and decided to call his wife on Skype and tell her he received an award and she tell him how horny she is for him and things get sexual: )please hope u do it

Here it is! I tried my best at writing this, I’m not the best at it but I tried sooo enjoy? 

You had been falling asleep waiting for BTS to come on stage, and when they finally did you were immediately wide awake. The outfit Jungkook was wearing was hugging him in all the right places, his signature thighs making an appearance as usual. 

They performed blood sweat and tears first and god did you love that song. The hip thrusts he had to do throughout the song, making you squeeze your thighs together. You imagined you beneath him, his form fitting in between your legs. He was pressing soft kisses to your jaw and moaning into your neck. 

There was sweat running down his face and onto his chest by the time Fire came on and you just couldn’t take it any more.You took off the sweatpants you were wearing, leaving you in one of his white t-shirts and your black lace thing that he loved so much. You reached on of your hands under your shirt and squeezed your breast then tweaked your nipple making you whimper out. After a few minutes you realized that it wasn’t enough, you needed him. You needed his skin against yours and him ramming into you, saying your name over and over. 

So that’s when you decided to text him. You gave him some time to get to his hotel then set your plan in motion. 

Jungkook had just arrived at the hotel after their Mama performance. The thrill of performing was still etched in his skin in lines of sweat and sore feet. Being in Hong Kong was also a thrill for him, he just wished he could spend more time here and take some pictures to show you. You had been on his mind all day, imagining some not so innocent thoughts about you right before he went on stage. 

He finally got up to his room, face planting onto the bed. He received a text from you, the familiar ding he set for you going off on his phone. You don’t usually text him this late at night, what did you want?

You: Babe, I saw your mama performance! It was awesome as usual, and you looked a little too good… Skype me??

Jungkook: I thought you would be asleep! Let me set up my laptop and thanks

You giggled to yourself as you made your way to you and Jungkook’s bed in your apartment. He was always shy to admit that he was doing good in his career, but you always made time to tell him that he was talented and deserved all that he was given. You got out your laptop, signing in to Skype and waited for him to call you. You made sure just your upper half was seen, so he wouldn’t know that you didn’t have any pants on. That would ruin the surprise.

Your laptop started making the familiar ring and you answered it, a big smile on your face when you saw Jungkook on the screen.

“Hi baby!”, you said.

“Hey, I didn’t think you would still be up”, he said to you. He was wearing grey sweatpants and a white t-shirt, his hair still slightly damp from all the sweat.

“Well I couldn’t miss your performance you guys did great. I’m so proud of you!”

“Hahaha thanks Y/N. It must have been really something if you’re still up”, he laughed.

“It really was something” you said.

You made your voice a bit more seductive as you lowered the camera angle a little, still not revealing anything. 

“Uh Y/N… are you okay”, he asked you. He was staring at you intently through the screen, hus eyes squinting at you.

“Just a little hot..”, you said taking off your shirt, revealing your breasts and perky buds to him.You heard Jungkook take in a breath and his breathing get deeper as he stared at you.You reached one of your hands up to the breast you already touched, making you more sensitive.

“I just couldn’t help myself Jungkook. You looked so good, your shirt sticking to your chest and your thighs bulging. Not to mention the hip thrusts”, you whimpered out.

“Babe I-”

“Please Jungkook, please help me”, you whined out shifting your laptop further away from you. You opened your legs up and showed him your heat. Your thong had slipped in between your folds, letting him see your outer lips glistening. 

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re dripping”

“It’s all for you”

You started to move your hands down your body, but Jungkook’s stern voice stopped you.


You looked at him puzzled, but did what he said. He had shifted himself so he was sitting back in the chair, his hand was already down his pants, stroking his cock languidly. 

“Do as I say, understand”, he told you.

“Of course”, you nodded.

“Take your panties off and spread those pretty legs for me”

You did as you were told, spreading your legs as far as they would go, you were a little embarrassed to be so exposed to Jungkook and you started to cover your pussy with your hands but Jungkook once again stopped you.

“Did I say you could move?”, he said. His  voice was deep and promised punishment even though he was in a different country.  

“N- no”, you stuttered out.

“Now reach into your drawer and take out that toy I know you have”

You reached into your drawer and took out the black vibrator that Jungkook had gotten you. He said it was for his use only, and that only he could use it on you. Not that you minded, all you needed in bed was him. 

“Now open those lips, God you look so wet and tight for me”, he moaned out. 

He was swirling his thumb around his tip and stroking back down as you followed his instructions. You spread your lips with your hand and sat there waiting for his next command. He was just staring at your womanhood, softly moaning. 

“Turn it on and place it on your clit”

You turned on the lowest setting and did as he said. You whimpered out as it stimulated your clit, even this setting was making your thighs shake.You closed your eyes and tried not to make too much sound as you circled your clit slowly. 

“Aww is my baby already coming undone. Let out your moans, I want to hear you”

His neck was lolling to the side of his head, his veins popping out from his arm by how much effort he was putting in to touching himself. 

“Turn it to the highest setting and fuck yourself”, he said. You clicked it to the highest setting and the vibrations were so loud that you let out a little whimper at how good it would feel buried inside of you. You slowly pushed it inside of you, the vibrations making you moan Jungkook’s name. You hips bucked involuntarily into the air, giving Jungkook a full view of your wetness leaking all the way down to your asshole. 

Jungkook cursed under his breath at the sight and started moving his hand faster, imaging it was him plunging in and out of you.

“Jungkook, I- I’m close fuck”, you choked out as you started rubbing your clit and pulled the toy in and out of you faster. You planted your feet flat on the bed and started bucking your hips, trying to get the toy  as far inside you as possible. 

“Me too baby. I wish it was my cock that was pounding into you. My lips brushing your shoulder as you moan into my neck”

“Fuck I wish you were here. You always fuck me so good Jungkook, you fill me up just right”, you moaned out.

“Come for me”

At that you came around the vibrator, harder than you thought. Your juices squirted out of you, making you pull the toy out and place it on your clit.

Jungkook came soon after you, seeing your back arched and your mouth open in a gasp as you squirted all over the bed sheets, your juices running down your thighs. 

“Woah”, you said after you had calmed down a bit.

“You could say that again. How come you never squirt when I’m with you?”, he asked, genuinely curious. 

“That’s the first time. I guess I was so worked up that it happened”, you blushed. 

“Don’t be embarrassed, it was hot”, he told you. 

“Well I’m tired so I think I’m going to bed, and now i have to wash the sheets”, you sighed.

“But it was worth it”, Jungkook said with a smirk on his face.


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Thanks for this request, I had fun writting it! And I’m also really sorry if it sucks and if there is any spelling or grammar mistakes,the thing is I have to leave in like 10 minutes and I don’t have the time to read it so I am really sorry. But feel free to send any more! :)

I walked out of my bathroom, a towel wrapped around my breast, my wet hair falling down my back. As I made my way to my wardrobe, trying to figure out what outfit to wear for the day, I jumped feeling a hand on my back and before I could do anything, I had my back pressed up against the wall. I smiled as I immediately recognized his touch. “Oh my god, you scared the hell out of me!” I exclaimed, slapping my boyfriend’s chest playfully.  “Didn’t mean to, love.” Joe chuckled and leaned in closer. “Why are you here so early? They’re gonna be so suspicious!” I admitted, closing the small distance between our lips for a moment. “They won’t, they’re too stupid.” Joe mumbled against my lips and we both laughed. Joe pulled away and jumped on my bed, watching me get dressed with a smirk on his face.

It had been a few months since Joe and I were hiding our relationship to the world. Our friends, our families, the fans, everyone. The reason to this was that we wanted to be sure about our feelings and get into something serious before the world found out about us. And spending 4 mouths with such a lovely guy, it was hard to say I wasn’t in love with him. Our whole group of friends was coming to hang out at mine for the afternoon. Joe had come way too early and I was scared that they would figure it out. It was hard not to touch each other for too long or not to stare but it was out decision and we were so used to it now.  

After getting dressed into something comfy and after cuddling for a couple of hours with Joe, I heard a knock on the door and jumped up from the couch to open it, greeting our friends. They quickly settled in the living room, talking and laughing with each other, not even noticing how Joe was already here.

I was about to join them but I stopped mid-step when I heard the boys playing odds on and the sound of my name came up. “Come on, mate! Odds on kissing her!” Oli exclaimed and I frowned. “Ooh, I’m liking this.” Jack spoke and all the boys laughed. All except Joe. “She’ll never let you kiss her.” Joe said in a harsh tone and I knew it was getting on his nerves. “And why’s that? It’s not as if I wasn’t attractive enough!” Caspar said, followed by the other’s laugh. “There is no way you are kissing her, Caspar. That’s it!” Joe said, his voice growing in volume. “Oh, come on! You’re no fun.” The ginger now said and the boys agreed. “It’s not about being fun. I forbid you to kiss her and there’s no point discussing it!” Joe said and I could feel the jealousy in his tone.  I shook my head, finally walking in before Joe would get too mad at his mates. “He’s right.” I said, all of their heads turning towards me, Joe’s cheeks flushing red. “Kiss him then.” Caspar smirked, watching me intensely and Joe sighed. “Stop being childish, Casp.” Joe said but without even thinking, I made towards him and cupped his cheeks, kissing him deeply and as we pulled away, I watched all the boys shocked expression and smirked. “Oh, for the bloody times I already have kissed him!” I exclaimed and looked at Joe who’s expression turned from shock to happiness. “Are you sure?” He whispered, just so I would be the only one hearing and I nodded. “I knew it!” Jack almost yelled. “Wait, what?” Caspar looked between everyone, obviously not figuring it out yet and we laughed. Joe pulled me closer to him in a hug and I was happy to be able to hold him in front of our friends.

Later on that night, it was now only the two of us, in the bed. Everyone had left and we were just about to fall asleep after having some fun in the bedroom. I felt Joe drop a kiss behind my neck and I smiled, leaning onto him and as I was about to close my eyes, I heard Joe’s phone ring and I groaned. “Who the hell could be calling this late?” Joe whined and rolled over to reach out for his phone, frowning at the ID but bringing his phone to his ear. “What’s up?” Joe said as I watched him. I suddenly noticed his smile grew while the voice, which I identified as Zoe’s, spoke through the phone. “How do you know?” He said and I was confused. I watched as he laughed. “Oh, bloody Oli.” Joe laughed and put the phone on speaker. “Well, she’s here actually.” He said and I smiled. “How could you not tell me about this? I’ve been shipping you forever!” Zoe exclaimed and we all laughed as Zoe started asking questions about our relationship, our first kiss and date and even though it was incredibly late and I was exhausted, I was relieved that our secret was finally out.  Only the fans had to know.

Take My Love

So, I have always thought of Sterek as Zoe/Wash but I saw this prompt at 5am yesterday morning and then the whole fic was dumped in my head.

So, here, a “small ficlet” 7k Firefly AU! (Rated E too- oh god, this is a disaster.)

Derek has seen Stiles in a lot of outfits.

He’s seen him in a formal three piece suit, perfectly tailored and complimented by a pocket square and bow tie as Stiles attends fancy dinners with his clients. He’s seen him in a long, silk robe, belted loosely at the waist, that seems to always want to slide off Stiles’ shoulders. Once, he saw Stiles in nothing but tight black panties and combat boots and he suspects Stiles refused to cover up as a way of teaching him a lesson about just barging into his quarters without knocking.

Most often though, with clients, Stiles wears tight, soft black leather pants, without a shirt or shoes and it’s simple, but the effect is still devastating. The black makes his pale skin stand out and matches the eyeliner that Stiles usually wears and the black stud earrings and the fact that he is always barefoot somehow adds to the whole look. If he has time and is in the right mood, he’ll add drawn, dark makeup that curls around his arms, dark patterns that imitate the tattoos the Companion Registry will never allow him to get.

However, Derek’s favorite is how Stiles looks now.

He is wearing loose, comfortable gray sweatpants and a baggy green t-shirt that Derek thinks used to be Scott’s and he’s still barefoot (even though Derek has told him a hundred times that he should not be walking around the ship barefoot.)

His hair isn’t gelled into its usual modern style so it forms soft curls around his ears and he’s not wearing earrings right then, except for the silver hoop up by his cartilage that he never takes off. The black fingernail polish he wears is chipped and as Derek watches, Stiles looks away from Scott to pick at it some more, smiling in satisfaction when he scrapes away a large chunk from his thumb.

“You better not be getting that stuff all over my floor,” Derek grumbles as he enters the kitchen. Stiles looks up to roll his eyes at him but he’s smirking in a fond way.

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  • except for literally a handful of people, does anyone know that Loki managed to concoct a plan that got him past Heimdall with like basically no effort?
  • im sorry but jane foster is GAY she is GHEY AS HEL and this cant be retconned it’s canon forever
  • go fucking away cul
  • tell him jane. to leave
  • he is literally such a smug ugly piece of crap like
  • thats right tell him to eat shit (i love her expression in this panel)
  • hi mjolnir
  • listen…… if gladiator wanted to kill cul like…. i would not care…..
  • i love Manta’s outfit
  • Hildegarde’s tiny hat
  • did she just fucking smash his head she like clobbered it
  • oh thank god mom is here
  • theyre jerks jane dont worry about who they are
  • Sif :[
  • mmmmm the pacing in this issue is not great. it’s not doing a couple things it needs to do in order to feel like it’s going a mile a minute, which is what aaron was aiming for
  • Sif is always right like she’s the asgardian Cassandra
  • omggmgnd weird shiny kind of psychedelic scenery thank u space gods

Okay, I’ll give it until the next issue to decide how detrimental the affect is, but I’m right when I say that whenever the book moves away from (anything involving) the War of the Realms it loses a lot of momentum. I’d go so far as to say it loses it entirely, parks, checks the map, and then decides to go in a different direction.

From what I can see, the story in this book really isn’t affecting anything in any other book. It’s a welcome relief, because that means that if a reader wanted they’d literally never have to pick up another Marvel book to figure out what’s going on*, and likewise it’s one of the few books that hasn’t interrupted shit elsewhere since it began. There are ways to slow a story down and still keep it interesting- literally the difference between a lull that allows your readers to breathe, and a full pause which halts the action. This book has the luxury of standing entirely on its own; it can start and end even major stories like the War at its leisure (I’m aware that it hasn’t because this story line will probably shake out into much deeper consequences, maybe).

Even as I criticize it for not being terribly effective at keeping pace, I can appreciate the fact that it’s treating the war as a growing thing that doesn’t begin and end in five minutes (or an extremely drawn out eternal ten minutes, Battle of Five Armies). I just wish it would stay at least semi-focused on 1) the different branches of the conflict 2) Thor/Jane as a person.

I’m happy to see the Shi’ar though, because I love camp space shit.

*The one exception is the panel from #8, in which Jane is depicted attending a BeLIEve rally. At most what any reader would need to understand what’s going on in the panel is a one sentence summary of Vote Loki.

Johnny Bacolas, who played in Alice N’ Chains—Layne Staley’s pre–Alice in Chains glam rock outfit—posted this photo on Facebook, which I’m reposting here with his permission. He writes:

This is a photo I’ve had hanging in my studio for several years. It’s a photo Layne and I had hanging in our apartment in the mid 90’s. He wrote all over it. A good example of his sense of humor, “Rock King,” “God’s added little comfort to women,” “Stud,” etc…

But I love how he said, “Love you more than you know.” We would tell each other that often. Same thing with [Alice N’ Chains’] James Bergstrom to this day, every time we talk on the phone, after 40 years of friendship. I feel these relationships are rare these days and men especially don’t say that to other guys. We had/have that depth.

Anyway, I’m in my studio bouncing a track for my good friend and collaborator in Greece (Chris Tsantalis) right now and was staring at this photo and thought about this and decided to share it. I hope everyone has a nice day. :)


To celebrate the end of Cipher Hunt, here’s some human form Bills that I put in the last Patreon sketchbook! I was so happy that Gravity Falls got added to Hulu, as it meant I was finally able to watch the whole thing. Of course I fell in love with the angry triangle god. Anywho, human design I think still needs some work, but I like it. His outfit is supposed to be reminiscent of a circus ringmaster. The two “normal” eyes are always closed, so you can make up your own conclusion for what’s actually there. ;)

2ps react to their 1ps wearing a dress

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: “pffftttt HEY PORK CHOP WhERE ARE THE HEELS”

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “…i guess you look nice in it so…”

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: “goodbye Francis” *walks away shacking his head* 

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: “YOU LOOK LOVELY ARTIE,…don’t you also have that one nurse outfit too, i think that woudl look better on you, oh well what ever you like to were…needs more pink tho”  

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “is someone forcing you to do this, do you need a change of clothes or…”

Yang Wang / 2p china: *flirt with him before realizing  “OH SHIT YAO IT YOU! CRAP SORRY I THOUGHT YOU WERE CUTE GIRL, well you are still cute here let me” *put his hair in pigtails and runs* 

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “BWHAHAHA OH GOD LET ME GET A PICTURE!!!”

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “there are reason why i don’t talk to you, this is one of them” 

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “OH MY GOD THOSE WOULD LOOK GREAT WITH A PAIR OF STILETTOS,and also you will taller” 

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “you look nice i g-guess…”

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: “Kiku i am growing concerned over you.”

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “now you really are a princess~”

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: *looks the other way like he saw nothing*