god i love his freaking face

never let me live post during heyo tv again pt.2

- moon. jongup. looks. so. good. in. fitted. jeans. fml.
- himchan holding his ear during daehyun’s screaming, same
- i want kim himchan to read me a bedtime story
- youngjae, please close your mouth
- jongup eats so delicately 
- that gem thing on yongguk’s face, why does it look so good
- god i love kim himchan
- gummy smile gummy smile gummy smile
- who put jongup next to zelo, he looks so small, especially next to daehyun wearing that freaking emperor’s cap
- jongup went from lifeless to YAY to lifeless in 0.3 seconds
- god bless himchan’s laugh smile
- jongup softly freaking out about himchan almost staining his sweatshirt
- B.A.P giggling at the adorable children warms my heart

BTS Reaction to you back-hugging them sleepily

request:  Hello sweetie, how BTS would react if they were brushing there teeth in the morning and there GF back-hug them and touching there stomach sleeply? This so much fluff for my heartue 😭💜

[requests are open]

-Kim Seokjin-

Jin would smile when you wrapped your arms around his torso, your hands resting on his stomach and your cheek against his back. He would continue to brush his teeth, but would lay a hand on top of yours, drawing circles with his thumb.

“Good morning to you too jagiya. Let’s make breakfast yeah?”

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-Kim Namjoon-

Namjoon would look at you curiously through the mirror but would continue to do whatever it was he was doing. Afterwards though, he would turn to pull you into his arms and stroke your hair, whispering soft words in your ear.

“Morning love. Have you slept well?”

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-Min Yoongi-

He would shake his head, his gummy smile gracing his features. He’d lace his hand with yours and place it back where it was resting against his stomach. Just like Namjoon, Yoongi would pull you into his arms afterwards and hold you close.

“Jesus woman, what do you do to me? I’m so freaking in love with you.”

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-Jung Hoseok-

Hoeok would love when you hug him from behind. He would hum in content and lace his fingers with yours, continuing to do his morning routine, a wide smile on his face.

“God, I love it when you do that (y/n). I swear that I’m never gonna let you go.”

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-Park Jimin-

Jimin would giggle slightly and place his hands on yours, swaying slightly. He’d smile at you through the mirror and will eventually pull you close.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you (y/n)?”

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-Kim Taehyung-

Like any of the boys, Taehyung would smile at the action. He would quickly finish his routine and then drag you back to bed, where he would hold you in his arms.

“I know you just got out of bed, but let’s cuddle for a few minutes love.”

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-Jeon Jungkook-

Jungkook would do the same thing as yoongi, but would pull you in front of him. He’d want to hold you by your waist and have your head cuddled into his chest.

“Come here (y/n). I want to hold you like this dear.”

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content: After hearing some suspicious noises coming out of Dean’s bedroom the night before, Sam decides to confront his brother.

word count: 2,088

“Dean, we need to talk.”

Sam’s voice sounds very serious while he leans against the kitchen counter and folds his stupidly long arms in front of his chest, glaring at his older brother with the familiar I-don’t-support-your-life-choices look. He doesn’t even waste his time with a “Good morning” or something similar and that’s always a bad sign.

Dean, however, isn’t really impressed by that. He places the bacon onto the hot pan at a leisurely pace, ignoring Sam completely, until he finally shoots a quick glance over his shoulder.

“And what’s so important at 7 a.m.?”

Sam huffs impatiently. “You know!”

Dean rolls his eyes. “No, I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking.”

Sam fidgets uncomfortably as if he’d rather be somewhere else and doesn’t want to have this discussion at all. And then he starts to gesticulate, flailing his limbs in Dean’s vague direction, and performs a very complicated dance with his eyebrows.

“How about we talk about last night?”

Quite suddenly Dean’s attention is grabbed, but he keeps himself from acting like a deer in the headlights. Instead he clears his throat and asks, a bit croaky, “What do you mean?”

“Well, just look at you!” Sam says, pointing at Dean’s face with an accusatory expression. “There is that stupid grin I’ve seen so many times and I think it’s even worse than ever before. And let’s not even mention that huge hickey on your neck.”

Dean ducks his head and tries forcefully – and highly unsuccessfully – to fight back a blush.


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First time with: Suga

Request: “First time with Yoongi”

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  • Despite what people think, Yoongi isn’t cold
  • He is actually really sweet
  • Especially to the people he cares about
  • Including his s/o
  • He would be surprised when you said you wanted to take it further
  • He would think you’re too innocent to have those thoughts
  • He’d tease the hell out of you
  • “What happened to my sweet innocent girlfriend?
  • After he had his laugh he would get down to business
  • “Is this really what you want?”
  • You bit your lip and nodded
  • He’d laugh. “So cute.”
  • He’d take you to the bedroom that you shared
  • He had waited for this moment for so long so don’t think he’ll be patient 
  • He would immediately undress you.
  • He would kiss down your stomach not breaking eye contact
  • You guys already know about his tongue technology
  • He’s gonna use that shit
  • He wouldn’t let you cum though
  • “Not yet, baby”
  • He would get on top of you now
  • He’d kiss up your neck to your ear
  • “Are you sure you’re ready? This might hurt”
  • “: Y-yes, I’m sure”
  • He’d kiss you to muffle your whines
  • When he pulled away and saw tears he’d freak out a little on the inside
  • “Does it hurt too bad?”
  • You shook your head no
  • “Can I move?”
  • “Please.”
  • He would give you 100% of his attention
  • He cared more about your pleasure than his
  • At least for now
  • He would let you cum this time
  • He’d love the way you moaned his name
  • “Fuck baby.”
  • He wouldn’t moan much but he would dirty talk
  • “ God, You feel so good around me!”
  • He’d bury his face in the crook of your neck when he cums
  • He’d whisper how much he loves you afterward
  • He’d be so soft during aftercare
  • He wouldn’t want to let you go 
  • He’d pull the blanket over the both of you and cuddle as close as possible

Sorry this came out later than I intended

~Admin Ari

There really wasn’t a reason as to why you weren’t the type of person who showed affection that often. Your parents were probably the most affectionate people out there, and it was pretty obvious that that gene wasn’t passed down to you. It wasn’t like you were incapable of hugging and giving cheek kisses… It was just that you preferred not to! It was as simple as that. 

Harry, on the other hand, was definitely an affectionate person. Hugs? Yes! Kisses? Yes, please! He had no issues with affection and people were always confused as to why you two seemed to be compatible. 

You and Harry had been dating for a while now, and you knew you loved him. He knew you loved him as well. The only problem was that you had never actually said ‘Hey, I love you!’ to him and it was genuinely bugging him. Harry had been trying his best to get you to utter those three words, but each time he’d try he’d end up with nothing. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t stop trying, though. 

“Where’re you goin’?” Harry furrowed his brows after turning around to face you, eyes flickering down to the car keys in your hand. “I thought you were goin’ to spend the afternoon with me?” 

“I know, I know. I just have to pick up a couple things from the supermarket, and then I promise you can have me for the rest of the day.” You smiled, walking over quickly to plant a kiss to Harry’s cheek. “I’ll be back before you know it!”

“Can’t you jus’ pick stuff up tomorrow? I’ll have meetings all day tomorrow… Not to mention, you know I’ll be on tour soon so you should be taking advantage of the free time that I have now!” Harry pouted, wrapping an arm around your waist to prevent you from walking away. 

“Harry, I’ll only be an hour.” You sighed, wiggling yourself out of his death grip before pressing another kiss to his forehead. “How about I bring you back one of those green smoothies from that overpriced vegan place?” You teased, a grin growing on Harry’s face before he nodded excitedly. He did love a good green smoothie.  

“A’right, fine. You drive a hard bargain but I’ll allow it. I’ll see you in an hour, then.” 

“Mm… An hour and a half?” You smiled sheepishly, grabbing your purse off the kitchen countertop. Harry was silent for a moment before pursing his lips in thought. 

“An hour and a half tops.” He scowled playfully, reaching out and intertwining his pinky with yours in a pinky promise. 

“Fine. I’ll see you in a bit.” You hummed, already walking towards the front door. “Love you.” 

“Yeah, love you t-” Harry froze upon realizing what you had just said. He immediately went into freak out/panic mode, his jaw dropping and his eyes popping wide open before he was sandwiching his head in between his hands and dragging them down his face. “Oh my god, holy fuck.” He breathed out, his heart pounding against his chest before what felt like a trillion butterflies exploded in his stomach. 

“What was that?” You popped your head back in, raising a brow in curiosity. “I didn’t hear you, did you say something?” 

“I love you!” Harry breathed out, his eyes practically twinkling with joy. 

“Uh-huh, you too!” 

Well, close enough. 


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You Love It

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: fluff, implied smut

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: This is the NINTH fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “My god, you’re a freak.” It will be highlighted in the fic. The line was picked by the lovely @smoothdogsgirl Hope you enjoy this little blurb!

Tags at the end

Feedback welcome and appreciated

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GOT7 Reaction // When they find out you’re pregnant.

i love writing fluff get ready :)


lil baby had to ask you to repeat yourself cause he couldn’t believe you. Mark would wrap you in the tightest hug and kiss you all over your face. HE COULDN’T BELIEVE THE TWO OF YOU WERE GOING TO BE PARENTS AHH.

“this is actually happening oh my god i love you”

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He was barely awake when you told him, so once he finally heard you, his eyes grew big and began to freak out. You thought he was jumping from wall to wall at one point. He was so excited since he really didn’t see this coming.


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You honestly thought his soul escaped his body. He practically screamed and picked you up from the legs and started jumping. He left multiple kisses on your face and embraced you in a big, affectionate hug.


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His jaw dropped all the way down to the floor once you showed him your pregnancy tests. He used this moment to wrap you in the most heartwarming hug ever.

“You’re gonna be the best mother I love you so much.”

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Once you told him he started running around the house screaming. HE WAS SO EXCITED!! He picked up coco and ran to you and started jumping all over the place. He was so soft.

“I am so excited and proud of you, coco is too.”

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Oh my boi. This was the moment he realized he needed to start maturing more and taking better care of you. He was overwhelmed by the pressure, but was still incredibly happy for the both of you.

“I need to be the best father in the world. WE’RE GONNA HAVE A CHILD”

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When you told him, he thought you were joking until you showed him the tests. He ran away and hid in a closet and basically started crying. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and once he came out from hiding, he hugged you so tightly and gave you a peck on the cheek.

“Do you know what this means?! I’m gonna be a dad, you’re gonna be a mommy! OH MY”

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I don’t think you understand how much I cried while writing this omg.



drew this yesterday half for tdov half because I’ve had this AU in mind for a while, aka the “ALL YOU FAVS ARE TRANS” AU. Trans boys Dipper and Pacifica falling in love. We know Stan would be super accepting and do everything he can to help the kids, and Pacifica’s parents would be homophobic transphobic pieces of shit. Please read the catptions. ♥♥

Love Bites (Taehyung X Reader)

Anonymous said:Idk if this would be scenario or short story,, idk you choose I just want something with Taehyung finding out your kink is neck biting, anything with Tae and him biting your neck plssss!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

A/N: This turned out to be more of a short imagine/ drabble but I enjoyed writting it sooooo much! Enjoy <3 

“God damnit Y/N.. You’re so freaking beautiful..”

Taehyung exclaimed, his hands cupping your cheek. His eyes were examining every little inch of your face, trying to find a blemish, but he couldn’t.. To him, you were perfect. He kissed your lips softly. Then, your cheek. Then, your forehead. But then his hot, soft lips came in contact with your senstive neck.

“Ah~” You let out a moan, full of pleasure, as you closed your eyes. You could feel him smirk against your neck as he realized he had just discovered your, what seemed to be, sweet spot. He continued his work, biting and sucking on your neck, your loud moans making him more eager to continue. “You like that, baby girl?? Hmm?” He asked against your skin, although he already knew the answer. You couldn’t speak, your brain didn’t seem to be able to form a sentence, so you just nodded. He just smirked once more, that smug smirk never leaving his lips. Grabbing you by the waist, he pushed you down on the couch, hovering over you. “Tomorrow everyone will know who you belong to..” He whispered, going over your already marked neck, making the love bites even more noticeable ~Admin Joonicorn🦄

What I know about James : Ew ! fears heights, loves boobs, loves pranking but doesn’t like being pranked, Loki syndrome, loud man yells at everything, it’s never his fault even when it is, into kinky stuff and roleplaying

What I know about Aleks : meme master, self deprecating little shit, loves knives, no shit on his face day is a good day, palms are sweaty mom’s spaghettis, has conflicts with salads, fire hazard, has a smell fetish, also into roleplaying

What I know about Trevor : Calls for God and James for help but only gets misery, how could this happen to me, if something is nice it means bad things will happen, a freak for cupcakes, unlocked nugget romance, accepts death but not before yelling, cutie vibe and meme apprentice

Crude Confessions and Passive Aggression (Thievery Pt 3) | Peter Parker x Reader

request: yup, my original idea, but y’all asked for a p3 so here it is!

summary: peter and ned come clean, reader is really hurt by the sheer amount of time that she didn’t know. takes place after the events of homecoming

warnings: language (pretty mild)

IMPORTANT: tiny is the kid who was playing chess and talked to ned, and he was the person in the bathroom when peter saw happy

word count: 2237

part 1 part 2 


“So, I guess the spider is out of the bag.” Ned commented from behind you, sending a shock of surprise through you. Disbelief, however, being the emotion most present within yourself at the moment.

“Ned knew?” You could speak in only a weak whisper at this point. This was too much. Peter dipped his head in shame. Why wouldn’t he tell you? You only ever made yourself completely open to him. Apparently, he didn’t value honesty in your relationship as much as you did.

“Ned, can we please have a second?” Peter uttered, his attention still fixated on the floor. Ned’s face drooped, looking kind of hurt, but when he turned to face you and saw the pain on your own face he gave you a small smile of encouragement and walked back towards the living room.

“Peter, why would you keep this from me?” You questioned, taking a step further into the dark room. Peter kicked aside a rolled up T-shirt and and wrung out his mask relentlessly.

“Please, Y/N.. You have to understand. This is really dangerous, what I do. I only wanted to keep you safe, I put everybody around me in jeopardy when they know what I can do.” His face was looming with sorrow, it already hurt him to have to keep it from you, but you finding out this way was somehow worse.

“Peter, you saw what happened yesterday, we worked together so well. I can handle myself, and danger is a part of life. You can’t protect me from the world, but you can let me help you through this.” You noticed your unspoken feelings manifesting in silent tears rolling down your cheeks. Peter took a step toward you and wiped it away with an outstretched hand.

“I’m sorry. I just-” He cleared his throat unsuccessfully, “I care about you.” His eyes were swimming with tears and you could feel your stomach wrenching but you couldn’t fully push aside the anger at him.

“Clearly not enough to tell me the truth, Peter, I have felt-” You began to cry and tried to finally bare your feelings to him. It was time to just tell him how much you loved him, oh my god… I love him? But he shushed you.

“Please, please don’t leave me. Look I’m freaked out Y/N! I’m only 15 and I’m only just figuring out how to do this! I really fucked up here, I should have told you, of all the people I should have told-” Peter began to cry, not loud, but you could see the tears streaking down his face and you could hear the small intakes of breath that signified his distress. You couldn’t let him be this upset anymore. You swiftly closed the space between you and cupped your hands over his face lightly.

“Peter, why would I ever leave you? We have been best friends forever, I was just upset. Peter I just want you to trust me with anything… and I thought we had that.” Your voice cracked in the middle but you refused to look away from his eyes, who, in their own right, did not leave your gaze. When you finished speaking he opened his lips as if to say something, and then closed them promptly like he suddenly thought otherwise.

You could feel his gaze burning your pupils as it intensified. He lifted his calloused hands to your cheeks gently, coming to a position that mirrored yours and then tilted his head down and brought your lips together. Your stomach flipped and you felt hot and tingly all of a sudden. The feeling of his soft lips against your chapped ones was luscious and this was all you ever wished for.

“I never didn’t trust you, Y/N. I didn’t trust myself to protect you. Mr. Stark took my suit away after I failed him at one point and I felt inept to take proper care of you.” Peter pulled his head away, but only far enough that you could still feel his warm breath on your now cold lips. This was all a lot to take in at once, Tony Stark? So this was the internship? He took the suit? And through all the confusion you still managed to feel a little smile at the use of an SAT word sprinkled in his apology, Spider-man or not, he was still Peter Parker.

“So I guess Tony made the suit for you? If he took it away?” Peter smiled about the fact that you always just understood, you picked things up so fast and always seemed to be on the same wavelength.

A knock interrupted your conversation and sprung you and Peter from your close proximity to opposite walls of the small room. “Yo, guys. Are we good yet?” Ned peeked his head in and cocked an eyebrow at the bizarre position you guys were now in.

“Yeah, Ned. Come in.” You capitulated.

The rest of the night was spent talking about Peter’s adventures as Spider-man and his fights with the Vulture.

The weekend came and went with you doing chores and homework. It was Monday again and you had Peter and Ned in your sights, standing on the front steps of the school and waiting for you. You were all kinds of nervous considering you and Peter had not talked about the kiss since it happened.

“Hey, Y/N!” You heard Michelle yell to you. You turned slightly to address her.

“Hey Michie!” You called her by her nickname.

“I told you, my friends call me MJ!” She got all heated, her cheeks turning a deep red and a small curl falling over her right eye, which she batted out of her way with a quick swat of her pinkie.

“Michie, I have been friends with you and I’ve never called you that. Listen I gotta talk to Peter, I’ll see you later.” Michelle nodded reluctantly and then flipped you off, sweeping her finger like a bow. You just chuckled under your breath, that was just how she interacted with you.

Peter’s face lit up and Ned gave you a quick fist bump as you joined them, “Hey Y/N. We forgot to tell you,” Ned’s eyes were lit up with excitement as he lowered his voice to a whisper- that only made them seem more suspicious, “Peter’s suit has a little robot woman in it named Karen and she’s-”

“That’s cool Ned, hey I gotta go, see you later.” You brushed him off and pivoted away, walking briskly through the labyrinth of students, thanking your lucky stars that it was so easy to disappear.

Michelle looked skeptical when you slid onto the chemistry stool next to her with an angry huff. “I take it lil Peter pissed you off?” You glared at her from the corner of your eye as you shoved your cheek onto your fist.

“Yeah, he just kept something from me…” Your eyelashes fluttered in exasperation.

“Did he have a good reason?” Michelle always asked the right questions, she could always assess a situation calmly before taking a position.

“Yes, but he shouldn’t have kept such a giant thing from me, I know I shouldn’t be mad at him but I am.” You could feel your heart beating faster and faster.

“If you were him, would you have kept it from him- and DON’T answer right away, I want you to really think about it.” Michelle finally set down the book she was reading and looked you straight in the eyes, which was kind of eerie because she wouldn’t budge. She really wanted you to think this through.

“Michie, you don’t usually care this much,” You tell her, trying to get her to stop focusing on you.

“Yes I do, you are my friend Y/N. And if you think I don’t know that you are head-over-heels, shit-eating-grin, in love with Peter, then you are damn wrong. So get your head out of your ass and figure this out,” She raised one eyebrow lazily and then suddenly got a very raw and sincere expression, “Look, you are one of my only friends and I care about you. Now stop being an idiot.” Her vulnerability was short lived and you snorted when she shrunk back into her book.

“Thanks Michie, you know I love you.” You hugged her unwilling body sideways. Before she could shrug you off the teacher came in and class commenced.

Meanwhile, you remained inside of your head. Sorting out your emotions and trying to decide what to do about Peter. On one hand you thought you absolutely would’ve told Peter immediately and not even thought about it, but on the other, Michelle was right, you probably would have wanted to protect you. But then why did he tell Ned? It then occurred to you that you didn’t even know how Ned found out.

new message:

hey, how did you find out about peter??


ummmm, i went to his house with a lego death star to build and while i was in his room he climbed in on his ceiling, we scared each other shitless


oh okay, thanks


okay thennnnn..?

You set aside the phone and took a breath, so Ned found out by accident too. Peter didn’t just not trust you, he was struggling. You didn’t want to wait for lunch, and you knew that he was in the same hall as you right now, so you discreetly pulled out your phone again, glancing up to see if Mr. Roberts was watching you. That was kind of a joke because none of your teachers are ever “attentive” they are more just… there.

new message:

meet me in the hallway by the trophy case asap

peter the quidditch beater:


You shoved your stool with a squeal, mumbled a “can I use the bathroom”, and grabbed the hall pass. Your stomach was doing somersaults again as you prepared to talk to him again.

“Hey, Y/N. What was this morning about? Are you ok?” Peter looked truly concerned for you. You shook your head, dismissing his worry.

“I’m fine, it’s just that you couldn’t expect me to just be cool with the lie so quickly. Peter, it really hurt that you kept it from me for so long. For weeks you’ve been blowing me off and I have just handled it! But Michie helped me realize that you were worried about me and wanted to take care of me-” Peter’s eyes got really wide then, “OF COURSE I DIDN’T TELL HER. Oh my god Peter, I’m not stupid. It’s just that I don’t understand why you were so afraid to tell me. Especially after Ned found out and nothing happened to him. I don’t underst-” You were spilling your heart to him when he suddenly cut you off to explain.

“Because I’m not in love with Ned.” You stood there frozen, and you could see the moment that Peter’s confession dawned on him. His mouth dropped open and kept moving up and down like he was a fish trying to breathe out of water.

“Peter?” You question taking a step forward.

“I um, I’m in love with you, Y/N. I think I always have been. I didn’t want to tell you because I simply can’t imagine existing in a world where my secret was the reason you were hurt-” This time you cut him off. You wrapped your hands around his neck and lightly tugged his head down to yours. He didn’t resist and you felt his hands snake around your waist and clasp at the base of your spine. Your lips fit into the gap between his and you feel him pull you close.

“I’m in love with you too.” You mumbled against his lips.

“Eh-um guys…” Tiny called from right next to you. You and Peter sprung apart for the second time in the last 5 days to see the proper looking boy gesturing to the water fountain you were standing in front of. Peter looked taken aback that Tiny interrupted us to get a drink, while you found it amusing.

He took his drink, not bothering to be quick about it and then awkwardly stood up straight and walked away, “Bye Tiny!” You called after him, soliciting an awkward wave from him.

You turned to Peter to see his bright red blushing cheeks and look of bewilderment and just gave him a smile, “We are not done here,” You told him mock-sternly, wagging an index finger in his face before pecking him on the cheek quickly and skipping back to the room.

In a small warehouse over in the Bronx there were two figures speaking to one another. One man was large and some sort of gun slung over his shoulder, and the other was sitting back in a folding chair. The figure in the chair raised a navy streaked hand to his forehead, “So there was a girl fighting with the spider kid?” He sounded exasperated.

“Yeah, she helped him catch Marcus, he seemed kind of fond of her. I think we should follow her. We got footage of her face off of Marcus’ body cam?” The tall man suggested, swinging the gun down and tilting his head to the side inquisitively.

“You may be onto something, see if she’s got any ties to the annoying twerp in spandex.”


(tags below the cut)

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Hi, thank you for sending in your request and thank you for waiting for me to fill this in! This honestly sounded better in my head lmao but I really do hope this is what you wanted! I hope you enjoy reading this just as much as I had enjoy planning this story in my head!

Jason stops talking, frowning as he stares at your unmoving expression. “What is it now?” He asks exasperatedly, crossing his arms. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Jason grunts, rolling his eyes as he leans against the wall. Feeling angry at you makes him feel exhausted.

You blink a couple of times, opening your mouth and closing it a few times. Every single time you try to form coherent words, you struggle and simply cannot form any so you just end up staring at Jason in disbelief, jaw hanging open slightly.

The frown on Jason’s face deepens. He racks his own brain, trying to figure out what he had told you but he can’t seem to remember anything that stands out the most because Jason had said quite a lot of things to you earlier. Not that you didn’t because the two of you had definitely said quite a lot of words towards each other. In other words, the fight earlier had been a really explosive one.

“What is it?” Jason pushes himself off the wall, taking a step toward you, catching you by surprise. So much so you trip over your two feet, falling back on your ass on the sofa. “What the – are you alright?” He pads over towards the sofa to take a seat beside you. Even though he is still feeling a little bit angry at you, Jason still wants to make sure you are alright and on top of that, he is starting to worry about you – you have been quiet ever since a few minutes ago and Jason still can’t figure out what caused it.

“You said it.” You mumble, finally able to wrap your head around what Jason had all but shouted at you earlier.

Jason raises one of his eyebrows, glancing at you. “Said what? What are you talking about, babe?”

“Earlier,” You turn to face your boyfriend, “You said ‘I love you’.” You point out, starting to feel annoyance bubbling in you.

Jason furrows his eyebrows as he stares at you in confusion. “And?” You look at him in disbelief before you reach to pinch him on the arm, causing Jason to yelp in surprise. “What the hell, babe?”

“You freaking told me you love me, Jay!” You raise your voice and Jason stares at you, the frown on his face deepening and you can see the gears turning in his head. “Jason Peter Todd, you have never said those words to me before.” You smack his arm this time.

Jason winces and furrows his eyebrows. “What? I haven’t? Are you sure?” He reels back to avoid your incoming hand, chuckling as he takes your hand in his, lacing your fingers together with his.

You roll your eyes. “Jason Peter Todd, I swear to God!”

“Babe, come on, the entire block is going to know that you love screaming my name.” Jason says as he pulls you in to his arms, embracing you warmly. “But that aside, seriously though? I have never told you just how much I love you? Like not once?”

You roll your eyes as you turn to face him, wrapping your own arms around his waist. “As if I wouldn’t know if you had told me about your feelings, Jay.” You pout and Jason chuckles before staring straight at you. “Can I hear it again though?”

Jason presses his lips against yours softly. “I am going to say this properly; Y/N, I love seeing you, I love wanting to hold you and feel you in my arms but more importantly, as sappy and cheesy as this sounds, I love the fact that you are my best friend first before you are my girlfriend and I love you very much.” Jason confesses and you smile brightly at him.

Call Me That Again

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Cody Christian x reader

Request : @steph-oliveira

Hi honey! ❤ Do you still accept requests? If yes, can you do an imagine where the reader is Cody Christian’s girlfriend and he makes a party with a formal ball with all of his and her friends and then proposes her… Very fluff!! Thank you very much 💞💞


Words :  1.1k (I got carried away)

Warnings : Mentions of sex

Note : not proof read, Also, I wasn’t sure if a ball was a proper concept for it,  I wrote what I thought fit best. I really hope you like this version and I didn’t mess it up.




 “Could you help me with the zipper?” you ask your boyfriend of four years, today. It was your anniversary. You’ve been doing all sorts of cliched cute stuff since the morning. He woke you up with breakfast in bed. You had a movie marathon and tons of cuddling. You guys made lunch together, had a make pretend cooking show called ‘Cooking with Cody and (y/n)’. It was hilarious. Then you guys took a nap. It was the perfect day.

You could definitely say you were in love with each other. Cody has his perky ways of displaying the affection and so did you. You grew as person and together. You moved in with him one year ago. You stayed over almost every day, it was like you lived there anyway. You made it official a year ago. The more you got to know him the more you fell in love with him.

Cody smiles and he happily obliges. You pull your hair in front of your shoulder so your hair doesn’t get stuck. He smiles and you see it on the mirror in front of you. You smile back. When he is done you turn around and peck his lips and mutter a small thank you. He was feeling very extra romantic today, but you weren’t complaining. It wasn’t a very formal event. It was just a small gathering of the people closest to you, Cody’s friends and your friends. Cody wasn’t wearing a tux. It was too much for a small gathering. He wore a light coloured formal shirt.

You playfully check him out. “Lookin’ snazzy” you make a comment, sporting a smirk on your face. “All yours” he says flashing his infamous smile. You get on your tippy toes to kiss him. he takes your hand and leads you out of the room and down the stairs. A few of your friends were already here, you could hear the music and chit chatting from upstairs.

You walk down and all eyes were on you. Almost all the cast of teen wolf was there. Holland couldn’t make it, you see Britt laughing at Dylan, he was dancing to the music. Shelly was there too laughing with Britt. You had an obsession with Dyl’s character Stiles. “Why do you like a hyperactive Spaz?” Cody asks you. “He’s the realest and the most relatable. The others are just unbelievably cocky and confident”

“Like Theo?”

“Like Theo” you giggle.

You continue to look around. Sprayberry was with Khylin, drinking from their cups chatting. Tyler was on the couch snapchatting. You see a lot more people that you know. You hear the door open, you see your sister, you squeal and run to hug her. you talked for a bit and she was excited to meet Dylan Sprayberry, she was a huge fan. You pushed her to his direction and smirked at her. She was going to kill you. You giggled and look around for Cody. You felt an arm snake around your waist. You relax into it because you know its Cody. “Hi Doll” he says and you smile. “It’s a full house” you say looking at the people you know and love.

“I have a surprise for you” he says into your ear. You couldn’t figure out if that was a weird sexual innuendo or not. You turn your head to the side to see his face resting on your shoulder. He kisses your nose and lets you go. He shuts off the music and walks to the middle of the living room. He clears everyone out of the centre area.

He starts speaking, “From the time I laid eyes on you, (y/n), I knew I had hit a jackpot. Four years ago, I asked you if you wanted to be my girlfriend, and I don’t know who bribed you to said yes. But you did and that day, doll, I didn’t realise I’d get this lucky.” You chuckled. You were blushing furiously. You looked goofy. This boy was going to make you cry but you didn’t mind. He took your hands and continued.

“From that day, all I wanted to do was to be a better person, a better boyfriend, for you, I was terrified that if I didn’t text you good night, you won’t text me for the rest of your life. It sounds stupid now, but back then, I was scared shitless” you chuckle at that shaking your head.

“You made me feel so many things at once, it scared me to death. You make me so nervous, every day. I’m just better at hiding it now, you make me happy, you make me feel safe. You keep me grounded. I know I can’t go on without you.”

“I am madly in love with you, everything you are and everything you stand for. Every day I learn new things about you and fall in love with you all over again”

“I don’t want to wait anymore. I don’t want to waste time. I want to wake up next to you every day for the rest of my life, I want to explore life with you. I want you have a family with you. I want to grow old with you”

If it were socially acceptable to sob hysterically in front of a group of people, you would have. You were a crying mess. This overwhelmed you so much, you couldn’t think straight. You sort of guess where this was going but you couldn’t believe that it was happening.

He dug out a small box from his pants and got on a knee. Suddenly it became too real, you completely freaked out. “(y/n), Doll, will you marry me?” he asked.

You wanted to say something but you knew you’d choke on your words. You just nodded. He slid the finger on to your finger and pulled you in for a kiss. You still hadn’t process what just happened. You hide your face in his chest when he pulls back. He kisses your head. “Thank god you said yes, it would’ve been very awkward if you didn’t” he muttered to you. You giggle and look up. “I love you” you say, that was the first coherent sentence you made after he proposed. He pecked your lips again. You both had goofy grins plastered on your faces.

Everyone had a great time. You were saying your goodbyes to your last guest, your sister. She was still squealing over the proposal. As soon as you shut the door. Cody immediately swooped you up in his arms and started walking to your bedroom. “Isn’t this after the marriage?” you ask playfully. He genuinely looked confused and he almost put you down. “My wife is a jokester” he says. Those words were so new to you, music to ears really. “Call me that again” you say softly.

“My wife”

You grin. “Today was perfect, you are perfect” you say kissing him before he puts you on the bed.

“What do you call a honeymoon that’s celebrated before the marriage?” he asks.


“Engagement Sex” he corrects.

You laugh.

Stydia Proposal

A series of headcanons about how Stiles would propose to Lydia, done with the amazing @rongasm

  • In the year of our lord 2019 or 2020, at a New Year’s Eve party, Stiles kisses Lydia as the ball drops. He smiles his little smile at her and she sighs in contentment, then suddenly “Oh by the way, I’m proposing this year, HAPPY NEW YEAR!”
  • Lydia’s reaction is essentially: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
  • Lydia is on red alert all the time, constantly on the watch for any sign of a proposal, a glint of a diamond in his pocket, ANYTHING.
  • Now Stiles knows there’s no way he’s actually going to be able to surprise her, she knows him too well
  • So instead, he decides to fucking torture her
  • He pulls shit like Jim Halpert did on The Office
  • Fake proposals
    • All. The. Time.
  • Several incidents of this:
    • One night they are walking back to their apartment after dinner and Stiles stops in front of a fountain in the park they are walking through. He goes down to one knee, and Lydia gasps so loud and she’s covering her mouth with her hands and he goes “…just wait a minute I need to tie my shoe”
    • One night, at a very nice dinner, Stiles just stops in the middle of dessert and looks at her. He goes full heart eyes, takes her hand and cups her cheek. Lydia’s internal monologue is: “oh shit oh man oh boy okay this is happening stay cool”. Stiles takes a deep breath, smiles like an angel and goes “You have lettuce in your teeth” before continuing to devour his chocolate cake
  • He constantly sets up things like this, and by September Lydia is so tired
  • So one night, he takes her out to dinner, and the waiter brings over two glasses of champagne.
    • He goes to one knee and opens his mouth to speak-
    • “Haha very funny Stiles now tie your shoe”
    • he smiles and goes on
    • “Lydia I-”
    • “Stiles I’m not in the mood for another-”
    • “Lydia Martin, love of my-”
    • “Stiles I swear to god-”
    • “LET ME TALK”
    • she stops and looks at him, carefully calculating the situation
    • He goes on to deliver the most romantic speech about his feelings for her you could have ever heard (I have not thought about it for a long enough amount of time to have that speech prepared for you I am sorry friends)
    • He stops talking and she just raises an eyebrow at him
    • “Okay…but this was fake right?”
    • He rolls his eyes so hard and shoves the ring in her face
    • “This is your own fault”
    • “Lydia”
    • “You did this to yourself”
    • “Lydia, kind of just asked a really huge question, probably need that answered, my whole life hanging in the balance-”
    • “Well yes, obviously, but-”
    • “Yes?”
    • “Yes”
    • “Thank god”
    • and then he slides the ring onto her finger and kisses the crap out of her
  • The end
Let’s Prank Him

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Ratting: I guess PG-13

A/N: soooo my imagine for you tonight was gonna be different but then I distracted myself from writing with girls pranking their bf videos and……..this happened.

You pressed record on your video camera, not sure where you were going to post this yet but all your fans and his fans were suggesting it and you were bored so why not? 

“Hey guys,” you spoke into the camera. “So,’ you smiled and giggled, covering your mouth, "Tom’s been in China for the past couple of days for the um, Spider-Man movie premiere and I’ve been reading your guys’ comments on my social media and a lot of you were saying to prank Tom that I am pregnant and guess what? I’ve fallen into peer pressure and now I’m gonna do it.”

"They said they were gonna land in about an hour or so, Haz just texted me, so I gotta go ahead and prepare.” You looked around the apartment; everything was clean and organized, thanks to you tidying it up a couple of days ago and managing to keep it like that. You really were a low-maintenance girl. “I mean I don’t really know how to prepare. Should I fake a pregnancy test or… I don’t know, I guess I should just mentally prepare.”

You stopped the video, knowing you were going to edit it all in later and texted Tom. Then you turned the camera back on again. “Okay, so I just texted Tom, telling him that he shouldn’t bring Haz or anything back to his apartment because… you know, that’ll be awkward.” You heard a ding come from your phone. You laughed, looking at the text. “He just said ‘Okay.’ He probably thinks I have something planned for him if you know what I mean. Well it’s not that buddy but I promise I do have something planned.” You turned it off.

You hit record, talk-whispering. “Okay so Tom just said he was in the car to the apartment so I’m gonna go ahead and set up the camera. I think I’ll set it up-” you gestured in the direction, “-behind that little plant we have on the coffee table in the living room and we’ll see how it goes. I laugh a lot and I’m definitely not an actor so hopefully it goes well enough that he’ll believe me and get some… reaction out of him. This is for you, Hollanders.” You pointed into the camera, play-frowning a little bit and pressed 'Stop.’

You set the camera up beside the little potted succulent on the coffee table, aiming it towards the entrance. You took a step back and sat on the couch, where you would tell Tom to “Sit down, we need to have a talk” and tilted your head this way and that, making sure it looked inconspicuous as possible. Then you walked toward the door and glanced at it from that angle. You could hardly even see it! Yes! As long as you didn’t laugh in the middle of it, this was going to go perfectly.

You went and hit record on the camera. “Come on those theater classes that I took in high school, don’t fail me now.” You whispered into the microphone and sat on the couch. You would cut out the time you had to wait, or maybe just speed up the footage.

Your phone dinged again and it was Tom. You showed your screen to the camera and mouthed, “He’s here!" 

Luckily, the remote wasn’t too far away so you quickly turned the TV on, acting like you weren’t just talking to a camera and got comfy, snuggling up with the throw blanket. 

"Y/N, I’m home!” he called. He propped the door open with his foot to roll in your luggage and you popped up from the couch. His tired voice almost made you feel guilty for what you were about to do. He probably just wanted to change into his pajamas, cuddle up with you, and go to sleep which honestly sounded pretty good to you too. Your heart was pounding so much, you felt that Tom would see it and the prank would be ruined anyways, why not just forget about it?

No. You really, really wanted to do this. You’ve been alone for days and needed this. You never pranked anyone in your life before and it if this one went well, you would feel so good. 

You walked up and hugged him. “Hey babe, how was your flight?” You said rubbing his back but remembering to stay in character so you were acting kind of timid. Your shoulders tensed.

“Oh, it was alright,” he said, coming fully into the apartment now and you helped with the door, closing it as he set his luggage down and took off his shoes. “So what did you want to talk to me about, love?”

You had to bite your lip to keep from smiling and you would’ve combed a hand through your hair, though you had put it up in a messy bun. “Right um…” you said as casually as you possibly could. You gestured silently to the couch. “Can we…..could we sit first?”

“Of course, are you alright?”

You two rounded the couch to sit and you wanted to say yeah but you stumbled around the word, think what was the most natural thing to say in this moment was. What would you do if the camera wasn’t rolling and this was real?

“No,” you decided upon, hand brushing across your forehead. You sat facing him on the couch. He put one hand on your thigh immediately.

“Darling, what’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

You briefly nodded and he scooted closer to you, widening his eyes in concern.

 "Baby, what is it? What’s on your mind?“ 

You did’t know what came over you but the the way he was staring at you with his perfect, brown eyes and his thin lips slightly parted and the fact that he called you baby (which he almost never does, only when consoling you, like now) made your eyes well up with tears. You looked down and started to pick the fabric on the couch. Great! This was really gonna be believable now!

"I um… I don’t…I don’t know how it happened,” you sniffed. “I mean well,” you looked at the ceiling, “I know how….I just can’t…”

“Baby, baby, look at me. What’s wrong? Did someone do something to you? Did I do something to you?” The fact that he thought he did something to you made you cry even more. He looked so lost and confused like a little puppy. 

“No, no,” you laid a hand on his thigh, furiously nodding. “You…. I just don’t how to tell you… I’ve been freaking out all this time you were gone. If the press ever found out about this…”

“Found out about what?" 

You looked right into his eyes and took a feigned, shaky breath. "I….. the reason I didn’t want Harrison to come over tonight was that I um…” you didn’t know where you going with that sentence and he was looking at you expectantly, almost causing you to break so you decided you were just gonna say it. “I’m pregnant.”


And utter.


Tom’s eyes were huge though you knew the camera wouldn’t pick up on it.


You nodded.


You nodded.

“B-but…. we used a condom…?”

You looked down, covering your mouth with your hand because you almost smiled, and forced more tears to come out of your tear ducts. “I know…” you murmured. “I know, I know…this is just really bad for you career and you have five movies coming up that you still need to shoot, so it’s okay if I’m alnoe with the baby and -”

“That’s what you’re worried about?”

You looked at him. 

“My career..?”

“Well yeah. I mean,” you wiped an eye. “Everyone’s gonna be freaking out about this. Not just your family, I mean, we’re not even married yet. We’re not ready.”
He stood up from the couch and started pacing slowly in front of the camera, running his hands through his hair. 

“A-are you mad at me?” You asked softly.

“Mad at you? No. We both did this.”

Another round of silence.

“When did you find out?”

“This morning, when I took the pregnancy test.”

“How far along are you?”

“I don’t know. We could go to the doctor’s and find it. They can also check if I’m really pregnant or not. Although those tests rarely give you a false positive and I did miss my period a few-”

“You missed your period? Why didn’t you tell me?” He almost snapped.

You were taken aback. “Well, I guess it’s not something you tell your boyfriend.”

“Yes! It is!” He sat down next to you again. “Darling, if you miss your period, I need to know. Because whether if it’s just stress or… or a chance that you could be pregnant, I need to know these things so you can get the attention you need.”

Oh my God. That made you cry even more.

“Well, I didn’t want to stress you about it. You were already busy with the premiere and having fun…. I figured there was nothing to worry about. Plus, you broke your nose… which you’re a fucking idiot by the way, for doing it again.”

You paused.

So,“ you started carefully. You had to end this before Tom had an aneurysm.

 "You’re not leaving me?”

“Why would I leave you at a time like this?”

“Not even after I tell you this one more thing?”

“What 'one more thing.'”

You couldn’t help it now; you stretched a big-ass smile all across your face and pointed to the camera. Tom quickly followed your finger and saw a red light poking out from behind the pot. "Oh my God!” He started laughing. But… was it nervous laughter? Relief? “OH MY GOD!

He came to the camera and you plopped down to the side on the couch, holding your stomach, laughing your ass off.

"This was a prank?” he asked, though he knew the answer.

“Yes! Yeah it was!” you said through bouts of laughter.

“Oh sweet mother of Jesus!” He walked out of frame. “Whew!”

“Were you freaking out?” You said smiling as you sat up again.

“Yes I  was!”

You grabbed the camera and filmed him. 

“Babe, my heart was pounding so much. I thought you were gonna notice.”

“Mine too after you told me! I was screaming WHAT THE FUCK on the inside. I was surprised you could keep a straight face with all the laughing you do.”

“Yo, I thought I was gonna laugh in the middle of it and throw it all off. Did you know your fans told me to do this?”

“They did not!”

“Uh bitch, wanna see the comments?”

He laughed again. “Oh my God. That was good. You got me there.” You hugged him. “Oh my God.”

“Love you!” you squeaked. “Well guys, I’d say that was successful.”

“Yes that was very successful.” Tom exclaimed from out of frame, getting his luggage and taking it to his bedroom. You turned the camera toward him. “I can’t believe you guys wanted me to freak out like that.”

You faced the camera toward you. “Well, I’m gonna go now. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. I know I had fun pranking my boyfriend. Yes! I can’t believe it worked! I hope this was all you dreamed for it to be and-” you came close, whispering, “let me knew what you want me to do next because this was actually super fun. Okay, bye!” You turned it off, placing it on the coffee table and went to the kitchen, getting yourself  drink of water. Your tummy still had butterflies in it and year heart was calming, but you were still on that high from laughing so much that you didn’t even notice Tom’s strong arms wrap around your waist. He swayed you both side to side.

“That was hilarious, darling,” his breath tickled your neck. “But maybe one day, I hope it won’t be a joke.” You felt him smile against your skin and this time it was his turn to laugh at your expense.

Your Biggest Fan (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: You have loved Jungkook since before you even met him, obsessing over BTS and writing the smuttiest fics about him. But once you two start dating you try your hardest to prevent him from finding out. You’re successful for the first few years, until one night….

Word Count: 6,595

Genre: Fluff, Light Smut (who am I kidding this is definitely smut)

Content: masturbation mention, oral sex, Jungkook attempts to be a dom but isn’t very good at it, a little bit of bondage, Jungkook letting you call him Oppa, attempts at dirty talk, Jungkook being the squishy bun that he is

Sneak Peak: 

You sit down next to him, mortified, as you watch him reading in silence. “Are… are you actually into this kind of thing..?”

“I.. uh.. I—” you stutter, not knowing how to answer his question. “I mean I guess..?”

“It just seems so rough, so vulgar… Does— doesn’t that hurt?” He asks, pointing to a particularly rough portion of your fic.

“Nothing could be as painful as this right now.”

Originally posted by mayfifolle

My first BTS fic omg and my first smut. This is for @qweentae who made this imagine and I just had to write a fic about it 😂😂😂. THIS IS A JOKE I DONT BELIEVE THAT OPPA KINK IS AN ACTUAL THING. Anyway, here we go~

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Leo as your boyfriend

A/N: This man has my #1 ult spot (alongside Sejun of Victon), so I apologise if this ends up being very rambly

Originally posted by leojuseyo

  • First of all, he’s such a husband
  • Like he literally said in a Vixx TV that one of his fantasies is to be a good husband and father
  • So he’s definitely the type to take care of you sooo well
  • Many might believe his way of doing it might be a bit tsundere (when it doesn’t seem like he care by his words, but he shows it with his actions)
  • I think he’s kinda like that, but also not
  • He’s definitely the “actions speak louder than words” person though
  • I feel like if you’re sad, then I think he’s the type to hold you close and rub your back and say little things like “it’s okay, it’s okay”
  • But if he’s away for work, he would still help by letting you went to you over then phone and then tell you things to make you feel better
  • “Baby, you should take a bath to relax.” Or “Go make yourself some tea, that’ll help.”
  • The two of you would look after his nephew a lot and it would be the cutest thing
  • Like you’d first bring him to a café or something and then bring some lattes and something to eat for the boy at the playground
  • You’re the couple that can literally spend the entire day saying minimal amounts of words to each other
  • It wouldn’t be because something was wrong, but it would just be natural
  • IF there was an issue though, I think Taekwoon is the type to confront it because he doesn’t like enduring tension
  • I think fights would him wouldn’t happen very often, but if they were about things like your future together, they might get pretty heated
  • You’d always find your way back down though
  • Taekwoon is really loyal, and expects you to be as well
  • Which might result in a bit of possessiveness
  • He tries to hold it in most of the time though
  • Anywaaays, he’s really cuddly
  • Like if he’s tired, he’ll literally cling onto you and fall asleep on you
  • He really likes naps together, because he gets to be close to you, but also quiet
  • Him texting you would go from “hey where r u” without anything else to “woooooow I love youuu” with loads of hearts
  • You should tell him dumb jokes to make him laugh so he can show his shining smile
  • He might judge you too, depending on the joke
  • Mostly you tickling him and him begging for you to stop
  • Which results in him forcing you to stop by pinning you down
  • Whoops you’re now banging on the couch
  • Or the floor, or the table, or in the shower, or the car
  • You get the point
  • He’s just really passionate
  • Also about the taking care of you thing, if he knows you’re having going through a bad time or anything, he’ll show his worry by simple things
  • Like saying short sentences like “you good?” or “Should we take a walk?” or “How many hugs?”
  • Moving on, his kisses vary from quick pecks before schedules to the most intense things you’ll ever experience
  • There is literally nothing inbetween
  • For the intense ones, he’ll just grab your face and pull you to him and make your heart race like crazy
  • Let’s not forget that he’s a freaking grandpa though, he’ll probably trip and hit himself while you’re taking a late night walk
  • Oops you’re in the emergency room with Taekwoon’s broken wrist
  • “You’re so clumsy, how are you so clumsy?”
  • “Shut up.”
  • Then you take his good hand and stroke it to make him soft again
  • And wowie he’s going to go all warm inside if you do that
  • Because he’s like “oh my god I love this person so much for always being by my side”
  • Lastly, you’ll have to accept the fact that you’re having like ten kids and five animals that’s all bye

// The One Where Y/N and Lip have sex//

//Part two of Gallagher’s Good Girl//

//Part One//

Her mother’s voice rang through the house, it was loud and overbearing especially when she wanted to put a point across. This week’s argument involved Y/N’s involvement and time spent at the Gallagher’s house, her mother barely got to see her growing child. Y/N sat there and let her rant, letting all her heartfelt emotions pour out of her mouth.

“I don’t want you seeing that boy lip” she finally commands, Y/N head snaps up, her eyes staring at her mother. She shook her head softly trying to process the words that were coming out her mouth. “His whole family- if you can even call them that- is horrendous, you’ve been picking up terrible habits from them!”


“No, I want what is best for you and that boy Lip is bad for you, he’s a distraction, a simple phase that your father and I let you play with for long enough” her voice holding great weight, her eyes tearing up at the thought of not seeing Phillip again, not feeling his warm hands wrapping around her cool body. Not smelling the stale scent of cigarettes on his body or the strong alcohol on his lips.

“Mom please” she tried begging but her mother held up hand, not wanting to her the please of her daughter.

“It’s for the best” her father commented, she stood up quickly, her eyes watching them.

“Mom I love him” she sobbed out finally, she scoffed at her ridiculous statement

“Love, what do you know about love? Please enlighten me on your take of love!” She laughed, Y/N knew it was sarcasm and decided to keep her mouth shut, she couldn’t disobey her parents no matter how wrong their opinion was.

Y/N has been avoiding Lip for a couple weeks, not returning any of his calls, ignoring his pleas at her door to open up. At school she’ll take a different route to class, completely avoiding his usual hand out spots. Her sudden disappearance from Lip’s life didn’t just affect him, it impacted Debbie whom continually curse at Lip for losing Y/N, not holding on tight enough. Carl missed having her around, all the pet names she’d call him brighten his day and she didn’t judge him when he told her his weird thoughts. Even Fiona missed the soft laughter and happiness she brought forth.

“Y/N!” Lip yelled, his eyes catching sight of her, she didn’t spare him a glance she kept walking ignoring his constant pleas. Finally his hand grabbed her bag, he swiftly yanked her back, with a soft thud she landed against him her body instantly relaxing into his embrace, God she missed it. “What the fuck Y/N, why have you been ignoring me”

She was now facing the Gallagher, “Phillip-”

“Don’t you fucking Phillip me! I’ve been worried sick wondering what I did wrong! I- just” he was now calm, he let his hand drop to his side, his face returning to its normal color. “Why have you been fucking ignoring me?”

“I want to break up” Y/N simply stated, her voice cold and harsh. Lip shook his head, his hand grasping her face forcing her to look at him

“No baby, you don’t want that! Just tell me how to fucking fix us and I’ll fix it! I fucking fix it” he cried out, she removed herself from his touch shaking her head softly

“There’s nothing you can fix” she mumbled lowly, trying her best not to break down it front of him. She adjusted her before walking away from him.

“But I love you” his voice whispered, she froze, she couldn’t help but let the tears run down her face. Sucking in a deep breath, she continued on.

Y/N sat on her bed flipping through the various magazines that lay sprawled on her bed. Her eyes scanning over the latest outfits and makeup trends. She gasped softly at the thump emitting from her window. A shadow laying flat across her floor. Slowly she got up, switching on the lights hoping the figure will disappear in the light. But it wasn’t a figment of her imagination it was Lip.

“Phillip!” She whispered harshly, her hand instantly running over his face and arms making sure he didn’t have in bruises on him. “What are you-”

“Y/N are you okay?” Her mother’s voice screamed

“Yes mom, just fell of my bed is all” she shouted back, her eyes staying on Lip.

“Phillip you need to go!” Y/N hissed trying to push him back out the window, he shook his head roughly moving past her. She watched him, analyzing his features, the redness of his eyes and how sunken in they appeared, his hair wasn’t in its usual disheveled stated but it was standing all over the place.

“I need to know I’m been trying wrap my head around it, I’ve been trying so fucking hard but I’m not understanding how you could just up and leave me! Debbie! Carl! Fuck even Vee and Kev has been asking about you, but you don’t fucking care do you?” Y/N looked away from him, she tugged on her bottom lip trying to fight the tears.

“You need to go Lip, please” she begged

“I just want to know why. Why?” He whispered, he moved his hand under chin forcing her to look at him. “I’ll know that this isn’t what you fuck want, for us to be apart” his lips slightly brushing over Y/N.

“Just tell me what you want” he whispers, Y/N grabs the sides of his face connecting their lips. Her body guiding them to the soften and comfort of her bed, her hands running through his hair. Lip’s hands resting on her waist running up her shirt feeling the soft of her skin against his fingertips, his hands cuffing her breast, she quickly broke away her breath against his chest as she watched his hands. Her eyes slowly flickered to his.

“If you want me to stop just tell me but know that I’ve been waiting for this moment when he walked in my house. I knew I fell in love with you, your infectious laugh-” he stopped, his lips falling to her neck before sucking on a sensitive spot she didn’t know she had. “To your hair, I loved the way you styled it, the way you stared at me but never said a word but I knew you felt the same way…” his hand slowly pushing off her shirt revealing her breast, his sucked on them gently, his tongue running over her lip before taking them lightly in his teeth. “To the way you say my name, you wouldn’t say Lip when we first start dating but I didn’t care. You were so innocent, pure, and mine”

“Just- make love to me Phillip” she moaned out, he smiled gently his lips resting on hers. His hand cuffing the side of her face before playing with the hem of her thin night pants, she shivered in delight, her breathing hitched when his lips kissed her pelvis. Lip’s hand pulling at her pants, she pressed her lips in a thin line, she slowly sat up, Lip’s naked form hovering over slightly. Y/N’s hand brushing down his chest before moving back to his neck. She flipped her around, her body positioned stiffly on top of his, Y/N’s hands placed on his chest while she fearfully looked at his enlarged cock.

“I’m not gonna hurt you Y/N, it’s will hurt yes but I promise you it will get better” she nodded slightly at Lip’s words. She sucked in a deep breath, she slowly grabbed his dick lining up him up to her entrance. She softly cried out when she encased herself around him. Her hand flew over lips, while she squeezed her watering eyes shut. Her body soon relaxed against him, she no longer felt a large foreign object inside of her but something pleasurable. Slowly she began bucking her hips, she couldn’t move any other pace in fear of hurting herself, she didn’t even know if she was doing it right. Y/N rested her forehead against Lip’s. His hand rested on her lips while he slowly moved in her.

“Phillip” she moaned softly against his parted lips, her hand caressing his cheek while his caressed her hips. She moaned softly when her ass met his hips. He moaned softly, he called out her name repeatedly. He gave a harsh thrust, she gave out a pleasurable gasp while throwing her head back. He promptly flipped her over, positioning himself deeper into Y/N. Lip watched Y/N her breast bounced back and forth, the way she gripped the covers tightly. He loved the way her body arched with each thrust he delivered.

“I love you Y/N” he whispered as he came, his thrust becoming harsh and sporadic. “I love you so fucking much” he cried out. Y/N moaned softly as she came, her arms wrapping around Lip’s body that was pressed against hers. “Please don’t leave me” he whispered out.

“I love you too Phillip” she breathed out, he rolled off of her, his eyes instantly connecting to her. She slowly moved on top of him letting her lips connect back to his, the kiss was slow and sensual, Lip wasn’t use to the neediness and comfort from a simple kiss, he needed more. No, he craved more, his hands gripping Y/N, bringing down on his member. She moaned loudly, her eyes tightly squeezing shut. She yelped out when he suddenly entered her, he brought down harshly, the smacking on their skin filled the air. “Phil-Phil-” she tried moaned out his name but was interrupted by his quick thrust in her.

He promptly slows down, his eyes watching over the moaning girl. “I don’t deserve you” he suddenly cries out, Y/N watches her eyes laced with confusion and solemn. “God, I’m such a fucking dick, how could someone like you possible love someone like me? Fuck tell me that! Why did fucking leave me?”

“Phillip-” her hand runs down Lip’s face, he shuts his eyes pressing his face against her cool lips “I- my mom she thought it’d be best if I had a better- that’s not important Phillip. I love you, my darling you are so special to me. No matter how many times you drop the f-bomb in a single sentence or how all your clothes smells like smoke. I freaking love you, you are so unconditionally kind even though your outlook life needs to change slightly, I still love how real you are, not afraid of telling me the truth. I freaking love you Phillip Gallagher”

Lip chuckled softly, his hand running up her body, he simple watched her for a moment taking in the beauty that was Y/N. “Are you leaving me?” He whispered, she shook her head softly, a small smile pressed on his lips, he pulled the naked girl down on top of him. Her head nuzzling into her chest, she gently kissed his neck “I love you” he repeats