god i love dw

bill is so lovely and pearl is such a wonderful actress and I love sarah dollard that episode was delightful asjfjd that first scene where bill was enjoying the fair? Adorable! also she looked so cute!!! god I love this show asdfghjkl its ridiculous and cheesy but I love it so much ajdjks


oh my God pt.2

[cr. to @cinnamingyu for blessing my eyes]

Shisui angst prompt Pt 1

here’s the first prompt for the 500 follower special! part 2 should be out soon

Prompt: Okay for the special thing… Shisui is a very busy ninja, we all know that, and I just imagined a scenario where he is about to go for like 2-3 months on a risky mission, so he goes to tell his (female) S/O that he won’t be there but he sees her hugging other guy, and for some reason he gets really mad and leaves without saying goodbye, then months later he comes back and his SO confronts him, they fight, but like a real fight, screaming and shit, and it all ends with rough kisses and nswf

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- me, think bout bill potts


2017 needs us.


don’t you love it how 2 out of 3 times when the Doctor says that Clara is just his friend the script uses italics