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Breaking the Broken

[A short follow up to my meta from last week, which turned out to be thematically fairly on point. Reading that first is probably a good idea.]

So turns out I was fairly on point with the idea that in Extremis, the show would start breaking or entirely rejecting the systems that hold the world together. I will admit I didn’t think the system would be the entire world, but that’s an incredibly Moffat thing to do so I really shouldn’t be surprised.

The system rejected, in this case, is not so much the hologram world (although that too), but the idea that a fictional world and the real one cannot interact. The system is the creation of separate, isolated, realities. 

Humans like to separate things, to put them in boxes. I really don’t think I need to go into all the ways this happens, or all the ways it can be really quite destructive. It’s useful, because it allows us to take shortcuts and get to interesting and meaningful things more quickly, but doing so unthinkingly, or even intentionally blindly, can be incredibly dangerous. 

It’s not just interpersonal relationships and identities that this happens with though - the world is in incredible danger because we continue to separate the economic, the environmental and the ethical. We deal with each problem in an isolated manner, which really just ends with incredible out of balance and usually harmful “solutions”. 

Isolating ideas can backfire. Isolating realities even more so. Especially when the Doctor is involved, and even more especially when he’s been facing broken systems for the past five weeks and all he could do is take out the most harmful element and hope for the best. Now though, he gets to shatter the system upon which the system is built. 

I can’t wait to see what he does next.

bill is so lovely and pearl is such a wonderful actress and I love sarah dollard that episode was delightful asjfjd that first scene where bill was enjoying the fair? Adorable! also she looked so cute!!! god I love this show asdfghjkl its ridiculous and cheesy but I love it so much ajdjks

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LOL! Well said! I swear ppl act like Donna was the only one who wasn't in love with the Doctor when Amy's relationship while deep wasn't romantic too. Omg you should do guest star character who had crushes on the Doctor in RTD era vs Moffat as well. Among Moffat I only remember Reinette but ones who didn't are Rita Sally Journey vs RTD who did was Lynda Astrid Joan is YMMV but yeah I think he might win in that category as well. Going to do more research :)

I might leave guest characters to you, anon, though I would agree that I think RTD would come out on top for that too. 

Admittedly, on the romance side of things, Moffat has River and Missy, two non-companion but still major characters. 

But let’s look at those dynamics. 

River was in love with him, yes. And it’s shown to be a tremendous strength for her character where in so many female characters, romantic love is a weakness. It gives her an ability to jump off buildings and out of spaceships because she is so confident in her relationship with her husband that she knows that he will catch her. Her love literally makes her MORE BADASS and gives her more room to be absolute little shit, it’s amazing. 

Missy, meanwhile, isn’t necessarily explicitly romantically in love with him, but that’s how a good many of us choose to interpret it, and it’s building on the oldest ship in the fandom, the one that has been around for literal decades! 

Moffat has literally spent his entire time as a DW fan/writer working to get the Doctor and the Master to kiss onscreen, and frankly I think that’s beautiful. There’s a kind of hilarious irony to the fact that people have accused him of only making Best Enemies canon when its ‘hetero’, when really he used what looks like a M/F pairing on the surface to completely DESTROY the argument that Time Lords see sexuality and gender the same way we do and give us an incredible female Master who would became one of the best versions of the character to date. It’s fucking beautiful, man. 

(Are Time Lords canonically non-binary now? It’s pretty fucking close.) 

Anyway, my point is that RTD definitely still holds the award for most companions being in love with the Doctor. Even if you count River and Missy, that puts RTD and Moffat on a square three equal, so… yeah.