god i love chipotle


“white girls be like”

fishingforleaves Lmao ok so, Chipotle is an American place of “Mexican food” u kno how Americans make their own “*insert any nationality here* food” but it always turns like shit? Well that’s Chipotle, just like Taco Bell (u’ve heard of it, right?) [THOSE ARE NOT TACOS DAMMIT!] so, shortly, Chipotle is this shitty place of shitty what-Americans-think-is-Mexican food… on the other hand, chipotle is the most delicious (not most spicy tho) chili in the history of the universe, you can use it literally for everything, literally the uses of chipotle are infinite, you can make sweet sauce, spicy sauce, dressing, or use it just like that as a spice, you can eat it with literally anything god I’m drooling