god i love catbug

Can’t sleep with you on my mind

((AN I finally bit the bullet and wrote Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction. This is it, this is where I know I’m in for the long haul. This one-shot is based on a scene from episode. If you haven’t seen, then there be spoilers here!))

She turns off the light, slips under the covers, and stares up at the ceiling. She takes a deep breath, begins the process of slowing her breathing, and slowly closes her eyes. After five minutes she tries to think of sheep, because sheep help right? Just think of some sheep, maybe even count them, and she’ll be fine and off to sleep.
After she’s counted up to a hundred, even changing up the colors after twenty, she’s starting to contemplate the farm that would have twenty white sheep, ten black sheep, fifteen golden sheep, ten more black sheep, and then leave the rest of them all the colors of a rainbow. What a strange farm indeed-
“Marinette?” says the small voice coming from pillow to her right.
She turns to her little companion, cooing softly, “Yes, Tikki? Are you okay? Are you thirsty? Do you need some water?”
She’s already sitting up by the end, ready to sneak down there for some water for Tikki and maybe a glass of tea for herself, or maybe some water too since she did just brush her teeth and her mother is always saying-
Tikki makes a soft sound, the one she does when she’s both exasperated and sad for her. “No, Marinette. How come you’re not sleeping?”
Marinette’s breath catches, “Oh but I was trying to, you see, I was counting some sheep-”
“Did you get stuck on one hundred again?” Tikki asks, then yawns softly that Marinette can almost see the little darling’s eyes droop.
She sighs herself, raising a hand to where she just knows her little Kwami is. She feels something warm press against her fingers and she smiles in the darkness, wishing she could hold her.
“Go to sleep, Tikki.” Marinette says.
“Not before you,” Tikki replies back sleeply.
Marinette hesitates but lays her head back on the pillow, closing her eyes.
“Good night, Tikki.”
“Good night, Marinette…”


Everything’s moving too fast and too slow. Timebreaker was over there, and now she’s here, arm reaching out, and for instance Marinette’s sure she will die. To freeze in horror as she slowly fades in existence….it’s right before her eyes and she’s either unable to move or too slow to do anything.
She feels a warmth engulf her and she’s sure she’s been touched, breath caught in her throat and she wonders if she’ll suffocate before fading. Except the world keeps moving around her and Timebreaker leans back to look down, eyes wide behind her mask in fascination.
Marinette looks down and can do nothing but take in Chat Noir, holding her tightly, eyes shut, grim-faced and growing pale. She feels her body go cold and she holds on to him, wishing he would quip, wishing he would say something! Say anything! She holds him and watches as he fades away like Alya, like all her classmates-
“Chat Noir!”


Marinette wakes abruptly, heart pounding and a horrible ringing sound in her ears. She sits up and with an unsettling numbness, she assesses what’s happening to her.
1) She’s shaking. (But that might have something to do with the shivering.)
2) She’s sweating hard enough that the back of her shirt is clinging to her. (which is probably the biggest reason for the shivering.)
3) She’s crying. Not a lot, but enough to where the room is blurring with tears.
She begins to move her hands, maybe to wipe of the tears or blindly search for packet of tissues on her dresser, when she hears a tiny sound of distress. Warmth is pressed to her fingers and she feels more tears come to her eyes as she cups the little warmth in her hands.
“Oh T-t-tikki,” She whispers, voice wavering as she tries to swallow, “Oh Tikki it’s-it’s okay. I’m sorry, it’s just–I’m just shaken up by the last–you know I just need a few days before they go away-”
Tikki makes another sound, the sort of sound she makes right before she begins to cry and Marinette brings her close to her heart.
The minute she feels a little wetness on her chest, she gives a few more tears of her own.


Her mother sees it, the minute Marinette wakes up, she’s already trying to push her daughter back into bed.
Marinette pushes the covers back off, “Momma, I have to go to school.”
Her mother’s frown seems deeper in a second, brows coming together and Marinette can see where this is going.
“Nightmares again?” Her mother says, her eyes going dark like rain clouds. Marinette wishes she could at the very least lie for her mother but she looks away and nods, leaning in when he mother hugs her again.
“I need to give you more green tea again, you should have a cup every night before you go to bed.” Her mother says, almost stern.
Marinette groans, “Not the liver talk again.”
“Or apples! We could try the apples again! You liked when Papa gave you sliced apples, didn’t you?”
We can do it again, in fact, for breakfast-”
“Ma Ma.”
Her mother looks to down at her, frown set deep into her mouth, and Marinette sighs and wraps her arms her mother to hug her tight.
“My liver isn’t giving me bad dreams,” she says, giving a small smile, “just….a lot of things on my mind. Can’t rest when your mind doesn’t, right?”
Her mother is quiet for a moment, petting her bed hair in the same way she would do whenever Marinette was sick. She gives into the petting, if only because it’s nice and she feels horrible already.
Finally, her mother pats her pack and nods, “….Alright. But your snack is apples with tea today.”
Marinette snorts but nods too, “No complaints here.”

Alya knows the minute she gets to school, ten minutes early for class, and her friend runs over to cup her cheeks gently.
“Oh my poor girl,” she coos, rubbing an thumb under some dark circles, “oh man, we may need to cancel trips to the cafe for a while.”
Marinette gasps and shakes her head in Alya’s hands, “but I love our cafe talks! Oh come on, you’re not taking a page out of my mom’s book are you?”
Alya giggles at that, dropping her hands only to take Marinette’s, “you know, it may be ancient medicine but it’s good, ancient medicine.”
Marinetter must make quite the face because Alya laughs again, letting go of one hand to gently tug the other to their seats.
For the rest of the class, Marinette takes great comfort in the fact that she can stare at the back of Adrien’s head for the majority of it and that Alya lets her copy her notes right after it’s over.


Marinette stares at her bed, Tikki sitting on her shoulder, and they’re both silent as they just stare at it.
“I really don’t want to go to bed,” Marinette says.
Tikki says nothing and Marinette knows she’s being ridiculous but she just got over the last batch of nightmares! She thought she was getting used to dealing with things as Ladybug! She’s doing a lot of good! The city loves her, which is better than some other bug themed Superheroes that she’s read about, and she-
“Why don’t we get some air?”
Marinette blinks and watches Tikki float in front of her face, big blue eyes blinking at her with a big, old smile on her face. Marinette blinks again, tilting her head before they widen and she can’t help smiling herself.
“We’ll be quick,” she promises, nearly bouncing on the balls of her feet.
Tikki giggles happily and Marinette feels that familiar burst of warmth and light in her chest.
“Change! Ladybug! Yeah!”


The night air is fantastic, just the way she likes it, warm and breezy, as the lights of the city create a night sky all around her. She jumps from roof to roof, fast and free, graceful and giddy, and she feels much better than she did in her room a few minutes ago.
But she’s still has a knotted feeling in her stomach.
She lands with a roll and decides to park it here, watching the Paris move and dance and glow. She’s sure she’s memorized every knock and cranny this city has to offer but now more than ever she wants it imprinted on her eyes, just the colors and shapes and everything about her home that makes it so. Then she could fill her dreams of Paris and its light and not of-
She looks up just in time to see Chat Noir bending forward, balanced at the edge on the building, smiling a Cheshire grin.
“Chat Noir…!” She says, blinking rapidly, and he smiles impossibly wider and bows, his dramatic flair kicking in.
“Bonjour, Lovely Ladybug,” he looks back up and winks, “how’s villain catching tonight?”
She snorts and shakes her head, “None out today, sorry, just out on a moonlit stroll.”
He steps off the edge and gets even closer, and she takes a step back after a moment, if only because less distance between them encourages his more affectionate side.
He smiles and walks even closer, saddling up to her side, “Then let me join the beautiful lady on her stroll.”
She shakes her head, sighing as he smiles to her, looking every bit cheeky as he always does.
His face grim and pale, eyes shut, with an expression of a boy ready for the firing squad-
She looks to him then, twinkling green eyes, boyish smile, and looking every bit alive and happy as he could. She must look too long because his expression changes, eyes glittering as he tilts his head, mouth forming as though he wants to ask. She opens her own, wanting to say something, wanting to tell him something, wanting to-
“Don’t…..don’t be so reckless….please? Don’t just…..don’t be so ready to jump head first into trouble…”
Her heart is hammering against her chest and she feel her cheeks grow warm. What a thing to say! Oh no, she sounds like one of those girls in the movies! Telling the hero he shouldn’t be so rash because she cares about him deeply! This would be the part in those books that her mother didn’t want her to read, and she really hasn’t technically read them if she’s only skipping to the good parts, where they say that right before they jump to said good parts!
And without fail, he’s jumped to the same thought she has. His eyes go lidded and that smile is back, as every bit flirty and mischievous as ever.
“Oh~! Has my Lady been worried about me~?” He says, eyebrows bouncing in place and she imagines pulling hair. Whether it’s her own or his is left up to her frazzled mind, which can’t seem to figure out which one would be a more plausible action. She can feel the headache coming and pinches the bridge of her nose. She feels his hand take her other hand and her head springs up to glare at him before she’s stopped.
She knows his faces, just like she knows the faces and sounds and thoughts of everyone she cares about, but he’s looking at her with a face she’s never seen. His eyes are warm, sparkling with something that leaves the blush on her cheeks crimson, and his entire expression is something she’s dreamed of on Adrien’s face but never actually seen in person.
He squeezes her hand, “I can’t promise anything, but….I’ll try. Anything for My Lady.”
She sucks in a breath and for a minute feels like Marinette, the meek, shy, and hopeless romantic, before she remembers that Ladybug is anything but.
Still…..she squeezes his hand back before dropping it to tweak his nose gently.
“I’m saying this for your benefit, you reckless kitty cat.” She says, smiling at his shocked expression.
He scrunches up his nose before laughing, leaning in again as he had a hundred times before, flirtatious smirk and all, “Why don’t we makes this easier on ourselves and just admit we’re helplessly in love with each other~?”
She scoffs and pushes him back playfully, laughing as he smiles back at her. As they banter back and forth, dancing around each other as he flirts and she rebukes each one playfully, the knot in her stomach slowly fades away.