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BTS Reaction to Them and Their S/O Having a Fight but Wake Up Tangled Together


Seokjin grumbled and tried to shove your arm off of his forehead. Even though he had acted like he was super mad, he wasn’t. He couldn’t be when he loved his s/o so much. When you were finally awake enough to move he quickly pulled you back to him wrapping his arms around you tightly. 

“ God I actually didn’t expect to love you so much “

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When you and Namjoon went to sleep that night you guys fell asleep facing away from each other. When he finally woke up with his s/o’s head resting sweetly on his chest all of his previous anger melted away. He was always such a softie when it came to his s/o and he could never stay mad at them for long. 

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As Yoongi woke up he chuckled at the fact that he couldn’t feel his legs because they were in a very awkward position. Both of his legs spirally twisted with his s/o’s. He softly shook his legs from your’s and rubbed his thumb across your sleeping face. Now that he was calm he could finally think and he realized that what the two of you had been fighting about wasn’t that serious.

“ Gosh we are so dramatic “

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When you woke up and tried to shove Hoseok off you, he just grunted and pulled you even closer to him. In actuality he had forgotten that the two of you had even fought in the first place. A soft “I love you” fell from his lips and you could’t help sighing and melting further into his embrace forgetting all about your fight. 

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Taehyung was very intent on you not being upset with him. So when he woke up with the two of you snuggled together his heart swelled. He gently kissed your forehead and immediately went right back to sleep, embracing your warmth. 

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Jimin get off of me god” You mumbled to your alseep s/o. He woke up enough for the two of you to get out of the uncomfortable position you were in and plopped back onto the bed dragging you with him. He snuck his arms tightly around his s/o’s waist, spooning them. He could never be mad enough at his s/o that he would pass up a good cuddle. Burying his head softly in his s/o’s hair he went back to sleep. 

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Jungkook would be the one laying all over his s/o. Jungkook has all the strength in the world but he likes to be babied. He hates when the two of you get in fights. He always ends up trying to make the situation better even though sometimes he just makes it worse. When you woke up with Jungkook sprawled all over you, you could’t help but smile and whisper a small “I love this boy” under your breath. He immediately whispered “I love you too” and snuggled closer too you falling back asleep.

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People ought to be careful making fun of Gods, at least for the users here that really work with and worship them. It's already hard enough to find acceptance without your gods being a huge joke. (However it doesn't mean we should ignore their silly moments, because they aren't perfect, and that's what I love about them)

I suppose it is important to remember amidst all our jokes that they ARE gods and are part of ppls religion

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Hello! I LOVE your art and I feel inspired whenever I see them! Can you please tell me your favorite artists and good references, especially for coloring, thank you!

Hiii, glad I could inspire you! Here are some artists that inspire me and I love them all!!

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so i was going to do something for 1k, but i procrastinate n shit, so here are my 1.1k  blogrates (well technically 1.2k now but shh) ! (really why are y’all following this shitty blog?)


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format under the cut:

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Okay, i was looking at your blog lol bc i love it so much. And everybody goes with "hyacinth" but what about daphne??? I mean GUYZ THIS IS SO HORRIBLE. CAN YOU IMAGINE YOU JUST TURNED INTO A TREE BC OF SOME FUCKING CHILDISH GODS????? OH MAY GAWD, IF I WERE HER, I WOULD PUNCH THEM WITH MY TREE-ARM LIKE WhaT??????

all I got from this is that Daphne,,,, is groot

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I started binge-watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency because you mentioned it was on Hulu and oh boy. Anything else to suggest? (It's perfect since it's fairly short and my subscription is gone after this month lmao)

ain’t it phenomenal though god I love it!!
okay I’m crap at recommending things but if you like DGHDA I will try and pick out some thematically similar shows.  fair warning, you may already have seen them all.  that happens.

-the anime Baccano!! reminds me very strongly of DGHDA actually–it takes place in three different consecutive years, with the same cast each time, with a ton of supernatural shenanigans and deliciously confusing plot stuff.  a remarkable amount of Gordon Rimmer’s “what is going on” rant applies to this show, especially the line “HOW MANY DIFFERENT SETS OF GUYS ARE IN THIS SITUATION”.  it’s good.

-Angie Tribeca is also on Hulu and has similar deadpan humor to DGHDA except mostly it’s like…Airplane, but happening in a police precinct.  just.  non-stop puns, and Rashida Jones is the main character.  might be a bit of an acquired taste.

-Sense8 is on Netflix and has a similar colorful cast and that delightful sense of a wide, quirky mess of storylines coming together as one.  never disappoints, always brings strong emotions through, whether positive or negative.  consistently did everything with the premise that I desperately hoped it would do.  there’s also an assortment of gratuitous sex scenes but I usually fast-forward through those.  matter of preference.

-this version of DGHDA is based on a book by Douglas Adams, so you might have luck with the older tv adaptations of said book, or with his other work such as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?

that’s all I got for now. thnx

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I love your fics omg, I have the hc that all that Link is a bit of a sub, but they are mostly equal as regards their sexual roles *Whispers* I also have a bunch of nsfw Zelink comics but I'm too shy and scared to post them here.

agreed! i hc that Link has rather specific likes (i.e choking and hair pulling) whilst Zelda just enjoys him being in control in general, so they switch it up a lot.

also i think i speak on behalf of everyone when i say: please for the love of god make a side blog and post them???!?? we are in desperate need of more nsfw zelink art. and by “we” i mean me personally because my thirst for Link is unreal

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Davos speech sounds like a reply to Dany's. if Jon's hand is stepping up and saying all the good he did, Tyrion must do the same and mention that Dany freed an entire continent of slaves, so Davos can say something about Jon and they can go on like that. I want them to be like two proud dads bickering about how special their children are.

Oh my god this is the best thing. This is EXACTLY how I picture them haha. Two, proud dads. I am SO GLAD that we have Tyrion and Davos because I love them as individual characters, I love them as Hands, and I love their relationships with their respective monarchs. But my favorite thing is how they are both working overtime to make this pairing happen hahaha. We are SO blessed. 

Can we please!

I’m no writer and I’m not policing but for the love of god I love Lancelot (Lotor/Lance) but could we please have more healthy relationships with them. Lotor though is a villain and season three is next week I just want to see less toxic Lancelot and more healthy Lancelot. Thank you that is all!!

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Prompt Batch #3

Theme: Friends falling in love/unrealized feelings

(Requested by Anonymous)

1. “God, you’re beautiful… . Huh? What? Did I say that out loud?”

2. “I care about you, you know that?”

3. “I’m so glad I met you.”

4. “I like them, I guess–but I don’t know if they like me back.”

5. “We’re just friends … that’s all.”

6. “You sure don’t act like just friends.”

7. “I’m not jealous! I was just trying to look out for you, is all!”

8. “Do you like them? . . . I mean, uh–not that it matters to me or anything.”

9. “They’re not good enough for you.”

10. “I’m so lucky to have you in my life.”

11. “Dude, I am not being your wingman.”

12. “Do you ever think, um … N-nevermind–it was nothing.”

13. “I can’t believe they thought we were dating! That’s … weird, right?”

14. “How many times do I have to tell you–they’re just a friend!”

15. “Can I stay at your place tonight? … What do you mean–that’s not weird! Just a couple of friends having a sleepover, right?”

16. “Your boyfriend/girlfriend is a jerk, you know that, right?”

17. “Sometimes I don’t know what I’d do without you by my side.”

18. “We’re as thick as thieves! … Platonic thieves, I mean.”

19. “What–you’re really going on a date with that jerk?”

20. “Don’t tell me you actually like them! They’re so obviously just using you!”

You're Fantastic - spicanao - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

So @lunacias ’s recent drawing of Nana/Midoriya with All Might merch made me feel a lot of things (my heart still hasn’t recovered tbh, it’s too goooood) and welp it has led to this: tododeku with.. I mean I guess you’ll find out if you read it.

I’d love to dedicate this to them as a thank you for fulfilling my request and also for all their contributions (originals, other fandoms, heroaca <3) 

I actually haven’t written anything in a loooong while and this is my first real fanfic, so it still has much for improvement, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out :)

Here’s the text below the cut for those who prefer that! ~1300 words

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Okay, so you know how in bayverse cybertronians have been meddling with human history? Well what if I'm like, any of the continuities (tfp probably?) A dozen or so decepticons crash on Earth and just so happen to land in Egypt and the Egyptians immediately take them for gods? And they provide technology and help them with their advancement in education and mathematics and one day one of the cons are thinking "Why haven't we killed these things yet??" "They worship us and give us gifts, shut up."

I’m not up to date with Bayverse, but yeah I’ve heard about that!! Oh my god I love this tho, these Decepticons just. Show up out of nowhere and are immediately given all this free stuff from tiny organics and they’re like “???? Okay??”

But also bc I’m p sure in TFP there was fighting on Earth in ancient times during the original Cybertronian war, consider this: after a while the ‘Cons become a lil bit protective of these humans, so when other Cybertronians reach Egypt these Decepticons are ready to Throw Down in order to protect their charges keep receiving offerings!!

i n e e d a descendants 3 with all of my babies because honestly they make me happier than anything else on this planet and this franchise means so much to me and i really want to see where the characters go next and the cast obviously loves it so much so I want it for them and GOD i just love it so much

You Miss Him, Don’t You?

“Heh, well, what are you waitin’ for? I’m not stoppin’ ya.”

“Oh, but Sans, I…I said so many horrible things to him before I left. I took Asriel…our little Asriel…away from him…He would never welcome me back into the godly realm.”

“Relax, Tori, this is Asgore we’re talking about. He loves you. He’ll understand. He doesn’t have an easy job as the Father God, and he’s gotta make some hard decisions sometimes…decisions some may not like…”


“But he cares for all of his creations, and acts only out of love for them. Try to keep that in mind when you see him again, ok?”

“I…I understand, Sans. Thank you.”

“Hey, no problem, old lady. And good luck, not that you’ll need it.”

Oh snap, ya gurl’s stepped into Reapertale territory, HOLD UP.

Ok, this ISN’T Soriel, guys, I’m letting you know that right now. I just wanted to spread my Asgoriel love to other AUs and I thought, “Reapertale? Sure, ok.” I kinda have a weird love-hate relationship with Reapertale. I really like the whole god concept thing, but that’s about it. I really like what I did with this. I had to recreate the whole room since it wasn’t its own sprite, and I had to make Toriel and Sans’ sprites (I really like how I made Tori’s.). But yeah, sorry there’s no big, grand tale of the Mother and Father God getting back together, I just don’t know too much about Reapertale and making the image kinda drained me.

(Maybe I’ll visit Reapertale again if I can find it in me to make more backgrounds *wink*)

I Will Remain Confident In This

I have a confession: I’ve been quiet. I’ve been sulking in a pool of self-pity and discouragement for some time now. I’ve struggled every day to get out of bed and move. I’ve given myself pep-talks and tried to find encouragement in all the wrong places. I’ve shut the world out and can barely recognize myself anymore. I’ve decided enough is enough and that I have to get out of this dark place. I’ve come to this point only by the grace of God who loves me too much to leave me in this condition. I’ve been delivered from all this yuck today because the Holy Spirit prompted me to open up my Bible and read the words on the pages. These words gave me life and warmed all the cold places in my heart. These words are Abba’s promises for me and you. I am grabbing hold of them and never letting go. I still have a lot of things to work through, but for the first time in months, I can see the light. For the first time in months, I can feel my light surfacing again. 

Abba spoke to me today and I want to share it with whoever is being crushed by discouragement, anger, self-pity, depression, anxiety or hopelessness. I believe Abba can deliver you, too. 

Friend, you have to stop considering yourself inadequate or not enough based on the rejections you receive from others. You need to shut down the lies of the enemy who tells you that you will never amount to anything. You need to remember your worth, which was the cost of Jesus’ life. You need to remain confident and maintain a life of perseverance as hard as it may be. Abba calls you worthy, and He says you are more than enough. Abba is coming back for us in time with more than we can ever imagine. You need to be fixated on Him and this truth so that you can be ready. You have to stop focusing on the things of this world and worrying about not being able to measure up to those around you. The world won’t lead you to eternity with Jesus. While you must persevere in this world and do well to steward the life Abba has given you, you must always remember to keep the eyes of your heart fixed on Him. You can’t let anything sway you. You have to be ready for your Savior, because He is coming. You’re going to be united with Abba. You’re going to walk into freedom with Him. You can be confident in this, and you can persevere because of this. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Choose freedom today, friend. You cannot operate in the way Abba has created you to if you are living in chains. You must choose freedom. Abba awaits you. 

“So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised. For in just a little while, He who is coming will come and will not delay.” - Hebrews 10:35-36

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Does Euron think he is Azor Ahai? With the exception of Light bringer we know that he does fit aspects of the prophecy. He was born amidst salt on the Iron Islands. He was reborn under a bleeding star on the smoking ruins of Valeria. This was all roughly around the same time that the dragons were born. He might even have the blood of a dragon within his blood eye. What are the odds of Euron being the prince that was promised?

Azor Ahai’s supposed to save the world, and Euron wants to end it, so I’d say he’s a dark mirror at most. After all, he has no Nissa Nissa, because he loves no one but himself. I don’t think Euron conceives of himself as the heir to prophecy, but as a disruptive metaphysical hijacker out to destroy the gods’ plans along the way to taking their place. Dany was given her dragon eggs as a gift, and risked her life in hatching them; Euron prefers to steal magical artifacts, and as we see with Dragonbinder, he risks other people’s lives rather than his own.

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Alright listen,,,,,,, when Ethan and Benny were cuddling in the love potion episode and Benny's grandma called them lover boys I know she was talking about the love potion but I like to think that she was talking about them lmao

MMM…by far that is my favorite Bethan moment there are many others but that one tops all of them

AND HOLY SHIT I?? I never thought she might be referring to them as a couple and not them with the whole love potion fiasco

That’s it, evidence that Benny’s grandma ships her grandson and his best friend is right there, I don’t care what you say

Anonymous said: Rory (at the party, talking about erica): Check out the hot senior babe she’s dancing with! (Not shown who Erica is dancing with, but presumably its one of the boys)

GOD BLESS…Rory Keaner is gay everybody pass it around

(But of course that makes sense like, Erica is most likely dancing with a guy, and Rory literally says check out the hot senior babe without reference to their gender, so it very well could be a boy GOD I’M SO HAPPY ABOUT THIS?? TY FOR POINTING THAT OUT)

Anonymous said: My dude that one point in the doll episode after Ethan’s parents wake up and it pans to Ethan and he’s super like shy and he looks adorable Frick me up

Ethan’s adorable all the time come on why do you think Benny loves him so much

But oh my god he looks ridiculous in that Dazzle Dan outfit I’m snorting