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I just want to say that yours headcanons and interactions with everyone here just crack me up so fcking much, honestly, you guys are a true blessing. And, if it's okay, could I request the RFA+V+ Saeran falling hard for MC but they just don't notice, like, at all, and, God help them, they are trying their very best, what the actual fuck MC (it's okay if you don't wanna do the request, I hope you guys have a great day!)

A/N: omg you’re such a cutie thank you <3 ヾ(´▽`*;)ゝ”and did you mean like mc doesnt notice that they’re completely in love with them??? (soRRY im so exhausted lmao) but dude i’m completely mc in that case ripperoni  ~Admin 404


               - I thought…losing his eye was like… enough to show how much he cares about you

               -He’s always making you food and snacks in cute little shapes (especially hearts)

               -When the two of you play LOLOL he’s always giving you the best loot and diving in front of your character to make sure you don’t die

               -Always joining new clubs that either you’re in, or they cover a topic you’re interested in

               -That way, he can spend more time with you and enjoy some of the same things!

               -Not to mention it he actually really enjoys it all and learns something new about you every time

               -He’s even managed to hug you close for long periods of time without turning red or stuttering!

               -But you still! Don’t! See it!

               -You always think he’s just being really nice and a great friend! Sure you secretly like him but you don’t want to ruin the friendship if he doesn’t like you back!

               -Saeyoung’s made it his personal mission to get the two of you together because Yoosung just won’t take initiative and you’re just oblivious as hell


               -He’s always hanging off of you, how are you not even suspicious?

               -Always has an arm around you, hand on your shoulder, even on your knee when the two of you are sitting

               -For fucks sake MC, he kisses your cheek and holds your hand when the two of you walk anywhere are you DENSE??

               -Always bringing you flowers, chocolates, you name it


               -He’s so dramatic about everything. Every time you don’t react to his romantic gesture, he’s practically throwing himself to the floor in a sobbing fit

               -He’s even held you by the shoulders, looked you in the eyes, and told you how much he really likes you

               -You just responded with a tilt of your head, innocently asking, “Like…. you like-like me?”

               - hoW HAVE YOU NOT NOTICED BY NOW?????

               -EVEN AFTER THAT, YOU’RE STILL OBLIVIOUS. MC, why. Just, why. He loves you but wOW


               -She’s not exactly surprised that you don’t realize her feelings

               -More subtle with her emotions than the rest of them

               - even jumin is more open about his feelings for you, who would have guessed

               -She’s always inviting you to attend new cafes, or to show you her favourite ones!

               -Also makes you a lot of coffee/tea and cakes!

               -The two of you spend a lot of time discussing books the two of you have read, and theorize about those that abruptly ended

               -Always looking you straight in the eyes, smiling, and will constantly turn a light shade of red

               -But you don’t get it?? Is she getting a fever? Is it even hot enough in here to make her red like that? Is she alright?

               -You’re always putting your hands on her cheeks, trying to see if she’s ill and it just makes her blush 10x more

               -Dammit MC she’s gonna pass out at this rate, get your hands off of her, just notice that she likes you so the two of you can cuddle and she can get over turning as red as she does!


               -You’d think it’d be really obvious

               -I mean the man has next to no emotions but when you come around he’s practically a puddle on the floor- how in the world don’t you notice?

               -Always making sure you’re comfortable with anything the two of you do

               -If he invites you to lunch and you don’t like the restaurant, he’ll cancel his reservations and find a new place immediately

               -AND HE DOES EVERYTHING HIMSELF. Not once does he ask Jaehee or another employee of his to set up plans or grab something for you

               -Listens to your opinion more than anyone else’s. He’ll take it to heart and do whatever you suggested (that is if it isn’t drastic)


               -The dude tried to move you into his house almost immediately, seriously MC how can you not tell

               -Completely showers you in gifts all the time. If you aren’t there to physically receive them, he’s telling you what he got you and sends you pictures

               -He thinks it’s absolutely adorable that you have no idea, but at the same time it lowkey drives him crazy because he juST WANTS TO KISS YOU, MC. PLEASE. JUST, P L E A S E



               -This lil brat tries to hide that he’s completely in love with you until he just can’t take it anymore

               -Come on he’s built you Robo-cat, gone over personally to protect you, and a lot more, what do you waNT FROM HIM

               -Sends you memes in the middle of the night because he thinks you’ll find them funny

               -Calls you at night just to talk until he can hear you fall asleep on the other end of the phone

               -He’s also buying you a lot of little things because he thought of you when he saw it, and couldn’t bring himself to just leave it

               -You’re the only one he’ll let drive his babies. HIS. BABIES. MC, COME ON

               -Always looking at you like a love-sick puppy. Whenever you do something completely adorable he gets as red as his hair

               -He’ll lightly brush his hand against yours when the two of you are walking close together, and watch to see if he can actually grab your hand

               -Gives you the Flynn Rider smoulder more times than you can count but all you do is giggle because it’s your favourite movie. Your giggle is like heaven but MC whY CAN’T YOU SEE HE LIKES YOU

               -HE EVEN SINGS THE LITTLE MERMAID SONG “KISS THE GIRL”(or he changes the lyrics to boy, depending) TO GET THE POINT ACROSS BUT ALL YOU DO IS JUMP IN ON HIS MUSICAL NUMBER. One day MC, one day.


               -He’s gentle with everyone, but you??

               -Well, he’s gentle but he plays around a LOT more

               -Playfully pushes you, pinches your cheeks, he even does gross shit like lick your cheek okay but i do the same

               -Leans close to you all the time. When the two of you talk, he’s leaning into you, staring into your eyes

               -Y'all even spend the night at each other’s houses watching movies or just talking about life

               -How the hell can you not tell that this giraffe loves you??

               -Always taking beautiful photos of you! Well…almost always

               -His favourite photo album is full of pictures of you being goofy, and packed which terrible candid’s of you, but he lOVES THEM SO MUCH MC LOOK AT HOW AMAZING YOU ARE

               -He plans trips for just the two of you so he can take pictures and you can see the sights! Takes you to romantic dinners! Y'all even go to festivals and carnivals together.

               -He’s always holding your hand because he doesn’t want to lose you in a crowd. Or that’s what you think. In reality he just wants to hold your hand; MC please he’s so cute just kiss him already


               -He just plain sucks at sharing emotions

               -But he thought he was pretty obvious?

               -Like there are times that you’re the only one he’ll even acknowledge? That’s pretty self-explanatory there MC

               -He takes you out for ice cream all the time, walks around town, whatever you want. He hates people, he doesn’t willingly go out for that. Unless you want to

               -Always invites you over to just hang out and play some games, watch some movies, or sometimes just to nap

               -Even asks you to teach him how to cook/bake, so he can spend a lot more time with you!

               -Sometimes you give him this dazzling smile that just makes his heart flutter and he can’t even look at you

               -You also like to hug him and he practically passes out every time. It scares you a little bit because you can’t figure out why?? Is he okay??? Are you dead??

               -But he steps out of his comfort zone and hugs you back?? You’re so happy and you absolutely love it! You think that maybe he’s finally becoming more social! You have no idea that he only hugs you because??? It’s you

               -Please just admit you like this man so he can get comfortable MC, he’s too awkward to ask you out himself

Whenever a Christian homophobe tries to tell me how to live my life...

Whenever a Christian homophobe tells me I’m living in sin and that I’m going to hell, I just recite Matthew 5:10 to myself:

“Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” 

And then I imagine myself floating around on a gay cloud watching them all get sent to hell, and I’m like; Dude. I don’t even believe in God, and I’m still getting into Heaven before you. 

I’m tired and have no fucks left to give

I just blacklisted a bunch of ships.  

They’re not notps. (YET)  And I even have written/hard-shipped these in the past.I’m just sick of seeing them and the discourse surrounding them on my dash.  

Also.  I’m sick of the shippers of these ships.  Ever hear the term “love the ship, but for the love of god, the SHIPPERSSSSS” That is me rn.  

It is very much reminding me of the *armione vs. *inny ship wars in HP and like.  NAW.  SORRY.  Not going to let your little ship wars RUIN my happy place.  My happy place where multishipping is encouraged.    

So like. I’m done.  Bye.  I’ll still write them for six sentence saturday, but that doesn’t mean i need it on my dash all the live-long day.  Take your “trash” elsewhere.  (Especially if your “trash” includes shitting on ships (and characters) that quite frankly, I adore.)  



…the Angsty PTTM sentiment (“i was looking for something more powerful than this belt while it’s been you all along”) but in everyday life. Hurley swiftly changes a cart wheel with an improvised lever and Sloane is flabbergasted because her wife is just so strong and capable. Her raven mask is worn-out, and Hurley makes a new one, and it’s just so neatly crafted and dear gods she’s so talented heavens help me what have i done to deserve her. Sloane catches a cold and Hurley makes up the most amazing excuse to take a day off and runs around her girlfriend with hot compresses and beef-tea and just scoops up this grumpy sneezing baby when she starts complaining, just lifts her, and Sloane looks at her and bursts into tears because Hurley is just so strong and powerful and perfect, and Sloane just loves and cherishes and adores her so so much

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Do you get hate for being a Christian on Tumblr? Because I just say that I am one and people immediately send me awful messages and anons...

Hi friend,

All. The. Time. I just repeat Matthew 5:10 to myself and breathe and talk to God about it and pray for them. <3

All my love,


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Favourite moment/element for each character, for each season.

I just had way too many choices to make, particularly for the characters who have been around for all 5 seasons! Also, some of these are obviously going to overlap a little with my top 5 moments series.

Harold Finch: (do you even know how much I angsted over having to just pick one scene per season?!)

  1. Just to start off on a light note, I’ll go with my fav comedic moment for Harold, which would definitely be him being high as fuck and immediately wanting to hack into The Pentagon (Identity Crisis, 1x18).
  2. “Did you know?” – Harold Finch (God Mode, 2x22). I just loved all of his flashbacks. They were extraordinarily well done and watching him lose both Grace and Nathan was heart wrenching.
  3. “Kill them all” – Harold Finch (Beta, 3x21). 
  4. His scene with TM at the end in YHWH (4x22) of course! 
  5. The rules speech hands down (The Day The World Went Away, 5x10). 


  1. When she blew Corwin’s brains out and was all “so nice to finally meet you, Harold. You can call me Root.” (Firewall, 1x23). I instantly fell in love. 
  2. Her bad code speech of course! (The Contingency, 2x01)
  3. “The universe is infinite and chaotic and cold…” – Root (Root Path, 3x17)
  4. Her shootout with Martine in Prophets (4x05) would have to take the cake.
  5. “We might as well be a symphony” – Root (The Day The World Went Away, 5x10).

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I'd totally be down for a poly relationship with Helion, Tarquin, and Helion's wife

I hope this crack ship spreads like WILD FIRE. God, after all of them are comfortable and stable and satisfied with their relationship, it would be absolutely glorious. Enough melanin to feed a NATION, I swear. Tarquin and Helion would be slightly closer, just because the Lady of the Day Court, who is now the High Lady of the Day and Summer Court, is the one who really gets the work done. She rules both courts, while Tarquin and Helion sit back and look pretty and love each other, and they both love and adore her so much and would literally die for her, this literal perfection that is theirs and only theirs. The High Lord Husbands and their Wife. I’d die for this, if I’m being honest. 

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oh man. i uh may have devoured your entire hockey RPF collection over the course of a couple weeks, and i looooove all of them, even the players/ships i'd never heard of. you make me care about ovie/backy and that not really my ship but YO king me and YOOOOOO that ABO fic? like man if youre gonna do hockey abo fic YOURE GONNA DO IT LIKE THAT. hot damn. OK this is just fangirling now, but in terms of stuff i'd like to see - i love a good soulmate au and i bet you could do one!

Ha ha oh god this is just Work In Progress roundup huh


Put “longstanding Nicky/Ovi soulbond fic” on the list of things I have written quite a lot of and should finish, will do

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How do you keep up with all the prayer requests you get? Do you actually pray for all of them?

Hi friend,

Every single one of them. I pray either right before or after posting my response(s), and then after that I sometimes pray for my Tumblr friends/community either at night before bed or in the morning before/during my alone time with Him. Kind of whenever it strikes me to/whenever God puts it on my heart. I also tag each of these asks prayers so that I can go through and repeat specific ones so that I don’t forget about anyone. <3

All my love,


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Since today is the Day™ that love was created can you pls say what prove me wrong and tear in my heart mean to you or talk about the Creators Of Love™

to be honest I haven’t really listened to prove me wrong that much, but TIMH is everything to me. it’s not your typical “I’m in love with you and it’s all rainbows and sparkles”, but rather it’s a song about how she makes him feel again. loving her is beautiful and painful and raw and enough, and it’s such a big difference from when he used to be afraid of letting someone in and trusting them. he loves the tough parts of love just as much as the easy parts, because they’re all a part of loving her and my god after years of being numb and in fear, it’s like breathing for the first time.

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I had a horrific dream last night, so before i go to sleep i was reading your anons about your change and stuff which is okay with me i still gonna love u and follow u but the dream was that you also deleted all your fics and i was so sad oh god i hope you never do it

I’ve been yelled at for even thinking about it, so that’s not going to happen. Julia @lovehopetwistt and Kayla @narrymusings would literally track me down and beat me until I put them back up.

Harry, Niall and Liam all wanted to be there to support Louis tonight for what was undoubtedly one of the most difficult moments of his life.

“It was an incredible and special thing for them to get back together as a four and be like brothers again.

Niall flew in overnight from New York so he could be there and Liam came from Los Angeles. It was that important they were together.

They were all in Louis’s dressing room together and it was obviously an incredible emotional night.”

Things You Will See in This Video:

-Misha not able to speak properly but frustratedly trying to get his point across anyway
-Maison and West just positively cracking up with laughter
-Vicki desperately running away from the camera