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Vongola guardians react to their box animals preferring their s/o to their masters

Tsuna’s has already been written; you can find the post here.


“Ah, uh, n-nice dog,” you squeaked rather helplessly, cringing at the face full of dog tongue you got in response. Your boyfriend was laughing at your predicament. “So not funny,” you wailed. “Yamamoto! Help!”

“No can do, y/n. Jiro likes you best. I don’t think I could call him off if I wanted too,” the Rain admitted, attempting (and failing) to smother another snicker. “Besides, he’s only showing how much he loooves you.”

“Takeshi Yamamoto, I swear to God, you’re going to sleep on the couch tonight if you don’t —  Holy shit, where did that bird come from?!”

“That’s Kojiro, he’s my other box animal.”

 “…Jiro and Kojiro? Seriously?”

“Why does everyone say that?”


You felt a bead of nervous sweat dribble down your neck as you lay witness to what basically amounted to a tiny wildcat clawing your boyfriend’s face-off, “H-Hayato —“

You were interrupted by cursing and snarling, both from the human of the pair; the cat just yowled angrily. “What the hell, Uri?! All I did was sit down next to Y/n!”


“You wanna go, hairball?!”

Uri hissed.

At this point you stood up, walked out of the room, and came back with a tiny spray bottle full of water. You spritzed them both. Uri peeled off of Hayato’s face to flee to the other side of the room to send you betrayaled looks and clean her fur. Your boyfriend looked smug for all of two seconds until you spritz him in the face several times too.

“Wh-What the hell, Y/n?” He spluttered, hurriedly wiping his face with his shirt.

“That’s for teasing the cat.”

“She started it!”

“Yeah, well, I finished it.” You sprayed him once more playfully. “And that one’s because I like the look of you wet…” You bolted out of the room that instant Gokudera processed what you just said exactly.


“Thank God that this isn’t a china shop,” You mused, mildly looking at (actually not that bad) chaos around you that came from your sometimes scatter-brained boyfriend releasing a huge prize-fighter-sized bull in the house.

“That’s nice, Y/n,” Lambo muttered, refusing to look away from his staring contest with… Gyuudon? Who names their cow ‘beef bowl’? Did he plan eating his box animal later or what? Maybe he was just hungry at the time…?

It was always hard to tell with his five-year-old self, who you had the pleasure of meeting a few times already.

“Well, if it’s all the same to you,” You said with great amusement after a long moment. “I’m going to go water the plants… Please try not to destroy the rest of the house with whatever… That is. Thanks.”


“Oh, my God, please don’t tell me you kidnapped the kangaroo from the zoo instead because they still refused to let you fight one of their bears…”

Ryohei perked up from beside the punching bag, casually brushing it to the side when the kangaroo (who was wearing boxing gloves??? Ryo, what the hell???) sent it hurtling back in your boyfriend’s direction with what would have been a punishing blow. “I didn’t! This is my box animal, Kangaryuu!”

“… Well, I can certainly see how alike the two of you are in spirit,” you said weakly, wary at such a tall creature that was now towering next to you. It left out a huff of air and flopped it’s head on top of yours. “Uh… Ryo?”

“He likes you!” Ryohei cheered loudly.


Your boyfriend stared in baffled offense at the hedgehog who had just poked his with its spikes, intercepting that hand that had been reach out to grab some lint off your shirt. The yellow canary flapped his wings from on top of your head and you started to sweat nervously.

Hibari hadn’t moved for a full minute.

“Um, I’ll get a bandage,” you said finally after a spotting a drop of blood before retreating. Maybe he’d snap out of his shock when you came back.

Psycho Pass The Movie Trailer and what I got from it

Hey~ At least Yayoi and Gino are still alive  

Here’s the obligatory she-male (he better not touch my Akane)

OH MY GOD Akaneeee~eee❤❤ KasxdSGAhkgfaytt AA+ Waifu material I LooOve you~(。・//ε//・。)

Doc’s still kicking around Yay~ 

Akane in SWAT uniform ^q^   


Terrorists? Akane can handle it  

Oh…YOU’re still here huh?

Gino has a fabu ponytail though~

And he’s also a ninja apparently   

And Akane gets 150% cooler with each new installment of the series   

Also Haru from Free! decided to become a terrorist (that or Kougami is such a stalker he followed Akane all the way to a war zone )