god i look hideous

I was torn between the nightie and another idea. MICHIRU EXPERT HOLLIGAY HAS WEIGHED IN AND THUS I PRESENT


Wearing, of course, one of Haruka’s button-up shirts.

One thing I’ve always found kind of funny about Thomas is the fact that, despite his supernatural beauty and his general emo-pretty-boy-vampire-tropey-ness, he doesn’t actually mind when he doesn’t look good. Whenever Thomas dresses up or gets transformed, there’s no, “Oh my God, I’m hideous!” moment. Like in Backup, he’s made to look terrible, but aside from the fact that he’s unrecognisable he doesn’t seem that bothered by it. And in Turn Coat when he dresses up to look like Harry, he exchanges a few choice quips but doesn’t show any genuine discomfort. I guess maybe I’ve just read/seen so many characters who do feel completely lost without their perfect appearance, or where some sort of joke gets made about it, that Thomas not being shallow and covetous about his beauty seems odd, especially considering just how put-together he normally tries to be.

Selfie Challenge

I was tagged by double-knotted-shoelace, teawithtrinket, and hijackedup to do the six photo selfie challenge.  Below the cut is my six pictures.  

I tag saltywindsandysea/ cxpitolistic, poseidonodairheis, mxckinglark getoffmysketchpad hijacked-baker, and anyone else because you’re all handsome/beautiful.  

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un-shit-yourself asked 💃💃💃💃💃 FOR JAY 💃💃💃💃💃

OC in some radical 90’s clothes

Oh no. oh NO. xD Also bonus Anders in a crop top. You’re welcome. ^u^ (See I lived my first ten years as a human being in the 90′s and still I had no idea what 90′s fashion actually entailed. Google may have made me laugh several times oh gods people really wore this stuff???)

Thank you, this was a blast xD


“No, go away. I haven’t got any eyeliner on.”

“Good god woman, you’re hideous.”

I choke out a laugh, but looking at him is going to make me cry, so I turn my head back to stare at the wall. “Is she ok?”

“She’s fine.” He smooths my hair down over my back. “I’ve seen her. She was staying up late and watching some movie about princesses with a very nice lady who’s going to sleep on your couch tonight.”

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