god i just wanted to make this bc she was hot in this costume

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Good night! :) The request are still open? Maybe can I ask some HC, please? I've got this idea for a time and... How do you think the RFA boys + V & Saeran react to a Fem!S/O who's always been treated like a man for her family and friends? Like she talks, dress, act and treat other people like a man, but gets all shy and blush when her S/O treats her like a female because she thinks that she's not pretty enough to use dresses and stuff like that. Maybe a little bit of nsfw in this? Thank u!!

Good night/day to you, anon :) And of course, you can request things! My ask box is always open!! 

I hope I got your request right - it’s like a…”tomboy” mc, yeah? ahh I’ll try my best, please let me know if I read your request wrong ^^;; I hope you enjoy anyways! And for you, a little nsfw thrown in~ 

alSO I know anon said the rfa boys, but I can’t leave my wife out so she’s in a separate post! edit: which is now [here]!!!

nsfw-ish! (tbh it’s not that nsfw but i tr ied) 


  • it never really occurred to yoosung that mc wasn’t very ‘feminine’, but he did realize the only time he saw her in a dress was at the party
  • which was totally her choice, but it was also how she acted
  • she seemed to always try to be tough, taking on things she probably shouldn’t be doing but again, go her! 
  • but he felt bad that she wanted to carry all those heavy boxes and such
  • then when they went shopping one day, he saw her eyeing this dress 
  • he asks her about it and she says no, which made him pout
  • they left without that dress but he was determined to get it for her..so he did, surprise! 
  • mc grinned at first but then got all shy and asked him why he bought it
  • “Because you wanted it! I could tell..I just..thought you would like it..” what an angel
  • she tells him that yes! she does like it, but she doesn’t think she could pull it off *confused yoosung noises*
  • “honey, you’re beautiful!!” she gets even more blushy and shakes her head 
  • yoosung literally attacks her with kisses until she’s all giggly - kissing her face, neck, and to her shoulders, that they end up on the couch
  •  “come on, hun. how am I beautiful? I never wear dresses!” “you’re beautiful no matter what you wear-even wearing nothing, I want you to wear whatever you want”
  • this whole time, he’s like on top of her on the couch
  • “even wearing nothing?…” mc asks, smiling up at him. he blushes. 
  • “yes. and i’ll show you.” and boy oh boy he does

707 / Luciel / Saeyoung

  • saeyoung kinda knew what was going on, but really found out when he was trying to convince her to cosplay with him
  • “but mc, it would be so fun!!” “but saeyoung, you want to put me in a dress.” 
  • *pouts* “but you’ve seen me in a dress..” “that’s not the point”
  • “please please?? i won’t show anyone or take pictures and even put it on myself!” to really prove it, he throws on a dress himself
  • mc finally agrees 
  • he lets her pick the dress, but doesn’t let her lift a finger after that 
  • helps her undress and even put the other dress on 
  • mc is all blushy 1. from the undressing and 2. from wearing the dress
  • saeyoung grins at her when he’s done and ends up staring a bit
  • mc blushes more, “saeyoung, you’re staring..” “well…you’re hot”
  • “you’re ridiculous” “no seriously. I admit that I glanced a little while helping you” “sAEYOUNG”
  • “I mean, I can return the favor” and he literally takes his dress off right there
  • wow mc is red 
  • and now he starts pointing out his physical insecurities, all of which mc finds ridiculous he looks so good
  • she can’t help herself and starts kissing to what he points to 
  • and now her dress is off and he’s doing the same for her 
  • at the end of that, they look at each other until saeyoung pulls her into a deep kiss
  • guess we’ll have to cosplay another day


  • they were looking through his old costumes and some of them were a little, uh, revealing not anywhere bad geez i mean they were ripped
  • mc is kind of amazed. she asks how he wears them without being so self-conscious 
  • turns out he has a process, it’s not just his ego my boy here has his share of  insecurities 
  • she tries that process one day with a dress when he wasn’t home
  • but he got home early !! and saw her !!! 
  • obviously zen thinks she looks like The Most Beautiful Person Ever 
  • but mc blushes and runs to the closet to hide 
  • “babe! where are you going? that dress looks great on you!” 
  • “no it doesn’t, zen! stop it. I’m just gonna wear jeans forever, even to the party.”  what a dramatic couple 
  • he convinces her to come out of the closet, the dress still on
  •  but she has he arms crossed and is all pouty and not looking at him
  • luckily, he knows exactly what to do
  • he takes one of her hands and kisses from her hand to her shoulder, whispering little compliments until he gets to the other one 
  • and the next thing she knows, he’s doing that for everything?? 
  • her face, stomach, chest, even her legs hahahah i love the body worship hc 
  • and now she’s blushing for a whole other reason…which zen also takes care of ;))


  • oh boy
  • this man wants to spoil mc with dresses, but she never wears them 
  • he asks about that at dinner one night
  • and mc spills that she thinks she’s not pretty enough to wear dresses and it’s so much easier to just…be not feminine 
  • he understands, a little
  • and you know, he could just.. tell her that he thinks she’s beautiful and that she could try wearing dresses if she wanted to 
  • but noooo 
  • this man had to buy her a bunch to tell her
  • mc is shocked when she got home 
  • “i just..” jumin starts, “I think you’re beautiful, and I want you to feel comfortable in whatever you wear. So I thought we’d practice, just here”
  • she indulges him and they have a mini fashion show that’s just her 
  • jumin is there like “wow my wife is amazing”
  • she starts getting more confident at like, the 6th dress but she also starts getting tired
  • so they take a break, she sits next to him on their bed
  • he pulls her over and makes her look at him
  • “see, my love? you’re beautiful in anything..” mc smiles “which was your favorite?” she asks 
  • “this one.” he answers, “because I’m taking it off”

V / Jihyun

  • also pretty much doesn’t care and actually didn’t notice she never wore dresses (ps this baby got the surgery here he deserves this)
  • until he asked her to do a photoshoot with him! 
  • he get so excited about backgrounds and outfits its so cute
  • but mc starts getting shy and of course, he notices  
  • so he asks her about it 
  • and looking into his eyes, mc has to tell the truth i couldn’t lie to him either tbh
  • he listens and smiles at her softly when she finishes talking
  • “oh, angel..you can wear absolutely anything you want and if you don’t want to wear dresses, you don’t have to.” 
  • however, she decides to wear one. Just for him and the photoshoot
  • she surprises him when she comes out of the changing room and V is like, in awe 
  • he thinks she is amazing! wonderful! and he lets her know! 
  • *cue blushy mc* *and grinny jihyun*
  • he gives her a kiss for the surprise and wants to give her like, thousands more
  • but since he’s not that into pda, he takes her into the dressing room to shower her with kisses
  • and then mc says she’s “uncomfortable” in the dress again and that she needs his help “taking it off” bad mc
  • thank god he has his own studio 


  • my bean here gives no fucks 
  • mc is thankful bc she’s so comfortable around him and can do whatever 
  • until the rest of the rfa tells her she has to wear a dress for the party
  • so she tells him to complain a little, but she’s still gonna do it
  • “i think it’d be nice to see you in a dress. different, but nice”
  • aw damn, now she really has to 
  • they go shopping together, saeran picks a really pretty one and she loves it
  • but in the dressing room, she doesn’t think she looks that good
  • “hey, mc! do you need any help in there or?” he calls out
  • “uh, no thank you..I don’t think I’m gonna get it though, Saeran”
  • “why? let me see.” and so he comes in 
  • he tilts his head “you look great in it, why don’t you want it?”
  • she gives him the mini explanation given their whereabouts
  • he frowns and turns them to face the mirror again 
  • “look, I think you look beautiful in this dress. and I know the rest of the rfa will, too. if you really don’t want to wear it, I’ll tell them myself, but if you like it, get it.”
  • both of them are blushing now, but saeran means it
  • and she buys it. they walk out of the store holding hands
  • look i have a hc that saeran is ace so…. 
Weird || Sebastian Stan

Requested: I can say yes, because my friend told me to write this

Summary: You’re leaving, but Sebastian wanted to tell you something before you go.

Warnings: NONE. Diabetes maybe, because it’s so sweet and just pure fluff

A/N: I have so many ideas, but I’m watching GOT now and reading HP, and writing my own book, and MAYBE FINALLY I WON’T BE SINGLE. Not that I don’t love being single, bc I really do, but this guy is just so sweet and caring, and ugh… Everything you can dream of.
Anyways, I’m sorry. It’s so short.


- Do you think you’d be able to be back on Saturday? - Sebastian asked you as you were throwing your clothes into the suitcase.

- I think so. I HOPE so - you sighed and turned to your crush and best friend. Sebastian nodded and got back to reading his newest script. You let yourself look at him a little longer, when he wasn’t looking. He was mouthing the words he was reading, his lips moving again and again. His hair into tight bun, he was complaining about them all the time, but you loved it. And then your eyes slid a little bit lower. Dayum, that muscles on his arms tho. You saw a few scenes from CA: the Winter Soldier and you would pay him to punch you, just because he looked so hot, all angry and serious.

- [Y/N], you okay? - you heard his voice and shook your head. Then you nodded slowly.

- Yeah. I mean, yes, I’m fine, just… - you sighed deeply. - I don’t want to leave. I promised to help you with this role and now I’m leaving.

- Chill, it’s just three days with your family - Sebastian laughed shortly. - I’m already beyond thankful that I can stay here. Honestly, you know I hate hotels.

- No problem, Sebby - you smiled at him and he got back to reading. You let yourself look at him a little bit longer and you got back to packing your things.

After half an hour of a comfortable silence, your humming and Seb’s muttering, you were ready to go. You grabbed your suitcase and sighed. Seb looked up at you quizzically.

- Ready? - he asked with a little bit sad tone. You nodded slightly, so he got up and followed you to the door. He grabbed the keys and you both walked down the stairs to the parking lot. Seb took your suitcase and put it into the trunk. Then he threw keys to you. You grabbed them and smiled at Seb. He smiled at you and walked up to you, hugging you tightly. When you finally backed up, he looked at you a little bit nervously. - Listen, [Y/N]… I know it’s not the best time, but I was thinking that you… I don’t know, maybe you would need some time to think of it. I’d understand, if you don’t want it. It’d be okay, I’d understand.

- What? - you asked confused. Sebastian looked at you.

- Oh, right. I didn’t say what I meant - he chuckled nervously and put hand on the back of his neck. - So… Would you like to go out sometimes? I mean, not like just best friends, because honestly, I like you way too much and…

- What? - this time you were just purely shocked. - I don’t need time to think about it. Yes, I’d love to - you smiled widely. Seb sighed in relief as he smiled wider than you. Oh, he was so cute.

- Okay. Okay, so I’ll figure something out and when you’ll come back, we’ll go somewhere - he said grinning like happy kid.

- Sounds perfect to me, but now I’ve got to go. See you in three days, Sebby - you smiled and quickly got into the car, leaving Seb on the parking lot with smile brighter than anyone’s future.

Three days of morning and goodnight texts and you were back in town. Kind of nervous, because Seb wanted you to come on the set. You did it many times before, but now the feelings were out there and just… You just couldn’t.

Once you arrived your destination, you jumped out of your car and walked past guards, nodding to them and saying ‘hello’. They knew you, plus you were pretty sure Seb was talking all the time about how he asked you out and guards probably knew it. So you walked on the set. The first thing you saw was Chris’ back.

- Hello, Dorito man. How are you doing? - you patted his shoulder. He looked at you with wide smile.

- I was going to ask you the same thing - he chuckled. You raised your eyebrows. - You and Seb?

- Oh, I knew he won’t keep his mouth shut. I have to admit, I’m pretty nervous, but this iż how you’re suppose to feel before first date - you laughed slightly. The look on Chris’ face was changing now, from shocked, through excited, to angry. - He didn’t…

- Yeah, my best friend didn’t tell me he asked out his dream girl out - Chris sighed and crossed his arms on his chest. You wanted to say something, maybe comfort him a little bit, but your words just didn’t want to come out as your eyes landed on view in front of you. Someone yelled 'Action!’ and Seb in Winter Soldier’s costume ran through, camera right behind him. As he fought with Scarlett, you were left speechless. His muscles and wild, mad gaze was all you wanted to see now. His hair flying around his head, his muscles on full display, even when he was fully dressed. And his moves, sweet lord, his moves. So smooth and strong at the same time.

- Like what you see? - Chris asked, but you weren’t able to respond as you watched Sebastian showing off his fighting skills.

- Cut! - someone yelled again. - It was perfect! No need to making double take!

- Thank God - you heard Scar’s voice. - I bet you would rather to be between her legs, not mine - she chuckled, pointing in your direction. You were still standing next to Chris, with your mouth open.

- You’re both drooling! Yuck, get a room, you nasties! - Anthony yelled from the other side of the set. But neither of you heard him as you walked toward each other.

- Hey - he smiled at you. - I really would like to tell you I figured out where we can go, but…

- Oh, cut the crap. Pizza, my couch and Star Wars. That’s our plan for tonight - you laughed shortly.

- Sounds perfect, sweetheart - he nodded. - Wait here, I’ll just grab my things and we can go. I’ve already finished my part for today.

With that he ran away.

- You know, when I saw you today, fighting Scar…

- You were jealous? - Seb smirked and grabbed another slice of pizza, as 5th Star Wars move was about to start.

- Well, I hadn’t time to be jealous - you told him honestly. - You looked so… Ugh, it’s frustrating.

- I looked like…? - he turned his head to look at you.

- Let’s just say that if you choke someone in front of me with that angry, hateful and handsome face of yours, I’d jump on you right there and then - you took a bite of your pizza, trying to hide small emarrassment. Seb chuckled quietly.

- What you’re trying to say is that I’m sexy, when I’m angry? - you nodded and he chuckled once again. He grabbed your face and turned to him. You had mouth full of pizza, cheese still dangling from your lips, but Sebastian just pressed a kiss on your nose and let your face go. - You’re weird, but in good way - he sighed, pulling you closer to him. You let out quiet giggle and when you finally swallowed pizza, you turned to him. You placed kiss on his cheek, kiss full of crumbs, tomato and garlic sauce, but to him this kiss was sweet like cotton candy.

- We’re both weird, Sebby. You’re sometimes more weird than me - you chuckled quietly as you hugged him tightly.

And then you started to try to make that sound when ships were shooting lasers at each other. Seb just started to laugh.

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can you pls write simon and bram headcanons

Sorry this took so long! It’s also pretty long so I hope that makes up for having taken awhile to write it? I also made this more than just Simon and Bram bc I need more of everyone and I love everyone. I’ll keep it under a read more since it’s pretty long aha.

Keep reading


So, yeah, no one asked for this, but i wanted to do one. It just has to two pairings that are from 2 different fandoms: FAIRY TAIL [NALU] and HAIKYUU!! [DAISUGA and now IWAOI] maybe it’s bc they are my otps for life or idk ∩(︶▽︶)∩




Texting Fire (Personal Fav✿)
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 34
    Rated: T
“What started as a prank text to a stranger soon turns into something      more”

SO THIS IS PROBABLY ONE OF MY FAV FICS OF ALL TIME?? It’s so cute and i don’t know i mean, just read it oh my god. How they met was just beautiful, like he is so sweet and THE END JUST FUCK ME.

Virtual Flames
    Status: Ongoing
    N. of chapters: 86 + One shot
    Rated: T/M (One Shot)
“A blossoming internet (Tumblr) friendship soon develops into something more”

You know a fic is good when there’s this quantity of chapteres, i’m so proud of Chrissy for doing this and just making us feel so happy readin it. Also, it’s just make me melt the way you can fall in love on Tumblr i swear.

Tattoos of the Soul
    Status: Complete
    N. Of Chapters: 2
    Rated: T
“soulmate AU, in which Lucy desperately awaits for the day she will the encounter the boy who has the same tattoo as her, but little does she know that boy was have been in front of her the entire time”.

This is the funniest shit ever, like if it happens i would probably cry and kill my soulmate but also like it’s my fucking crush i would be like fuck yes this is what i deserve for failing this class.

The Soul’s Inferno
      Status: Ongoing
      N. of chapters: 14
      Rated: T
“The summer before her first year at university, Lucy Heartfilia never imagined she would find her soul mate and she certainly didn’t imagine he would already be dead. Ghost AU”

I’m always down for supernatural shit and this is the best ghost au i’ve read. You know i’m trash for the Ghost Whisperer and this is kinda like that and i cry.

↳ All of the above are by the amazing @missyplatina

Smoke and Peaches by @toxineena
      Status: Complete
      Nº Of Chapters: 1
      Rated: M
“It was Lucy’s favorite scent. Why? Because the first time they made love, it was all she could smell when she fell asleep in his arms…”


Deal With The Devil
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 25
    Rated: T
“He feels, looks, and sounds like a human. But the truth is, he isn’t.”

Lmao one time i read a similar fic but with Harry Styles and you know what, even tho that fic changed my life, this one here is even better, so you better read it.

Living With Him
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 35
    Rated: T
“Lucy Heartfilia is moving into her new apartment to live alone for the first time. She’s ready to live her independent life, but why is there a pink-haired boy claiming that it’s his apartment, too?”

Just, i, i can’t this is perfect and hurts bc of the perfection.

↳ All of them by @amehanaaa

We Are Young by koa-chan
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 23
    Rated: T
“AU. They’re teenagers, they’re young and they can worry about love and life”

You know i actually screamed when this ended i love it so much.

Gym Class by @shirookita
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: M
“Lucy’s bad day becomes one of the best when her hot personal trainer gives her… very personal training.”


Tails&Talons by @snogfairy (Personal Fav 2 ✿)
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 23
    Rated: T
“The dark and gloomy shop next door hired a new employee. One that makes Lucy’s knees buckle and her head spin - and almost forget about her flower duties - and the fairies. But he is here to remind her of the magic in everyday life.”

Natsu with tattoos. NATSU. WITH. TATTOOS. And lucy being an actual fairy sourrounded by flowers y’know. 

Letters From War (Personal Fav 3 ✿) by @smile-lifegoeson
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 3
    Rated: T
“AU. Lucy writes letters to a soilder fighting in Alvarez. She never thought she’d fall in love with a man miles away who she never once met.”


☆ Haikyuu! [Daisuga/Iwaoi]

You’d fit my lonely arms so perfectly (Personal Fav ✿) by boxofwonder
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 6
    Rated: T
“Oh. You’re. Not Asahi.”
Calmed down enough that he can speak again, Daichi takes a deep breath, his smile settling on his face easily and wide.
“Not as far as I know, no.”

Suga accidentally calls a stranger instead of his best friend, tells him all about his burned batch of cookies before realising, and that particular mistake might turn out the best one he ever made.“

Princess and Buttercup are too cute for this world and Suga calling a stranger and being so cool about it i swear this fic will be one of your favs. I am in love i swe a r.

I love you by sugacookie
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: T
“Daichi and Suga were sleeping shirtless in the same bed. So what? It’s not like that hadn’t happened before. They had sleepovers all the time, and often chatted as they changed after practice. It was nothing new, so Suga shouldn’t be acting this way, but he couldn’t help it.”

This gave me chills. And i want this to happen to me bc is so lovely.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Matchmaker Extraordinare (Daisuga Edition) by whatisitkirschtein
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: T
“Tanaka is tired of his stupid captains being stupid about their stupid feelings.”


I’m in a Love/Hate Relationship With Autumn Right Now by @ryuutora
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: T
“They meet in the spring.
Daichi falls in love in winter.
He confesses in the summer.
He’s a nervous wreck in autumn.”

yOU KNOW WHEN YOU JUST WANT TO CRY? Well this is the feeling i had reading this fic.

Darling, so it goes by @inquisitories
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 1
    Rated: M
“In retrospect, letting Tanaka and Noya suggest the “training camp final       bonding experience”—expression theirs—was probably a bad idea.”

*Claps slowly for Tanaka and Noya*

   Status: Complete
   N. of chapters: 20
   Rated: M
“Struggling single dad Daichi is at his wits end as he moves his sons Nishinoya and Hinata to yet another day care after a string of incidents. Hoping this time will be different, he is surprised and pleased to meet other single father Suga and his two sons Asahi and Kageyama. Together the couple seek to create a loving, supportive home for their sons throughout any trial.”

Kid AU, I’ve read a lot (and i mean A LOT) of fanfics, but this one right here had me since the very first chapter and at this point i think i’ve read it 6 times since the first time (two days ago) and i can say, without a doubt, that this is my fav fic EVER, And i think i’m going to print it and keep it forever with me.(AND I’M DEAD SERIOUS)

 The perfect stranger by @downmoon (Personal Fav 3 ✿)
    Status: Complete
    N. of chapters: 3
    Rated: M
“There’s a man standing outside Suga’s door.
Scratch that. Start over.
There’s a man he doesn’t know standing outside his door, holding his sleeping nephew in one arm, with another kid clinging tightly to his free hand.”

OKAY SO ANOTHER KID AU. I’ve become trash for this kind of fics idk. It’s lovely and Dadchi is the best bc o m g. And Suga being a hot uncle, i swe a r.

Fake Wedding March by @alisahhaiba (Personal Fav 4 ✿)
   Status: Complete
   N. of chapters: 13
   Rated: M
“Minutes before Daichi is going to introduce his fiance to his parents, he gets dumped via text. So while he sits in front of his parents, trying to figure out what to say, an angel appears next to him.or: Suga pretends to be Daichi’s fiance to save his ass.”

Just. Oh my god there’s nothing wrong with this fic i sw a e r. Also Suga with anxiety made me feel identificated with this fic and cry my eyes out and yes, just yes.

The Stars in Summer  by @ellessey-writes (Personal Fav 5 ✿)
   Status: Complete
   N. of chapters: 4
   Rated: M
“The summer before his senior year of high school, Suga is grounded, stuck in a small town he doesn’t know, with no friends, no plans for the break, and no end in sight. Then, as luck would have it, he meets Daichi.Suddenly, it’s a big town, and an even bigger world, with the open sky up above—and someone for Suga to reach out and touch it with, before the long train ride back home.”

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, TANAKA AS A KID AND DADCHI AND SUGAMAMA, I JUST WANT TO CRY AND DRINK LEMONADE WITH SALT. Read this if you really REALLY want to cry. (I’m crying while i write this bc i read it again and just u g h it’s perfect.)

Under Arrest (Personal Fav 6 ✿) by @keigoatobe007
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: M
“It’s halloweenand they’ve already hit the neighborhood with the team dressed in various costumes. Now Daichi is in Suga’s house for some after hours trick-or-treating with his boyfriend. Handcuffs used - Suga’s idea. Lovemaking with dashes of fluff”

OKAY SO I’M NOT THAT USED TO THIS KIND OF FICS (how can i lie this much omg Cat y the fuck u lyin y u always lyin mmmh oh my god stop fucking lyin) AND HELL YES HALLOWEEN SEX, i don’t know why i love when ppl make Suga be a demon dressed as an angel. 

To my advantage  by shuppet44
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: M
“Daichi and Suga make the most of their alone time”



To be first, to be best by kittebasu (Personal Fav 7 ✿)
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: T
“Hajime is apparently something of a masochist, and as he stares down at the tie-dyed AREA51 T-shirt in his hands, he thinks “I’m totally in love with this asshole, aren’t I?””

THIS. IS. JUST. BEAUTIFUL. I’m so in love with this fic and how thinks develope and this is just beautiful fuck me.

Together, that’s how it must be by @makotosenpais
  Status: Complete
  N. of chapters: 1
  Rated: T
“Iwaizumi doesn’t say anything, he just peppers light kisses unto Oikawa’s jawline and neck.“You guys are so disgusting, it’s inspiring.” Hanamaki comments, watching the scene play. Or Iwaizumi visits Oikawa during the summer break, and Tooru’s neighbors are forced to deal with all the public displays of affection that ensue.”

I CAN’T SEE ME LOVING NOBODY BUT YOU FOR ALL MY LIFE. Iwa-chan visiting his boyfriend and Oikawa being a baby.

OK NOW I HAVE MY OWN YOUTUBE AU (which i will never write bc im busy and this would require at least 5 chapters)

i will expand if asked tho


philip - his channel is basically just poetry slams and self-written songs recorded in his bedroom and sometimes he’ll do one of the tag things or he’ll appear on his friends’ channels.

angelica - she makes a range of videos, but it’s mostly self-care, asmr-type things, and unboxings. also a lot of unique vintage hauls and weird products. she lives on The Edge.

theo - by far the most popular, she does various artsy things. making costumes and doing speedpaints and tutorials for an array of diys. she does a lot of collabs and sometimes reviews products.

georges - an indie film director. his sisters anastasie and virginie are usually the producer and screenwriter respectively. sometimes he forces his dad’s friends to be the actors. they’re actually pretty good, and most of his movies are lgbt themed. 

(u know he’s gotten “whoa those guys are hot” comments and he’s just like “BLOCKED AND REPORTED”)

frances - absolutely a let’s player. she’s probably loves horror and survival games, but she’ll take suggestions for basically anything and then immediately says “where is the button to kill people” and it’s a meme now.

mary and martha - they have a joint channel for makeup. mary does sfx makeup, more of the fantasy type but there’s some gore too, and martha does product reviews and glamorous, history-inspired tutorials.

angelica and martha are trans girls, georges is a trans boy, and theo is a nonbinary girl. 

mary is autistic don’t touch my daughter

also, hijabi theo. please consider. thank u for ur time.

also i ship angelica with mary because everyone says “omg what if burr and ham don’t know their children are dating and it’s awkward bc they’re enemies”

but has no one thought of JEFFERSON, WHO IS A WORSE (the worst) ENEMY? srsly it’s genius. also they both like sort of “weird” things like looking into medical oddities and stuff

imagine this, if you will: angelica has to come with ham to jefferson’s apartment bc he’s hanging out with her for the day but he also has a moral obligation to roast tjeffs when he makes a stupid tweet.

and while they’re yelling at each other, mary comes downstairs and asks if angelica wants to come to her room bc maybe she has sensory issues too (and immediately after is like “OH GOD WHY DID YOU SAY THAT”) but angelica’s like “sure”

and upon walking in she gasps bc MARY HAS A WHOLE SHELF FULL OF JARS WITH BULLETS AND COINS AND RUSTY KEYS AND SHE COLLECTS THAT SHIT TOO so she’s like “these are so great!!!!”

and mary shrugs “i don’t know, i just like how metal feels”

so the next time ham stomps out of his office grabbing his coat angelica asks to go with him and gets her collection of mourning pins and lace and mary’s like “!!!!!!!” and teaches her the wonders of pressing flowers and I JUST LOVE MY HOBBY GIRLFRIENDS OK DON’T JUDGE ME

@actualjohnlaurens aren’t u proud

Christmas with Father!Namjoon

So I just realized that I made a mistake, so I knew that one of the members already had a father!BTS on Christmas post and I was gonna do their AU without it and just do Christmas but I for some reason remembered it as Namjoon already having a post but it was actually hobi so now there are two Christmas posts for father!hobi but onto the AU, it is now time for our amazing leader, my lowkey spirit animal with legs for dAYs, Kim Namjoon aka Rap Monster

  • For all of the father related posts, click here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!Namjoon post, he has two kids, a son and a daughter (the daughter’s the oldest)
  • He spoils them s o fucking much and he loves them with all of his lil heart and they just ad o r e him
  • Seeing them interact is the cutest thing ever bc they’re both so smol bc they’re just lil bbys they’re still lil but he’s s o not lil at all and he has to bend down just to make eye contact but it’s adoraBLE
  • They look s o much like him like they both have his smile with the lil bby dimples (just imagine that for a second)
  • Bby girl always has her hair in pigtails bc it’s one of the quickest hairstyles joon can do like some days he may braid her hair for her but that can take a while and she’s still a bby so patience is not her strong suit
  • But then one day bby boy decides he wants them too bc bby girl always has them so now they’re both walking around with bby pigtails except bby boy’s are much shorter bc his hair isn’t that long yet (he doesn’t wanna grow it out that much he doesn’t like his hair in his face) 
  • Their Christmas tradition to put on their biggest comfiest sweaters, get some hot cocoa or tea and watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve
  • Bby girl gets to choose the first movie then bby boy chooses the second, unless they both want the same movie then you and Namjoon choose the second
  • The bbys a l w ay s have to be under this giant ass blanket that can fit all of you underneath and they always have to be cuddled
  • You have to have at least one arm/hand around/on them and so does joon and they get whiny and pouty if they don’t get their cuddles bc it’s part of the tradITION
  • They get their pajamas on and everyone’s all cozy and warm and they’re drinking their hot cocoa with joon’s help bc they’re still bbys and he doesn’t want them drinking something so hot by themselves yet so you help bby boy and he helps bby girl
  • Joon lets her warm her hands up on the mug but he doesn’t let her hold it until it’s cooled down a bit bc he doesn’t want to risk her burning her hands bc knowing her and her curiosity she’ll try to poke the hot cocoa to see what it feels like
  • They’re just loving every single second of attention though like bby boy is closing his eyes at one point bc you’re toying with his hair and running your fingers through it and he basically turns into a giant puppy and just leans into it and sighs all happy and shit bc he’s getting s o much attention
  • They ha v e to watch all the classic movies, Nightmare Before Christmas, some shit with snoopy and charlie brown, Frosty the Snowman like all the good shit
  • They dance around to all of the music and sing along as loud as they can and it’s so fucking cute bc their lil voices are breaking here and there from trying to hit too high of a note
  • They have a huge tree and bbys both get to put the star on top (joon picks them up and helps them out a bit) and they also get to decorate it a bit like the entire bottom half of the tree is all the bbys’ work
  • Joon also lets them make a few ornaments he gets Jin and his daughter to come over in the beginning of December and they all make their own ornaments that the bbys get to paint and puts stickers on or do whatever they want to them draw, paint, whatever
  • Also Jin takes home one ornament from bby girl and one from bby boy and hangs them on his tree and joon keeps one of the ornaments Jin’s daughter made and puts it on his tree bc Namjin are still best buddies even after they have kids and are married
  • Also side note but Kim Daily Christmas edition
  • The whole Kim family in scarves and coats and boots with gloves and hats looking all cute and shit with the snow in the background
  • The bbys don’t realize it’s Christmas until after breakfast when joon is all confused and is like why aren’t you two freaking out?? It’s Christmas
  • That ever so innocent question sparks complete and total chaos bc now they’re both screaming and racing for the tree with their pajamas still on and their hair still messy from sleeping
  • They both help each other open their presents, especially bby boy, he gets a lot of help from his older sister bc she’s just looking out for him and she knows that sometimes presents can be difficult to unwrap
  • Also this is a bit random but head canon that joon isn’t the best at wrapping so they can tell when he wrapped the presents and they get so giggly bc they can see a peek of whatever’s inside and he just gets this sheepish smile bc heY at least he tried
  • “When you two get older and have to wrap presents for other people, don’t come to me for wrapping lessons okay?”
  • “But I thought you were a wrapper daddy?”
  • “No bby I’m a rapper”
  • “What does that evEn MEaN” 
  • They get a lot of lil presents like random toys and candies and clothes and all of that good stuff but they each get one big present that’s like the main event bc it’s something that’s just for them and it’s something they wanted for a long long time
  • He gets bby girl this really cu t e lil bby doll that she’s been wanting forever like literally every time she goes into a store, she manages to find it and carry it around until you or joon has her put it back
  • She’s been really into bby dolls ever since she saw bby Min and Jin’s daughter playing with theirs and “taking care” of them and she got hold bby Min’s bby for a bit and she loved it so the past few months she’s been asking for one
  • This one is pretty simple but it comes with a bottle and you can buy all of these accessories like clothes and strollers and all of these neat lil things (which were some of her lil presents) 
  • He splits bby boy’s big present into two presents, he gets him a huge stack of books bc he’s starting to read but he also gets him these Pokemon plushies bc he’s been wanting them ever since he saw one at the Jeon’s house
  • He gets him a lil Charmander, a Bulbasaur, a Pikachu and a Squirtle so it’s just the first four but he’ll add onto the collection as time goes on
  • He gets both of them those lil dinosaur costumes that are literally the funniest things ever bc all you see is this dinosaur running around
  • The bbys both put them on and Namjoon literally turns red from laughing so hard and there are tears and he’s out of breath bc they start running around and their arms are wiggling all around and it’s easily the funniest sight he’s ever seen 
  • They team up and make Namjoon this huge painting and it’s all finger paint and you can see the lil spot in the corner from where bby boy had spilled some of his PB&J sandwich before they started painting
  • But they “sign” it and they draw a big house with the Kim family (including lil bby Rapmon bc oh my goD that dog is cute as fuck it makes me wanna scream that’s how adorable the lil bub is) and it’s just really cute
  • Christmas with Namjoon is really sweet and cuddly and it’s filled with so much laughter and squeals and everyone’s just happy

anonymous asked:

Hi, how are you? I hope your day's going well. May I please get the RFA+V+Saeran and unique/random holiday traditions? (Like my fam and I like to go driving around to look at the christmas lights the week before). Thank you very much!!

i’m actually ripping my hair out because of assignments :))))))) i hope your day is going better haha!

and this is cute *v* we actually have a light show back in my hometown but it only looks pretty when there’s snow LOL. also, possible spoilers for unknown’s name but i’m not going to put it under a read more bc sometimes it doesn’t like to work on mobile?


  • okay but yoosung dressing up in a santa claus outfit
  • and you being mrs. claus
  • just the thought of you two wearing the outfits is priceless to him and makes him happy
  • you two have been doing this for the past 2 years
  • and honestly it never gets old
  • sometimes he thinks it’s hilarious to imitate him and mess with kids
  • “Oh ho ho! If you’re good this year, you might be able to join my LOLOL guild!” yoosung no omg
  • needless to say some of the kids were scared of santa this year
  • another tradition you guys would do is marathon christmas movies while cuddling on the couch!!! with hot cocoa :0
  • lots of snuggles, laughing and kisses
  • so happy and so content
  • it’s cheesy but you guys don’t care
  • i’d also like to think that you’d be wearing ugly sweaters as well
  • there would be a smaller tree in the corner of the room, the lights illuminating the dark room
  • it wasn’t the biggest or best tree
  • but since you both agreed and picked it out together, that’s all that matters!
  • also
  • snowball fights
  • sometimes he’ll invite seven and saeran over so you can have teams
  • but he just disappears into yoosung’s house 5 minutes later lmao
  • with your skilled teamwork with your boyfriend, you somehow manage to defeat seven
  • you guys just high five in victory


  • “Who needs a beautiful tree when you have me~?”
  • zen stop
  • okay but imagine if you bought him a sexy santa suit lmao
  • and he just
  • unbuttoned the entire front revealing those oh so delicious abs
  • with the rest of the outfit you swear you hear his fan club screaming in the distance
  • he insists that you get a sexy mrs. claus outfit as well so that you two can show off as the hottest couple~
  • deep down you’re hoping that he’s messing around but no
  • you end up getting it and you swear to god you’re going to get back at him one day
  • once the two of you are in costume, zen can’t stop taking selfies and posting them in the chatroom
  • “Here comes Santa Claus and his smokin’ hot Mrs. Claus~”
  • jaehee secretly saves them but crops you out to add to her fan collection
  • once he’s done taking selfies, you’re like
  • “Now what?”
  • so zen gets an idea
  • and pops in some classy christmas music
  • and you get the hint he wants to dance with you
  • how romantic~
  • “Dance with me, princess?” and he holds out his hand for you to grab
  • honestly you felt weird dancing in such a sexy outfit
  • but it didn’t matter because zen was with you and enjoying his time with you as always
  • finally a slow song comes on and you guys just gradually get inch closer one another until your chest is pressed against his, eyes gazing into his
  • “Zen.”
  • “Hmm?”
  • “Let’s do this every year~” 
  • zen is internally screaming with happiness 
  • he instinctively leans down and smooches you
  • he just loves you so much


  • somehow you managed to convince jumin to let jaehee have a holiday and god b l e s s
  • so instead of just celebrating at home, she invites you to travel with her somewhere else!!
  • somewhere far away from jumin’s cat projects
  • so you suggest town hopping? bc how cool would that be??
  • you tell her that there’s plenty of things to do like window shopping, blowing her paycheck actual shopping, drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee wherever you guys travel~
  • and she wouldn’t oppose because she trusts you and your decision and thinks that it would be a nice change!
  • so both of you go places, you look into the lit windows of busy streets and gaze at all of the holiday decorations, both pretty and cheap
  • the malls are packed, but that doesn’t stop either of you from buying things
  • when she’s busy looking at something, you sneakily check out with a gift for her and hide it in your other bags
  • it’s funny because she’s doing the same for you
  • you guys are so cute
  • after shopping for a bit, jaehee sees a coffee shop and
  • you’ve never seen her move so fast in your life
  • she’s already in line while you’re trying to filter through the sea of people
  • by the time you get there, she’s got two cups in her hand one for her and apparently one for you
  • how sweet of her??? omg
  • “MC, I ordered your usual. I hope that’s okay with you.”
  • you just nod and smile warmly at her, thanking her for ordering so that you didn’t have to keep her waiting 
  • once you’re both done, you decide to call it quits for the day and go back to your hotel room
  • and then you both just snuggle under the covers while a cheesy old christmas movie was playing in the background
  • and jaehee couldn’t be more happier than to be spending the holidays with you


  • he probably didn’t spend much time celebrating it, but he does know the basics
  • so when the time comes around he’s ecstatic about celebrating it with you
  • so when you declare you want to decorate his penthouse with decorations and then snuggle by the fireplace, his first thought is
  • is this what commoners do
  • but of course, he doesn’t object and allows you to do as you please
  • you want him to join you because it’d be boring if it were just you
  • he agrees but teases you in the process
  • “What’s in it for me, dear?” smirky jumin han hehe
  • “My eternal love and loyalty to you?”
  • “…I thought I already have that.”
  • “I’ll help you with your cat projects.”
  • as you’re putting up the lights around his fireplace and walls, jumin is busy studying the other commoner decorations
  • “Jumin, come over here and help me~”
  • he can’t resist that sweet voice of yours
  • so he helps put up decorations that are far out of your reach
  • it’s nice having a tol boyfriend
  • his penthouse is starting to look more festive by the minute and you can’t help but smile !! 
  • he notices you’re excited expression and his heart melts bc he’s like
  • “Wow”
  • when it comes to decorating the tree, he just hands you the ornaments because he enjoys seeing your face light up
  • for the upper part of the tree, he lets you pick where you want the other decorations to go
  • he even lifts you up carefully to place the star at the very top of the tree~
  • you take a few steps back to examine your finished work all around
  • “Everything looks so pretty…!”
  • she thought the decorations were pretty but i thought she was prettier
  • you literally squeal from being overjoyed and run and jump into his open arms
  • and he spins you around while holding you tightly
  • and as he looks into your eyes, you two share a romantic kiss~
  • afterwards, the lights are dimmed and you and jumin are cuddled under a blanket near the fireplace with glasses of wine and cheese
  • Elizabeth the 3rd also joins with you guys
  • and it’s just a very happy night for you both


  • ya’ll are both so goofy
  • like going all matchy matchy with ugly sweaters and santa hats
  • and decorating has never been more enjoyable
  • it’s a unique style, but it doesn’t matter to either of you
  • instead of stringing popcorn, you guys string up photos of Elly all around and some of longcat
  • and instead of having white lights, the tree is literally covered in red lights
  • making you think of someone’s hair color in particular lol
  • while you’re getting out other decorations, he sneaks up behind you and wraps you up in christmas lights
  • Seven what are you doING
  • “It looks like we have another Christmas tree, ahahaha~!” 
  • “Seven, unwrap me right now!”
  • your wish is my command
  • so he does and spins you around to unravel the lights and you’re all dizzy
  • but he catches you before you fall over
  • seven’s smiling and blushing
  • you think he’s gonna kiss you
  • but SIKE
  • “MC, let’s finish decorating, okay~?”
  • goddamnit seven you and your pranks
  • you guys pick and choose what you want out in the apartment, which is some ribbon, garland and little knick knack things
  • as you look back in the storage boxes, you’re confused
  • “Hey, Seven, wasn’t there a mistletoe in here?”
  • there’s no response 
  • “Seven?”
  • a few seconds later he shouts, “I’m in the kitchen~”
  • so you walk to the kitchen and there stands seven in a Santa outfit
  • “Why are you in that suit?”
  • “Why not, meow~?”
  • you giggle and just move closer to him
  • “Where is the–”
  • and he just puts a finger to your lips and motions for you to look up
  • well
  • there it is
  • the missing mistletoe
  • right above you and seven
  • but he’s holding it
  • “Looks like we have to kiss now, right?”
  • goddamnit seven
  • not that you’re against it though
  • and without another word, he pulls you into a passionate kiss and he just holds you tightly
  • he breaks it, giving you a sly smirk
  • “Well?”
  • “You’ll pay for that…”
  • “You gotta catch me~” and with that he’s dashing off into another part of the apartment with you chasing after him


  • since he can’t see very well, and the only time the lights look pretty are at night, you’re a bit reluctant to go out because you don’t want him to trip over something
  • but you want to do something with him instead of being holed up in the house
  • you explain to him your suggestion though
  • and he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it all
  • so you two carefully venture outside
  • you’re also holding hands with him and you can’t get over how happy you feel being with him
  • and you’re guiding him on the sidewalk
  • after a bit, you guys approach the city and the streets are decorated with so many colorful lights it’s absolutely gorgeous
  • but then you feel bad because V can’t get the full effect…
  • he’s still able to see out of his left eye some, but still
  • “V, if you don’t want to be out here anymore, then we can go back…”
  • “Ah, it’s fine. I know that I can’t see the lights clearly, but being here with you is enough for me.”
  • he is so sweet don’t you ever leave him alone again
  • as you’re strolling down the sidewalk, you’re gazing at all of the light up decorations
  • and you glance back at V, who’s doing the same
  • “They’re so pretty…”
  • “Yes… from my point of view, they look like little soft glowing blobs floating around. Somewhat like fireflies.”
  • you just giggle at his analogy because he’s so damn cute
  • “I bet they illuminate your beautiful facial features as well.” and he smiles down at you lovingly
  • your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest
  • he couldn’t see your face, but by the lack of your reaction, he could guess that you were blushing
  • hard
  • a light chuckle escapes his lips as he brings you closer to him
  • he’s literally radiating warmth and it felt so good in contrast to the rigid weather 
  • his hands travel to your face and hold it gently
  • then he places his lips on yours, kissing you
  • and you kiss him back in an instant
  • the world felt like it was slowing down
  • he breaks it and rests his forehead on yours
  • “Thank you, MC.”
  • you smile at him and steal one more kiss from him


  • what’s a holiday???? tradition?????? what
  • this all so new to him
  • you’re beyond stoked to decorate the apartment with little knick knacks and ribbons and lights and he’s just
  • ??????
  • you and seven were already ready with the ugly christmas sweaters
  • you’re setting up a huge green tree with seven’s help in the living room and saeran just watches from afar, waiting to see what the big deal is
  • mini lights are strung up around the apartment giving off a warm, fuzzy glow
  • red, green, silver and gold ribbons are taped all around as well
  • christmas tunes were playing softly in the background
  • decorating the tree and making it look pretty was your favorite part~
  • you were hanging up your favorite ornaments as well as seven 
  • and he had his favorites too
  • like somehow there’s an ornament of… seven in his maid outfit
  • and a couple of his babies racing cars
  • reaching for another string of lights, you look back at your boyfriend and ask him if he wants to help
  • of course he scoffs
  • “Why should I?”
  • “Because it’s fun~ Come on, Saeran~!” you giggle and grab his hand and tug him towards you 
  • okay how could he resist that cute face of yours
  • so all 3 of you are working together to wrap the lights around the tree in a semi-coordinated manner
  • then you repeat the process with garland
  • seven goes to put away all of the storage boxes
  • last was to put the star at the top *_*
  • you wanted to put it on, and of course you weren’t tall enough, so you get a chair and stand on it and you’re just tall enough to reach it by jumping ever-so-slightly
  • saeran watches you from below, making sure you don’t fall
  • “Be careful, MC.”
  • viola it’s on !!!
  • but as soon as you feet hit the chair again, the chair wOBBLES
  • causes you to lose your balance
  • and then you thought you were going to land hard on your back, but instead a pair of arms catch you
  • saeran to the rescue !!
  • but unfortunately he doesn’t have as much upper arm strength as his brother, so he ends up falling as well
  • your boyfriend ends up on his back and you end up on top of him
  • blushy blushy saeran~~
  • “What did I tell you about being careful?” don’t worry that’s his way of saying “are u ok”
  • you just rub the back of your head sheepishly
  • “Sorry… but it was fun, right?”
  • “The decorating or falling on top of me?”
  • “Both~” you smirk
  • extreme blush mode activated
  • right before you’re about to get off of him, seven’s diabolical scheming laugh is heard OHOHOHOHO
  • “Idiot brother…”
  • all-in-all, decorating for this holiday wasn’t as bad as it seemed, especially if it was with you and seven
RFA Cosplaying as Anime Characters!

Lol I had a long day so I’m doing this to wind up a bit~


-He would probably dress up as Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita
-Mostly because of the long white hair and beautiful clothes Tomoe wears frequently
-He thinks he’s just as cool and elegant and would love to be him
-His voice is pretty husky though so he can make perfect Tomoe impressions
-Wearing fox ears is a no-no since they remind him of cats lol
-He would probably not want to wear a wig because he wants to show his beautiful white hair ff
-Would prob make you do a Nanami cosplay~
-He would try to be cold towards you
-Ofc it doesn’t work
-He tries to act disinterested at first in order to play his part
-But when he sees you wear her kimono and other clothes from the opening
-And then you get to that point with the cherry
-He f l i p S
- (Bonus: Zen as Jakob from FE Fates, anyone?? Hahaha..)


-Omg this cutie
-Would prob refuse at first
-But then she would see you pouting and finally accept lol
-You try to make her wear something cute but she ofc insists as Akane Tsunemori from Psycho Pass
-Since its the one that resembles most to her
-And is easy to wear
-She would also eventually watch the show with you
-And apart from the gore n everything she would actually think it’s fairly interesting
- (plus Makishima would remind her of Zen hah a)
-Eventually you find her using the cosplay denominator and acting like a cool detective, giggling a bit
-Aahshdbd this s w e e t h e a r t
- (plus she can think of pointing that thing at a certain trust fund kid lmao)
-She would make you her cute little enforcer (lol) and act out scenes together~


- (this is kindof not anime but whatever hahaha //stabbed)
-AAA okay just imagine this cutie in a Len Kagamine cosplay
-With his hair pulled up into a ponytail and everything
-He would probably love it
- “Hey! I saw this character on a LOLOL event once!!”
-Would try to sing some of his songs (mostly the romance ones) to you
-Would actually do pretty good!
-Will probably make you cosplay as either Rin or Gumi
-Bcs Rin would be the perfect twin cosplay and you guys would be so cute
-And then as Gumi you can reenact various cute songs of both of them together aaaa
-In the end he would probably end up putting his hair in a ponytail sometimes
-mostly when he’s at home with you
-or playing games
- But honestly though He Can Be So Cute in a Len Outfit I Cannot Emphasize this Enoug h


-Oh boi
-Oh god
-Oh dear
-S e b a s t i a n J u m i n
-(Black Butler)
-You prob were the one who told him to cosplay it
-At first he would be like ????
- ”But we can hire a buttl-”
- “That’s not the point!!”
-He would rly own that cosplay though
-Probably would do research on him because of curiosity
-Would try some of Sebastian’s hot lines for you
- ‘Call the hotline’ ahahhahhshzcries)
- “But why can’t he have a cat?”
-Perfect Butler Etiquette
-Like seriously this guy is so good at impersonating him?????
-Tbh he mostly uses this an excuse to be with you at all times of the day and treat you like a princess
-Will eventually learn that Ciel exists and would make you cosplay as well
- Ciel with cat ears


-The second you come to suggest cosplay he abruptly walks away
-Only to come back with about 3 million worth of cosplay costumes
-Any anime, you name it!
- ‘Danganronpa?’ Yup ‘Ouran High School Host Club?’ U-huh ‘Haikyu?’ You got it
-’….kill la kill’ Oh yeah ;^)))

-It would take hours for him to decide a final cosplay to put on
-Will probably choose Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew
-And make you go probably as Mint since he thinks her hair is cute as well as her clothes (not as cute as you though)
-Both of you guys would start making silly battle poses and start screaming Mew Mew lines
-would accidentally throw his Ichigo ring at you
-“And mew mew love~”

- *drop kicks*


-This cinnamon roll
-You would probably ask him to be Haruka Kokonose from Kagerou Project and you as Takane
-Since Haruka is an artist he would prob try to draw as well but eventually resolve to pictures haha
- lowkey worried at first that you were talking about cosplay, Seven style;
-Don’t worry V you won’t get a mew mew ring thrown at your face (cough)
-As soon as he puts on his clothes he thinks its rly comfy lol
-His sleeves would be too big for him and hddhdhdh you can’t stand it he’s just so cute!!
-He would also think you’re hella cute as Takane lol
-Would love the uniform and pigtails on you, as well as your sweater
-Will end up just hugging you 24/7 because of how snuggly you are lol
- “Hm..this is what he does to Ene right?~”


Day Two: Summer Job (couldn’t resist some dilf!Eren so here we are)

Where Dreams Come True

Based off of this prompt  “You’re dressed as my younger sibling’s favorite character at this theme park and they won’t leave you alone I’m so sorry!” (but daughter rather than sibling). It’s about 1.6k! 

If anyone ever found out about this then that was it: Levi’s life would be over.

And theirs too, just to make sure the information didn’t spread too far.

He’d been reluctant to take the job at Disneyland when he thought he was just going to be letting shitty brats on rollercoasters or cleaning toilets – but no: he wasn’t doing any of that. Levi Ackerman had to spend the summer dressed as Prince-fucking-Eric from The Little Mermaid. Apparently the usual guy had broken his leg and so the junior manager, Hanji, had decided that somehow with his perpetually pissed off expression, distinct undercut and short stature Levi was absolutely perfect to take on the role of the dashing prince.

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anonymous asked:

First of all, I think you ladies are wonderful. Your blog is an amazing source of inspiration, and your costumes are incredible. I have recently become interested in cosplay and, as a complete noob with no experience in sewing / prop-making, I'm having trouble finding a character design that I both really like and feel able to tackle... Did this ever happen to you when you were starting out? Should I settle for something a bit easier or stick to a design that really motivates me? HALP PLS :/

 Thank you very much for your kind words, annnnd we’re always happy to help! :) Incoming long chatter, as typical from Jenn.

Storytime: when we started in cosplay, there were almost no resources available to new cosplayers. I think most of us were lucky if we had a parent who sewed or a home ec. class at their high school. Information was hard-won and difficult to come by then. Forget finding tutorials; Katie Bair did a few for wigs, there was one for fiberglassing insulation foam (oh my god who does this even more?!) and there were a few random ones cobbled together from non-cosplay sewing sites. It was impossible. Lots of people treated what skills they had as “trade secrets”; I remember calling out a Tenten (Naruto) cosplayer for being rude to people who asked her how to do things and getting totally reamed bc she “worked hard to learn how to do it and wasn’t going to tell people for free” – yikes!

Back then, even finding reference pictures could be an unholy pain in the rear. On top of that, costume designs tended to be a lot simpler, virtue of weaker graphics, lower-budget animation, etc. I think there was a hell of a lot less pressure to be accurate/quality/whatever because a) odds are you weren’t working from great reference anyway and b) odds are everyone was in the same boat as you skill-wise.

While I’m sure there are still people that do this, back then people would openly talk about hot-gluing or stapling the seams of their costumes instead of sewing because it was “faster.” The best Songstress Yuna costume of the time (oh god) had the ruffles on the front of her costume done by squishing the fabric into ruffle shapes with hot glue, and it looked amazing by our standards!! That’s how low the bar was. Back then, having no experience was par for the course, so people took on costumes far out of their league because not many people cared about technique, accuracy, skill, etc. I mean, if you met people who could, it was SUPER impressive, but for the most part it was just about silly fun.

So quite frankly, a lot of the costumes I took on as a newcomer were costumes that were far out of my league at the time, and they look terrible by today’s standards, but challenging myself at least provided me with the impetus to learn really fast. I don’t know how it would be today – I don’t feel I take risks like I did back then as it is! And that’s also because my view on cosplay has changed: I don’t really do it for “fun” anymore, to be honest, I do it because I enjoy the process of making costumes, challenging myself to create things to a certain level, and so on. Back then, I could take on a costume ludicrously above my skill level because I cared more about being the character than how good it looked in the end, but now I find myself turning down complicated characters I truly love just because I enjoy cosplay a LOT more when I feel satisfied with my work. Working on projects I am super passionate about is important to me, but they also have to both challenge me and remain within the realm of possible to work.  

Honestly, I think I had a lot more fun when I didn’t care so much about quality… but I think I care more about a rewarding experience than having fun now, and that’s what I’ve been getting lately.

In some ways, I feel the fun vs. reward aspect of cosplay is what has led to the extreme boom of pre-made wholesale-variety costumes… now you can cosplay with minimal work and thus cut out the stress of skill levels and quality and experience because you’re guaranteed a baseline level of quality for virtually no effort. It also means that in a time where cosplay is more competitive than ever, those deciding to start from the bottom with no skills making their own things have a dilemma that cosplayers with my seniority never really had to worry about. There’s a whole class of cosplayers who have skipped the awkward baby years of awkward hot-glued costumes and jumped right into “decent” level with store-bought costumes, leaving your home-made stuff pretty exposed to critique that people don’t often bother with for store-bought costumes.

So you know what? I think it takes a lot of moxie to be a beginner cosplayer these days, making everything yourself, and I admire those people a lot. I think the culture is a little toxic these days, and being a beginner in that is a world of pressure. But you guys have a million more resources than we did when we started, since a lot of my “generation” of cosplayers have laid down a culture of writing tutorials, posting how-tos, collecting reference, etc. Because of that, I think you guys will improve and learn at a much faster rate than we did! But I hope you guys don’t miss out on having “fun” in cosplay, either; I don’t want the pressure to have quality costumes to weigh on new cosplayers and discourage them.

And realistically, you’re not going to be in this hobby forever. You should do whatever motivates you no matter what your skill level is. You’ll have to accept that your work is likely going to look very, very different in self-reflection ten years down the line, but who cares? Skills take decades to fully develop, and if you refuse to do something you love just because you have some high expectations of doing the project “justice”, odds are deciding to wait until you’re skilled enough just ends up meaning “never doing it.”

If for some reason you’re like “yeah, but I’m a perfectionist and I absolutely need to have this perfect NOW otherwise it’s not good enough” then I’m sorry to say, you’re already fucked in the short and long runs. You’re only going to burn out if you resign yourself to things you don’t care or you fixate on quality so much that nothing you do care about ever satisfies you. This is the burden of every art form out there. Every artist I’ve ever known is dissatisfied with their past work. Be proud of what you accomplish in the moment and then keep going!!

You gotta have fun with it. You really do. Don’t take your work too seriously, keep your aspirations high and just do whatever is fun to you. You can decide how much you care about quality later, and if quality motivates you, well, you’ll find a way to accomplish what you want. Due diligence with research and time and practice makes anything “easy!”

I wish you many insanely fun years of costume-making!

- Jenn