god i just want to go hug someone

Stuff My Mom Has Told Me During Hamilton (Act 2)
  • What'd I Miss: "Where'd his accent go?"
  • "That's Thomas Jefferson mom."
  • "No that's Lafayette."
  • "Same actor. Different character."
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "Why can't the debates be like this?"
  • Take A Break: "....where the fuck is Peggy?!"
  • Say No To This: "That God damn note what in the shit?!"
  • The Room Where It Happens: "So is Burr like, the person who tries too hard to be cool? Also there was three so what does he mean he arranged the seating?"
  • Schuyler Defeated: "Why do half these songs start the same?"
  • Cabinet Battle #2: "Fourth wall break!"
  • "What?"
  • "They mentioned Lafeyette! Fourth wall break!"
  • "Mom, same actor, different character. Lafayette and Thomas knew each other."
  • "Not important."
  • Washington On Your Side: "I've never been so ready to drop kick someone."
  • *Casually scoots away*
  • One Last Time: "Alex has such daddy issues..."
  • I Know Him: "I had actually forgotten about the King..."
  • "How?"
  • "I don't know! I thought he died!"
  • The Adams Administration: "This song is so short."
  • "It's not the full bit."
  • "What?"
  • *plays full one*
  • "Alex has a lot of anger issues."
  • We Know: "Wait - why do Jefferson and Alex hate each other so much? Is that sexual tension?"
  • "Mom..."
  • Hurricane: "You know I was in a hurricane once..."
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: "Wait why do the three sound shocked? They already knew! They read it as if they hadn't!"
  • Burn: "Hello tears I forgot about you..."
  • Blow Us All Away: "I forgot they had kids...wait wasn't he just nine?"
  • Stay Alive (Reprise): "My God...you ever try and take a gun to fight someone and I may just kill you."
  • "That is /not/ the point of this song."
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *she just refuses to stop hugging me*
  • "Mom...please..."
  • "Shhh let me show my love..."
  • "Mom your tears are in my hair!"
  • The Election Of 1800: "What the shit?! Stop having depressing songs then a fun one!"
  • "Please let go of me..."
  • Your Obedient Servant: "This is so passive aggressive..."
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: "This sounds so cute but...it's so sad?"
  • "Have you learned nothing throughout this?"
  • "...I want to hate it. I can't."
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "He...does know when people get older they need glasses right? Glasses don't mean murder. Otherwise you and your four eyes would be killing every day!"
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: "That's Washington! I recognize that voice! It's so deep and sexy!"
  • "Mom this is an emotional song."
  • "I know! That voice deserves more action!"
  • "Mom..."

Viktor-sans-Yuuri is an “I want to go home” type of drunk

When they’re together, Viktor and Yuuri are definitely ‘oh dear oh god oh no’ type of drunk. The worst of bad influences on each other. One-tequila-two-tequila-three-tequila-floor type drunk. They’re let’s play stripping games in this club type drunk. It’s literal canon at this point and we are #blessed to have had this knowledge bestowed upon us.

But Viktor by himself rolls up on a club and is like “Waddup I want my HUSBAND do u feel me??”

Yuuri by himself mostly reverts back to his old drunk self–mostly a normal person, kind of sad, does the same stupid shit only by himself–but catch a singular Viktor sitting at a table by himself, squinting into the distance and waiting for someone to tell him he can go home .

I miss you 😢😢😢 he texts Yuuri when he’s only been gone for an hour.

We agreed that you would stay there for two hours Yuuri texts back. You’re halfway there, baby. Don’t give up now.

“Aren’t you glad to be out of the house?” asks someone, probably someone Viktor doesn’t like very much, probably one of the sponsors Viktor is currently trying to shmooze. “God, it’s good to be away from the ball and chain! You’re married now, Nikiforov, you understand.”

“Literally the only thing I want to do right now is go home and hug my husband for an entire hour,” Viktor tells him, mournfully scrolling up his text history with Yuuri. “I miss him so much.”

“Did Viktor’s…husband… die?” that guy asks a colleague across the room several minutes later. “He’s acting like he…died?”

“No, Petrovich, he just married someone he actually likes.”

Viktor is now staring deep into a champagne cocktail. “Yuuri loves these,” he says.

“Are you totally sure,” says Petrovich, “That his husband didn’t die.”

“I saw him in an elevator on Tuesday.”

Petrovich watches Viktor down the entire champagne cocktail. “I thought only strippers drank those things.”

MBTI types as Inspirobot quotes:

Note: made this with @rest-in-agreste. Inspirobot is an artificial intelligence (just like cleverbot) that creates senseless random quotes.


„Friends are created to suck the life out of your hidden potential.“

“Public education can be similar to a laboratory experiment. It feels normal after a while.”

“There is no such thing as kindness, just death sentence.”

“Nothing is as beautiful as fresh blood.”

“What if delicacies are delicacies because you don’t know any better?”

“With limited masterpiece comes limited mystery.”

“If you value appreciation you have to value polar bears as well.”


„Ordering an elephant in order to torture a chimp is not as weird for the chimp as it is for the elephant.“

“Education is just opium in space.”

“Happiness is just like the inside of a whale, although not for everyone except idiots.”

“Politics are like a tea party; nobody cries until you give them a singing pickle.”

“You don’t need a projector in order to raise the dead.”

“Every time you laugh at procrastination, you also laugh at groins.”

“The register is on top of the hierarchy.”


„When you’re around young people, don’t forget to crush your enemies.”

“Control earth!”

“Finding inner peace is not a question of ‘how passionate’, but ‘with what army’.”

“If you understand how to hate it, you understand how to sterilize it.”

“Politics is fun if power is your passion.”

“In the modern world efficiency is as rare as leprechaun cake.”

“The axis of success is made of intimidation, willpower and Italy.”


„The geniuses who sacrifice the financial elite are just as bad as the geniuses who have no idea how to sacrifice old people.”

“Life is short. Die.”

“Ridicule facial hair. Ridicule the law.”

“’Patent office’ is latin and means ‘whore house’.”

“Democracy is very much like a box of chocolate. Useless.”

“There ain’t no love like the love for the weed.”

“The devil is a beautiful flower.”


„Trust is 1 percent groping and 99 percent mindfulness.“

“Smelly feet are like Satan, they make us feel pain in a way no one could’ve ever imagined.”

“A lot of men wish to become husbands because it’s all a game to them.”

“If you ever feel sad, you need more quotes.”

“If I call you, I don’t call you because cucumber.”

“The price of the north is not a price the society is going to pay.”

“Mooses are red, Cowboys are blue, the government is cruel and this fact is true.”


“Between the wind and your pretty face lies the human race.”

“Our body fluids begin, when we learn to say ‘no’ to social structures.”

“Chemistry can be similar to a public toilet, it eats you up from the inside.”

“The world is made of crime and polka dot dresses.”

“The seals are not poop if you believe in Christmas.”

“The Russians, beware.”

“If you can’t afford to lose your printer you should make sure to pray to god.”


“Hunt. Hate. Hunt evil.”

“The more we eat cake, the more we love our life.”

“Don’t believe in your girlfriend’s loneliness. Just go outside.”

“When you seek to be taken for who you are, ask.”

“The funniest poems are those that hide murder in it.”

“Whenever I look at the beautiful sun I want it to turn black.”

“If you need a hero, go find the barista.”


“I usually love hugs but hugs doesn’t love me.”

“Keep eating.”

“A man is not lasagna until he is loved.”

“A good friend is someone who is octopus.”

“She was a lonely girl until she found a lonely puppy.”

“Move your feet on the tree trunk.”

“The weed is real.”


“Corruption will only end if we end horseback riding.”

“The only thing you need to achieve spiritual healing is a beautiful body and a deck of cards.”

“Buy electricity when winter arrives.”


“Tired of all the lies, promises and doors.”

“I work for the child.”

“A kind heart is worth more than a chess game.”


“Never give up, pretend and look at your own grave.”

“My love for plant growing is eternal, just like the lemons.”

“Heaven is reincarnation, metaphorically speaking.”

“The alcohol is not good but it wants to be good for me.”

“Travelling is the heaven to the cross.”

“And one day everybody leaves for the cooking.”

“Snails are in the trains.”


“The fluids the French.”

“Between constitution and law lies the yeti.”

“A personal assistant is not the same as balance alone in an empty field.”

“We cannot transform ourselves by drawing, only by infecting.”

“A beautiful person is a beautiful subordinate.”

“Envy is not the best feminism.”

“One day you’re going to wake up next to the dog of your dreams.”


“The only difference between a horse and a riddle is that a riddle doesn’t fear death.”

“If you really want to seem like somebody you’re not, you must know how to think positive.”

“The news are not real.”

“Everyone is a book with a murdering ending.”

“We mature with the Russians not with the years.”

“Always be kind and eventually grave will be rewarded for it.”

“Watch out when he finds you at night.”


“Don’t despise death.”

“The flat earth. Made of people?”

“If you are talking about a bad marriage, you are a killer.”

“Between humanity and a near death experience lies abuse.”

“On Monday, whatever you have envied can’t be unenvied.”

“It’s practical to be a bush.”

“I am a bottle full of liquorish.”


Maybe our souls can be beauty someday?”

“Support passion.”

“Artists paint with passion while murderers paint with blood.”

“Music is the best comfort when period.”

“And slowly my tears turn into colors.”

“When I dance my feet are camping.”

“I close my step-aunt and let it go.”


„Try to make it so, that somebody cries in the night.“

“You are a pathetic piece of meat.”

“Time doesn’t quit heroin.”

“Earth is just a silver coin going in circles.”

“We cannot change the system through talking, we can only change the system through being pathetic.”

“With actual deals come actual diseases.”

“Alternative facts are geological lifestyle.”


„Where elections end, erections begin.“

“Don’t stop rubbing.”

“Don’t rely on your boyfriend’s jealousy, just jump.”

“After the young woman comes the love making.”

“You are good for sex but not good for documentation.”

“Shout it grateful, because all the outlet is a stage.”

“Welcome to the show doesn’t mean welcome to the tragedy.”

Imagine Chris admitting he’s still in-love with you.

A/N: Lol, what’s a hiatus? This is based on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Happier’ in his new album ‘Divide’. First of all, I’m in-love with that album. If you haven’t heard it, go listen to it right now. Actually, listen to the song while you’re reading this. I promise that it’ll trigger all the feels in the world. I know I usually write happy stuff, but this song is too good not to write to so- here’s a little bit of angst for y'all. (Relax, it ends sweet.) Grab some tissues. X

“Why are you doing this to yourself, man?”

“I just have to see her, Scott,” Chris mumbled into the phone; his brother sighed on the other end. “This month has been terrible and-” he cut himself off with a shake of his head. “I just have to see her,” he repeated. “She’s the one person I want to see right now.”

“And she’s the one person that doesn’t want to see you right now, Chris,” he painfully reminded Chris; this time is was Chris’ turn to sigh. “You broke her heart, the least you can do is let her move on in peace. Don’t go to that bar, turn around and go home. You’re not going to feel better seeing her happy with someone else, just go home.”

There was a short moment of silence where Chris stopped and thought about what Scott was telling him. He knew himself and he knew was going to the bar anyway, but he thought about it. “Do you think I’m ever going to happy again?” He heard himself ask; he was doubtful without you in his life, but he could use a lie.

“Yes,” Scott answered. “Now go home, Chris.”

Chris hung up and continued down 29th and Park, ignoring both Scott’s advice and the better part of him. He made his way towards Carlson’s Bar where he knew you’d be supporting your best friend’s band, just like any other typical Friday night. His heart ached when he remembered that just a month ago, he was the one you took with you to Spencer’s show and now it was Nick; a co-worker that’d wasted no time to claim the opportunity of a lifetime that Chris so carelessly tossed aside. It was his fault, Chris knew that. He’d done quite a bit to hurt you in the three years you were together, he had thought he’d a lifetime to make it up to you; he didn’t. As much as you loved him, you couldn’t spend your entire life waiting on him to commit.

Chris turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks; his blue eyes well with tears when he saw you in another’s arms. He was expecting it, but nothing could have braced his heart for what he laid eyes on. You were smiling, brighter than he’d seen in a while. Nick tightened his grip on you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear to make you laugh because there was no sound better than your laughter. Chris remembered when he used to do that, he used to be able to make you happy. He didn’t know when or why he stopped, he just knew it was the biggest mistake of his life. If he could go back, he would change everything so you’d be with him looking as happy- if not, happier than you were right now with Nick.

“Stop,” you laughed, squirming away from Nick’s clean shaven nuzzles. You tried not to let your smile falter when your heart reminded you of how Chris’ beard felt against your skin when he playfully nuzzled you. “Let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here.”

“Okay,” Nick smiled and pulled away from you to take your gloved hand.

You smiled as Nick held the door open for you. He was perfect, but it didn’t stop your mind from thinking of your Friday nights with Chris. It was never that simple with him, he always found a way to postpone joining the crowd because he preferred one on one time with you. He’d purposely walk slower or pretended he left something in his car so you’d have to turn back, only to find out that what he left was a kiss. As you walked inside, you found yourself remembering the way Chris would counter your “let’s go inside, it’s freezing out here” with a tighter hug that would “keep you warm, sweetheart.”

The more you thought about Chris, the worst you felt about being with Nick. It’d only been a month since you broke things off with him, how could be with someone else already? You spent three years with the man, the least you could’ve done was wait a little longer before you started to move on. Though it wasn’t likely that you were ever going to move on with anyone; Chris had ruined you for other men. If he had just shut up and committed, instead of making excuses and stalling- you’d be with him right now. You liked Nick, but your feelings for him were never going to compare with what you felt- still felt, despite how broken he left you- for Chris. He was the one for you, just as you were for him; the sad thing was he didn’t realize it until you walked out the door.

“I’m going to go grab a drink,” Nick told you and you nodded. “Do you want anything?” You shook your head; the last thing you needed was alcohol in your system. “Okay, I’ll be right back.” He gently squeezed your arm then disappeared into the crowd.

You scanned the room for familiar faces; it was the same group every Friday night. Spencer’s and yours mutual friends, as well as his other group of friends and his co-workers. It was always a good night, but it wasn’t until the first Friday night without Chris that you realized it was only always a good night because of him. You felt your vision blur as your heart wrenched in your chest; you really needed to get out of there.

The cold outside felt more inviting than the warm, slightly easing the emotional grief you’d been carrying on your shoulders since you broke up with Chris. The past month had been incredibly difficult for the both of you. The experience was about the same, neither of you liked living by yourself after living with each other for the past two years. It felt like a punch to your gut when you’d wake up without him by your side; the apartment you were now living in felt like it was constantly trying to suffocate you with isolation and loneliness. Every day, you’d wake up wondering if leaving him was the right thing to do. A month had passed and you still didn’t know if you were happier now, or happier with him.

“Y/N,” you heard Chris’ voice and you flinched. You shook your head, not wanting to turn around because there was no- “Y/N,” his hand wrapped around your wrist and he turned you around; you swallowed the urge to start crying.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, yanking your wrist out of his grip. You knew you’d break if he continued to touch you, you’d just melt right back into his arms despite everything he’d put you through. “We said clean break,” you reminded him.

“No.” He shook his head, his pretty blues glistened under the flickering street lights. “You said clean break, I told you I didn’t want to break up.” You turned away from him, taking slow, deep breaths; he didn’t need to see you cry.

“You didn’t want to commit either,” you bit as you turned back to him. “We were together for three years, Chris. We lived together for two. But still, whenever you were asked- you couldn’t admit you were in a relationship. You went out and partied like a bachelor, traveling the world like you had no one waiting on you at home.”

“Y/N, it was part-”

“It’s part of your job,” you cut him off. “Yeah, I know. That was always the excuse, wasn’t it?” Tears rolled down your cheeks and you quickly wiped them away. “I didn’t know being an actor meant you couldn’t be a boyfriend- that you couldn’t be a husband. But I do now, so- thank you, I’ll know better next time than to fall in-love with an actor.”

“I was just trying to protect you-”

“From what?” You scoffed. “From the media, from your fans? Newsflash, Chris- I knew what I was getting into when Captain freakin’ America asked me out. I didn’t need protection, I needed you to be proud to be in a relationship. I stood by you through everything; your work schedule, the distance, the tabloids and the rumors because- I loved and trusted you. But I guess all that wasn’t enough to be able to be Chris Evans’ girlfriend. You say you were protecting me, but you were just protecting yourself from commitment.”

“I know,” he nodded, agreeing with you for the first time. “I was stupid,” he said, taking your hands in his. “I wasn’t ready to settle down. I thought if I kept it from the media then- it wouldn’t be real and if we ever broke up- I wouldn’t have to deal with it. I thought if I could just get through my Marvel contract then- I don’t know, Y/N! I don’t know what I was thinking, I just-” He started to cry, making you cry. “I made a mistake, I was an idiot who didn’t know any better. But I do now, I am so in-love with you and I can’t- I can’t do this without you.”

“Am I meant to just forgive you?” You didn’t pull your hands away because you’d missed his touch. “You broke my heart, Chris,” you told him and he nodded in acknowledgment. “Do you know how much it sucked hearing people talk about how I was in a relationship with a man who couldn’t even admit he was taken? Do you know how much it hurt to see you with a fan who thinks it’s okay to get touchy because you’re apparently single? Do you realize how many of my friends’ weddings we’ve attended in our three years together? I can’t keep waiting for you to commit, Chris. I don’t want to,” you shook your head.

“I know, I’m sorry- I’m so sorry, Y/N. I just- I know how much I’ve hurt you, but I also know that no one is going to love you as much as I do. I made a mistake, that’s all- and I’m going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Just-” he pulled you into a tight hug, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Please,” he begged, crying. “Please let me.”

“I’m with Nick,” you cried softly, fighting the urge to just hug him back. It broke your heart to see him like this, and God- you just wanted to kiss his sorrows away. “I’m with someone else, Chris.” You repeated and he started crying harder, clutching onto you like you were his oxygen. “I can’t-” you gently pushed Chris away, “it’s not fair on him.”

“I know,” he whispered, wiping his tears away with the back of his hand. “And it’s not fair on you either, you deserve better than me.” You tried not to cry at that. “Are you happier with him?” He asked and cupped your face in his hands, gently brushing your tears away.

“Yes,” you lied with a nod.

“Okay,” he managed a smile. “Just know that- If he breaks your heart, I’m going to be waiting right here for you.” You nodded, crying softly as Chris pressed a kiss against your forehead. “I’ll see you, Y/N.” He said as he reluctantly pulled his hands away.

You closed your eyes as he walked off into the night because you knew you’d run after him if you watched him leave. You’d rather be with Chris, everyone- including Nick, who had watched the whole thing go down from the inside- knew that. So why didn’t you go with him? Why were you so stubborn? Why didn’t Chris stay and fight for you? Nick didn’t get it, none of your friends watching did. Then, it was as though a jolt of lightning went off in both yours and Chris’ brains. You opened your eyes and started towards his direction, just as he turned around and ran back towards you. You met halfway and shared an embrace that ended in a kiss so passionate and deep that on lookers blushed.

“I’m happier with you,” you whispered when Chris broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours.

“And I’m only happy with you,” he responded then kissed you again, smiling. “Come with me to the premiere of Gifted,” he told you. “We’ll walk the carpet together, we’ll announce our engagement.” You felt your eyes narrow at that, but you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face; it was finally happening. “Just let me show you off to the world, let me tell everyone I’m taken.”

“But we’re not engaged,” you chuckled softly.

“Not yet,” he smiled. “The ring’s at home so I can’t-”

“Yes,” you nodded and his smile widened. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” You told him and he hugged you tightly, breathing you in. The engagement was long overdue, he wished he’d done it earlier so he didn’t cause you as much grief as he did but- he was happy things ended the way it did.

“I’m never letting you go again.”

“Me neither,” you agreed, smiling.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt. 4

A/N: I had wrote this before I even finished Pt.3 so it’s been ready to post lmao. I’m finally giving you all the much requested smut so I hope y'all are satisfied for now. Imma start on 5 so, the quicker this gets to 100 notes with feedback the quicker it comes. Hope y'all love bugs enjoy💕

I know I could of ended it better but I couldn’t think of a good way, sorry.

OH and I’m just starting a diet today and boiiii…let’s see how long I can last lmaoo.

**WARNING**: Smut (blowjob to be specific)

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“It’s about damn time you got a new hairstyle.”

“Well, excuse me for embracing my natural curls, Connor.” You snorted as the blonde rolled his eyes at you.“ I can’t believe you’re seriously dying your hair.”

“I can’t believe I let you pick the color.” Connor laughed.“If I walk out of here looking crazy, Y/N, I’m going to kill you.”

“Deadass?” You challenged and he gave you the eye.

“Deadass."he attempted to copy your accent and both you and your hairstylist laughed.

The complications of finding a black hairstylist in a salon that doesn’t overcharge in Australia was complicated. Usually you paid no more than eighty dollars for someone like your cousin, your friend’s aunt, or even someone’s mother to do your hair in the comforts of their home. You had been coming to your stylist, Kim, every since you’ve moved here and she had never let you down. She understood the struggle of African American hair and you didn’t trust anyone else to come near your head.

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Renjun Soulmate AU

Soulmate AU where whenever you lose an item, it ends up in your soulmates’ possession somehow

  • whoop whoop 2 soulmate aus in one day
  • be proud of me
  • ready to start?
  • lets go kiddos
  • you had a bunch of your soulmates things
  • some books, a few keys, and a shoe not like a pair of shoes just a single shoe
  • but what you had the most things of were moomin plushies
  • they must really like these since you have maybe ten of them
  • ngl they are cute
  • so you kept all of their things on a shelf
  • Renjun on the other hand has only a handful of your things
  • but something that he loves the most of yours is a bracelet you had lost
  • its simple but engraved on the inside is just a simple word
  • happiness
  • and this bracelet always gives him strength whenever he needed it
  • anyways
  • you were hanging out with your friend jeno for a school project
  • he may look like an angel bUT DONT BE FOOLED
  • he makes fun of you aLL THE TIME
  • never lets you live
  • yall decide to work on the project at your house
  • and you guys work on this project for a while in the living room but then jeno claims he has to use the restroom
  • “down the hall across from my room”
  • “…pls dont go in my room”
  • oh how you should have known he wouldnt just not go into your room
  • “wow y/n thats a lot of moomin plushies do you collect them”
  • oh no
  • “um no i actually thin- oh cRAP”
  • you tripped over a new plushie
  • “i guess i can add this one to the shelf. anyways i think my soulmate collects them”
  • “you know, for as much as this person seems to like these plushies, they sure do lose them a lot”
  • jeno had to leave soon after that
  • something about another project he had to work on with another friend
  • anyways were gonna see what jeno is doing
  • he actually does have another project he has to work on
  • with his other friend renjun
  • lets just say they didnt get much done
  • lots of video games
  • “renjun wheres the restroom”
  • “upstairs next to my room”
  • “…pls dont go in there”
  • man jenos on a roll today
  • “your room is so messy renjun”
  • “i know i know the bottles are all over the place but they have their own spot”
  • jeno looked around the room and his eyes landed on a bracelet and he picked it up
  • “hey where did you get this?”
  • “oh please be careful with that its my soulmate’s”
  • “its funny i gave one of my friends a bracelet like this…renjun, do you lose your moomin plushies a lot?”
  • “yES ive spent well over $1000 on moomin merch”
  • “what if i told you i knew where all your stuff is”
  • knock knock bith
  • “oh jeno did you forget something”
  • “no no i just wanted to know, did you lose this bracelet?”
  • !!!!
  • “yeah i did where was it?”
  • jeno goes flying off the porch bc someone pushed him off
  • then you go flying to the ground bc someone tackles you to the floor in a hug
  • ???
  • “um sorry do i know you?”
  • “oh my god im so sorry um im renjun and im your soulmate. you have all my moomin plushies right?”
  • he couldnt get that goofy smile off of his face while he was helping you up
  • “and i think this is yours”
  • he took your wrist and put on that bracelet you had lost months ago
  • “i hope this bracelet brings you as much happiness as it has to me”
  • “ok i can see that you guys are having your moment but renjun i think i sprained my wrist when you threw me off the porch”
  • im so soft for renjun
  • hes in my top 5 and i have no regrets
  • thanks for reading!! :)
Seth Rollins - “Be a man"

Reader is the daughter of Triple H and Stephanie and can’t stay backstage any longer

You rolled your eyes as your parents attacked Mick. You turned away so you didn’t have to watch the beat down. Your eyes widen as Seth’s music hit. You started dating Seth just before his first knee injury and since then anytime he got in the ring scared you. 

Weeks ago when he reinjured his knee after Samoan Joe attacked him, you didn’t think he’d be back in the ring before Wrestlemania. He was so determined to get back in the ring and you just wanted him to take his time to make sure he was 100%. 

“You weren’t expecting him tonight were you?” Sasha asked 

“No, h-he didn’t tell me” you stuttered. Seth limped out with one of his crutches. You bite your lip and silently pray the Seth will turn around and come backstage. 

“Turn around Rollins”  Hunter said into his mic “I don’t want to have to break you again. For once be a man and back down” 

“For once in your life Seth listen to him” You whisper. But he didn’t. Seth kept limping down the ramp, all the way to the ring “Seth don’t do it”

“How about you talk to your daughter about how much of a man I am” Seth smirked. Hunter’s face darkened and you slapped my hand to my face, He wasn’t making it any better for himself. Seth held the crutch out to the side and dropped it before running into the ring and attacking Hunter. Seth over powered Hunter, drop kicking him out of the ring. Hunter stood outside the ring with Steph. 

“He wouldn’t” you whisper as he looked at the crutch on the ground “Dad please don’t” you cringe as he hit Seth in his knee. You felt a part of you break as Seth cried out in pain. 

“Seth doesn’t look good” Roman sighed rubbing his face 

“I-I can’t watch this” You ran toward gorrila postion about to run out to the ring when you felt someone grab you. 

“Don’t go out there” Shawn said 

“Shawn please let me go” you say pulling away as hard as you can 

“You going out there makes it personal” Shawn attempted to calm you down but all you could hear was Seth’s cries of pain. You muster all the strength you can and so how get past Shawn. Hunter had Seth in an inverted figure four lock when your music hit and you ran down to the ring. You slid in the ring and your dad let seth go. 

“Y/N” He started 

“No. Don’t. Get out! Leave!” you scream at him before going to Seth who was rolling around holding his knee. You held it together for Seth but you were breaking on the inside. 

“I’m sorry baby” He said through his teeth. 

“Hey hey hey” you whisper, leaning down and kissing his forehead “Don’t worry okay let’s get backstage” 

Seth rolled to the edge of the ring. Ref’s tried to help him but he just got mad and pushed them away. 

“For god sakes Seth let them help you” you roll your eyes putting you arms around his chest to take some weight off his knee 

“Y/n I’m fine let me-” 

“Seth shut up! Your hurt alright just let someone help you for god sakes!” You felt tears well in your eyes. Seth leant against the barricade and pulled you into a tight hug. Your tears spilled over as you held onto him. 

“I’m okay. I’m still in one piece” He whispered into your hair “I’m going to be fine” 

I know it’s shit but I wanted to write again. 
you can send me requests if you want. 

Quick dialogue prompts #4

1. “Are eyebrows considered facial hair?” “Go to sleep.”

2. “Ok, big question incoming, brace yourself. How many kids do you want?” “None.” “Thank God.”

3. “Do you realise you are just consuming the milk of another species?” “Leave me and my cereal alone.”

4. “I’m not kissing you until you do the washing up.”

5. “What twat invented having to work for a living?”

6. “Can I try some?” “Nope.”

7. “I need a hug.”

8. “Do you want to talk about it?”

9. “Kissing is weird. It’s just mushing your lips with someone else’s as a sign of affection.” “Do you want to make out or not?”

10. “We should have sex.”

These are free to you however you want to :) Feel free to tag or message me if you do use any as i’d love to see what you write!

SVT Super Powers; Mingyu!!

Originally posted by mvpgyu

mingyu is that boy


-why does that gif look like the dramatic chipmunk

-ok so mingyu

-he is so tall that his head is in the clouds

-coincidentally theres clouds by his feet too

-as in his power it manipulating clouds 

-he can also manipulate the clouds to show off any weather


-think of cloud 9 from marvel

-but he wasn’t given his powers by an alien gas 

-oh no

-cue the ancient gods again

-Nephele how much money did you give Zephyrus to make him give the cloud power to Mingyu


-it happened when he was a baby

-when he was crying

-a small grey cloud would appear of his head

-filled with little lightning bolts and stuff

-courtesy of minghao ;)))))))))))))))

the little cloud would also have rain on it too

-and seokmin thank you for the rain

-his parents were so confused about the little cloud above his head


-where did it come from

-where did it go

-we’re not singing cotton eyed joe here

-anyways his parents read up about having clouds appear over your child’s head

-and it came apparent to them that it was an actual power

-their kid had a power

-well thats his occupation for life down

-when he grew a little older the clouds stopped raining but they would still appear sometimes 

-it kind of acted as a weather indicator for the day too

-”mingyu what does the cloud say??”


-”thank you!”

-it would be really helpful when the weather wasn’t on so he would be the weather guy

-he did fuck around though

-he made it rain in his cloud but it would actually be sunny outside


-fast forward to a couple years

where he meets you

-you were his new neighbour in the area and you live directly opposite his house

-and you would wave to his mum because she would give your family welcoming gifts

-seventeen’s moms are the best i swear

-so his mum introduced you to mingyu

-the first thing you noticed was the cloud by his side

-”whats this??”

-poor kid got shy and said it was a toy behind his back and ran inside

-awwwWWWW BBY 

-after a while he became more friendly to you like walking to school with you by his side

-and a little bit after that before middle school started he told you that the cloud wasn’t a toy

-but an actual cloud 

-like from the sky

-he asked you to be his friend and of course you agreed and said yes

-but this friendship kind of turned into something else…



-he kind of felt like he was your…….protector

-he didn’t see you as a sibling but kind of like someone he needed to protect a lot

-so of course

-he became even more protective of you in high school


-you developed your first crush on  dude

-he was sweet cool and funny

-but mingyu always found that there was….something wrong with him

-like…..he looked like trouble

-you found that little cloud that he had with became dark ashy grey whenever he was near the dude

-and you didn’t know lickshit about the cloud gods or anything to do with his powers at that time

-but when a cloud goes a certain grey colour it turns into a storm

-and the storm was about to happen

-this part was the calm before the storm

-you started dating your crush

-wow congrats girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

-things turned sour quickly

-because of having mingyu around a lot

-the bf got jealous 

-and quickly

-he told you to stop being friends with mingyu or he was going to stop being you rbf

-and of course you liked him a lot

-but you also wanted to keep mingyu as a friend

-so you told Mingyu that you couldn’t be around him when your boyfriend was near

-so he agreed but kept on coming around you


-mingyu stayed by your side

-no matter what

-because his cloud wasn’t jealousy

-it was……..saudade

-it was that one feeling of wanting you but he couldn’t have you

-one day he was just minding his business

-and he saw your bf

-….but with another girl

-he kind of….felt broken inside

-knowing that somehow

-you were being hurt 

-but there was no pain inside for you to feel


-he got his phone out and quickly took a couple pictures from the sidelines

-bf hears phone

-mingyu : shit :)

-he starts to run but finds that bf is a little faster

-so he just puts a raincloud over him

-and then he ran again

-ran straight to your house with no stopping at all

-he didn’t care that somehow it cloud was showing

-nobody batted a lash which was ok

-but he ran

-meanwhile you were just texting your bf hoping he would respond 

-but nothing

-then you hear a knock on the door

-and its mingyu just repeating that he was sorry 

-you were like :((( 

-”what’s wrong???”

-”you need to look at these…im sorry…”

-your heart dropped as soon as you knew it was him


-y/n :(

-mingyu just kept on repeating that he was sorry

-and you just kept on repeating it’s ok

-but why was he sorry?

-”i’m sorry that i let you fall in love with him……………..it’s my fault that you got hurt………………..i’m sorry……..”

-it kind of hit you

-mingyu likes you

-and you were…..kind of oblivious to see

-from being distracted by the cloud

-you didn’t see that his protection was his way of showing that he really did care for you and liked you a lot

-”Mingyu……….you’re not mad at me for liking him before are you?”

-”n-no of course not why would i be mad at you? this is not your fault it’s that dick’s fault for being like this i should of told you that i like you before him i swear to gOD”



-you just smile and give him a hug 

-cause you need it 

-a lot

-and he’s just there like

-”wait oh my god i jsut confessed to you when you just literally broke up with your bf was this a bad time oh my god im so sorry y/n are you ok do you still want me to hug you or do you wanna kill me rn idk what’s going on is it about to rain i feel like it’s about to –”

-”mINGYU i get it”

-”you do?”

-”yeah…i’m going to do what everyone does when they break up with someone and raid the ice cream but….”


-”you can ask me that same exact question later on.”

-”the question?”

-”or….i could give you the answer right now?”

-”that kind of sounds better but are you–”

-”mingyu stop i like you”

-this kid i can’t deAL WITH

-he’s just so protective over you and he loves you too much to let that ever happen again to you

-one final thing

-you know how you we’re going to raid the ice cream?

-yeah mingyu stayed with you

-put his head on your lap and just fell asleep

-cause he loves you

-a lot 

“y/n can i tell you a joke”

-”yeah sure”

-”i mean..i could tell you a joke about clouds but it would go over your head!”

“mingyu your cloud is crying”

“see even they don’t like the jOKE

Enzo Amore - “It’s just you and me against the world”

Requested: No
Warnings: None
Words: 2500+
A/N: this is NOT part 2 to the Cass piece I put up last night. This is it’s own piece.

“Don’t cry… don’t cry” you whispered as you watched the monitor from the woman’s locker room. You played with the rings on your finger as Big Cass made his way up the ramp after kicking your husband, his best friend Enzo in the head.

“Oh my god” Sasha mumbled. Everyone was in shock. This was the last thing anyone ever thought would happen. Everyone’s eyes were on you, waiting to see your reaction.

“Uh… can someone go get Enzo’s stuff from the locker room and bring it here? I’m gonna go get him. I don’t want him to see Cass” you said going to the door

“Yeah of course”  someone said as you headed down the hallway. You met Enzo at gorilla. He just looked defeated. You wrapped your arms around his chest and hugged him.

“Have you been checked out? That looked like a big hit” You mumbled into his chest

“I’m going now” Enzo sighed “I’ll get you from the locker room when I’m done”

“I’ve got your stuff” you called after him as he walked with Kurt to the medics. Enzo was given the all clear, nothing wrong thank god. You couldn’t forgive Cass if he had seriously hurt Enzo.

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I went to Texas Roadhouse for the first time

  • The music is so loud I can’t hear my dad sitting next to me
  • First thing I saw is this giant wall painting of a vaguely native American man and a wolf
  • The menu is one third meat, one third alcohol, and the rest is pretty much sides
  • The only drink menu is margaritas
  • This lemonade is basically off white water
  • I just got my burger and it’s basically all grease. Where is the patty under this cheese? I literally had to clean my screen between typing because it was so greasy
  • After the third time they played a song that’s only words were “she makes tractors sexy” I needed a smoke. It’s just too much. It’s too much guys.
  • I came back in and they started blaring the music (didnt know it went louder) and the employees started line dancing. You could see their souls leaving their bodies
  • There are peanut shells fucking everywhere I just noticed this is so gross
  • Also the decor consists of cacti, rattle snakes, racist paintings of native people, and more cacti
  • I can’t finish my food I had the waiter take it away, it’s just so fuckin gross
  • Half the employees are wearing “I love my job” shirts but they couldn’t any more clearly hate it
  • If this armadillo man tries to hug me I’m going to smack him. He keeps walking by me and looking at me. Do they just target the people who absolutely do not want to be hugged by a man in a foam suit?
  • Oh thank god we’re paying it means we’re leaving soon
  • Even the rolls are burnt I noticed
  • Someone just walked in carrying an orchid?
  • Oh thank fuck were leaving

fuckmefinnjones  asked:

Congratulations on 300 followers,i eould like actress!reader with Thomas. <3

thank you, love! 

i’m doing a headcanon, if that’s okay with you since i can’t think of a well structured story involving this.

300 follower celebration 🎉

  • just imagine him showing up to his premieres.
  • and you showing up to his
  • you guys met a long time ago through a whole different premiere, but ended up clicking ever since
  • you witnessed his reaction to getting the role as peter parker
  • you immediately smiling and pulling him into a hug
  • “i knew you could do it.”
  • you guys going to award shows together
  • and whenever you guys watch the other’s movie and there’s a kiss scene, you cover the other’s eyes
  • “tom! i was watching that!”
  • “i’m sorry, it’s just i don’t want you to have the idea of me kissing someone else in you head when you’re the only one i wanna kiss.”
  • he’s cheesy omfg
  • being #1 fans of the other
  • him making sure to buy DVDs whenever one of your movies comes out
  • you do that too shhhh
  • overall, can i have your relationship?
  • even if you don’t understand each other’s movies, you watch them anyways
  • you both have a favorite of each others
  • an award shelf in the living room of your shared home
  • awh goals
  • i want to be you and have a relationship with tom ;(
Beautiful - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Originally posted by blacksimmerr

“I love your imagines and I was wondering if you would write one where the reader is really self conscious, and her and the rest of the pack go to the pool or something and she gets really uncomfortable l” + “Also maybe have her not eating for a while because some girls at school told her she ate too much and Lydia finds out. Btw reader is actually really thin so no one understands why she believed the girls” @imthechildoftwobadasses

Warnings: (I’m not sure if this would be triggering for anyone but) Body Insecurities 

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Blind Pt. 2 - Joe Sugg Imagine #6

Hey guys, 
Change of plans! It will take me another part to end the story, sorry.
But I hope you’re enjpying the second part anyways.
Kat xx.


It’s been a month since she left and Joe sorted everything out. He wasn’t missing her as much and the thought of coming home to an empty apartment wasn’t frightening anymore. He stopped worrying about her, because Caspar told him she was fine. But since she left he hasn’t had one one night stand. He would go out and he would drink but he couldn’t stand the looks or the smiles of any girl he thought was pretty. Because Caspar said they looked like her. Joe saw her face on every girl. And it drove him crazy. It was a Sunday morning and he was playing guitar, learning a new song as his phone rang. He didn’t even look on the screen while picking up. “Hello?” “Joe. It… It’s Y/N” Joe didn’t know what to say. “Are you still there?” “Yeah. Yeah I am, sorry.” Even in his ears his voice sounded weird. “How are you?” He didn’t know what to answer. His heart was pounding hard against his ribcage, he didn’t expect to hear from her that soon. Or ever again if he was honest. “I didn’t think you’d call.” “I wrote that I’d call. I just needed a few weeks to myself.” “Yeah. Yeah, right.” “How are you?” She asked again. And suddenly Joe had the urge to cry. He didn’t know why. “Fine. You?” You could hear the tears in his voice. “I’m good, thanks. Things are getting easier day by day. I never thought moving to another country was that exhausting.” Joe thought he misheard that. “Another country?” “Oh, I figured, Casper would tell you. I’ve moved in with Britt. I’m in LA now.” “YOU ARE WHERE?” “LA? Joe, is the service okay, aren’t you hearing me well?” “Why would you move that far away from me?” He couldn’t hold it back anymore. He always thought she weren’t far from him and that thought made it easier to be away from her. But LA? Did he broke her that much? “Joe, I was applying for a job at the youtube space here anyway. I got it, I had the choice between LA and London so I went for LA. I mean, I wanted a fresh start.” “You could’ve had a fresh start in London as well, Y/N.” “Yeah. I guess.” Her voice was filled with sadness. “I’m sorry, you know. I’m so fucking sorry and I miss you so much, Y/N. If I had known what I was putting you through, I never… I’m the worst best friend anyone could have.” She could clearly hear the tears in his voice. “Joe, no. Don’t say that. You had no idea I’m… I WAS in love with you. It’s fine. I just needed space. Space I now have. And… And I miss you too. So much.” Now Joe could hear the tears in her voice too. “So you don’t hate me?” “No, I don’t. You’re my best friend. Forever.”
From then on they called each other almost every day. They started where they left off. Joe even cancelled plans on the evenings to call her before her work. Everyone of his friends were happy, that they were getting on again. It was just as easy talking to her and he knew that LA really made her happy. She seemed so much more herself and that was making it easier to accept that they wouldn’t see each other.

“You’re coming to VidCon, right?” Joe made himself dinner, talking to Y/N on the phone. “Yeah, I planned it, I hope nothing happens.” “You know I’m actually working at VidCon this year, so we’ll see each other.” She told him and Joe’s heart skipped a beat. He would finally see his best friend again. “You are? That’s so cool! I’m really happy. I miss yooouuuu.” He really did. Even though they talked pretty much every day it wasn’t the same not having her there. She laughed. “I miss you, too. But don’t you think it’ll be awkward. I’m scared it’ll be.. you know… after everything what happened, the letter and stuff…” “Y/N, no. You’re my best friend. We talked about it, we worked it out, it’s fine. We’re fine, alright?” “Alright.” “Good. Now eat your breakfast you only have half an hour left before work.” Y/N laughed about his concern she wouldn’t eat enough. Joe was very caring about the ones he loved. They talked the whole time she had left and when they ended the call there were smiles on both faces.
But Y/N still was overthinking the get together with Joe. Was it too early? Since she moved to LA everything was going great. She made friends, she went out, she even went on a few dates. But could it be a backlash if she would see him again? “Why are you so quiet today?” Britt asked over dinner. “I’m just thinking about seeing Joe again. Do you think it’s right?” Britt shrugged. “I really don’t know, Y/N. I mean, you’re really getting over him. You even have a crush on someone that’s not him. For me that’s a really good sign. But you was head over heels for Joe. Seeing him again might not be making it better.” “That’s exactly what I thought! I mean, I miss him so much and everything in me just wants to see him, but that scares me and I don’t know if I’m just missing my best friend or.. if I really am still in love with him. On the other hand, I have a date with you know who tomorrow night.” “NO WAY!” Britt squeaked in excitement. “He asked you out? I’m so freaking happy for you. You almost talk as much about him as about Joe.” Y/N laughed. “I know, I thought he was kidding at first. But I’m really excited.”

VidCon was loud. Extremely loud and Y/N was getting a headache in the first two hours. She was running around between all the helpers who got problems, the security and the main stage. There were people everywhere and she could barely make her way through the masses. Joe did send a text, saying he arrived on time, which was good. He probably was giving autographs right now and would later be interviewed on some stage. It was the late afternoon of the first day and Y/N was exhausted. Two more hours to go, before she could leave. But Britt and her already made plans to go to the afterparty for influencers so she couldn’t just chill and watch Netflix although that was all she wanted to do right now. “Y/N!” Someone screamed over the noises and she saw Jack, Conor’s younger brother waving at her. She smiled and waved back, before making her way to him. ”Jack, oh my god, it’s so nice to see you.” They hugged. “Yeah, I’m glad to see you, too. Joe is on break and is looking for you everywhere.” “He is? Well, I think I’m giving him a call then, thank you for letting me know!” “Anytime, love. Do we see each other at the afterparty?” “Yes, a hundred percent. We’ll talk!” They hugged goodbye and Y/N was looking for a quieter area to call Joe. “I’m looking for you! I’m at stage 3, backstage.” “I’m coming, they have technical difficulties anyway.” And with that she went to stage 3 first helping with the problem and then looking for Joe backstage.
She saw him almost immediately. He looked good, like he slept well although he had to have a jetlag and with a hint of a tan. London seemed to have good weather too this summer, Y/N thought. He recently got a haircut, his hair was shorter than the last time she saw him. But the most interesting thing were his eyes. They were shining as he smiled at the man infront of him, probably a co-worker of Y/N’s but she wasn’t sure about that. His eyes were the first thing she fell in love with and they were the most difficult to forget. Not that she wanted to forget them as a whole. But she wanted to forget the dreamy look in them when he smiled, because it always made her heart skip a beat. As if he sensed her look, Joe turned to her and his face lit up completely. “Jesus…” Y/N sighed as her heart like she had predicted skipped a beat. Joe quickly made his way to her and pulled her into a warm hug. She breathed in his scent and hugged back.
“I missed you” She mumbled into the crease where his shoulder and his neck met, where his scent was the most intense. “I’m so glad to finally see you again, love.” They separated from each other and that closely Joe could see the little freckles on the top of her cheekbones, the sparkles of gold in her eyes and the crinkles under them from smiling. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, he thought. It was nothing he never thought before, you had to be blind to not see how beautiful she was. “How was your flight?” “Everything went perfectly fine. I didn’t sleep so I could sleep at night and my jetlag wouldn’t be as bad.” “Very smart, Joe. Very smart. Ugh, I’m exhausted. Being a supervisor at such a big event isn’t as easy as it seems, may I tell you that. I’m glad I’m nearly done for the day.” She couldn’t take her eyes of off him. It’s like she had a grainy picture of him in mind and now that he’s infront of her she had to take every little thing from him in to make it high quality. “Me too. If you want we could grab dinner together and after that we’ll meet the others and go to the afterparty.” She wanted to go with him so bad. “I can’t. I already made plans with Britt to eat at home, we both need a shower after today. But you can join us if you want.” “I.. don’t know I made plans with the boys, but maybe can cancel that…” “You don’t have to, it’s fine. We’ll see us at the party anyways. And tomorrow we could grab lunch together if you want. Or you could come over and see my new place.” “I know, but I want to spend as much time with you as I can before I have to leave again.” That melted her heart. She could see how genuinely happy he was to see her and that made her even happier. But she could practically feel herself falling for him again at every second.

Dear Future Husband || Klaroline

Klaroline Infinity Day 2 - Pre-canon

Thirteen was an ugly age for Caroline: braces, frizzy hair, her parents’ bitter divorce. But there was a part of her that knew she was destined for more, and she kept her hopes high. She probably shouldn’t have put them in writing, though…


She squeezed her knees tighter to her chest, digging her bright orange nails into the skin of her palms. Maybe it was babyish to hide in her parents’ closet, but she didn’t want to go outside. Instead, she cowered in the dark and recently half-emptied closet, waiting for her mother to track her down.

Damn those cop instincts.

The door slid open, and Liz poked her head inside. “Sweetie,” she said in that sternly sweet voice. “It’s time to say goodbye.”

“No.” Caroline hated the tears burning in her eyes; she wished she would never cry again. “I shouldn’t have to say goodbye because he shouldn’t be leaving.”

“Your father is waiting.”

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anonymous asked:

A headcanon where MC is Rika's little sister (like she's 20-23 years old) and the RFA has to tell her the terrible things that Rika did (Mint Eye). Adding the fact that they are all in love with MC and that MC really admired Rika.

I’m so sorry that this one will probably be short, as well. I couldn’t think all too clearly for this one, but I’d definitely redo it for you if it’s not good enough. (Thanks for only having it be the rfa, too. It gets a bit difficult writing for everyone, because I want everything to be semi-decent) I didn’t really know how to time this, but I’m going to write this on the basis that ///spoilers/// V is alive, Rika’s been dead for  a year, and V told them the truth. Also, for Yoosung’s, it will be platonic, because I don’t particularly like incest whatsoever. I know that there are loopholes with the “cousin” thing, but I’m just going to keep his platonic.

  • It hurt him deeply when he found out what Rika had done and he was only her cousin
  • He couldn’t imagine what it’d be like to tell you
  • During all the chatrooms before the party, everyone tried to skirt around the topic
  • Yoosung knew that everything she did would cut you to pieces considering how much you idolized her
  • He’s seen you trailing behind her at family functions and staying by her side even if someone else interested you more
  • While it may be a bit obsessive, he was also conscious of how he acted after her death
  • A few days after you hosted the party, Yoosung wanted you to come to his campus for what he played off as a casual visit
  • Knowing that his conversation about Rika he wanted to have with you, he tried his best to make the dorm comfortable and safe
  • When you had gotten there, you were taken slightly aback by how serious he was acting
  • There was no way that this was the kid who drank cartons upon cartons of chocolate milk so he wouldn’t pass out
  • “Yoosung, are you alright? You didn’t have to play this as just me seeing your school. If something is wrong, you can always tell me.” “Don’t worry, MC. I trust you with everything I have. I trusted you more than Rika which is saying…a lot. Well, speaking of Rika, that’s why I wanted you to come here”
  • You thought this was all oddly suspicious considering how fidgety he was being
  • He cared for Rika a lot, but you were different
  • Towards Rika, it was more obsessive
  • With you, it was closer to happy cousins, how it should’ve been with you and your sister
  • “So, I’m not quite sure where to start, MC, but I wanted to let you know that your sister wasn’t how she acted. I know-I know this sounds like a bad soap opera, but that’s why nobody could talk about her. Rika did some really bad things. She, well, she brainwashed people into an organization she was the head of, Mint Eye. That’s where the hacker came from that Seven was watchful of. I’m sorry that I couldn’t bring myself to tell you earlier”
  • You grabbed the back of the chair to stay standing up
  • As dramatic as it sounded, you were unable to speak then and there
  • To know your sister was just an act
  • That she was involved with such awful things
  • It made you not trust anyone for a bit
  • You excused yourself from his dorm because it felt like it was going to suffocate you
  • Especially that framed picture on his desk
  • Yoosung walked around to find you for about half an hour before seeing you sitting at an outdoor table
  • You looked like you weren’t properly there just staring and drifting your fingers over the table to make invisible patterns
  • He knew it was going to break you
  • But everyone has to break
  • Everyone has to hurt
  • He thought that Rika’s death was that for him
  • Turns out, it was seeing you unable to register whatever he was going to say, what anyone was going to say, for the next week
    (I’m so sorry that this turned out like a bad angsty highschool au fanfic)
  • Everyone in the chat made a silent agreement to not bring up your sister’s past
  • Yeah, Seven could still send his phot of when he cross-dressed, but no words of what Rika did
  • Zen thought all of it was bullshit and that you had the right to know regardless of what the other members said
  • So when you came over to stay at his home when he got hurt
  • He prepared to tell you everything
  • Even put some pictures and writings together to show you everything he could about Mint Eye
  • Also got anything that you mentioned in the chat that makes you feel better just in case
  • Awkwardly paced around with his cast until you were able to get there
  • He asked you to sit down on the couch even with your protests of telling him to do such
  • After all, you were still under the pretense that this was to help him out if his leg was hurting
  • “MC, please just sit down so that I can get this over with”
  • That spiked your anxiety so you just complied, waiting to hear what he was to say
  • Zen sat down next to you and grabbed the collection of Mint Eye records off the table and gestured for you to take it
  • “I know that you’re here to help me, but I also wanted to help you. Seven and Yoosung and Jumin and Jaehee and V and I haven’t been completely transparent with you about your sister. Rika was the head of an organization that hurt people really badly. All the evidence of its existence that Seven could find are in that folder”
  • You were confused to say the least
  • Well, if Seven was involved, it was bound to be a joke
  • “Yeah, and you’re unattractive, Zen”
  • Wait, that wasn’t supposed to come out choppy and anxiously
  • “Just please read through everything. The organization is, well, was called Mint Eye. There’s some pictures in there, and I think Seven got some camera footage”
  • You looked through everything, hoping to find something that confirmed that it was just a prank
  • But some of the evidence was going strongly against that
  • You set the folder back on the coffee table gingerly and stood to get up
  • “I-I promise that I’ll be back soon. I’m just going to go down the block. Please don’t follow me either. You’re not in the condition, and I’ve my phone anyways”
  • He simply nodded
  • As much as he wanted to fling himself to your waist and ask you to not leave, he respected your wishes
  • You came back that evening and looked a lost wreck
  • Zen asked if you’d stay and keep him company
  • He just wanted to make sure that you were going to be alright
  • If this made Yoosung lose himself, it was doing worse on you
  • Would hold you if you allowed it just so he could make sure you felt safe and comfortable
  • You ended up falling asleep with the droning of the television
  • Once he knew you were out, he brought you to his room and got you situated before kissing your hairline softly “I love you, you know. I just want you to stay safe and aware”
  • The next morning after you realized where you were, you could’ve sworn you had some weird dream

Jaehee: (Really really small mention of general self-harm in the 18th bullet point)

  • Even though she’s had to give reports that were unsatisfactory and presentations that she knew people wouldn’t agree with, this gave her so much more anxiety
  • She decided to plan every single thing out
  • This took her multiple nights and a notebook for planning to make sure everything was accounted for
  • Meticulously gathered anything she could from Luciel because she had to make sure you had any bit of evidence you wanted
  • Jaehee wanted to take you out for a day and was acting really sweet
  • Don’t get me wrong, she’s always really nice to you, but she seemed to be buttering you up
  • And then you got home after dinner and she asked if she could talk to you while hanging up her coat
  • Her face was calm but you could see that she was still nervous to say something
  • She had you go into your room and sat on the bed next to you with a stack of papers
  • Jaehee kept everything together to explain it to you
  • “Rika did something horrible before she died. Nobody spoke about it around you because we knew it would hurt you. I don’t want to see you hurt, but I also can’t keep something like this from you either”
  • You stayed quiet as she went over every paper even though you felt like shouting
  • How could your own sister be so vile?
  • How come nobody had the guts to tell you?
  • How didn’t Jaehee tell you any sooner?
  • As soon as she finished, she left the stacks of paper on the bed and asked if you were alright
  • You nearly did begin shouting what you weren’t a few minutes ago but she started to speak again
  • “Please, MC, I know that this is really bad right now, but do not be cross with me. I thought I was protecting you from Rika and doing as V asked, but I see that isn’t the case. I know what I’m about to say doesn’t take back that I hid it, but I love you so very much, MC. Please don’t hurt yourself, and please-please don’t yell at me”
  • Well, shit
  • Your thoughts were already a storm but she paused it all
  • Turning towards her, you hugged her tightly
  • “Thank you for telling me eventually”
  • You got off the bed and said that you needed some time but paused at the door
  • “I love you, too, Jaehee”

Seven: (This is also before Saeran moves in and MC doesn’t quite know about him)

  • Oh god, he knew this was going to take a toll
  • Even though he knew everything as information came in, he just didn’t want to tell you about it
  • He knew that someone else would if he couldn’t, though, so he sucked it up to tell you
  • He didn’t try to make it any less worse because he knew it’d just end up artificial
  • It wasn’t some special day either, Saeyoung was just thinking about it too much and he decided he had to tell you
  • Called you to see how you were doing so he could gauge if it was a bad time then came to the apartment after you both agreed on it
  • Saeyoung knew that this was going to be awful though and kept checking on you through the cameras while he was driving there
  • Once he got inside, he straight up brought it up when you were both sitting at the kitchen counter
  • You knew something was off as soon as he walked through that door
  • This wasn’t memelord 707, this was someone far more serious
  • “MC, this is going to be not so great, but I need you to understand that I’m telling you this, because you need to know”
  • You thought he was going to drop the façade and say something hilarious but he continued on
  • “Your sister kept being skirted around in conversation, and I’d like to tell you why. Rika ran this thing called Mint Eye, and she hurt people like V and like my brother. I know that it’s hard to family not be very good, and I’m so so sorry that I couldn’t tell you sooner. If you need time, I can go”
  • “No, I’d like you stay here if you could. I don’t think I can, well, think”
  • Saeyoung silently moved over to hug you if you seemed to want to and let you go blank for a few minutes
  • “You have a brother?” “Yeah, he’s my twin actually” “Is he okay now?” “Not really, he’s adjusting drastically, but I really hope he’ll get okay” “I do, too”
  • Answered every question he could because if you had felt that numb, he at least had to fulfill your inquiries
  • “Do you wanna do anything? I don’t want you to feel lonely or anything. In all seriousness, I just want you to be okay, because you deserve to. If we couldn’t tell you, I wouldn’t be able to stand myself anymore than I barely do. MC, I’m really really sor-” “Saeyoung, may I kiss you?
  • well
  • He didn’t want you to regret anything once your emotions were back in place but he also couldn’t deny you on the chance that you didn’t
  • Saeyoung nodded quickly and leaned in to kiss you with  as many unspoken apologies as he could that you returned with unspoken gratitude
  • You both pulled back and he started apologizing again when you kept repeating that it was all fine
  • Both of you ended up staying in the apartment playing video games off the old console in the living room
  • You were spent from the emotional rollercoaster and nearly fell asleep with a controller in your hand but Saeyoung had you go to the bed while he offered to take the couch
  • “You can come with me if you want to, Saeyoung” “No, really I wouldn’t want to imp-” “C’mon, what if I feel lonel-” “We’re going to bed!”
  • Both of you tried to be cheesy and tell each other you loved them at the same time
  • Saeyoung nearly fell off the bed giggling and it had made you feel so much lighter after the day


  • Alright, he couldn’t approach this like a meeting whatsoever because he knew how much you had loved your sister
  • He recognized that this exceeded Yoosung levels and was really worried if Seven or Zen would accidentally say something
  • Well, it was one of the nights you were staying at his apartment and he was about to take your phone since the conversation in the messenger was heading downhill
  • Jumin knocked on the door of the room you were staying in then walked in to see you typing back interestedly
  • “MC? Could we talk in the living room when you’d like? Preferably sooner if you could. I’d like to talk about your sister for a few minutes, since I was reading the chat”
  • It dully hurt to think about Rika, but you figured that a real, verbal conversation would be more fulfilling than typed words and said goodbye before leaving the chatroom
  • You walked into the living room where Jumin was muttering to Elizabeth while petting her seemingly slightly anxiously
  • “Jumin? Do you still want to talk?” “Of course, MC. Could you please sit down?”
  • You took a seat in the chair near him and waited to hear what he wanted to say
  • After all, there was probably something found about Rika if he brought it up
  • Jumin was thinking about his slight feelings towards Rika were trumped by your unfathomable sisterly love and how all of his words were to effect you
  • “As I said, this is about your sister. I thought that you should be told about this in person rather than over messaging. Rika lived a life in which she chose to harm people. She changed them and twisted their minds into things they were not through Mint Eye. Even though she said she loved him, she was the one to hurt V’s eyes. Your sister led a life that was kept away from RFA and I presume from you, as well. I’m not completely certain how this will effect you, but I took it as this was the best way to bring it across.”
  • You nodded in thanks and stayed silent, rethinking how your childhood was, who Rika was friends with, how she got so much more secretive
  • While watching your face change with the turmoil, Jumin placed Elizabeth on the chair arm
  • Knowing that by allowing you to pet the cat you were very much trusted and cared for, you gently took her in your arms to pet her while still thinking everything over
  • “MC? If you would like to do anything, please do. I can replace anything you want to break or leave you alone if that’s what you wish. I do not like seeing you like this, because it’s hurting me to watch you like this”
  • You nodded again and scooped up Elizabeth while taking a few steps near him “Can I just sit by you?” “Absolutely”
  • “I can get you any professional he-” “Could-can you please just stay quiet. Only for a few moments. I want to stay like this for a few minutes”
  • Both of you plus the cat stayed sitting in the quiet for nearly half an hour with you petting the cat and his arm around your shoulders
  • “Thank you, Jumin” “You just needed to know, MC” “I understand, but I still want to thank you”
  • It took him a while to realize that you fell asleep after talking so he moved you to your bed then went to his where he layed there thinking about what else he could do to help
  • It hurts to care for people, but it’s worth it for some of them

I’m so very sorry that 99% of this was a shitty angsty mess, but I can rewrite in in the future. This will be the first request for today, and I’m sorry that they’re taking me so long. I hope you all have or have had good days!

It Hurts Like Hell
                                     - Part IV

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 828

Part I …. /  Part II….Part III … 
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Y/N woke up in Kai’s bed , her arm reaching for him just like every other morning since they had become boyfriend and girlfriend. Except Kai wasn’t there. She opened her eyes looking around the room but there was no sign of him.
“Kai ?” she called out but no one answered. Eventually she thought he might’ve ran off to get coffee or something. That was until Y/N walked into the bathroom and found blood on the floor.
“Oh my God ….” she muttered covering her mouth.
What had happened while she had been asleep? Y/N felt as if the whole world had started spinning out of control. She rushed to the living room , checking every single room in Kai’s apartment for any sign of him. Her hands shaking, she took her phone and dialed KAI.  Something wasn’t right and Y/N felt as if her heart was being pulled out of her chest. The thought that her friends might’ve done something to him starting to creep into her mind. They didn’t like him at all and none of them believed Kai had changed , the only reason they let him alone was because of her.
Why isn’t he picking up his phone? she thought and dialed again. No answer this time either.
She dialed another number. Stefan. He was her best friend , sure he wouldn’t lie to her … Stefan picked up almost instantly.
“Hey , Y/N. Everything OK?” he asked casually.
“Where is he?” she asked , her voice trembling.
“Who ?” Stefan asked confused.
“Kai. I woke up this morning and he wasn’t home. There is blood in the bathroom … and he is not picking up his phone. I’ve called several times.” she said , her voice starting to break. Tears she had been fighting off until this moment started to roll down her cheek. “Please Stefan , I can’t … I can’t lose him. I love him… ”
Y/N could hear Stefan sigh from the other end of the phone.
“You are not going to lose him.” he said , reassurance in his voice. Even tho he disagreed with her dating Kai , he wasn’t going to let Y/N suffer. “I’ll call Damon , see if he has done something stupid … Just sit tight , alright ? I’ll call you when I know something.” he paused for a second. “You might want to call Caroline.. Her mother passed away.” 

A few hours passed and Stefan still hadn’t called her back. Y/N was starting to get really anxious and worried , so she decided to go out and look for Kai herself. She grabbed her jacket and opened the door nearly getting smacked against someone.
“Where are you going in such a hurry ?” Kai said with a smile.
Y/N’s eyes widened and she pulled him in a hug.
“Oh my God , Kai ! Where have you been ? I’ve been worried sick… !”
Kai wrapped his hands around her hugging her tight , gently lifting her up. Y/N bounced off the ground and wound her legs around his waist. He walked inside carrying her and shut the door.
“I’m sorry , baby. I didn’t mean to scare you.” he said pressing his lips against hers , noticing her puffy red eyes. He brushed her cheek. “Have you been crying?”
Y/N simply nodded , pressing her lips against his kissing him deeply. The past few hours she had felt as if someone had dropped her straight into Hell.
Kai sighed.
“I didn’t mean to worry you so much …” he said sitting on the sofa , Y/N ’s legs still wrapped around him. She tossed her jacket on the side and hooked her arms around his neck.
“Aren’t you going to tell me what happened?” she said suddenly serious.
Kai cupped her face and brought it closer to his. “I love you , Y/N , you know that right ?”
“Yes…” she whispered , starting to get worried again. What had happened this morning that was so bad he still hadn’t told her ? Y/N locked eyes with him , waiting for him to tell her.
A few moments passed in silence , Kai unable to tear his eyes off of hers. Was she imagining it or where tear tears in his eyes? He sighed.
“I went to see Jo.” he said. “Something had gone wrong.. I was worried it might happen because we didn’t do the merge quite right. The whole ’ Oh hey you are not my twin but close enough’  plan backfired.”
“What do you mean ‘backfired’ ?” she asked , already fearing the answer.
Kai didn’t answer for a long moment , his eyes refusing to meet hers.
“I woke up feeling sick , like real sick and started vomiting blood. So I called Jo and she was sick on the phone too…”
Y/N felt her blood freeze realising what he was saying. Kai had told her that the power of the Gemini comes from the leader of the coven , in this case him. So if something happened to him the whole coven would go down along with him.
“Are you … are you saying that …” Y/N could barely finish the sentence , her heart breaking all over again. “You were about to die and you just left without telling me ? ….” her voice breaking , tears starting to fill her eyes again.

Y/N pulled away from him and got up , pacing around the room. Kai was looking at his hands.
“Do you realise what kind of pain you put me through this morning ? I called you so many times.” she said raising her voice. “You couldn’t shot me a text explaining what’s going on ?”
Kai got up and walked towards her.
“I didn’t want to worry you plus Jo fixed it. She gave me her magic , I’m all good now.” he said smiling as if nothing had happened. Y/N glared at him.
“I can’t be around you right now… ” she said turning away , Kai grabbing her wrist pulling her back. “Let go of me.” she said as calmly as she could. Anger had started building inside her replacing her worry. She couldn’t believe how Kai could do something like that and now he acted as if it wasn’t a big deal , knowing very well how big it really was. She tried to free her wrist but his grip only got tighter. His eyes were getting a darker shade of blue , anger flashing in them.
“Let go of my hand !” Y/N screamed at him. A moment later he let go of her hand and she stormed out of the room , hearing Kai’s footsteps right behind her. Clearly he wasn’t going to let go that easily. She reached the bedroom , nearly slamming the door shut in his face , but as usual he was faster than her and pushed his way through the door before she’s had the chance to slam it shut. He grabbed her wrist again , spinning her around and pulling her closer to him placing her hand on his chest where his heart was. Kai’s heart was racing ,  his lips a thin line. 
“You think it was easy for  me to get up and leave knowing I may never see you again?” he said angrily. “What I did , I did because I am in love with you and didn’t want to cause you any pain … I see now it was the wrong thing to do , but I will be damned if after all this I lose you.” he said angrily. “ You are the best thing that has happened to me …” his voice softening. He leaned in closer resting her forehead on hers , locking eyes with her. “I love you and I’m sorry for hurting you like that.”
Y/N’s heart was beating faster than ever and her breathing was starting to get shallow. It happened every time Kai was standing this close to her … but she couldn’t let him off the hook that easily.
“Say something …” he said his voice low.
“You put me through hell today , Kai.” she said. “It’s going to take a lot more than an ‘I’m sorry’ to fix this.”
“I will make you forgive me…” he said with a devilish smirk on his face.

Y/N looked at him confused and the next second Kai had pushed her onto the bed and climbed on top of her , his finger tips tracing the inside of her tight. His lips leaving sloppy kisses on the way up. Kai pinned her hands up and leaned in gazing in her eyes for a moment before kissing her passionately. His body firmly pressed against hers , his touch making her feel as if she was on fire. A soft moan escaped her lips. Kai smiled and loosened the grip on her hands and she took advantage , her hands sliding down his back. She gripped on his shirt pulling it up and a moment later Kai stood in front to of her shirtless.
“Oh , I hate you …” Y/N muttered as she pulled him back down kissing him , letting all her emotions go into the kiss.
“No , you don’t … ” he whispered , his hands on her hips.
Kai somehow always made her feel like mush. Even when she was angry at him she wasn’t really angry at him and it was nearly impossible to say NO to him because he knew exactly how to push her buttons to get what he wanted. Kai had found his way into her bloodstream.
No. she thought and pushed him off of her and just laid on the bed next to him trying to catch her breath.
“You drive me crazy , Y/N.” he whispered in her ear.
A few moments passed in silence , as she was deciding what to do.
“Kai , this … You can’t keep doing this every time you mess up.” she said starting to get up but he pulled her back onto the bed. Her heart beating faster than before.
“Why are you making it so hard to be mad at you?” she whispered.
“Does that mean you are not mad at me anymore ?” he said brushing her cheek , their lips almost touching.
“No , I am not.” she said smiling. “But don’t ever do that again. If something happens to you … I won’t be able to go on.”
“I promise.” Kai said softly ,  pulling her closer to him.

 *   *   *

Y/N’s phone buzzed on the nightstand. She tried to ignore it but it kept buzzing. Reluctantly she reached and grabbed it. There were like 10 text messages from Elena , Stefan , Matt , even from Damon each of them saying the same thing.

Bonnie is back.


Calum Hood Imagine: Wait. You play soccer too?

Request: Popular!Calum, where the reader is usually quiet and shy but they play soccer and is pretty good, so he notices you because you are playing.

*Y/n POV*

“Excuse me. Can I get past please?” I said, while trying to get past a large group of boys in the corridor of school. After waiting a while, one of them glanced at me and moved out of the way so I could awkwardly squeeze past. “Thanks.” I muttered as I tried to pull my gym bag through the small gap between them and the lockers. The boy that made the slight and only effort to move out the way turned and grunted slightly before going back to his conversation with his friends. 

And that was the famous Calum Hood. He was popular, had a string of girls after him but he would always play hard to get, he was great at soccer, played for the school team and because of all of this barely had time to move out of the way for mere mortals like me. Actually he was kind of okay, he never bullied me or said anything horrible about me or my very few friends, he just kind of left me alone and ignored my existence and I am okay with that because I do not want to be noticed, especially by him, he has too many friends and that is a lot of people and I don’t like lots of people. I am too shy. This is why I like my social status at this school, I have a few friends and the rest of the people here just ignore us and leave us alone most of the time. 

I walked into the changing rooms where my friends were all getting changed for soccer practice. 

“Hey Y/n.” Holly (who was the loudest out of our group) shouted.

“Hi Holly.” I replied waving slightly, before putting my bag down and starting to get changed.  

“So I saw you have slight interaction with other people other than us today. I had to sit down I was that surprised. And it was with boys as well, more specifically Calum Hood.” Francesca said. 

“Oh come on, all I said was excuse me, it was not that exciting.” I replied while sitting down to put my shoes on. 

“Erm, you talked to The Calum Hood. This is the most interaction any of us have had with him. Plus nothing dramatic has really happened in ages at this school so I have to try and find something interesting, because the whole thing with Laura, Sam and Cameron is over. Apparently Sam is the dad not Cameron which shocked all of us, including Laura, so I have to find something exciting to talk about.” Holly said. 

“Really Sam is the dad? I never saw that coming.” I replied, shocked

“Neither did Laura.” Francesca said before standing up. “Come on, we better get to practice, we don’t want to piss off Jane by being late to her weird warmup.” 

“Oh great Jane, I don’t see why her insulting us before each practice is going to help me get better. It doesn’t make me want play the best game ever it just makes me want to sit in the shower and cry while drinking alcohol because someone has just told me all of the things I feel insecure about.” Violet said quietly while standing up. 

“She doesnt mean it she just wants to make us practise more because we have only ever won one soccer game and she thinks if we are mad and angry we will practise better.” Holly said while hugging Violet. 

“Come on let’s go.” I said while walking through the door as they followed. 


We all turned around and went off to practice with less motivation than we already had. Francesca was hugging Violet as they walked off. I went to practice in the corner of the field where there was a bit of wall I could kick the ball off as I couldn’t really be bothered to do any practice, especially after my I had been temporarily deafened by Jane. I was concentrating very hard on kicking the ball at a certain point on the wall when I heard a familiar voice on the other side of the wall.  

“Wait. You play soccer too?” I heard the voice say. I looked up to see Calum Hood looking over the wall I was attempting to try and knock down just by kicking it with a ball. 

“Erm yeah. I suppose.” I said awkwardly. 

“You suppose? Why are you standing on the football field with a football and the coach giving you a very angry stare for what I can only assume is not doing any actual practice?” 

“Yeah, I play soccer, so.” I replied still concentrating on the ball. 

“Cool, from what I saw before the coach was shouting you were really good.” 

“What? Erm thank you.” I smiled keeping my head facing the ground so that Calum didn’t see me blushing. 

“You’re welcome. Listen I have to go now, I was supposed to meet my friends 20 minutes ago, but I would love to talk more about soccer. Here have my number and text me later.” He smiled as he wrote his number on a piece of what I assumed was unfinished homework and handed it to me. “See you around Y/n.” 

“Yeah see you around. Wait you know my name?” I asked confused. 

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I do. How could I not know a pretty girls name, I am Calum Hood.” He smiled before walking away. 

“WHAT WAS THAT?” Holly screamed from the other side of the field. 

“WHAT WAS WHAT?” I shouted back as she walked towards me getting Violet and Francesca on the way. 

“You talking to The Calum Hood.” She said.

“Nothing we were just talking about soccer.” I said before Jane shouted at us to practice otherwise we are off the team. Something told me I should start listening to Jane from now on, as I now had a reason to stay on the soccer team, not just for my friends. 

oKAY but imagine the boys reactions when you had a bad day and feel like total ass


“Are you feeling okay Jagi?????”

“Jin, I’m fine really, I just don’t feel that great. I had a bad day”

*Runs to get cool cloth for your head*

*runs to get hot compress*

*Makes you soup really fast*


*puts 10 million blankets on you*

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*sees you being all grumpy*

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“Today was so bad, I want to sleep for 3 years”

*Grabs your wrist and leads you to the bedroom for a nap*

“Oh me too. That’s a great plan”

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“Jagi, are you okay?”


*pulls you into a giant hug and strokes your hair*

“I’m gonna order us pizza, then you tell me what’s wrong, ok?”

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“Oh hey baby girl! How was your d-“

*sees your death stare*

*backs away slowly*

*comes back over and wraps you in a fluffy blanket*

“Does someone need attention?”

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“Y/N… is something wrong?”

“hmm? oh, it’s nothing Jimin, I just had a bad day”

*pulls you into his lap*

“Jimin! What are you doing??!?”

*starts rubbing your back and massaging your shoulders*

“I’m making my baby feel good, now tell me what happened today”

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*Sees you’re upset*

*walks up behind you and gives you a warm back hug and smiles into your neck while giggling like a giant floof*

“Lets go get ice cream, Jagi!!!!!!”

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“God, today sucked! I just want to die!”

*forgets what words are*

*forgets how to fucking bREATHE*

*walks to you carefully and slowly wraps his arms around you*

“…did you want to talk about it?”

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Meeting Liam @ SiriusXM

Hiiii, so I’m pretty much writing this post because I need it forever engrained in my memory and I just want to share it with everyone. I genuinely didn’t think it was possible for me to love Liam anymore than I already did, then yesterday morning happened and he exceeded every single expectation I had. 

HERE WE GO (I’ll put it beneath the cut because it’s long, but let me just say, he’s flawless in the picture)

Keep reading