god i just love tweek so much

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Fine! If we can't talk about Clyde ruining Tweeks love confession and Craig ignoring that fact, why don't we talk about the BROTP. Craig, why haven't you been hanging out with Clyde? He's a sad boi.

CRAIG: What?

CRAIG: Dude I got trapped in the mountains with him yesterday, AND we had a sleep over a couple hours later.

CRAIG: And the day before that I was hanging out at his house, too.

CRAIG: Uh, he blogged all of it?

CRAIG: Clyde, are you actually sad or are these people just fucking with you?

CLYDE: [sssssighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhghghghfhg]

CLYDE: No… they’re right.

CLYDE: I was sad today because you didn’t want to hang out.

CRAIG: Well I was sorta busy?

CLYDE: Yeah, but you didn’t say why. 

CRAIG: I didn’t think you wanted to know why that badly.

CLYDE: Yeah, but… lately you’ve been hanging out with Tweek way more than you have with me and it’s bringing me to major bummed out town, not gonna lie.

CRAIG: But… we’re hanging out now?

CLYDE: Yeah but… but…

CLYDE: I feel like I’m losing you as a BFF, bro…

CLYDE: We used to hang out so much and I guess I’m just getting emotional today, b-because we hung out so much in the last few days and I thought maybe we’d start hanging out a whole bunch again but then– then you said you were busy and didn’t even tell me why, and then you started posting pictures of you and Tweek hanging out and having fun and, and–

CLYDE: It hurt my feelinggggggggggggs…

CRAIG: Is this why you tried to beat up Tweek? Jesus christ, dude!

CLYDE: No I know it was soooo dumb and I’m a huge jerk but I thought it was a great idea when I did it cause… cause I don’t really know why but, but…

CRAIG: Dude.

CLYDE: [sniffle] What, dude?

CRAIG: I didn’t mean to make you feel like you were being shoved away.

CRAIG: I’ve just needed to make time for more than just you. Cause, hate to break it to you dude, but dating someone kind of means you have to hang out with them at least sometimes.

CLYDE: Why couldn’t you j-just tell me you were hanging– hanging out with Tweek today, then, bro…? :(

CRAIG: ‘Cause I didn’t think you were interested in hearing about that kind of shit, dude!

CRAIG: Like, do you know how lame it is to talk about your boyfriend to your best friend all the time?

CRAIG: Especially when it’s your gay boyfriend!

CRAIG: That’s like, super gay!

CLYDE: It is…

CRAIG: You’re still my best friend, dude. Nothing’s changed.

CLYDE: B-bro…

CRAIG: Here, come on dude. Let’s hug it out. I know how much you like hugs.

CLYDE: Bro, I do like hugs, bro!

CRAIG: God, you’re such a crybaby.

CLYDE: [sniffle] F-fuck you. I love you dude.

CRAIG: I love you too dude.

CRAIG: Come on, I think my mom’s just about here. She can take you home so you don’t have to walk in the dark with no shirt on.

CRAIG: Still don’t know why you took it off in the first place.

i’m so happy that canon craig in a relationship with tweek surpassed my expectations tenfold because the last thing i would have expected was for it to be BETTER than what the fandom had set up for craig’s character. i was never a fan of the idea of craig being cold, borderline abusive, and shitty towards tweek which a lot of people seemed to write for him? it seemed that portrayal dominated fan spaces for a while, especially some years back.

instead, now we get craig just being a really emotionally shutdown awkward, indifferent kid who cares about tweek a lot and wants to help him but doesn’t know how to at first because he’s so set in problem-solving through logic. which is sooooo much more appropriate for his character, and i’m so happy that is what the show actually did with his character. i also love that craig being so indifferent emotionally makes him able to be way more patient with tweek in a way other people can’t be, AND that it’s canon that craig is willing to adjust the way he treats tweek and HAPPILY makes those corrections in his behavior to where he rushes to help Tweek when he figures out what he is doing wrong. just… god. what the fuck, craig is such a sweetheart? it gets even better when you know craig doesn’t care about most things or anyone yet goes out of his way to do all of that for tweek.  

i’m really excited for how this will impact the way other fans view and portray the characters… aha

This is my first time doing submissions, so i hope this works??super in love with your CotD AU; so much so that i used it as an excuse to get used to my new ipad art program? Still pretty new to digital art, but i hope you like it! Working on some other things i cant wait to show you as well in the near future! Keep being amazing!!

South Park Gives Me Life

Can I just say that the most recent episode “Put It Down” just makes me appreciate life so much more?! God, I love Tweek and Craig. I’m so happy that this episode pretty much settles the debate on whether or not its truly cannon. I don’t know about you, but you don’t just call someone else ‘babe’ and ‘honey’ in private without meaning it at least a little. I’m so stoked. I can’t wait for the game and I can’t wait for next wed/thurs (I watch SP on Hulu) 
Also, just in general, the episode was really good. Cartman back to being an asshole (god bless heidi’s soul) the jokes and shock values were awesome! I was just overall super impressed and my fangirl heart was lit aflame!

Shoutout to my friend @elderyautjavegeta for making the gif!!

South Park S21 ep.2

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT! Okay guys, this episode was definitely a ride. I loved it so much. The amount of creek in this episode is unbelievable. I have to admit, when Craig called Tweek “babe” and “honey” I freaked out. This was definitely better than the first episode. I was not disappointed at all. I was surprised to see Cartman take Heidi back since he clearly doesn’t care about her. I don’t know where their “relationship” is going but we’ll see I guess. Stan had somewhat of a role in the plot after showing the guys the voicemail of Cartman sobbing and saying he was /gonna do it/ which was pretty fucking hilarious I will admit. I was glad to see it centered around the kids this episode and also that Stan actually spoke quite a bit because well…Stan.

I will mention that I have never seen Tweek freak out that extremely and it scared me a few times, especially the first piano scene haha. Craig’s and Tweek’s relationship has developed so much and I’m literally crying by the fact. Compared to season 20 with the amount of political references, this was really funny and I loved how they brought North Korea into the plot. The concept was just overall hilarious. I couldn’t stop laughing. BUT CAN WE MENTION HOW CRAIG AND TWEEK SANG TOGETHER????? ASDFGHJKL

I really love where this season is going. If they keep dropping episodes like this, god I will be soooo happy. I also noticed that the animation has gotten A LOT better and it actually looks incredible. Keep up the good work, South Park team ❤️


i love craig working for tweek at the coffee shop so much. like. tweek looming over craig 24/7 and saying “no no no no you’re making it wrong what are you doing, i’ll do it i’ll do it just handle the register NO CRAIG YOU’RE SUCH A BITCH TO CUSTOMERS oh my GOD i have to do everything can you clean? can you fucking clean craig? go wipe off the tables or something holy shit i have to do everything” and just ft craig not doing shit but tweek loves him and pays him anyway… gossiping about their classmates after hours… it’s so generic but i love it so much

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So Tweek, from the time you spent in Stan's team, who do you like to talk with there the most (except Cartman)?

TWEEK: That’s such a stupid question!

TWEEK: You’re telling me to decide between Kyle, Stan, or Kenny? Are you joking?!

CRAIG: hahahahaha

TWEEK: First of all, Stan always has his head up his own ass!

TWEEK: For somebody who acts like he cares so much about animals and the environment, doing the right thing, being a nice person– whatever– he sure does spend a lot of time fucking everything up!

TWEEK: And when he’s not, he’s sitting on his butt doing nothing but playing video games and talking to his friends!

CLYDE: Isn’t that what you do, too?

TWEEK: I work after school every day at my parent’s coffee shop! I don’t have time to act like I’m doing something important! I just do what I have to do to get my parents off my back.

TWEEK: And even when I do just sit around doing my own thing, at least I don’t claim I’m going to find a cure to end all diseases or something and then wind up doing nothing at all!

CLYDE: But what about like… all of those times he did stuff. Like with the whales, or… I don’t know.

TWEEK: The only time he does things by himself is to prove to others that he’s not an insensitive asshole. You shouldn’t have to go around proving that you’re nice if you’re already nice.

CLYDE: Aren’t you being a bit hard on him?

TWEEK: …Okay, I think the whole thing with him saving the whales was actually pretty selfless. But I digress! He’s still an asshole.

TWEEK: And don’t think Kyle’s any better! He’s so self righteous, he’s always thinking he’s the understanding and considerate one, but all he does is TALK. He’s literally all talk and no game. 

TWEEK: He’s got no problem expressing his opinions and talking about what he thinks is right and wrong, but that’s all he does!

TWEEK: Like Stan, he’ll say one thing but won’t end up doing it. Not alone, at least.

TWEEK: Honestly, I can almost respect Eric! He sticks to his word! The only reason the rest of his group gets anything done is because of him. Usually, anyways.

TWEEK: And Kyle’s speeches are so annoying. It’s like he thinks he’s better than you, but he just won’t say it! It drives me crazy!

TWEEK: He’s always got to find something wrong with every situation, too. You could be talking about feeding starving animals and he’d still end up saying something like “This is a bad idea, I don’t know about this.”

TWEEK: Aggggh, he’s an asshole just like Stan.

CLYDE: I never realised you were capable of throwing so much shade, Tweek.

TWEEK: They deserve it! Everybody always says bad stuff behind their backs, but this is going onto the blog, right? Anybody who’s on the internet can see this!


TWEEK: Oh god I better watch what I say.

TWEEK: But still! They drive me up the wall, they drive everybody up the wall!

CLYDE: Well I mean, yeah, but…

CRAIG: I’m loving this right now, Clyde. Don’t ruin it.

CRAIG: Kenny’s next, right?

TWEEK: Oh. Right.

TWEEK: Kenny’s not that much better, either.

TWEEK: Well, maybe he is. He doesn’t talk much.

TWEEK: I’ve never hung out with him that much. The only time I was hanging around with Eric’s group is when he wasn’t around.

TWEEK: He’s pretty nice, from what I can tell. Even though he’s a trouble maker, he doesn’t actually cause that much trouble unless it’s with the rest of his group.

TWEEK: But all he talks about in an open conversation is about how hot he thinks this one girl is, or how he really wants this other chick to give him a “BJ,” or something about boobs, or…

TWEEK: Really anything relating to a girl. It amazes me how much he has to say about the female body. Actually, wait. No. It grosses me out more than anything. It just surprises me he even knows that much.

TWEEK: And even though he’s nice, sometimes the rest of his friends rub off on him, and then he can be a jerk, too.

TWEEK: Actually the more I think about it, he’s just as bad as the rest of the group.

TWEEK: I’m glad you left Eric out, though. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with him.

CRAIG: I don’t think anybody would.

CLYDE: What about Butters?

TWEEK: Butters?

CLYDE: Yeah, he’s been part of their group for a while now.


TWEEK: Really? That sucks. Butters is really nice.

TWEEK: If Butters is included in this choice, I’d definitely choose him.

TWEEK: He has some weird opinions about stuff sometimes, but I can’t tell if it’s him being naïve or if it’s just Eric telling him lies.

TWEEK: He has good intentions, though. 

TWEEK: Even though I don’t talk to him that much, I think I still like to talk to him the most out of the rest of them, for sure.

CRAIG: I think that’s the only sane choice, really.

creek drabble...

Craig wakes up to an empty bed, but when he drags his palm across the soft sheets he can feel the indent- and the warmth, of its usual occupant. Thinking to himself, he decided that they should buy a new mattress. He couldn’t even remember how long it’s been since they bought this one. 

He already knows where Tweek is at, since he can smell the eggs and toast and hear the faint sound of the coffee maker from the other side of their home. Over the years, it had become an unspoken routine. Waking up before his husband was such a rare occurrence that Craig cherished every single time it happened. He tried to soak up the heat of their bed for a few more minutes, but before long breakfast called. He sauntered out to the kitchen where his spouse was quietly humming along with the radio while adding cream and sugar to what was probably his second cup of the day. His hips swayed lightly with the beat. Craig admired the way the morning light shined on Tweek’s ash blond hair, like a halo, and how his old t-shirt still hung off his soft torso. He had probably stolen all of Craig’s shirts for sleeping now- not that Craig minded. After a few long seconds, he reached out and embraced his unsuspecting husband from behind, who spilled the last bit of his sugar for his coffee on the countertop in surprise. 

Tweek gasped lightly. “It’s been years, years… and you still manage to startle me…” he sighed and turned his head up to look at the source of the disruption.

Craig smiled. “Well, good morning to you too…” 

“Your eggs are all done and your toast is about to pop up. Your coffee’s on the table, waiting.” He reached over to grab another portion of sugar to add to his cup. 

“You really are too good to me, sweetheart.” He ran his thumbs along Tweek’s skin, as the glint of Tweek’s wedding ring caught in the sunlight attracted his attention. 

“Yeah, so hurry up and make your toast before I change my mind and eat it up instead, you big doof.” He smiled down as he mixed the coffee in his special mug. 

“God, do I ever tell you how much I love you?” He squeezed Tweek’s hips. 

“Everyday, dear, everyday. But every time you say it, it feels like the first time.” He set his head back on Craigs chest and smiled up at him. 

“Way to be cheesy, Tweek.” 

“Me? Cheesy? With everything you- hey!” Before Tweek could finish, Craig leaned down and rubbed his unshaven face on Tweek before giving him a kiss on the cheek . Tweek squirmed underneath him and Craig tightened his hold while snickering. “Ack! S-Seriously, Craig! That tickles! S-Stop it!” Craig only continued giving him light pecks along his face. It was in these moments that Craig was always the happiest. Lazy, beautiful, perfect mornings like this, where he didn’t have a worry on his mind… he never wanted them to end. Tweek shifted to face Craig, put his hands on both sides of Craig’s face, and kissed him on the lips. Tweek tasted like his morning brew and his lips faintly shined from his buttered toast- which he knew because of the little specs of crust on his mouth. “Go. Shave. Now.” He lightly scolded. 

“You got some crust in the corner of your mouth…” he leaned down and swiped the corner of Tweek’s mouth with his tongue. His husband just squirmed and shoved him away lightly. 

“Tucker, I can see right through your bullshit…” Tweek rubbed his face where the feeling of Craig’s whiskers still lingered. 

“Okay, okay, I’ll go shave, Mr. Tucker!” He chuckled as he walked away to the bathroom. 

“Why do I even put up with you?” his husband mumbled to himself as he grabbed his coffee.  

“Because you love me!” Craig shouted from down the hall. 

When Craig returned to the kitchen, he found his toast with a couple bites in each slice. God, he loved Tweek Tucker so much.  

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Craig's Gang has the best dynamic and I love it. You have Tweek and Token who sing to elders for community service (most talented boys A+) and are sweet, "parents" of the gang. Craig and Clyde having arguments over Clyde's stupid stunts. Clyde and Tweek being A+ actors together. Jimmy and Clyde cracking jokes (cuties). And the boyfriends of course. ALL of them are talented (maybe not clyde that much. He tries) I would be blessed with a Craig's gang episode (or a girl ep!!)

ikr??? i love all of them so much. Like they all mix so well and I feel like we don’t see them interact with each other as much as we could and it would be just soooo fun to see them have an entire episode

or girls……god girls are LESS likely tho bc they only have so many female voices and matt and trey like to do a lot of their stuff themselves so it makes sense why its male focused

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Creekenny 30

“It’s not what it looks like…”

(of course I’m going to do Creekenny first)

(also this can’t even be considered a ficlet I got carried away and it’s basically a full fanfiction oops)

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other gr8 things about the newest episode:

  • Tweek is a CERTIFIED BADASS who stands up for himself at all times
  • Tweek is a kick-ass actor
  • canon!Tweek is actually superior (he’s so much braver than fans give him credit for)
  • PC Principal’s consent guidelines omg (“Craig, can I touch your penis?” “No, you may not!”)
  • everyone’s acceptance of their relationship
  • lots of character development? w/ Craig, Tweek, Cartman, Thomas etc.
  • Tweek comes to terms with being (perceived as) gay
  • so does Craig (albeit more reluctantly)
  • Craig increases Tweek’s confidence and it’s the most adorable thing
  • Thomas asks Tweek to “quit” Craig Brokeback Mountain style

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1. sexuality headcanon: This Boy Is Gay And That’s That!

2. OTP: creek!

3. BROTP: cryde and staig..

4. NOTP: CRE//N//NY….

5. first headcanon that pops into my head: not really much of a headcanon but craig with braces is always in my head

6. favorite line from this character: “God I’m nice.”

7. a way in which i relate to this character: my first instinct when im faced with a loved one being upset is to logically get rid of their problem so they’ll feel better 

8. something that gives me secondhand embarrassment about this character: when the moron actually thought the fake break-up plan would work, and had to just stand there speechless while tweek tore him down in front of everyone

9. cinnamon roll or problematic fave: problem roll

South Park Shopkeep AU. Does this exist yet? Maybe? Well I’m commandeering it. 

It’s no secret that I adore barista!Tweek. In this universe, he opens a cafe next to a bakery, run by someone his customers call “the Scary Baker.” Craig’s just bad at expressing himself so gets misunderstood often :<…They strike up a deal where Craig deliveries baked goods to Tweek and thus begins a beautiful relationship. Also, Craig loves decorating cakes (but will be damned before he admits it). God, I’m going to abuse baker!Craig.


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Tweek what happened after you first woke up.

TWEEK: Let’s see…

TWEEK: Well, w-when I first woke up, Marjorine, Red, and Nichole immediately s-smothered me in hugs, w-which scared the shit out of me b-because, well, imagine waking up to three g-girls practically suffocating you. Y-yeah, that was an e-experience.
TWEEK: My cats all scattered at that one b-because they were on my b-bed that time; Jason and Jimmy c-cracked up at the sight.

TWEEK: Thomas and Pip were really concerned and s-started asking how I was f-feeling, a-and then suddenly P-Pete and Henrietta showed up f-for some reason. T-they checked in on me, a-and Henrietta told me that telling me to g-get well soon would be t-too conformist.
TWEEK: I-It was pretty roundabout, but I got the point and s-smiled at her. P-Pete then left me some new hairclips, w-which was pretty nice.
FIRKLE: Oh, so that’s where they went. Pete looked at his phone and then suddenly he and Henri up and left me and Michael. Michael was pretty pissed.
TWEEK: S-shit, sorry, dude!
FIRKLE: It was a good reason; Michael would understand why they left us.
FIRKLE: You are one of the few conformists we all tolerate enough.
FIRKLE: Pip’s specifically Henrietta’s favorite, but that’s it.

TWEEK: A-and then, after that, Kyle just sat on the edge of my bed and h-held my hand, murmuring a-about how I scared him a-almost to death.
TWEEK: I-I felt so guilty, I-I kept apologizing to him, but t-then he told me it wasn’t my fault t-that I loved my cats so much. H-he said… he would’ve done the same for Stan, Kenny, and Eric.
IKE: He would.

TWEEK: And then, w-when everyone finally left, h-he…

IKE: He what?
IKE: What did my brother do?
RUBY: … He’s gone.
FIRKLE: God dammit.
KAREN: I wonder what happened though? Maybe it was something scandalous?

IKE: Kyle would never! He’s too much of a prude.
FIRKLE: This being the same guy who basically asked out Tweek in the middle of fucking shop class.