god i just love sergio so much

jokimmichsmom  asked:

Give me more Sergio gifs pls???

You have no idea what you asked for..But it actually shouldn’t be that much.

(God this will load forever)

look at young Sergio he was so cute

and a bit drunk and dancing

yoooo ;)

bu he can also be very serious

or pissed

but I guess he perfers dancing

if looks could kill ahahahaha

i really really love this one

and oh god do you remeber this mess of hair ?!?!?!?!

he looks so bitchy in this one i love it

again: young sese!

oh and he looks amazing in that one

mad sese haha


and I really like him with sunglasses

he looks so confused haha

yeah well we already talked about these haha they are perfection

i really don’t know why he’s looking like he’s starring in assassins creed

kiss for you xx

and a little bit of seriker

they are such parents


favorite seriker gif of all time


kisses for everyone!

oh and did I mention how much I love this one ?

oh here we go again, assasins creed part II

even more kisses

and here he looks like a cat who says “fauch”

..they are going to be the death of me i mean just look at ikers right hand

iker is so in love

…dear god I really have a problem.

My god..I just love this team so much, I love them more and more every day, they’re like my family, my friends, my everything
I will support them, defend them, love them forever no matter what. They will always have a special place in my heart❤️

Once a culé, always a culé!