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           The first thing Jason realizes once he gets Tim out of his clothes is just how fucking small he is. His hands are on the boy’s hips and he can almost stretch them around his entire waist. And yea, he’s got big hands, but what the fuck? How does Bruce even let Tim out of the house, much less on patrol? Jason suddenly has the strongest urge to keep Tim locked away in his safe house for an immeasurable amount of time like it’s some ivory tower where nothing can ever hurt him and Jason is the big mean dragon hell bent on protecting him.

           It’s a ridiculous thought to have, because if anyone knows first hand just how well Tim can protect himself it’s Jason. Barely a week ago he’d had his head slammed into a wall a bit too hard for even his helmet to take, and he’d been able to do nothing but watch as Tim took down six mobsters twice his size with an empty utility belt and a butt-load of determination. It had been one of the hottest things Jason had ever seen, and if he hadn’t been suffering from a severe concussion at the time he probably would have kissed Tim. (He did get to kiss him later, at least, when Tim was laying with him in his sickbed at the manor after getting Alfred to patch him up. It had even made him a little less salty about Tim having taken him back to the Wayne center of operations).

           But shit, the kid has to only weigh about a hundred pounds. To test the theory Jason picks him up and throws him onto the bed of this month’s safe house. Tim looks taken aback for a very brief moment before his eyes become hooded and focus directly on Jason. He practically purrs, reaching out for the other man, and shit, the nerd liked it. Well, with how easy he is to toss around there’s certainly more where that came from.

           Jason climbs on top of him, pressing Tim’s petit body into the mattress with his weight and keeping him trapped there. He could just keep him like this forever, completely shielded from the world, warm and pliant in his arms. Well, until the next time some little old lady needs help crossing the street and Tim feels obligated to rush out and do the world some good, but hey, a man can dream.

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All the cool kids are doing it, so I wrote my first OMG, Check Please! fic… I blame @wrathofthestag, who sent me a picture that I had to turn into a fic. I also blame @disraeligearsgoestumblin, @victorineb and @wraithsonwingsposts - you all are terrible influences! 

         Bitty was toweling off his hair when he heard his phone buzz. Resigned to the fact that the Georgia humidity was going to ruin any careful sculpting he wanted to do, Bitty huffed a sigh and went to check his phone.

        J-Z: Thank you for the cookies, Bittle.

         Bitty grinned at the text. He paused before typing, wondering if he shouldn’t cover himself up before responding to Jack. He gnawed his lip for a minute and smiled. Well, if he got a little thrill out of texting his crush in the buff – that was between him and the lord, no reason for Jack Zimmermann to worry his pretty little head over it.

        Me: Anytime, honey.

         Bitty sighed and flopped on his bed, phone resting on his chest. Lord, just thinking about that boy made him feel flushed. He gave a little yelp when the phone buzzed again, sending a tingle through his body.

        J-Z: What are you up to?

         “This boy,” Bitty said to Señor Bun, who offered Bitty a sympathetic look.

        Me: Nothing much. Just working out and eating more protein!

        J-Z: Haha.

         “Lord, he puts a period after everything,” Bitty showed the text to Bun.

         Me: I am! I’ve been doing the chest press variations you showed me, I think it’s made a big difference.

         J-Z: Yeah?

         “Yeah?” Bitty looked at Bun. “What the hell does yeah mean?”

         It sounded kind of like flirting, but one never knew with Jack. He could just want Bitty’s new chest measurements to mark off on some sort of Team Workout Progress chart he made in his spare time.

         “He’s not flirting, Jack isn’t programmed to flirt…right?”

         Bun didn’t seem to have a lot of thoughts on the subject. Bitty looked at the text one more time and screwed up his mouth. Well, Jack wanted to know about his progress, maybe Bitty should show him. Just because Jack was a hockey robot didn’t mean Bitty couldn’t have a little harmless fun flirting.

         “He’ll probably just think it’s informative, right?”

         Before Bun could talk him out of it, Bitty hopped up. Running a hand through his hair, Bitty held out the camera, made his signature selfie face, framed the shot to show off his chest and abs, and flexed his pecs. His heart was hammering, so he took one second to check his face in the picture and then immediately sent it to Jack.

         Me: Much better, right?

         Bitty sat his phone down and shivered, the AC finally driving him to put some clothes on. When he was decent, he checked his phone – no new messages.

         Bitty frowned. Not even a haha for his efforts? That was disappointing. On a whim, he checked the conversation – maybe Jack had responded and his phone had just failed to notify him? Bitty looked at the texts, nothing since he sent the picture.

         The picture.

         What was that in the background?

         Bitty pulled up the pic and promptly dropped his phone.

         His mirror. The full-length mirror that Moomaw had given to him on his 14th birthday. Bitty hadn’t even noticed it behind him. Sadly the camera had, offering the viewer a full-length view of Bitty’s completely naked backside.

         “Oh God,” Bitty whispered, wrapping Bun in a panicked hug. “I just sexted Jack Zimmermann.” 

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Bruce Wayne- Awkward

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  1. A Bruce one where it’s your first date and both of them are really awkward but also fluff at the end?
  2. Being new at the school and Bruce helping you get use to the change and study dates. Lots of fluff. Sorry if it is vague:(

Author: Isa

A/N: This is a story about Young! Bruce Wayne from Gotham.

*Trigger warning: gender-neutral pronouns, awkwardness…

Bruce’s POV

I sat alone on the concrete stairs outside the school. I was thinking about how much I hated this school. Everyone, and I mean everyone, made fun of me. All the nicknames… I especially hated “DeadparentsMcBillionaire”.

As I was deep in my thoughts, two legs made their way in front of me. My hands, that were covering my face, slowly uncovered my eyes. This person I had never seen before was standing in front of me staring with their beautifully colored eyes. They gave me a quick smile.

“Hi… I’m Y/N. Y/N L/N. I’m new, here. I know I missed the school day but, I thought I could check it out.” Y/N was such a nice name… Their smile gave me butterflies.

“Oh… um…” I quickly stood up and was now eye-to-eye with this stranger. “I’m Bruce Wayne. You’re a new student? That’s… um I mean, that’s cool!” I was mentally slapping myself for adding too much enthusiasm. They gave a small laugh before smiling again.

“You seem nice, Mr. Bruce Wayne. Do you think you’d enjoy a nice quick tour with me?” They asked me and immediately nodded my hand frantically.

I turned around and walked up a couple steps until I reached the door. I began to open it and almost hit them with it. I was already awkward around them.

“Oh, god. I’m so-so sorry,” I stuttered throughout thinking of how they thought I was weird.

“It’s okay. Thanks for getting the door, though.”

“ALFRED!” I screamed as I entered the mansion.

“Master Bruce? What is it?” He asked with a curious expression.

“I met this new student and I like them, already… Do you think I could invite them over to study? They missed out on a lot of work.” I could barely maintain eye contact of how embarrassed I was.

“Of, course. When?”

“Around Three O’Clock. Saturday.” I kept fiddling with my fingers. He hummed in response and began to walk away.

“And Bruce?” I made a noise to gesture that I was listening, “This sounds like a date to me.” He chuckled and walked out of the room.

I wish it was a date.

The doorbell rung. Y/N was here. I heard some faint conversation between them. Soon after, Alfred walked in.

“Master Bruce, Mx. Y/L/N is here,” He announced.

“Um… yeah, Alfred. You can let them in.” And Alfred walked out and Y/N walked in.

“Hey. I just wanted to say nice house. Is that your butler?” They were asking. I could barely even listen to them. I was just staring at their face and admiring each feature.

“Uh… thanks. And yeah.” I couldn’t even get out a full sentence.

“Are your parents… at work… or?” I forgot to tell them about my home life. Very personal question but, it was okay.

“Actually, no. They’re… dead.” And their face changed expressions fast.

“Oh, my god. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up.” They came closer and held my hand and squeezed it. “That must’ve been hard on you. I’m so sorry.”

I know I should have been focussed on saying something along the lines of “It’s okay” but, I was just taking in the fact that we were holding hands. What a great feeling.

They gave me a sincere look and came in closer and let go of my hand. They wrapped their arms around my upper back. I couldn’t even comprehend what was happening. Was I actually getting this close to them?

They pulled back but, their arms were still securely wrapped around me.

I sent Y/N a smile. “It’s really okay. And thanks for the comfort…” I forced a laugh out. They stared deeply into my eyes not even reacting to what I said.

“… We should probably start studying…” I, yet again, forced a laugh out to break the awkward silence.

“Bruce… I know we’ve only known each other for a couple days but…” And Y/N trailed off leaving me hanging, “… I like you.” My heartbeat sped up at those words.

“Well… um… you’re in luck? Because… I like you, too,” I whispered. Their stare caught up with mine.

“Hmm. That’s nice to know but, I think we should start studying, now.” It sounded like they were trying to cover up what they just confessed. I let it go, though, not wanting to be annoying.

We sat down at the desk and before I could even say anything, I felt a quick peck at the side of my face. They leaned back in their chair with brightly colored cheeks.

“Uh… thanks? I’m sorry… I just don’t know what to say. I’m awkward. Sorry, again.” And I looked down at my paper.

“Oh, trust me, I am very awkward. I blush like crazy when I’m around you.” Y/N leaned closely and started to giggle.

“I guess we were made for each other then.”

Authors note: Sorry there’s a lot of dialogue, I’m trying to work on it! Hope you all enjoy part 4. 

My fingers type away at my desk, composing an email for my boss who doesn’t have a way with words. He’s not excessively formal, he’s too straightforward and doesn’t tend to stick to sophistication when it comes to emails. 

My eyes leave the screen and I see a shadow at the door. I smile up at my best friend as she transits in with files in her hands. I lean back on my chair and cross my arms, taking note of her attire. A nicer than usual dress, and a pair of heels that look brand new. 

“Addilyn, what’s this?” I gesture my finger up and down, curious as to why her attire is nicer than usual. She gives me a timid smile and I raise a brow. “Spill,” I instruct and she places the organised collections of documents on my desk, 

“I’m going out after I get off.” She bites her lip, intriguing my curiosity even further. 

“C'mon, don’t make me guess the details.” I lament, 

“Tonight’s the night.” She whispers, her eyes gleaming radiantly, 

“The night?” I call into question. 

The night for what? 

Her very vague response only leaves me quaintly wondering what she means. Honestly, it could be the night she finally gets rid of the repulsive Christmas sweater she wears when we are told to wear Christmas sweatshirts. It could also be the night she gets drunk for the first time. She’s quite the goody-good— some would say somewhat reserved and a smidge sheltered. 

“You know.” She whispers, blushing lightly, 

“…the night for sex?” I challenge, just for my own amusement. Watching her eyes grow wide as the word sex slips off my tongue is entertaining, it makes me chuckle. 

“No!” She reprehends, shaking her head at me. 

The word sex is a word she tries to avoid coming to grips with, and as her best friend it is my duty to bring it up and observe her as she squirms. 

“Addi, there’s nothing wrong if it’s the night, it’s pleasant,” I assure her mischievously, imperceptibly winking at her. 

In all honesty, I am correct, it’s pleasant. 

She huffs and stares at me. Okay, time to be serious-minded. 

“What’s tonight?” I in a low voice interrogate, pulling the papers relating to a matter requiring attention into my lap and running my fingers over them. 

“I think he’s proposing.” She shrieks, overly aroused as the words roll off her tongue. 

“Really?” I narrow my eyes on her, considerably surprised that she thinks she’s getting engaged. 

This is the first I’ve heard about it and I’d expect her lover to inform me if he’s marrying my best friend. 

“Yes, I found the box. I hinted I wanted a holiday proposal.” She comments, sitting on the edge of my desk, 

“Addi, I have found many boxes and none of them has been an engagement ring. It could be earrings or something.” I elucidate with a sigh, not wanting her to get her hopes up. 

I recall the time I was attempting to find god knows what, and a small-sized, Tiffany blue box fell from the built-in wardrobe. Instantaneously I started freaking out and panicking that Harry was going to propose. I didn’t open the box, I put it back and disquietly paced the house for a good hour. That night when he came home I could barely gaze at him. Turns out, he had brought me a pair of earrings to match my dress for his entrepreneurial party. My panicking was literally for no reason. All because I presumed he was going to propose marriage. 

“I think it is.” She shakes her head.
“Let me know how it goes,” I instruct, getting back to my work as she gets off my desk and leaves. 

I press my elbows to my desk, undesirous of being trapped in the office space. Unlike Harry, I don’t have a capital window with an esthetic city view. Sometimes I envy him, darling office views are a spectacular thing— in my sentiment, so sedative, breathtaking, and a reminder of what lies below.

It’s ten in the morning and I still haven’t had a coffee, how I am functioning, I do not know. 

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anonymous asked:

1. x Taehyung

~ Come over here and make me ~

Taehyung x Reader ||

“Are you going to be on the game all night?” You ask, leaning up against the doorway. You frown when Taehyung ignores you. “Hey.”

“Yes baby?”

“Can you please pay attention to me? You’ve been home for hours and you have barely said three words.”

“Ahh really?” He asks and you scrunch your eyebrows.

“What?” You ask. “See you’re not even listening right now.”

“Yeah honey. I’ll do it later,” he says.

“Taehyung get off the god damn game right now,” you snap but he doesn’t flinch. “Taehyung!”

“Babe!” He yells back. “I told you I’d do the dishes later! Get off my case now okay? I’m busy.”

“No body said shit about the god damn dishes Taehyung!”

Just like that he’s back to ignoring you and you stomp your foot. You head over to the tv and push the button on the side, powering it down.

“Yah! What the fuck?”

“Don’t curse at me,” you face him and cross your arms. “Are you a teenage boy? Why the hell is your stupid video game more interesting than me?”

“Awh baby,” he smirks. “Does my baby girl need some attention?”

“Yes!” You whine, pouting.

“Come here and make me.”


“You heard me. Come over here, and make me.”

“Make you give me attention? What the hell kinda shit is that?” You throw your arms up. He shrugs and reaches for the remote.

“If you don’t want to that’s fine.”

“Make you how?” You ask with a sigh. You pull your hoodie over your head and throw it down, preparing yourself to do some crazy ass shit. Taehyung doesn’t answer and just stares at you. You look down at yourself. “Oh. I was working out earlier so I… didn’t wear a shirt. Tae how am I supposed to make you love me?”

“You’re doing a pretty good job…” He whispers, biting his lip. You scrunch your eyebrows.

“Stripping? Really? You want me to give you a strip show? Fuck that shit. Go back to your game. I’m going to bed.”

You bend over to grab your jacket and you hear your boyfriend groan, but you don’t care. You make your way to leave.

“You better come back here and show Oppa what a good girl you can be.”

You turn around. “No.”

“Come. Here.” He says sternly. You smirk.

“You come here,” you tell him. “And fucking make me.”

You let out a scream and take off running out of the room, laughing, when Taehyung springs up and darts after you.

“Tae stop!”

“You told me to make you baby girl,” his strong arms wrap around your waist from behind and he hotly breathes into your neck. “So that’s exactly what Oppa’s gonna do.”

Thank you for the request!

atomic12320  asked:

Can u do one with a bro hypnotizing his sisters

I thought it would be more difficult, honestly. Figured there would be lots of mental walls to break down, internal taboos to overcome. When I made my plans, I was guessing I’d be pumping subliminals into my sisters’ heads for three months before I saw measurable results. And really, I figured that was an optimistic goal.

Here they are, barely three weeks after I started.

I’d love to take all the credit, claim to be some kind of brainwashing savant. Act like I’m particularly gifted in turning girls into obedient cocksucking slaves. But honestly, I don’t think it was me.

Sarah responded first, four days after I started dousing her room with subliminal commands. Stuff about how sexy in was, how desperate she was to please me. On day four of that, I woke up to Sarah standing by my bed, holding a tray with coffee, bacon and eggs on it. She could hardly explain why she’d done it. I took it in stride.

Jenna followed suit the next day, doing my laundry while I was at work. Again, I acted like it was perfectly normal. Like that sort of behavior was appreciated, but also completely expected.

Their reactions surprised me a little. They got competitive. They’d try to one-up each other, doing more to earn my praise. Two weeks in, I was living like a king.

I woke up on day sixteen with my cock in Jenna’s mouth.

It was incredible. I’ve never had a blowjob worth such passion, such purpose. She was totally single-minded. I was cumming on her face after barely a minute.

She boasted about it to Sarah at breakfast, while Sarah rubbed my feet. Easily the most surreal meal of my life.

When I got home from work that night, Sarah was waiting in my bed. Let me tell you, she fucks like a wildcat.

Teaching them to work together took a little convincing, but good god, it’s been worth it.

I think there are two things that made the process so effective - the taboo, and the competition. Having such an unacceptable idea in your head must really drive something in your subconscious, making you accept it, since it won’t go away. And seeing somebody else go through it, doing the things you want to do, even though you don’t want to want them - I think that spurs on some natural competitive instinct.

I’m going to test those theories, of course. Sarah’s friends with a very cute lesbian couple. I’m going to have her introduce us.

(Thanks for the request, hope you enjoyed.)

monsteryuyu  asked:

Can you write a g-dragon x reader where both of they are married and start to talk about having a family and in the end of the talk the reader surprise him with a pregnancy test saying shes pregnant? Thanks if you do it ! Have been obssesed with gd ♡

Hey!! I’m sorry it took a long time before posting this, but here it is!! I hope you like it xo 

- Admin B xx

It was early in the morning, about 7 am. You couldn’t sleep due to the fact that your stomach hurt and you felt awfully nauseous, and the fact that the sun had just risen and were shining directly into your bedroom, didn’t really help you. You were extremely exhausted but you just couldn’t get yourself to sleep. It had been so for a few days, but it had also just disappeared suddenly. Not giving it many thoughts, you just went on with your days at usual. However, today, you felt slightly worse than the other days.

To not wake up your husband JiYong, you had made your way into the living room to watch some TV, trying to get your mind off the pain. You laid down on the couch, with a blanket tucked around your body.

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We need more pregnant Phil! He's very moody and just not well the whole pregnancy because Dan is constantly leaving to film for the BBC thing. He breaks down go PJ because Dan keeps missing appointments and missing the big things in the pregnancy and PJ yells at Dan. Dan barely makes it to the hospital in time for the baby, Chris and PJ have a hard time letting Dan into the room because he misses most of the pregnancy.

Title: Stressful Pregnancy

Summary: Phil becomes pregnant with his and Dan’s child, but Dan has to leave a lot throughout the pregnancy to film for a BBC gaming documentary.

Pairing: phan

Genre: AU, Angst (but with a happy ending ofc)

Word Count: 1,874


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The husband and I had our first fight in…??? I don’t know how long…on Thursday. I was (literally) two minutes late to Conner’s band concert because my sanity REQUIRED that I still go to the gym beforehand and traffic was crappy. He’d forgotten about the $2 entry fee and had to wait for me to get in because he had no cash. There was a comment about priorities…and then there was hurt and anger on my part.

Normally, I speak up when I’m upset, but I have been barely keeping hold of my cheer these days. I honestly feel like I could collapse into tears at any moment, but there’s no time for that right now. So, I just retreated from him and was standoffish for an entire day and a half. God, that was awful. I cannot imagine how people live that way…walking on eggshells around each other, not feeling 100% comfortable and at ease at home. Was his comment a bit d-baggy? Sure. But, he’d just had to stand around waiting for me after being embarrassed he had no cash to get into the concert. I’m sure I would’ve had something snarky to say if rolls were reversed. And, I’ve kept everything in. People in my life think I’m handling things like a champ. Ha. He wouldn’t have known I NEEDED to workout.

I came home yesterday and just told him how much I’d been struggling to keep myself together and how that made his comment hurt all the more and made me feel too emotional and exhausted even to address it. He wrapped me in a huge hug and the dam broke and I cried way too much. He said, “You’ve gotta tell me these things. Let me support you, and if I’m not doing it right, let me know. This is it for me. Our family is all I want. I don’t have any other goals really–just this life, loving you.” I am so, unbelievably lucky to have my little family. I know what he means exactly. Everything else could be stripped away, things can be hard, but I can still be happy and feel peace because of this incredible little family I have.

I guess it’s good to fight sometimes. It reminds us of how good all the other times are. I’m happy not to do it again for another few years, but I’m appreciative of the reminder of how fortunate I am.

I Promise

Warning: Alcohol Use, Smut, Angst, Fluff, Symptoms of PTSD , Mentions of Abuse

Summary: Bucky makes a promise

Author’s Note: Thank you for the love on my last fanfiction, so here’s another. Hope you enjoy! 

I woke up suddenly from the sound of shuffling and loud shrieking. I turned to the side seeing my poor boyfriend Bucky, tossing and turning, having another one of his ‘episodes’, for the fifth time this week. 

“Bucky.. Babe.. Wake up.. It’s okay. I’m here.” I cooed to him, wrapping my small arms around his brooding frame. 

His bloodshot eyes shot open, gripping me harshly by my forearms, something dark coated over his no longer blue but now silver eyes, giving me the sense that he was going to lash out and hit me like that last time. I heard his breath hitch and his grip loosened, his gaze dropping to the side of me. 

“Buck-” I was interrupted by Bucky abruptly standing up, storming out of the room.  

Ever since Bucky came home from that last mission with Hydra, the waking up in the middle of the night, the nightmares, verbal and physical abuse has been non-stop. I know that he didn’t mean to but I can that we both were on the verge of breaking. I couldn’t bare watching him wake up in a pool of his own sweat and tears every night after having those nightmares about , god knows what. There would be times when I heard him whisper unpronounceable Russian words in his sleep. I did everything possible in my being to help better him. During movie nights and dinner, he would leave his untouched plate and give some sorry ass excuse on how he was so tired or that he wasn’t hungry. I decided to let him be alone, I knew during times like this , he liked to be isolated…

I woke up for the second this night, this time to complete silence. I turned to the side, seeing nothing but ruffled sheets and a half folded pillow. Was he still downstairs? I sat up from the bed, slipping on one of Bucky’s white t-shirts. I walked out into the hallway, seeing the glow from the dim living room light cascading over the staircase. I quietly tiptoed down the stairs, but still silence. “Bucky?” I walked towards the couch, rubbing my tired eyes.

I was soon startled when Bucky popped his head over the head of the couch, a vodka bottle in hand.

“Hey baby..” He spoke, his words slurred.

He stumbled to his feet , wrapping heavy arms around my waist, sloppily placing a kiss on my lips. His breath reeked of heavy alcohol and his cheeks were flushed. He knew I always hated when he was like this. He was well aware of that when he came home that night piss drunk after a night with Steve and the rest of the guys. I sighed, shrugging him off of me, folding my arms over my chest. Bucky gave me a childish pout before pulling at the hem of his shirt that I was wearing. His cold silver fingers brushing against my stomach.

“No, Bucky. You’re drunk.” I shoved his hand away, Bucky attempting to lift my shirt up again. He grabbed me by my face hard, his fingertips digging into my cheeks causing me to flinch. I felt him pull away, shaking his head, his metal fingers going up to run through his disheveled hair. Tears started to run down the apples of my cheeks.

I was breaking piece by piece just like he was.

“I’m sorry-”

“I can’t do this anymore..”

I didn’t give him a chance to speak before I darted upstairs, slamming the bedroom door behind me. I buried my face into the satin pillowcases, black blotches from yesterday’s mascara staining them. I heard the door slowly creak open, my eyes immediately shutting. I attempted to pretend as if I was asleep as I felt the right side of the bed shift next to me, false soft snores escaping my mouth. There was a awkward moment of silence before I felt Bucky’s bare arms wrap around me and chest press against my back. Swollen lips brushed over the small of the crook between my neck and shoulder, hot breath coated in strong peach flavored vodka stinging the small hairs in my nostrils. He pulled the matching satin sheets over us as the A/C hummed through the large bedroom. 

“I’m so sorry.. You know I never meant to hurt you. I’ll fix this..я обещаю, моя любовь.

I promise, my love. 

Was all I heard before I fell into a deep slumber of my drunken lover’s arms. 

I woke up for the third time, not to yelling nor to lonely silence, but to the sweet scent of blueberry pancakes and freshly brewed coffee. Before I had the chance to entirely sit up, I was soon greeted by brown bedhead and the culprit of the delightful aroma. I pushed up on my palms, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes as a sober Bucky placed the tray over my lap.

“I felt really bad about last night..I hope this will make you forgive me at least a little bit..” Bucky blushed, scratching the back of his head.

I clenched my jaw, not wanting to think about the rending events from last night. I dug my fork into the fluffiness of the pancake, the warm maple syrup sliding pass my bottom lip onto my chin as I placed the pancake chunk into my mouth.

“You got a little something..”

I lifted my hand to my face before Bucky brushed it away, rubbing the soft pad of his flesh thumb over my bottom lip, catching the bead of syrup soon taking his sticky thumb to the tip of his tongue. I watched as his plump, pink lips puckered around the thick digit, sucking it clean, leaving my mouth agape.

I quickly focused my eyes back onto my barely eaten breakfast, ignoring the handsome brute in front of me. I didn’t think fucking him senseless was the right thing to do after an heated argument. But boy, was he a tease.

My mouth was completely stuffed with blueberry pancake when Bucky’s metal hand casually slipped underneath the thin, oversized t-shirt I was wearing. I glared at him, swallowing hard.

“Bucky..” I warned.

“I wanna make it up to you..”

Bucky picked up the breakfast tray, placing it on the nightstand beside us, advancing more in between my legs , his cold fingers caressing the supple skin of my inner thigh, my breath hitched as I felt the bitter cold of the steel cling to the delicate material of my panties. My bottom lip sucked between my teeth feeling the metal connect with satin encased clit. I threw my head back slightly as Bucky cupped the back of my legs tugging me towards the edge of the bed, his knees thumping to the floor.

“You smell so good..” He purred, his thumb hooking onto the waistband, yanking down my panties.

I let out a soft moan when I felt the cold air hit my hot heat, sending chills throughout my body, I bit my lip harder as Bucky’s lips instantly made contact with the quivering bud between my folds.

“Oh Bucky..” I whimpered taking a fistful of his brown locks, the hair curling around my fingertips.

He lapped up my juices burying his face more into my pussy, causing my stomach to clench and my toes to curl. I was soon greeted by bedroom eyes, my release nearing. My eyes rolled back due to the pleasure of complete warmth and wetness from his skillful mouth.

“You gonna cum for me, doll? Huh? You gonna cum?”

The edge in his voice caused my body to spiral out of control, my climax finally rising to the surface, my fist yanked at his scalp, pulling some long strands out of the follicles causing him to wince a little.

“Sorry.“ I murmured, coming down from my release.

He chuckled heartily, licking up my leftover nectar around his mouth. I pulled him towards me by his face with my legs wrapped securely around his waist , tasting the tartness of myself on his tongue. His stubble scratched against my jaw as he sucked crimson red bruises onto the trail of my neck. My fingers latched onto the waistband of his low rise sweatpants, pushing the cotton pass his muscular calfs. I smiled as his member sprung free, my thumb brushing away the pearl tinted bead on the slit of his swollen tip. My palm wrapped around him earning a soft grunt from Bucky as I guided him inside my welcoming entrance. He wasted no time to push deeper inside me, speeding up the pace momentarily. My fingernails clawed at his broad back leaving bright red marks that would be sure too noticeable in the morning. My mouth formed into a small ‘o’ as he pulled out almost entirely then buried himself back inside me.

“James.. Fuck me..Harder.”

I watch Bucky’s eyes widen and dilate as his real name rolled off my tongue as if it was a small verse from his favorite song. His eyes stayed glued to mine as he made deep slow thrusts earning soft mewls from me.

“I want you to cum with me, beautiful.” Bucky whispered against my neck , nipping at the freshly bruised skin.

I nodded my head vigorously , my eyes closing shut, the familiar feeling surfacing to the pit of my stomach.

“No, no.. Look at me. Look at me.” Bucky growled, wrapping his steel fingers around my throat, my breath hitching slightly.

My eyes opened, tugging at his wrist as his hand was clenched tightly around my neck, and the slight pain caused me to contract around him. Bucky groaned out as both our orgasms hit, sending shockwaves through our jointed bodies. Bucky rode his orgasm out, and I engulfed him close to my body, letting him collapse on to the side of me. He wrapped his sweaty biceps around my torso, almost covering my body whole. His legs also intertwining with mine as we both attempted to control our breathing. My face pressed up against his chest and my hair slicked to the coating of sweat.

“I’ll never you hurt you again, я обещаю, моя любовь.“

I smiled at his genuine words , curling up closer to his restful body, nuzzling into his chest, tracing the deep scars that led to his metal arm.

“I forgive you. I love you, James.”

“I love you more, мой ангелочек.

My Little Angel

Technically Single


GENRE: Angst/Fluff

PAIRING: Reader/Hoseok (J-Hope)


PLOT: Based on the song Technically Single by Taylor Buono. You and Hoseok are more than friends but not quite together and you need to end this or start something fast otherwise you’re about to go absolutely mental.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: So I haven’t written for BTS in so long and I’m so sorry lol. This has been sitting unfinished in my drafts for a while now but I finally got the motivation to work on it. I hope you guys like it(: Please give Hobi some love. 

Originally posted by hoseokwhy

“Hey baby…” a deep voice rumbled from beside you, their arm snaking around your waist. You frowned and gently pried it off you, turning slightly to shoot the stranger a strained smile before grabbing your drink off the bar and heading back to your table of friends. You heard the guy throw a string of curses your way before the crowd drowned him out and you found yourself sighing in relief.

“(Y/N)! Where have you been?” your friend whined, hand gesturing for you to take a seat. You scanned the booth briefly, realising the only free seat was by Hoseok. You smiled awkwardly, mumbling something about being at the bathroom as you sat yourself down next to him. Immediately his arm came to rest snugly over your shoulder and you nearly let yourself blush at the possessive notion before grimacing at the realisation that the two of you weren’t actually together. Not technically anyway.

You and Hoseok had been friends since you both debuted in Big Hit, though your relationship was not exactly platonic. Flirting and excessive touching was a norm for the both of you but there was never any indication that you were officially together. He would constantly text you, ask you about your day as though you were both committed but when asked if the two of you were going out Hoseok would laugh nervously and shake his head, asking where the other person even got the idea.

Your friend noticed your expression and shot you a questioning look, eyes gesturing towards his arm, to which you shrugged pathetically. Hoseok didn’t seem to notice, continuing his conversation with the busty girl on his right whilst you shifted uncomfortably at his flirtatious choices of words. Your friend Jackson must have pitied your unfortunate situation because he slipped out the other side of the booth to offer a hand down to you, offering you a dance.

You smiled gratefully, taking his hand to let him guide you to the dance floor. Cautiously placing his hands on your waist, the both of you slowly began dancing. There was an awkward giggle between the two of you before it developed into a laugh and soon enough you found yourself having fun for the first time tonight. By the time the 5th song ended your cheeks were burning from smiling so much and your feet were starting to ache from all the dancing.

“Maybe we should take a break?” you suggested, tugging on Jackson’s arm in the direction of the bar. He whined in return but complied, trailing behind you. Once you were sat comfortably on a bar stool Jackson ordered the both of you some water, dismissing your protests with a lecture on health making you pout but agree, taking the glass of water with a small smile on your face.

“So what’s going on with you and Hoseok?” Jackson asked, nodding his head in the direction of your table.

“Huh? What do you mean?” You feigned nonchalance, scanning the surface of your drink.

“What do you mean ‘what do I mean’? You know what I’m talking about. Are you guys together? Are you single?”

You chewed on your lip thoughtfully, wondering how to phrase your current situation.  “Technically… I’m single. Emotionally? Unavailable.” you muttered, your head falling limply into your palm.

“That… Actually makes perfect sense.” Jackson chuckled before his face softened and he shot you a sympathetic smile. “Maybe you should talk to him about it.” he suggested.

“Maybe.” you sighed before getting up to go grab your things, intending to head home.

“He’s been staring at you all night.” Jackson informed you finally before you stalked out of earshot.

Back in your room and out of your tight dress, you snuggled deep into your comforter and pulled out your phone. You hesitated before clicking on ‘messages’, your finger hovering over the name with a bright pink heart on the end.

Before you could even think about a conversation starter, your phone rung with an incoming call.

“Hey you left early tonight. Weren’t you having fun?” Hoseok’s raspy voice came through the receiver sending a rush of warmth throughout your body. You really loved his voice.

“I was. I’m just really tired.” you told him honestly, pulling your hair out of its bun.

“You didn’t seem too tired when you were on the dance floor with Jackson…” he commented with what he hoped sounded like curiosity. You could easily hear the bitterness in his tone.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes. The nerve of this guy. “I didn’t think you’d notice with your eyes buried so deep in that girl’s bosom.” you shot back.

“Are we really doing this?” he asked exasperatedly and with the way you were fighting you nearly believed you were together.

You stayed quiet, thinking about your next words before deciding enough was enough. “What are we Hoseok?” you asked bluntly, your voice full of fatigue.

Taken aback by your sudden question, he paused.

“W-what do you mean?” he stuttered.

“You know what I mean. I’m tired of this; whatever this is. I think it’s about time we have this conversation.”


“No, listen. Tell me if I’m wrong but there is something between us. It isn’t anything solid but it’s something and… I don’t know. My heart’s on my sleeve but you keep walking all over it. You’ve got got no obligation towards me and that must be amazing, but I don’t get anything out of it. Do you know how many nights I’ve stayed up thinking about this? Every time someone asks me what we are I don’t have an answer because I really don’t know. Do you even like me Hoseok?”

Your words seemed to struck a nerve because suddenly he was spluttering, “of course I do! You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

“Then why are we here? Why are we stuck in this grey patch between a relationship and not? It’s not fair that I have to feel all this anxiousness and confusion when you clearly don’t seem to care.”

“I do care! I just-” he sighed, “I don’t think I’m good enough for you.”

“What are you talking about?” your heart was thumping a hundred miles a minute as you played with the edge of your blanket. If anything you weren’t good enough for him.

“You’re too good for me (Y/N). You’re smart, beautiful, funny; I feel so at ease around you. You have that effect on people, did you know that? I’ve never met a person who can literally light up an entire room with their presence before I met you and god I don’t know why I’m telling you all this over the phone. Are you home?”


“I’m coming over.” and then without giving you a chance to protest the line went dead and you were left with your own thoughts as you waited for him to arrive.

Hoseok had never been more grateful for the minimal amount of blocks between your apartments as he rushed out the door with his coat barely hanging onto his shoulders. He had been waiting months to come up with the courage to tell you exactly how he felt but that little voice in the back of his mind would always discourage him with words of unworthiness causing him to cower back behind the lines of friendship. It was his safety net—the friendzone—and he was afraid of taking the final leap in fear of not being caught.

But not tonight. Tonight he was throwing all his cards on the table. Tonight he was risking all of it for you.

Jumping slightly at the sound of his fist rapping against your door, you took your time shuffling your way over to it as you ran a million and one different ways this could go down through your head. You decided you were going to be the first person to speak tonight as you reached down to open the door, taking a deep breath with your words ready on your tongue.

You didn’t get the chance to speak once you turned the doorknob however because all of a sudden there were lips on yours, and hands on your waist, and a stomach full of butterflies followed, before you came to your senses and grabbed onto his collar, lips responding with the same amount of fervor. He lifted you off your feet, breaking the kiss to pull his jacket off his shoulders before pressing you against the wall, your hands finding refuge in the strands of his hair.

Eventually he pulled himself away, gently grabbing at your hands to hold them within his larger ones as he pressed his forehead against yours. “Sorry…” he murmured, breath hot and prickly against your lips, “I just really needed to do that before I went completely insane.”

Somehow the prospect of Hoseok being almost as mental as you were sent a wave of warmth through your chest. It was nice knowing you weren’t the only one affected that way by the other. “I can’t say I minded it too much.” you chuckled, intertwining your fingers with his.

“I don’t deserve you.” he whispered solemnly, eyelashes tickling your cheek as they fluttered close. He looked so pained by his own words that your heart lurched towards him, wanting nothing more than to convince him otherwise. “I don’t know if I’m too late… And I understand if I am, but (Y/N) I’ve realised now how unfair all of this is on you and I want to give this a shot if you do. It won’t be perfect, nothing really is, but I’m willing to try and be everything you deserve if you’ll have me.”

His words pulled at your heartstrings and the muscles in your cheeks and before you knew it you were smiling like a lunatic, grinning from ear to ear. He must have seen the expression on your face because he didn’t need to hear your answer as he slipped a hand behind your neck to pull you down for another fiery kiss. God there was nothing better than Hoseok’s kisses.

“Tell me what I need to hear.” you mumbled against his lips, panting for air.

“You’re mine.”

Daddy, how are babies made?

I’ve never been so stressed out in my entire life. Note to self: in your next life, do NOT marry a celebrity. Yuta is never home when I need him. The house is a mess, my boss is on my ass about this new deadline, Momo’s refusing to take her naps now that she’s turned five, worst of all my period is nearly two months late, and these stupid in home pregnancy tests aren’t nearly as efficient as the commercials make them out to be. I’ve already been waiting two minutes, I can’t handle the anxiety of not knowing.

“Mommy! I need the bathroom!” We have four bathrooms in this house, why must she always insist on using the one I’m in?

“Mommy will be out in a second.” I love my daughter, I really do, but can’t I have a single minute of alone time, just once. Oh God, what if I really am pregnant again? Crap. I can barely make do as it is, all I need is another baby.

“Mommy, hurry!” Yep, no privacy. I get up from my seat on the edge of the tub and gently open the door. “Alright, mommy is going to be down stairs making dinner. Will you be fine by yourself?”

“Mommy, I’m a big girl! I can use the potty on my own!” Great, now she’s glaring at me. She’s so sassy … uhhhhhhh, why does she have to take after him?

“Just checking.” I reply wearily as I force myself to head into the kitchen, when all I want to do is barricade myself in my room and sleep for the next decade.

I don’t know if it’s the onions or the possible pregnancy hormones, but I need to stop crying before Momo sees me. “Crying again I see.” Yuta whispers in my ear as he brushes the tears from my face.

“Could you at least say something when you come home, you almost gave me a heart attack, and you’re late, again.”

“Sorry, my flight was delayed.”

“When isn’t your flight delayed? Please tell me you’re finally finished filming before I burst into tears again. While you’ve been away the past month, I’ve had to do everything by myself. I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“Don’t worry, I’m back for good.” He replies brushing my hair out of my face and behind my ear as he brings me into an embrace. “Did you miss me?”

“A litt-”

“Daddy, daddy you’re home!” Another thing about children is that they constantly cut you off.

“I am, princess. Did you have fun with mommy while I was gone?” He inquires, gently releasing me to take her into his arms and spin her around the kitchen as she giggles away. She’s so much cuter when her father’s around. He’s the only person she doesn’t sass, typical.

“Daddy, look at this cool new toy I found!” Is that the pregnancy test? Shit. I completely forgot about it. No, no, no!

“Princess, where did you find this?”

“On the counter after mommy was done using the bathroom. Can we play with it now, please daddy?” She pleads handing the test over to Yuta. What’s he going to say? We never discussed having another child. Momo is enough of a handful, and we’re both so busy with our careers, and at the very least he can hold the stupid thing at a different angle, so I can see the results for myself. Wait, is he grinning?

“Princess, this isn’t a toy it’s a pregnancy test, and not just any pregnancy test it’s positive.” What? Great, just great. Yuta’s smile does look genuine though, so I’m just going to assume he’s happy about this pregnancy.

“Daddy, what’s a penancy test?” She looks up at Yuta with large round eyes. She looks so much like him. I really hope this new baby takes after me. I’d like to have a mini-me and be the favorite parent for once.

“A pregnancy test is device that tells you if you’re pregnant.”

“What does pregnant mean?”

“It means that you’re going to have a baby.”

“So, it isn’t a toy.” She says frowning. “I really wanted to play with it.” Oh no, she’s on the verge of tears.

“Don’t cry. Mommy is pregnant, so you’re going to get a baby brother or sister to play with. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You’re going to be a big sister!”

“Can we go get the baby right now? I want a boy, but a girl is fine too, I guess, if all the boys are sold out.” Huh? Sold out?

“Princess, you can’t buy babies in the store.” Yuta says doubling over in laughter.

“But, you said we’re getting a baby! Mommy gets things at the store all the time, why is a baby different?”

“Princess, you can’t buy a baby, babies are made inside of mommy.” Terrific word choice, Yuta. This conversation is taking a turn I don’t want to go down with my five year old.

“Daddy, how are babies made?” Fantastic, now we’re supposed to teach her sex ed.

“Well … well, you see … well it’s … well …” I don’t think I’ve ever seen Yuta this flustered and at a loss for words in my life. Awww, his ears are turning red. He looks so cute, and I should probably focus on the crisis at hand.

“Daddy, I want to know! Please, please, please!” Ahhhhh, how do you explain this to a preschooler?

“Sweetie, it’s a pretty complicated process, you wouldn’t really understand. Let’s just forget about it, okay?” I’m trying my best here, but I don’t think it’s working.

“No! If I’m going to have a baby brother or sister, I want to know how.”

“Well, you see princess, after a man and woman get marrie-”

“They don’t necessarily need to get married.”

“That’s true. Well, when a man and woman fall in lov-”

“They don’t necessarily need to fall in love either.”

“True, but if you keep cutting me off we’ll never get to the end of this story.” I always did have a habit of cutting others off, it looks like she gets that from me.

“Whoops. Sorry, continue with your explanation.”

“Thank you. When a man and a woman get, for lack of a better word, together they produce a baby.” He makes it sound like manufacturing.

“What does get together mean, and how is the baby produced?”

“Why don’t we let mommy explain, since she didn’t like my explanation.” I see what you’re doing here, Naka.

“As much as mommy would love to explain, I need to focus on cooking, and daddy is already going so well.”

“Daddy! Please, please, please, tell me!”

“Well, it’s kind of like gardening, only it takes place in the human body, the female body to be exact, but not really. Metaphorically speaking, daddy plants a seed in mommy’s garden and after nine months or so, not necessarily nine whole months, every baby and pregnancy is different, the baby grows inside mommy until he or she is ripe, well ripe isn’t the right word, but we’re going for a garden theme, so I think it’ll do. Does that make sense?”

“Daddy, my head hurts.” Hahahaha! How much more precious could these two be? “Mommy, can I play in my room? Daddy’s giving me a headache!”

“Go ahead sweetie, I’ll come get you when dinner is ready.” She’s practically running out of the kitchen. She’s so cute with her little pigtails bouncing wildly. “Good job with you’re explanation. I’ve never seen her run away from you before.”

“Very funny. How long were you going to keep your pregnancy from me?”

“I only found out about it today. I didn’t even know the result of the test until you told us. So, how do you feel about it?”

“Amazing! Momo’s growing up so fast, I miss having a baby around the house, and I think becoming a big sister will be really good for her. I can’t wait to have another princess!”

“How do you know we’re having another girl? Both Momo and I want a boy.”

“Trust me, it’s father’s intuition. I was right about Momo being a girl and I’m going to be right about baby number two also.”

“Dream on. I have a little thing called mother’s intuition, and I know this baby is going to be a little boy. This time the baby will take after me!”

“Momo takes after you plent-”

“No, she doesn’t.”

“She cuts people off just like you do.”

“That’s not enough. She’s sassy like you, and she has your eyes, hair, lips. Have you ever compared your baby photos to her’s? The two of you look identical.”

“Okay, I’ll make you a deal. If baby number two doesn’t take after you we’ll have another baby, and another baby, and another baby until you’re satisfied.” He says placing his hands on my hips, drawing me closer to him as he starts pressing kisses on my collarbone.

“Yuta, get your hands off of me before we burn the kitchen down or worse Momo discovers how babies are really made.”


“Don’t think I don’t know why you’re really here.”

Ryleigh froze at the sound of the voice. She’d returned to her room to get changed after Bernard had delivered a message saying Mrs Benali wanted them both in the dining room for dinner, and when she’d come out her room she found Mrs Benali and Salim standing outside his room on the landing across from her, arguing.

“What do you mean?” Salim sounded exasperated. “You’re family and it’s the holidays. Why else would I have come?”

“You are not having it,” Mrs Benali snapped angrily.

“Having what?” Salim threw his hands up in the air, apparently not understand what his mother was talking about.

“You are not going to give that girl my mother’s ring!”

Ryleigh felt her heart stop at the same time Salim’s entire body tensed. Was his mother suggesting what she thought? She couldn’t possibly be, they hadn’t even been together for six months.

“Mother I don’t—” Salim started but his mother cut him off.

“No I don’t want to hear it Salim,” she snapped. “That girl is not good enough for you. She has no family, no home, no money. She barely has a job for god sakes Salim! I cannot let you throw away your future on some trash—”

“Stop right there,” Salim didn’t raise his voice, he didn’t need to; his voice was so full of rage and power that it would have stopped anyone mid-sentence. “If you say one more bad word about her, we’re done. Do you hear me mother?”

“You would throw everything away for her?” Mrs Benali scoffed.

“Everything,” Salim confirmed. “She’s done nothing to you but try to be polite and kind, and all you and father have done is treat her like she’s nothing more than the dirt underneath you shoes. You couldn’t even do me, your own son, the kindness of at least trying to get to know her before you judged her.”

“I don’t need to get to know her,” Mrs Benali shot back. “I know her type.”

“She has no type!” Salim’s voice finally raised to a shout. “She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever met and that is what I love about her most. That’s right mother, I love her, and your opinion of her isn’t going to change that. I didn’t come here for that stupid ring, I came here in the hopes that we could put the past behind us and you could be happy for me that I’ve found someone. I see now how stupid I was to think that. I have no plans to give her any kind of ring until she’s ready, and when that time comes I won’t be giving her your precious mother’s ring; Ryleigh deserves better than that.”

He turned and stormed away from his mother in her direction and it wasn’t until he reached the corner of the banister that he realised she’d been watching. He froze in surprise for a few seconds when he saw her before sweeping over to her and wrapping an arm around her shoulder, guiding her back towards her room.

“Pack your bags,” he said sharply. Ryleigh could practically feel the rage radiating off him. “We’re leaving.”

Fights (Muke)

Requested: yep this sweetie did

Words: 1102

A/N: ok, so the first one was better. also this is kinda based on this blurb. also - im batman. so you should follow me. i mean, i protect gotham and you follow me. fair deal.



You were laying on the couch with your computer doing whatever as Luke kept walking back into the kitchen and coming back empty-handed. You looked at him every time with a questionable look, trying to get him to talk. He had been quiet all day, seeming repulsive. As he walked back into the living room you spoke up.

“Are you okay, sweetie? “ You asked with a minor smile, looking up from the work on your computer.

“Don’t call me that. “ Luke mumbled as he walked back into the kitchen. You were surprised by his reaction, making you sit up and place the computer on the coffee table.

“What’s wrong, Luke? “ You then asked with a more serious, scared tone as he walked into the living room again. He messed around his hair with his hands as he looked down on his bare feet.

“I don’t know, it’s just…“

“What’s wrong? “ You repeated the question. Luke couldn’t not know about the thing that was provoking him. He rushed up to you so there only was a coffee table between you two. You looked up at him, seeing his puffy eyes. This was serious.

“Are you cheating on me? “ He finally said with serious eyes. Your jaw fell. How could he even think that? Where you being distant? You kept opening your mouth, trying to say something, but the words wasn’t forming.
“I knew it. I FUCKING KNEW IT! “ He yelled, tossing his hands into the air. His face grew redder and you were sure you saw a tear falling down his cheek.

“Luke.. “ You whispered, as the only response. You were frozen, paralyzed. Nobody had ever accused you of anything like that – you were the good girl. The one who did her homework three weeks before due. So the words were barely even coming out. “Why would you think that? “

“THE SIGNS ARE OBVOUIS, Y/N! “ He yelled bowing down over the coffee table, so he could look down on you sitting on the couch. “You’ve been going out more, been happier and been distant! Not to say, you’ve been flirting! With every guy! “

There. You had it. “Yes, I’ve been happier! We moved in together for god sake, Luke! “ You stood up raising your voice, getting ready to hit him with facts. “Am I not supposed to be happy? Am I not supposed to go out? Or do I have to be home with my clingy boyfriend? “ You shouted, your hands automatically flying around to your words.

“Are you kidding me? I’m gone for most of the year and you go out with ‘your girls’! “ Luke screamed back. “Or should I say ‘lover’?!”

“I’m not –“

“Oh really cause you haven’t denied it! “ He roared, the veins in his neck being visible. He walked out of the living room and you followed him. You had almost lost your breath when you saw him standing by the door, having one hand on the doorknob.

“Go back to your new lover. “ He said as the last thing as he turned his back towards you and rushing out of the door.


You were getting real tired of keeping up with Michaels shit. It wasn’t like it annoyed you – at first. But coming home to an empty, messy apartment, having to clean everything up was annoying. And then he would come home late, even drunk sometimes, not even helping you. So you were ready to start the fight as soon as he came home from the studio. And when the door went up, you already stood beside it with crossed arms and a sassy attitude.

“Hi baby. “ He said as he practically threw his left shoe by the door and his right into the other room.

“Are you going to pick that up? “ You asked, raising an eyebrow. He chuckled at your words.  

“No. Are you? “ He said, clearly not getting the point. He always had that corky smirk on his face when you said something.

“Hell no, dumbass! “ You yelled, being completely serious. He laughed as he walked into the living room.

“Well I’m not going to either, idiot. “ He said as he took his phone out of his back pocket and started texting somebody.

“Are you serious? You can’t even pay attention right now? “ You starting getting louder as Michael ignored you by mumbling: “ Mmh..”

“Michael! Look at me! “ You yelled and walked over to take his phone out of his hands. “Are you expecting me to do all the housework all the time? “

Michael looked confused at first, before finally understanding it. You were mad – and he didn’t get the hints at first which would make the fight a thousand times worse.

“No. Jeez. I’m sorry. “ He mumbled fast, obviously trying to prevent the fight from happening. You sighed, hopeless. He was even going to fight against you.

“That was fake. “ You murmured with sorrowful eyes as you looked down at your feet, quickly looking up again. You didn’t want to seem weak. You were going to win this fight. “You such a child. “

Michael grinned and nodded, still trying to cheer you up. And somehow that hurt more than him yelling at you. But you didn’t want to lose to the bleached haired boy.

“Fuck you Michael! Why are you such a pushover? “ You shrieked, getting really mad.

“I’m not. “ Yes. You found it. He was starting to fight back, standing up for himself.

“Really? Cause I just called you out on a whole bunch of things and you didn’t give a single fuck? “ You smiled as you shouted the words. Michael was looking just behind you to avoid eye contact.

“On a bunch of ridiculous things! “ He yelled at you. “Where’s your argument? “ You were confused. It wasn’t that ridiculous? You loved Michael, he just annoyed you and he needed to know that. “You’re just fighting and yelling for nothing! “ He shouted back at you, the angriest you’ve ever seen Michael.

“I’M NOT! YOU’RE SUCH A PUSHOVER AND A CHILD AND YOU’RE MESSY! AND-AND-AND! “ You continued like that for a while. Harmless, stupid accusations while he was yelling, too. But you didn’t listen to him. You could only hear your own obnoxious voice.

“Do you even still love me? “

Then you both stopped. Michaels words had made the room quiet. Your eyes starting to sting. You did love him. Did he still love you though?

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Can you make a smut where Niall injures his arm and Y/N "nurses" him back to health while wearing a sexy nurses outfit. The smuttier the better 😉

“I’ll tell you one thing, if I’d been around for his knee surgery he’d be dead.”  Your friend Janey sputtered into her coffee, choking out a laugh.  “C’mon, it can’t be that bad?” she reasoned.  Rolling your eyes, you elaborated.  “I mean, I love Niall.  I do.  In any other circumstance, I’d probably take a bullet for him.  But you’d think he was on death’s door instead of having a broken wrist.”  

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My Best Friend (Tom Hiddleston) CHAPTER 4

Chapter 1 2 3

I know you’ve been waiting a while and I’m so sorry that this has taken a long time, but its here now so :) enjoy my beautifuls xx I don’t know why it doesn’t seem that long to me but it’s over 2,000 words. 

Recap: I just lied to Tom Hiddleston, my best friend, the man that my heart truly belonged to- shut up, it’s never happening - but that night. God what have I just done?


It’s been almost two weeks since I walked out the door of Tom’s house, I never even went to go see my ex, I just went straight home and cried until my eyes were so swollen I could barely see and was walking in walls. Without Tom my life feels so dull as if theres no excitement, nothing to look forward to. I’m surprised I’ve even lasted thing long in not crawling back to his apartment and begging for his forgiveness - pathetic, I know. 

I’ve been doing better now though, I open the door to my own apartment and see several empty liquor bottles laying on the floor, clothes hanging on furniture and take out laying on the table from two nights ago. Okay, maybe I haven’t been doing better, maybe it’s time to go back and apologize. Pulling my apartment door shut and locking the mess behind it away from me I hear footsteps come up behind me, figuring it’s a neighbor I mumble “good afternoon” cringing at the raspiness of my voice from barely talking these days. I turn around after pulling my key out and am met with a large bouquet of red roses, my eyes narrow, those aren’t real. They’re chocolate roses! I look up and my breath hitches as I make eye contact with a disheveled yet overly handsome Tom. “Good afternoon” his deep voice rumbles and my mouth parts open slightly. “I-I…I was just going to uhm see you” I clear my throat as I take in his appearance, simple jeans, a black shirt and a blue hoodie. 

The corners of his lips tilt up in a ghost of a smile and tilts the bouquet towards me looking at me expectantly. I slowly take them hesitantly, “t-thankyou” I curse myself for stuttering like a complete nincompoop. “Uhm” this is the part where I invite him inside and show him how perfectly fine I’d been living on my own except…well, I can’t. “Are you going to invite me in? So we can talk..” Tom finally says seeing my hesitation and I turn around looking at my door unlocking it, I peek through and hold back a groan. “Maybe we shoul-” I get cut off by Tom pushing the door open from behind me and the mess of my apartment revealed. I walk inside ashamed and he closes the door behind him glancing at the bottles on my floor and empty packs of cheetos stuffed into an empty ice cream bucket. 

I purse my lips and quickly grab a loose hanging bra hiding it behind my back just as Tom turns to look at me. A frown taking over his handsome features, “Y/N…this is…” “Yeah, I know…I’ve uh, been busy” I say moving around to pick some bottles up. He pulls my arm back noticing the bra in my hand and lifts an eyebrow. I toss it behind me and he pulls me closer looking at me seriously. We both stare at each other silently, simply reading the flashing emotions in each others eyes. He sighs and looks down rubbing his lip with his thumb. I gulp “so, how have you been doing” he looks up at me with a slightly amused glint in his eye but it diminishes quickly. “I’ve been better” he says looking at me with those intense blue eyes. God damn him. 

“Can I get you something to drink…water…I’ve run out of…anything else” I say pausing as I walk towards the kitchen. “Y/N.” I hear Tom say behind me and I turn around again looking at him once more. Our awkward glances lasting longer than before, until my bottom lip starts quivering and tears build up in my eyes. His expression softens before we step closer and grab each other in a tight hug. (gif) I wrap my arms around his neck burying my face against his neck as well as I can with my height taking in his scent that I missed so much. I choke out a sob when I feel him stroke my back then pull me tighter. I run my fingers through his curly hair and we stay like that breathing each other in for what seems like ages. My toes begin to ache from tip toeing to reach not even his height and I slowly begin to pull back. He reluctantly releases me and brings his hands up to my face stroking my cheeks and under my eyes, wiping the mascara that has leaked down. He holds back a chuckle as it smudges even more. I stare into his blue orbs and our faces inch closer slowly…RING RING! Mother Fucker! 

We jump back at the sound of Toms phone and he sighs clenching his fists but pulls it out of his pocket looking at the caller. “I have to take this” he says looking up at me with sad eyes and I nod “I’m going to…pee” I say running to the bathroom locking myself inside and Tom answers the phone. I let out a deep breath and  I look into the mirror. What the fuck just happened. I rub my temples gently and pace back and forth rethinking my whole life. Yes, I’m dramatic. “Get yourself together” I hiss to myself and take in a deep breath. I turn the tap on and cup some water in my hands splashing it on my face. I gasp at the coldness of it and look up seeing my makeup leak down my face worse than ever. I groan, this is not like how it happens in movies. I grab some makeup remover wipes and clean my face scolding myself for being ridiculous. 

What if the phone call was Toms new girlfriend? Does he have a new girlfriend? Was he about to cheat on her?! I let out a frustrated sigh and feel like a crazy person scolding my brain for thinking such things, Tom isn’t like that. I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear and sit on the edge of my bathtub, unfortunately, me being the clumsy little shit that I am. I fell in. I groan as my head hits the wall as slowly pull myself up. ”Y/N?” I hear quick footsteps and a knock on my door, before Tom even says anything more I yell out “I’m fine, just…I’m fine” I rub the back of my head and open the door looking at a worried Tom. “What was that?” He grabs my head and turns me around examining it. “I just fell Tom, I’m fine…I’m fine” I say slowing down. Toms hands fall from my head and wrap around my waist pulling me close. “I missed you so damn much you have no idea.” 

My heart basically leapt out of my chest and ran up the stairs to heaven because this man just killed me with a single sentence. I lean against him and mumble “I missed you too.” He pulls away and turns me around, “that was Luke…it’s a bit-” “urgent?” Tom looks at me guiltily and I give him a small smile, “go Tom…I’ll be here waiting, we can talk about it later, just go” I say rubbing his cheek and he kisses my forehead making my skin tingle with desire before giving me one last tight squeeze and leaving. I look around my apartment sighing, well while he’s gone I might as well clean up a bit. I bend down starting to pick things up. 

Later in ze evening

I lounge on my couch scrolling through netflix movies sighing as I realized I’ve watched almost everything that I like. I click onto the Sherlock series watching it for a seventh time. Hugging my sausage shaped pillow as I stare at Benedict Cumberbatch’s gorgeous face. Giggling at him and Martin Freeman. I hear my door unlocking and I tense up before I remember that Tom has my spare keys. I relax back into my couch as he walks in and glances at the TV. “Again?” he lifts an eyebrow and I grunt attractively in response. He kicks off his shoes and walks towards me sitting on the other end of the couch placing my feet on his lap. His large hands wrapping around my ankles and squeezing them gently. I look at Tom and he’s already looking at me. 

He grabs the remote and lowers the volume to like one, and I glare at him. “Y/N…you know we need to talk about what happened.” I sigh and look up at the ceiling dreading this conversation. He pauses and I whisper “I never went.” “What?” “I never went to go see him.” I say looking back down at him and I see a flash of happiness or relief in his eyes, “oh, where did you go?” he says looking confused. “Home” I smile and he squeezes my calf. “I see…Y/N I’m sorry I tried to control you…I didn’t intend for-” as soon as I heard a crack in his voice I stopped him and crawled over to his side snuggling against him. “It wasn’t your fault, you were looking out for me, can we leave it behind?” I say as I hug him and nudge my way onto his lap.

 His muscular arms wrapping around my waist comfortably he pulls me against him and kisses my temple appreciatively. I also accepted it appreciatively. “Sure love.” I smile and stay leant up against his chest as he turns the volume of sherlock up. “You should watch a different series, like…The Night Manager” I feel Toms lips curl into a smirk against my head and I scoff. “Puh lease, like I’d want to watch my best friend humping his brains out with his butt hanging out…I see enough of that plastered allover tumblr” I snort. No but really, I didn’t need to see that, not the butt part, I enjoyed that but I don’t need to see Tom grinding it up and thrusting into another woman - though it’s fake, with Tom’s acting it all feels to real for me. 

“It’s more than that Y/N” Tom says cupping my chin making me look up at him. “I know, I’m kidding, maybe I’ll catch up on it sometime but for now I need me some of that Cumberbatch.” I grin and look at the screen. Pretending to squeal and fan girl over Benedict’s long curly hair, I feel Toms arms tighten around me. “I have curly hair too, and Loki’s hair is longer.” “Ew, but it’s you, Mr smelly socks” I grin cheekily up at Tom and he narrows his eyes in mock anger, “Mr smelly socks?” I nod enthusiastically. Big Mistake. He grabs me and pins me on the couch, as he straddles me and digs his fingers into my side causing shrieks and giggles to escape my mouth. “S-Stop” I scream as he tickles me and lets out an evil laugh. Dear God he just turned into Loki.

 I laugh uncontrollably and squirm beneath him accidentally managing to hit my arm against his…area. I hear Tom groan loudly before pulling away holding his crotch. I gasp “Tom oh my god I’m so..sorry” I can’t help giggle a bit, yes I know it hurts, but I’m that person that laughs before helping you up if you fall. “Are you okay? I know I’m laughing which makes me seem like a huge arsehole right now but I’m genuinely worried about your baby maker” I bite my lips trying to stop the giggles from escaping and Tom glares at me. I shriek as he lunges for me and scramble off the couch running towards my table. I get around one end and Tom is at the other following my every move. I laugh hesitantly, “now now Tom…think about this.” He smirks and runs around the left side and I squeal trying to get away running into my bedroom where he tackles me and we land on my bed. 

“Oof” I huff out as Tom pins me down once more, “You’re heavy” I scrunch my nose and he grins down at me “it’s all muscle darling.” I roll my eyes and I scream as Tom raises his fingers threateningly. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” I say out loud as he wiggles his fingers in the air. “I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything I promise please!” I beg as his fingers inch closer. “Anything?” he raises an eyebrow. I nod quickly and he smiles leaning forward. I see the hesitation in his eyes but I almost choke and die when he whispers “Kiss me.”

Forever and Always- Matt Espinosa Imagine

Forever and Always-Matt Espinosa Imagine A/N: This is somewhat smutty so if you’re uncomfortable I suggest not reading. He’s finally home. Thank God he’s finally home. I swear I don’t think I could last another week without him. My best friend is finally coming home after his year long worldwide tour! I couldn’t be anymore excited. I looked pretty pathetic, waiting by the windowsill for his arrival like a lost puppy dog but I couldn’t help it. I have been separated from my best friend for over a year and it has been killing me. You can only talk for so long on Skype and because of the carrier rates and different time zones I could barely text him. I saw a car drive down my street and pull into the house next door. His house. Yes I know we’re best friends and we live next door to each other how cliché. I saw him get out of the car and helped his mom get his luggage out of the back trunk. He wheeled the luggage inside his front door and I was practically squealing. I was squirming and silently shrieking. “5 more minutes Y/N, 10 tops” I whispered to myself. My mom peered her head our of the kitchen and giggled at me, “Is Matt home?” She asked with a smile. “Yes yes he is. He can come over right? Just for like an hour please mom” I begged. I was so desperate to see him. My mom laughed, “Yes of course hun he can stay for as long as he likes” she said. “YES!” I screeched as I jumped from where I was sitting. All of a sudden I heard the door bell ring. I ran to go open it and there standing in front of me was my best friend Matt. “Hey you” he smiled as he pulled me in for a hug. I was almost in tears while hugging him, I missed him so much. To feel his arms around me was like heaven. We stood out on my porch hugging for a good 5 minutes before I invited him inside. “How was your flight? Was it okay? Jetlagged? How was the tour? What was your favourite city? Meet a lot of fans?” I bombarded him with questions. “Woah woah there Y/N, calm down” he laughed as we sat down on the couch together. I blushed, I hadn’t realized I asked that many questions, “I’m sorry…I just missed you” I said as I looked at the ground. He tilted my chin upwards to face him, “I missed you too” he said. We were sitting side by side, skin touching but that’s how we normally sat. We looked at each other for a minute, locked gazes and then Matt began to lean in. I knew what he wanted to do and I wanted to so badly so I gave in. Even though I knew it would complicate our friendship, I just wanted to kiss Matt so badly. Our lips touched and I had never felt anything more amazing in my life. In that moment, everything else was forgotten. I have kissed other guys before but nothing had ever felt like this. It took a mere 20 seconds for this kiss to go from sweet to sexy. I felt Matt licking my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I parted my lips allowing him access and he battled with my tongue. I felt his hands creep to my back and he pulled me close to him. I laid down on the couch so Matt would hover on top of me. We continued making out like this for what seemed like forever until I pulled away. “Is everything okay babe?” He said while trying to catch his breath. ‘Babe’ the affectionate way he used the term made me feel butterflies in my stomach. “Yeah, its just shouldn’t we talk about this first?” I know that sounded like I totally killed the mood but its the truth, I needed to know if he had feelings for me. He got up off me and returned to our original seated position. He grabbed both of my hands and clasped them in his. “Well its simple” he started, “Once upon a time there was a boy named Matt and a girl named Y/N, they lived next door to each other and became best friends growing up. Matt has always had deep feelings for Y/N but never told her because he thought she didn’t feel the same way. Matt then went away for a year and the entire time he was gone he could not stop thinking about how much he loves Y/N and how he should’ve told her before he left. Idiot right? So Matt made a plan that the first thing he would do when he returned home would be to tell Y/N. And that is what Matt is doing now” he said as he looked me deeply in the eyes. I can’t believe this was happening. I had always been in love with Matt but I never wanted to ruin our friendship because it meant so much to me. “I love you too Matt” was all I could manage to say. I leaned in and kissed him, validating my statement. Sure a relationship wouldn’t be easy but we’ll figure it out. Matt is my forever and always.

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please do the warring reality show contestants. i'm cracking up just thinking about it.

A|N: This… got away from me and is twice as long as I thought it would be. But I hope you like it! x 


Honestly, none of this would be happening if he didn’t pick a fight with the pretty blonde on the very first day on set.

It’s just— well, she was being stupid about the entire endeavour, opting to make soufflé within a twenty minute time frame. He knew she was talented; it was evident in her audition tape, movements deft and sure and eyes bright when she talked about her food, but still.

He had pretty much told her so when she raced back into the kitchen, ingredients in tow, and she had nearly bitten his head off for it, and that had been the beginning of the end, the single defining moment that had launched a thousand arguments after.

Which would have been fine if that was all, really. Bellamy was used to not being liked at times- it came with the territory, considering he was never shy about sharing his opinions on things- but then the ratings came in, followed by the network, and that was when all hell broke loose.

“God,” he grumbles for the fifth time that day, huffing irritably when yet another powder brush is shoved into his face, “apparently, everyone needs a gimmick these days.”

A sigh is heard somewhere in the vicinity of his left shoulder. “Well, there wouldn’t be a need for one if you didn’t start this entire mess.”

Gaping, he spins on his heel to face her, crossing his arms over his chest defensively. “Me? If you didn’t react the way you did in the first place, we wouldn’t have to put on this entire charade in the first place!”

“You’re the one who started it, with all your yelling about my soufflé! ” Clarke counters, shooting him with a glare sharp enough to cut glass. He scowls back, briefly lets himself wonder how he had managed to become so attuned to her anger that he knew exactly how her brow would crease when the fighting commenced.

They’re interrupted by the blinding flash of a camera, a staccato clap of hands.

“Just like that,” the photographer beams, re-positioning his camera. “Remember, we’re aiming for warring exes, forced to work together! Will they or won’t they? Are they going to rip each other apart before the salad course?”

And just like that, a temporary truce between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake is established in favor of telling the photographer in question to, quite frankly, shut the fuck up.

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scenario where iwaizumi gets into an argument with his s/o and gets so fed up that he yells at them to a point where they're now scared of looking at him in the eyes and now agrees with whatever he says in order to prevent a fight like that from ever happening again? {I really liked your response to kenma's love letter, just had to balance it out with a hint of bitter scenarios queque}

thank u for sending in this request satan 

Just a quick warning for this, it contains a lot of swearing (much like all of my work) and bad vibes (obviously) so read at your own discretion!! Also I just want it known that I don’t think this situation would actually happen with Iwaizumi at all bc he would never fight with his partner that he loves so much ;-;

Also this somehow turned into like a fully blown fanfic :’) i don’t even know how to angst how ddid this happen

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