god i hate you so much tumblr

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> "Why do you hate LaLaLand so much?"<p/><b>Steinunn:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>LT fandom:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Tumblr:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Stefan's parents:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>My cat:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Rufus:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>The World:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>God:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Magnus:</b> "oh no."<p/><b>Stefan Karl:</b> *pulls out 300 notecards and a 200 slide presentation*<p/><b>Stefan Karl:</b> "weLL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED-"<p/></p>

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Oh my god I like dunno who to talk to about this but I'm just so upset about the vitriol that's getting slung towards this movie bc the book has made me so happy and feel so much and armie and timothee and Luca have worked so hard to make a beautiful film for us and it's getting flung back in their faces!!! I hope the hate stays contained to tumblr so they never see it. Sorry to harass you I'm just feeling VERY overwhelmed by how much hate is out there and how intense it is. I need a break

I just don’t understand it because the reviews are stellar?? I’ve read all of the 33 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (CMBYN has 100%) and literally none of them say that the age difference is a negative thing. They never mention the stereotypes that people claim it’s perpetuating and they all say the relationship is developed in a well done way. I mean I completely understand if even knowing all the facts you are uncomfortable. That’s your right as a human being that you be allowed to have a different opinion. I just wish people read the book and didn’t just watch the trailer and assume that it’s the Worst Thing Ever.

i need to be honest here (factkin/otherkin/fictionkin)

Just learned about this whole “factkin” thing and very disturbed. This whole “factkin” thing is not a healthy coping mechanism for what you may have to deal with - you do not know this person you are identifying as. You are going off of how they present themselves to the public, which is oftentimes entirely different from how they genuinely are as people. You are not this person, and you will never be this person, no matter how much you claim to identify with them - especially if they currently exist. You are stealing their identity and parading yourself around as that person. That is not okay. You need to find new coping mechanisms that are not unhealthy or dangerous to yourself or to anyone else.

While I’m at it, I can say the same for the few otherkin who take it too far (eating dog food/raw meat, trying to “photosynthesize,” staying underwater for excessive periods of time, trying to eat diamonds, getting high in attempt to feel “astral limbs,” etc.) Identifying strongly with something non-human is one thing, but treating your physical human body as if you are actually that thing is not healthy, and you could very well die. If you genuinely believe that things like that are good for you, please seek help. While it may make you feel good mentally, physically it can destroy you. You have a human body. You can’t treat a human body as you would treat a dog’s body. Two different kinds of bodies, two different needs.

One more thing - while fictionkin does not seem inherently dangerous, the same pretty much goes. Whatever your kintype may be, your body is human and you need to treat it as such.

Sometimes I feel like tumblr is just a giant contest for who can be the biggest special snowflake.

You are a human being. You are your own person.

Please take care of yourself.

I blame myself for being so stupid. God I know I shouldn’t have anyone else in my heart except you. I’m so sorry. Forgive me and heal me. Make this sadness and heartbreak go away. And make me stronger than I’ve ever been before. I’m so sorry for loving someone who is not meant for me. And I’m sorry for believing him, falling for his every word. I’m just sorry I’m so weak.

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I like Bughead but I kind of feel like it came out of literally nowhere. Like one second she was obsessed with Archie next second Bughead kiss happens. Idk i just wish it was more of a slow burn buildup

slow burn. oh, god, i hate that phrase. one of the things that makes bughead so great is that there weren’t 2 seasons of lingering glances until they finally held hands for the first time. tumblr has perpetuated this idea that ships that take 20 episodes to get together are so much better than ones that take 5, and that’s just not true. how long they take to officially turn romantic has no effect on the quality of a ship. it all depends on how they were written before and after getting together, and bughead was written beautifully. in reality (the majority of the time), you start off merely thinking somebody is cute, or funny, or you get along, and then as you date and get to know each other better, you fall in love. betty and jughead’s relationship feels so genuine and real because it resembles an actual real life relationship 

Jughead and Betty are a thing. They don’t seem to be defining just what that thing is just yet, but Betty and Jughead, #Bughead if you will, are definitely a thing. He can’t bring himself to call them a couple and she can’t explain more than he’s been there for her when Veronica asks, but they’re holding hands, he’s walking her home, and she’s surprising him with a kiss when he gives her an idea. They’re in that cute, awkward stage of a relationship that is sweeter and more natural than what you usually see on TV and that’s refreshing for a network like the CW. 

that’s a quote from a review of ep 7 that i think says it really well 

if you want to read about my thoughts on betty moving on from archie and developing feelings for jughead, you can do that here (x


Okay everyone so there are some accounts in twitter that i think we really gotta report cause NCT DREAM ARE CHILDREN STOP FUCKING SEXUALIZING THEM ITS DISGUSTING!!! and for the third account idk much cause some ppl says they wouldnt report them cause they just wants attention. And i think the same cause why else the fuck would you hate nct/nct dream and especially mark with so much passion ? So you can report or not report them its your own choice. But please do report the nct dream porn accounts(even the sound of it is so disgusting). Please please report them please for the love of god. They don’t deserve this shit they are all minors. Imma write the accounts name here just in case tumblr tag this post as nsfw and you cant see the pics (@ WetDreamiess ) and (@ jenosbigdick) (i feel terrible for even just writing this url)

I don’t hate you,” she whispered. “I can’t hate you. I wish I did. I wish I could scream and punch walls and burn everything with you in it because I hate you so much. But I don’t. And that’s the worst part. I love you. God, do I love you, even now, even when you walked away and shattered me like glass. And it’s ripping me apart.

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why does tumblr do this;;

honestly i don’t really think it’s much of a big deal whether hide and kaneki kissed or not and how this would conflict touken’s canon status.

people need to chill.

God tumblr is so full of hate. So much arguing and complaining. I’m not guilt free and I’ll admit it, but you all act so self righteous when in reality you’re hypocrites. “Everyone is equal”, but only when you like it. It especially bothers me when people claim their blog is a “safe space” but then fill it full of hatred. Shippers especially hate ships they don’t like, and hate on the people that ship it. I’ve even done it, but now I realize I was wrong about it. Yall hate sterotypes but sterotype cishet white people. The worst part is it isn’t even exclusive to one person or group, it’s everyone

when did you decide that i wasn’t enough for you?
was it the moment when mom held me in her arms, and you looked down at the tiny bundle of squirming limbs and red skin, and saw a reflection of yourself looking back up at you?
did it happen right away? or did it take time?
did you come to that conclusion when you had to ground me for the first time? when i brought home a bad grade for the first time? when i developed my own thoughts and opinions and actually voiced them even if they weren’t the same as yours?
what did i do to make you feel as though i was not enough for you?
and how could you even begin to make your child feel as though they don’t matter?
as if they aren’t trying enough?
i’ve tried so, so hard
for so long
and it’s still never been enough
i’ve never been enough
why was i never enough?
all i’ve ever wanted as your love
how on earth could that have been too much to ask of you?
and you know what the worst part is?
after all of this
i don’t even hate you
but god, i wish that i could
—  happy father’s day v - @just-that-phangirl3
(cc, 2017)




“you have to love yourself in order to love others”
bullshit i have never loved myself
but oh god
i loved you so much that i forgot what hating myself felt like

Anon hate

God …..anon have cross the line …..i’m so angry at the moment ….. My brother Joshua #cinensis keeps getting anon hate and receive so much shit on is tumblr… BUT FOR NO FUCKING REASON !!!!!! he is the sweetest child on this earth … he is always worried if he is good enough for is followers….he always wanna please them and try is best everyFUCKINGday to draw and be better…he gets sick and sleep like 4 hours a day ….because he want to improve and be better…. you anon don’t see that shit because you don’t care ! ….i’m with him everyday …. i see him struggle with is health….is mental health … with money .. with friends… because he spend all of his energy on you guys ….. AND THAT’S WHAT HE GET ?!!!!!??? There is so much beautiful people here that help him so much in the past and even now … to get through hard stuff…. and there is those garbage that have nothing else to do of their day beside shitting on the head of my brother…. i’m so freaking mad ….. where is the love and compassion in this world ??? i see so much hate … so much jealousy …. i’m tired seeing my brother give so much energy and get this kind of crap right after…. If you have one glimpse of compassion and kindness… please leave him alone he have enough on his back at the moment … he doesn’t need more ! 

a general psa i think the rpc needs reminded of. if you hear something about someone you don’t know on the internet, common sense dictates you follow it up given this is a format that allows for lies to be easily spread by people who are shameless with the safety of a screen to hide behind, the added benefit of text being impossible to interpret a tone ( other than that which they want you to hear ). just sick of seeing the mob / witch-hunt mindset taking prevalence on a website that is mostly full of vulnerable people.

you’d question a headline, or an online news article, or some online blog post about your celeb Fav—– apply the same investigative cynicism to this website / this community. i hate seeing everyone turn into sheep / torch and pitchfork wielders WITHOUT using your own brains / initiative. if you have solid evidence / have heard both sides? okay. sure. avoid ‘em like the plague for your own sanity. you just want to win favour with your latest friend / whoever seems most popular at the time? know yourself. be better. i don’t want to be mean, i just hate to see people’s vulnerabilities / trusting natures being exploited / manipulated. i’ve been here a while, but i’ve never seen so much toxicity before. mob mentality is Not Good. i know i sound critical, but it’s been said so many times, i don’t know how else to get it through. tumblr loves to ostracise; live by they’re evil!!!1 or they’re GODS!!!!! rise above it, go look for yourself, form your own opinion. if it doesn’t change? that’s okay. but at least you can be okay with yourself.

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Oh my god, I just went through the anti tag and blocked so many people and it felt so good? Like, my baby cat is sitting on my lap right now & I'm laughing like a maniac because I just have so much fun cleaning my Tumblr space. Thank you for telling me that I can just block them, I didn't think about it. I followed many blogs which were run by antis because I enjoyed their content but I'm so fed up with them and just blocked them as well. Do you have any recommendations for hate-free blogs? o.o

ITS SUCH A GOOD FEELING!!!!! God!!! I don’t have time to shout out too many, so I’ll tag a few randoms off the top of my head, (they’re mostly sheith/multiship but there’s lots of hate free general and other ship blogs) and everyone feel free to reblog this and tag ur fave friendly voltron blogs!! 💕💕💕

@kcgane @stargazershiro @officialkeith
@space-capri-suns @dent-de-leon @heero-yuy @blacklionshiro @misterpoofofficial @bloofyboy @ultraformats @marmoraskeith
@floralkeith @goodtohaveyouback @fratboyshiro

I also typically reblog from friendly accounts so check out OP of my posts for some great artists and suggestions!!

oh my god i hate tumblr i posted a long ass heartfelt apology and when i pressed post tumblr fucking closed im pissed

anyways i was just trying to say sorry for taking forever to post shit. despite your encouragement (thanks though i appreciate it) i still feel bad when i dont get stuff done for you guys. i know this isnt a job but, if im not doing anything, i feel like i shouldnt even be on this blog especially knowing you guys like Finn much more than me i feel like i have to show my worth and purpose for being here… so i just want to say im genuinely sorry for slacking in getting work done and ill try harder.

ill post a winwin smut tomorrow and only one 5 later this week

if i dont stay true to my word you guys can hate me, its fine id hate me too

and sorry for posting this trash on your dash for anyone who isnt interested… this has just been bothering me lately and i felt the need to say something


Not all Klance shippers are bad but most of them are horrible and are giving bad names to other Klance shippers.

Stop whining to me about tags, honestly I don’t even read them because they’re just a waste of my time. I see “tags” I ignore. If you people don’t like it, ignore it. Scroll over. Don’t read, don’t reply/comment. Don’t waste your time. Grow up.

If you’re hating on shaladins because you want to “defend” the sexualized minors, in a bigger scope, since Keith and Lance are minors (according to you), and you Klance shippers are constantly fantasizing on their relationship and them doing sexual acts i.e fanfics and nsfw arts, aren’t you also sexualizing minors? Isn’t it worse when you’re an adult yourself? Also yeah, it is not Shiro’s job to fuck Keith. It is not even Lance’s job or anyone really. Stop making eveything about sex, you sickos. Nevertheless, in regards of matt. Most of you are saying that matt and shiro are the same age. But they wear different uniforms. This can easily means that Shiro, being the genius that he is, jumped a few grades and got promoted to an officer (making Shiro actually a teen himself). Still, if you wanna say that Matt is indeed younger than Shiro, that means Shatt is an adult/minor relationship. Yet, I don’t really see you antis attacking Shatt like Sheith is being attacked? If you really want to defend your title as a defender of sexualizing minors, attack all the ships that might be doing the same thing as Sheith. Yet you are just anti-shaladin.

So one last time, in regards to the law. Since we’re gonna take the sdcc video as canon, k/l/h are confirmed as late teens. Which is 17-19. 18 and 19 are not adults. That is late teen. If your country states that being 18 means that you’re legal, fine. But don’t talk in behalf of all the other countries that have different laws. They’re not gonna stay teens forever, one day they’ll be adults. And like I said, in some countries, 16 is considered as a legal/consenting age. In my country, girls can get married once they turned 16. If we’re gonna take the video as canon its impossible for them to be less than 16. So enough is enough. Stop talking about laws when you know nothing about it.

Me saying not to cling on Keith’s line about Shiro being like his brother is not me denying his wanting to have a family. Shiro (Keith’s hallucination in BoM) said, and I quote, “We’re all the family you need.” This means that subconsciously, Keith thinks all the paladins, coran and allura as his family too as the hallucination Shiro comes from Keith’s own mind. So yeah, Keith saying that to Shiro is just him wanting to validate Shiro. And also yeah, that means Lance is also like a brother to Keith.

I have honest to god been keeping silent over these hates Shaladin shippers get in a daily basis. I just got tired of seeing how childish and narrow minded you are and proving that fact to me seeing that you went out your way to attack me for my old url that I didn’t change since I was 12/13. Though I’m not gonna change it anymore cause I’m gonna abandon this account again anyway. I don’t really go through tumblr anymore since a long time ago, I just logged into this account to tell people my point.

Honestly, you guys are wasting so much energy and time being so negative over something that does not even exist in the real world it makes me kinda sad. You guys are so blinded that you can’t see the line between what’s real and not real anymore when there are real life situations you guys could be talking about. By the end of the day, voltron is fiction, it is not real. By the end of the day you and me have absolute no power in changing what dreamworks can easily change. Stop attacking dreamworks and the voice actors just because you got offended.

There are hundreds and hundreds of fandoms out there with minor/adult ships and incest ships (some even actually canon). Yet they don’t get as much hate as shaladin does? You guys just don’t dare to start something because the amount of other fandoms that supports these ships are larger than those that ship shaladin right? Or maybe, it’s really just you guys being insecure about your preferred ship so you attack other potential ships?

I honestly don’t care which ships become canon, I just want people to stop attacking other people for what they personally enjoy.

I have made my point, and done my part. All pro-shaladin are welcome to use my posts as arguments against anti-shaladins. Thank you and have nice day.


the dental implants ads are back and honestly i don’t mind most of the ads here on tumblr, i get it, it’s the price we pay for using a free website, but god i hate these so much, they bother me on a deeply visceral level, so now i’m sharing them with you so we can all be uncomfortable.

okay rant time because i’m a mad dani now

little disclaimer: ji didn’t ask me to do this. she didn’t ask trash squad to ‘come and wipe her tears’. she doesn’t have to.

i’m more than mad, actually. i’m furious at this point.

who the actual fuck thinks that sending hate to anybody is okay? jesus christ, i’m not even the one receiving the hate and i’m sitting here crying like a baby over it.

never in a million years is it okay to degrade somebody’s content. never. i don’t give a fucking damn if you don’t enjoy their content. unfollow. don’t be a fucking bitch and send somebody unnecessary hate that will more than likely make them feel like shit. people work so god damn hard on their posts. they have to plan it, write it, reread it, correct it, format it, and so much more. there’s endless amounts of work that come with being a writing blog on tumblr. as soon as you finish a post, there’s four more to be written.

i don’t give two shits if you don’t like somebody’s content. they worked hard on it and it deserves fucking respect.

i have been so fortunate with the fact that i’ve never received hate on my blog. i can’t even express how grateful i am for it. that being said, i can’t really say much about how it feels to receive hate. but i’m sitting here right now, never having received hate, and my heart hurts so bad that it’s become a physical pain over the things that have been said to my friend. if it feels like this for me, imagine how it feels like for her.

i take pride in being a nice person. it’s practically become my label at this point. i’m dani, the nice girl. but i’m going to be really mean in the next paragraph, so if you don’t want that image of me ruined, skip it.

whoever sent those things to mama ji, you are an asshole, a bitch, a cunt, an absolute cum dumpster. you are vile and i hope that you’re proud of what you’ve done. you sent mean things to a woman who’s only using her talents to make content for people that enjoy it. she doesn’t ask for anything in return. she just spends her valuable time and energy producing content for people. she is a good person, but you, sir/madam/whatever the fuck you are, are not. i’m honestly disgusted with you, and i hope you feel the same way about yourself.

the worse thing ever for me is to see my friends receive things like that. i love ji so much that it hurts. she’s such an incredible person who’s been through so many things, yet she still remains kind and giving. she’s one of my biggest inspirations, so kindly just fuck off and leave her alone. her out of all people doesn’t deserve anything like this. next time, think before you sent anon hate.