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Title: Heartbeat
Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader, Tyler Joseph/Reader
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Public shenanigans, minor daddy kink, shades of fuckboy Tyler, fluffy Josh, all kinds of stuff (and it’s only gonna get worse from here)
A/N: The sugar daddy fic has arrived. This is PAINFULLY long (8k words, god help me) This is part one of (probably) four/five parts. I’m super hyped about this, but I’m concerned it’s gonna be shit, lmfao. Anyway, I hope you guys don’t totally hate this.

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to everyone that suffers from sketchbook anxiety

Let me tell you two things that cured the ‘oh no i’m going to ruin this’ that stems from new sketchbooks / blank canvas.

Fuck it up intentionally

This I learned from my painting professor in college.  He had us blindfold ourselves, and then actually really mess up a perfect blank page, and then use it for the exercises that day.  Like we tore into the paper, made some horrible uncoordinated marks.  We even spit on it.  I highly recommend doing this at least once, because it helps dismantle some of the weird perfectionist hangups that a lot of us put on paper.  Helps get rid of the worry of messing up its perfect potential..

Basically if you’re so worried you’re going to mess it up, mess it up intentionally first so you take back control from the floaty head space anxiety gives us, to your hands and actions.

Buy a shitty ass sketchbook.  

Get one of those sketchbooks made for like 5 year olds that hang out in convenience/drug stores by those wonky ass crayons that never color right.  The type that you touch the paper and know it’ll eat a marker head right off. 

Whenever you look at your ‘good’ sketchbook and feel like you’re going to mess it up, use the terrible one instead.  Now you’re still working and sketching and doing with no real pressure since hey, that sketchbook was a piece of crap anyway and cost you like 5 bucks.  My shitty sketcbooks have some of my favorite stuff in them since I relaxed and let myself explore.  It will also remind you why we bother with nice sketchbooks in the first place because let me tell you that paper is god awful.

A big reason why I gravitated towards digital art when I was younger was because it was almost impossible to ‘mess it up’.  Make a stupid mark? Undo.  Don’t like the initial sketch? Delete the layer.  Hate the whole thing? Don’t save it.   ((I still do all of these things, but now at a much lesser rate))

Take some of the holiness out of your tools.   Realize that its the process that matters most, and keep your eyes forward.  I think especially here on tumblr where a lot of ‘sketches’ that are more towards illustrations that happen to be in a sketchbook build up this head space that everything in your sketchbooks have to be perfect and beautiful.  Sketchbooks are your play areas, where you can fuck around at your heart’s content.   Have some fun with them.  

Hope this helps~

Meeting In Secret // Kol Mikaelson // requested .part three

Original Request : kol mikaelson imagine where the reader is damon and stefans sister and they sneak out to see each other and one day elena catches them and tells damon nd they all turn against her and then when Jeremy kills him she tries to kill him and maybeyou can  use a lot of gifs too ???? sorry if its so long lol

Is there any chance you could do an epilogue for Meeting in Secret? Maybe like Stefan and Damon’s reaction to their sisters death and maybe regret?

You have to write part three to elena tell Stefan and Damon that their little sister is dead.

People have been requesting an epilogue where Elena tells Damon and Stefan that she killed their little sister so.. Here it is!

Part One  Part Two

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“Damon? Do you remember our last summer as humans?” Stefan asked.

“Of course, that was the summer Katherine manipulated her way into our home.” Damon responded, clutching the steering wheel.

“Well, yeah. But do you remember that one night? Before everyone was hunting vampires, Y/N snuck us out of the house just before dawn. She was only 15 at the time. And when we asked her what she was doing, she said-”

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-draco may seem like a lil shit still BUT NO MY SMOL BEAN THE PUREST OF ANGELS
-did I mention Scorpius? My sweet child king of my heart
-D R A C O M A L F O Y
-scorpius being the geek of the year and thinking his dad is disappointed with him or whatever shit like!!!!! BOOOOOY!!!!!!! HE WILL FUCK GOD UP FOR U!!!!! WHAT R U TALKING ABOUT HE LO VES U
-draco actually being like ?? the best parent ?? in this story ?? YES DAMN RIGHT MY SON
- scorpius being super fucking nerd my precious child
-“I would sell my soul for another minute with Astoria” NOOOO SMOL CHILD HERE SELL MY SOUL IT IS YOURS NOS
-i have found out i’m low-key drastoria trash
-also what the flying fuck why did Astoria have to die why can’t my son draco be fucking happy why do you hate me jkr
-alSO why didn’t scorpius find Astoria alive in any of the alternative realities i’m screaming
- aLSo the fuck with the rumour of my lil scorpius being voldy’s child and draco fucking harry up as soon as he mentioned it why can’t u let my children be happy stop hurting them with this bullshit
-I love them
-the cursed child is me i’m cursed with this love

Still sick *sigh* oh well at least I get to stay home and doodle! I saw the base for this when looking up draw your otp base and I immediately got the idea to do this. Gon ran into Hisoka and Killua saw the clown tryin’ to touch his bf, then activated God Speed to save Gon’s tiny ass.

Bad Ideas (Chapter Ten)

Welcome Back Everyone! Thanks for your patience with this update, I needed a little break after Chapter Nine.
Thank you for the messages/ comments/ questions in my ask box, I really love hearing from you guys!

If you need to catch up, check out the MASTERLIST.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this chapter :)

Little bit NSFW at the end because, really its about time these boys got some action, isn’t it?

Wade never put his hand on his gun that night.

Mostly because he didn’t want to imagine the look on Peter’s face when the omega heard the gunshot.
Partly because for the first time in his life he thought he might actually be able to silence the noise without having to resort to taking his own life.

So he had sat on the couch alone all night, fists tightly clenched, eyes firmly shut, trying to drown the voices with memories of Peter. Laughing, winking at him, his sweet scent, the dorky glasses, the way he blushed, the way he whispered Alpha in that low voice.

And when morning came, he was still there. Still in one piece. And it was the very first time he’d been able to win against himself.

It seemed like a hollow victory though, when Peter got up that morning and all but ran for his apartment as soon as the doors to the house were unlocked.

Wade let him go, knowing that it was better this way. Better that Pete get some distance so he could heal. Better that Wade stay away so that he could try to put himself back together.

The space between them was good.
It was better this way.

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Musical Prompt List

THIS TOOK SO LONG TO UPDATE AHH SORRY. As always request are open! Feel free to create your own prompt but when asking PLEASE put down the prompt number AND the actual prompt. It will save me the struggle! And if you are curious as to which musicals I do feel free to check out this page!

  1. I’m an art major and you’re my muse because damn you’re gorgeous.
  2. You hit my car and I’m ready to rip your throat out but your eyes are alluring.
  3. I think you’re a good guy but you keep trying to prove me wrong and one day it works and now I want so badly to hate you.
  4. I am running a flower shop and you’re running a tattoo shop so please stop playing your loud music so I can hear you sing instead.
  5. I don’t know why but you’re really nervous about our anniversary dinner and I think you are going to break up with me.
  6. I am a waitress and you always show up for coffee at weird times in the night and I love your voice.
  7. I am a struggling musician and I always sing on the corner of the street and you always sit and listen to me.
  8. You’re my best friend and you love me but I think you love someone else.
  9. I can’t sing but here I am serenading you while climbing up a ladder to your window.
  10. You got really drunk and upset me and now you’re reciting Shakespeare to me?
  11. I run a book club and you came to make fun of it but now you’re really interested in the book we are reading.
  12. You are running piano lessons and I go to one and I instantly fall in love with you.
  13. My dog dragged me into you and I’m so sorry but oh-my-god you’re eyes are pretty
  14. We’ve only been on one date and I accidently brought up the fact I want kids and now we are moving really fast.
  15. I picked up the wrong luggage at the airport and you’re yelling at me but you suddenly stopped and started flirting with me.
  16. It’s raining and I forgot my umbrella so you offer to walk me home.
  17. You’ve been gone for so long and now you’re back and you’re not the same and I’m so scared.
  18. You called me from a police station and you’re drunk so what did you do??
  19. You can’t tell me that you think I’m beautiful because I am so self conscious and will think you’re lying.
  20. You keep telling me you hate me and I start to realize what you really mean.
  21. I’d love to hate you but I love you.
  22. I love to watch you draw and you love to draw me.
  23. You’re my prince and I love you so much but I don’t know how to tell you I’m running away.
  24. My parents love you and that is a first.
  25. I keep waking you up in the middle of the night to tell you that you’re beautiful.
  26. I made you late for work because my goodbye hugs usually take much longer than necessary.
  27. Wait I wasn’t THAT drunk was I?!
  29. I told you we were not getting any more dogs!…okay one more.
  30. We are both in the school play and the only reason I actually auditioned is so I can see you.
  31.  I won’t hesitate to kick your ass.
  32. If this is what love feels like, then I don’t want any part in it.
  33. Woah! Someone needs a hug!
  34. I’m not crying!
  35. You look beautiful.
  36. Listen up ladies! I came here to kick ass, not look badass!
  37. I told you, I’m never letting go.
  38. yeah, no. Not happening.
  39. Is that literally the best you’ve got?
  40. A date? An actual date? To an actual place?
  41. I will haunt your sorry ass if you let me die!
  42. Did you just kiss me?
  43. I love you more than you’ll ever know.
  44. It’s not as bad as it looks… but it’s still pretty bad.
  45. I hate you.
  46. Fuck off!
  47. Well, actually it’s my favorite book, I’ve read it nine times this year…
  48. Well aren’t you just a…little ray of sunshine?
  49. You never loved me. I know you tried but you were always in love with him/her. But if you need me I’m here. I’ll never stop loving you.
  50. Oh my god! Are you crazy?
  51. I don’t sing! 
  52. Save the last dance for me.
  53. That’s its name?! It sounds like a disease!!
  54. I’ve literally seen you use that pick-up line on every other girl here.
  55. If you think you know verbal beatdowns, you haven’t pissed of ______ yet!
  56. Why is it always food with you?
  57. My ______ is missing, and all you can think about is _____
  58.  Yep, I’m 90% sure you’ve lost it. 
  59. I’m not laughing! I’m just…Stretching my larynx!
  60. Finish that sentence, I dare you.
  61. You got attacked by ____? Excuse me if I find that hard to believe.
  62. I don’t sing and dance when no one is watching! Don’t be stupid!
  63. ok, truth or dare?
  64. I dare you.
  65. Okay, fear not peasants, your king/queen has arrived!
  66. I’m the crazy one?
  67. Okay, singing and dancing, fine. But singing and dancing in front of people?!!! I won’t.
  68. What’s the matter? Never seen a girl in a swimsuit?
  69. Lipstick?
  70. Well, you know what they say, hard times call for a soft touch, *wink, wink*
  71. If you’re lying to me, know that I will fucking CUT you.
  72.  Don’t look at me like that!\
  73.  Don’t do that. It makes me want to kiss you
  74.  Yes, it’s chemically engineered so the modified cell will only attack anything that is a biological hazard, so- I’ve lost you, haven’t I?
  75. Give. it. back. NOW!
  76. Are you reading my diary??
  77. I know it sounds super cliche, but this isn’t what it looks like!
  78. No, you hurt me too much, I can’t do this anymore.
  79. Drama queen *cough, couch* What? I didn’t say anything!
  80. How about I ask you on a date, and you say yes?
  81.  Well if it isn’t Ms. Badass, or should I say Ms. Supposedly Badass? Catch me if you can!
  82. The fact that you said that when you thought I wasn’t listening, only exemplifies my point.
  83. You can’t keep doing this.
  84. I see the good in him and you hate him
  85. You killed him and I can never forgive you
  86. Deep down I knew he was never coming back
  87. I can’t imagine a life without you.
  88. Our goodbyes always take so long.
  89. Holy shit I think I love you.
  90. Our wedding day was..interesting.
  91. The honey moon was amazing
  92. I am not going to give you the gory details.
  93. I am always there to make you dinner when you get home
  94. I never though you would cheat on me..here we are
  95. I call you every night I can’t sleep
  96. We need to move on.
  97. I don’t want to move on.
  98. Do you know how hard it is to act fine?
  99. I can’t keep lying to myself.
  100. Lets strip down to our socks.
Compass – Prologue

Pairings: Diego Luna x Reader

Warnings: swearing (what’s new); anger

Word Count: 619




Just another lousy day, dragging on by at my dead end job, I thought, walking to my desk. Sitting down, I huffed.

I have to find a way out of this job. I can’t be here just making birthday cards for the rest of my life… I have a degree in digital media design for fucks sake!

Huffing for what felt like the millionth time, I got up in a hurry and marched down to my bosses office to finally tell him how I felt. Reaching the door, I didn’t even think twice and opened it, finally letting out all my anger built up over these years.

“I quit, Mr. Sanchez! You hear me? I quit! Q-U-I-T, quit! And you wanna know why? It’s because making birthday cards is not for me and it’s certainly not the thing I want to be doing for the rest of my life! I have a degree in Digital Media Design for fucks sake! I’m not cut out to be doing stupid things like… this! I want to be doing something wholesome! Like… Working on movies! Not thinking of clever puns to put on cards! So, I’m done! Goodbye, see you never!”

Mr. Sanchez just sighed after my whole monologue and looked at the people sitting across from him, which I just know realized he had there… And god, did I feel like a dumbass.

“And this… Is (Y/N) (L/N)… The person I was about to introduce you to. But, it seems like I just saved myself an introduction,” he said, chuckling a little.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, “And why did you want to introduce me to these people?”

Continuing, he said, “These people are your new bosses. I was actually looking for another job for you, because, every time I passed you, it seems like you hated being here. And seeing how you have a degree in DMD… But, if you’d like to quit on them now, please do. It’d be hilarious.”

I walked to the two chairs across from Mr. Sanchez to come face to face with a man and a woman and I had no idea who they were.

“Um, excuse me, but who are you guys?” I asked looking between them and Mr. Sanchez. They just laughed in response.

The man stood up first and extended his hand.

“I’m Gareth Edwards, and this is one of my colleagues, Kathleen Kennedy… Your boss knows some very serious strings and I think we found the right person for you to tie them all together,” he said as Kathleen got up and started to walk out with Gareth. He stopped at the door and motioned for me to join them.

After we got out of the building, he started talking again.

“This job is a job you will love. You, my dear (Y/N), will be project manager of all the Digital Media Design workers. But, this job will require you to make heavy commitments, and, you will move out there,” he continued.

“Excuse me, out where?” I asked confused.

“Los Angeles, of course. I know you might have already settled down in New York, made good friends, but if you can just hear me out–”

I stopped him dead in his tracks. “You’re absolutely wrong. For starters, I just moved here a year ago, still have no friends and just quit my job. So, I’m all ears now.”

“Great! When can you start?” he asked.

“Woah, woah, woah! Before I say my answer, I wanna know what/who I’m working for?” I asked, chuckling a little bit.

Finally, Kathleen spoke up, smiling a little. “Have you ever heard of Lucas Films or, more importantly, the Star Wars franchise?”

|| Heathers: The Musical Sentence Meme ||
398 Quotes Send in a sentence or send ♡ for a random sentence.

tw for violence, drug use, suicide, nsfw

  1. “I believe I’m a good person.”
  2. “You know, I think there’s good in everyone.
  3. “I look around at all these kids I’ve known all my life and I ask myself–What happened?”
  4. “We were so tiny, happy and shiny.”
  5. “This ain’t no high school. This is the Thunderdome.”
  6. “Hold your breath and count the days, we’re graduating soon.”
  7. “College will be paradise if I’m not dead by June!”
  8. “I know life can be beautiful.”
  9. “I pray for a better way.”
  10. “If we changed back then, we could change again.”
  11. “We can be beautiful.”
  12. “Wake from this coma, take my diploma, then I can blow this town.”
  13. “Fight the urge to strike a match and send this dump ablaze!”
  14. “What did you say to me, skank?”
  15. “We were kind before; we can be kind once more.”
  16. “We on for movie night?”
  17. “Don’t you have it memorized by now?”
  18. “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.”
  19. “He is the smartest guy on the football team. Which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.”
  20. “I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?”
  21. “I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend.”
  22. “You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant.”
  23. “Why do they hate me?”
  24. “Why don’t I fight back?”
  25. “Why do I act like such a creep?”
  26. “Why do I cry myself to sleep?”
  27. “Somebody hug me!”
  28. “Somebody fix me! Somebody save me!”
  29. “Send me a sign, God!”
  30. “Give me some hope here! Something to live for!”
  31. “Head cheerleader. Her dad is loaded–he sells engagement rings.”
  32. “No discernible personality, but her mom did pay for implants.”
  33. “She is a mythic bitch.”
  34. “They are solid Teflon; never bothered, never harassed. I would give anything to be like that.”
  35. “I’d like to kidnap ___ and photograph her naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave her tied up for the rats!”
  36. “Maybe you should see a doctor.”
  37. “This is an excellent forgery.”
  38. “I crave a boon.”
  39. “Let me sit at your table at lunch. Just once. No talking necessary.  If people think you guys tolerate me, they’ll leave me alone.”
  40. “For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.”
  41. “You have a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, I’d have matching halves. That’s very important.”
  42. “Ya know? This could be beautiful. Mascara, maybe some lip gloss, and we’re on our way.”
  43. “Let’s make her beautiful.”
  44. “Who could survive this?”
  45. “I can’t escape this!”
  46. “I think I’m dying!”
  47. “You hope, you dream, you pray, and you get your way!”
  48. “Ask me how it feels, looking like hell on wheels.”
  49. “I might be beautiful.”
  50. “When you’re beautiful It’s a beautiful frickin’ day!”

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The giving tree

“Once there was a tree…. and she loved a little boy.” 

Stiles and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember. From the time in the sandbox in preschool. I remember stumbling into the box but I didn’t have any toys to play with, than a cute freckled boy handed me his shovel and I gave him a big smile and we played together for the rest of break time. We then played together for the rest of the year.

When Stiles and I were six we did everything together, he was my best friend. He even convinced me to join little league softball team when we were eight. We joined a bowling league together when we were nine. We just shared birthday parties since we had all the same friends. We had sleepovers and family game nights. I loved Stiles more than anything.

“And everyday the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest.”

One day in summer right before sophomore year Stiles called me.

“Wanna hang out today?” Stiles asked me.

“Sure.” I smiled happily.

We drove down to the local preserve and started walking. Something Stiles and I normally did. We had been coming here since we were little we always found something new and interesting to play with or look at. Sometimes we’d even come at night to watch the stars or listen to the sounds of the animals and rushing water from the river near by. It was our special place.

We walked for a little before we stopped and sat down by the trunk of a tree, the fallen leaves making a cushion for us. Stiles smirked and made little crowns out of the leaves and placed one on my head and one on his.

“I now am the official king of this forest. I will rule this land with peace and prosperity. And I hear by crown you my queen of the land.” he said in a fake british accent. I giggled.

“Why thank your King Stiles, I am quite honored.” We both smiled and laughed.

“And they would play hide-and-go-seek. And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade.” 

We eventually Stiles and I got bored and sat in silence for a while.

“Hey wanna play hide and seek?” I questioned.

“Sure. You count first!” he screamed as he started running away. I giggled but covered my eyes anyway.

“1…2…3″ I shouted with my eyes closed. “……60! Ready or not here I come!” I screamed when I was done counting.

I walked around the forest looking for Stiles. Eventually I found him hiding up in a tree.

“Dang I thought you’d never find me.” 

“Well I did so…start counting!” I screamed as I ran away.

I found a hiding place behind this really big rock pretty far away from where he was. I smirked when I heard him scream ‘ready or not here I come’ and started walking in the opposite direction I was in. After a while I wondered if he was ever going to find me. I leaned to peek around the rock to see if he was coming when I felt two arms around my waist and I was lifted off the ground and spun around as I screamed.

“Ha! Gotcha!” Stiles laughed.

“Stiles I hate you.” I giggled.

We played a few more rounds and it started to get dark.

“Hey Y/N I’m getting tired can we just go back to your place?”

“Yeah of course.”

Stiles and I went back to my house and snuggled into my bed. My parents didn’t care if he slept over because he’s practically lived here since preschool. And besides they liked Stiles, they knew he was a good kid.

“And the boy loved the tree…. very much. And the tree was happy.” 

As Stiles and I cuddled in bed and talked about nothing and everything he said something that caught me off guard.

“Y/N, you know I love you right?”

“Yeah, I do.” I smiled. 


I nuzzled my head further into the crook of his neck and went to sleep unbelievably happy.

“But time went by. And the boy grew older. And the tree was often alone.” 

I sat as I continuously watched Stiles and Malia practically undressing each other with their eyes during lunch. I let out a sigh. Don’t get me wrong I like Malia, I’m so happy that she makes Stiles happy. I would do anything to keep that boy happy. He deserved more than anyone to be happy. He was a great guy who deserved the world. And if she could give that to im than I’m happy. I just wished it was me…but I’m okay with being the best friend as long as he’s in my life.

Stiles hasn’t really talked to me much recently though. There’s always something new with Scott or Malia or even Lydia. He was with his dad a lot too. Not to mention he was getting ready for college. And then the new bad guys of the town came in and I just became nonimportant. Which I get. Saving the town is way more important than hanging out with me.

So I often spent my nights alone pented up in my room watching all reruns of shows I’ve seen a million times.

“But the boy stayed away for a long time…. and the tree was sad. And then one day the boy came back and the tree shook with joy.”

It was now senior year and I haven’t talked or hung out with Stiles since the end of the last school year. It was starting to take a huge tool on me. I missed Stiles. A lot. I literally did nothing without him. I was just so used to always being with him that when he was busy I didn’t really have any other friends. Sadly enough, I even spent some nights of my summer crying over my best friend because it seemed that he had forgotten about me.

It was noon on Saturday when there was a knock on my door. I went to answer it and when I opened the door, it revealed a lanky freckled boy.

“Stiles!” I smiled and jumped into his arms. He wrapped his arms tightly around me and laughed.

Boy, I missed that laugh, and the smell of him, and the feeling of his arms around me. I just missed him. I was so happy that I was literally shaking in his arms.

“And so the boy cut off her branches and carried them away to build his house.”

“Hey Y/N, I came over because I needed some help with our recent problem.”

“Oh, okay.” 

“Yeah what do you know about Dread Doctors?”

I was really skilled in the mythology department. I sighed seeing how Stiles came here just for information. But i obeyed and told him everything I knew about them and some extra stuff that might come in handy.

“Thanks Y/N! See you later!” he said as he walked out the door, after he got what he wanted.

“Bye Stiles.” I whispered even though he was already gone.

“And the tree was happy. But the boy stayed away for a long time. And when he came back, the tree was so happy she could hardly speak.”

It was towards the end of the school when Stiles came over again. When I opened the door to reveal his face I almost cried. I certainly couldn’t talk at first. I just pulled him into my arms and held him tight.

“I missed you.” I whispered.

“Come, Boy,” she whispered, “come and play.” “I am too old and sad to play,” said the boy. “I want a boat that will take me far away from here. Can you give me a boat?” “Cut down my trunk and make a boat,” said the tree. “Then you can sail away… and be happy." 

“Stiles do you want to hang out, we can go to the forest?” I asked him.

“No, don’t you think we’re too old for that. And besides I’m too sad to do anything.”

“Why are you upset Stiles?”

“Because everything just kinda fell apart you know. Malia and I broke up, Scott hates me, I have nowhere to go. I can’t stay here anymore Y/N. This town is horrible and everywhere I look it’s only bad memories.” That hurt me more than he could ever know.

“I need to get out of here Y/N, help me get out.” he cried.

Oh my god he was crying. I knew I had to help him.

“Stiles, it’s going to be okay. I have some money I’ve been saving, uh you can use it. Buy a plane ticket and rent an apartment with it. Be happy.”

“Thank you.” he said wiping his eyes.

“And so the boy cut down her trunk and made a boat and sailed away. And the tree was happy … but not really.”

Stiles took my money and got on the first plane he could. I was happy for him, he was finally getting what he wanted. But deep down the only thing inside me was sadness. The boy I loved just walked out with my money and left. I would probably never see him again. But hey, he was happy.

“And after a long time the boy came back again. "I am sorry, Boy,” said the tree,“ but I have nothing left to give you -” 

Four years later I was on summer break from college and came back to Beacon Hills. When a firmalar boy headed freckled boy showed up at my door step.

“Stiles.” I whispered. I pulled him into a hug and held him tight.

“I’m sorry, I have nothing left to give you. All my money is in college. I can’t help you anymore-I’m so sorry.” I said on the verge of tears.

“I don’t need very much now,” said the boy. “just a quiet place to sit and rest. I am very tired.” “Well,” said the tree, straightening herself up as much as she could, “well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest." 

“It’s okay Y/N, I don’t need anything from you,I just need a place to call home.” he told me.

“Well I would love to be your home Stiles.” I answered him.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

“Come on in, you probably hungry.” I said leading him inside.

“And the boy did. And the tree was happy.”

Stiles came inside and never left. And I was once again happy.

A/N: Oh my god this took me forever to write! But honestly it’s my favorite thing I’ve written so far :) Please message me and tell me what you thought of this!



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Still loving the Sheith Family AU! I have to admit I'm worried about Keith and Shiro though (I was up last night thinking about it and everything). Like that amount they had after Shiro accused him of cheating felt like it left some things open. Will Keith learn to set up better boundaries with clients when his husband doesn't feel comfortable? It's clear that they love one another but sometimes you need more, and they CANNOT break up so they have to make it work. lol.

Oh my gods. Dude, don’t stay up late just thinking about it! ;A; Now I feel responsible for your lack or sleep. OTL Dammit Sheith/Voltron Family is supposed to be happy not make you worry about Shiro and Keith :((

So right after that scene where Shiro felt Keith was cheating, (am i the only one who feels like this is some continuous on-going episodic fic? ahaha) they both felt bad, but Keith mostly. So they talked about it before going to sleep.

Keith: We need to talk. *joins Shiro in bed*
Shiro: *closes book* *takes off reading glasses* That line doesn’t always end well. I don’t like where this is going, Keith.
Keith: *rolls his eyes in amusement* It’s not like that. I’m not divorcing you.
Shiro: *places hand on chest* Oh thank god. You got me worried.
Keith: *kisses Shiro on the lips* In your dreams. You’re stuck with me.
Shiro: *smiles* Aren’t I just unlucky or what?
Keith: Anyhoo, enough of that depressing thing. *blinks* God, now you just made me sad thinking about it. *looks at Shiro* *gulps* Unless you want to divorce me?
Shiro: Never. *pulls Keith to give him a peck on the lips*
Keith: Good. Phew. Glad we sorted that out. *pretends to wipe his sweat* Got me really worried there for a sec, Champ. Thinking I’m pretty selfish keeping you here with m–
Shiro: *taps his husband’s cheek* Keith, you’re blabbering. 
Keith: *sighs* Right, sorry. So anyway, I’ve been thinking about it, recalling some signs when you said the way my authors looks at me. His name is Liam btw. *looks pointedly at Shiro* I think it’s because he doesn’t know.
Shiro: Doesn’t know what?
Keith: Doesn’t know I’m married. *frowns*
Shiro: Oh. Well, do you want him to know? I’m pretty sure you don’t want a repeat of that… *winces* other writer who said some stuff.
Keith: *nods* Yeah, that way you’ll be at ease. 

Keith gets a call from Liam and asks him if they could meet. Shiro suggests he should just come by to their house. Apparently Liam lives on the same village. It was around 8pm and the kids and Shiro are by the living room. So when Keith opens the door…

Liam: Whoa. *whistles* You have such a big fancy house.
Keith: *smiles* Thanks. Do come in. 
Liam: *enters* *sees the family* *looks at Keith* You could’ve just told me if your relatives are here visiting. I don’t wanna take your time.
Keith: *waves him off* Oh it’s nothing. Better introduce you.
Liam: *follows Keith* *smiles* Okay.
Keith: *clears his throat* Liam, this is Shiro, my husband and our kids Pidge, Lance and Hunk. *smiles* Family, this is Liam. He’s the new author under me that I was talking about. 
Family: *waves and a few hellos*
Liam: *sweats nervous* *waves* *turns around* Oh god.
Keith: What?
Liam: I’m such an idiot. *groans*
Keith: What do you mean?
Liam: *sighs* I’ve been kinda trying to hit on you for quite a few weeks now.
Keith: Oh, I see. I kinda noticed. Well, my husband did. *looks at Shiro pointedly who was acting all smug about it*
Liam: I’m guessing this is what this whole invite-you-to-my-house kind of thing? To tell me I don’t stand a chance?
Keith: *blinks* Yeah, what else did you think it was? We were gonna do work though, aside from letting you know that.
Liam: *blushes* Obviously I wasn’t thinking about that.
Shiro: *joins them* He was kinda thinking he was gonna get laid.
Keith: *eyes widens* Oh my god. NO. Liam, I’m married! *scandalized* 
Liam: I know that now! I’m so sorry! This is such a mess. Stupid stupid feelings. I never should’ve in the first place. Keith, you’re just so… *gesticulates widely while blushing like a dork*
Keith: *frowns* Are you g-going to ask for a different editor now?
Shiro: *rubs Keith’s arms* 
Liam: *jaw drops* What?! No way! You’re pretty great at what you do! I’m not going to stoop that low just because I got rejected by you–indirectly. *looks at Shiro* I’m so sorry. You probably want to punch me or something now.
Shiro: *laughs* Nah. I am, however, very amused at this crush of yours on Keith. I must admit, I got jealous but this is just clearly amusing.
Liam: *laughs nervously* You prolly know how I feel huh?
Shiro: I felt that in college, yeah. He’s just so adorable isn’t he?
Liam: He is. *smiles* *stops himself* But don’t worry, Keith. I’ll get rid of these stupid feelings and act professional with you. That is if you’ll still have me?
Keith: *smiles* Of course. You’ve got such potential for a hit series.
Liam: *beams* You think so? 
Keith: I know so. I mean, cmon, I’m your editor.
Liam: *laughs* I know right! When the company told me I got Keith Shirogane for my editor I kinda cried. Everyone under you are best selling authors and I’m scared to break your record. You’re just so amazing, yknow? 
Shiro: He is. Keith is the best at what he does. And everything else.
Keith: *pinches Shiro* I’ll get you for that later.

So when Liam left.

Keith: *rolls eyes at Shiro* Don’t you dare say it.
Shiro: *shakes his head* Sorry. But I’m gonna do it. *pulls Keith closer*
Keith: Fine. Do it quick.
Shiro: I told you so. *kisses Keith* You’re just so irresistible. It’s not fair. I’m already married to you, yet there are still so many people who want you. 
Keith: *snorts* Don’t worry, bro. I’m all yours.
Shiro: *looks disgusted* I hate it when you call me bro. It ruins the mood.
Keith: *laughs* I know. Can’t let you be some sap machine. But you’re sure with the new arrangement?
Shiro: That Liam will just come to our house when he needs to meet up with you for his book when me and the kids are in?
Keith: Yeah.
Shiro: I’m okay with that. Plus, it does save money for gas.
Keith: *laughs* I know! Who knew he lives here too? That butt. 
Shiro: *snorts* That butt. Oh my god Keith. The kids are asleep now. You know what I’m thinking? *wiggles eyebrows* I think you owe me one.
Keith: Oh god. *gets dragged towards their bedroom while smiling*

Yes. To answer the possible question. YES. They finally had sexy times. :)) *wipes tears* Shiro finally got it.

Interview with the Vampire Starters
  • I know nothing of God... or the Devil.
  • I have never seen a vision, nor learned a secret, that would damn or save my soul.
  • The world changes, we do not; therein lies the irony that finally kills us.
  • I want some more.
  • And here it is. I hate you both!
  • Locked together in hatred. But I can't hate you
  • I was mortal until you gave me your immortal kiss.
  • You became my mother and my father, and so I'm yours forever.
  • But now it's time to end it. Now it's time to leave him.
  • I'll put you in your coffin!
  • Your evil is that you cannot be evil. And I shall suffer for it no longer!
  • Don't be afraid. I'm going to give you the choice I never had.
  • Evildoers are easier... and they taste better.
  • All I need to find you is to follow the corpses of rats.
  • Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminitely, and so shall we, for no creatures under God are as we are, none so like Him... as ourselves.
  • I assume I need no introduction.
  • Have you heard enough? I've had to listen to that for centuries!
  • I'm flesh and blood, but not human. I haven't been human for 200 years.
  • Most of all, I longed for death. I know that now. I invited it. A release from the pain of living. My invitation was open to anyone. To the whore at my side. To the pimp that followed. But it was a vampire that accepted.
  • And then I said farewell to sunlight, and set out to become what I became.
  • Forgive me if I have a lingering respect for life.
  • I go on, night after night. I feed on those who cross my path. But all my passion went with her golden hair. I'm a spirit of preternatural flesh. Detached. Unchangeable. Empty.
  • Whiny coward of a vampire who prowls the night feeding on... rats and poodles! You could have finished us both!
  • You condemned me to hell!
  • I don't know any hell.
  • You should consider yourself lucky. In Paris, a vampire must be clever for many reasons.
  • But you must know something about the meaning of it all
  • You'll soon run out of chickens
  • Where are we?
  • Where do you think, my idiot friend? We're in a nice, filthy cemetery. Does this make you happy? Is this fitting, proper enough?
  • We belong in Hell.
  • And what if there is no Hell, or they don't want us there? Ever think of that?
  • They had forgotten the first lesson, that we are to be powerful, beautiful, and without regret.
  • And as much as your invitation might appeal to me, I must regretfully decline.
  • Drink from me and live forever.
louisiana gothic
  • “wow, sure is humid,” you say, looking around. everyone agrees. this is the 8th day in a row you have said this. it’s always humid. everyone knows it’s humid. there’s water everywhere. you’re drowning
  • a nervous hum rides over the school students, everyone murmuring. the voice of one comes up, “it’s going to get in the 20s to 30s tonight. school might be cancelled.” everyone’s hoping. it’s so cold. everyone’s cold. please help
  • it doesn’t snow.
  • “there’s a tropical storm watch,” somebody in your class says. nobody’s surprised. there’s always a storm watch. it’s raining. somebody laughs in the distance. nobody cares
  • when you awoke, you stepped outside, numb to the cold winds suddenly howling against your body. you bundle up, ready for the cold day and the cold rise of the sun. 9 hours later, you arrive outside in the heat of the afternoon. it’s 79 degrees. the sun beats down on you, laughing at your misery. the wind is non existent. the humidity sits in the air, stifling and wet. this happens every day, but nobody learns.
  • a student stands up, looks around. he’s committed, and confident. “obamacare,” he says, “is the leading problem of today’s society.” fuck, you hate that guy.
  • there are two different types of people in your school. half have thick southern accents and plans to go to college in state. they have few plans beyond that. they’re planning on going hunting this weekend. you ask the other half where they plan to go to college. “anywhere,” they say, “anywhere other than here, please, god. please let me leave, i want to leave. save me, god.” you agree.
  • when you were in middle school, you heard the sound of girls laughter echo around the classroom. you ask what they’re laughing about. they smile and gush, “me and all my friends went to the church youth party together yesterday.” you are scared
  • it’s summer. it’s so hot. please save us. it’s so hot. it’s so hot. it’s so h

onyxxocean  asked:

Champagne, diamonds and lipstick?? :)Xx

hello lovely!!

champagne: what topic could you talk about for hours?
exo!!!!!!!!!! also, the social network + cats (specifically, my fave street cat from home called charlie who i am best friends with)

diamonds: how do you feel about excessively spending money?
this is a callout post to me bc in the first semester of uni i spent way too much money on unnecessary (or necessary, if u think about it?? no???) cafe trips + eating out oh god i hate myself i have zero self control bc of that iconic treat yo self episode from parks and rec. anyway i’m getting better at saving money!! but it’s tough

lipstick: do you enjoy talking to strangers?
ok so being from the south people don’t rly talk to each other here unless they know each other and are good friends but since moving to uni i’ve had several alarming experiences in which strangers randomly approach me and talk to me as if we’re close friends and honestly it’s actually quite nice in a rly?? strange and disarming way?? i kid u not on the first day of moving to the north i had this random man come up to me and strike up a convo about this painting i was standing near and it was super strange but i lowkey enjoyed it so it’s ok but i’m not v good at it bc it takes me at least 2 mins to get over the initial shock

send me a luxury ask! 🌹

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What are other free books you know of I should read?

-We assume you already know about ICOS…

*list provided by the amazing Etra ( @coldsaturn​ ) because she is my dealer and source for all things free books and heartbreak related xD

“oh and everything is gay. if they wanted hetero, this is not the list xD”  -Etra’s comments

free books that are worth reading:
Special Forces by Aleksandr Voinov
The Heart Rate Of A Mouse by Anna Green
The Doors Of Time by Felisbianco (she took it down, but I have everything saved on my laptop thank fucking god) -Etra does just ask her c:
The Student Prince by FayJay
Gunpoint by Felisbianco
The Last Rebellion by Lisa Henry (I liked it, even though it’s short and WTF????)
but also you can go here http://www.mmromancegroup.com and select the tags you want and every single story is freeeeeeeeeeeeee (only some of them are good though) (like Hating You is the Hardest Part by C.C. Jaz; Love You More by Sienna Bishop Sixty Five Hours by N.R. Walker)



just some 'how they met' AU's I want to see written one day

• ‘my dad invited me to go on a fishing trip with him and his buddies and I hate water and can’t swim but I don’t wanna crush my dad’s feelings and he said his friend’s son was coming too, so I’m kind of hoping he’s cool’ and 'I fell into the water and you were the only sober one who was able to save me’

• 'our class when on a 'survival skill learning’ camping trip and left a group of students out in the middle of nowhere and oh my god it’s three AM and I’m trying to sleep but you’re over here cursing at the wind for knocking your tent over again jUST SLEEP IN HERE WITH ME BRO’

• 'you were singing some dumb musical duet all by yourself and didn’t notice I was walking behind you until I started singing part 2 and you got embarrassed because you thought you were alone and you didn’t know anyone else liked that musical’

• 'we were waiting in line for the FerrisWheel and your friend decided last minuet he didn’t want to ride and backed out, so we got jammed into the same kart together AND THEN the ride got stuck while we were at the top, but you aren’t so bad to be around for two hours…lets go ride more shit together’

• 'I accidentally might’ve burst your eardrum from screaming so loud on the roller coaster, now I owe you ice cream and cotton candy…’

• 'your dumb cat keeps coming to the wrong house at 4 AM and meows for a long time because I won’t let it in, pLEASE KEEP IT LOCKED UP AT NIGHT, IM TIRED OF CALLING YOU EVERY MORNING TO COME GET IT.’

• 'your little brother said he fucked my mom on Xbox so I said I would find him and whoop his lil ass, and you took the mic and told me not to shit talk your brother and that if you ever caught me doing it again, you would find me and kick MY ass. And lo and behold your brother and I fought again five minuets later and then you really did find me and im scared as to how you got my address but w O W you’re hot AF’

• 'I lost my mom in the grocery store and I was looking for her and trying not to panic and I bumped into you who happened to be doing the same thing and pLEASE just help me find my mom im scared’ and then, a week later 'hey didn’t I see you at the store? We helped each other find our moms!’

• 'I was sitting on the slide at the park and you came over to confront me because the kid you were babysitting wants to use the slide but I’m saving this spot for the kid I’M babysitting, tough luck.’

• 'the cops showed up to a party we were at and chased everyone away. You and I happened to run in the opposite direction of all our friends and got lost in some dark and creepy street.’

• 'excuse you, that is MY goldfish, I saw it first! Go to a different petstore!’

• 'I fell off my skateboard after trying to do a cool trick to impress you, new friend, and you laughed for ten minutes before helping me out of the bowl and calling an ambulance because my legs aren’t suppose to bend like that’

• 'my frisbee is stuck in a tree and I climbed up here to get it out but I got stuck…and my phone fell out of my pocket. Can you get it and call my mom for me? Tell her I’m stuck in a tree!’

• 'I was jogging and you accidentally hit me with a baseball…wHo the hell plays baseball at 6 AM in the park by themselves!?’