god i gotta get back into art

speaking of @americangods i’m still working on this portrait series!!

these’ve been so fun and’ve gotten such a warm reception, thanks so much you guys. they’ve been the exact break i needed to take, and have been great help to expand my painting style. i have quite a few planned, by no exact final number that’ll be done!


i got tired of work so i decided to doodle some conman dancing. instead of, ykno, going to bed when it was already 6:30am

it is now past 9:00am

im. gonna go sleep

So its been um…like 6 months since I’ve painted Connor.  Life keeps GETTING IN THE WAY, and WORK in the hospital is still KICKING MY BUTT, and OVERWATCH IS FUN HAHA BOOP BOOP MOTHERFUCKERS and convention prep is KILLER, but God sitting down to paint this man bear child is like coming back home.  Y’all have no idea how sad I’ve been cuz I haven’t painted him in forever.  :< High five to @teal0gic and @thefluxvoice for feeding me Connorline headcanons until I could calm down enough for an hour for a therapeutic doodle~  

anonymous asked:

Hello Squiggly! I really like your art and it's very nice to look at all the wonderful art you've drawn!! I have one question though, what is a good age to start building a following, like you've said in a post in the past? Just asking for a friend. :>


My knee-jerk reaction is to say “START NOW.”  But a better answer is to say: age doesn’t matter so much as maturity does.

That’s a super hard thing to judge, of course.  When I was twelve, man, I thought I was as mature as my parents.  I felt the same up through ‘til I was, like, eighteen.  The reality is that I was a teenager.  I wanted to be taken seriously, I wanted to see myself as mature, and of course as a result I was a terrible judge of my own maturity level.

I started posting my art online when I was, like… oh, god.  Looking back, the first drawing I posted online was back in June 2012:


That puts me at age 17 when I started trying to build an online presence.  It wasn’t for another good three years until I started being actually successful at it.  A lot of that, I gotta chalk up to the fact that I was very immature at the time – certainly, my art was nowhere near what I can do now, but even if my art had been at a higher level back then, I’d have been far too immature to behave properly online in the face of any significant audience for my art.  Like, trust me – most of my personal posts from that time are long gone, but I was EMBARRASSING.

I think the best answer I can give you is: start when you think you’re legitimately ready, and when you do, always do your best to be prudent about your online behavior.  Nobody’s perfect; I act like an idiot pretty frequently on here.  But especially on a website like Tumblr, where the community can be so incredibly nitpicky and judgemental, you gotta be aware of who your audience is going to be, and of the behavior that’s cropped up within it in the past.  There are battles to be picked and fought, and battles to be ignored, and battles to be shut down the instant the first tantrum is thrown.

Kind of a roundabout answer, I guess.  Sorry about that.  Basically: start when you’re ready.

Prank wars?

A/N: sooooooooo i was bored watching the twins’ videos and i decided hey why not make an imagine based off of the video where Grayson ties Ethan up in a tree and scared him with a clown mask and i kinda wanna turn this into something like different prank imagines in one category idk you’ll understand as i go on. so enjoy @stydiascreams

warning: light cursing

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You were facetiming Grayson while he was in New Jersey since you were still in LA for school and he was telling you how he was pranked by Ethan and wanted to get him back but he didn’t know what to do. “Come on babe, you’re great at pranking help me out a bit.” You sighed softly flipping a page in your textbook “Gray you know I’d love to but I’m studying and I just can’t get this chapter to stick in my brain, can you wait like 15 minutes?” You stuck your bottom lip out giving him the puppy dog eyes which caused him to smile and nod “Yes I can wait baby.” You smiled wide and thanked him. You went back to studying you stuck your tongue out concentrating on the page you’re reading he chuckled and looked at you “You’re adorable babe.” You smiled and closed your textbook. “I’m all yours baby” He smiled and looked back at you “Help me prank Ethan” He whined you giggled thinking a bit “Is he still afraid of clowns?” Gray nodded and looked around for Ethan “Yes, why?” You smirked and looked up “Uh Gray I gotta go, can I talk to you later?” He raised an eyebrow and nodded “Um sure, I love you babe.” You stood up putting on your jacket “Yeah love you too baby.” You hung up as you walked out of your room. “That was weird.” Grayson mumbled to himself “What was weird?” He looked up watching Ethan grab a water “Y/N, she rushed off the phone and before that she looked up like someone was there. E, is she cheating on me?“ Ethan’s head snapped in his direction “Y/N? Are we talking about the same person, bro she would never do that. One time she got upset when you didn’t text her back when you went and got the mail.” Grayson ran his hand through his hair. “You’re right bro, she wouldn’t do that. When’s cam coming?” Ethan thought for a second “Uh tomorrow I think”Grayson picked up his phone dialing Cameron’s number “Maybe I can get Cam to go check on Y/N or call her to see where she is.” Grayson put the phone to his ear waiting on her to answer. You and Cameron decided to get lunch before your flight when all of a sudden Grayson’s name pops up on her phone she looks up at me “Should I answer it?” You nodded and sat back “But don’t tell him you’re with me, or that I’m coming with you because I want to surprise him.” She nodded and answered her phone putting it on speaker “Whats up bro?” She beamed you heard him sigh he really sounded stressed maybe you should’ve eased into leaving earlier instead of rushing. “Cam, can you go check on Y/N she left in kind of a hurry and I think someone was with her.” Cameron looked and nodded “Yeah i’ll go check on her now and call you back when I get there.” You bit the inside of your cheek packing up your food Cameron hung up the phone packing up her food as well “Well, time to go back to your apartment for a few minutes to make sure you’re okay then to Jersey we go” You stood up getting back in her car buckling up. “I don’t even know how he’s going to react, hopefully he’ll be excited” You smiled watching Cameron drive finally the two of you reached your apartment “You go inside and I’ll facetime Gray as I knock on the door just say something that makes sense. I don’t know.” She knocked on the door calling Grayson you waited until you heard her say hello. You smiled and answered the door “Hey Cam whats up?” She tried her best not to smile “Gray wanted me to check on you, he said you left in a hurry.” You nodded and held up food “My food was here and the guy was impatient I would’ve taken my phone with me but my phone was dying. Maybe I should call Gray and explain” You pulled your phone out of your pocket “I’m on the phone with him right now.” She turned the phone around showing your smiling boyfriend “Why didn’t you tell me, it’s food babe.” You shrugged checked the time on your phone. “I have to go, I have some studying to do and a essay due in the morning. I’ll text you later Gray.” The two of your said your goodbyes, Cameron hung up the phone and looked at you “Lets go get on that flight.” You smiled and picked up your bag locking the door behind you.

-Time skip-

The plane ride felt so long you decided to turn your phone off for the flight when you finally turned it back on you had almost 20 texts from Grayson, 9 missed calls even some texts from Ethan I texted Ethan back telling him everything hoping that Gray wasn’t near or had his phone in any way “Alright, I’m gonna record it you’re going to knock on our door Ethan is gonna make sure Gray answers the door you’re just gonna come up with some random question and yeah. basically just wing it.” You nodded and knocked on the door taking a deep breath as Grayson opened the door you looked down the street then back at him “Hi, I’m looking for my boyfriend have you seen him?” He smiled wide pulling you into a hug “Every time I look in the mirror.” He kissed your cheek looking at you “You couldn’t tell me you were coming?” You shook your head “That would ruin the surprise, don’t you think?” He shrugged and pulled back from you “Wait so who was really there when we you rushed off the phone?” You looked back at him and pointed behind you “Cam. We’ve been planning this since you left she wouldn’t take no for an answer and the last no i gave her she showed me she already bought the ticket and it was nonrefundable so I really didn’t want her money to go to waste so I’m here.” He picked up yours and Cameron’s bags walking inside “But don’t you have an essay due tomorrow morning?” You sighed and turned to the side showing him your backpack “I do, which is why I brought my books unfortunately.” He hugged you once more “I’m so glad you’re here, now you can help me prank Ethan” You smirked and showed him a little bit of the clown mask. He smiled and took your bag to his room “Lets get ready.” As Grayson was setting everything up you distracted Ethan by taking him to go get pizza with Cameron. “Y/N thank god you’re here, Gray would not stop talking about you. Why didn’t Gray come again?” You smiled and ate another bite of your pizza “I made him do my homework.” He chuckled and checked the time “Oh Gray texted, we gotta take some pics for channel art you guys ready to head back?” You all nodded and walked back to the car driving back you turned on the radio and started jamming. You pulled up putting the car in park Ethan got out the car you and Cameron stayed in the car talking about how its going to happen. 20 minutes go by and you and Cameron finally got out the car walking in the house Grayson is walking around the kitchen talking to the camera “Oh Cam, Y/N come here.” The two of you walked over to him standing beside him “These two lovely ladies helped with the prank so thank you guys, lets go prank Ethan.” He went out back outside taking some “pictures” with Ethan when suddenly Ethan was scooped up in the net screaming and asking whats going on. “Well bro, you’re sleeping out here.” Gray said as he swung Ethan a bit. “I’m gonna chew through this before I sleep out here.” Grayson looked at Ethan and smirked at the camera “And I’m gonna go eat some pizza.” He smirked walking away. He got in the car and drove around by the woods he hopped out running through to the other side where Ethan was. “Hello camera Grayson set you up here.” He looked around and noticed Grayson creeping up to him “What is that” He started jumping around in the net “Grayson? Grayson! I’m gonna punch you in the face!” he kept screaming and jumping around. He calmed down a bit when Grayson started backing away but Grayson came running up cutting the top of the net letting Ethan fall He ran but stopped when he heard Grayson laughing. Ethan ran back tackling Grayson into the tree Ethan kneeled beside Grayson panting “I knew that was Grayson, but if it wasn’t Grayson I had to be ready for anything.” You walked back inside with Cameron as the boys did their outro you sat on the counter talking to Cameron “So do you think you and Gray will ever you know get married?” You giggled and nodded “Of course, every girl dreams of marrying their soulmate.” You smiled looking at Grayson as he walked over to you wrapping his arms around your waist “And he’s my soulmate.” 


→ ❝MARVEL’s Jessica Jones sentence starters❞

  • “New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around.”
  • “I don’t flirt, I just say what I want.”
  • “You know why I live alone? People distract me.” 
  • “Please, please, just tell me where my baby is.”
  • “Maybe God sent you. Maybe he didn’t.”
  • “My greatest weakness? Occasionally, I give a damn.”
  • “I don’t need your protection. I don’t want it.”
  • “If you even touch me, I’ll tell the whole world about you.”
  • “You have to make a decision – do something about it, or keep denying it.” 
  • “I’ve never seen anyone with such a strong will.”
  • “I thought you didn’t like or trust me.”
  • “If I get hit by a bus, where’s the closest hospital?”
  • “Are you still having nightmares? Flashbacks?”
  • “I’ll be your guest here indefinitely.”
  • “I was never the hero you wanted me to be.”
  • “In my line of work, you gotta know when to walk away.” 
  • “’None of it is my fault.’ Say it back to me.”
  • “You are… very strong.”
  • “You’re all alone, so you have to pick away at other people’s happiness.”
  • “Children should be seen and not heard.”
  • “Get inside! You’re naked!”
  • “Back off! God, you’re turning into your mother!”
  • “You ruined my art!” 
  • “If you do this, I’ll owe you a favor.” 
  • “If you don’t feel good going to work, then you get new work.” 
  • “It’s better being alone. It’s safer.”
  • “I give you whatever you need, and you can’t even give me a minute?”
  • “I’m life-threatening. Steer clear of me.”
  • “Lots of guys leave your apartment on stretchers, huh?
  • “You’re gonna start helping people again, starting with me.”
  • “You can’t fix me. I’m unbreakable.” 


It’s time
For Hellatus!
It’s time
For Hellatus!

Schedule’s clear since the finale
For you and me too
Oh the things that we’ve seen
So go back and start to watch the show again!
Make way!
To the sites!
And stay up 
all night
Lamenting over reruns

Hellatus will destroy us! Feel for our fandom!
Sanity precariously
left to discuss
We try our best to stay calm,
Writing and drawing ‘til dawn
But this new work cannot fully carry us!

Hellatus will ruin us! We’re self-destructing!
At least Comic Con is here, that is a plus.
We get to see our boys back
It helps with the show we lack
But ultimately, it ends ‘cause it’s

We’ve got thousands of brand new fanfictions!
Oh my God, I heard Misha shipped Diestel
And the art, there is none that compares!
What the hell is Bagelpocalypse?
But it’s not Kripke’s actual depiction
We’ve just gotta face
We can’t replace
Castiel’s longing angel stares

*At same time as verse below*
Hellatus – blessing for us – let’s take a small break
Twenty-three episodes see? That’s quite a lot
I need to catch up on sleep
Because I am in in too deep
To breathe before the end of the Hellatus!

*At same time as verse above*
There’s no question that this show’s alluring- Always intriguing never boring-
Everything about the show just plain impresses…
The dialogue, characters, Impala
And the boys no matter what you call ‘em
And it always leaves us with so many guesses!

We’ve got one minute clips of next season
We’ve got new seasons!
Let’s see new seasons!
And it drives us beyond our reason!
Will Gabe be back?! Will Gabe back?!
We’ve got interviews, photo shoots, tweeting.
Oh what’s happening?!
Will Dean be okay?
And what will Sam say?
And Cas anyways?
We can’t survive!

Hellatus, a curse for us, Where is our show now?!
We need to know how, the ending’s ominous.
Our fandom’s crazy for sure
New episodes, the sole cure!

With two great brothers
And angels galore
With demons, monsters,
hunters and more
It’s no wonder, that we do thunder
Cause this show is fabulous!
We’ll die
Cause Hellatus!


Gotta do one every year. ;P I admit this is just a glorified thumbnail sketch; the comic page was going to be more detailed and elaborate, but I ran out of time before leaving for the weekend aaand it looks good enough to serve its purpose. <_>

Anyway, that’s about it for Lewis & Clark Month, y'all! I’ll still be posting those Minecraft videos (as I get them done…ahaheheh…uh), but otherwise things’ll shift back more toward original things n’ stick-gods n’ such. Thanks for joining me this August!

• I know that I’m fucked up and infected • I’ve been hiding in the fear, rejected • thank god that you finally found me • ‘cause you gotta get me outta here • I’ve been a little sick and disconnected • I’ve been loving like I’ve been neglected • all the walls coming down around me • and you gotta get me outta here • [X]

Uhm I’m drawing some quick doodle-ish pics to some of my favorite songs that I think suit the two of them~

Signs are: Doing a Group Project
  • warning: may not be accurate bc its late and im not hinking
  • Aries: "yeah fuck that i'm not trying"
  • Taurus: uh guys? shouln't we... y'know.... start???
  • Gemini: *is on the phone half the time* wait what. oh shit project right crap. *starts a little bit then gives up half way* your turn guys
  • Virgo: *is doing like allllmost all the work*
  • Libra: *does their part last minute* whoops?
  • Sagittarius: god damnit guys get YOUR SHIT TOGETHER WE GOTTA DO THIS
  • Capricorn: *calmly does it in 8 hours* we got this calm your shit sag.
  • Aquarius: *jams out to music and forgets about their project*
  • Pisces: oh god oh god oh god oh god how am i ever going to get a good grade with this crap.


run around like chickens would you please

I don’t care if you’re feeling me

money, power, all you got is greed

can you run around, run around me

please call me T.A.O.

even if you don’t wanna, you still have to call me T.A.O.

if you want to talk bs, go find your parent

my time is too precious, can’t be wasted, I’m busy boy

my black card, too many, it’s a problem

YSL, 6 in the world, I have a couple

Every single Yeezys, yeah I step in puddles

If you want this life, I recommend buying a lotto

don’t call me proud

I’m never proud

a couple million in pocket change and I’m still not proud

please see the era clearly, yeah cpop, who’s the leader

so many raps but only this one is worth being proud over

go forward with me with this song

see the era clearly, cpop’s golden age

do rap gods give a damn, don’t gotta thank you

this is my personality, underground king that’s me

if you’re still upset over I am Sovereign

that the songs are either bs or swears

people who say my rap is offbeat, follow the hate bandwagon

shut up

keep listening

you have no right to use the “go die” I created

fantastic my rap game

and your shit is a pre game

everyone who hears my flow, that’s my king card

the piercing voice I’m born with, do you like it

this song will become a textbook, however you like

oh my god, waiter, can you take my order, please filet mignon the cut

playa, here’s a tip, pull up my Lambo 7 by the front

get my airplane ready, go to the next place for vacation, okay

don’t be jealous, not everyone can be like me

especially people who are all talk no work, or people who can never do what they say

whenever I think of lyrics, I pick up my pen, art like Michelangelo

if you want to compete against this talent, practice your rhythm first

go forward with me with this song

see the era clearly, cpop’s golden age

do rap gods give a damn, don’t gotta thank you

this is my personality, underground king that’s me

I’m a natural idol, good at everything

it’s really a fantasy

no matter if it’s rapping, singing or acting

I’m just that good

vip wherever I go

but I respect everyone

if you don’t understand, then snap back to your fantasy, get the fuck outta my ear

nod your head to this beat

clap your hands to the music

want an encore? then but the single on repeat

now nod your head to this beat

clap your hands to the music

want an encore? then but the single on repeat