god i felt this scene so much


God I keep thinking about what it felt like watching this scene for the first time with my little brother.

I remember how he kept looking at me so hopefully, because at that time I had only recently just come out as a lesbian. He knew how much this meant to me, and how much this meant for other people like me, he didn’t even tease me that I kept tearing up for the rest of the episode.

Happy Second Anniversary Jailbreak!

“I know how to play a few on a guitar,” Keith offered. “I don’t own one, though.”

Shiro could see it. Keith, sitting in a corner or a bench somewhere, the roughened pads of his fingers on the taut strings. Maybe he didn’t sing, but did he hum?

“…Something on my hands?”

“Hm? I was just thinking you can see the callouses–” he reached for Keith’s hand, cupping it in his palm so he could see them better. “Your fingers are hard, right at the places where they’d meet the strings.”

The motion had been so easy that it took the soft hush for him to realize what he’d done. Keith’s hand was warm in his own, fitting so easily like it was only natural to be there.

I recently read this lovely pre-Kerberos fic by @pepperpaprika and felt compelled to draw this scene ♥

Talks Machina Highlights: Episode 94
  • Everybody will be in next week’s ep for the continuation of Liam’s one-shot!
  • If Pike had been in the Nine Hells, Percy probably would’ve signed the contract secretly as opposed to up-front. She’s the only one who can actually evoke shame in them at this point.
  • Taliesin was planning the entire time to scry on Scanlan and has been trying to make an excuse to steal the Scrying Eye for weeks.
  • Pike’s moment with the earring, talking to Scanlan, was 100% improv.
  • Laura suspects Sam wouldn’t have been able to pull off Scanlan’s departure if Pike had been there. As it was, after the show went on break, Sam felt so bad that he ran over and gave a hug to everyone. If he’d made Pike cry, according to Laura: “he’d be UNFORGIVABLE.”
  • Taliesin semi-bullshitted the Grey Hunt stuff and Matt rolled with it. Taliesin gave him a ride to the airport the next day and they talked about how much they enjoyed how it worked out.
  • Laura points out that she’s the type of gamer who reloaded the game 20 times in ME3 to try to find a way to get a resolution that would be good for everyone when one didn’t exist, and she had that same sense of frustration when she got home after the game. She was really upset over the resolution of the Grey Hunt, but is feeling a bit better knowing it at least wasn’t failure.
  • Ashley and Travis both briefly thought the Grey Hunt was gonna be a weird proposal. Taliesin: “I feel like in our friends group the proposals have been getting more and more ridiculous. That would be the meta-continuation.”
  • Taliesin points out that Percy has a problem with abandonment and the whole thing with Scanlan is hitting his “really serious anger management issues.” Percy was hoping to get Vex’s vague permission/help over the Scanlan thing, and when it wasn’t forthcoming, he changed his plans to be less extreme. Percy’s also dealing with guilt over not feeling useful in the underwater fight, and is displacing that as anger over Scanlan not being there to mitigate that issue.
  • Pike’s got a lot of lingering resentment over Scanlan leaving.
  • Vex would’ve approached the Hunt differently if she’d known more about the creature ahead of time. Everyone decides that it probably killed a lot of small, cute woodland creatures when it threw the tree at Vex.
  • Percy’s most angry about Scanlan leaving the group and abandoning his responsibilities. Everyone else has to deal with the horrible shit going on, but he’s the one who gets to fall apart.
  • Ashley was disappointed not to be in the Hells—she was wondering if she might’ve had a permanent shift in her personality as a result of staying there. Ashley really struggled with playing Pike as a good character early in the home game.
  • Vex was at 10 HP at the end of the Hunt. Taliesin didn’t think there was a real chance of death there, because Matt’s great at building tests that are terribly difficult but not fatal, but was more worried that she was gonna fail. Laura: “God, I would’ve felt like a loser!”
  • Ashley and Laura have both kept themselves from watching the scene that was just Taliesin and Sam and Matt in the room.
  • The idea of leaving with Scanlan crossed Ashley’s mind when she watched the episode, but it’s tough to tell what would’ve happened if she’d been there, because so much of the show is in-the-moment.
  • Vex thinks of Whitestone as home, more than Greyskull.
  • Pike feels some guilt over Scanlan’s departure because of the pranking. “I never thought he would be mad at something like that, of all people.” Percy didn’t feel bad about it, because that’s not where Scanlan’s anger really came from. Pike still feels bad, knowing that.
  • Poor Brian has food poisoning and had to run off-set midway through the show. Ashley jumps in to take over. “Okay, Laura and Ashley. Uh. Me.”
  • Taliesin says Percy and Cassandra don’t really talk about personal things—she probably doesn’t know about Vex, although she suspects. They love each other and all, but they’re not a very warm family. “It’s cold and we live in a castle, for god’s sake.” Laura sums it up: “Cassandra is no Vax.” Percy and Cassandra weren’t super close as kids. “She was a brat.”
  • Brian judges Ashley for not coming up with a funnier excuse for his running off-screen.
  • Vex and Vax have been growing into their own people over the past few months, but Laura doesn’t know how Vex will deal with being in Whitestone without having Vax around, without the comfort of knowing the person she loves most is nearby.
  • Percy has come up with contingency plans for if the other party members go rogue. Brian: “Tell me about it.” Taliesin: “No. They’re in the room.”
  • Vex has an affinity for nature, and while she’s growing accustomed to Whitestone, she’s more comfortable not being around people, because it lets her keep from putting on an act.
  • Before Pike died, her hair was black (with a purple streak), and after she died, her hair turned white.
  • Ashley gets asked about Pike’s parents and grandparents, and there is a story there, but she refuses to answer in case it comes up in the game.
  • Someone asks about Percy breaking his "honesty streak.” Taliesin: “It’s not an honesty streak, it’s just a period of not being caught lying.” Laura: “People think [Percy]’s much better than he is.” 
  • Blurbs on the back of Tary’s book. Percy: “A fascinating addition to the Audubon chronicles of Emon.” Vex: “Don’t believe the lies.” Pike: “I enjoyed the artwork in particular. Great read, but the artwork is fantastic. By the late and great artist, Doty(e), someone whom we used to know.”

Talks Machine in the Dark:

  • If Pike had a companion along the lines of Trinket, it would be a baby snow owl.
  • Taliesin wants fanart of Strawberry Shortcake-esque little animal pets for all of them.
  • Taliesin hasn’t thought about what Grog’s title would entail. “Now that you’ve said it, I’m having thoughts, and they’re all ridiculous and a little mean.”
  • Favorite spells outside their class: all agree that Chromatic Spray is cool. Taliesin misses using Prestidigitation. Brian: “I don’t have that spell because I can’t pronounce it.”
  • Percy smells like sandalwood and gunpowder.
  • After a long debate over which character would win in a Survivor AU, they eventually decide everyone would survive and they’d all do just fine together.
  • Ashley and Laura have matching compass tattoos, along with two more of their friends—they each have a direction.
  • High-school superlatives. Pike: “Best legs.” Percy would have a series along the lines of “President of chess club, president of yearbook club. Most likely to help make the yearbook.” 

“Of course I’ve had a run of great opportunities and characters to play, but I was shooting this scene [in Tulip Fever] with Holliday Grainger that just felt like something new. It just came so easily, and we were having so much fun. And only when we were chatting afterwards did I suddenly realise why: I’d just made five films in a row, and this was the first one where I had a scene with another woman.” 

oh my god alicia……………………. please?? holy shit 


Andy’s amazing. He’s so smart and funny and creative. You know when you meet somebody and they’re just good people? That’s Andy Samberg. He’s super goofy and makes us all laugh on set, but he’s also chill and laid back. I’m leaning a lot from him. He’s a great presence, and he’s doing a wonderful job. When I screen tested for the show, it was with Andy, and we did two or three scenes, then one again with ad-libbing, then one with improv. I left the room on cloud nine, it was so much fun. I felt really good about what I did, but I was also like, “Oh my god, I just did improv with Andy Samberg of Saturday Night Live! and I wasn’t a disaster!“

I just need to keep talking about Urie/Saiko because when she tells him “I am looking, I’ve been looking all this time" I just feel like she acknowledged his strength and ability as a leader? because Urie was saying "I’m strong, I’m strong, look at me”, that’s his biggest insecurity, to not be strong enough, to not be good enough, and he fought to gain his spot so much. I feel like Saiko’s words meant “yes, Saiko knows how hard you’ve worked, how strong you are” it’s like she’s validating his strength and his power. Haise always got all the attention from everyone (especially Saiko) and Urie felt like nobody was ever looking at him, but Saiko was. She knew. I love Saiko so much, such an amazing character oh my god


A short comic based on a scene I really liked from Chapter 10 of @arcanebarrage ‘s fantastic fanfic, Hang the Fool

Originally I didn’t have much to say along with this, the text is lifted directly from the story and I only realized a little later they were sitting on chairs for this scene- I apologize, but either way I am very thankful to arcanebarrage and her beautiful story, I have genuinely never felt so motivated to create fanwork (much less a six page comic) based on anything in… god, I can’t even remember. Thank you. I hope I did some justice to this scene.

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You probably getting tons of messages. But when you have time can you speak about Clarke giving Roan the Flame? I mean she stood there thinking about it; Eliza acted that scene out so well! Even while she was offering it you can see she really didn't want to. Then the tear & the face of realizing what she just gave up. The "I loved her mom" Got me in the feels; but her giving him the Flame was just another a "god Clarke. why do yo suffer so much" moment for me.

honestly, i was touched by both scenes simply because clarke and lexa’s relationship was actually in the foreground in both interactions, which is something i felt was needed, because if the writers want clarke to move on they need to give her the moments in which she can face her own emotions and share them with someone else - thank you abby. damn if the scene with roan didn’t hurt me more though. everything clarke and lexa have been through in s3 was re-called in that moment and you felt their history in every single corner.

there is a great personal alchemy at play during the entire scene, because clarke’s goals, hopes, memories and priorities are also greatly tied to what she wanted to achieve with lexa, but ultimately couldn’t. the way she shares her experiences/knowledge helps her with her otherwise sentimental state and overall pain, because it is (as eliza said) not destructive, but constructive.

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i rewatched the mr. freeze episodes, and victor was so deeply and passionately devoted to nora. like the intense concern he felt and expressed to her in that scene where she had an attack?? super touching. like yes, he’s a grumpy dick, but god he loved her so much and made sure she knew it.

get you a man like that, oswald <3

Andreil Fanfiction Recommendation Masterpost - aka fanfics I’ve enjoyed big time (an on-going list)

Most probably no one really cares, but I’ve thought it would be nice if I’ve made a post of the fics I’ve read so far (I’m not really a big fanfic reader myself to be honest and I’ve only started to read andreil fics recently so the list isn’t long), because I most probably loved them to bits or had parts I’ve thought were marvellous and I want others to read them as well.
Again, my recommendation might not mean much, but hey, I’m still doing it.
Obviously, I’m going to edit the list whenever I finish something and enjoyed it a lot. Also, I would be more than happy to receive recommendations. :)
(Also, if you read something, pleeeasssseeee, give them kudos AND comments, because they deserve it so much!)

List of Andreil fics you definitely must read:

Lessons in Cartography by crazy_like_a 
It starts after The King’s Men and deals with Andrew and Neil’s relationship and personal development thorough. I think it’s wonderful and honestly, sometimes I kind of forget I’m not reading the canon book but a fanfiction.
(It also has lots of nsfw scenes and honestly, I love the way the author makes Neil and Andrew take slow steps in this area and experimenting what can and cannot be done. It’s wonderful.)

The Cartographer and the World by crazy_like_a 
It’s the sequel for Lessons in Cartography and it is just the same amazing. (It’s still on-going.)

The Unkindness of Ravens by crazy_like_a 
“After Kevin publicly announces his intention to play for the Foxes, Riko sends Nathaniel Wesninski to convince him to return to the Nest. Unfortunately for Riko, Nathaniel has other plans.”
It is heavy and triggering but truly brilliant in my opinion.

Creatures We Find in the Forest by crazy_like_a
Everything is more or less the same, BUT, imagine Andrew being a vampire (and so is Riko while we are at it).
Let’s just say I LOVE this author’s works, okay.
Also, if I’ve said TUOR is triggering, now here, Evermore part truly is. I cried.

Monster by NightMuse
“A look inside Andrew’s head throughout The King’s Men.”
I loved to read this fic (it’s still on-going, hopefully it’s going return from war soon), I personally love reading fics from Andrew’s point of view, I doubt I’m alone with being curious what is going on in Andrew’s head. But this one is truly amazing, I think?

Better Than a Grave or a Hearse by iaquilam
Andrew POV and again, Raven Neil but his attitude problems remain the same, waking Andrew’s curiosity.
Apparently, what I’ve enjoyed the most about this fic is that certain scene when Neil disappears. I’ve always wanted to read that scene from Andrew’s POV because I just need to know what he thinks and how he feels (he does feel, idc what anyone says). What I think, the scene in this fic could be even canon, I feel it’s pretty close to how it happened or how he felt and I just love it.

light fires at night (to push back the void) by inthesea 
OH MY GOD and Andrew POV. Is that enough of a description?
This story is beautiful. And it’s not only fluff and softness, it does not cast aside the dark parts, trying to erase them. And it’s all good. Because they learn to live with it, together, as they get closer and closer.
And, I’ve cried so much at the ending you have no idea. (also do not be confused by ‘3 chapters’, it’s super long.)

PLL 7x13 Hold Your Piece - thoughts (confirmation Charlotte is alive in this episode?)

Overall, a general step up from last week’s episode which was one of the worst of the series. Still disappointing, and I still want to know when the love letter to the fans begins.

We started off interesting and then it went straight to filler. Ffs.


The Hanna doll was creepy! I loved that. And cutting into the doll was a clever interpretation of appendix. Even I didn’t think of that Hanna, nice!

Making Aria, out of all the liars, be the tech genius was definitely fan-service to the Aria is A theorists. And I love that the writers did that. They respect the fans. It’s the final season and they want to satisfy everyone; Aria won’t be A, but it’s about time they showed Aria be stronger than usual (both physically - pushing Sydney and also in terms of how smart she was by planting the GPS tracking chip in Sydney’s bag).

I like that Sydney got some clarification but my gosh - will we ever find out who was the fourth person to the picnic in 505?

I’m going to cop hate for this. But I LOVED not having Alison around. I’ve always been a firm believer that this show started going down once Alison came back alive, mainly in season 5. With just the simple absence of Alison, it felt like a good old season 3 or 4 episode. And I loved those vibes. I love seeing the group of 4 without Ali, sometimes.

Yvonne dying honestly shocked me! It happened out of nowhere! Good job writers, for shocking me. I definitely knew it was coming, I’m not shocked that she died, but more so the way and time she died. One second she’s confessing how happy she is, next second, literally, she’s gone. I really felt so terrible for Toby.

Fury and Spencer. Get absolutely lost. Couldn’t care less. I can’t believe how much time they wasted playing ping pong. I understand fillers. But THAT much is just stupid.

I liked that short, cute Spaleb scene. “I like how easy that was”

Caleb helping with the board game.. thank god. If they waited until episode 9 to enlist Caleb, I would’ve been so frustrated. At least we can get some sort of satisfaction that the girls are somewhat trying to beat the game.

“Hey Loser” … try harder AD. Sounds like a threat the kids on the playground use. And stop using the Spongebob Squarepants font, please!

The final scene had me so so so disappointed. I initially thought it was a betrayal scene - Fury is working for AD! They had him in black, with gloves, an A package, everything! But no. It was him as a police officer opening a package from AD. Bummer. I would’ve LOVED a betrayal there (Fury working for AD).

LUCAS MADE THE BOARD GAME. I still stand by this. It’s what PLL does - they make the characters fall in love with each other (not literally in love) only for a massive betrayal to happen. Right before Toby was revealed as A in 312, Spoby hooked up. Right before Ezra was revealed as “A”, Ezria spent the entire episode together. And now, right before Lucas is going to be revealed as working for AD, Hanna says all that lovey-dovey stuff about being a great friend. It’s a normal tactic used in TV: let the character confess their love so that the betrayal is even more shocking.

I can’t help but think that AD gave Spencer a soft/easy task because AD is Spencer’s sister (a Drake). I mean, the writers went out of their way to highlight that Spencer got it easier. Maybe this is important.

The finger is surely Rollins’. 5 years later??? It can’t be Jessica’s. I think this is the beginning of AD revealing what the girls did.

Can I get a hell yeah for no new characters!! It’s almost like the writers learnt their lesson from 712, yet obviously they didn’t because this episode was made months ago. But still. No new characters = at absolute least 4/10 on my scales. Hence last week got a 2/10, and didn’t even get a reactions post like this. My screen did not get a brick through it tonight because Addison wasn’t in it. Thank god. My screen is safe.

And finally. This episode, for me, almost confirmed that Charlotte is alive. I haven’t seen anyone else say this which is surprising me because it’s the very first place my mind went. Like, instantaneously my mind went there. Sydney said there’s an Anonymous Donor paying for Jenna’s surgery. Ummmmm… last episode, Jenna literally told us that Charlotte agreed to pay for another surgery for her eyes! I pray to god Charlotte is not AD but she could just be an anonymous donor without being AD, if that makes sense.

And wow, the promo for next week!! No way are we actually going to find out who killed Jessica in a random, non-finale episode. I don’t expect to get solid confirmation. We won’t hear the explicit sentence “X killed Jessica because Y”. We will find out more clues, but I am 98% sure we won’t get solid confirmation. It’ll be another Sara Harvey. Heavily implied it is someone, but not 100% confirmed. (But all the clues will point to Peter. He’ll be the one this reveal will base around.)

Overall.. 6.5/10. For the final episodes, I’m still somewhat disappointed, but it was a step up from last week. I can’t give it more than 7 because we missed our queen Mona. 


Rafe Adler skin comparison - “Hell i’d say he’s (Samuel) earned it. God knows you didn’t”

Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 3)

((A/N: Another chapter! Hurray! I *promise* if you can get through this, it’s about to get real and maybe we’ll see some heroics. If you’re the type that doesn’t like build up… I apologize. But I wanted to introduce the gods and get a sense of who the reader is. Not everything is as simple as it may seem…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 2.5k

Warnings: Language! [it’s a joke, you’ll see] 

Catch up! Part 1// Part 2// ))

Clint couldn’t help but smirk at your eagerness, already realizing why the others had been so taken by you. Spirited would have been an insult as there was so much more going on. He understood the enamoring nature of who you were. He understood the impact you would have on a man like Ares so dedicated to his own cause. It made sense.

“Well, first things first, you need to talk to Poseidon. The man’s been so at odds with the other gods he’s neglected most of his duties. If you get him to stand down and assure him you’re working to resolve this, at least one of your main concerns will be dealt with.” There was a raised eyebrow by Clint, as if to turn on a lightbulb in your head. It was true that your family relied heavily on fishing as a source of income and general livelihood. It was also true that despite your father’s heavy dedication towards the worship of Poseidon, there had been almost nothing.

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can we talk about how peter was (imo) having a panic attack when he got out of the car and walked up to the dance like,,,, my poor baby ALSO THE SCENE WHERE HE GOT CRUSHED CRUSHED M E GOD DO I LOVE PETER PARKER

YEAH?? I was literally so upset watching that like almost in tears for this poor afraid child and I wanted to punch Liz for giving his identity away like that I know she didn’t do it intentionally but?? He literally looked like he was just gonna keel over and pass out right there and I was like “FUCK somebody save this boy please!!”

ME TOO FAM HOLY SHIT I was on the edge of tears at that scene too he was so helpless and broken and crying out for help I just. FELT FOR HIM SO MUCH and I was also like “Where the FUCK is Tony JFC he needs to come and save his son” I was half expecting him to show up when Peter was crying for somebody to save him but he didn’t and I?? Was disappointed it would have been such a great father son scene, like Tony dragging him out of the wreckage and jumping out of his suit and patting all over his face, “Are you okay ARE YOU OKAY are any of your bones broken can you see? Did you hit your head is your head okay you’re not concussed right? Talk to me kid do I have to give you an emergency escort flight to the hospital? Peter Peter Peter”
That just reminds me of the scene in Civil War when Tony’s like “Okay no you’re injured and I want you to stay out of this no more fighting” HE’S SUCH A CONCERNED DAD I S2G
Especially at the end when Peter came to Avengers HQ and he and Tony were walking and Tony had his arms around Peter’s shoulders and was giving him like a side hug and lots of pats and I was like?? Squealing really loud I love them can Tony adopt Peter and have them both go on superhero adventures together PLEASE
And the scene at the beginning of the movie when Peter was documenting everything and he and Tony were making a video for his aunt and they were grinning like doofuses at the camera and god god god god I LOVE THEM!!

Samurai Jack : XCIII Review

Originally posted by ansvarato

Hey guys Kris here, back for the newest Samurai Jack episode, BOY is it a doozy, so let’s not waste anytime a review this, SPOILER ALERT, THIS EPISODE WAS FANTASTIC.

First off Aku finally gets his first reintroduction in the series and man did I find it utterly hilarious. This is the kind of funny stuff that I missed in the original run and I’m glad that despite the more mature and darker story they decided to keep it’s humor. Aku himself is tired of having to deal with Jack for all these years so in the 50 year time skip he just destroyed all the time portals and waited and hope that Jack would just die of old age. It’s interesting to see Aku’s point of view of this long lasting conflict and how tiring it is for him, though for Aku it was more comedic compared to Jack. It would kinda explain why Aku doesn’t even know about Jack losing his sword, he’s just s tired of dealing with him though if he does find out Jack is going to be in some real deep shit.

Originally posted by ansvarato

      Huh, okay then

As for Aku’s new voice actor he does a good enough job as Aku, he’s known to take over a few another role that Mako did after his unfortunate death (Iroh from Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra). So I was pretty sure they would get him to do the voice for Aku as well. Everyone knows you can never replace Mako, the fans know, the writers know, even the creator knows, but Greg Baldwin does a good enough job and has my full support and I wish him the best.

As for the so called “Daughters” of Aku I’m like 90% sure that they’re not really his daughters, they just some creepy ass cult that worships Aku and maybe used some fucked up dark magic or other means to give birth to these Daughters. Nevertheless these are some badass scary bitches. The main focus of this episode is these girls just chasing down and beating the shit out of Jack. These girls are efficient killing machines, sure Jack was able to kill one of them but he definitely has some new scars. 

Another thing I like about them is how much they parallel Jack. All these girls have been raised to kill an enemy of they’re so called father Aku, while Jack was trained his whole life to kill Aku, an old enemy of his own father. I do hope they don’t hog too much of the spotlight from Aku himself, as funny as Aku can be he is still the embodiment of evil and can be shown to be quite menacing. It would be rather disappointing if the final season of this show has these Daughters out shine Aku but I have confidence in Gendy.

Originally posted by ansvarato

While we see a more comedic take on Aku’s end with how tiring Jack and Aku’s conflict for Jack it’s the exact opposite. We get to see even more just how messed up he is and yeah, he’s definitely in a VERY dark place right now. The fact the Jack has thought of committing suicide on most likely more then one occasion is some really dark stuff. It is also something that I kinda thought they would do once I heard that they’re would be huge time gap between the season 4 and 5 and that this is a darker show. It makes sense, Jack has been going though hell for so long, as indestructible he might be, Jack is still a man, the fact that he somehow lost his sword probably is another factor of his damaged psyche. Not only that but Jack is a Samurai and usually when samurai loses their honor they believe that the best thing to do is commit seppuku. It’s really sad seeing just how tired and broken Jack is, but it makes all the more reason for us as viewers to keep routing for him to pull though.

Originally posted by thegifshop

Lastly I just gotta gush about the animation, music, and sound design because my god everything gets straight A’s across the board. Everything was just on point, from the awesome choreography of the fight sequences, to the spectacular music, this episode despite being just 22 mins long, felt so cinematic.

Originally posted by jackjackattack-immortal-redshirt

Originally posted by thegifshop

 So that’s all I gotta say, like I can barely describe how much I love this episode, it had comedy, dark themes, badass fight scenes. My eyes were glued to the screen throughout every bit. If I really have to complain about something, it would be, and I’m really reaching here, the wolf that gets shown throughout the episode. I get that it supposed parallel Jack but I still feel like it wasn’t really needed all that much. Again this is a VERY MINOR issue I had with the episode. So minor that I considered not even bringing it up but, I gotta be honest with these reviews. Like I said this was barely and issue and overall I adore this episode, hell I’m about to watch it a few more times after I’m done with this review so that’s all I gotta say, see you guys next week, PEACE :)


P.S. When you need someone to complain about something with you..

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ok but the new gruvia panel was pretty darn CUTE! gray protecting juvia gives me life. the way he held her and his expression! oh my god his expression - gray was literally saying "im not going to let anything hurt her again, not when i can do anything about it!" AJSISN SO MUCH LOVEEEVEVEVE

Yes yes yes!!! That’s how I feel too, anon! I was even hoping for a scene like this ever since Acno came back from the time lapse, because I thought it would be a nice parallel to when Gray protected Juvia from Acno on tenrou. But also because Gray has felt like he failed to protect Juvia/hurt Juvia in 499 and needed to apologize.Juvia’s been doing a lot of being there for Gray, and protecting/saving Gray ever since Tartarus. So, it was just nice to see another moment of Gray taking care to make sure she’s safe again. And ugh, yes, the position of his arms, as he puts them around her head, and his angry face, and just the instinct to protect her above all else, and just…. ALL MY FEELS!

V for Vendetta: Valerie’s Letter

I don’t know who you are. Please believe. There is no way I can convince you that this is not one of their tricks. But I don’t care. I am me, and I don’t know who you are, but I love you.

I have a pencil. A little one they did not find. I am a woman. I hid it inside me. Perhaps I won’t be able to write again, so this is a long letter about my life. It is the only autobiography I have ever written and oh God I’m writing it on toilet paper.

I was born in Nottingham in 1957, and it rained a lot. I passed my eleven plus and went to girl’s Grammar. I wanted to be an actress.

I met my first girlfriend at school. Her name was Sara. She was fourteen and I was fifteen but we were both in Miss. Watson’s class. Her wrists. Her wrists were beautiful. I sat in biology class, staring at the pickled rabbit foetus in its jar, listening while Mr. Hird said it was an adolescent phase that people outgrew. Sara did. I didn’t.

In 1976 I stopped pretending and took a girl called Christine home to meet my parents. A week later I enrolled at drama college. My mother said I broke her heart.

But it was my integrity that was important. Is that so selfish? It sells for so little, but it’s all we have left in this place. It is the very last inch of us. But within that inch we are free.

London. I was happy in London. In 1981 I played Dandini in Cinderella. My first rep work. The world was strange and rustling and busy, with invisible crowds behind the hot lights and all that breathless glamour. It was exciting and it was lonely. At nights I’d go to the Crew-Ins or one of the other clubs. But I was stand-offish and didn’t mix easily. I saw a lot of the scene, but I never felt comfortable there. So many of them just wanted to be gay. It was their life, their ambition. And I wanted more than that.

Work improved. I got small film roles, then bigger ones. In 1986 I starred in “The Salt Flats.” It pulled in the awards but not the crowds. I met Ruth while working on that. We loved each other. We lived together and on Valentine’s Day she sent me roses and oh God, we had so much. Those were the best three years of my life.

In 1988 there was the war, and after that there were no more roses. Not for anybody.

In 1992 they started rounding up the gays. They took Ruth while she was out looking for food. Why are they so frightened of us? They burned her with cigarette ends and made her give them my name. She signed a statement saying I’d seduced her. I didn’t blame her. God, I loved her. I didn’t blame her.

But she did. She killed herself in her cell. She couldn’t live with betraying me, with giving up that last inch. Oh Ruth…

They came for me. They told me that all of my films would be burned. They shaved off my hair and held my head down a toilet bowl and told jokes about lesbians. They brought me here and gave me drugs. I can’t feel my tongue anymore. I can’t speak.

The other gay woman here, Rita, died two weeks ago. I imagine I’ll die quite soon. It’s strange that my life should end in such a terrible place, but for three years I had roses and I apologised to nobody.

I shall die here. Every last inch of me shall perish. Except one.

An inch. It’s small and it’s fragile and it’s the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.

I don’t know who you are. Or whether you’re a man or a woman. I may never see you or cry with you or get drunk with you. But I love you. I hope that you escape this place. I hope that the world turns and that things get better, and that one day people have roses again. I wish I could kiss you.



aienkien [合縁奇縁] | Travlyn

AU: gods au (belongs to @crybabytime)

summary: have you heard the story of the sun and the moon? Travlyn.

a/n: you mention you were feeling low, so here’s a little present to you because you deserve something sweet and good; I hope this makes you smile, hun! If not, maybe a good chuckle? This is just inspired by the cute idea of the worshippers being, essentially, shippers of the gods au universe,,,

warning(s): prepare for the romance clichés, fluff, mention of other pairings



(n.) A couple strangely but happily united; uncanny relationship formed by a quirk of fate; the mysteries of attraction and relationships or bonds between two people.

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angelycdevil  asked:


YES!!!!!!! Well, for friends I’d also say Nat’s a friend. And I think even in the movies she’s kind of shown she’s aware of Steve’s depression/ptsd/anxiety HOWEVER she’s no better either. 

I mean, we all makes jokes about Steve and the parachute thing and yeah he’s a superhero and he’s fine but like, there are signs when you’re suicidal. And a lot of that is recklessness. You just don’t care anymore and if something goes wrong you’re like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The only selfish thing Steve does is when he knows Bucky’s alive that he actively goes “you know what, no, I’m actually do something for once.” If AoU did anything right with Steve, it was showing his “I’ve given up  myself” side. “Guy who went into the ice…” He’d given up. Everything he wanted “died” with him when he crashed his plane. And Avengers? God, I wish they hadn’t cut his scenes about how “out of place” he felt. Those little snippets showed so much in such a small amount of time. Though, I think they did great with the punching bag scene. So there’s that. 

I don’t ask that fics have Steve be depressed and sad and it just focus on his recovery. I don’t say that people can’t just focus on other aspects. That’s totally fine! But it does kiiiind of rub me wrong when Steve is just fine and Bucky’s a mess. I think it’s great if they both help each other. Because as we’ve all kind of stated, there’s an almost unhealthy degree of co-dependency they have on each other. And I think having a duo recovery fic would be a really nice thing to read, if we’re going to play with the recovery aspects. Like, if you don’t want to touch the recovery at all? No worries :D that’s fine! Focus on something else. But when I’m having to sift through recovering!Bucky after recovering!Bucky and each and every fic has Steve this solid sturdy dude, I’m like 


This scene is incredibly important to me. Look at the softness in Harry’s eyes as he watches Eggsy, how there’s some kind of respect in the fact that My Fair Lady is the one he watched and felt related to. I honest to God think this is the moment that he fell in love with him.

And then there’s Eggsy, you can see how confused he is. Why is he watching me like this, what does he see? I don’t think anyone’s looked at him like that and it pains me so much.