god i felt this scene so much


God I keep thinking about what it felt like watching this scene for the first time with my little brother.

I remember how he kept looking at me so hopefully, because at that time I had only recently just come out as a lesbian. He knew how much this meant to me, and how much this meant for other people like me, he didn’t even tease me that I kept tearing up for the rest of the episode.

Happy Second Anniversary Jailbreak!

Yes, Sir // A Mitch Rapp Smut

Collab With The One And Only @stilinski-jpeg

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Violence (like seriously some crazy shit goes down), Oral (69), Fingering, Multiple Orgasms, Overstimulation, Unprotected Sex, Rough Sex, Choking, and Swearing.

Word Count: 9,859 

Song: Young God by Halsey

A/N: Hey guys! Welcome to day 2 of #MitchWeek! Yes, this smut is completely inspired by that bathtub scene from the trailer. I came up with this idea and immediately told Nia about it to which she said and I quote “if you don’t write this, I will.” And so we decided to turn it into a collab! I hope you guys love how intense this is as much as we do. We really felt no need to hold back.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” Mitch snarled at Stan Hurley as the pair walked down the long hallway.

“If anyone needs a babysitter, it’s you.” Stan chuckled at his least favourite trainee’s expense.

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“I know how to play a few on a guitar,” Keith offered. “I don’t own one, though.”

Shiro could see it. Keith, sitting in a corner or a bench somewhere, the roughened pads of his fingers on the taut strings. Maybe he didn’t sing, but did he hum?

“…Something on my hands?”

“Hm? I was just thinking you can see the callouses–” he reached for Keith’s hand, cupping it in his palm so he could see them better. “Your fingers are hard, right at the places where they’d meet the strings.”

The motion had been so easy that it took the soft hush for him to realize what he’d done. Keith’s hand was warm in his own, fitting so easily like it was only natural to be there.

I recently read this lovely pre-Kerberos fic by @pepperpaprika and felt compelled to draw this scene ♥

Lets talk Dany’s sexual encounters.

Khal Drogo. The discomfort Dany felt. She had to get assistance from her lady-friend just to ease into comfort. I have no idea why this was a “dream” couple for some people when he was into so much sadistic behavior. He raped her twice. I mean, the seducing sex scene screams “I have to fuck my husband so that he doesn’t defile me like he’s done twice.”

Daario. My God, the cringe.

She had no urgency to take off her own clothes based off what they showed us on-screen? They fucked but it wasn’t a “I’m stripping off your clothes because I want to fuck you so bad” type of thing. Dany sits there and drinks wine while a guy she’s supposedly supposed to be “interested” in is naked for her. And even when his clothes are removed, she seems disinterested. Almost as if she’s fucking him out of boredom. Look!

“Eh. I guess i’ll get some dick since it’s here.”

The guy even asks her to marry him while they’re having sex and she says no! If the sex was out of this world, it should’ve made you consider it in the act at least. He couldn’t even use his dick to persuade her. I’m crying.

And then there’s Jon.

Jon has pretty much swept her off of her feet since the day he told her that he shall do as he pleases. A guy who she does not have any control over. (It was the same with Drogo, which is one of the factors that made me think drew Dany closer to him.) I mean look at this look she gives him when he says, “I don’t need your permission. I am a king.”

⠀⠀⠀⠀ Admiration.

Jon leaves her speechless the second he knocks on her door.

The first time she didn’t have sex out of force.

Or out of boredom.

Or because she felt as if she owed it to a man who cut two heads off for her.

The first time she’s has sex where she didn’t talk. Daario was fucking her and she talked about war during the entire encounter. For Drogo, she had to tell him that she wanted to see his eyes in order for the sex to not be rough.

But with Jon…

Sometimes, silence speaks volumes.

Talks Machina Highlights: Episode 94
  • Everybody will be in next week’s ep for the continuation of Liam’s one-shot!
  • If Pike had been in the Nine Hells, Percy probably would’ve signed the contract secretly as opposed to up-front. She’s the only one who can actually evoke shame in them at this point.
  • Taliesin was planning the entire time to scry on Scanlan and has been trying to make an excuse to steal the Scrying Eye for weeks.
  • Pike’s moment with the earring, talking to Scanlan, was 100% improv.
  • Laura suspects Sam wouldn’t have been able to pull off Scanlan’s departure if Pike had been there. As it was, after the show went on break, Sam felt so bad that he ran over and gave a hug to everyone. If he’d made Pike cry, according to Laura: “he’d be UNFORGIVABLE.”
  • Taliesin semi-bullshitted the Grey Hunt stuff and Matt rolled with it. Taliesin gave him a ride to the airport the next day and they talked about how much they enjoyed how it worked out.
  • Laura points out that she’s the type of gamer who reloaded the game 20 times in ME3 to try to find a way to get a resolution that would be good for everyone when one didn’t exist, and she had that same sense of frustration when she got home after the game. She was really upset over the resolution of the Grey Hunt, but is feeling a bit better knowing it at least wasn’t failure.
  • Ashley and Travis both briefly thought the Grey Hunt was gonna be a weird proposal. Taliesin: “I feel like in our friends group the proposals have been getting more and more ridiculous. That would be the meta-continuation.”
  • Taliesin points out that Percy has a problem with abandonment and the whole thing with Scanlan is hitting his “really serious anger management issues.” Percy was hoping to get Vex’s vague permission/help over the Scanlan thing, and when it wasn’t forthcoming, he changed his plans to be less extreme. Percy’s also dealing with guilt over not feeling useful in the underwater fight, and is displacing that as anger over Scanlan not being there to mitigate that issue.
  • Pike’s got a lot of lingering resentment over Scanlan leaving.
  • Vex would’ve approached the Hunt differently if she’d known more about the creature ahead of time. Everyone decides that it probably killed a lot of small, cute woodland creatures when it threw the tree at Vex.
  • Percy’s most angry about Scanlan leaving the group and abandoning his responsibilities. Everyone else has to deal with the horrible shit going on, but he’s the one who gets to fall apart.
  • Ashley was disappointed not to be in the Hells—she was wondering if she might’ve had a permanent shift in her personality as a result of staying there. Ashley really struggled with playing Pike as a good character early in the home game.
  • Vex was at 10 HP at the end of the Hunt. Taliesin didn’t think there was a real chance of death there, because Matt’s great at building tests that are terribly difficult but not fatal, but was more worried that she was gonna fail. Laura: “God, I would’ve felt like a loser!”
  • Ashley and Laura have both kept themselves from watching the scene that was just Taliesin and Sam and Matt in the room.
  • The idea of leaving with Scanlan crossed Ashley’s mind when she watched the episode, but it’s tough to tell what would’ve happened if she’d been there, because so much of the show is in-the-moment.
  • Vex thinks of Whitestone as home, more than Greyskull.
  • Pike feels some guilt over Scanlan’s departure because of the pranking. “I never thought he would be mad at something like that, of all people.” Percy didn’t feel bad about it, because that’s not where Scanlan’s anger really came from. Pike still feels bad, knowing that.
  • Poor Brian has food poisoning and had to run off-set midway through the show. Ashley jumps in to take over. “Okay, Laura and Ashley. Uh. Me.”
  • Taliesin says Percy and Cassandra don’t really talk about personal things—she probably doesn’t know about Vex, although she suspects. They love each other and all, but they’re not a very warm family. “It’s cold and we live in a castle, for god’s sake.” Laura sums it up: “Cassandra is no Vax.” Percy and Cassandra weren’t super close as kids. “She was a brat.”
  • Brian judges Ashley for not coming up with a funnier excuse for his running off-screen.
  • Vex and Vax have been growing into their own people over the past few months, but Laura doesn’t know how Vex will deal with being in Whitestone without having Vax around, without the comfort of knowing the person she loves most is nearby.
  • Percy has come up with contingency plans for if the other party members go rogue. Brian: “Tell me about it.” Taliesin: “No. They’re in the room.”
  • Vex has an affinity for nature, and while she’s growing accustomed to Whitestone, she’s more comfortable not being around people, because it lets her keep from putting on an act.
  • Before Pike died, her hair was black (with a purple streak), and after she died, her hair turned white.
  • Ashley gets asked about Pike’s parents and grandparents, and there is a story there, but she refuses to answer in case it comes up in the game.
  • Someone asks about Percy breaking his "honesty streak.” Taliesin: “It’s not an honesty streak, it’s just a period of not being caught lying.” Laura: “People think [Percy]’s much better than he is.” 
  • Blurbs on the back of Tary’s book. Percy: “A fascinating addition to the Audubon chronicles of Emon.” Vex: “Don’t believe the lies.” Pike: “I enjoyed the artwork in particular. Great read, but the artwork is fantastic. By the late and great artist, Doty(e), someone whom we used to know.”

Talks Machine in the Dark:

  • If Pike had a companion along the lines of Trinket, it would be a baby snow owl.
  • Taliesin wants fanart of Strawberry Shortcake-esque little animal pets for all of them.
  • Taliesin hasn’t thought about what Grog’s title would entail. “Now that you’ve said it, I’m having thoughts, and they’re all ridiculous and a little mean.”
  • Favorite spells outside their class: all agree that Chromatic Spray is cool. Taliesin misses using Prestidigitation. Brian: “I don’t have that spell because I can’t pronounce it.”
  • Percy smells like sandalwood and gunpowder.
  • After a long debate over which character would win in a Survivor AU, they eventually decide everyone would survive and they’d all do just fine together.
  • Ashley and Laura have matching compass tattoos, along with two more of their friends—they each have a direction.
  • High-school superlatives. Pike: “Best legs.” Percy would have a series along the lines of “President of chess club, president of yearbook club. Most likely to help make the yearbook.” 

“Of course I’ve had a run of great opportunities and characters to play, but I was shooting this scene [in Tulip Fever] with Holliday Grainger that just felt like something new. It just came so easily, and we were having so much fun. And only when we were chatting afterwards did I suddenly realise why: I’d just made five films in a row, and this was the first one where I had a scene with another woman.” 

oh my god alicia……………………. please?? holy shit 


9x09 “Holy Terror”
Disappearing Acts

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

God, I remember how I felt when I saw this scene playing out for the very first time and DAMN was I excited and on edge. There was so much to like about this “plot twist” that didn’t come as too big a surprise, but was still pretty epic imo. At the time the episode was airing or rather a couple days before I had speculated about Gadreel as a “sleeper celll” as it to me fit perfectly to the title of the episode and I think in hindsight Gadreel/Ezekiel perfectly fits the criteria of a sleeper cell and how he gets “acitvated”. The revelation to Dean here, that “there is no more Sam” to me also aligns well with this “imagery/metaphor” as Gadreel has basically relegated Sam “to sleep” while he takes over. And of course the looming question remains how often before Gadreel had listened in on Kevin’s and Dean’s conversation, how often he had “played” Sam and how often Sam was truly Sam.


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[6] Lead – Say Yes, 7x12

Say Yes was such a gift of an episode, it was nigh on impossible to arrange its scenes into an order of favorites; they all offer a unique angle of this multi-faceted relationship. This one sees a reversion of the typical Richonne dynamic. So rarely does the pace of the show allow for Rick to play a supporting role. We usually see him pushing the A-plot forward, with various supporting characters in play for those scenes, or we see anyone but Rick because Andy needs an hour off to clean the glitter out of his car and maybe sleep. In Say Yes, though, the dramatic climax is framed around Michonne, with Rick as her support.

Rick clearly believes there’s every chance they (or certainly he) won’t make it out of the AOW alive; therein lies the explanation for why he has hesitated for so long. 7B has shown Rick doing everything he can to spoil Michonne, create this special time for them and prolong it – precisely because it won’t last. Michonne, however, has been living it up in a fun place called Denial, sleeping peacefully because “we’re the ones who live.” Except here she’s been forced to confront their vulnerability.

It’s so important that this be a totally equal partnership. This scene offers a nice balance to the many pep talks that Michonne has issued Rick with over the years. She is allowed a rare moment to be open and vulnerable while Rick rallies her. The line, “You led me here” pays tribute to a long-established dynamic – honoring Michonne’s contribution to Team Family, to Rick and to their survival up to this point. The delivery is stunning, too, with a breezy air of assurance to it – because of course. Of course she did. If you ever need a reminder of how important these people are to each other, how deeply they feel for one another, and everything that they put on the line when the fights start, this is your scene.

  • Andy: It’s that moment where she is incredibly vulnerable, she’s shocked by what just happened and how much she feels for Rick and how undone she is by what just happened, by essentially seeing him die. So Rick in exchange — it is an exchange — he tells her about the fact that he feels haunted by the death of Glenn. It’s a sort of exchange of vulnerability, which enables them to become stronger. They become more whole. I think that’s basically their relationship: they become more human, more whole, with each other. She knows that if he does die — and he will die at some point — the community has to go forward. And she is an absolutely qualified leader in her own right. Rick is no fool. He’s in the firing line. He’s going to war with the Big Bad Wolf and there’s going to be collateral damage. […] It’s an interesting question: are you vulnerable because of love, because you love somebody, or does it make you fight stronger? That’s the central question that we’ve been riffing on for the last seven years. I think, ultimately, my position would be unless you love, you’re not human. You’re not a complete human being. That’s why [Say Yes] was so much fun – seeing these two warriors, Michonne and Rick, in love, bringing out qualities in each other that you’ve never seen before, that certainly they haven’t accessed for a long, long time. Otherwise, what the fuck are we fighting for?
  • Greg Nicotero: When we shot that episode, I felt that was the best scene we had shot all season. There was so much power behind it, so much emotion behind the words, just raw and beautiful. And the performances in that scene — I sat at the monitor and was like “Oh my God!” What they’re saying and how they’re saying it and the connection, all of that lands because we’ve seen them raiding the buildings and pillaging and scavenging and going at it in the van and you know, the Sixteen Candles birthday dinner scene that I specifically choreographed like Sixteen Candles. I just wanted the audience to really feel that part of their relationship so that when she realizes that she could lose him, it’s just devastating to her.
I dont even know your name

Pairing: Tom holland x reader

Summary: Inspired by the song I don’t even know your name by Shawn Mendes (x). In which Tom meets a cute fan and falls for her, but she is gone before he even realises it.

word count: 1609


Tom was tired. All he wanted was to go to starbucks, get some tea and then get back to his place and rest a little before work, however things were not going as planned. He had arrived next to Harrison, however after a couple minutes there, he realised people were staring.

The Spiderman movie wasn’t out until next week, however many people seemed to recognize him as they approached him for photos. It was always nice meeting fans, but it had gotten crazy.

According to Harrison someone had posted a photo with him on twitter and suddenly a huge crowd was outside the cafe, hoping to get a photo with Tom.

He decided it was probably better to just get over with the drama and get outside, after all, he was nothing without his fans. He stepped out of Starbucks, greeting everyone as they approached him, screaming for his attention. He got a couple photos done before he tried to head towards his car, bumping accidentally into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t looking”

“Don’t worry abo- Oh my god! You’re Spiderman! I mean- Peter- wait no- Tom holland!”

The girl in front of him had turned completely red and stumbled upon her own words, trying to make a complete sentence without making a fool of herself, obviously failing. She was a couple inches shorter/taller than him and had this big expressive eyes, that were a thousand times bigger than usual as Y/n could not believe who was in front of her.

She had just gone for a coffee and to walk out her dog, but as she got closer she wondered why there was a big fuss. Now she knew why.

“The one and only”

“And you’re Harrison!”

“Ohh! You recognized him!”

“Who wouldn’t? He follows you everywhere”

Both guys laughed as Harrison noticed her little dog

“Your dog is really cute! Tom loves dogs”

“Do you?”

“I mean- yes, my dog Tessa is like my best friend”


Harrison now was acting offended by the comment, he was supposed to be the best friend. As he got his offended act going on he realised Tom was acting very strange, maybe a little nervous. Meanwhile Y/n girl had gotten a lot more relaxed, and was starting to act as her normal self.

Tom felt really comfortable with this girl, however she was so beautiful he felt his heart speed up and his cheeks warm up every time she looked at him. Harrison decided to step in a little and help Tom out, seeing as he was into the girl.

“Sooo, who’s your favorite superhero?”

“Obviously Captain America”

“I knew it- Wait what? Why him?”

Both boys had expected her to say Spidernam, however Tom was the most surprised to hear her answer. He had hoped she would be into him.

“Why not me?”

“Your movie isn’t even out yet! How am I supposed to know if I like it? Besides, Chris Evans? Yes please”

Both Harrison and the girl laughed at the expression on Tom’s face.

“She’s got a point mate- You’ve got nothing on Chris Evans”

The three of them laughed now. The girl was very nervous to ask for a photo, maybe he was in a rush? but she still didn’t wanted to lose her chance. She decided to just ask for it.

“I know you’re probably in a hurry, but could we take a picture?”

“Sure, give Harrison your phone, he’ll take it”

She handed Harrison her phone as she posed beside Tom. She had just expected a friendly photo, maybe a little shoulder touching, however Tom had hold onto her waist and brought her closer to him, giving her a side hug and another from behind for different photos.

“There you go, so, who’s your favorite superhero now?

“Still Captain America” The girl continued talking, seeing as Tom was about to protest again. “But, you come in a close second, maybe after the movie my ratings will change”

“I like the sound of that”

Harrison was getting a little impatient by Tom’s attitude. Why didn’t he just asked for his number? They were both into each other, God, he was a celebrity! He could have any girl he wanted! He decided to help, once again, to try to maybe get heer social media.

“How about I take a photo with Tom’s phone? He could post it and maybe tag you in-”

Harrison was interrupted as a group of giggly girls approached them, surrounding Tom and asking for photos, leaving Y/n outside the circle they made around the boys.

“It was nice meeting you!”

Y/n tried to get her voice above all the noise, however it was pointless. She didn’t want to feel down, however she couldn’t help it. What was she expecting? for them to become friends? He was just being polite. She decided to just head back home and maybe stare at her photos for a while.

Tom and Harrison were surrounded by a group of people trying to get their attention, however Tom wanted to find the girl desperately.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know! I can’t see her!”

The crowd demanded their attention once more, getting them out of their thoughts. They spend the next 40 minutes taking pictures and talking to fans, until they finally made it to Tom´s car and drove away.

“Man I can’t believe I lost her- Did she just left?”

“I didn’t saw”

“How am I supposed to find her now? Did you see her? She was the perfect girl for me Harrison!”

The other boy rolled his eyes as he listened to his friend comments. Sure, she was really pretty, but why was Tom so into her? He’d never seen him act that way for anyone.

“I’m serious Harrison! She was the perfect girl! Not only is she insanely beautiful, but she is like, sarcastic, and funny and God!She likes dogs! We would be perfect together!”

“If you liked her so much why don’t you just tweet out her name? and like today’s scene? maybe she would see it and message you”

It suddenly hit Tom. He didn’t knew who she was. He had been so blown away by her that he didn’t even thought of asking for her number, let alone her name. He just felt like they new each other from long ago, asking for her name didn’t even cross his mind.

“I don’t even know her name”

“You’re like, the most stupid person I know!”

“Now I won’t ever find her”

The day kept going on as normal as always. He had some shooting left for a new movie. They were supposed to shot a couple blocks from Starbucks, so they headed there.

Tom did some of his scenes, however he kept redoing them. He knew he wasn’t bringing his A game today, but he kept getting distracted. He felt very confused; he knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t stop thinking about that girl.

She had just felt so refreshing. She didn’t try to impress him, or flatter him, she had just been herself. She looked a little nervous and flushed, however it just made her more beautiful to his eyes. She had worn a cute dress and her hair down, still he kept going back to the way her smile made his heart jump, especially as he had hold her in his arms. A perfect fit.

He tried to push away those thoughts as he prepared or another scene. He got outside his trailer and into the street they were shooting when he saw her.

She was giving him her back, and was heading in an opposite direction, however she was wearing the same sundress as earlier. He couldn’t keep his eyes apart from her, not even when the director called for his attention.

He had lost his chance once, he would not do it again. He got on his feet and started running towards her, trying his hardest to get to her. He speed up, losing his breath, but he was just so close.


Tom screamed trying to get the girl’s attention, succeeding. She looked at him, taken back by the sound, however it was not who Tom expected.

She was not who he was looking for, it wasn’t the girl he had  been daydreaming since the morning.

“Sorry-I just- I thought you were someone else.”

Tom got back to filming and went straight to his home afterwards. He needed to be alone.

He had been so hopeful that it was her, however he was defeated. He didn’t want to think about her any longer, but every girl he looked at he could just see her bright smile and big eyes. He wanted, he needed to hold her once again, and maybe tell her how good it had felt.

But he couldn’t. He didn’t knew who she was, or where to find her, and even if he did, she’d probably think he was a creeper! He was starting to sound like one. But he didn’t care. Not as long as he didn’t had her.

She had just come and punched a hole right through his heart. If he didn’t believe in love at first sight before, he did now.

Probably what hurts the most was, that she wouldn’t even know how he felt, how much she had affected him. She would never know, and all because he didn’t knew her name.

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Glitched: Part 4 - Glitch in the System

Author’s note: I made some posts before about how the 4th part would be centered on when Schneeple was trying to save Jack in “Kill Jacksepticeye”. However, when I was figuring out the timeline of how I wanted the whole overall fanfic to pan out, I realized it’d be better to do the 4th part on the origins of Anti and what happened in October leading up to Halloween. I do plan to write the Schneeple part, don’t worry. That’ll be Part 6, and believe me, when I write that, everything onward will be a feels trip. Also, a daily reminder: this fanfiction is full of angst and horror. It’s dark and there’s nothing happy about it. There are feels and blood at every corner. This chapter in particular deals with psychological horror, as well as a detailed blood/gore scene that can be disturbing to some readers. You have been warned.

Also, listen to this playlist while reading it

It had been nine months.

He had been here, caged in this cold dank prison for nine whole months.

Now he knew the answer to his gut-wrenching question: How long had it been?

And yet, he couldn’t fully wrap his mind around it. He couldn’t fathom the thought.

Nine months – That was an awful long time, more than half a year. He’d been gone for that long with the glitchy demon in his place and no one had noticed?

No, there was no way that could possibly be true. Surely someone would have noticed something was wrong, something was off. Mark, Bob, Wade – they would notice something off about his speech. Robin and Felix would easily be able to recognize any changes in his speech and personality, as well as his mannerisms. And Signe…of everyone, she would most definitely sense something wrong; there was no doubt about it. There was no way he had been gone for nine months, he refused to believe it.

And yet, an uncomfortable leech of dread remained festering in the pit of his aching stomach.

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'Psych' stars talk the movie's ending — and a possible return

Spoiler alert! Psych: The Movie ended on a promising cliffhanger. Before Shawn (James Roday) could head out for his honeymoon with Juliet (Maggie Lawson) — with Gus (Dulé Hill) and his new love, Selene (Hill’s real-life fiancée, Jazmyn Simon) in tow, naturally — the boys got a visit from Ewan O’Hara (John Cena), Juliet’s brother, who’s now on the run. Does that mean we’re getting a second Psych movie?

“It was always our intention to set up the next movie at the end of the first movie,” Roday tells Yahoo Entertainment. “Whether there is a next movie or not, it’s important to us to always give the fans a glimpse of what Shawn and Gus’ next adventure is, so that, even if we don’t get to make any more movies, you know that they are out there caught up in another madcap adventure. Whether it is the Cena story that we take forward, if we get to do it again, or we shift gears and do something else, you at the very least know that now Shawn and Gus got caught up in a crazy adventure with Ewan O’Hara that probably took them to Oslo.”

“And, what better way to end the Psych movie than with John Cena,” Hill adds. “Like a cherry on top for the Psych movie, we have Ewan O’Hara come in at the end.”

Below, Roday and Hill answer a few more of our questions about Psych: The Movie. (Read what they had to say about that epic “suck it” sequence and Zachary Levi’s David Bowie tribute here.)

Yahoo Entertainment: Was that sequence with Shawn and Gus applauding the “black gentleman ninja” who wanted to kill them — while also having a heart-to-heart about the women in their lives before admitting it was time to do what they do best, scream and run — the quintessential Psych moment?

James Roday: The running and screaming thing is something that has become synonymous with Shawn and Gus’s version of heroism. But, you know, we were so tickled because we could visualize that sequence from pretty early on in the prep stages of this, the two of them having this serious conversation while this acrobatic ninja showed off in the background. And then he literally had to get their attention back and say, “Excuse me, I’m going to kill you.”

Dulé Hill: A funny thing is, I was still recovering from my torn achilles during that time. So, you know, I did not get a chance to run as fast as I normally would.

Roday: It was a delicate run.

Hill: Delicate hightail.

There is that moment in the movie when Gus, like, power walks. Was that walk scripted, or something you came up with in the moment, Dulé?

Hill: That one came up in the moment. That was the type of thing where you’re trying to get out of there but you don’t want to make it too obvious that you’re trying to get out of there. You’re just walking fast. It was like, let’s try to be as cool as we can, try to act natural.

Jazmyn Simon as Selene, Hill as Gus (Photo: Alan Zenuk/USA Network)

How did you all decide on the perfect woman for Gus?

Roday: The idea was really simple. It was like, what happens if Gus meets Gus? How would he react to the same sort of blanket of shenanigans that he lays on others when he’s attempting to hook up? What if they all happened to him?

Hill: When they first pitched me the idea of Gus getting Gus-ed, I thought it was hilarious. Especially the fact that Gus doesn’t like it, but when he does it to other people, he thinks it’s the smoothest thing in the world. It’s like, now you realize why women walked away from you so much. … [Casting is] where I had a little bit more insight and input. Because why would I go and try to fabricate some attraction when there’s a wonderful actress that I live with every day. We crack each other up all the time, and I just knew that she would come in and really knock that role out. Over the years we always had issues finding the right match for Gus, someone who could come in and really meet Gus where he is, in terms of all his nuttiness and wackiness that he does, who would be able to be a nice counterpart to him. And I had no doubt that Jazmyn would be good at coming in and doing Gus to Gus.

Shawn and Juliet were finally wed, three years after they got engaged. James, how important was it to give that moment to fans?

Roday: You know, we did the will-they-or-won’t-they thing for a really, really long time. And I think that there are a lot of fans that were probably expecting a wedding at the end of the series. And [series creator Steve Franks] and I just weren’t ready — it just felt a little obvious and it felt a little derivative of things that have happened on finales of other shows. And it also didn’t feel true to that relationship to have them get married just because it was the last episode. So we did what felt right, which was have him propose and then who knows what happened. Because we have the opportunity to come back and do this again, and because this is, more than anything, a love letter and a thank you letter to our fans, it felt cruel to make them wait any longer.

Hill: They waited long enough.

We have to talk about the joke that the manifesto “The Crimes of Juliet O’Hara” sounds like a killer title for a Hallmark movie. “Gus, don’t be ridiculous. Jules would never do a Hallmark movie.” [Roday and Hill both laugh.] As someone who enjoys Hallmark movies, I know Maggie Lawson recently starred in one [2017’s My Favorite Wedding].

Roday: We’ve kind of made a point to make fun of all of ourselves over the course of that show. We’ve poked fun at other stuff that we’ve done in our careers. None of us have too much pride about that kind of stuff. Maggie laughed out loud when she read that. The other joke we have in there that, you know, six people will appreciate, is Kurt Fuller’s lifelong career nemesis is Stephen Tobolowsky. They’ve been up for the same parts for 30 years. So, when the Thin White Duke says, “Get in the boat, Tobolowsky,” and [Woody Strode]’s response is frozen — “You just called me Tobolowsky, that is a deep cut and now I am very rattled” — that’s art imitating life.

How did you decide to bring back Allison Crowley (Mena Suvari) as the puppetmaster for the Thin White Duke?

Roday: We had a decent chunk of the story in place, but the thread that we knew we needed in order to get the band back together was something from the past. What’s the cleanest, direct line to something that would have affected all of us? The only mini franchise that we did that involved a super villain in Psych was Yin-Yang, and Yin and Yang are both dead. So it was pretty simple, once we did the math, who it would have to be. And I reached out to Mena and was like, “Would you be up for this?” And she was like, “Are you kidding? That’s the most fun I’ve ever had.” And once we knew that she was on board, we all sighed collectively in relief and knew that we had all the pieces.

And you knew you needed a musical number, I’m sure, which we got with the return of Jimmi Simpson as Mary Lightly.

Roday: We knew we wanted to get Jimmi back. Just because the challenge of continuously appearing even though he’s no longer alive is something that we always want to embrace. For the most part, I feel like this movie is sort of a throwback to early Psych and the things that put us on the map, and the Shawn-Gus relationship. So, you know, we didn’t want to go too far outside of our sweet spot. But I did say it from the very beginning to Steve, “I just need one dream sequence. Just give me one scene where I can be weird, and that’s also how we’ll get Mary Lightly back.” And he was like, “Absolutely, you got it.” And then, you know, the song ties in to who the bad guy ultimately is, so we wanted something with Allison in the title, and we thought, Costello was a little too on the nose and probably way more expensive. So, enter Gin Blossoms [and “Allison Road”]. And, Jimmi had about three days to learn it on the ukulele.

Hill: And for me, I mean, the fact that early on in the series I got to dress up as Michael Jackson, it only seems right that as we are doing this special, I get to dress up as Prince. I mean, c’mon, you’ve got to have Michael and Prince.

Kirsten Nelson as Chief Karen Vick, Zachary Levi as The Thin White Duke (Photo: Alan Zenuk/USA Network)

You make us think we’re finally going to meet the Chief’s husband, but then we don’t. What’s the story there? Did you have any casting in mind?

Roday: There are a lot of Easter eggs in this movie, and as with any movie, once you get into it and numbers start getting crunched, you always end of having to turn down things and make sacrifices so that you can get the budget down to where it needs to live. And meeting Mr. Vick was a baby that we had to let go of. But hopefully we will be able to revisit it if we get to do another one.

Fans will have been very happy to see that call Juliet makes to Lassiter (Timothy Omundson, who suffered a stroke last spring). How important was it for you guys to have that moment in the movie?

Roday: It was the most important thing, honestly. It’s something that we shot later. It wasn’t part of the body of the original movie because we wanted to give Tim as much time as possible in his rehab and to be as comfortable as he possibly could. But, I think I can speak for everybody when I say, if we hadn’t been able to get that, the movie would not have felt complete.

Hill: Right.

Roday: It just wouldn’t have felt right. So thank God, thank whoever you pray to, that it was able to come together and we were able to include him. And that is probably my favorite scene in the movie.

Hill: You can’t have a Psych movie without Lassie.

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I know she’s PROBABLY FINE but like


Like it made NO SENSE for Cinder to provoke him like that and go after Weiss (and not even Ruby??) and like I’m SURE THERE’S A POINT FOR THIS BUT I’M SCARED AND SHE CAN’T DIE FOR HIM OK

God I’m gonna throw up now I’m going to BED

EDIT: I would like to clarify that my issue was with the FOCUS being not on the plot, but on the whole episode being dedicated to him, and Weiss taking a hit to develop him (I feel they should’ve used Ren/Nora which is a whole nother’ post). I don’t hate Jaune, and his feelings are SO justified, but I felt he could’ve had a SCENE and then the rest be spread out to the reactions of the rest of the cast. I just feel the execution coud’ve been so much better and I would LOVE to be proved wrong, that the focus will be evenly spread in this trauma next episode. Anyways, I’mma stop there but I got a lot of complaints so I wanted to clarify my words. 


A short comic based on a scene I really liked from Chapter 10 of @arcanebarrage ‘s fantastic fanfic, Hang the Fool

Originally I didn’t have much to say along with this, the text is lifted directly from the story and I only realized a little later they were sitting on chairs for this scene- I apologize, but either way I am very thankful to arcanebarrage and her beautiful story, I have genuinely never felt so motivated to create fanwork (much less a six page comic) based on anything in… god, I can’t even remember. Thank you. I hope I did some justice to this scene.

quin611  asked:

Omg yes I love Hiddlesworth & Thorki. I have a headcannon of Loki being Thor's Queen/Consort now that Thor is King. I hope Avengers Infinity War doesn't mess up their relationship. I loved them in Thor Ragnarok together and their bantering like an old married couple who still love each other but know they need to work on their relationship. Thor looking at Loki's & their talk. The smiles when they saw each other when Loki arrived on Asgard & Thor went all lighting power. They should have hug too

Oh my headcanon for Thorki is  TOTALLY Thor being king of Asgard and Loki his Consort, it always was, I cannot see them ending up any other way and I think it would work perfectly for both of them. Isn’t that what Loki looks like here, Thor’s Consort, by his side? 

Although I’m scared to death like everyone else I have high hopes for Infinity War. I have read a few headcanons in here that Marvel would be STUPID not to come up with themselves. 

Thor and Loki won’t go back to where they were before Ragnarok. And even if Loki does hand the Tesseract to Thanos it will only be to save his people, or Thor. He might die in the process (god forbid), or zapped to another dimension, but I do believe that will only add beautiful tragedy to their relationship, because I do believe whatever Thor and Loki do from now on will be out of love. Fear, yes, but not for themselves. For the ones they love.

Hahha yeah, they do bicker like an old married couple, remember them fighting about who’s the “better pilot” in The Dark World? 

Although I still amuse myself by finding it hard to “forgive” Loki for acting all superior, mocking him and doubting Thor’s grief for his death  in the Avengers (I’d say it was Thanos’ brainwashing but Loki didn’t miss the chance to call Thor a “witless oaf” in the Dark World, where I’m sure Thanos’ influence had worn off)

or for shrugging the grief off in desbelief in “Ragnarok” like something that makes him uncomfortable and at a loss of words. Like his death should never be taken seriously. Or like Thor was being “too sentimental for no reason” (aw c’mon, Loki, come OOOON! T___T )

Ah yes omg Loki’s majestic smile when he “felt the Thunder”… <3 Those moments, so little, so grand, so many. God is in the details, and Taika is god. 

And Thor’s smile when Loki arrived because he always believed in him. Even Tom Hiddleston himself said in interviews that it is Thor who helps him become a better person.

I know. I know! The hug. But, to tell you the truth, as much as I was aching, dying  for it… in the end I didn’t really… need it, y’know? Because that scene was PERFECT. Well-written, well-acted, generous and emotional and bromantic even without the hug. I don’t think we’ve ever seen such beautiful bromance played out in films or tv shows, maybe only in “Vikings”, “Sherlock” and Robert Downey Jr’s “Sherlock Holmes”. Honestly I didn’t feel like something was missing, there was perfect balance in that scene. Because Taika knew when to start and when to stop, like the conductor of an orchestra. He knew how to bring us there, gradually, cautiously, to that crescendo of emotions. The throwing-things-at-Loki-to-make-sure-he’s-there-because-he-usually-isn’t gag. Brilliant, how he wrapped it up, the twist to make his point that Loki was finally there, physically and emotionally. Yes, we all needed that hug. But Taika doesn’t take us for imbeciles. He let us complete the puzzle ourselves. 

And here’s my own hopeless headcanon: I still believe we might see some kind of hug going on in the far background of the making of documentary when the blu-ray comes out. 

A Thorki hug that happens to be a genuine heartfelt Hiddlesworth hug as well. Because they love each other fondly and we know it.

A girl can only hope.

Anonymous | pt. i

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Scenario: Tumblr AU
Pairing: Chanyeol/Reader
Word Count: 1671
Rating: T 

Summary: You just shot to tumblr fame when the latest chapter of your webtoon went viral. Messages start flooding in – hundreds of people saying things good and bad alike. One anon catches your eye, and you find you just have to reply to them… 

next part >>

You knew when your friends all started calling you. That morning, you woke to your phone bursting with notifications – your twitter, tumblr, texts, everything. You picked up your friend Jia’s next call, your groggy hello met with the sound of her excited screaming. “Y/N! You’re famous! You’re all over the internet today?”

Groaning, you rolled over and checked the time. 8:37, too early for anything. “What?”

“I said, you’re internet famous,” she said. “Strawberry Shortcake just hit it big.”

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everyone's worrying so much about future scenes and here i am just praying for alec to wear his head of the institute blazer again!

OH. MY. GOD. I KNOW? How does it work? When does he get to wear it? On mondays? Clave meetings? During roleplay with Mr. Bane? I need to know.

When is the next downworld meeting because I need to see him in this jacket AGAIN.

i need to get this out

i watched the greatest showman and i was spellbound immediately. i cried watching the movie and I was in awe of the choreography and the soundtrack i literally spent two hours just staring at my ceiling and listening to the entire thing over and over again on spotify.

then i watched it a second time. i cried again.

I dont know how to put these feelings into words. ive been listening to the songs non-stop since. of course there are things to criticise the movie about but despite everything it was such a magical experience i still have no words to properly describe it.

i felt like a child again, mesmerised by the voices and colours and energy and the characters.

my thoughts on the songs: [warning possible spoilers]

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“so i have taken some time to digest my feelings on the new movie but before i dive into spoilers i loved almost all of it. there were definitely some things that disappointing me but overall i thought it was pretty fucking fantastic. 

if you wanna discuss message me!!! 


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I just need to keep talking about Urie/Saiko because when she tells him “I am looking, I’ve been looking all this time" I just feel like she acknowledged his strength and ability as a leader? because Urie was saying "I’m strong, I’m strong, look at me”, that’s his biggest insecurity, to not be strong enough, to not be good enough, and he fought to gain his spot so much. I feel like Saiko’s words meant “yes, Saiko knows how hard you’ve worked, how strong you are” it’s like she’s validating his strength and his power. Haise always got all the attention from everyone (especially Saiko) and Urie felt like nobody was ever looking at him, but Saiko was. She knew. I love Saiko so much, such an amazing character oh my god

anonymous asked:

There were a lot of things in TLJ that made me cry, especially with all the Reylo scenes, but it was Paige's sacrifice that hit the hardest. For a moment, I was reminded of all those unsung heroes in history, especially those belonging to POCs. Our stories rarely get told so bravely and beautifully in a more mainstream cinema. A lot like Rogue One, but still it was executed so masterfully. I legit had tears. TLJ's amazing. - the anon who spoke about 'Kylo killing Snoke was necessary for himself'

God that scene was so much. That actress is phenomenal, for the short scene she had… it was so fucking emotional and impressionable. Beautifully done. I felt like I cared about Paige as much as Rose, and I barely met her.