god i dont want to cry again

my fave things abt the sense8 christmas special in no particular order (spoilers ahead!!):

  • wolfgang & sun fighting together and the capheus’ “woooOOOOOOOW”
  • “that’s what family’s for” says riley, who contributed none whatsoever to help the situation
  • the birthday montage bein the happiest thing i’ve ever seen??
  • “u look different” “new barber” “ah”
  • the entire wolfgang/kala sex sequence & rajans………….. incident
  • soo-jin’s sketch that made me cry honestly shes so nice
  • neets & nomi leaving the shelter because they dont want 2 jeopardise other women having a safe place even tho they could b arrested/killed on the outside?? i love them
  • felix making it thru the whole 2 hours w/o being shot again (thank god)
  • lito’s mum?????? an angel
  • kala seeing a pool & INSTANTLY thinking of wolfgang i cant believe this 
  • orgy round 2 except everyone’s in it bless
  • “i hate that word” - including the whole group rage & the range of emotions they all showed it was kinda sad but power to u lito & kala
  • sun! as! a! teenager!!!!
  • & when her brother sends those guys and nomi, will, wolfgang & lito all turn up 2 help???
  • so many scenes like that?? its the best
  • “i’m not going to watch this” “well maybe you should”
  • wolfgang breaking into litos apartment for him bless
  • lito being dramatic:
    • “lito can be a bit of a handful sometimes” “drama queen?” “definitely” “you know i heard that” “oh s h i t”
    • “what are you doing?” “watching my career die in real time”
  • kala + snow = pure happiness
  • sun’s history of breaking nomi’s laptop

notable mention:

  • bug’s love grotto
  • Someone: *plays We Don't Talk Anymore*
  • Me: Oh my God, not again, it's so overplayed, can you please stop??
  • Jungkook: *drops short cover*
  • Me: My new jam, will play it till my ears bleed, on repeat till the day I die wow

@imrage8 said: Seriously this is the best fan reaction ever. I want. No. WE ALL want Jackson to meet you!!!! You show to us (Jackson’s stans) how loving Jackson is easy. To me you are already the CEO/President of hype to Jackson’s club. I personally want you Jacks to hook up already so we can all witness the historic moment of the most hyper extra union!! Please god 🙏🏻🙏🏻

STOP FKJJDFDF THIS IS SOS CUTE,, ,I CANT BREATHE!!!!!!!!! i dont deserve u AT ALL please,, this means so much to me fdjfddfh im rly crying again . thank you for bein so sweet n lovely n omg imma keep ur words in mi hort forever :( ALSO THIS SIS STOO MUCH I DONT DESERVE DFHJFDJHFD I RLY DONT FDJHDF,, thank u ohymgodd :((((((( i love u :(((( im actually the president of the club of loving u bc wowie 💓💞💘💕 mi heart: is warm n cherished

Librarians Season 2 wishlist
  • Finding something to cure Cassie’s cancer
  • Canon Jassandra. Please God.
  • At least Jake telling Cassandra he trusts her again.
  • Flynn as a series regular
  • Seriously you found the library now STAY
  • Idk man just some really cute Evlynn. Keep that up
  • Maybe an “I Love You?” idk man depends on how much time gap there is. And the amount of relationship development. Dont want it too soon
  • Just more awesome adventures I guess.
  • OOH more backstory! All the angsty backstory that makes us cry.

Thats all I can think of now. If anyone else has anything else to add feel free.

I’ve just been in a massive car accidemt which left me shaking and miserable so my dad’s friend drove me home and after looking at Dan and Phil on my laptop screen I swear to God I slowly stopped crying.. my legs are still shaking though. It was so bad. I dont want to go out ever again in a car. This is it. I wish they knew how fucking glad I am that they made a huge part of my teen life a less shit life.