god i dont even like this


No, it’s you.


cheesy metaphor for freedom aside, look, they have plenty in common and would be adorable friends, dont look at me


do u ever want to like…. strangle a customer…. 

it cracks me up that according to the marvel comics clint is taller than steve like

could u imagine steve meeting all the other avengers and hes reveling in how hes still the tallest human in the room even in the future (thor may be 6′6 but hes a god he doesnt count) and he gets to command all these short people

and then clint barton enters in all his 6′3 glory like “sup” and steve screams cause he still has the urge to assert height dominance like all short people do

Dumb things that upset me:

- didn’t like my instagram picture (what was wrong with it?? why didn’t you like it?? thats two in a row you haven’t liked btw)

- didn’t respond to my snapchat

- didn’t like my tweets

- didn’t like my facebook post

- didn’t send me a goodmorning text first

- was AWAKE and didn’t send me a goodmorning text first


- gave me a short answer in a text. okay i’ll stop bothering you now.

This Valentines Day
  • Whether you're spending it longing
  • Fisherman: Would you stop putting chocolates in the ocean? You're probably poisoning the dolphins!
  • Laughing
  • Laurens: Okay, way way mon amay Jeh mapple Lafayette?
  • Lafayette: *chokes on drink*
  • Working
  • Mulligan: If someone asks me to sew one more pair of god damn assless chaps for another "valentines day surprise" I'm swear to god
  • Traveling
  • Madison: Sir you smell like you haven't showered in weeks
  • Jefferson: I know isn't France great
  • Or even mourning
  • Burr: Dear Theodosia, what to say to you...
  • Just remember th-
  • *cough*
  • Just reme-
  • *cough*
  • What is that loud coughing nois-
  • Peggy: AND PEGGY!
  • Oh, right! Ahem
  • Or even being forgotten
  • Peggy: Finally thank y- heYWAITASEC-
  • JUST remember that no matter how you're spending your Valentine's Day
  • Eliza: *opens door to Alexander with a half eaten box of chocolate*
  • You're always loved
  • Hamilton: Mmrph?
  • Eliza: *sigh* I love you too honey
  • ~<3
i’m sorry i had to

(if Rose and Dave hosted an advice podcast) 

TT: Good evening, I’m Rose Lalonde and you’re listening to “jackass who spilled apple juice all over my sister’s sound equipment and then claimed it was an earthquake”.

TG: listen i said it might have been an earthquake
TG: we just dont know
TG: nobody knows that shit is in gods hands

TT: Just introduce yourself, Dave.

TG: hell you did it for me

TT: I’ll edit it out in post.

TG: sup this is Dave Strider and youre listening to this podcast i guess maybe by accident or something we dont know

TT: It’s in God’s hands

TG: right exactly
TG: and now people are gonna think were some creepy rapture cult that talks about god hands and shit

TT: Yes, all four of our listeners will be incredibly alarmed.

TG: yea sorry yall
TG: anyway lets get to some listener questions that may have come from actual listeners but also might have come from roxy
TG: we just dont know

TT: Now let it die, Dave. Rule of three.

TG: right right okay

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Describe the foxes' hands pls :) im trying to draw them but i dont have any imagination :/

oh my god

  • kevin: artist’s hands, with long deft fingers. really nice nails that look like he has manicures even though he doesn’t (well, maybe sometimes). his left hand swells when he works hard (so, every day, pretty much) but the bones set surprisingly straight considering they were never properly treated. he makes fists of them when he’s nervous. there’s a blog dedicated to his sexy man hands and all the kevin day fans share them everywhere
  • dan: TEENY LITTLE HANDS with broad palms and quite short fingers. strong-looking, calloused across the base of the her centre three fingers. she paints her nails in bright colours (like orange!!! but also yellow and pastel pink and neon green) and moisturises with lemon-scented creme that allison buys her each birthday and christmas. loves to wear pretty rings, anything from fine plain metal to big chunky statement ones
  • matt: GIANT HANDS which means there’s a pic on the wall of dan holding her hand up against matt’s to compare (from before they started dating. they’re actually about to arm wrestle). thick-knuckled from boxing. shares dan’s moisturiser, so his hands smell citrusy too
  • renee: small hands with neatly trimmed nails that she doesn’t often paint unless they’re all doing them together. wears cute gloves all through winter because they get cold. red-silvery ropes of scarring in the meat of her palm where she once grabbed a blade aimed at her belly, to match the tracery on her knuckles where she was cut once or twice. they ache sometimes in bad weather, and swell in the heat, and she often clenches and relaxes them to ease stiffness. they’re helper’s hands, made to work as well as fight, and more soft and generous than they look like they should be 
  • aaron: workmanlike square hands with bitten nails and major tan line from his watch on his left wrist. they get cold easily but he never buys gloves so he often shoves them in his pockets and hunches his shoulders. has a crooked finger where he hit someone once (they deserved it) and it never healed right, but it doesn’t bother him much (except that he looks at it sometimes and thinks vaguely about becoming a doctor because everyone - even bratty poor kids -  deserves proper medical care)
  • allison: the kind of hands you see modelling rings - long fingers, slim lovely wrists, perfect nails in shell pink and iridescent silver and shimmering gold. she pays for manicures and moisturises obsessively. doesn’t mean she doesn’t have calluses, though - and she’s proud of them. these hands are beautiful, but they’re still as likely to make you lose a tooth as the hands of the other foxes
  • nicky: big mobile hands that are always on the move. the kind where you can make out every well-shaped bone and tendon moving under his skin, no marks to obscure them. he’s lazy about moisturising ever so they’re always super dry and also really warm. he always briskly chafes them over the hands or shoulders of anyone who complains about being cold. catch him holding hands with any and all of his teammates to keep their fingers warm 
  • andrew: broad palms, thick fingers; strong like the rest of him. scarred knuckles like tiny white starbursts where he’s punched things he shouldn’t - walls, mirrors, windows. misshappen knuckles from punching all kinds of stuff, actually (including people). broke bones more than once before he learned some technique for hurting people without hurting himself. under the marks, his skin is fairly pale from all the time he spends with them in his pockets, and also soft around the callouses from his racquet
  • neil: knobbly wrists but elegant slim hands that move quickly and lightly. they give him away sometimes, forming fists when he’s angry, and fluttering when he’s anxious or irritated. the burn scars stay rippled and obvious, but many of the finer scars between them eventually fade so you can only see them in the right light. often seen hooked into the hem of andrew’s sweater, or through a belt loop. andrew calls him “lost child” with a hint of mocking sometimes, but doesn’t tell him to stop

Seeing posts about how Rebels could end after S3 really makes me realise how much i need this show to LIVE.

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Can I have RFA + V & Saeran (If you do) coming home with their friend and MC freezing becouse their friend would be MCs abusive ex? I love your blog

Oh god i had fun writing these, i must be honest.THIS GOT REALLY BIG!

Thank you for your support and for those kind words!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)
Warning: Violence.


  • He invited a good friend of his to his house, that friend doesn’t even believe Yoosung have a girlfriend, a beautiful girlfriend!
  • “Honey, i’m home!” God, he always wanted to say that
  • “Welcome back Yoo–” Mc look at the guy behind Yoosung, was her ex, and abusive ex, an ex that called her horrible things, treat her like shit, hitting on her sometimes, he treated her a way that no woman must be treated, a man that nobody must be treated
  • She just freezes, looking at that man’s eyes and him looking at her, almost finding it funny 
  • “Honey…What’s wrong?” Yoosung said, looking at you, getting closer and closer, you’re shaking, the ex  doesn’t even are afraid that you might tell the truth about him, you’re a coward.
  • “He’s….He’s…That guy i told you…The abusive ex”
  • You say almost whispering, afraid, Yoosung froze too, that guy…Was the one that done those bad things with you… 
  • “Well…Looks like MC is sick!” He laughs and looks at the guy “Hey bro!Sit on the couch, I’ll pick some things to us to drink!” He’s smiling, you don’t understand why he was like that.
  • The man starts walking to the couch, whispering a “bitch” when he passed by you, you have certain that Yoosung heard it, but he’s still smiling, closing the door, while your ex is on the couch, watching TV now.
  • You can’t believe this guy will drink with your boyfriend that knows about all that guy made, you want to cry,you’re looking down, holding your tears.
  • When you look up, you see Yoosung, picking up a knife, with a marvelous expression on his face, you don’t know what he’ll do.
  • That guy doesn’t even notice Yoosung behind him,and then Yoosung puts the knife on the guy’s neck “I’m trying my best to not cut your throat, you’ll get up, will say that you’re sorry to MC, and you’ll go away and never, listen to me very carefully, never, come back” He presses the knife on the guy’s neck, almost cutting.
  • “And if you think I’m afraid of you, look at my eye, i’m not scared of a piece of shit like you, now…Go”
  • The man gets up, slowly, Yoosung’s still looking at him, with the knife in his hand, your ex walks toward you “I-I’m sorry…” He says shaking, and after that, he runs away.
  • Yoosung puts the knife on the counter and looks at you, smiling, “Honey, do you want popcorn?”


  • Zen already warned you about this, you are happy, Zen will take a day out, finally. 
  • When those two arrived, you’re smiling, ready to greet your boyfriend, then you see that demon behind him.The men that used to beat you.
  • You froze, taking a littles steps back, Zen was waiting for his hug and kiss, but he knows that something was wrong.
  • “Long time no see, little thing” When he heard this, he remembers what you said to him, that your abusive ex boyfriend called you “Little thing”.
  • Zen look at the man, and punch your ex, a punch that made him fall to the ground 
  • “WHAT THE HELL MAN?” Your ex says, trying to defend himself while Zen is punching him, the guy doesn’t stand a chance against Zen
  • Zen looks like a demon,he’s saying so many things to your ex, yelling, after all, that your ex goes away, bleeding, and Zen looks at you, his hand is covered in blood.
  • But he doesn’t care, he runs to you and hugs you even with his hand with blood “I’m sorry for bringing this guy to this house..” You hug him back.
  • In that day, he’ll make you remember how much he loves you.


  • It’s hard to imagine him with a friend, so it’s a company employee, one that he trusts.
  • He’ll talk about some projects on his house while drinking some wine. When he arrives with this man, you drop the bottle of wine that was in your hands.
  • Is this the monsters that abused you for many years?Yeah, it was. You’re scared, so you just froze, with a terrified face, Jumin is preoccupied about you, so he just goes, toward you and hugs you 
  • “You can tell me if anything is wrong…Nothing will happen to you…” His voice is so calm and firm that you tell whispering to him everything, holding back your tears.
  • After that, he looks at the men, who was looking at you “Guards.Take this man out of here.”
  • The guards hold the man, taking him away “Wait a minute.” He takes off his suit and puncheS that man while the guards were holding him 
  • “Make sure to punish him outside, you guys will be rewarded, each tooth of this man that you bring to me, i give you guys a promotion, now, take this trash out.” The guards take him out.
  • Jumin sighs and looks at you, he smiled and kissed you “I’m by your side now love…Me and Elizabeth”
  • You give to him one laugh “I’ll make a collar for you, love…Will be made with that man’s teeth.”


  • She brings your ex boyfriend to your house because he was a trusted person, he was helping a lot with the cafe, providing advice, supplement, Jaehee wants you to meet him,and then, you can thank him.
  • When she opens the door and you see that man, you don’t know what to do, you open your mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.
  • Jaehee finds it strange, when he looks at the guy again, she remembers why she think he was so familiar
  • She knew him from old photos that you showed her, when you told your history with that man, that monster, that abusive boyfriend.
  • Jaehee could kick his ass right there, but she doesn’t, 
  • “I think it’s better if you leave.” That guy nods, but when he was about to go away, he stops on the door and look at you “I didn’t know you stepped so low MC,you’re a lesbian now?" 
  • He laughs, and before he could even think about anything, Jaehee kicks him right in the face, he falls to the ground.
  • Jaehee gets on top of him, immobilizing him "Say that you’re sorry.” “What the hell?!Okay, i’m sorry!”
  • Jaehee let him go, but not before you kick that guy’s face, she gets up “Sorry for this behavior MC, but i couldn’t let this guy talk like that with the love of my life.”


  • I know it’s impossible to him have friends bring someone to his bunker, but please, ignore that detail or i’ll never be able to do 707
  • He’s the meme god, the meme lord, and he has a friend?That is unusual.
  • When the two of them enter that bunker, you froze just by see the face of your ex.
  • Seven looks pretty serious after that door close “Hey man, i have a present for you!" 
  • He runs, your ex look at you "You still look like a bitch.” When you’re about to say something, Seven’s back, with that robot, the dog robot, the one that spits fire.
  • “Here” He smiles while the man picks it up “Hey, come on!Let’s test it outside, he obeys some commands!”
  • While they are leaving again, Seven looks at you, with a smile on his face, you’re so curious about what he’ll do, that you stood by the door.
  • The man seems excited, he puts the dog on the ground 
  • “Okay, i will show you what he does…Doggie..” The robot eyes shine “Burn him up. Do a good barbecue” And then he starts to spill fire, and the man begins to run while the robot chased him 
  • “Saeyoung!He can die!” Seven laugh and kiss you as he enters the house again, pulling you in too, closing the door 
  • “Let’s just hope that he doesn’t die in front of our house!” You don’t laugh, you seem worried “Baby, i will not kill him, i just..Roasted him" 
  • This time you laughed.


  • He was bringing a new friend of his, he said that you’ll like the guy, he was cool.
  • When that guy arrives, your heart stopped, that was your ex, you told V about it, but of course, he cannot recognize the man. 
  • But he was holding your hand and he realizes how much you’re shaking right now, you just shake that much when you told him about this man
  • He gets it now.
  • "I think it’s better if you leave, please, close the door when you get out.”
  • “Okay” The guy says while he was going 
  • “I don’t know you like blind people MC, good look, pig” and then he gets out, slamming the door.
  • V hugs you, comforting you “Calm down love…I sorry i could do anything…” He kisses your cheek
  •  "But Jumin’s bodyguards can" he smiles. He’s so precious.
  • He can be calm, but not with this kind of people, if you mess with MC you mess with him.


  • Saeran will be a little different, you two are walking on the street, and you spot your ex and froze because of this.
  • You two were walking, you were happy, Saeran is happy, but with his grumpy face. So everything is normal!
  • While you were walking you spot your abusive ex that you already told Saeran about it. And when you told him he wanted to find the guy to beat him up, but you stopped him.
  • He looks in the direction that you’re looking to see that man, he recognizes him because of photos. 
  • He promised you that he wouldn’t search the guy and beat him up, but he didn’t promise that he wouldn’t beat the guy up if he finds him.
  • He runs to the guy, and start to beat him up, smashing his fist into the guy’s face without even thinking about it, he doesn’t give a fuck about the people that was around him
  • That guy touched you, beats you, he wants to kill that guy.
  • “STOP” you yell to him to stop, and he does, getting up, with his fists covered in blood, with his shirt covered in blood 
  • “You’re lucky…If it wasn’t for her, i would kill you.”
  • He runs to you, pick your hand and start to run before the cops come
  • When you two arrived your house he hugs you so tightly, putting his head on your shoulder “I couldn’t imagine someone doing those things to you MC…You’re so precious…Especially to me.”
  • He opens his heart, is a miracle, but he did, and you smile because of that and kiss him.
  • He is precious to you too.