god i could write paragraphs on them

15 Ideas for your BOS, Grimoire, book of knowledge, path journal or whatever else you want to call it.

Some of us keep them, others don’t, some of us have one passed through generations, and some of us have them on a usb/flash drive instead of a hard copy, however you have your book (if you have one) there are times when you have no idea what to put in it.

1)      A paragraph or page on how you define your path, this could include the laws of your coven/tradition.

2)      The Wiccan rede (if your Wiccan and follow it, I don’t have this in mine, but I’m not Wiccan).

3)      The wheel of the year, sabbats/solstice/equinox, what they mean to you.

4)      Your dedication, if you have made a dedication to a god, goddess or multiple write about it.

5)      Are there any gods and goddess that you follow, ones that resonate with you, write about them or even all within your path. (I have a knowledge book and a personal book, I have a section on gods and goddesses in my knowledge book).

6)      The moon phases and how they affect your path/craft.

7)      The elements, correspondences.

8)      Recipes, these could be ones that you incorporate magic into, or a recipe for black salt or an oil.

9)      Herbs/plants/flowers Correspondences.

10)   Symbols and there correspondences.

11)   Crystals.

12)   Spells/spell workings

13)   Divination, your experiences.

14)   Dreams.

15)   A running list of meanings or words/phrases.

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Move the belt and we have ourselves A FANTASTIC VIEW Plus I love confetti omg, I wanna win something and have confetti. AND I WANT A BIG BELT LIKE THAT JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT bc lord knows I mean. I can smack talk but like. Not the best at the wrasslin. 

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Do you have any favorite jikook blogs?

ohoho i have so many but heRE WE GO

@yourpinkpill - ummm, the source of not only the best jikook gifs, but all gifs???? i absolutely love them and i love seeing them on my dashboard!! thEYRE AMAZING AND DESERVE ALL THE LOVE (imagine how hard it must be to make such perfect gifs?)

@wingstyles - kjdkksd i love their blog so much they’re absolutely hilarious!!! i have no idea how they come up with their text posts (a robot? yeah probably a robot) and sometimes i spend so long just scrolling through their blog… I LOVE THEM SO MUCH IT PHYSICALLY HURTS

@trashywickie - their fake subs give me life??? they’re always so hilarious and they always manage to make my day!!!! like i totally recommend following them. not only do they post those amazing subs, but they also do really good analyses from time to time!!!!

@mintsugakookies - the u l t i m a t e jikook blog. if u arent following them then wyd?? (lmao jk.) they also post lots of jikook gifs and they’re great and they write fanfiction, too!!! overall, i recommend, 11/10, i die whenever i go to their blog so….

@tanktoptiger @harunyany - more wonderful jikook gif makers!!!!!! tanktoptiger’s text posts (though they aren’t jikook) make me laugh so hard skfjksdf. and then there’s the amazing harunyany whose blog is… like, goals. (its not fair.)

@jikookdetails - i can literally always count on them to notice every single detail (as their url implies, lmao). like, they’re a god. thats some top tier stuff right there that they’re doing, im telling you. gifs are amazing, and they’re blog goals.

@bkayl - another one of those jikook blogs where if you’re not following them…. u good? lmao jk. their analyses are great all the time and i frequently visit them when i need my daily dose of jikook. they’re probably one of the blogs that actually got me into jikook in the first place  👀

and so many others like @mimibtsghost, @parkdatassjiminie, @chim-n-kookie, @pkjjm, @caughtinjimin, @hellosempai1, @staycute1234, and sO MANY MORE I WISH I COULD LIST AND WRITE A PARAGRAPH ABOUT BUT THIS POST HAS ALREADY GOTTEN SO LONG AND I SINCERELY LOVE EVERY SINGLE BLOG ON HERE EQUALLY N THEYRE AMAZING <33333

okay no. Do you know what one of the most annoying things about cc is?

the fact that she claims that malec is really important to her. Like where is the proof? certainly not in her books that’s for damn sure.

she made their whole story revolve around each other. She didn’t add any defining qualities to Alec other than the fact he’s gay and an archer. She didn’t really care much about him being an archer either for that matter considering she had Simon outdo him.

also, near enough all of their story was written off the page. Their first kiss wasn’t in the main books, she wrote that later after she saw how popular the ship and characters were and wanted to use that to get fans to like her again. she’s doing the exact same thing with writing their first time and trying to get involved in the show.

She didn’t even write Alec coming out in his point of view like wtf? that was obviously a big moment for him and we didn’t even hear his thoughts on it or magnus’ for that matter. Did we see how his confrontation with his parents about his sexuality and relationship went? Nope. But at first we all thought ‘you know that’s fine, we’ll get to see their relationship in the next book’.

Except oh wait, we didn’t because she shipped them off on a vacation for the most of the book and only brought them back so she could create drama.

then she had them have all this angst and then break up and they didn’t even talk to each other for ages. then we got a paragraph about Alec setting ground rules before they got back into their relationship. what happened to the Magnus ‘looking in the book of white to take his immortality away’ story? abandoned because God forbid these characters actually get a happy ending.

So excuse me for not believing her when she says that malec are super important to her and she wants to write them well because I don’t see any proof of this. None at all. Nada.

And before you know it
One week fades into one month
And a month
Fades into a year
And that fades into the
Rest of your life

And if the stars were to fall at my feet
I would still have eyes
Only for you

And if I was offered a choice
Between immortality
And never kissing you again
There would be no hesitation
I would embrace my eventual
Demise with shaking hands
And your kiss with all the grace
This body can muster

I will accept your kiss
And try not to let on
What a tired mess I am
And how desperately I ache for you
Every second of every day

And I will try to not let on
That your absence settles
Like an absent ache in my bones
And the longer I go without seeing you the
More restless I become
But love,
I’ll hide those secrets away
In the hollows between my bones

The way your skin feels beneath my fingertips
Reminds me of a story
Soft and unspoken
And you’ve read this one
More times than you can count
But that doesn’t stop you from anticipating
Reading it all again and again and again.

Just because I know the way you feel beneath me
And the way your voice sounds
Doesn’t mean it doesn’t hit me
Just as hard the twentieth time
As it did the first

And there is grace written into the lines of your body

And there is danger etched into the corners of your eyes

And okay, yes,
Maybe I have on rose tinted glasses
And maybe I’ve never been able to think clearly
When it comes to matters of the heart
But God, who doesn’t want to live their life
Seeing the world
In hues of red and gold

I could ramble on for ages
About the shape of your mouth
And the curve of your legs

I could write paragraphs
Dedicated to the colors
In your eyes
And the brilliance of your grin

But I think I’ll leave this here
Not an ending
Just a pause between stories

—  L.E.S. ‘Ps: Loving the two of you is the best thing I’ve ever done’