god i cant wait

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OH MY GOD I was talking about skam so much t hat I made my flatmate watch it and now she is at first ep of s1 and oh my god I cant wait to tell her all the theories and observations and everything about every single detail fhshdjccjshcj!!

kljsfklds hopefully she binge watches then:))

wow i cant wait to have my own apartment n come running down the hallway to my door in my heels after a long day at work and opening my door and hearing the sound of my keys hitting the counter and looking at what mail arrived that day and then going to the bathroom and taking care of myself and applying lotions to my entire body n applying face masks and listening to the way you look tonight by frank sinatra on vinyl n dancing around slowly while wearing nothing but my cute lace bra & undies n a dark red silky lace robe that i havent even wrapped around my body yet and makin myself a snack. i cant wait to get to that.

This picture was just posted by Osomatsu_PR and you can be well assured im dissecting as much of this as I can. (even though it may very likely just be an edit)

Ichimatsu and Osomatsu!! At the fishing hole!! Spending time together!!! Osomatsu looks like he’s making a smart but big-brotherly comment. Look at that expression!! And the folded arms!! (Someone make a comment on body language!) Ichimatsu looks bored as usual but is he listening and absorbing whatever Osomatsu is saying??? Look at his hunched over figure. 

Also look at Osomatsu’s expression again. It’s good. 

so, i imagine s15 takes place a while after s13, and just

someone: did you name a section of the new capitol’s library after general doyle?
kimball: yep
someone: it’s labeled “shakespeare’s works” but there’s nothing actually by the author there, so—
kimball: [wiping a tear away] it’s what he would have wanted