god i am laughing

laughter is my gut reaction to witnessing pretty much anything i find unbelievable and i’m counting down the days until it causes problems. i remember once i had a teacher who was screaming at someone and she said to them “in this classroom, i am god” and not laughing was the most difficult thing i’ve ever done

Poetry by star light


she’s falling through the atmosphere
shattering onto the earth like cascading stars
scattering stardust fresh from heaven
a baby at war
this is just the beginning
she is completely out of control
untamed and inspiring
a ruby glow inferno
i will never let you go
she spins her lucid Alice in Wonderland
imagination into a live playground
spiraling down the chorus of cosmos


a crown of flowers wrapped around her head
the sweet perfume of daisies
dripping down her neck
she inherited a palace
a dainty treehouse in the woods
and she would sit and drink tea
and read books like she should
good night
and sweet women, gourmet, and wine
serenity and life
there is a kingdom inside


every time you open your mouth I see fireflies of luscious
language flow forth like radiating confetti
like that golden helmet on your marvelous mercury mind
…i see you wield words like they are ingredients in spellbooks
and you feel alone with your thoughts
and you don’t know what’s louder, the world outside
or the chaos within
the madness created by your twin
and you write invitations with your mind
to birthdays that lead to wonderland and poetry tea mixed
inside ~
i can hear and see and feel your voice everywhere


she writes poetry on sheets of moonlight
with a pen that pours out ink from the whole
night sky
it’s her creamy words made of moisture beads and dreamy
composition, she can create an orchestra
with lunar lyrics and love notes written by the stars

everything i see in the world
it all comes back to you
because you are my mother, my lover
my daughter and my sister
i can hear the stars whisper
stay wild
my dear
moon child


if i was a psychic i’d say to a leo that their heart was carrying too much weight.
i’d say you are so involved in the moment that i can hear
the violins of your heart playing and you leave it wide open
and that this is your curse and your gift.
i know you go home and you can’t stop leaking
you can’t stop leaking
the gods are watching you crying
but those tears that fell down the cheeks of great leos like napoleon, max heindel, amelia earheart, helena blavatsky and carl jung
are the ones glistening from your eyes
the gods know how marvelous you are ~ even when you can’t shine


shaking and rapidly exhaling, don’t crush your wings
against the weight of your own mind
they were so perfectly, pleasantly, patiently crafted
like the way you use your hands to delicately
thread and rewire and repair
they are like instruments the way they touch everything and leave a
frosted glaze
i always know when you have been because
you leave nothing behind
like you want to be invisible


she rises from the aroma of a flower
dainty as a forest fairy, honorable as a warrior
fighting for the cause that captures
her musical heart
she’s always on the threshold of a fairytale
she is some delectable mind and figure of
abstract beauty to behold
life is her dance
across cards gently placed
she twirls on imagination and spins in reverie,
a performance of abstract movement,
a tightrope display, a true portrait of balance
and artistry


I want to destroy these monsters
But devastating them
destroys a part of myself
I feel more alive in the shadow
than the light
I prefer the creaking hollow in my bones
to the noise of people, the static, the show
I have been violated
by poisons from hidden valleys
I have been stung by leaking ink
dripping dark words from unconscious levies
Sometimes my body is just a floating
Trying to contain century’s memories
Between my legs the monsters crawl
Trying to perforate every part of me
And I was only just becoming used to this skin 


she hears wisdom from the mountains
and songs from the sea
she sings the music of every language
and tastes of every herb and spice
something is sultry and glowing in her gaze
she is sunkissed and filled with dreams
that seem written constellations
her mind has wandered everywhere
it has left footprints in every valley and
book, every mind and philosophy
she is like sunday everyday, a vacation
a getaway
a sail into the horizon, a cruise through the stars
a freefall into nature’s arms


look how much you’ve grown
i’ve seen you slowly fill in those eyes
that belong to an old soul
i’ve seen you stretch into those bones
that were always too big for you
and you keep waking up every morning
because you know one day you will be
you hold onto the knowing that
things will get better
and you will feel less sicker
and your work will finally be done 


you try to read your own puzzle like a book
with a magnifying glass
as if you are disconnected
on the outside staring in
you are not an abstract entity
i feel you
your body pulsates like electrons exploding
like bubbles of blue foam
your feelings are turquoise crystals over the sea
never tainted but reflecting shades and hues from
unknown galaxies
don’t hide what was crafted so exquisitely


there were times she stayed in bed for days
i couldn’t touch her without her bleeding
she had third degree burns
every sense hurts
then she would laugh with god
or angels or something invisible
i am not dealing with a girl
but something magical


Exclusive: The Leaked Fyre Festival Pitch Deck Is Beyond Parody
But it’s also the latest chapter in the battle between consumers and advertisers in the digital age.
By Nick Bilton

oh my god this is even MORE of a trainwreck than we could possibly have hoped

this is “it was all a social experiment” levels of hilarious

tl;dr: Fyre Festival was all to promote an app that would let people create and advertise events, using social media “influencers.” That is, Fyre paid people like the Kardashians to promote their music festival, in order to demonstrate how well their app worked at reaching people through social media. They paid them mostly in reduced price tickets and free airfare to the event they were promoting.

The only problem was they didn’t organize the actual concert.

And you woke me up for this? // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n has a really weird dream and she just has to tell Shawn about it

Authors note: This made me super super supER HAPPY

Requested: yeesss- hope you like it!!

“Shawn,” I whisper into the quiet room blanketed in darkness, light peeping through the curtains. I layed on my back, starring at the ceiling while Shawn’s head nudged softly into my shoulder as he slept like a baby.

“Shawn… psst,” I say again, louder. He groans softly, the arm chucked around my waist pulling me tighter into his embrace. 

“Do I look like a teddy bear to you?” I ask sarcastically, more to myself since he seemed dead to the world.

“Gosh Shawn, wake up,” I shift, turning my head to look at him. I rest my hand on his cheek, rubbing the space a little bellow his left eye, watching as it slowly peeks open, the other being squashed against my shoulder.

“Mm, baby, why did you wake me up?” the raspy tone he has from just waking up sends a jolt down my spine. 

“I had, no joke, the weirdest dream. I had to tell you about it,” I exclaim, unable to hide my excitement.

Shawn chuckles, burying his head further into the crook of my neck. 

“It couldn’t have waited till morning?” he asks, his eyes falling shut.

“What if I forget?” I ask, eyes wide in disbelief at his question.

“You won’t,” Shawn mumbles sleepily.

I groan, wanting to tell Shawn my dream. I reach out shoving Shawn onto his back, climbing on top of him so I was straddling him.

“I’m guessing you did have an interesting dream,” Shawn chuckles, hand’s settling on my waist while mine rested on his bare chest. My cheeks flame at his statement as he grins up at me.

“Listen to me Shawn, dammit.” He laughs at this, the deep sound echoing around the room. 

“Alright, sweetheart, tell me your dream,” His lidded eyes peering up into my wide awake ones.

“Right so there was this sheep,”

“And you woke me up for this?” Shawn cuts me off, rolling his eyes.

“Shush, it gets better,” I laugh, gripping his jaw lightly to pull his attention back to me.

“Go on,” Shawn says, humor laced in his voice.

“And the sheep was dancing,”

“Y/n you’re right, it does get better,” 


“Sorry, sorry,” his chest vibrates as he laughs and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“Then the sheep started to sing, but he sounded like Justin Bieber and I was like- how can this be? How can Justin Bieber be a sheep?”

“That is the most logical question to be asking.” I roll my eyes, hitting his stomach lightly which just causes him to laugh even more.

“This next bit is even weirder. It like transported to this waterfall, but the waterfall was maple syrup,” I pull my self back up again, meeting his humor filled eyes. “Then this figure started to rise out of the water, I mean maple syrup, but the figure was you and you started to chant ‘I am the maple god- obey me’,”

Shawn cracks up laughing, his eyes crinkling in the corner. He rolls pulling me down onto the bed next to me and I squeal at the movement.

“That was well worth being woken up for,” Shawn murmurs, lips pressed against my cheek.

“I told you it was!”