god i am just obsessed with these two


destiny. booyah.

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I remember when s3 first aired I was watching it with my family and the whole wedding was very gay already but the tarmac scene. When Sherlock starts his sentence by "there's something I want to say". We ALL thought he was about to confess! And. They were disappointed!! THEIR WORDS!!? And I wasn't a tjlc believer back then so I was a casual too and we all thought Sherlock was secretely in love with John!! God I hope tjlc is real!! *fingercrossed* If WE could see it anybody can!! seriously. ahhhh

NONNY. This is my story too!! I wasn’t as into the series as I am now back then, and I SCREAMED that there was no confession. I think it was that almost-confession that made me so obsessed with this series, hah hah!

I’m sure it’s real, Nonny, just these two need to stop being dumb and start TALKING to each other!