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Harry Dresden, Wizard: The Dresden Files

If you look under ‘Wizard’ in the Yellow Pages of Chicago, you’ll find Harry Dresden. He’s dealt with a few things over the years– black magic, blood rituals, fairy queens, and mobsters; with fallen angels, and Knights, and horrors unimaginable. But Chicago is still standing. (He doesn’t like to brag but he has, you know, saved the world. Once or twice.) He’s got fire in his head and winter in his lungs, but it doesn’t stop his quick tongue or penchant for trouble.

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destiny. booyah.

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I headcanon that one day Kagome goes to heal someone and they don’t understand the concept of receiving free medication so they demand she take home at least two of their chickens for the trouble, and Inuyasha at first hates the idea (because they are stupid and they make him sneeze and they are scared of absolutely everything) but then he becomes very proud and obsessed with their chicken brood (coming up with ways to keep them safe and protected from vermin)-and so I always squeeze in the fact he has chickens of his own and he has a swollen ego because of it into my fics, and honestly no one can stop me.

  • Me: I am so obsessed with Sherlock right now.
  • Friend: Oh my god, I love that show. It's nice because it's just about two guys being friends. Really good friends, shows aren't about that enough. Like I'm so glad they can just look at each other and love each other, like real bro friends.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Right, they are just friends...
  • Me: ... very intimate, close, friends...

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I just finished season 2 of Broadchurch after binge watching the whole series and oh my god I am completely obsessed with Hardy and Miller. I am so nervous that they won't be able to express their feelings by the end but at the same time they are just the two most loving, good people it honestly kills me just having them together in scenes being aggressively, awkwardly, deeply concerned over each other


six movies i can watch @ anytime

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1. your name - maybe because i literally just watched it yesterday but i am obsessed with this it gave me so many feels and the scenery was so beautiful and i love japanese animated movies so it was very very thumbs up and the storyline was so beautiful

2. wolf children - i think this movie list is going to be dominated by japanese animations HAHAH OOPS but this movie is really good oh my god… it never feels old or cheesy it’s just a masterpiece, the story of a young mother who struggles to raise her two wolf children in the countryside.. her resilient nature omgldkfjaldjsflasg so touching pls watch

3. the perks of being a wallflower - this is my favorite american movie of all time i think.. not sure why but it hit me in the feels so hard and after watching this i only listened to 70s music for like a month LOOOL and i made the exact same ‘one winter’ playlist as in the movie. it just felt so deep and i connected with it on a spiritual level

4. the boy and the beast - another japanese animation!! ok i don’t think i can watch this anytime bc some parts sorta freaked me out bc i get freaked out easily but the plot was so nice and the interactions between the two main characters was so touching and asdjfkalsdjfkajlsdjfaj watch this please you won’t regret it

5. 20 once again - chinese movie! i watched this bc of luhan but i ended up liking it a lot.. it was super funny and lighthearted and was a REALLY NICE BREAK from the 120394 tragic movies i had watched prior to that because for some reason i always pick the movies that have happy promotional posters but the saddest ending ever wtfffff

6. whisper of the heart/from up on poppy hill - these are two different movies but i needed to include both of them HAHA. they’re both studio ghibli, but not the mainstream ones- for some reason i tend to like the less mainstream movies that no one really knows about (except for your name which was super hyped up) but these were both super relaxing to watch, i watched from up on poppy hill like 5 times omg 

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