god i am just obsessed with these two


Harry Dresden, Wizard: The Dresden Files

If you look under ‘Wizard’ in the Yellow Pages of Chicago, you’ll find Harry Dresden. He’s dealt with a few things over the years– black magic, blood rituals, fairy queens, and mobsters; with fallen angels, and Knights, and horrors unimaginable. But Chicago is still standing. (He doesn’t like to brag but he has, you know, saved the world. Once or twice.) He’s got fire in his head and winter in his lungs, but it doesn’t stop his quick tongue or penchant for trouble.

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destiny. booyah.

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I just realized something...

If this show gets picked up and it’s on the CW right? I doubt they will have the same actor playing two different characters on two completely different shows on the same network. Not simultaneously anyway. I don’t think that’s ever happened on the CW before, has it?

God, I said wasn’t going to obsess over this but I just thought about that. And I am not saying this for sure means Kai will be killed off, but it’s likely that he will go back to Portland if he’s not killed.


So tonight was my first time participating in a GTS giveaway and OH MY GOD AM I HAPPY I DID! Look at these gorgeous Pokemon! I received the Politoed from the-sgt-catnip, and Fel the Espeon from pkroomies. I can’t thank either of you enough and I’m just obsessed with these two.

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I just wanted to tell u I am literally so obsessed with your sugar daddy story it is not even funny. Honest to god I check both your blog and ao3 like 10 times a day looking for an update. Idc if it's like 5 minutes after u actually do update it I still go back looking. ........just in case........ Gotta be sure Lmao

haha really? well i always update on tumblr first, and then ao3 pretty soon after that. i think i might actually update either tonight or tomorrow because i’ve decided to split the mega-chapter up into two after all. and this chapter will just kinda be filler. fun stuff still happens but nothing monumental. idk. probably. so be on the lookout today and tomorrow.

i literally made 6 bars of soap tonight BECAUSE I AM OBSESSED oh my fucking god

i made the shimmery amethyst one in the octagon gem shape with sugar plum fairy scent, then made a shimmery emerald in the octagon gem shape with the same scent. i made joshua’s green rupee in the rectangle gem shape with nag champa scent, made a glittery white espresso scented rectangle gem, THEN I MADE!!! a silvery/blue shimmery/glittery rectangle gem and i cannot fucking wait to unmold it, i literally just made it and IT IS SO PRETTY  ICANT WAIT TO TAKE PICTURES. i scented it with a mix of two scents but its mostly the sugar plum fairy cause thats all i have atm. it smells good tho. oh and then i made that teardrop blue/purple shimmery/glittery one scented with SPF but i’m giving that one to the lady who ordered bath bombs cause shes my first customer and tbh i dont really like the teardrop shape haa.

officially obsessed with soaaaaaaaaaaaaap

Day 6: something you would like to change about yourself

 oh god I am so behind… but yeah haven’t been feeling too well during the past two or three days so I didn’t really feel like doing this challenge?? Anyway I’m doing a bit better now so here we gooohohohoh ★~(◡△◕✿) also on another note I am REALLY obsessed with bruno mars lately!! like I already liked him before but his music is sooo….. groovy?? idk it just makes me wanna sing and dance and feel fab


ok enough now

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Some days I really love how obsessed I can be with pop culture. I love seeing that two celebrities I really like also like each other. I love behind the scenes information on movies/music/TV shows I adore. I just like all of it.

What I don’t like (and what I am getting so sick to death of) is the fucking mundane stuff that my favorite publications try and pass off as “HUGE NEWS”

Like, do I look like I give a flying fuck that Taylor Swift and Kanye West got dinner last night? Unless they were handing out wads of cash to homeless people or something really cool like that MOVE. ON.

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Hello there!! I have a problem finding a fic, and maybe you or one of your lovely followers can help me. Because I am dying, I have been searching for days. And nothing and I am sure I didn't dream it. The fic exist! Is about the ep. servant of two masters. And I remember that Its not very long and Morgana made Merlin have sex with Arthur so he could kill him while they were doing the do haha. Any help to find it would be appreciated,because that I am obsessive compulsive doesn't help. Thanks!

Oh god, I remember that fic too, but I don’t know what it’s called or who it’s by! Someone help?

You could probably ask lionheartlibrary for further help, just FYI.