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Okay so I NEVER STOP THINKING ABOUT MIRRORVERSE SPIRK NASA AU OH MY GOD I just- SPOCK IN A SWEATERVEST okay so while mirror NASA spock is still a badass nerd he's a NERD and he's constantly just like "FITE ME" and Jim is standing there like "you touch my nerd imma kill you" and I'm just- I LOVE THEM AH also I will eventually write the NASA au for you because I am obsessed (it may end up being mirror NASA au but yeah it'll happen)

Ya messed with the wrong neighborhood

I’ve been meaning to draw these two for a while but just didn’t know what to do (/w\) I am very glad you like them!

here’s a little embarassing thing about me: i am! so! obsessed! with! my! gadgets!

remember how i keep on telling you i’ve been really busy with my preps for CETs and how my parents imposed strict curfews and schedules to maximize the little time i have to study? yep, that’s not exactly how it’s been working out with my life right now. i do study but i occasionally check on my phone, respond on messages on tumblr, tweet things, watch 2 or 3 unrelated youtube videos after finishing like 3 or 4 academic ones and many many more! this is why as most of you might have noticed, despite being “busy,” i still regularly respond to your messages, check on my tag, reblog your stuff, despite running a queue. it’s equally embarassing as it is horrifying. and i feel terrible about it. although i must admit that i’ve had a pretty legitimate and respectable outcomes, at the end of the day, i know i can do better. and guess who’s the culprit who keeps on distracting me? yep, that’s right: my one and only treasured possesion- my cellphone.

two, three, or four years ago, my mother began noticing this quite destructive addiction of mine. she will often times call me out, saying things like: “hey, you should spend more time with your family.” or “i will definitely confiscate your phone if you still act like this in a week.” and of course i was threatened as heck because i dont want to lose my cellphone. so, i will pretend i don’t use it in the morning but later that night, when im all alone in my room, you will see my hiding under my blankets laughing all by myself because of dank memes™ or googling cute dog pictures. being the ‘milennial’ and 'god they’re just being lame because they’re obviously not from my generation’ am, i did not know then the extent of my obsession. not until recently!

there is nothing wrong with using technology or gadgets. if anything, they help us become more productive and practically make our lives way, way easier! however, like what they all say, a little much of something is not a good thing! and the same goes with my so-called gadget addiction.

while scrolling through my feed one time, i stumbled upon this article written by emma on messyheads entitled “cant call, im in cuba” published two months ago. and i was frankly baffled. she opened her article with a scientific study concluding that an average person spends right about 300 times a day checking on their phone. yep, you got that right: 300 freaking times of checking on my emails, my twitter, tumblr, responding to messages, et. and while that figure might seem surprising to you. i’ve read another article stating that an average person spends right about 5 hours per day just doing their thing on their mobile! yep, that’s right five freaking hours of looking on that lil bright screen! and just like what emma said on her article, there’s way too many things that you could do on the span of just endlessly scrolling through your dash like finishing an entire course for my CETs preps/reviews, cooking 10 different dishes, working on my painting, working on my embroidery skills, finishing a harry potter book, etc! and you know what this literally made me realize? technology defeated the purpose of helping me become productive because instead, i end up being even more unproductive. and did achieve anything from all the things that i’ve been? absolutely nothing. the even funnier part is: i have absolutely no idea what i do with those five freaking hours! i mean, time flies so fast when you’re enjoying something, that’s true but i dont even know if im exactly enjoying what im doing because if anything, it only makes me feel even more guilty and terrible about it!

i already have no idea where this text post is going but i guess while writing this i was able to realize a couple of things: my patience significantly declines and i tend to appreciate little things less once get too caught up with my phone.

1. patience: the thing about me is i am an incredibly, commendably patient person. i wait for my turn and i believe in its power and value that is fundamental in becoming an ethical person. however although this is very embarrasing to admit, i have realized that using my phone massively declined my patience. how did i know? well, it took me an entire day to write this post because when im done with like a sentence or two, i tend to get distracted with my notifications and wander off of my notepad and start interacting with people. i know there is nothing wrong with that because the world practically revolves around the internet right now. but unfortunately, when i became addicted with my mobile, i am no longer just using it because i have something important to accomplish; rather it became an itch that needs to be scratched and i use it just because i want to instead.

2. appreciation: this is quite frankly probably the saddest part about my cellphone addiction. you know how much i love the little things about people and the world, right? yep. however, due to this addiction, i tend to focus more on my cellphone screen and not the beautiful things around me. i mean, sure you can google #goals stuff or see even more aesthetic things on tumblr, but i think there is still nothing more beautiful than having the chance to see something magical first hand! furthermore, when im out with my family for dinner, i have realized an even more heartbreaking thing: we no longer converse the way we used to! because instead of communicating or asking for menu first, we ask for for the wifi password and live our social media life instead. i mean, sure we still talk but im not that stupid to not realize that it’s not like it used to be when my brother and i were 11 or 10. it’s an ugly realization that i hope would eventually change.

i have nothing against the usage of social media as a platform to express yourself or to get friends from all over the world. i believe, as a matter of fact, that it is one of the most revolutionary things that this planet was able to create and i frankly believe that it will be for a long, long time. however, i think it is also still very important to shut out of it once in a while, give yourself a break, a breather, and just enjoy your life the way our ancestors or grandparents would even without the internet.

try turning off your gadgets once in a while and i promise you will see a significant difference and feel more comfortable with your own skin! because although it feels good to live a life that’s filled with so many notifications, attention, and validation from all over the world, it feels even better to just have a little space outside the boundary with fresh air, lots of trees, and flowers, where you could be yourself.

BNHA Musician AU

Okay, so, I’m still not fully caught up on the show, so I know I’m slacking on a lot of characters here, but I got really excited so just bear with me pls: 

Bakugou plays the cello

  • Is classically trained
  • Is intense af about it. Practices god knows how many hours a day, is OBSESSIVE over the protection of his instrument
  • He has broken exactly two bows, both on accident, in anger
  • Had to save up to buy new ones
  • Alternatively? Bakugou has NEVER Broken a bow. Never in his life. 

Kirishima is a fucking rock god guitarist

  • Voice of a literal angel
  • He sounds like the son of a god honestly (kind of unrelated, but also related, I am HERE for a PJO AU where Kirishima is the son of Apollo, just saying…Bakugou is totally an Ares kid, guys)
  • Also the band is called Red Riot
  • A secret undying love for high school musical don’t even come at me like this
  • Can we discuss a heavily tattooed Kirishima because
  • Heavily tattooed Kirishima, you’re welcome
  • But all of them have some kind of meaning to him
  • Deku is the drummer
  • Kaminari on bass
  • You’re welcome everyone 

Todoroki Shouto PIANIST

  • Is mad as hell when he gets paired up with Bakugou to do a piece together, for whatever god forsaken reason
  • But also respects the fact that Bakugou is a straight up cello god and they make a DYNAMIC DUO

Kirishima stumbles into a show one night. Maybe Izuku drags him, idk

  • Problem is, I can’t decide if i want this to be Bakushima, or TodoBaku, cause it’s a gold mine for both
  • Guys forreal
  • Picture it:  Sicily, 1922
  • Bakushima/Kiribaku AND TODODEKU
  • Alright, I’m ready, I’m here, it’s time.

Anyway, Kirishima stumbles into the show, is ENTRANCED

There’s this look on Bakugou’s face that’s just pure focus, it’s like the world around him doesn’t exist. It’s him and the strings, and Kiri can see it.

They somehow run into each other in a bar down the street after the show, and bright little ray of sunshine Kiri is like LEMME GO COMPLIMENT HIM ON THE PERFORMANCE CAUSE HOLY FUCK, HOLD MY BEER MIDORYA

  • Deku is like KIRISHIMA WAIT
  • It’s too late
  • Kiri: Hey! :D I loved your performance you guys were incredible.
  • Baku: *looks him up and down* Who the fuck are you?
  • Kiri: I’m Kirishima! :D *holds out hand to shake*
  • Bakugou:

Okay but also


  • This man is a double threat, put him on that piano, put him on that violin, he will KILL YOU
  • Anyway
  • Shouto is not at the bar
  • He is tired and honestly he is too Classy for such foolishness
  • Where is he? At the hotel, with some candles, probably looking at sheet music because The Grind Never Stops
  • Someone make him sleep 

The first time Bakugou goes to one of Kiri’s shows, it’s totally in secret

  • Cause okay you know when they first meet, Kirishima admits that he’s lead singer of a punk band, called Red Riot
  • Bakugou: “Stupid fuckign name…”
  • But he’s secretly intrigued
  • Part of me feels like it happens by accident? Like, somehow or another he ends up in a grungy bar/cafe type thing, on a night that Red Riot is performing, and you know he recognizes that spiky ass hair ON SIGHT
  • Is SHOOK
  • Oh, he’s invited out by Uraraka (I love them having a friendship/relationship, sue me)

That’s kinda all I got for rn but I do really want to continue this

And add on to all the characters because I have IDEAS

Good god. So it’s been WELL over a week now since finishing ACOMAF and I am still helplessly hungover from this amazing story and world. And despite making this blog, two Pinterest boards and rereading my favorite parts, I still can’t flush this preoccupation from my system. SO, I just had to paint these two idiots to ease my obsession (though I perhaps might have just fanned the flame further). I cannot for the life of me get Rhys’s lips or hair right (they have to be perfect, yafeel?) Thus this is still very much a WIP with the final colored version coming soon. Just wanna shout out @sarahjmaas for bringing this story into my life but also ruining me.

*I’m calling this piece “My FAEves” (heh, get it?) 

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 9 – Orange Sportsball Fight Club

In which Kevin wants a sweet piece of Andrew’s ass Exy skills, I make too much references to too many things, and Seth can go get lost in like, a murderous fire or something.

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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*is still deliriously re-watching season 9 and regrets never flailing publicly about 9x18*

It’s been a year, let’s rewatch the trainwreck that turned me into this shipper mess with some serious hindsight goggles. Fair warning I’m only watching at all because I’m ill and exhausted and it’s making me weird so as always the read more is optional when I’m like this, unless you expressly followed me because my delirious ramblings amused you. :P

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The third season was hella good.

Too bad the fourth is GOD DAMN TERRIBLE. The villains stupid and they ruined Hex, she was my fav and then they dubbed her into romance driven lameness– I don’t know if I can watch the other half  Okay the second half of the season movie thing was a LITTLE better I’ll just pretend the Daemon bullshit didn’t happen, that bob still has cool hair, and that dot isn’t a fucking idiot.

My Purpose

love me now because I made a fight imagine and the ending is super cheesy in classic yasssbieber style

Sarcastic, rude, and utterly disturbing remarks were thrown across the room at one another. Any bystander would’ve thought we were a divorced couple, and nothing close to two twenty somethings who are madly in love with each other. If there’s tears from Y/N, it’s any fight we’ve ever had, but if there’s tears from me, then things are pretty fucked up. 

 I left her there. I left her there crying. On the floor. I left a beautiful looking girl, sobbing, on a cold, hard, wooden floor. My heart aches every time I pictured tears falling out of those breathtaking eyes. I can’t help but remember every last detail about her in that moment. The front of her hair tied back with a cute little ribbon, her navy blue romper and those sexy grey boots I loved on her. But now her hair’s probably a mess, the sleeves of her romper are tear-stained, and she replaced those boots with a more comfortable pair. 

But I just can’t help the fact that I’m just sitting. Sitting in the front seat of my car in the parking lot of a crowded bar. (Note to self: Sounds like a song lyric) I called her names. I called her fucking names that no girl as classy, and as remarkably amazing as she is should ever be called. She didn’t make it any easier. Her accusations were just as hurtful as my name calling, both were false. I want to go back there. I need to go back there. But I can’t find I reason to start my car. 

 "Justin, that is horribly untrue. You know, you’ve witnessed all the shit I put myself through.“

 "Well, Y/N, it’s not my fault you’re horribly insecure. Frankly, I don’t blame you! You’re pushy, and annoying, and you’re right! Maybe those girls are better than you!" 

 No. Why did I say that? I told the love of my life that she was imperfect. I put another girl before my girl. Damn, I should’ve shut my fucking mouth and hugged her. But now it’s 3 am and all I’m thinking about is how many times I took advantage of our beautiful nights together. The way our bodies fit so perfectly, the way your soft skin felt amazing against my lips, the way it was just you and me. Together. That’s all that mattered. That’s all that will ever fucking matter. It was me and you against the world until two fucking hours ago. 

 And that was enough motivation to start my car. Cause if I don’t leave right at this instant, it wouldn’t be you and me against the world anymore. It would be me against you against the world. And that’s a world I do not want to live in.

 Pulling into our driveway was like entering a safe haven. It felt so natural and real to just walk through that door and you would come running into my arms. But instead of you, I was met with thin air. You were in some room of this large house meant for at least two.

 "Fuck.” I heard, running towards the bedroom. Y/N’s appearance hadn’t changed like I thought it would. She was still in that dress, through it was tear-stained. She was still in those sinfully tall boots, and her hair was still pulled back as gorgeous as I remember it. 

 I hate this. I hate the fact that Y/N is angry with me. Y/N is a sweetheart. The most genuine celebrity/person I’ve ever come to know. Think of Olaf the snowman. Now picture Olaf becoming angry with someone. Impossible, right? Well, that’s just how it feels with Y/N, until you’re the one she’s angry at. 

 Y/N had dropped our remote into pieces. I wanted to laugh, with her being her adorable self, but that would be so inappropriate towards the current situation. She noticed me after a good five minutes and when she did, she started tearing up. I had never felt a feeling so cold. Someone I loved did as little as looked at me, and started sobbing. I didn’t know what to do. I just watched her trying to hide her emotions, when we all know what she was going through. This was it. This was my biggest weakness. Y/N. 

Anyone talking about her in sexual reference makes my veins pop out and fists clench and ears steam. Anyone looking at her like a piece of meat makes me want to kiss Y/N all over her gorgeous body, and mark every inch of my territory. Anyone fucking laying a hand on her, in a friendly or threatening way, makes me feel like she’s already been pulled away. You wanna hurt me like nobody else can? Do something to Y/N. Whether it’s as little as looking at her, or touching her, I promise you, I will have something against you.

 "Y/N,“ I finally spoke. "I don’t know what to say after every stupid thing I did today, so I’m just going to say how I’m feeling." 

 Y/N rolled her eyes hurtfully. "I think I know how you feel, Justin. Remember?”

 I shook my head, “That was two hours ago. That was in the heat of the moment. Now, listen.” I began. 

 "It’s driving me absolutely mad to have you angry with me. You have every right to be, you can take as much time as you need from me. It’s ironic, Y/N. You’re always my saving grace. When something terrible happens, I go to you. You know exactly what to say. You know exactly where to hold me. You know exactly what I need. But here I am, Y/N. The most terrible moment I’ve ever come across, and you can’t help me through it. Who do I go to? I’m heartbroken. I said things that were the farthest thing away from everything you are. You make me so happy, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to feel any other emotion other than love and joy. To take you away from my life, is the same as taking my life away. I’m obsessed with you. I watch you, and I need you, and I crave you every second of the day. And I go through withdrawals of Y/N where I don’t eat or sleep and I think if you don’t kiss me in a few days I just might die.“ I giggled.

 "Nothing, no girl, no thing in my life could ever stop me from loving you. Because I am obsessed with you, and that will never change. It’s been two hours, and I’m already begging for you to hear me out. Don’t leave this love I’ve been waiting for my whole life. I can’t live without you. I’m with you because fate brought me here. Because you’re what I need to carry on. We’re not broken up, Y/N. But God, it feels like we’re on two different planets. I miss you, and your touch, and your voice. The things I’d do to get those things back." 

 She grinned. She finally grinned and I couldn’t tell what type of tears she was crying. And then she did it. She did the one thing I’ve been longing for this whole time. She opened her arms and welcomed me in. As soon as I touched her petite body I sobbed. I let it all out at the fact that I almost lost this incredible feeling. I cried to the fact that somebody else could’ve been in her arms instead of me. But it’s me and Y/N against the world. We belong here.

 "I don’t like it when we fight.” She spoke up. “It warms my heart to know I’m such an important person in your life.” She grinned.

 "Y/N, you’re less important, and more a necessity.“ I joked as she giggled.

 "If we can get through an argument as heated as that one and still get along this well, we might as well just get married now.” She laughed. 

 "I wouldn’t mind that.“ I played along. 

 Because Y/N and I were going to be married. We were gonna be parents to beautiful boys and girls and owners to dogs. She was gonna be Mrs. Bieber and I’m gonna be her man. She laid down as I followed her footsteps. I wrapped her in my arms and spent that whole night looking at her. I wasn’t gonna let these moments go to waste by sleeping. If love is the secret to happiness, then Y/N and I have the secret to pure, lifelong joy. Y/N will always be all that matters, my favorite girl, my baby. She’s my reason for living. Y/N will always and forever be my purpose.

Post Carol FanFic (The Price of Grit)

Hey you guys! I decided I’d try another piece of Carol fanfiction because I cannot seem to stop writing about lovely belivaird. This takes place immediately after the end of “The Price of Salt” and it merges some elements of the movie and book. Hope you enjoy :) I may considered alternating perspectives each time. … hehe 

*ps don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s an error of reference or whatever 

Therese walked towards her. 

FIN (The Price of Salt)

A crescendo of emotions swayed in the distance between them. Carol stood up at once, signaling a pause in the festivities. It seemed to be an involuntary reaction, as Carol seemed to notice she had the undivided attention of the table. At once she gestured to Therese, maintaining the skillful poise she always had, slightly diminished by the indisputable excitement and disbelief that Therese had never seen grace those grey eyes.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a dear friend of mine. Miss Therese Belivet. Excuse me, sir, could you bring another chair to add here?” The waiter brought over an additional seat right next to Carol, and they sat down in the same motion.

Those around the table made polite attempts to introduce themselves, but Therese’s attention glazed over their gestures. She felt Carol’s hand touch hers under the table.

Thank you.” Carol whispered, looking at Therese, squeezing her hand, then gently stroking it with her thumb. She knew at once that this gratitude was for changing her mind, for forgiving Carol about what happened in the past. What did any of that matter, now that they had let go of all obligations, legal and emotional. They’d be together. It was the closure that marked the beginnings of a future bursting with infinite potential.  

“…I love you too.” Therese said as an afterthought in Carol’s ear, as the conversation that her entrance had interrupted commenced once more. Carol’s reaction could not be masked even when struggling to carry on the discussion, blushing so much she had to use a napkin to mask her face.

They held hands through the whole dinner, though Therese only really paying attention whenever Carol spoke. These people, it had seemed, were some of Carol’s old friends from the days she worked at the furniture shop; Mr. Harrison, who had offered Carol a new job as a “buyer” in his armchair store, was a modest looking man with a fuzzy moustache. His old age and thick glasses paired with a terribly endearing toupee reminded Therese of a toy she sold in Frankenberg’s called “Peppy Pappy.” If one pulled the string in the back of the doll, it would recite something wise in an ancient but sagacious tone. “Brush your teeth young whipper snappers!” she could almost imagine Mr. Harrison say, having to retrain herself from grinning. On his left, was a woman who looked around Mr. Harrison’s age and of similar caliber, but she was more focused on the movement of the water in her glass than participating in the discussion. This must be Mrs. Harrison, Therese assumed.

“Why, what a mighty fine young lady this is, Carol.” The man sitting across Therese was eyeing Therese curiously. She recognised it as the same way that Dannie and Phil sometimes stared at her when they were having a night out on the town, drinking wildly and hungrily.

“Hullo Miss Belivet. The name’s Oscar. Oscar Jansen. Friends call me OJ, cause I used to really love drinking orange juice too.” Therese found his attempts at being charming rather funny. If only he knew, Therese thought, and she awkwardly shook his hand by the fingers.

“I’m gonna be the in-between-man for Carol at the shop. I drive the truck, I take the orders, I do the cashiering, pretty much anything Mr. Ol’Harrison don’t do when he ain’t in.” He went on for a few minutes about how long he had worked there, where he came from, and how “great” it was that Therese had come to the “celebratory dinner of Carol’s welcome into the family.” Therese tried hard to communicate an irked glance at Carol, who seemed to be enjoying the company of these people and their musings. She must feel nostalgic, Therese figured, talking about the workings of a furniture store.

“You will have to apologise if I’m a bit rusty. It has been long while since me and Abby worked in this line of business.” Carol’s comforting posture and tone was enough to keep Therese quiet, even though she wanted nothing more than to slip away with her and kiss her. You are magnificent, Therese internally praised her love, whose blonde hair seemed extra voluptuous, composure more lively, and talking more motivated than Therese could have imagined. Carol was not one to be extremely obvious with what she was actually feeling, but the prospects of employment did truly seem to light a fire on a long extinguished wick.

After what seemed like a lifetime of discussing ladders, nightstands, and armoires, Carol said goodbye to her guests and they all bid them farewell. As Therese stood waiting, “OJ” appeared behind her.

“Hiya there. Say, would you be interested in going for a drive sometime?”

“Oh, no Mr. Jansen.” Therese had completely foreseen this obvious offer and had an answer prepared.  

“I’m afraid I’m involved with someone else.” His face had fallen, and his walking became dramatically slumped for effect.

“Ah shucks, what a lucky feller. I guess I’ll see you around then! Good-bye Mrs. Carol!” He waved at her from a distance and walked away at a fast pace. How much more embarrassed would he be…if only he knew, Therese smiled to herself, almost laughing as she went to Carol’s side.

“What did he want?” Carol, half-amused, half-annoyed, had asked.

“Just if I wanted to go for a drive. Of course I said I couldn’t.”

Oh. And why is that?”  

“Because I would rather sit through that dinner again for all of eternity than to go on a drive with that man than you.” Therese explained simply, and hooked Carol by the arm while they walked to the car park. When they got into the darkness of the car, she finally spoke.

“Thank you Therese. You don’t know how…” The words were struggling through her breaking voice, on the edge of tears.

“You’ll ruin your make-up,” Therese said as she started to wipe the tears from Carol’s face with a handkerchief she had bought herself that day.

“You don’t have to say anything.”

Therese pulled Carol’s chin up. Even in ruined makeup and glossy tears, she looked divine. Therese gave her a cheeky peck on the lips, and hugged her deeply, as if to pour in all the unsaid phrases, explanations, and emotions that Therese was not allowed to say earlier, yesterday, and all the time they had spent apart. Therese held onto her like a rediscovered lost object, gripping her like a precious and familiar lifeline that she couldn’t begin to fathom why she ever let go of. Carol was still now, and Therese let go. Carol kissed her properly, swift and full. She started the engine and used her pinky to wipe away any remaining tears.

“Alright dearest. It’s still early. Where would you like to go?” she said still slightly sniffling. Therese marveled at the intense fragility Carol possessed, and Therese was proud and honoured to witness it. She knew Carol wanted to talk more, but in a more intimate setting. 

“Shall we get some notions?” Therese facetiously proposed.

There was a slight pause. Then Carol almost laughed but rolled her eyes, looking back to drive car in reverse.

“Christ, Therese…”

But the tone was loving, and so was Carol. And so was the moonlight that guided their path back home, their home, for which Therese already was bursting with ideas and designs. They had a million things to do-andnothing to stop them.

Actually, I would love a milkshake.” Therese reconsidered.

“Alright. A milkshake it is. My, you are a strange girl…”

It’s easy to live, when you’re in love, Billie Holiday sung on the radio as they drove to the nearest diner.

It was safe to say that this was the most easy Therese had ever felt in her entire life.


god i hope i did it some justice. i’m sorry if i offend anyone with this but christ almighty it is late and i am too obsessed to not think about it xD 


part two here

my other carol fanfic is here

My talk of Gravity Falls is starting to get to my boyfriend.
  • BF: I've been rewatching Arrested Development. It's great because there's so much to look for and dissect in each episode.
  • Me: Yeah! I mean,, all those little clues and allusions and nods to other things in the series.
  • BF: The writing is just fantastic, very well done.
  • Me: I only know two shows like that, Arrested Development and-
  • BF: -If you even say "Gravity Falls" I am walking away from you right now.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *opens mouth*
  • BF:
  • Me:
  • BF:
  • Me:
  • BF: Don't
  • Me: Grav-
  • BF: Oh my god *walks away*

my fucking god there’s a german tv show called “mitten im leben”
and there’s a mother obsessed with supernatural
she’s like waking up her daughter “Where’s the salt hun ?! We need more salt! Get up! You won’t sleep anymore when the demons get you”
and she says things like “the show is about two cute guys…” , “I don’t like men my age they’re too old…”
and there are demon traps everywhere and salt infront of the windows

guys GUYS I just saw me in 30 years jesus christ

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Hello, yes, do you have a minute to talk about some yoonmin because they got me real fucked up rn oh my god. Like that one time where jimin made the mini piano for yoongi?? That's so cute. And when yoongi tipped it off his lap it's all funny and stuff but can we talk about how he picked it right back up???? please??? because that was so cute to me. or when there was some sort of punishment thing and jimin was like "suga-hyung, do you want to kiss me?" and he was walking towards (cont)

(cont) him but then yoongi said ‘i’m in a bad mood’ or something like that and jimin went and teased tae instead??? Like respecting his boundaries????? Heck yes. And we always see jimin hanging on people because he’s an affectionate guy but yoongi doesn’t really. except for when he’s with jimin. Little touches, long(ing) glances, and just being playful. I am being buried alive by these two and i’m completely okay with that


omg I always have a minute to talk about yoonmin. THAT PIANO MOMENT WAS SO AMAZING LIKE THATS HOW WEAK OUR MIN YOONGI IS FOR THE CUTENESS THAT IS PARK JIMIN. :’))) and also Jimin’s obsession with watching Yoongi play literal same park jimin literal same  

God I truly appreciate that Jenga video so much happened in it and we got to see dom jimin which is pretty rare because he’s such a soft boi usually. They all get so heated about games and competitions tho and I live for it. But yeaH right when Yoongi was like I aint feelin it - Jimin just stopped with the teasing :’) and yelled at tae which tbh is my aesthetic bc angry jimin is hot af

Ahh yes, when it comes to Jimin, Yoongi is full of contradictions. it’s like he lets his guard down around him. AND it’s been like this since predebut what a concept two beautiful boys sharing a sweet love story ;3; 


destiny. booyah.

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My obsessions—22/∞                      Cockles pics

Nothing is better than an OTP picture..but my god, they look like a couple in every single one! I know they turn it up a little for us, because they love to drive us insane (it’s working!) but I mean you can tell they are like bestest friends and I love that about them so much. God I just want to cry they are so beautiful together. (It’s ruining my fucking LIFE!!!) I am so obsessed with Cockles and this is just the best. Jensen and Misha are two of my favorite people ever and the fact that they get along so good is just plan adorable. Also incredible hot and sexy and just perfect.

TV Fanatic: Lana on Regina's Struggle, Finding the Author & More!

Hot and steamy.

That’s how Lana Parilla teases the action ahead for Regina and Robin Hood on Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 8 and Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 9, the two-hour OUAT extravaganza on tap for this Sunday.

Sure, Regina is still committed to finding a cure for the near-death Marian but - as we saw at the end of Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7 - Robin Hood can’t help himself around Regina, even planting on her a very sexy kiss.

However, Regina is also determined to find the author who can give her a happy ending. Will she also get pulled into the Snow Queen’s plans? Will Regina help Emma deal with her growing powers? And, since Regina hasn’t fallen back into her dark magic ways, does Parrilla miss that side of her character?

For answers to all that and more,I chatted up Parrilla on the phone this week. Thanks to the help of the Twitter followers and my own curiosity, I had plenty to ask the beloved actress…

TV Fanatic: When we last saw Regina, she was kind of locking lips with Robin Hood which isn’t a bad place, I guess, for her to be in.

Lana Parrilla: Yeah. She’s kind of occupied with a couple of things. One being Robin Hood and two, Operation Mongoose. I watched it again this morning and it’s funny when you’re reading a script because you’re reading it and you’re breaking it down as the actor and playing the character for so many years but it’s different when you’re watching it as a fan and an audience viewer.

I really saw how Regina how torn she is with Robin Hood but also how determined she is to find this author, and I really got that when she keeps flipping through this book trying to figure it out, and we don’t know why and  having watched it and playing her for so many years I can see the level of concentration in her eyes and how she’s just so focused and looking at these images and what do they mean to her? That’s kind of the path that we’re heading down more so than anything, it’s who is this author and who is in charge of her destiny?

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Someone pointed out to me that the writers did something very special with Castiel, and the mythology surrounding him. So here you have it:

Castiel is known as the angel of solitude, tears, and temperance. He is the angel that is known for simply watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference. In mythology that is.

But in Supernatural, Castiel, Angel of the Lord could not be more different.

Castiel is the angel of solitude, that no longer wants solitude. Because he learned from humanity that solitude often leads to despair, that solitude was not the answer, even though he too tends to push people away. That family doesn’t end in blood and it doesn’t begin that way either, he is different because he longs for a home as much as his home longs for him. 

Castiel is the angel of tears, who sheds them more often than any celestial being should. He was the angel who would comfort YOU when in tears, not need to be comforted himself, but that all changed the moment he got too close to his charge(s).

Castiel is the angel of temperance, who despite everything drank an entire liquor store to attempt and forget his woes and his loss of faith. An angel who drank to forget his holy father wasn’t around if only for a few hours time. 

Castiel is among the few angels who does not intervene in the events of the cosmos, but by following one mission, to save a Righteous Man, Castiel began to intervene more than any other angel. He tore up the script, he fell countless times to protect what he believed in, who he believed in. He took the word of God, heaven’s orders, and all divine purpose and threw it away because of two boys. 

Castiel, is different and that is good. He has too much heart, limited people skills, and a love for humanity that is only matched with his love for the Winchesters.

  • Me: I am so obsessed with Sherlock right now.
  • Friend: Oh my god, I love that show. It's nice because it's just about two guys being friends. Really good friends, shows aren't about that enough. Like I'm so glad they can just look at each other and love each other, like real bro friends.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Right, they are just friends...
  • Me: ... very intimate, close, friends...
Excerpt From Dean's Journal (5)

It snowed today. Well,I guess last night while we were sleeping because I was woken up this morningby a jumping Cas on our bed screaming about snow. You would think a bazillionyear old angel wouldn’t get so excited over a tiny thing like snow. But Jesus, he fucking loves it. I didn’t even get my morning coffee before he drug me outside and hopped up and down like a toddler. Did I ever mention that I hate mornings? And I hate the hours where I just get up? Yeah, well, this morning I was pissed and grouchy and the weirdest thing happened. Cas kissed me with the snow falling around us and I wasn’t grouchy anymore. I smiled and I laughed when Cas stuck his tongue out to catch snow flakes. It was nice. It was just fun. He is turning me so soft.

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