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infodumping about the ocean



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"weeks ago i the lesbian of the village bought condoms at the store and everyone knew about it even before i drove back home" oh my god i'm so glad i read all the tags i'm cackling in my college library the guy next to me is side-eying me and i thought my rural upbringing was bad im sO SORRY

I arrived back home and my Mom just deadass asked “why did you buy condoms for?” and I was just like?? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW I BOUGHT THAT? And she was like “Irene (the lady who owns the bakery) called and told me”. I’m 24 and don’t even really live there anymore, like… anyway, all my Mom did after that is ask if she could have some.

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CHALLENGE: post the most ''embarrassing'', ''self-indulgent'' thing you've made in the past moth! (that's not smut, if you're embarrassed about that!) (but it could be smut) (pleasebemucklespleasebemuckles)


WELL OKAY I NEVER RUN SHORT OF EMBARRASSING SELF-INDULGENT STUFF.      SO.  I was thinking about Motorcity and Disney movies and I saw Atlantis on Hulu or Netflix or something and I was like……………………


I’m going to go lie on the floor how dare you make me do this GOD


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must

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How do u draw bodies bc I am no good :^( ily 💕

ngl.. me neither xD idk why you’re asking me anyway cause I seriously doubt you’re worse than me (ALSO I LOVE YOU TOO ANON <3)

because im bad at explaining and constructing good proper advice.. here are a few tips/pointers from a bad anatomy artist ;P

there is so much more to ramble on about small details like how fat settles on the body, the bones and how it affects the curvature, and SO much more, but this is all I could fit in a simple and terrible tutorial (it isn’t even that) but hey!! here are a couple of links that might helpful and that I found useful:

also i thought I’d mention some artists that you might wanna look at for unique style for bodies!! (totally off of the top of my head rn):

@me-za-me-ro, @syrva, @thunderpot, @lackadaisycats!!

thanks for asking anon!! sorry im so late to replying tho haha ^^;

edit: don’t forget that bodies don’t have to stick to just one type of shape per body!! feel free to explore different shapes and sizes for the body ;P thanks again <3

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Fan Mail Time: I stumbled across your SU works, and they are just so ... delightful! Thank you for making them and sharing them. It might sound odd, but beyond the content of the images (the little story each one tells) and their general affect of sweetness, I particularly am tickled by the way you render Ruby's boots. For some reason, something about them is just so endearing, y'know? Like, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT HER CUTE LITTLE BOOTS! I'M GONNA DIE!" So, anyway, once again, thanks for existing!

GOSH, thank you so much for the compliments! I love telling little stories and depicting tenderness with my art and doing SU fanart is a great outlet for that.

I REALLY love drawing Ruby’s boots (I love drawing boots in general for some reason) and I gain an additional ten years to my lifespan every time someone reblogs and tags my art with comments saying how much they adored the way I draw Ruby or Eyeball’s boots!

God, this was such a nice thing to find in my inbox. Thank YOU for existing!

Have this Ruby sketch, friend!

It’s Jackaboy, the stealthiest hunter to ever stealth.

Just ignore the screaming.

Inspired by @therealjacksepticeye‘s The Hunter Call of the Wild video. It’s a few days late but you know what? I’m gonna shit-post anyway. It also seems topical to the more recent video AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A blessing to us all. Amen Robin, the editing god.

i was tagged by @pureren tessa to do this!! i think someone else did too….. anyway i’m doing it now



no offence but i hate the notion of talent :/ i worked hard to be ~talented~ at drawing, writing, and archery, but i was always pretty good at learning new languages, so there’s that, i guess?

god i don’t know i’m wandering aimlessly through life and no longer really have any aspirations. i used to be pretty ambitious and wanted to go far with makeup but i’m kinda…… blah about everything, guess that’s what depression will do to you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so, uhhh… i guess my ultimate goal right now is to beat my depression down with a stick and for it to stay there for once.

i’ve been told i look like an ice queen and i like the patterns frost make and when your hair and eyelashes freeze so i guess like, the pretty part of winter is my aesthetic. but i really really like fall too, and cutoff gloves and leather coats and leggings and uggs, and starbucks macchiatos– so that Basic White Girl™ aesthetic, too

NO i used to but now i HATE clutter so there’s not much i have a lot of. besides makeup and perfume, but i don’t actively collect those, i just keep getting free stuff and it’s building up //screams

i often, without fail, bring up the legend of zelda. like, i have a loz thing for everything. “alisha want some coffee?” “sure let me grab my zelda mug” // “what time is it?” “let me check my zelda clock” // “i’m cold” “want to borrow my sweater? it has ghirahim on it tho” // “hey can i borrow a pencil??” “sure! my pencil case is in my bag feel free to dig through it. it has link on it.” // “my socks are soaked do you have a pair i could borrow” “sure, take these, they’re really warm. and yeah they have link and ganondorf fighting on them” // “i’m cold” “wanna borrow one of my four other zelda sweaters??” // “you should wear some jewellery to complete your outfit!!” “okay! i have this triforce necklace and earrings, how bout that” // and so on. it’s sad

people on tumblr… You Know The Ones… people who chew with their mouths open, the sound of chewing in general, when people don’t just let conversations die and keep going and make it awkward (looking at u, fuckbois), fuckbois, fuckbois who literally come to my workplace 4 times in a row to ask me out even though i say no each time and can’t be a bitch because i’m at work but push me to a point where i did snap at him and tell him to leave me alone and my boss just pretended she didn’t hear me tell the guy to fuck off (i’ve been angry at this boy for like over a year), PEOPLE WHO THINK ITS FUNNY AND EDGY TO BE MEAN like grow the fuck up, antis who use the uwu emoticon because it used to be such a nice and pure emoji now it’s full of passive aggressive bullshit, when one of my coworkers tries to tell me how to do my job even though they’re not a trained FUCKING cosmetician and don’t know how our side of the store works GOD GO AWAY PAUL, passive aggressive people in general, when friends don’t answer to time sensitive plans, and god i could go on. like honestly being alive fucking annoys me so i could be here for a while

i don’t really believe in god, or in any god, but something a coworker told me recently really stuck with me. she told me when she was in the hospital and her baby girl was born with lung, heart, brain, and kidney issues, she was sat there thinking “if one more thing goes wrong i won’t be able to handle it” because i had just told her that exact statement bc there’s a lot of shit going on in my life right now. and a nurse told her “god will never give you more than he thinks you can handle” and like? idk i don’t believe in god but i believe there’s some kinda cosmic greater force and it really struck me as a good thing to remember. every time i feel like i’m at my limit i try to remember it.

six feet under - billie eilish
lights - ellie goulding
maple - hayley kiyoko my gf

i’m tagging @marmoraskeith @lmperio @piningmarco @cooldadshiro @kvincsky @miichiru @pctroclus @stargazershiro @armedarchaeologist @lorazeli @echoinglight @squishy-link @starryiedd @mama-kit feel free to ignore my dumb ass if u want. also if u want to do this and i didn’t tag you just pretend i did and do it up i’m half asleep rn and i’m sure there’s more ppl i’d normally tag. these are just people i’m in group chats with lmao

Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)
Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)

Merry Christmas to all sterekers!

Adore Derek Hale (2x)
Adore Derek Hale and leave him happy, with a wagging tail.
We want to wish him a merry Christmas (2x)
We want to wish him a merry Christmas from inside our fandom heart.

You’re completely done with your normal life when you reached the point where you sing dadadada and dodododo while holding your nose because you need more voices for your feliz navidad cover that turned out as a Derek Hale anthem


Happy BFSN!!! 

I don’t know exactly how happy can it be, cause we’re facing a month long hiatus (sounds like a prison sentence if you ask me). 

BUT to keep things positive, I think I found a way to deal with our bellarke separation issues - 30 days of bellarke challenge. I’ll try to keep up with it and I encourage my peeps to do the same! :)

God Complex more like Where is Bellarke…Anyways I’m excited for Bellamy x Jasper scenes and also for finding out what is this Second Dawn all about. 

Tagging these beauties cause why not: @bellamyblakesgun @bellamybb @bellamyaugustus @craterhead @octaviakomearth @ocataviablake @freckledd-constellations @clarkeswalkabout @blakebird @bellarce @ethereal-bellarke + anyone who wants to take part in this!

Dean is in one of those moods. He’s fidgety and noisy and goddammit, Sam feels like living with a giant, wild five-years-old who is super high on sugar and won’t calm down until he got what he wanted. He honestly can’t stand it for too long, and for a few minutes Sam considers taking his big brother to a daycare or something– that would make him shut up or at least hurt his pride a bit.

It’s a sweet option, but Sam is busy, cataloging one of the storage rooms Dean should’ve taken care of months ago. It’s a wonder they’re not dead yet with so many supernatural crap laying around.

“Sammy, come on.”

“Dean, I’m busy–” Sam sighs, pushing a cursed, now harmless box aside. “You know, doing what you were supposed to do. We can go out later or whatever.”

Dean suddenly quiets down. It’s a small blessing and Sam can’t help but wonder for how long he’ll have some silence. Knowing his brother, it won’t be long enough–


What, Dean?”

“You sexy.” Sam knows what’s coming but he yelps in surprise anyway at the strong hand slapping his ass. “I’m way more interesting than this old crap.”

“This old crap can kill you in your sleep, and so can I. Hands off.”

“Love is so cruel.”

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If we close our eyes, it could just be me and you - lionmettled - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)
Rating: Explicit
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Relationships: Chirrut Îmwe/Baze Malbus
Characters: Chirrut Îmwe, Baze Malbus, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Bodhi Rook, K-2SO (Star Wars), Original Characters
Additional Tags: Mission Fic, Undercover, Semi-Public Sex, Clothing Porn, Oh My God So Much Clothing Porn, Being Walked In On, But They Keep Going Anyway, What’s the Opposite of Aliens Made Them Do It?, Because This is Kinda That, Anal Sex, spiritassassin 2017 exchange

Now this is a story all about how, Baze Malbus’s life got flipped turned upside down, And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how he impersonated a pimp with bad hair.

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literally 90% of the scriddler tag is 1) p0rn, 2) abusive (or even outright r*pe being presented as good/fetish?? me: vomits) so with that in my i'm gunna write a fic about jonathan's cousin showing up and basically being like "can u adopt me to get child services off my back lol" and that's the start of how eddie & jon realize they're Gay(tm) but also how inept they are at parenting..

GOD I KNOW.. i have read like 4 good scriddler fics in my entire life……. the tag is so cursed and even when it isn’t porn/abuse it’s queerbaiting :))) but anyways!!!!!! i’m so into this??? i hope you don’t mind me publishing this on my blog but like, i want ppl 2 be hyped bcos you’re a great writer. i’m sure you’ll do eddie & jon justice :) 

What’s in my bag tag 

I was tagged by lovely @simcataris !

 Also, I feel like I got tagged in a lot the last two weeks, but I honestly haven’t had the time to go in game and do all this ‘edge of seventeen’ and 'genderswap’ stuff so I’m really behind on all these tags that are going around.

 ANYWAY, here’s my bag. I don’t really go out much so usually this stuff is just lying around in my room but whatever. 

There’s usually a book in there (you have no idea how much I am LOVING the Name of the Wind oh. my. god.), my wallet, some lip balm, mascara (the only makeup I know how to use), a notebook with a pen, my phone, my glasses case, tissues and some snacks (I ate all of those after taking this picture fml)

also I ripped your style sortof becauuuuse???? I don’t have an excuse, but here you go

HOLY GLOB. CHAI, LOOK (well you’re asleep at this hour so guess you’ll see this in the morning).

whatamilookingat. whatpositionisthat. whatisshedoingtohim. howdoesitwork. isitanalienthing. ohxhalwhatwhatwhat.

I have so many questions.


robb stark appreciation month @robbstarkappreciation

day twenty-six: favorite S1 scene

1x08, the pointy end, “Treason? Sansa wrote this?”

“Are you afraid?”
“I must be.”
“Why is that good?”
“It means you’re not stupid.”

as in: there’s a lot of scenes I could have picked because S1 was definitely my favorite as far as show!Robb was concerned, but I went with this one because of that shaking hand detail which in my opinion was one of the best additions they made to the original canon when discussing Robb’s show writing - more under the cut before this post becomes way too long.

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