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infodumping about the ocean

So I’ve had this idea for some superhero lesbian romcom type story that I dont have the skills or focus to really develop but man do I want it.

Main POV is on the hero character. She’s terse and high strung in that vulcan “im calm and collected and cool outside but eternally screaming on the inside” way. Overthinks Everything.

Her main nemesis is some catwoman style jewelry thief who GLEEFULLY lives up the “ridiculous sexy villain” aesthetic. She’s gonna be comfortable but that doesnt mean she aint gonna look GOOD because these tiddies DESERVE to be appreciated via a cleavage window.

This is almost entirely why the hero has dubbed this mostly harmless thief as her nemesis like who fucking does that some of us are trying to do respectable work while she goes around feeding into EVERY sexy cliche I hate it so much I keep this picture of her to remind me of how much she annoys me and sleep with it every night.

Anyway. Hero one day sees her Nemesis in a mundane setting like at work or a coffeeshop and recognizes her INSTANTLY (reason 3 she’s annoying: actually thinks a dainty black eyemask is a DISGUISE)

Hero is like “hooollllyyy shit holy shit it’s her jfc she is FOLLOWING ME she’s trying to PSYCHE ME OUT!! Well ill show her im gonna go over and pass some hints that im on to her shit!!”

Goes over and is bamboozled when Nemesis is just all “oh hey i was wondering when you’d stop staring and come talk to me ;)” and next thing she knows theyre sitting down and having coffee together and then it hits her.

Not only did Nemesis not recognize her (of course she didnt because SOME OF US know how to do a disguise with voice changers and all) but she is now on a date. It’s a good date. Nemesis is flirty and cute and oh no she runs a charity organization for street kids fuck thats where the money all goes oh no oh fuck

And then dates?????? keep happening??????????? but moonlight chases across the city also keep happening????? Hero is Very Confused and Conflicted and it’s a constant hilarious comedy of errors of her almost coming clean on who she is then chickening out and in a constanr state of lowkey existential crisis.

All leads up to some scene where theyre doing the Hero and Villain thing and Hero cant stop from flirting hardcore and laying it on thick (bc she is now starting to warm up to this whole catsuit and titty window look she sees the benefits)

Only to have Nemesis go “oh honey thats sweet but im not gonna let you off easy for it. Also I have a girlfriend anyway”

Cue another lowkey existential crisis of being stuck between “I JUST GOT FUCKIN REJECTED BY MY OWN GIRLFRIEND????!?” And “holy shit she called me her girlfriend and turns down people for me oh my god ❤❤”

Plot twist: when she finally comes clean over breakfast Nemesis is like “oh thank god i was wondering when you’d say something because pretending I didnt know was getting too old to be fun anymore, like I caught on around our third date, anyway you want some more pancakes?”



some anon asked me to draw tony and pepper, but i accidentally deleted the message, sorry!!!! (⊙︿⊙✿)

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"weeks ago i the lesbian of the village bought condoms at the store and everyone knew about it even before i drove back home" oh my god i'm so glad i read all the tags i'm cackling in my college library the guy next to me is side-eying me and i thought my rural upbringing was bad im sO SORRY

I arrived back home and my Mom just deadass asked “why did you buy condoms for?” and I was just like?? HOW THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW I BOUGHT THAT? And she was like “Irene (the lady who owns the bakery) called and told me”. I’m 24 and don’t even really live there anymore, like… anyway, all my Mom did after that is ask if she could have some.


i cant stop listening to this song for three days now

so Anatomically Incorrect Gay Doodles are a must

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CHALLENGE: post the most ''embarrassing'', ''self-indulgent'' thing you've made in the past moth! (that's not smut, if you're embarrassed about that!) (but it could be smut) (pleasebemucklespleasebemuckles)


WELL OKAY I NEVER RUN SHORT OF EMBARRASSING SELF-INDULGENT STUFF.      SO.  I was thinking about Motorcity and Disney movies and I saw Atlantis on Hulu or Netflix or something and I was like……………………


I’m going to go lie on the floor how dare you make me do this GOD

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Fan Mail Time: I stumbled across your SU works, and they are just so ... delightful! Thank you for making them and sharing them. It might sound odd, but beyond the content of the images (the little story each one tells) and their general affect of sweetness, I particularly am tickled by the way you render Ruby's boots. For some reason, something about them is just so endearing, y'know? Like, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK AT HER CUTE LITTLE BOOTS! I'M GONNA DIE!" So, anyway, once again, thanks for existing!

GOSH, thank you so much for the compliments! I love telling little stories and depicting tenderness with my art and doing SU fanart is a great outlet for that.

I REALLY love drawing Ruby’s boots (I love drawing boots in general for some reason) and I gain an additional ten years to my lifespan every time someone reblogs and tags my art with comments saying how much they adored the way I draw Ruby or Eyeball’s boots!

God, this was such a nice thing to find in my inbox. Thank YOU for existing!

Have this Ruby sketch, friend!

                  sentence starters from : tweets i found. 

plenty to say about me, nothing to say to me.
how do you uninstall anxiety ?
god always ignores me, and i know because he has his read receipts on.
you’re only young once, so fuck it.
bitch, i will slice you.
if i said i got you, i got you.
you make me feel happy, sad and miserable at the same time.
once you’ve been hurt, you get scared to get attached again, because you’re always thinking everyone you love will always end up hurting you.
it takes me like 3 days to wake up in the morning.
that awkward moment when you think you’re important to someone, and you’re not.
i love sleeping to avoid problems.
people wanna see you do good, just not better than them.
i don’t even care about losing people anymore cause everyone leaves anyways.
if we were close before, there’s a huge chance i still care about you and would do anything for you.  
honestly, the best feeling ever is realizing you’re not sad anymore over something u thought u would never get over.
all i want is a clear mind and happy heart.
why is the person you wanna talk to always the hardest to actually talk to ?
i wish i met you when the timing was right.
i have the worst habit of over analyzing everything and putting myself in a bad mood.
the saddest part in life is saying goodbye to someone you wish to spend your lifetime with. 
i feel myself changing. i don’t laugh the same anymore, i don’t smile the same, or talk the same. i’m just so tired and mentally exhausted.
have you ever been in one of those moods where you don’t really know whats wrong but you feel really irritated with everyone and everything ?
it hurts, but it’s okay… i’m used to it.
i’ve had a good heart for all the wrong people.
my mind is a mess.

tldr: nasty lady who may or may not have been d/Deaf yelled at my coworker scared other customers and pissed off everyone working in the store…
I work at a consignment shop so we have separate counters for purchases/consignments. Customer came in like 3ish hrs before closing and was apparently being difficult before I had to deal with her…I was at the back counter (aaall the way at the far back of the store) trying to finish up a consignment and this customer comes and puts a huge pile of clothes on the counter and starts talking to me about prices and my opinion on purses…so I said “I’m sorry ma'am this isn’t a register I can’t check you out here. You need to bring these up front” and she just keeps talking? So I tried again and she goes “I’m deaf” in a nasty tone of voice and points to her hearing aid so I immediately was like oh my bad and started signing as best I could (I have a decent vocabulary but I taught myself online so I kinda do SEE as I speak with bad grammar?? Kindof?? :///) telling her “sorry I didn’t know u were deaf but u can’t buy these here” and she’s like “I know I was taking a breather” (tf does that even mean???) so then my coworker comes back to help this lady so I can finish helping the consigner. This lady starts yelling at my coworker who is trying to speak to her and she points to me and goes “tell her I’m deaf! She doesnt understand! [turns back to coworker] she telling you I’m deaf do you know what that means?” AND LEANS ACROSS THE COUNTER TO GET IN HER FACE!! And my coworker was like??? Ye?? I got it? Ur deaf??? So I got the lady’s attention and sign/spoke “she understands. Do you lip read?” And the lady keeps raging and not paying attention when my coworker spoke so I got her attention and again sign/spoke “do u lip read” and she goes “I don’t like it when ppl ask if I can lip read” so I was like ok that’s fair and sign/spoke “oh sorry do u want me to sign? Do u want help?” And the lady ignored me meanwhile the consigner is standing there looking shocked so I asked my coworker if she wanted to switch (hint: she did lmao) anyway kept trying to help this lady as she kept handing me stuff. She said she wanted to try things on so I spoke asking her name so I could start her a fitting room (she didn’t say anything so I signed “what your name” and she SPOKE back “name” so I signed “yes, your name” and she just stared at me so I was like ?? How do I sign this?? And literally just signed “need name your clothes room” and prayed to god she understood 😅) but she didn’t tel me her name she just kept muttering to herself and then handed me 2 bags and was like “these ones” so I signed “you want buy both?” And she just started asking me prices?? So I was like ooookay and just pointed to prices on tags cuz idk how to sign numbers over 20 that rnt multiples of 10…anyway that went on for a while and I dumped her stuff in a dressing room my coworker had apparently already started and then gave up the whole situation cuz it was obvious this lady wasn’t gunna cooperate lmao
BUT! I came back in after my shift p near closing to buy some stuff I had on hold and THE LADY WAS STILL!!! THERE!!! that’s almost 3 hrs of hogging a fitting room…like what in the hell?? And she had apparently kept yelling at ppl and being difficult the WHOLE. TIME.
Yeah but the fact that she never once signed back to me and was not looking at me or my coworkers faces when we spoke or tried to keep her attention and she didn’t try to take out any communication device or anything makes me think she was either not deaf and just trying to get sympathy or something?? or was there to purposely cause issues. Like we were doing our best to communicate….how r we supposed to help u if we don’t know if we should sign or speak?

It’s Jackaboy, the stealthiest hunter to ever stealth.

Just ignore the screaming.

Inspired by @therealjacksepticeye‘s The Hunter Call of the Wild video. It’s a few days late but you know what? I’m gonna shit-post anyway. It also seems topical to the more recent video AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! A blessing to us all. Amen Robin, the editing god.

the blood music video is so confusing????
  • like why are they in a high school?
  • why are they in a locker room singing about blood
  • why does frank have a dog
  • where did frank get the dog
  • why is the dog allowed on school premises
  • whose dog is that?????
  • why is bob duct taping mikey’s shirt
  • where did he get the tape anyway
  • what did he write on his chest bc whatever it is, it made mikey laugh
  • what’s mikey’s hair doing anyway huh
  • why aren’t the other guys doing anything but standing there
  • why is gerard the only one doing anything
  • where did the cheerleaders come from
  • why don’t they notice the cheerleaders 
  • is frank saying the “oh thank you part” or is he saying smth different
  • why does he look so good god dammit
  • why isn’t ray doing anything
  • why does he pet the dog so weirdly 
  • also what’s that tag that’s clipped onto gerards clothes is that how they got into the school hmmm
  • what’s going on???
  • why did they make this music video???
  • did they walk into the locker room to sing about blood and then just walk out??

Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

oh lol, since we said our blog is a hate-free zone, we wouldn’t publish it there (learn to read: we said that if you haters are so thirsty for getting dragged, come at our personal blogs) but im sure since you’re obsessed with oikage enough to send hate to a fanblog, you’ll be checking tags? 

umm,, first of all??? you guys are transparent as fuck??? crying in our inbox bc you can’t even enjoy anything without projecting your own insecurities onto a character, lol. And it’s honestly so pathetic, the only reason you guys latch onto my precious baby is bc you think just “bc he’s jealous of someone too, he’s your relatable fave uwu”?? LMAO GTFO. 

Also, stop pretending to care about Kageyama. It’s clear you’re one of those tacky af IO stans who hate Kageyama bc “he invalidates oikawa uwu :(((”. You probably think he “sTOLE SUGAS PLACE :((((” or something equally retarded too LMAO. Aaanyway, Kageyama is a badass and even a wilting flower wouldn’t be hurt by a SLAP THAT NEVER HAPPENED lmfao jfc 

I’m getting sick of posting this everywhere but you guys just cant fucking get over your selective blindness so it seems i just have to??

Yeah, this is canon:

Hmmm…. idk, what do you think it means?? food metaphors? fave food? eating? umm?? i guess you guys would prefer to think oikawa as a cannibal rather than him liking kage but hooonestly???? it kinda sounds like he wants to blow him to me :///// Maybe after the shiratorizawa match which he suuuuddenly decided to go after hearing girls talk about “not putting off confessing”??? which was… idk, i wonder, why would he be so inspired to do that after hearing something like this, not to mention after angsting over kageyama all night??????? i think your generic fave Slapstick DudeBro cockblocked him by appearing at the game ://////////////////// yet another reason to hate his boring ass :’<

Aaaaanyway lol, if you lot could get your heads out of your asses, you’d see that Oikawa blatantly wanted Kageyama to win against Shiratorizawa (and yeah, KAGEYAMA, NOT karasuno, as he said himself that Kageyama is the only noteworthy player in karasuno, apparently you idiots needed that in writing, go read 7th novel in panic after this and have fuuun lol) and there isn’t much (any?) bite behind his literal tsundere act against Kageyama anymore. Kageyama never expressed anything about destroying anyone anyway lol. Both simply idealize each other and fixate like crazy and you pissbabies can’t stand the fact that our ship has much more canonical base than all your crackshits can ever hope to have.


do you like sons of sun gods??? how about sons of sun gods that would literally give you the armor he had since birth if you asked him to??? if so oh boy i got the guy for you! say hello to Karna of the FATE SERIES, the demigod son of Surya who honestly’s not the best at the whole talking thing but hey who is really. anyway if you want this bundle of sunshine illuminating in your life, like favorite and subscribe hit that like / REBLOG!  \o/

Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)
Adore Derek Hale (Feliz Navidad)

Merry Christmas to all sterekers!

Adore Derek Hale (2x)
Adore Derek Hale and leave him happy, with a wagging tail.
We want to wish him a merry Christmas (2x)
We want to wish him a merry Christmas from inside our fandom heart.

You’re completely done with your normal life when you reached the point where you sing dadadada and dodododo while holding your nose because you need more voices for your feliz navidad cover that turned out as a Derek Hale anthem

Dean is in one of those moods. He’s fidgety and noisy and goddammit, Sam feels like living with a giant, wild five-years-old who is super high on sugar and won’t calm down until he got what he wanted. He honestly can’t stand it for too long, and for a few minutes Sam considers taking his big brother to a daycare or something– that would make him shut up or at least hurt his pride a bit.

It’s a sweet option, but Sam is busy, cataloging one of the storage rooms Dean should’ve taken care of months ago. It’s a wonder they’re not dead yet with so many supernatural crap laying around.

“Sammy, come on.”

“Dean, I’m busy–” Sam sighs, pushing a cursed, now harmless box aside. “You know, doing what you were supposed to do. We can go out later or whatever.”

Dean suddenly quiets down. It’s a small blessing and Sam can’t help but wonder for how long he’ll have some silence. Knowing his brother, it won’t be long enough–


What, Dean?”

“You sexy.” Sam knows what’s coming but he yelps in surprise anyway at the strong hand slapping his ass. “I’m way more interesting than this old crap.”

“This old crap can kill you in your sleep, and so can I. Hands off.”

“Love is so cruel.”

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robb stark appreciation month @robbstarkappreciation

day twenty-six: favorite S1 scene

1x08, the pointy end, “Treason? Sansa wrote this?”

“Are you afraid?”
“I must be.”
“Why is that good?”
“It means you’re not stupid.”

as in: there’s a lot of scenes I could have picked because S1 was definitely my favorite as far as show!Robb was concerned, but I went with this one because of that shaking hand detail which in my opinion was one of the best additions they made to the original canon when discussing Robb’s show writing - more under the cut before this post becomes way too long.

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