god how I miss this show you have no idea

I like to pretend that I would slam the door in your face if I found you on my doorstep five years from now. I like to think that, given what happened, I’d tell you to get lost and never call me again. If you’d ask why, I’d list all the things you’d ever done to me, all the times you’d broken my heart and made me feel like being myself wasn’t enough. I like to pretend I’d recognise you for the waste of time and tears you were. That you still are.

But there is that small part of me that is afraid. That small part of me that would hold open the door for you and invite you in, the part that would offer you a cup of coffee and remember that you like it with too much sugar. The part of me that still craves your presence on some days and misses the way you brushed my hair from my forehead or
how you laughed too loud or swore too much or let me call you in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep.

There is one thing I’m sure of, though. I hope you never show up on my doorstep again because God, I have no idea what I would do.

—  5 years from now

God Don’t Leave Me (Sana Bakkoush)

“You’re a good person.”

by Briony / red-jamie


Yoongi looked up from his spot on the couch.

How would you know that’s true? He asked, his voice significantly smaller than it had been moments ago.

From these. You showed him a packet of records. From what you could comprehend, Yoongi’s father had been training and using Yoongi to hack into various government systems around the world. At a young age, Yoongi had tested with a higher IQ and his father ran with it, ultimately letting Yoongi take the fall.

So I can’t hack into my own records, but you can look at other files of mine? Yoongi asked and you shook your head.

I wasn’t looking for you, I was looking through logs to see how to handle people with your personality and I stumbled on your name. Why didn’t you tell me who your father was? You tried to figure it out for the nights leading up to today, but nothing made sense. He had a different name and his father wasn’t known to have a family.

I took my mother’s name at birth. I’m a bastard to my father and I was used like a militant child. They sat me in a room and tested me for various abilities. Finally, when I hacked into that guy’s account in high school, my father realized what they could use me for. So I began working in the government, hacking into security servers and formulating data so that the government could blackmail. You watched as Yoongi angrily spouted off his frustrations. His father seemed like a horrible politician who wanted nothing more than to control him and the country. A part of you cracked. You had been subjected to similar issues, your mother using you as a permanent test subject. But I got so tired of watching the citizens of my own country get fucked over. I cracked. I finally went off and released documents.

You went after your father. You said in a dazed way. You looked at Yoongi, who had his head hung.

He’s old, he doesn’t deserve me going after him like that. Although he treated me like shit, I’m still his kid. For the first time, you saw remorse in Yoongi’s action. A sweet side to a rather bitter man. But a part of you was angered by this.

How could you say that? He’s a horrible man for doing that. God, I thought that I wanted you to show remorse, but there’s a huge part of me that wants to beat the shit out of your dad. You responded, you didn’t have any idea what had gotten into you. Tears welled up in your eyes and your vision went red. I … I … UGH. You slammed your fist down on the coffee table and Yoongi let out a bit of a chuckle.

Hold on there, little miss feisty. I did what I could, but I paid for it. The people now have access to the documents and can see how the government fucked them over. I did my deed. He shrugged and you watched him lay back like he had done for the past week and close his eyes.

Oh shut the fuck up. You spat and Yoongi opened his eyes and looked at you. You continue to behave poorly. You’re not content with your circumstances, but you’re playing the noble hero card. You scoffed and Yoongi sat up, looking you dead in the eye. Huh, well, today’s session is over. You pointed to the clock and Yoongi continued to stare you in the eye. Not making any movements to leave, Yoongi just sat there, his gaze not budging from yours. You started to stand, when Yoongi reached out and grabbed your hand. You eyed the button that sat on the table next to you, it was meant for security situations, if you pushed it, the guards would rush in. Your mind contemplated pushing it, but Yoongi saw you look and quickly dropped your hand.

I’m not a bad guy. I just wanted you to know that. This entire experience hasn’t been the worst thing to happen to me, in a way, I’m free because I’m here. I’m not under my father’s constant watch. So I’m not remorseful because in a way, this opened doors for me. He shrugged again, but you saw something else in his eyes.

Okay. Well we can pick this up on Friday. You said and Yoongi’s eyes shot up at you.

Friday? Why Friday? Why aren’t you here for the week? He erupted with a myriad of questions. His eyes darted around the room and you realized so much from that small interaction.

You need to calm down. I’m going to come back. You reassured him, but he didn’t seem completely convinced. You realized that within a week, Yoongi had formed a connection to you. He saw you as a constant in his world and someone who was willing to vouch for him. Sitting back down, you timidly took hold of Yoongi’s hand. I have some connections of my own in the government and I think I have a case to help you. You said quietly. Yoongi looked into your eyes and it felt as though a scared child was staring back. A piece of your heart broke as you looked deep into his eyes.

A case? He asked and you nodded.

Everyone is in here for a reason that they caused, but a person who is forced to do a crime is seen as innocent and the person who forced them into the crime is the guilty one. You said before letting go of his hand and standing up again. Yoongi sat there, his eyes staring at an empty part of the room, and you could tell his mind was racing. Yoongi, you have to leave my office now. You said and he stood up only giving you a small wave and exiting without a word.

You packed up your things. The next day you made your way to your friend’s office, sitting in front of him, you laid out the case.

So Min Yoongi, the convicted government hacker, is actually innocent? Y/N, I thought you usually helped people that are insane, but looks like you’re the insane one here. You rolled your eyes.

Look at his documents, his statements don’t make sense. The government changed his transcripts so it made it look like he worked alone. I swear he’s innocent, his dad is the one who put him up to this. You ran your mouth at your friend who sat back in his chair.

I’m a second year at this firm, I can’t be bringing a case against one of the top government officials, saying that his illegitimate son was used as a pawn and that he’s actually a horrible man while his son is innocent! I’ll end up jobless! You looked at him and pleaded.

But that’s exactly what happened! You yelled and your friend looked around. Giving a sigh, he held out his hand.

Give me the documents, but don’t be upset if this goes nowhere. He said in an exasperated tone and you gladly tossed the documents to him.

This was the beginning of the trial of the century.

Complicated (Prt5) - Barry Allen x Reader

Complicated (Part 5) - Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: ahhh srry

Summary: After waking up from a two year coma & catching up with Barry, the reader has a little chat with her brother, Oliver Queen. Except, everyone seems to be acting oddly, what could they be hiding?

Disclaimer: I’ve never actually watched Arrow, I apologize for that.

Warnings: suggestive themes ? swearing

Word count: 1,300 ish

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Okay because I can’t keep my mouth shut and do my damn work:

Look the thing that’s really killing me about DashingFrost is THOR 2. Let me elaborate.

By the time the movie happens they’ve been at this on and off for centuries and Fandral is just at a total loss at what has become of his prince when Loki comes back collared and in chains and his heart is heavy but it’s still Loki. So Fandral will continue to love him, even if it’s from afar for now, but augh THOR 2.

1. Fandral is the one to deliver the news about Frigga because he can’t bear to let anyone else tell Loki. Loki cannot show his feelings to Fandral because that would be admitting how much he’s imploding inside over Frigga’s death. 2. Fandral making comments about Loki falling into the boat because it’s the only way he can deal with Loki being in prison, like a subtle reminder I’m still here and I know about your princely grace. Intimately. I miss you.  God though I am intensely interested in this ship. Anyone who knows my shipping preferences is probably somewhat aware of my predilection for Loki/Mental Health, and I feel like this damn ship has so much potential. I love the idea of them having adventures on their own around the castle, and I love the implications of Loki having someone in Thor’s circle of friends who is more his than Thor’s. /feelings
One Direction Preference #2 - He has a breakdown being away from you

Part 2


It was 3 a.m. in the morning and he was sobbing in between his hands. He blames the alcohol for making him so emotional, but he couldn’t help it. He drank and he drank, hoping it would wash away his thoughts. Little did he know it made him worse. He needed to see you again. He needed to touch you, and feel his lips on yours. He needed you here with him. He quickly took his phone and dialed your number. “Hello?” Your voice rung through his ears calming him down. “Y/N.” He says weakly. “Lou, what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He sniffles and shakes his head letting another tear roll down his cheek. “Y/N, I need you.” He hears you sigh. “Louis, have you been drinking again?” He remains silent. “Lou, you know the affect alcohol has on you.” “I’m sorry I just…I miss you.” You sigh again. “I miss you too babe.” It hurt you to hear him like this, crying his eyes out. “I promise I’ll come visit you as soon as I can.” You say. “Will you?” “Yes.” He smiles slightly. “I love you.” He says. “I love you too.”


He was a mess without you. He had changed quite a lot ever since he had to break up with you. He didn’t want to, but he had to because he knew he’d miss you too much while on tour. The only problem was that it has already been three months and he hasn’t gotten over you. You already have another boyfriend so there wasn’t anything else he could do. After a show, he went straight to the bathroom and locked the door. He completely broke down and sobbed. “Mate, you alright?” A voice said behind the door. It was Niall. “You’ve been in there for an hour.” Liam sniffled. “Liam you’re scaring me, let me in.” He eventually obliged and opened the door. Niall sighed when he looks at him. His eyes were red and his tears had dried on his cheeks. “It’s her isn’t it?” He nodded and threw himself on Niall for a hug. Niall always had the best hugs. “It’s alright. Everything is going to be alright.” Niall said. Liam hadn’t even noticed that he was starting to sob on his shoulder. “Liam, don’t take this the wrong way but I need to wee so…” “Oh, sorry mate.” He broke the hug and dried his tears. Niall entered the bathroom. “Oh and one more thing, she has broken up with her boyfriend.” “What? how do you know that?” “She told me.” “Since when did you guys start talking?” “Since about an hour ago.” Liam furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “You’ll understand later.” He smirked.            


“He’s been like this for a week already.” Zayn says to Harry. The two boys stare at the once happy go lucky Irish boy they call their best friend. But now something is wrong. He isn’t the same giddy blonde boy he once was. “I’ll go talk to him.” Harry says. He carefully approaches him, thinking of what to say. Niall was sitting on the couch staring at the ground. His palms were clammy and his bottom lip was between his teeth. “Niall?” His head turns to Harry, forgetting about his thoughts. “Are you okay?” He sighs and shuts his eyes. He thinks about you. He thinks about your reaction just a week ago when he broke up with you and how much regret he felt. “Niall?” “S-sorry.” He mumbled. “You’re worrying us mate. All the boys are wondering what’s up with you.” Harry’s taking a seat next to him. “I’m fine.” He says weakly. He remembers your sobs on the other end of the phone and how much it broke him. “Niall. We know something is wrong. Come on you know you can talk to us.” He puts his hand on his shoulder. “It’s just…it’s…it’s Y/N.” “What about her?” He sighs again. “I broke up with her.” His eyes widen, clearly surprised. “I thought things were going well between you guys.” “They are…well…were.” “Then why did you break up with her?” “Because I’m not going to see her for months Harry. I don’t think I can handle that. I needed to let her go before I fall too hard.” “Niall, I-” Harry is interrupted by Niall sobbing. His head in between his hands, the tears rolling down his cheeks. Harry had no idea how to react. He quickly brought him into a hug. “I miss her so much.” He mumbles. Harry sighs. He has never seen his best friend like this. “Niall, I think it’s obvious you have already fallen too hard.” Niall nods and breaks the hug. “God I’m such a fucking idiot. She’ll never take me back.” “Hey, don’t say that. Talk to her.” He nods. “I will.”            


The boys had just finished their show and Zayn came off the stage disappointed. It was definitely not his best show. He didn’t give it his all. He missed his high notes and forgot lyrics. “Nice job boys!” Liam said coming off the stage. He noticed Zayn standing in the corner staring at a wall. “Hey you okay mate?” Zayn turned around surprised. “Oh yeah yeah I’m alright.” He smiles weakly. “You seemed a little off today. You sure you are okay?” “I told you I’m fine.” He quickly turns around to hide the tear sliding down his cheek. “Fuck.” He mumbles. “Zayn.” Zayn quickly runs into the closest room he found and locks the door. It was a closet. He sobs for what seems for hours. He leaned against the door with his eyes squeezed shut. He looked like a mess. He needed to hear your voice. He dialed your number. “Pick up. Pick up.” It went straight to voicemail. “Fuck!” He threw his phone across and slid down against the door. He was having a huge breakdown. “I need you.” He sobs. His phone suddenly started ringing and he picked it up. “Hello?” “Zayn? Did you call?” He instantly felt more relaxed after hearing your voice. “Y/N.” “Zayn? Are you okay?” “I miss you.” He chokes out. “Zayn.” You say sadly. “I need you…here.” “Zayn. I know you do but I can’t right now.” “Y/N I-” “I have to go.” You say. Your boss was getting pissed at you for taking a short break. He sighs. “I love you Zayn.” You tell him. “I love you Y/N.”


“Come back to bed babe.” The blonde girl says sprawled on the bed. “Yeah just one second. I’ll be right back.” He went into the bathroom and locked it. He leaned against the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. “I’m such a fuck up.” He says. He so badly wanted to kick something but he didn’t want the blonde girl to get distracted. “What have I done?” He runs his hand through his curls and sighs. “I have to tell her.” He dials your number nervously and puts it against his ear. “Hello?” “Y/N.” He says. “You alright?” “No I-” “What’s wrong?” He sighs and shuts his eyes. “There’s something you should know.” “W-what is it?” You say nervously. “I-I.” “You what?” “I cheated on you.” He blurted out. He covered his face with one hand, expecting the worst. “Y-you what?” He remained silent. “Harry answer me. Tell me you’re just joking.” “I’m not. I’m so-” He hears a sniffle on the other end making him regretful. “Y/N, believe me, I’m really sorry about this.” You were speechless. “Y/N. Say something please.” “Is she there?” “What?” “The girl you cheated on me with.” “N-no I mean yes well…yes she is.” Her sobs grew louder. “I don’t expect you to forgive me.” He sighs. “We can’t be together Harry.” The words crush Harry. He knew this was coming. “I-I understand.” He tries to hold back the sobs by biting his bottom lip. “But I want to see you one last time.” His voice cracks. He hadn’t seen you in 3 months. “How?” She says weakly. “Whenever I can.” “No you know what no. I don’t want to see you ever again!” She yells. The words stung. His eyes squeezed shut as yet another tear falls out. “Babe-” “Don’t call me that.” “I’m so-” “I have to go.” You say and end the call. Harry drops the phone and covers his face with his hands. “Fuck!” He kicks the door leaving a mark there. “Harry everything alright there?” The girl says. He ignores her and sobs loudly. “What have I done.” He says. “I’m such a fuck up!” He sobs. He collapses on the ground and sobs. “Harry open up!” He continues ignoring her. He was just thinking of you. He lost the most important person in his life. He dials your number again but he isn’t surprised that you don’t pick up. He decides to leave a voicemail. “I can’t just be away from you.” He sobs. “I love you.”               

lancedinah  asked:

I tried reading that white privilege post you reblogged and I made it three sentences down before I was like nope can't even. She missed the point of what is meant by white privilege.

god she truly has no idea what we mean by white privilege, a simple google search would have showed her that her post is absolute bullshit and yet? i’m just???? amazed at how ridiculous people can be

Company Of Neighbors

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I don’t know exactly where it came from but I was inspired to write Matt so if he’s not in character sorry. If you have any ideas for some more Christmas/Winter stories send them in I would love to have them. Hope you enjoy!

“Mom I’m sorry, I just… I can’t get a ticket. I’m not coming home for Christmas.” You apologize as you heard your Mother’s sniffle clearly trying to hold back tears.

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He Comes Home From Tour


I’m standing in the airport with Liz and the rest of Luke’s family. Today would be the day that Luke is coming home from tour. Earlier today, I got a text message from him saying that he misses me and he can’t wait to see me. As I’m waiting, a cool breeze blows by and raises goosebumps on my skin. Fans have lined up, just to catch a glimpse of the boys. It’s been seven months since I’ve last seen Luke and the rest of 5SOS. I would tell you that I’m not nervous, but then I’d be lying. I’m afraid that he’s going to walk off that plane and through the terminal doors and tell me that he doesn’t love me anymore.

“Hey!” I turn to my left to see Jack and his girlfriend, Celeste.

“What’s up?” I ask.

“Why does it look like you’re about to shit your pants?”

“Jack! You can’t ask her that!” Celeste says, slapping Jack’s arm as he laughs. “What’s up Y/N?”

“I’m just nervous, afraid even.” Liz overhears this and walks up to the three of you.

“Why’s that sweetheart?” She asks.

“He’s been gone for seven months. That’s roughly 213 days. I’ve barely had anytime to talk to him, between school and work. Every time I got a chance to talk to him, he would either be playing a show or sleeping and I knew that he needed sleep and I didn’t want to disturb it. And I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way, because I mean you guys have it worse than I do! I mean he’s your son,” I point to Andrew and Liz. “And your guys’ brother. I just happen to be the girl who’s heart he stole. And I’m not to sure if he wants to keep it. I feel as if he’s going to see me and tell me he doesn’t want me anymore. I’m so afraid that he found someone better. That someone else stole his heart. I’m afraid, he found someone who could answer his calls when he calls or can fly out whenever to visit him on tour. I’m afraid he found his dream girl, the one who’s tall, drop dead gorgeous, has everything he ever wanted in a girl. Someone who doesn’t have stretch marks on her thighs or stomach. Someone who doesn’t have insecurities. Someone who can love him unconditionally, and doesn’t care what others think of her. I’m afraid he found someone who he doesn’t have to remind everyday that’s she’s beautiful. I’m afraid. And I… I just..” I couldn’t even finish my sentence because I was choking on my own sobs. At this point, I was so busy ranting over my insecurities, that I didn’t hear the roaring screams of the fans.

Luke’s Point of View:

After saying hello to the fans, I go to look for my family and my beautiful girlfriend. We haven’t spoken much, because of my busy schedule and her schooling and work. I finally catch a glimpse of Y/N and my family. As I’m walking towards them I hear Y/N speaking about her insecurities. It breaks my heart to hear my girlfriend say those things when she is the only one I think about. I see my mom and Celeste try to calm Y/N, but I don’t even give them the chance to before I’m walking over to her. Y/N’s sobs have now turned into sniffles when my arms circle around her waist and my head is placed on her shoulder.

“Hi, beautiful,” I whisper in her ear. I don’t even give her the chance to talk. “I heard what you said. I hope you know that none of that is true. Sure we haven’t talked very much since tour started, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to forget about you and fall in love with someone else. I will always want you. I could never find someone better than you. You are the best of the best. You keep me happy. You put a smile on my face. You are the first thing on my mind and the reason I go to bed with a smile on my face. Going to bed, meant one more sleep closer till I could see the love of my life. You are my dream girl. With your stretch marks and insecurities. All your flaws, made me fall in love with you more. No one is the same as you, and that’s what I love about you. You’re mine and I’m yours. You are the only person I’d ever want.” I turn her around in my arms and grab her face so I could look her in the eyes when I tell her how much she means to me. As I start talking again, I wipe away her fallen tears. “I love you. I love you with all my heart. Being away from you physically hurts. You have no idea how hard it was for me to leave that day for tour. I cried when I got on to the plane, because it meant I was going to be away from you for seven months and I couldn’t handle that. I know you love me unconditionally and you know it too. You were blinded by the distance. And I don’t want that to happen again. What you just said, broke my heart. I couldn’t believe that you, my beautiful girlfriend felt that poorly. You should’ve told me you were insecure about that. It would’ve been easier then just keeping it bottled up. And just so you know I love reminding you that you’re beautiful, because every time I say it, your face lights up and I love seeing you smile and knowing I’m the reason of that smile, makes me the happiest man alive. So, Y/N, I want you to know that I love you so much. And I hope you know, that I’m going to spend the rest of my life showing you.” By this point, after my speech, she’s silently crying. I lean in to gently kiss her lips passionately.

“Luke, I-I’m speechless. God I love you so much. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so glad that I have you.”

“Me too. C'mon baby, let’s go home so we can cuddle.”

“I love you,” she says to me.

“I love you more,” I say as I wrap my arm around her waist and kiss the side of her head.


I wake up to an empty bed and cold legs. Outside, I can hear the birds chirping and the sounds of the outside world. I know I should open my eyes and face the day, but I’m too tired to do so. My mind flashes back to my night with Michael. He came home from a 7 month tour and to say that I was ecstatic, was an understatement. He had surprised me, told me he wasn’t coming home until later today. I was reading in the living room, when I heard the door open. Knowing that no one was supposed to come over, I was uneasy. I walked to the front door, where the love of my life was standing there with cheeky grin on his face. I’m not going to lie, I ran into his arms and kissed him, kissed him hard.

“I missed you,” I told him.

“God, you have no idea how much I missed you! Not just your presence, but your voice, your laugh, your smile, your lips, and your body. God, I love you.” We had gone up to the bedroom, where we showed each other how much we missed and love each other. From the moans of pleasure and the whispers of ‘I Love You’s,“ he had showed me he loved me like never before. I know that if I were to look at him right now, there would be scratches on his back, hickeys on his neck and bite marks in his shoulders from my lame attempts to stop myself from screaming out his name. I finally open my eyes, and get momentarily blinded from the sunlight shining through the balcony. A light breeze, swooshes through the room and dances across my skin, raising goosebumps. I reach my hand across the bed to see if I can feel Michael to the left of me. When my fingers clench empty sheets, I lift my head to look around the room for my handsome boyfriend. There, standing on the balcony, is Michael with his back back to me, letting me see all the marks I left last night. As if sensing my stare, Michael turns around to look at me.

"Good morning beautiful.”

“Hi, Mikey. I’m so sorry about your back! I just, you made me feel so good, and I needed that. I needed you. My vibrator wasn’t suffice.” At your confession, Michael’s face shows surprise.

“It’s okay baby, I missed you too. Sorry I couldn’t be there to help you out,” he says smirking while walking over to the bed and laying down beside you. He moves your hair out of your face and gently kisses your forehead, then kisses your lips. “I’m glad I’m home,” he says.

“Me too.”


Today, Ashton comes home from a seven month tour, and I’m ecstatic that he’s going to be home. It’s been hard not having him here. He texted me before he boarded the plane and told me that his plane would be landing at 3 o'clock pm, our time. I had to make sure that I looked nice for when I go to pick him up. I am wearing Ashton’s favourite dress of mine. A black summer dress that comes down to the middle of my thighs and has a lace back with white buttons on the front and some white flats. I pick up my keys, purse and phone, to head out to pick up Ashton because his flight lands it 30 minutes, when there’s a knock on the door.

“Just a minute,” I yell, as I put down my purse with my phone and keys. I open the door, to see someone holding my favourite flowers over their face.

“Oh, hi.”

“Hello, ma'am, here’s your favourite flowers from your favourite boyfriend,” Ashton says as he lowers the flowers.

“Ash!” I yell surprised and go to hug him when he stops me.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he says, “Don’t want to squish the flowers, now do we?” He says smirking at me.

“Ugh, you’re an ass!” He sets them down beside my purse, then opens his arms, inviting me in to hug him. I run up to him and jump, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck.

“I missed you,” I breathed into his neck. He giggles as he rubs my back, “I missed you too, boo.” After his use of my favourite nickname, I kiss him.

“I love you! Please don’t ever leave for that long again!”

“Of course not, I love you more. Now, I see you’re in my favourite dress, let’s go on a date. We haven’t been on one since you last visited me on tour,” he says as he leads me out the front door.

Calum - HIS POV:

Yesterday, our seven month tour ended and now I’m on my way to surprise my best friend of five years. Today is her birthday, so the boys and I thought we would throw her a surprise birthday party, with her four favourite boys as surprise guests. This year though, instead of getting her a present, I thought I would tell her that I love her. I’ve been told by many people, that she loves me back, so I have nothing to lose. The party has already started when we pulled up in front of (Y/N)’s house.

“You ready Cal?” Luke asks me and Michael and Ashton nods their heads silently asking me the same question. A nervous smile breaks out onto my face,

“Born ready, I can’t wait to tell (Y/N), the love of my life, that I love her,” I say as a blush creeps up my cheeks.

“Let’s go then?” Michael asks.

“Let’s go,” Ashton confirms as he leads the way.

We are walking to the backyard where the party is held, when we hear, “Now, (Y/N), you have one more present to open, and I think it just arrived,” (Y/N)’s mom say. The boys and I turn to look at each other with smirks on our faces.

“Oh boys, come on in!” That’s our queue. We walk through the gate and yell,

“Happy Birthday (Y/N)!” Her face shows absolute surprise and in a second, she’s running towards us and throws herself into my arms.

“Oh my god! You’re here! When did tour end? Never mind it doesn’t matter! Oh my god, Calum!” I laugh at her rambling and hold her out at arms length. I notice tears of joy are running down her face, so I wipe them away.

I look into her eyes lovingly as I say, “Happy Birthday, I love you.” For the second time today, her face shows shock and before I can say anything, she’s kissing me. I completely melt the moment her lips touch mine and I kiss her back.

She pulls away and looks at me, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you to say those words.”

“Not as long as I’ve been wanting to say them,” I say before I kiss her again.

 "I love you, Cal,“ she says against my lips and I smile. She pulls away and looks to my left to say hi to the rest of my band mates, who have huge smiles on their faces, silently saying they’re happy for me.

After saying 'Hi’ to the guys and them saying happy birthday, (Y/N) yells, "LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED,” and Selena Gomez’s song Birthday starts. Everyone starts to laugh and I can’t help but to think, I’m so glad tour is over.

A/N: I was listening to Selena Gomez’s song Birthday when I wrote Calum’s.

Oh Come On!


Summary: After getting Sam back from the British Men of Letters, everyone decides to take a break. Sam needs time to heal, Mary needs time to adjust to this new world, and Y/N and Dean need to work on rekindling their relationship after the whole Amara situation. But when things start getting steamy in the back seat of the Impala Dean remember’s the look his mom gave him, when seeing Baby again.

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Mary Winchester,  Amara (mentioned), Reader.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Warnings: All smutty goodness and language

Word Count: 1,722

A/N: I’m not sure if anyone has done this yet, but I couldn’t help but write this after watching Supernatural 12x01.  Once I started writing it I couldn’t stop, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do!

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Missing You

Character: Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 2061

A/N : This one shot was sort of, but not really based on this song.

You knew it was a horrible idea the moment you’d agreed to it, but nothing on earth could’ve stopped you from agreeing to meet him for “coffee” earlier this afternoon. You and Louis had been broken up for nearly six whole months, but before that you had been in a relationship for almost two years. In the beginning things were perfect between you two, so perfect that most of the time you thought you were dreaming. However, near the end of your seemingly perfect relationship, everything went to shit. He got more and more distant with each passing day, while you got more and more pushy. You thought of him as the love of your life, the man you were meant to spend the rest of your life with, so of course you’d want to take the next step with him and move in together, but he had other plans. The more you pushed him, the more you fought and the more you fought, the more he shut himself off. The arguing and the hurtful exchange of words went on for a while, until one night you’d finally had enough and you uttered the words that you’ve been regretting since they left your mouth, “We’re done! Get the fuck out of my house.”

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Experience with the fanboy cable man
  • So we recently bought a house, my family did. Today my mom was on the phone with the cable guy and I heard her exclaim, "that's a lot of channels!" I instantly stopped vacuuming and yelled, "ASK IF THEY HAVE BBC AMERICA!!" She rolled her eyes and did. I didn't hear the rest, as I had to keep vacuuming, but my mom told me what happened when I was through.
  • Apparently they guy on the other end (I have no idea how old he was) went into fanboy mode and was along the lines of, "oh my god I love that channel!! *says price* what's your favourite show?!" And my mom managed to spurt out "that show about the Doctor" and quickly changed the subject
  • I hate I missed this conversation
  • Ten points for you cable guy
Preference #15 – He’s Your BFF


A big smile took over your face as you caught sight of your best friend. He’d been gone for about two months, travelling the world as he did every so often, bringing joy with his music while you were at home. ‘Hazza! It’s so good to see you!’ You exclaimed, wrapping your arms around him firmly as Harry did the same. “[Y/N],” he sighed, “god, you have no idea how much I missed having a sane person around.” You giggled and let go of him, taking a good look at him, before linking your hands together as you marched into your living room. ‘What do you think?’ You asked excitedly as you showed off your newly repainted walls and replaced furniture. He let out a low whistle, his hand moving along the dresser – the only item you’d kept from your old interior, with all sorts of framed pictures on it. His eyes focused on one frame in particular that held a photo of the two of you, which had been taken when he’d extravagantly celebrated your birthday with you back home, as he’d claimed he had to live up to his title as your best friend. “It’s beautiful, but I have to say I really liked your old interior too,” he trailed off, making you grin. ‘You’re just nostalgic, I know you hate it when I change things and you’re not there,’ you said, to which Harry feigned an offended frown. “I am not nostalgic. And I do very well with change. I change my lyrics and choreographies every single night.” Another giggle escaped you, shaking your head at his antics before letting yourself fall down on your newly acquired couch. ‘Honestly, Harry, you will love this new couch. It’s so comfy and it’ll be good for your back too.’ Interest now piqued, “you thought of me?” wondrously escaping him as he slowly made his way towards the sofa, inspecting it from up close before dropping down on it ungraciously. “I don’t see the appeal,” he muttered out while you laughed at the position he’d gotten himself in – upside down and half on top of you. ‘You should try sitting like me – an actual “sane person”,’ you suggested as you pushed him softly into an upright manner, as he showed off a cheeky smile with dimples. He settled into the sofa quickly then, adjusting a bit, before letting out a groan of satisfaction. “I am never leaving this couch again,” he said with his eyes closed, “you will have to remove me with force. Or buy me one.” You shook your head, ‘excuse you. I will do no such thing. I might be the sane person, I’m not the rich person out of us two. I spent my savings on this baby. It’s staying with me.’ He pouted, “Oh come on, [Y/N]! Can’t it be a homecoming gift?” ‘My gift to you is gracing you with my presence, don’t be greedy,’ you teased, and he laughed, before wiggling his eyebrows. “How do you feel about joint custody?” You rolled your eyes fondly, ‘hmm oh I don’t know Haz, that requires a lot of commitment,’ you spoke up as you placed your head in his lap, letting him stroke your hair like he always did. He was uncharacteristically quiet though, making you open your eyes so you could look at him properly. “I wouldn’t mind committing to you,” he murmured softly, green orbs unwavering as he stared back down. An unabashed smile made its way to your face, reaching out to intertwine your fingers. ‘If I had to share custody with anyone, you know it’d be you. You’re my best friend.’ His smile seemed to falter, even if it was just for a split second, before his dimple came into view again, “yeah. You’re my best friend too.”


You moaned in frustration, ready to throw your laptop out of the window, when Liam walked back in with two cups of tea. “Woah, what are you even doing?” He questioned, amusement obvious on his face, making you want to strangle him. ‘This fucking essay is not coming along at all,’ you muttered, reaching out for the cup of tea and taking a gulp. He frowned, settling into his chair, “well, being violent surely won’t be very conducive either.” You raised an eyebrow at him, ‘conducive? Someone’s been paying attention to me practicing my presentations.’ Liam shot you a glare in return, and you couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you. ‘Aw, babe, you know I’m just joking,’ you cooed, but he just stuck out his tongue petulantly, but then gave you a cheeky smile. “Remember when I thought psychiatry was a word I’d created myself?” Nodding immediately, you laughed, ‘it would’ve been a great invention if it hadn’t already existed.’ Liam let out a chuckle, then nodded at your work. “Still, I wish I could help you out, rather than just make you a cup of tea.” It was a sore point in conversation – it wasn’t that Liam wasn’t smart. He just had had other priorities, and hadn’t finished school. Hadn’t liked learning half as much as you had. It was how you’d met in the first place, tutoring him when he was still in school. ‘It’s fine. You make a mean cup of tea,’ which was a fact. Even Louis, who was a really difficult person when it came to his cuppa allowed Liam to make his. ‘And I’m glad we’re still hanging out. You’re my best friend, even if I don’t get to see you much.’ “Even if I don’t know that psychiatry is an actual word?” He asked jokingly, but you recognized the small sliver of hesitation, of insecurity in his voice. So you gave him your best smile, and nodded, bright-eyed. ‘Li, you’re not my professor. I know shit about music and I’d probably love your songs just because you’re happy and you made them with love, no matter what they sound like. And you still think of me as a great friend. So yes, I really do think you’re the best friend anyone could wish for – I don’t care if you’re studious or not.’ That finally seemed to convince him, a satisfied smile settling onto his features. ‘I’m more worried I’m boring you. Wish I was free so we could watch a movie or something,’ you pouted instead. Liam immediately shook his head, smile still evident as he replied, “don’t worry! I like just being here, away from the craziness. You just studying kinda makes me feel a bit more normal. Like we – you know, us, that’s normal.” You nodded, giving up on your work for now and opting to settle into the couch next to him. ‘I like being here too. Your house is infinitely more amazing than my apartment.’ He snorted, patting your leg, “only in it for the money huh.” You turned and looked at him affronted, ‘I wish. No, the invites to fancy parties where you get free stuff always go to the girlfriend.’ It was a joke, but Liam seemed to actually contemplate whether or not it was true he’d never taken you anywhere, and then slowly nodded, a bashful smile spreading out onto his face. “I’ll take you, [Y/N]. Next time I get to invite a plus one, it’ll be you.”


You laughed loudly, before accepting the drink Louis was holding in front of you, eyebrows wiggling suggestively. “How’s it feel?” You asked him, trying to shout over the pounding music in the room, but apparently he hadn’t heard you as his arm sneaked around your waist to pull you closer. ‘Say again, love,’ Louis murmured, and you motioned for him to turn his head so you could talk into his ear properly. “I said, how’s it feel. Like, being off, being on perpetual holiday,” you tried again, this time you noticed he’d heard you by the way he was smirking lightly. Being friends with Louis for the time that you had, had made you pick up on such small tell-tale signs that portrayed his mood to you. ‘Weird, bit irresponsible. Can’t really comprehend it. Remember when you slept over and you forgot that it was a Saturday and woke up at like 7 so frantically cause you thought you had class? I’m sure that’ll be me tomorrow,’ he said, and you nodded along to what he was saying – remembering exactly how you’d ended up there in the first place. It was actually the night you two had met, after you’d gone with a friend of yours to a ‘high-end party’. Which had ended up being a not-so high end party at Louis’ apartment – your friend knew his bassist or whatever, and just like that you’d ended up falling asleep in a bed, Louis’ it turned out, and he’d just let you. Crept in right beside you, tugged some blankets from your grasp and had cuddled with you until morning had come, which had left you embarrassed and frazzled. Still, your friends kept saying that something must’ve happened that night, despite the countless amount of times that the both of you denied it. “Hmm. Want me to make sure you won’t get restless then?” You offered as you leaned back into his embrace, pulling Louis down with you on a couch nearby, which allowed you two to actually hear and see each other a bit more clearly. He didn’t remove his arm from around your waist, instead let his head drop onto your shoulder, eyes unfocused from the alcohol, nodding softly. ‘Mmhm, just wanna cuddle. Don’t tell Liam,’ he added suddenly, making you laugh. The last time you’d slept over – Louis claimed it calmed him down, he felt homesick and alone quite fast – Liam had walked into the tourbus, fully expecting to only encounter Louis. Instead, he’d found the two of you curled up in one bunk. Which had resulted in a very awkward conversation where you had to try your hardest to dispel any assumptions about your relationship. “Hmm like how I didn’t tell him about the incident?” You teased, referring to a particularly embarrassing moment for Louis you’d bared witness to, who immediately opened his eyes and glared at you. ‘Don’t you dare. I seem to remember an incriminating voicemail that I will definitely use against you,’ he stated, and you flipped him off in response. The two of you sat quietly for a while, until you spoke up again. “So, no pulling tonight?” It was weird, and you didn’t really know why you wanted to ask that question, but there it was – out in the open now. Louis didn’t seem to mind though, a smirk on his face as he turned to glance at you. ‘Nope, ‘ve already got a girl secured for in my bed, don’t I?’ He laughed, and even though you knew exactly how he meant it, it still left your cheeks burning hot.


“And then he just fell, you know?” You hummed to show that you were listening as Josh recounted another story. Niall had taken to throwing pieces of bread at your head, after you’d refused to entertain him and his need to watch the latest golf tournament. He was your best friend, but even you had boundaries as to what you’d accept and you just didn’t like golf at all. Didn’t see the appeal of watching it, didn’t see the appeal in playing it, so you were fine with having Niall undertake such activities with other people. However, he hadn’t taken as kindly to your rejection and had proceeded to annoy you whenever he could. Ignoring Niall so far hadn’t really worked, and you were losing your focus on what Josh was even talking about, so you sighed exasperatedly, before speaking up, “oh my god, stop it!” Niall just chuckled, and threw another piece. ‘What’s the magic word? I didn’t hear any magic words,’ he singsonged, again bringing his hand up to throw a bread crumb. You just blinked, and felt it hit your face moments later. Within seconds, you launched yourself at Niall and tried to wrestle the stupid sandwich out of his hands so he’d stop throwing food at you. Of course it quickly dissolved into a playfight in which you were aiming to pin his hands above his head. ‘They say boys tease girls because they like them,’ Josh suddenly piped up, smirking as he regarded the position you were now in – lying on the floor, tangled together. Redfaced, you immediately let go of Niall’s wrists, and stood up to dust yourself off. “Niall and [Y/N], sitting in a tree, K-I-S-mmpfh” Josh’ song was interrupted by Niall covering his face, to which you promptly started yelling another song, ‘Josh and his hand, sitting in a tree, Mas-Tur-Ba-T-I-N-G!’ As expected, both boys immediately burst out laughing and you let yourself fall back on the couch with a satisfied feeling. “Alright alright, I’m bowing out,” Josh repented, before leaving Niall’s hotel room where you’d been cooped up for the entire day. Niall sidled up to the clothing rack that their stylists had put there earlier on, who’d been slightly surprised finding you in the room as well. ‘So, what do you want to do before the show?’ He asked, and you shrugged. “We could get tattoos,” you suggested, if only to see Niall bristle in terror, before glaring at you. ‘We could also just go and get food downstairs,’ to which you raised an eyebrow. “So you can throw more of it at me? I don’t think so.” He leveled your gaze and then broke out into another cheeky smile, reaching over to kiss your nose. ‘Honestly, [Y/N], babe, I was just sharing with you. You know I don’t share with anyone. I was being extra nice,’ he replied. A giggle erupted from your throat, shaking your head. “Stop! You’re only trying to distract me from the fact you actually wanted to play golf with me. You’re supposed to be my person! You should know that I hate it, I’m still appalled.” He laughed at your fake disdain and uncrossed the arms you’d just pulled up over your chest, holding both of your hands in his lightly. ‘But you’re my person, don’t you want to indulge me?’ He asked with a pout, fluttering his eyelashes at you. “Not working. I am using BFF privileges. And you threw food at me,” you defended weakly, which led to Niall realizing he might actually had a chance. ‘Please? I could use my BFF privileges too, you know, but I’m just asking you nicely,’ he pointed out, making you roll your eyes in defeat. “Ugh fine, I’ll go golfing you big baby,” you conceded, taking your hands out of Niall’s grasp. “Why didn’t you just ask Harry? Or like, Josh? They’d enjoy it, and actually know what to do. You’ll have to explain everything to me,” you couldn’t help but ask, to which Niall shrugged, cheeks coloring red. ‘Just wanna spend some time with you, just you.’ A soft smile spread onto your face, before reaching over to place a kiss on his cheek. “Love you, Ni.”


‘Wanna take a break?’ You asked, eyes going back and forth between Zayn and the producer. They’d been working on his verse, re-recording the same set of lines over and over again. It all sounded great to you, but apparently it wasn’t up to standard – judging by the frustration evident on both of their faces. Zayn’s eyes flickered over to you, immediately softening in intensity, shooting you a warm and grateful smile. “Yeah, I’ll be back in 15,” he excused himself, following you out of the studio. ‘So. I take it your day is not exactly going as planned?’ You asked casually, eyes locked onto the frantic way he was trying to light up a cigarette as quickly as he could. Scowling, he inhaled deeply, before sagging into a chair, relief flooding through his body. “Not at all. What’re you doing here though? Thought you wouldn’t be working,” he asked curiously, although it was a rather obvious attempt at deflecting the topic. He never liked talking about himself, and you usually let him get away with it. You weren’t his girlfriend – you were his best friend and you were going to be there for him when he wanted you to; you weren’t going to push or force it out of him when he didn’t want to. So, instead of challenging his short response, you just nodded. ‘I’m not. I actually just came here because I had somehow left my phone at work, came to pick it up and heard you. Couldn’t resist peeking inside and have a listen,’ you replied with a wink. He smirked, eyes meeting yours for a second, before he focused on blowing rings of smoke. “Have a listen? Or ogle at me?” It was your turn to snort, pulling a face at him. ‘Come on Z, how many times I’ve told you, smoking’s a total turn off for me. Maybe the producer though, he looked kinda cute,’ you teased, to which Zayn rolled his eyes. ‘You’re such a hypocrite, [Y/N]. I was there last Friday, and you were definitely sharing a cigarette with Lou,’ he pointed out. Raising an eyebrow, you sat yourself down on the ground next to the chair Zayn was sitting in. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you started, Zayn ready to protest. “Besides, even if I was smoking, I was totally drunk. And I admit, when I’m drunk I make stupid decisions. Exhibit A: befriending you.” He laughed at that, leaning downwards on purpose to blow smoke right in your face. ‘You love me.’ You shrugged noncommittedly, but smiled nonetheless. He still looked stressed out, so you decided to take a different approach. “Hmm. Now, as your best friend. I have to ask – are you really okay? Don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re just itching to have a second, third and fourth cigarette in the 15 minutes you’ve given yourself.” He sighed, flicking the now finished cigarette bud on the ground, earning himself another glare from you. ‘I’ll clean it up, I promise,’ he said as he raised his hands in mock defense, before leaning back in the chair. ‘There’s just a lot of pressure, yeah? And I don’t want to mess this up. I don’t want to let anyone down.’ Instead of sitting still, he’d already lit his second cigarette, exactly like you’d predicted. “You won’t. Your voice is amazing Z. Trust me. I work at this record label, and I know you. As your best friend, I wouldn’t lie. Don’t force it.” He gave you a shy smile, nodding his head, ‘thanks’. Wanting to lighten up the conversation, you frowned sternly, teasingly leaning forward to whisk the cigarette right out of his mouth “and stop smoking so much.” He let out a whine, then suddenly smiled wickedly, leaning in with his eyes focused on your lips. ‘Come on then,’ he whispered huskily, letting his smokey breath ghost over your mouth, pressing them on yours for just a millisecond. A little shocked you pushed him away, grinning profusely at his dazed, but smug expression. ‘I don’t do as I’m told, [Y/N], you should know.’ That earned him another eyeroll, before you pushed him back inside the building. “Yeah yeah, just trying to be a good friend. Now destroy that song. See you next week,” fondly waving at him as he disappeared into the studio once more.