god her new album is so good

It would be weird to be making a record during the past 18 months and not comment on how [the political landscape] was making me or the people I know feel, which is not good. I wrote “God Bless America” [a track on the album] before the Women’s Marches, but I could tell they were going to happen… I realised a lot of women were nervous about some of the bills that might get passed that would directly affect them. So yes, it’s a direct response in anticipation of what I thought would happen, and what did happen.
—  Lana Del Rey talks to ELLE UK about how a lot of the writing for her new album Lust for Life was inspired by current political events
please, stop.

I honestly feel so…, I don’t know. As a fan of Bring Me The Horizon, you can CLEARLY see their sound is changed. I know them since 2015, but if you check their old albums you can clearly see, once again, they were “heavier” back then. Okay. Linkin Park dropped a new single yesterday - “Heavy”, and yes, it sounds pop-ish, so? That song is beautiful. They are experimenting something else, just like BMTH. Now, All Time Low dropped “Dirty Laundry” today, and oh my god, it’s beautiful. I’m kind of getting into ATL now because of my cousin, it’s her favourite band and it’s becoming one of my favourites too. I’ve listened to their old albums and their newest, and they sound SO good. So, what I wanna say is: Every band changes. Every sound changes. Every little detail of the sound of a band changes, even the band members. They grow. They experiment. They IMPROVE.
Don’t get angry just because their sound changes, they are still the same idiots you love and always will, if you call yourself a fan. A real fan. If you don’t like the song, don’t listen to it. If you don’t like one single they drop because it sounds too pop, don’t judge, wait for the album to be dropped, who knows if you don’t have a little suprise? If you don’t like the band, find another one. It’s just as simple as that. Don’t hate, you will only cause drama. People are going to be rude to you and everybody’s gonna get angry at eachother next.
Don’t hate, just love.
xo ❤️ - mary.

Lea Michele Is Going Places: How Her New Album Defeats All Her Hollywood Doubt
The triple threat reflects on her journey through show business

Today, she’s a 30-year-old two-time Golden Globe nominee who’s graced the screen and stage. But, for Lea Michele, rising to the top in Hollywood wasn’t a seamless harmony.

The Bronx native began her show business career on the East Coast where she made her Broadway debut at 8 years old in Les Misérables and steadily garnered more standout roles, including originating Wendla Bergmann in the 2006 debut of Spring Awakening.

“I loved being on Broadway and that’s what I did my whole life. I was so happy to be on Broadway, but I was always told I wasn’t pretty enough for television or that there wasn’t a space for me there,” she told E! News exclusively.

Despite her doubters, Michele did make it to Tinseltown as Glee’s Rachel Barry, a role that would garner her two Golden Globe nominations and one Emmy Award nomination. After the show’s sixth and final season, a lead role struck again for Michele as she was cast in Fox’s Scream Queens.

“Hollywood was just this glamorous life and I never really thought I would leave New York and now, here I am and I wake up every day and I get to do what I love,” she reflected. “I’m beyond amazed every day.”

In between takes, the triple threat stepped back into the recording studio for her upcoming second studio album, Places, a tribute to both the journey and the destination.

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official hfk review bc i have now listened to it at least ten times all the way through

the prologue: super cool set up to the album. the lines about what it’s like to be an american millennial really got me.
100 letters: god this song was so fucking sad. her talking about the emotional abuse she experienced was so brave.
eyes closed: ive loved this song since it was released as a single. its again very sad. “my lover. my liar” god
heaven in hiding: sex sex sex sex sex. i fucking love this song.
alone: this song is so cool? love this new style for her. really fleshes out the feeling of being surrounded by people but still feeling completely alone. “I have a problem with parties. cuz it’s loud in my brain”… relate
now or never: def her most poppy song. but its catchy and i like the lyrics
sorry: this ballad absolutely destroyed me. “someone will love you. but someone isn’t me.” Ouch
good mourning: “don’t trust the moon. she’s always changing” good song to keep with the theme of the album
lie: holy fuck i love this song. “i gave you the messiest head. you gave me the messiest head.”
walls could talk: another song about emotional abuse and it hurts so much. no one could see it but if the walls could talk they be like oh, no.
bad at love: so many failed relationships, so many broken people…. including halsey herself. but still a jam lmao “london girl with an attitude, we never told no one but we looked so cute.”
don’t play: another fucking jam!!!!! this song is gonna be blasting out my car forever lmao
strangers: halsey is literally making history with this song. what a beautiful song about 2 women falling in love but being too afraid to make it real.
angel on fire: probably my fav song lyrically from the album. this is the most relatable song to me.
devil in me: this song is reminiscent of hold me down, control and gasoline. that constant battle with mental illness and not knowing how to ever balance yourself. im not bipolar so im not gonna say i completely understand how hard it is. but yeah wow. i adore this song.
hopeless: sort of a bittersweet ending for this story of loneliness, abuse and folding into oneself. the hopelessness is so apparent sometimes but if we can just love ourselves and truly accept love in our lives. we can find peace.

Your Body’s Telling Me Don’t Let Go

A Bellarke one-shot: Clarke makes Bellamy dance (badly, in her kitchen) with her to the new One Direction album. It results in more than she was expecting, but she’s definitely not complaining. 

1.3k words of pure fluff, dedicated to @ocslayviablake 

[read it on ao3]

Clarke was on her third round of listening to the new One Direction album, dancing (a little outrageously) by herself, when Bellamy knocked on the door. She opened it and grabbed his hand, pulling him into the kitchen, where her iphone was resting in a mixing bowl, amplifying the music, and a pot of her famous tortilla soup was heating on the stove, with chips and sour cream and cheese spread out on the counter. She’d texted Octavia and Bellamy to come up and help her eat it, but Octavia was having date night with Lincoln, so it was just Bellamy.

“God, what is this noise?” he grumbled, shooting a glare at her phone.

“It’s One Direction’s new album!” she said with a grin. “And don’t pretend you’re above a good boy band, I’ve seen you singing along to them before.” She raised her eyebrows, daring him to contradict her.

“It was catchy!” he pleaded.

“Mmhmm, that’s why I like them,” she grabbed his hand again. “Come on, dance with me to the catchy boy band pop music that you pretend to hate.”

He huffed, but Clarke knew he wasn’t really bothered as she pulled him against her and shimmied her shoulders to the beat. She tugged his hands back and forth and mouthed the words at him.

“You can call me, when you’re lonely, when you can’t sleep, I’ll be your temporary fix!” She sang, laughing when he rolled his eyes but smiled nonetheless. She shook her hips playfully and made him twirl her in a circle, satisfied when she was in front of him again and he said, “fine, I’ll dance,” then proceeded to jump awkwardly with her and lead her in more badly-timed twirls.

“See, you love One Direction,” she teased.

“Love is a strong word, Clarke,”

“Fine, you love dancing to One Direction with me.”

He shrugged. “They’re not completely terrible.”

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Justin's Michelangelo

*Justin’s POV*

I’ve always loved making new music for my fans. Being able to give a part of me to them, being able to share part of my life with them. But one of the greatest things about making new music is showing it to Y/N. And right now, playing this new album for her, made me feel so overwhelmed. She was dancing all over the room. Blasting the album louder than I knew my speakers went. “Play this one again.” She’d say as she tried to memorize the lyrics. “Oh my god Jay if you don’t make this one a single I don’t think this friendship will last” she’d say, as she freaked out after the bass dropped.

We’ve been best friends for so long, so showing her the album before I released it was routine. She was so good and picking out singles and ordering them. It’s like watching Michelangelo panting the Sistine Chapel, watching her go through the music. Somehow the seemingly mess of songs I’d made would become a harmonious and artful album under her instruction.

Watching her dance to the album, telling me where the songs should go, explaining the story she could hear throughout the songs made my heart races. I’ve never met someone so amazingly talented. “It’s like, you’re madly in love with this girl, but you can never have her. Like a Romeo and Juliet type love. That’s why you have to start with this song representing like you two first meeting and falling instantly in love. Then end with this one showing the tragedy of your great love.”

I looked at her in admiration, knowing she thought it was all about Selena, when really this album was all about her. “It’s perfect babe” I said as she rolled her eyes while smiling at me, pretending she hated the term. Just then I hear a ding from my phone. “Justin, just tell her how you feel. I’ll leave if it helps.” the text from Kendall says. You’d completely forgotten she was in the room, I was just so consumed by Y/N. “I don’t know what your talking about Ken” I respond. Before I even have the chance to put my phone down she responds “I’ve been here Jay. I see the way you look at her. Tell her!” With that text she leaves, telling Y/N that Gigi needs her. “Boy trouble.” She explains.

As she leaves I realize she’s right. I do have feelings for. But I could never tell her. She’d never feel the same about me.

•If you have requests for imagines or fake texts message me. I’m just starting and I need ideas.•

Katy Perry's GQ Profile Outtakes: Going Back to School, Dating Musicians and Plastic Surgery

So, Katy Perry has a lot to say. A lot more than we could fit in the February issue (there were all those yummy pictures we had to run, after all). To hear about her cure for insomnia, her love of baby wipes, and her desire to dissect Jocelyn Wildenstein’s brain, read on!

On songwriting: 
Usually, you have to write two bad songs to write a good one. When I sit down to make a record, I write 25 or 30 songs, then use 12 to 16 of them. I write a lot of songs in the moment, but I also go back to my binder that I have transcribed from a little tape recorder I keep with me. I look at titles and see if any of that stuff still resonates, and then I go from there. But there’s no particular way or format. It’s almost like these things just float into my mind.

On germs:
Everyone else, it seems, can function when they’re sick with a cold. Singers, we lose our magic powers completely. So imagine when you’re on tour and you’re singing to 15,000 people a night, and meeting 100 people every night at meet and greets. Of course you get sick. I’m like Howard Hughes. I use baby wipes. I brush my teeth. I shower on the daily. I’m very, very clean.

On naming her latest album:
I had the idea to call it Adult Reality. But I realized I wanted Teenage Dream to live on its own, and if I called the new album Adult Reality, they’d be compared more than they already are. I chose Prism because a prism takes in that beam of light, refracts it, and all these beautiful colors are spread around. And that’s what the songs are: all the colors that I get to share from the light I let into my life. Look, some of the cool kids might think I’m cheesy, but what I’m doing is trying to be a light, and I don’t care if I’m “cheesy” because of it.

On critics:

I’m not a critics’ darling. Why? Well, I mean, look at the critics’ darlings. They don’t sell records. I’m commercial. But I’ve said it in the past, and I’ll say it again: I’m just a singer/songwriter masquerading as a pop star. The glitter costumes and the bells and whistles are really just for fun. I love all that stuff, but that’s not where I started. That’s just the extra.

On calling the shots:
Rock star jobs are awesome. I mean, I do a little bit more work than most, but generally, I get to wake up at, like, 11. And I get to call the shots. I get final edit. 

On not being perfect:

We all have problems, but a lot of us don’t like to talk about them because we like to pretend that we’re more than perfect. But when I made my documentary [Katy Perry: Part of Me] I wasn’t trying to make propaganda. Life is not always that great. I’m not trying to make people look at me like some kind of invincible cartoon.

On being just like her Katycats:
I am, -ish. The only thing that’s different is cameras and money. But I’ve also been completely without them.

On self-importance:
There’s too much self-importance in this world. God knows, I hate an entitled bitch. Like, when people say, “You didn’t see my Instagram?” No, I didn’t see your Instagram. I’m doing something else. I’m living my own life. Send it to me if you want me to see it.

On technology:
I don’t want to live online so much, you know? Like, when I go to dinner, phones are never on the table. And sometimes it’s fun to ask a question and not Google the answer - just to see how long your normal mind takes. Everybody has these quote-unquote insomnia problems, but it’s really because you won’t get off your gadgets. Why don’t you just try and lay still for 10 minutes while facing upwards. Without something in front of you that glows. 

On plastic surgery:

Sometimes I think I’m going to let myself age gracefully, and then one day I’ll make the decision to be the Cat Woman. Jocelyn Wildenstein. Love her. I want to dissect her brain. I want to see what she’s thinking. I mean, if it makes the woman happy, no judgment. But you might as well wear the tattoo “CRAZY” o your forehead. You know? Or the word “ISSUES." 

On astrology:

I’m a triple Scorpio. I feel everything three times as hard.

On dating a musician:
The wonderful thing about dating a musician is that they understand the shoes I’m walking in. When both of your first love is music, there’s so much that you just don’t have to explain. You can save your energy.

On listening to music her parents disapproved of:
The first time I bought a CD was from Morninglory Music in Santa Barbara, an independent record store. But this one was new: Incubus’s Make Yourself album, which had "Pardon Me” on it. And I brought it home at the bottom of my knapsack, with stuff on top of it. My parents never searched my bag, but my mom has got a pretty good intuition and a great connection with God, so I thought: she’s going to know something’s up. So I remember going up to my room, I put my comforter in the crack of the door to make it hard to get in. And I opened it up and tried to pull the CD out and it breaks in two like the Ten Commandments. And I was like, “Maybe this is a sign. I should never be listening to this music.” Cut to: Now!

On goals for the future:
Whenever I have a child, I want to get braces and go back to school. I want to be able to have a skill set outside of kick, ball, change.

badlands makes me want to go out at four am to take a walk in the dark and mess around and go on long road trips and share musty hotel rooms with friends and get drunk and dance and fall in love and wow i just love this album a lot

You Probably Think This Song Is About You, Don’t You?

Prompts: “this is so unfair there’s this song getting popular and the singer sounds like you and all these lyrics almost sound like they could be about me but you’re singing about lost love and you weren’t in love with me wait I’m watching the music video and crying and hey that’s definitely you wtf” au
“you’re famous and just got asked if you were ever in love this should be good – WAIT WHAT” au

A/n: I have no idea what this is. Let’s just go with it.

“Oh, listen to this new band I just found. They’re really good. They’re called The Delinquents or something,” Raven reached over and started fiddling with Clarke’s radio and connected her own iPhone so she could play the album. “They’ve apparently been around for a while. This is like their second album, but they’ve mostly been on the underground scene so I’m playing catch up.”

Clarke smiled at that because Raven has never had to play catch up when it comes to music. She’s like a music god and finds all these unique and unknown bands and can sometimes even call it when they’re going to make it big and apparently this new band is teetering on the brink and will be everywhere soon – according to Raven.

“Are they actually delinquents or is it all an image thing?” Clarke asked as the opening rifts of a lone guitar starts.

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my pet…peeve…is when people start in on that “u kno what…I think Taylor’s gonna take a break after this…”
I want everyone to know that people have been saying that since after Speak Now lmao
“she’s gonna take a break this is her last album”
it’s like can you?? fuckin?? chill??? why are you saying that shit??? oh my god??? DON’T say that to me I have it on pretty good authority Taylor loves this enough that she’s not going to just “stop doing it” until she has an actual pressing reason so just calm tf down oh my GOD!
“the way the media treats her…RIP…the pap poics…she needs to go to an island off South America for a while…”
it’s like ?!?!?!?!?!?! let me tell you something
if she came through after 2013 (aka the owrst year of her life?!?! probs?!?!) with a new album
I can GUARANTEE she’s not just going to up and decide to live out The Lucky One lmao out of NOWHERE!! after having the most successful album launch of her life!?! “well that’s all folks bye!!!” ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I cannot believe this this gets me so worked up STOP WITH THAT!

2015 is shaping up to be a good year for k-pop. And thank God because 2014 was a clusterfuck.

We got Amber’s Beautiful solo debut and everything else she’s done so far. Plus there’s talk about her doing overseas promotions in April/May.

We’ve got EXO’s new album (this might get me a little scorn, but I find that I enjoy the EXO-M versions of everything more than the EXO-K versions.) and it’s really good. Seriously, check it out. I’m not even an EXO-L, but the songs are high quality. 

And those EXO mascots are so cute. I want plushies of them. 


Guys~! I’m so excited!

Holy shit! How did I forget to mention Jonghyun’s solo album?? Yooo, give that a listen, too!

And isn’t there a lot of chatter about SHINee prepping for “lots of activities”?

I’m gonna be so poor this year.