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They’re back…

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Decline - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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Summary: In which Bucky betrays his best friend (Y/N) and later begs for her forgiveness.
(Request by ANON - it’s a little tweaked sorry.)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None! Yay!

Word count: 1.8K

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A/N: Requests are open and I absolutely am open to anything! I love speaking to you guys and receiving any type of feed back so please don’t hesitate to send an ask or message (:
(Request will be attended to shortly! I have a lot, but I refuse to close my requests because I hate the feeling of rejecting a request. Please be patient!)

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anonymous asked:

"We're in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops" Minjoon

Pairing: MinJoon (Jimin x Namjoon)
Prompt: “We’re in an exam study group and I just send you my nudes by accident oops” AU
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,447
A/N: *whispers* Minjoon is so precious ^~^ thank you anon for requesting and sorry I took forever with this (I hope you still get to read this)!! (P.S. Jimin’s doing the swearing on my behalf bc I swear that I don’t really swear at all irl – pun unintended) Enjoy!

Jimin’s phone vibrates once in his lap. He ignores it, working on the math problem he has in front of it. It vibrates again, then a series of vibrations start. Jimin curses under his breath, dropping his pen down to pick up his phone instead. 

There’s a flood of kakaotalk messages from Taehyung. 

[4:32PM TaeTae]
im bored


talk to me :( 

[4:33PM TaeTae] 
i hate math

save me


why you ignoring me


Jimin looks up and shoots a glare at Taehyung who’s sitting diagonally across from him at the table. Taehyung’s face lights up with a triumphant smile. 

[4:35PM Jimin]
I’m trying to do my math problems, stop trying to distract me

Jabbing the home button, Jimin picks up his pen and goes back to staring at the same question that he’s been stuck on for nearly 20 minutes. There’s a reason Jimin’s here, stuck in study group past 4pm on a Friday afternoon rather than practicing his dance moves in the studio. 

Whoever deigned it necessary for a music student like him to take math in university should rethink their lives. How the hell is math even remotely needed in his degree? Something about holistic education and well-roundedness or some shitty excuse is what the deans will say but that’s honestly a ton of bullshit. Bullshit that has people like Jimin suffering because his midterms came back with an ugly 30/100 on the top and a “see me” post-it note tagged on the side. Taehyung had the nerve to laugh at him when he barely scraped a 33/100 on his. 

So here they are, stuck in a study group that’s supposed to coach them into passing finals. Jimin’s only here because the fear of having to retake the module and suffer another semester of math is real. 

His phone starts vibrating again. Jimin tsks under his breath, trying his best to ignore it, which is nearly impossible when his phone is basically wiggling its way dangerously close to his crotch. Stupid Taehyung and his non-existent attention span. Resigned, Jimin sighs and picks up his phone again. 

[4:37PM TaeTae]
im still bored 

dont be mean chim

stop ignoring em

chimmmm lets go for tonkatsu later

i feel like treating myself after this torture

[4:38PM TaeTae]
yah i know you can feel your phone 

if you keep ignoring me im gonna tell namjoon hyung you have the biggest crush on him 

i swear 

Jimin sucks in a breath. Dammit why did he ever let it out to Taehyung about Namjoon? He should have known that Taehyung would use it to blackmail him someday. 

Not that intoxicated Jimin had cared a week ago when he, in Taehyung’s words, “wailed for a solid hour about Namjoon hyung’s beautiful gaze and lips and body and everything”. And no, Jimin is still adamant that he couldn’t have been as pathetic as what Taehyung makes him out to be. It’s just a tiny crush okay, Jimin can appreciate good aesthetics and that’s not his fault.

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anonymous asked:

Hani should just leave the group. BC will have no other choice but to give the other 4 members more opportunities to shine since they won't have spotlight-hogger Hani around. Like you said, Hyelin's light years ahead of Hyelin vocally, yet Hani's overrated vocals get talked about. Hani shouldn't have even had a solo; It should have been LE. Hani's only holding the group back. I hope she leaves so everyone else can step out of her overrated shadow and shine. #byehani #evenexidfansdontlikeher

Hani did what she was able to do, which was get exid fame by using her body. Now she can leave since exid has a solid fanbase. There are other younger ggroup members who have a better body than hers so what does she really bring to the table for exid? It sure as hell isnt the vocals since Hyelin and Solji has that down. Her voice and singing is overrated af anyways. Not rapping since we have Rap God LE. Junghwa’s much prettier and a better dancer. Hani, ur not wanted, notevenwantedbyfans. #bye

Wow, you are so, so very wrong and don’t appear to have understood anything I said in my previous posts AT ALL. Props to you, though, man. Most people can only dream of missing the point that badly.

But, hey, you wanna talk so let’s talk!

First things first, You are not an EXID stan. You and people like you give LEGGO a bad name. You are not a fan of this band, and you do not speak for the real fans of this band. Fans of EXID know that they are a group, a unit, a team, and love each member with all their heart and soul.

EXID needs all five members of their band. Real fans know that. Without even one of them, they are not EXID. Without Solji, they are not EXID. Without Hani, they would not be EXID. EXID is Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin and Junghwa – no more, no less. 

Hani is beautiful, intelligent, hard-working and talented and deserves every good thing in her life. My post was meant to draw attention to the fact that she is still being treated as the most important member, while four (and now three) other girls stand behind in her shadow. Hani does not decide who gets which solos. Hani does not divvy up everyone’s individual fans. Hani simply does what she is told by her label and does her best.

Hani is 5th in my order, but Hani is also part of my ultimate bias group. If K-Pop was a sport, your ultimate bias group is your home-team. And where I come from, you support EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of your team. You don’t support some and shit on others. You know what doing that makes you? Trash. And a bandwagon fan. And I will never stand for that shit on my own blog.

How can you call yourself a fan of EXID and then say that they’re only famous because of Hani’s body? Honestly, how little respect do you have for them and all their hard work?

EXID, as a five-woman team, has clawed their way from the bottom, literally pulling themselves from obscurity through their talent and dedication. They nearly disbanded and, in a complete stroke of luck, were saved by Hani’s fan-cam, something that she feels understandably weird and insecure about. Hani knows she’s the most popular member of her group and given how humble she is, I’m sure it makes her really uncomfortable. (Just like how Hyuna felt after 4Minute broke up when she cried and said she hated herself for the popularity that she and she alone had found.) My post, and my frustrations, were aimed at the label for their unfair treatment of the other girls – NOT at Hani. Hani supports ALL of her members, shows time and time again that she is their biggest fan, and loves them so much. EXID is a family and they would never, ever do something to intentionally hurt or demean another member.

I am upset that BC prioritizes Hani over the other girls but that has absolutely zero to do with Hani herself. She has not done anything wrong and I will not let you come to my inbox and try to shame her like this. She is the star-player on my favorite fucking team and you don’t get to talk about her like this. Every word you typed makes you sound like a fourteen-year-old anti and you should be ashamed of yourself. Hani is a beautiful, strong person with more class in her pinky than you have in your body. Do not message me again with shit like this, and maybe reconsider being a fan of this band at all. I can PROMISE you that Solji, LE, Junghwa and Hyerin wouldn’t want someone like you buying their albums.

P.S. Go fuck yourself.

MTVS Epic Rewatch #170



Stray thoughts

1) I usually enjoy alternate universe episodes, and this is no exception. Shit got serious super quickly…

2)   But then the demon is gone and Buffy is just passed out against the car?

So if the Trio wanted to kill her, wasn’t this the perfect opportunity? Or if they knew how to summon this demon so that she would think she was crazy, why didn’t they do it earlier? I mean, on the one hand, it makes for a great episode, but on the other hand, it kind of doesn’t make sense.

3) Sweet Willow!

WILLOW: Hi, Tara, how are you? Well, I was wondering, maybe, you would wanna go out sometime? For coffee… food… kisses and gay love?

4) I love the fact that we got this little glimpse into Tara’s life outside the Scoobies, even if it’s only meant to make Willow jealous.

She has friends, okay? Other friends! She’s not just Willow’s girlfriend, even if that’s most of we got to see. And she’s still taking her classes. And she really seems to have become more confident and self-assured.

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Who says you can’t go home? (Chapter 2)

Thank you to everyone who left me comments on chapter 1, it means the world to me that you guys liked my version of Bucky.
This is new scary territory and I feel like a starting fanfic writer again tackling a character I’ve never written before. So your encouraging words really make my day ;)

Story: Jess meets the mysterious Bucky at the homeless shelter where she volunteers and he saves her from an attacker, but is she really safe with Bucky?

Word Count: 2302

There’s no smut yet, I’m getting there but this chapter is pretty much Angst central. Mentions of Ptsd and panic attack.


Chapter 1


Who says you can’t go home? (chapter 2)

Jess woke up to the smell of coffee and someone shuffling around in her kitchen. The first hint of panic quickly sank when she remembered the previous night.


She found him in her kitchen pouring two cups of coffee and putting toast on a plate while eggs were cooking on the stove. His gloves were still on the kitchen counter where she left them last night. 
Her eyes rested a little longer on his metal hand and how he gently poured the coffee with it. 

He almost looked relaxed, like this was a regular morning routine and they were not just two strangers who spent the night together.

‘You’re making me breakfast?’ she smiled in surprise.

‘I didn’t want to wake you, good morning,’ he greeted her with a soft warm smile, the biggest one she had seen on him so far.

‘You woke me a couple of times last night,’ she grabbed a cup and took a sip from the coffee while she looked at him,’ you’re quite the restless sleeper, I think I’ve heard you talk more in your sleep last night than in the entire time we’ve known each other.’

‘I’m sorry,’ he spoke softly with an apologetic little smile on his face.

‘It’s alright. I didn’t know you had Russian roots?’

Bucky froze at her words and as their eyes met the smile faded from his face,’ I spoke in Russian?’

‘It’s been a while since I’ve heard the language but I still recognize it very well, yes.’

The look in his eyes was one of sheer panic and he stepped back from the stove.

’Bucky, is everything alright?’

‘No, I have to go, I’m sorry.’

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Late Gaiden part 4

OK, very late summary. 
But this episode was really nice. Seriously, I was surprised because everyone looked great but Sasuke Susanoo animation ruined everything. 

1. You were trully missed my boy, Suigetsu

Suigetsu is literally me when wild child is approaching me. 

I was laughing so hard when he was performing that DNA test. Such a stupid plot. 

The greatest moment of this episode was Suigetsu running out and hiding behind a rock from pure fear of Sasuke’s rage for contributing to the Uchiha family mess. 

2. And Jūgo

New haircut? On point my boy!

3. Orochimaru asking about Mitsuki 


4. Sarada’s memories

Sakura looks like a queen here. Like seriously, her Studio Pierrot design with short hair is just bad. Compering to her appearance in Gaiden manga, of course. But Sarada is just beautiful child. 

5. Angry Dadruto

This is the kind of content I’m here for


1. I am pissed that they reanimated old Naruto moments. What was the point of that!? First of all, that was a waste of money and secondly, these moments were so poorly done that I just wanted to see the good, old, first season flashbacks. 

2. Sasuke Susanno, like… Dear God. Nice genie. 

3. Seeing Sasuke and his genuine smile in the next episode preview is a blessing

anonymous asked:

top five ragnarok moments

there are so many Good moments so this’ll be tough and i’m sure i’m missing some

  1. thor fully using his power. any time that happened. wonderful
  2. loki’s smirk when thor uses his lightning against hela and the palace gets lit up. he was so proud and i felt that and god, their relationship was so good in this.
  3. the snake story™
  4. valkyrie’s first appearance aka drunkenly stumbling out of her ship and falling into garbage. the moment i knew i loved her very much
  5. when bruce jumped from the ship onto the bifrost and everyone froze an were like “shit….”. i felt so bad but it was so funny the way he just went BANG! right in front of everybody..there were tears

honorable mentions:

  • helahelahelahelahela
  • korg: PISS OFF GHOST!
  • the grandmaster’s “it’s my birthdaaaaaaay” song
  • the infamous elevator scene + get help
  • loki being there for real in the end, followed by the unseen hug and him standing proudly with thor when he accepted his position as king. just wow, character development
  • surprisingly, i enjoyed the doctor strange moment. and of course “i’ve been falling…FOR THIRTY MINUTES”
God, can’t believe I’m posting this... ew.

But anyway, there’s something off in this picture. I mean besides the presence of RH and Regina’s hands on his.

I can’t for the love of god imagine what they can be possibly doing. When I saw the pic briefly the first time I thought they were about to hug. But it appeared in my Twitter TL again and I couldn’t help but notice the grip. ‘Cos this grip looks more like Regina was trying to get his hands OFF of her. Then there’s this look on her face… Well, ok maybe that’s just a bad picture so I’m not gonna analyse it till I see it in motion. But the grip though…