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Recording Rows

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Of all places you could have got stuck, of course it would have been right in the middle of SM Entertainment’s buildings.

Even better, of course it would have been in the studio that you knew at least one of the members of SM’s most popular group would enter in under a few minutes to finish recording.

It wasn’t entirely your fault; you had been sent by one of the group’s management team to make sure that it was all in order and that all the machines were in the running correctly. Since SM had to be one hundred per cent perfect all of the time, even missing book on the table would ruin everything for them.

The members of the group were no better.

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My EXO Concert Experience in Dallas

So even though I’m pretty sure no one is going to want to read all of this, I am documenting here my EXO concert experience because DUDE….I’ve been waiting for this for like 4 years, okay? I know there are videos uploaded of it, but I am getting down MY thoughts about how I feel about it and sharing this with those who maybe plan to go to EXO concerts and want to know how others have felt attending!!

As we all know, three members already left the band, Lay couldn’t be there because of a schedule he has in China, and Kai couldn’t be there because of a visa issue (specifically just for the Dallas show). So that left us with seven members. And luckily for me, my two [remaining] favorites (Chen and Xiumin) were of the seven performing lol.

It was crazy waiting in that dark theater, knowing any minute the VCR would start playing and we’d see EXO on stage. I was fortunate that I was on the first row of my section, meaning no one was in front of me to possibly obstruct my view. And my section was the first row of seats AFTER the seats behind the pit. In other words, we were damn close.

The intro VCR was epic, telling the EXO mythos in a movie trailer narrator voice and the music was very intense. Wow, that bass was booming, and the screaming was so loud that it actually SOUNDED to my ears the way it sounds in the video fancams on laptop speakers. It was crazy and only heightened the sense of anticipation. Finally after buildup, the screen started splitting and we could see EXO’s outline. And there they were xD Dude, it was so cool. After years and years of seeing only digital replicas of them on computer screens, they were in the flesh.

When they first started performing, it was no secret that they were suffering from major jetlag. They still performed with intensity and did their very best, though, and started the concert with a bang. Gawd I was so hyped and rocking out x’D

When they started talking to us, it truly was great because Suho spoke in very good English to us, and even confirmed to us that they were suffering from jetlag, which we figured. “Do you know jetlag?” he said with a smile and a bashful laugh. He also commented that all they had were “energy drinks”, which breaks my heart since that is so unhealthy and I hope he was exaggerating!! I hope they had good lunches and drank lots of water. By the way, the way he pronounced “Dallas” at first was adorable. He kept saying it like “duh-LASS” ^w^ But he stopped saying it that way eventually haha. Someone must have corrected him? Suho was a great leader that night and I truly appreciate his hard work. We can tell he’s been working very hard on his English to connect with international fans and not have to rely on a translator. NOT to diss the members that do rely on one, I’m just saying that that is really cool of Suho to be so responsible as leader and to work so dang hard. I hate that fans don’t cheer for him as loudly as other members, because he is the MAN, okay?!! His singing was SOOOOO great and his dancing was just so damn good. Major props and respect to Suho from me, lemme tell ya.

It was hilarious. As some of you may know, my husband David came along because he knew how much it would mean to me. He’s not into EXO, really, though he has nothing against them and he does like a couple of their songs. But when they were performing Playboy, it was hilarious to see his face. Chen and Chanyeol were dueting in the front of the stair setup, all groping each other in the very raunchy choreo. We all know I’m a fujoshi so I love that (LOL), but I turn to look at David and he had the biggest WTF expression LOLOLOL!!! NOT to be confused with homophobia, as he is a supporter of gay rights and social equality. He was just shocked that such a raunchy dance was being done at a concert mainly comprised of girls under the age of 18 hahahaha. (that’s probably an incorrect age estimation, but you know what I mean)

But that was nothing in comparison to the paper wall stripping stage PAAAHAHAHAHA!! They all got behind these paper walls with lights shining on them so that we could see their silhouettes as they literally changed clothes behind them. I almost felt like I was in a Chippendale’s show x’D One of them tossed their shirt up in the air, Xiumin’s suspenders crossed in a way that the shadow looked like we were seeing the silhouette of his dong (dear god it was hilarious and even more hilarious was David’s reaction once again), and Suho peaked up shirtless over the top to sing, which made the crowd go insane pffffft~ Then after they were all successfully changed into their new wardrobe, they bursted through the paper walls. Xiumin apparently had trouble getting his previous pair of shoes off AND had a big ol’ chunk of paper stuck to one of his feet. He had to kick it off and then artfully get rid of his shoes (they were those silly elf shoes because they had performed a Christmas stage). So that was pretty funny watching him struggle since we all theorize he did the suspender thing on purpose (lol jk I’m sure he didn’t).

They actually DID sing live and damn they were good. After they got pepped up from the first couple songs, they were really mint in their choreography and it was just phenomenal. They are superb entertainers.

When I heard the intro to Growl, I lost my shit. I jumped up and down so uncontrollably that I bounced backward and rammed my thigh into the armrest behind me. Hell, did it hurt but it was worth it. In a strange way, I’m proud of the gigantic bruise I have from it right now hehehehehe~

I think one of my favorite parts was the “Jump” segment. Chanyeol lead EXO and the crowd to all jump in unison. It was cool because you don’t need to learn choreo to jump in tandem, and so the entire crowd was doing something with EXO and all the other fans as “one” xD However, the sad part was when D.O started going down those stairs onstage after jumping a lot, he had to randomly stop mid-stair and grab onto the railing and just be still a moment. Suho stopped by him and put his hand on D.O’s arm or shoulder for a moment and stayed by him, I’m assuming in case D.O fell or something? I think D.O was suffering the worst from the jetlag (and we later found out that he really needed to eat but I’ll get to that). Even though I hated that D.O was in a bad state, it was kinda cool to see Suho all “responsible leader” with him over it xD Suho is awesome.

Let’s talk about the members individually other than Suho because I already gushed about how awesome he was haha.

Chanyeol was charismatic as always, very entertaining and fun. There was an adorable part where he mushed Sehun and Baekhyun together, forcing Sehun to kiss his hat. I wonder if the members hate doing that kind of stuff….regardless, it was funny of Chanyeol and made us all crack up. He said some very touching things to us, talking about how even though he was so tired, our excitement made him excited and helped to pep him up. Being the big teddy bear that he is, he said sweet things like how much the fans mean to him and whatnot. At the end, when they were all talking but Chanyeol’s turn had already passed, he was purposefully trying to annoy D.O. No surprise there, though, right? He’s always trying to annoy D.O specifically. It’s like his life’s mission lol. He was pointing his mic unnecessarily at D.O’s elbow, and throat, and random places while just holding the mic there for long spans of time xD D.O ignored him like a pro, though. I think he’s so used to Chanyeol’s antics that he doesn’t notice such things anymore. Chanyeol is very entertaining. He did an air-pinky-promise with us at the end pfffft~

Baekhyun sang amazing and was very adorable. To be honest, my favorite Baekhyun part was at the end when he was talking to us. He made a shout out to all the dads that attended with their daughters, which was hilarious because I’m sure he was apologizing for them having to trudge through the raunchy homo-erotic dancing and then the paper wall strip stage HAHAHAHAHA!! Baekhyun is very aware and mentioned that the fathers must have been bored hahaha. Then he made fun of a girl in the audience who he saw was holding her skirt down during the “Jump” segment because her skirt was too short lolololol. And of course he imitated her awkward movements. He broke my heart, however, when he told us he’d expected far fewer people to be there (surely because of the Kai situation) and that he was so surprised and pleased to see that there was a full house. So I’m very glad about that, that his expectations were exceeded.

Sehun was truly adorable for this concert. His dancing was mint and he was very impressive as always. But my favorite part for him was also the end when he was talking to us. He started just RAMBLING about how he was watching a Chris Brown video before and wanted to be like Chris Brown to us. He talked about Chris Brown for a good little while lolololol. But then he finally said that he realizes he’s been saying a lot of “unnecessary things” but that the reason was because if he “said a lot of word”, the concert would last longer. So everyone was all “AAaaAAaaAAwwWWwwWW!!!” LOL! It was indeed adorbs.

D.O sang beautifully and was very intense during the darker songs. Like I said before, he seemed the most physically tortured. Like he really needed a good, restful sleep. But he perked up a lot of the time, trying very hard to do his best and make the fans happy. We found out later at the end that he was very hungry. Because when it was his turn to talk he just started off by saying “I’M HUNGRYYY!!” and got a good laugh out of the crowd, and he himself was laughing as well as his band-mates at him. “I need dinner!” I think he was telling us this just in case people (like me) noticed him acting worrisome during the “Jump” segment. I feel really bad that apparently for some reason he was not able to eat properly before the show. And I hate that, on top of that, he had the jetlag. I really wish they could have flown in on Monday instead of Tuesday to give them more time to adjust and rest before such a big show. But, that’s not what happened and I’m just glad that everyone was okay in the end. I hope D.O pigged out on a gigantic, delicious meal and slept like a log. But anyway, he was also saucy with us when claiming that he was not only surprised that we were singing with them, but REALLY surprised haha xD Of course we’re gonna know at least some of the lyrics, D.O!!

Chen. WOW. Just wow. He. Gave. His. All. From. The. Very. Start. If he was dying of jetlag and lack of food, you couldn’t tell. Like shit, that boy was giving it. His singing was phenomenal and his dancing was spot on. I just can’t even. Hearing his voice live (my favorite singing voice of the group) was surreal. And I KNOW he was singing live because (*snorts*) he actually went really sharp during Miracles in December in one of the choruses. Like really sharp, but he was hitting them high notes like it was nothing. His mic was all squeaking and stuff so I think it’s possible his earpiece was being crazy too. We all know he could make an angel cry with his voice, so it’s all good. Plus, it was only for that one chorus. The rest was flawless. He was very funny and charming and I can’t say that watching him nearly grope Chanyeol’s behind during Playboy was not nearly heart-attack inducing pppfffffft~ It was cool when he’d say English phrases to us.

Xiumin. I don’t even damn well know where to start with this dude. Xiumin was absolutely crazy for this show, in the best possible way. He was like your very drunk uncle at the family’s Fourth of July cookout during fireworks and someone just turned on his favorite 80s metal band. That is honestly the best way to describe how this pent up ball of energy behaved at the Dallas concert. He was hilarious and made me laugh the most out of all of them. He was constantly kicking, pelvic thrusting a new galaxy into the universe, and being just downright silly. IT WAS AWESOME!!! He was very funny at the end when it was his turn to speak. He was all trying to suck up sympathy and “awww’s” from the fans as he told us a story about how he’d hurt his leg before the show and even GESTURED for us to awwww for him PPPFFFFFTTT! And then he said he had been worried that he wouldn’t be able to perform for us (more awwws) and then very adorably lifted his leg, gestured toward his knee and said in English “But…NO PROBLEM!!!” hahahaha. Of course he followed that by saying we, the fans, were the reason he’s all better x’D That little shit, just wanting to get awwws and make us falsely feel special hahahahahaha!!!! JK, JK, I know he really just wanted to make us feel happy even if it was in the cheesiest way possible (I love cheesy).

And then at the end Suho broke a lot of hearts when he acted like he was going to dive into the pit and then really didn’t. Hahaha, it’s for the best though. I think the fangirls in the pit would have accidentally killed him, trying to take his arms and legs home with them or something. Smart move, Suho. I wouldn’t have done it either.

So it is needless to say that overall this experience was worth every penny, every minute of my long-ass drive, every bout of anxiety that made me feel like I needed to breathe into a paper bag (I always get very weird about travel, and when going to big events). I rocked out and I have the battle scars to prove it. These boys are sensational entertainers, and I truly, genuinely hope they positively love their job. I know it’s hard and their company does not treat them well (and that seriously breaks my heart), but I hope that at the end of the day they realize how happy they make so many people. I wish I could personally thank them for such a spectacular experience!!! Suho, thank you for being such an amazing leader, singer, dancer, and bandmate. Don’t worry: like you said you hoped, even if it’s one member on stage, we will still support you guys. THANK YOU ALL!!!

You Can't Handle the Truth

Submission for Day 6 of SQW: Truth Serum

Title: You Can’t Handle the Truth

Rating: T

Word Count: ~3,400

Summary: Sequel to Forgive Me, Father, For I Will Sin. In order to find answers about who cursed Regina and Snow’s memory, a truth spell is cast over Storybrooke. Warning, there is a really bad science joke in this.


Welcome back”

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