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“Aside from being an important part of any organic garden as a pest deterrent, the Marigold has loftier meanings like: winning the affections of someone through hard work, promoting cheer and good relations in a relationship, despair and grief over the loss of love, and remembering and celebrating the dead” 

💐 florecimiento  /flo.ɾe.si.ˈmjen.t̪o/ (nm) : flowering, blooming, blossoming 

A Logical Match

Jim/Spock, Bones, the Enterprise crew

Summary: Jim and Spock have to pretend to be married or risk getting banned from the planet they so desperately need help from. Pre-slash Spirk.

A/N: This is the longest one shot I have ever written and I wrote it in under 24 hours and I hope to god that you will like it.

Other than being my longest one shot to date it’s also my 500th fic on this blog, and I’m also posting it in celebration of James Tiberius Kirk’s (future) birthday, so we’ve got several things to celebrate here! Please enjoy and please consider sending me feedback as it’s always appreciated!

Words: 8 329

In retrospect they could’ve gotten out of the situation very easily. One sentence, one explanation, and everything would have been all set and they wouldn’t have been forced to lie. But as Jim had been standing there, his most respected crew members and rather close friends just behind him, his mouth acted quicker than his brain and he’d ended up blurting out “yes” when the king of a very conservative planet had asked if Spock had been his husband.

“We are receiving a special kind of energy from the two of you which can usually be found among married couples who have been together for a long time,” the king had explained after Jim had choked out a “why” after his first misstep.

Jim hadn’t dared correct himself after that. This planet was conservative, but not in the traditional sense that you usually associated with the time before the 1900’s, Earth time of course. They weren’t against same sex couples or interracial or intergalactical couples. Quite the opposite. But the people didn’t like liars or thieves or immorality or even jokes, and if Jim had told them that he wasn’t actually married to Spock there was a big possibility that they would get angry with him because they’d think he’d disrespected them, and if there was something the crew of the Enterprise needed right now it was their help. So rather than confess that he was a single man, Jim had gone along with it, and seeing as Spock was a logical and intelligent being himself he’d followed his lead.

Jim only allowed himself to look at anyone in his crew once they’d been shown to their rooms and left alone to settle in before dinner.

Coincidentally Spock’s eyes were the first ones his met. “Don’t ask me why I said yes.”

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Can I just say that I love the fact that your like the elucien sex guru of this fandom !! 😂 lol, on a less steamier note, I was wondering if you had any headcannons about what happens when they have nightmares ? Like how do they help each other out of it and what do they do to soothe and comfort the other ? I just thought that it would be kinda cute, though it has no relevance ! tysm x

hahaha oh god “elucien sex guru” let me just put that on my resume. But I AM HAPPY TO TALK ABOUT THIS HEADCANON; there’s not enough fluff in my life.

When Elain has nightmares, once she’s awake and no longer actively freaking out, Lucien wraps her in a blanket and hoists her in his arms and takes her out to the balcony their room has; he sits and holds her and they look at the stars. Being outdoors calms her, as does his voice, so Lucien talks to her, tells her stories of his childhood or bits of the fae history/mythology that she’s still learning. Sometimes Elain doesn’t want to go back to sleep afterwards so they steal food from the kitchen and stay up and snack and talk for a while.

I don’t think Lucien gets nightmares very often, I think his trauma sort of manifests as… I don’t know if I’d call it disassociating, because I don’t have firsthand experience with that and I don’t want to label things incorrectly/ be insensitive about a real symptom of mental illness, but he has times where he spaces out/ shuts down and gets really quiet and stuck in his own head, spiraling hard into bad memories/ thoughts. Sometimes it’s triggered by something, sometimes it comes on out of nowhere. Elain can always tell, even though it’s not always obvious, and tries to ground him with physical touch: just gently stroking his face, his arms, his hair, holding his hand. very patient and gentle. Sometimes she’ll get him to sit and rest his head on her shoulder or in her lap or the like. It takes him a couple of minutes to come out of it, sometimes longer, but eventually he’ll come back to himself little by little and start returning the affection. They usually cuddle for a bit after this if they can, not talking. Lucien loves her so much for all of this.

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"Oh my god, are you fucking serious? All this trouble for a--"

“Oh my god, are you fucking serious? All this trouble for some cheap knockoff Balenciaga purse?” Heather Chandler asked, disgusted. “As if Veronica would even consider wearing that. Actually? I take that back. That girl has just as much style as you.”
JD rolled his eyes at his stepsister.
“Fine, if you’re such a gift master, you tell me what to get her. Perfume? Candy? Some crap like that?”
Heather scoffed. “Please. Do you really think I’ll help you win her over? Not that you really stand a chance anyway.”
JD huffed. “Fine. I’ll just get her a slushie or take her on a date to the parking lot behind 7-eleven or something.”
Heather gave him an appalled look before groaning in irritation.
“Move, she said, shoving him aside and starting to go through the clothing rack in search of something nice. “As much as I hate you, Veronica is in desperate need of something wearable, and I don’t want you making her birthday more miserable than it has to be.”
JD sighed and tossed the purse he was holding to the side as Heather carefully examined every article of clothing on the rack.
“Here,” she sang, pulling a sleeveless, knee length blue dress with a tight waist and flared skirt. “This is more decent than anything she has in her closet right now.” She shoved it unceremoniously in JD’s hands.
“Wow,” he drawled sarcastically. “What would I do without your feminine fashion wisdom?”
“You better thank me later,” she said harshly, ignoring him. “Of course, my gift to her will make whatever you get her like a Starbucks gift card.” She smirked and tossed her hair over her shoulder.
“Get her whatever fru-fru crap you like,” he said. “I’ll find her something meaningful that she won’t just throw into the back of her closet.” Still, he held onto the dress. He was sure he’d figure out the perfect gift, and he’d return the dress then. In the meantime, however, he figured it was best to have a back up gift, just to be safe.
“Your idea of ‘meaningful’ is a normal persons idea of ‘bullshit’,” Heather bit back. “Just be grateful that I’m helping you, alright? Maybe now Veronica will find you to be slightly less repulsive than you actually are.”
JD resisted the urge to make a comeback as Heather continued shopping for her own gift to Veronica. He’d still beat her - if not at this battle, then the next one. He was sure of it.

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Apologies for the lack of a photo. Don’t like my photo being taken, i’m not photogenic in the slightest and NOTHING will incur me to change that. Nope. Sorry.


I love myself because: 

1. I’m a good mum. I have a son with autism and SLD, a daughter with anxiety who has been having a tough time of it .lately. I will fight for them until my dying breath, God help whoever deliberately tries to hurt them. 

2. My chronological age and my mental age are nowhere near each other. I can be giddy and fangirl with the best of them but can be ‘mum’ when i have to be. I refuse to act my age. Fuck that. 

3. I’m a strong person. As i’ve said, i have a son with lifelong disabilities, I have chronic kidney disease, currently they function around the 33% mark (am fine in myself though) which i was born with though didn’t discover til about 10 years ago. 

4. I’m a loyal friend. I can keep a secret. 

5. I’m still here. Whatever life has thrown at me or continues to throw at me, i’m resilient and i keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it’s fucking hard but i’m doing it. I think i’m too bloody stubborn to do otherwise. 

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I’m enjoying listening to the students have meltdowns about upcoming parent teacher conferences. Parents conversing with teachers puts the fear of god into teenagers, they’re all busy constructing their legal defense in here.
Like, “I know ms sears is going to tell my mom I have my phone out too often, but it actually helps me with the lesson, because if I didn’t have it out I’d be more distracted wondering what I might have missed”

But it’s also genuinely interesting because like - sometimes I get tricked into thinking kids are dumb and don’t know what they’re doing. They know exaaaaaactly what they’re doing. ;)

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I started following you when I was like 12 for Davekat content and then fell in love with Bubblegum Karkat, and now I'm 15 abt to turn 16 and I'm getting into TAZ and like idk your art and the way you talk abt stuff has really helped me grow more as a person and explore new interests iddkk.

aw shit dude,, omg,, ik i have a few bloggers ive followed like that and its wild bc there are people who have made huge impacts in my life and would never know and it never rlly occurred to me that i could be doin the same thing for other people,, oh man,, i hope ive made a good impact in ur and in like other kids lives too god dang i gotta step up my role model game

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"when will i stop embarrassing myself in front of professional hockey players?" lol what else have you done? 👀👀👀👀

oh god in the past 2 months alone i have

  • taught radek to dab
  • told curtis we bought season tickets basically just so we could ride a roller coaster with him and devin
  • called greg daddy and a werewolf while he was standing like 3 feet away
  • was skyping someone and they said something about jason dickinson and not remembering who he was said “who the fuck is that” only for him to pop into frame
  • naruto ran towards faksa to get him to sign a polaroid picture of us
  • brought a devin shore sign to almost every home game for the past 2 months
  • honked multiple times at antoine because he stopped at a stop sign for too long

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Okay anon again who cried like 5 times while watching the live stream and like i totally feel the looking 14 thing! I'm turning 20 next week (oh my god 😭) and i look so young! It doesnt help that i'm under 5 ft. But I compare myself to Kookie and any other '97 liner and I look like a complete baby! I probably look like 17 or something


the struggle

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i have actual kleptomania and it sucks. like, this weekend i went to the mall and came home with THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of shit that i will never use. i feel like scum, but I can't talk to anyone about it because my friends basically think i'm a god because i'm getting so much free and my parents would just ground me indefinetly. i don't know what to do, i know i'll get caught eventually. please help

Honestly you need to try and get help somehow… I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with your parents but I think it would be better to bring this up with them on your own terms as opposed to having to bring it up from the police station.

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DUDE I UNDERSTAND! I know someone who is an art an major the amount of times she has been at up at 3am refusing to sleep til a certain part is done im sad to say its rubbed off on me aswell im doing an art GCSE and thats now what i do obviously it pales in comparison to a degree but iv seen how stressful it is and people have actually told me i should have done something that would help me in the future like its annoying now god knows how fustrating it is when somebody says it and its your major

Thank you for understanding, it’s so frustrating when people belittle art majors.  I’m a digital art and design and illustration major and there’s just so much time and effort that goes into everything.  I have to take a writing intensive course for my major as well and it’s just really intense and the assignments are so difficult that it’s hard to get a decent grade so I stress over the little things to try and make it the best.  And I spend hours and hours on digital pieces and it can be just really overwhelming sometimes so I really appreciate that you understand, good luck to you as well :) <3

if i have to answer one more duck ask today i will gouge my own eyeballs out with a literal spoon so help me god


McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D

Friend: Hey what’s wrong?
Me: Oh, it’s nothing
Me in my head: In episode one of Lazy Town when Stephanie arrives there the kids make it seem like they’ve never heard of Sportacus, and make the idea of exercising seem ridiculous like its never happened before. However the mayor knows of him but makes it sound like he hasn’t been there for a long time (he even forgets his name, and identifies him by the 9 on his chest) But in the next episode Ziggy and the Mayor mention Sportacus doing a sports day where he played baseball with the kids one year ago. However, a few episodes later Sportacus says that he’s never played baseball before, and if one year has passed how did everyone forget about Sportacus in such a short time? Sportacus also makes it sound like he’s never really associated with Lazy Town before Stephanie contacts him in the first episode. There is also the fact that in the episode where Robbie Rotten dresses up as a pirate, in the history book (although outdated, by how long not sure as stated by Trixie, as the show started in 2004, but the history book goes from about 1700-1900 something.) a person that looks eerily similar to Sportacus and a Rotten ancestor are in the book. So, therefore, a possible explanation is that “Sportacus” is either a title passed on from one person to the next, or Sportacus has been around since the book has. Meaning that he could either be able to reincarnate, or he has been alive for all that time, and when he gets hurt he changes his number so people don’t get suspicious. Alternitavely, Sportacus could be a sort of spirit watching over the town, which is why he keeps showing up. Anyways, this explains in the first episode, why robbie says “another one?!” When he sees sportacus. Which means that, in the timeline before Stephanie gets there, number 9 Sportacus is being active with the kids, and plays baseball with them for his sports stunt. Something happens to him (or maybe the town says they don’t need him around all the time anymore so he flies away for a while?) and Robbie Rotten takes the opportunity to make lazy town lazy again in a short period of time (he has shown multiple times to quickly win the kids over with candy and video games etc.). Before Sportacus comes back, since a person like Stephanie isn’t around to warn Sportacus about Robbie’s schemes, he is able to plug the pipes around town so the people can communicate with him anymore. Therefore, the crystal doesn’t go off when he leaves for a while, and he thinks everything is fine and goes back to his island in the north sea. Summertime arrives, and thats when Stephanie arrives, to see lazy town in the condition that it is in in the first episode. So while Sportacus is some sort of supernatural entity (Robbie does call him an elf because of his hat in the show, and he’s one in the plays the show is based off of) Robbie’s ancestors must have been dedicated to trying to get rid of Sportacus, which is why he’s so adament about getting him to leave. Also, the kids forgetting about Sportacus along with the mayor sort of makes sense if you put into context that one year is a long time for kids, and they easily could have forgotten, especially after playing video games and eating junk food all the time. And the mayor characteristically is a bit dopey, as the stress of running a town and keeping ms busybody happy must have caused him to simply forgot sportacus existed.

the first thing jean ever sends to the trojans group chat is a ten-second video of a drunk jeremy dancing around the dorm as he lip-synchs to kylie’s your disco needs you, which then cuts to jean, wordlessly holding up an alarm clock that reads 03:23 am

Bubbline Conversation

So, I’m writing Bubbline fanfic and my little cousin is watching me write it and all of a sudden this conversation happened:

Him: Wait, they’re both girls?

Me: Yes.

Him: But mommy and daddy said that isn’t allowed and that God made it a rule that only boys can kiss girls.

Me: Well…Some rules are meant to be broken, okay?

Him: So I could kiss a boy?

Me: Yep.

Him: ….Have you kissed a girl?

Me: Yes, I have.

Him: *Giggles* I want to kiss a boy.

Me: *Laughs* Alright, but when you’re a little older, okay?

(I only said that because he’s 7)