god hears prayer

Godformers Starters
  • "O God, hear my prayer..."
  • "Are you not afraid, mortal?"
  • "How can you treat them as though they are your equals? It's disgraceful."
  • "You're real!?"
  • "How dare you disparage mortals? Without them, we are nothing!"
  • "You DARE defy me!? I will be your undoing!"
  • "My, my. I do so love it when they bring me living sacrifices..."
  • "Peace. I'm not going to hurt you."
  • "...You love them. A mortal."
  • "Of course I'm real! Did you think you were worshiping thin air?"
  • "Hold your tongue, or I will show you that gods too can die."
  • "You are Fallen. You have forsaken both your followers and your power. Do not DARE to even look upon me."
  • "Pathetic things, mortals."
  • "You—you're in love with a GOD? Is that even possible!?"
  • "No. No way. I'm not helping you steal from the temple."
  • "Please, I—I know they're your offerings! I was just so hungry!"
  • "Are you ready for the festival of ____? I'm so excited!"
  • "I'm yours, o God. Use me as you will."
  • "Is this offering acceptable?"
  • "Worshipers of ____ are just... barbaric. I'd never stoop so low."
  • "I'm going to kill/fight a god."
  • "I am no longer allowed to walk among the heavens. I'm Fallen."
  • "Aren't they funny little things, mortals? I love them dearly."
  • "They're not real, ____. They're just stories. An explanation for why the sun rises and the sea flows."
  • "I've had a vision!"
  • "We are the TRUE children of ____! Let none trod on you!"
  • "How did you, a mortal, find my palace/temple/home?"
  • "I like it when you insects beg."
  • "Be still, child. I come bearing a gift."
  • "Let us not fight. Feuds among our kind last far too long and come at too great a price."
  • "You're what? Fallen? What does that mean?"
  • "You're a god! Can't you do something?"
  • "You are all my children. Every last one. I am by your side forever and always."
  • "I only jest, little one. I don't accept living sacrifices."
  • "Sshh! Don't take ____'s name in vain!"
  • "I love you. I don't care what you are. You're not like the rest of them."
  • "I love you. I don't care what my brethren say, you're my equal."
  • "You're telling me that ____ spoke to you? That's impossible."
  • "Quiet. I'll protect you from my brother/sister/sibling/brethren."
  • "How did you fall?"
  • "Care to take a stroll with me, my dear brother/sister/sibling/brethren?"
  • "What is your home like? Is it like the scriptures say?"
  • "Come now, it was only a joke! It's not my fault mortals are so easily frightened."
  • "Lay another finger on one of MY worshipers again, and I will make you rue the day."
  • "Did you see what they left in my temple this morning? Atrocious."
  • "Look at what the mortals left me! Isn't it wonderful?"
  • "I like it down here more than I ever liked the heavens."
  • "They're not people, idiot. They're pets."
Even a silent prayer from a sincere heart doesn’t go unnoticed.
He knows and hears every prayer.
You only have to ask with full conviction.
—  Mufti Ismael Menk

anonymous asked:

I have heard numerous stories of people (even ones who aren't fully with the church) hearing God. I have been trying to talk to God for months, yet He never answers. I keep asking Him to lead me to the right path considering how lost I feel, but all I hear is the silent hum of the outside. What do I do?

Hi friend,

Here are some of my posts (a few asks I’ve answered on this topic and a great quote from gotquestions.org that another user posted) tagged God’s voice

I pray these help you. If not, feel free to write me again. And keep going, friend. Please, keep going. Trust Him. Trust His plan. 

Sending prayers up for you. <3

All my love,


Friend, have you almost given up on God answering your prayer? Don’t lose hope. God hears every prayer. He doesn’t miss a single one. The wait can be so hard. But it’s where we plumb the depths of our faith and our God. If we keep our eyes on the answer, we can miss God’s deep and abiding work. That’s why it’s important to keep our eyes on Him. When you feel weary, and want to give up, remember He is good. And when His answer comes, it will exceed anything you could ever ask or imagine.
—  Wendy Blight

anonymous asked:

Do you think God hears and answers the prayers of only the saved, or the unsaved too? And I don't mean the initial prayer when you give your heart to Him, bc He must always be receptive to that; I mean our everyday prayers, about needs and wants.

To answer this question, you need to see the difference between the prayers of those who are saved and the unsaved. Those who are unsaved sometimes pray only because of their greed and to satisfy their selfish desires. Those who are saved pray that the will of God will be done in their life.

When you see the wicked getting all their desires, maybe it’s not God answering their prayers, maybe it’s the enemy who wants to destroy their soul, because God will not give us something that will hinder us from becoming like His Son. Everything good comes from God and He wants His children to get what He thinks is good and not what the world thinks.

When a sinner prayed with a repentant heart and with humility, God will answer it because He is merciful and He wants us to see that He is a Father that we can trust in everything. God answers our prayers because of Jesus. When we put our trust in Him and give our life to Him, God will answer our prayers. He may give you what you prayed for because it’s His will, He may say no to your prayers because it will not be good for you, or He may say wait because His timing is so much better than yours. 

Just remember these verses:

If I had not confessed the sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.     -Psalm 66:18

We know that God does not listen to sinners. He listens to the godly person who does his will. -John 9:31

mindykahling  asked:

Ahahslskbdvdvdjsj Lindsey as Ginny’s gf in s2!!!!!!!!!!!



AS GINNY’S SPORTS THERAPIST! cue the therapeutic sessions! the specific techniques she’d use to treat her injury! what im saying is THE MASSAGES!! that eventually turn sexual!! give me the both of them caving in when they know they shouldn’t. 

it’s just that the warmth of lindsey’s hands and the way she digs her fingers into ginny’s muscles become a lot less painful and a lot more pleasurable after a few sessions, and it doesn’t help when ginny moans and pants in a way that makes lindsey’s hands shake and they both notice. 

notice that maybe there’s more to this than just a professional relationship, that ginny shows up at her office more often than not, complaining about the way her arm aches even though it’s her heart that does for her. and maybe lindsey’s intentions of inviting ginny to bars ( after a long night or after celebrating a game ) aren’t friendly at all. 

that it feels more like a date every time they do ( cue: drunk and close, very close, dancing, karaoke sessions singing into eachother’s faces about how they should ‘call me maybe,’ body shots!, pool table games that involve staring down eachother’s tops! shared cab rides home where one passes out on the others lap and the other spends the whole ride running their fingers through their hair, wondering what it’d be like to kiss them ). and curse the way ginny’s heart races when she sees lindsey by the stands cheering for her ( wearing a ‘go ginny’ shirt ) or the way lindsey’s does when ginny strikes a player out and turns to look at her in the stands with a smile so big her dimples sink in. 

so yeah, there’s more to this than that and ginny doesn’t hesitate to let her know when their eyes meet and she grips at the collar of lindsey’s shirt to pull her to her and kiss her. 

when they do decide to make it official, the boys on the team are very happy about it ( they roll their eyes at the whoops and whistles and high fives that ensue when they do tell them ) ( livan makes a proposition that ‘this duo become a trio, chickas’ and they can’t help but laugh - mike and blip make fun of livan for the rejection but later on livan receives a text from ginny telling him that ‘this duo can become a trio for just one night.’ ) 

Listen Everyone!

I don’t care what anybody says, anybody. GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. Do you hear me? GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS. All you need is faith. Now He may not give us exactly what we ask for, but He gives us what we need and He does it in good timing, His timing. Keep praying and don’t stop praying because prayer works!!!!!! You might have prayed for something 5 weeks ago or 5 months ago or even 5 years ago and you haven’t seen it come to pass, but don’t lose hope because God hears you and He knows what He is doing!! He just might be giving you something better than what you asked for! Ya never really know sometimes! Hang in there and be patient friends because we serve an amazing and indescribable God!

Dragons from all flights will often make little prayers to gods they don’t live under. (Like a Fire dragon praying to Shadowbinder for luck.) Examples: Lightweaver, Arcanist, Stormcatcher, and Tidelord are all prayed to as knowledge gods (different kinds of knowledge, of course), Windsinger for guidance on travels, Gladekeeper for fertility and harvest, Earthshaker for protection and riches (gems and precious metals), etc. Whether or not the gods actually hear these prayers is often disputed.