god hears prayer

Why we perceive people who can draw as Gods?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE POWER TO DO AND CREATE AT THEIR WILL. Some of them are nice Gods who will hear our prayers. Others, will be punishing Gods who will make us suffer. Some others are like Zeus and all they do is porn stuff…

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Our Arsenal who art in London
Hallowed be thy name
Thy trophy come
Thy victory be done
In Wembley as it is in the Emirates
Give us this day our FA Cup
And forgive us our anger over this season                                                       As we forgive those who made it happen
And lead us not into loss
But deliver us from the evil of an inglorious season
For thine is the kingdom
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever


Haku will you ever say anything that’s not cheesy or come off as flirting??

Answer: Never

I’m still not over that update, but at least it gave me inspiration of making a bunny!Haku for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Beware, he’ll probably call the summoner avatar weird spring related nicknames like “lil’ bunny” or “chic-a-dee”, or his favorite “lil’ rose((exclusive for Xander and love interests *shot*))

careful he might penetrate you with that ‘carrot sword” ((I’ll leave now))

It’d be kinda fun to see a spring festival version of everyone else’s fatesona!!!


Friend, have you almost given up on God answering your prayer? Don’t lose hope. God hears every prayer. He doesn’t miss a single one. The wait can be so hard. But it’s where we plumb the depths of our faith and our God. If we keep our eyes on the answer, we can miss God’s deep and abiding work. That’s why it’s important to keep our eyes on Him. When you feel weary, and want to give up, remember He is good. And when His answer comes, it will exceed anything you could ever ask or imagine.
—  Wendy Blight

Matthew 7:7
“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

God hears our prayers. He is faithful to provide with all the things we may need. He is our source of hope, of life, of strength, of help. Anything we need, God is. We can rest in the fact that He cares for us and that under His watch, we will never lack anything, no matter how our circumstances may seem. Our faith in Him helps us see beyond difficulty to the great and infinite power that lies in His righteous hand. Trust Him always.

Even a silent prayer from a sincere heart doesn’t go unnoticed.
He knows and hears every prayer.
You only have to ask with full conviction.
—  Mufti Ismael Menk
Dany is Mance + Stannis

and Jon’s feelings on both are clear

Mance. Like Dany, Mance is the foreign invader who creates an army of Dothraki-like raiders to attack the realm. Mance also has an oversized image of himself, is a mess of contradictions, and loses sight of the bigger picture.

What Jon thinks of Mance:

Jon thinks he’s nothing more than a charismatic Euron Greyjoy or Drogo, whom he would kill if he had to, to protect his family and his home:

Mance had spent years assembling this vast plodding host, talking to this clan mother and that magnar, winning one village with sweet words and another with a song and a third with the edge of his sword… hammering a hundred different daggers into one great spear, aimed at the heart of the Seven Kingdoms…I will kill him if I must. The prospect gave Jon no joy; there would be no honor in such a killing, and it would mean his own death as well. Yet he could not let the wildlings breach the Wall, to threaten Winterfell and the north…For eight thousand years the men of House Stark had lived and died to protect their people against such ravagers; and reavers … and bastard-born or no, the same blood ran in his veins.

Jon has little respect for Mance’s main “accomplishments” as king:

All Mance ever did was lead an army down upon the realm he once swore to protect.

Mance’s attack on the Wall pisses Jon off. So much that Jon thinks of Mance’s favorite song (about how great freedom tastes) while pouring fire down on him:

Grenn was rolling a second barrel to the precipice by then, and Kegs had one as well….A flaming giant lurched into view, stumbling and rolling on the ground. Then suddenly the mammoths were fleeing, running from the smoke and flames and smashing into those behind them in their terror… When they break, they break hard, Jon Snow thought as he watched them reel away. The drums had all gone silent. How do you like that music, Mance? How do you like the taste of the Dornishman’s wife?” 

Jon regrets not killing him when he had the chance:

I should have tried to kill Mance Rayder on the Fist, even if it meant my life. That was what Qhorin Halfhand would have done. But Jon had hesitated, and the chance passed.

Jon believes that his people have bled enough. He understands their daily struggles, while Mance and the wildlings do not:

“This land belongs to the Watch,” Jon said.
Her nostrils flared. “No one lives here.”
“Your raiders drove them off.”
“They were cowards, then. If they wanted the land they should have stayed and fought.”
Maybe they were tired of fighting. Tired of barring their doors every night and wondering if Rattleshirt or someone like him would break them down to carry off their wives. Tired of having their harvests stolen, and any valuables they might have. It’s easier to move beyond the reach of raiders.” But if the Wall should fail, all the north will lie within the reach of raiders.

Stannis. Stannis is the monarch who uses the act of saving Westeros as a marketing campaign to convince people he’s the rightful king. After conquering the wildlings, he gives them a choice: death by ice, or death by fire. They can either pass through the Wall and kneel; or remain free but stay north of the Wall and freeze. He wants to convert them to his religion - a religion which just happens to position him as the world’s savior, Azor Ahai. 

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Basic Prayer

Hail Hades, Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. You have many names to describe your greatness and I pray that You accept my few. Your power is great and as vast as the core under the earth. God of Below, hear my prayer, if it pleases you.

I do not expect special treatment, but ask that You watch over me and guide my steps, though I am not worthy. I ask that Your wisdom guide me and Your stoicism strengthen me.

Hail to You, Hades. I praise and I thank you, even if you make no action. I am open and listening. Hail to You!

(This is my go to prayer, one that I wrote myself. I decided to post it in case others would like to use it. I pray this in the morning and evening, or at least, I try to.)

Prayer to Pan

Mighty and glorious Pan I call
Lord, god, master, wild and untamed
Pan, king of the world, mountain-born
Come my lord, my god, come and hear my prayer
Son of Hermes, who brings fright onto mortals and joy onto gods
Pursuer of mirth and fun, spirit uncontrolled and free
My words I raise to you oh Pan, my love and adoration I lift to your name
Hoof-footed and horned, companion of animal and human alike
Hail mighty Pan, lord of life and its mysteries
Hail Pan, king infinite and great