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Klance - soulmate au

It happens for the first time when he is five.

He’s lying in bed with a cold, eating the chicken soup his mother made him, when he suddenly hears a bunch of children sing.

Lance recognizes the song immediately. It’s one of those they make you sing in kindergarten. He drops his spoon into the bowl and calls for his mom excitedly.

His soulmate must be around his age.

Keith almost falls off his bike from giggling.

He’s on his way home from school when his soulmate listens to some song about butts. It’s form him, he knows that.

It’s not what they usually listen to and it’s become kind of a habbit. They will listen to something with really weird lyrics at the most unexpected of times just to make Keith laugh. His parents find it a bit inappropriate at times but Keith doesn’t mind. He can feel his soulmate’s amusement each time and it makes him laugh even harder.

He likes to think about what his soulmate must be like. They mostly listen to pop-rock but sometimes classical music too. Keith likes it. It’s a nice contrast to his own undefinied taste in music. He also hears a lot of wedding and birthday songs so they must have a big family.

Their lives seem to be quite different but Keith likes to thinks that they complete each other.

Lance finds his soulmate’s taste in music weird. It’s not that he doesn’t like the songs, so far he liked all of them in some way. But there are so many different genres. He’s sure that his soulmate is one of those people who listen to everything as long as it sounds good in some way.

He keeps playlists. One playlist for every year since he turned 12. There are a lot of songs in them and they’re taking up a lot of memory but he refuses to delete anything.

When he’s 14 Keith is on edge. There have been no songs for over a week and he is starting to freak out. His soulmate usually listens to music every single day, so when there are no songs at all for that long… something must be very wrong, right?

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John’s boys are happiest when they’re tangled together. Sam was just a baby when they started sleeping like that, Dean’s limbs wrapped around his little brother like a blonde octopus. After the fire he couldn’t leave Sam’s side. 

It’s not like it bothered John, when they were younger. He doesn’t blame them. Poor kids had lost their mother, and he was far from the most present (and responsible, affectionate) father.  He ingrained into Dean’s mind how important it was (how important it is) to protect Sam, to keep him safe at all costs. John knows he’s at fault for that. 

But they’re eighteen and fourteen now, and Sam’s growing up. All his teenage frustration is pointed–taken out–on John. Dean isn’t completely safe from it, but he’s not a monster like John is. He’s the loving big brother, and that’s what is bothering John–Dean should be pushing Sam away when he drapes his limbs all over him, should be annoyed by the lack of personal space because he’s older now and God knows he never gets any space. Instead he pulls Sam closer and (when he thinks John isn’t looking) kisses the top of his head.  

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EXO WOLF: Reaction to meeting you during mating season

Xiumin: *Squishy baozi wolf who? Sorry, you met someone completely different from what you heard. Once he sees you, he starts doing the best he can to attract you to him.*

“Oh, she’s so mine.”

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Luhan: *Once he sees you in a huge crowd, his eyes are locked onto you and only you, casually checking you out. After the time is right, he would walk up to you and make his move.*

“Well hello there”

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Kris: *This cold city wolf will be acting super cool and trying to woo you with his coolness idek if thats a word rip*

“So, whatsup?”

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Suho: *Our amazing leader would subtly flirt with you*


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Lay: *Being sweet is his way around to get to know you*

“You’re very pretty”

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Baekhyun: *This flirty wolf would be making so many moves, you won’t know what hit you.*

 “Hi there, I’m Baekhyun!”

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Chen: *After successfully asking you out, he starts playing w your heart even before the two of you are together*


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Chanyeol: *lowkey stalks you from a distance and waits for the perfect time to make a move because to him, you are that important.*

“Come on Chanyeol, you can do this. She’s literally right there.”

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D.O: *This wolf would be way too shy to make the first move. So instead, he secretly prays that you’re the one and hopes that you approach him first. Once his prayers were answered, he thanks the wolf gods and proceeds with trying to get closer to you and become your mate*

*gasp* “She’s coming my way! Okay okay, act natural”

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Tao: *He waits until he catches your attention, then he starts to make his move*

“Wow, she’s so pretty.”

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Kai: *It wouldn’t be difficult for this wolf to get your attention. With just a few small, flirtatious gestures, you were already head over heels (or paws)*


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Sehun: *Being already really good looking, he easily catches your eye and has you interested. It’s just a matter of time until you are his mate*

“Found my future mate already.”

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Okay! So maybe she continues to behave a little off with seven but okay with the others, and maybe now Seven starts feeling like really concerned but he's confused because that's what he wanted? But now he's starting to wonder if that's what he really wants, and he kind of starts to feel like MC felt when he did that to her. Maybe she starts opening up to one of the members a bit more now since she cant with him, and he feels bothered by that, lol idk but really just go nuts with it x")

707: The Cold Treatment [Part TWO]

Thanks for the request!! Here’s part two, everyone~


Click for: [Part One] [Part Three]

Seven laid in bed, staring up at the dark ceiling, dimly lit by the moonlight peeking through the windows. For the past two days, you had been brushing him off coldly, but you seemed to be perfectly fine in the chatroom. He’d given up on bringing up your strange behaviour in the chatroom, but he had continued his attempts to talk to you, worried.

Pfft. Who was he kidding?

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Chapter Five of Shrimps Secret WARNING MATURE

A/N: So this is smut. I’ve written smut maybe 3 times… now 4? But it’s been a while. I feel terribly uncomfortable. So it’s a really hard scene for me to write because for me to write it, I have to get in tune to my sexual side and I’m not at all really comfortable with that at all. Plus it’s hard when I have to work and everything like… Now I have to go to work and I just can’t sit in the break room on my breaks and write smut, can I? Anyways, it may be bad it may be good. There is honestly no way to tell– 

You can find the previous chapters on:



Chapter Five:

It wasn’t that Gajeel wasn’t happy or mad about the news, he was more so shocked. Surely if they were in a relationship he’d be more thrilled. But he didn’t really have a choice. So here Levy was, asleep next to him on his couch, carrying his child. If someone told him that night would of lead to this he probably would’ve stopped himself from drinking so much or just not have gone around her. He leaned over her sleeping body and admired her face, she was beautiful and smart. He always liked those qualities about Levy. Especially on that night…

xxx flash back xxx

Gajeel pushed Levy against the wall outside of his apartment, the two have been going at it since they left Natsu’s and Lucy’s wedding it was practically a miracle that they managed to get to his place fully clothed. But the iron dragon slayer growled when he had to part with her lips and unlock his door. Fumbling with his keys in his pocket, Levy reached into his pocket and he groaned. “Come on.” He was eager to get this night started. Finally Levy grasped his keys and pulled them out.

“Here.” She looked into his blood red eyes.
He grabbed the keys and turned to unlock the door, his arm wrapped around her waist to make sure she wasn’t leaving him anytime soon. He needed to have her. He held the door open, stretching his arm over her so she could go ahead and walk in and he followed her. As soon as he closed and locked the door he picked her up and kissed her hungrily. Yes, he definitely needed her. Gajeel pressed himself into her, himself having already grown hard from their previous foreplay up to his apartment he was desperately trying to get into her pants. Not that Levy was objecting, with the little moans she was making had Gajeel thinking that she was as ready as he was. Her dress was even hitched up to her waist, almost off. Gajeel pulled it up further, over her stomach and Levy had her hands on his chest, underneath his shirt. He loved the way her dainty hands felt on his skin. She felt so soft. God, everything about her was intoxicating to him.

Gajeel pulled her dress up, and parted lips with her enough to pull it up over her head. Levy’s bra was a lacy light blue one. And even though she probably thought she couldn’t fill it out, she did. Her breasts were perfectly filling them.
Levy unbuttoned the top of Gajeel’s shirt, going lower as she whimpered against his lips as he pressed his manhood against her panties. Which caused Levy to release a moan that only made Gajeel grin wildly, so he pressed his hard on against her and went to kiss her lips again. She whimpered against his lips, and Gajeel parted with them and lead his mouth with little kisses all the way to her collar bone where he started to softly nibble on. Getting frustrated, and feeling the wetness that was on her panties Levy groaned, and her hands went to unbutton and unzip Gajeel’s pants. Gajeel quickly threw her down on the ground and laid his body over top of hers. He even grabbed hold of her hand, he wanted to tease her. Levy looked into his eyes, practically begging him to take her there.
Gajeel’s finger ran down the front of her panties and he felt the wetness of it. God, is this what I did to her? Her scent was sexy and Gajeel felt like he was going to die if he didn’t get a taste soon.

He slid her panties to the side exposing herself, his arm outreached holding her hands above her head; Levy wiggled her body and at a feeble attempt to close her legs, Gajeel used his elbow to keep her there. Legs opened and her private area exposed to the cold air of his apartment.

“Gajeel, please~” Levy drunkly slurred out a plead. Her glazed over intoxicated eyes looked down at him. “I want to feel you inside of me.”

The iron dragon slayer grinned madly and slowly probed his pointer finger at her entrance. “Like this?” He raised his eyebrows to her, trying to tease her.

Trying to wiggle her body again, Gajeel pulled his finger away from her and licked the little bit of juice that got on it and suddenly let go of her wrists and slammed his body on top of her roughly, his erection pressing up against his pants. “Do you feel how much I want to be inside of you?” He ran the front of his pants up and down against her slit.

Levy bit her lip and nodded, looking into his eyes. “P-please.” She begged him, leaving her legs spread for him.

Gajeel held his body pressed against against her and unzipped his pants and pulled both his pants and boxers down, allowing his massive manhood free.

Levy saw his dick and gasped. He looked like he was about 8 inches and his girth was nothing to mess with. So she tried to move her waist away, scared that it’ll tear her apart down there. Gajeel pressed the tip of himself against her slit, his hand on her hip as he slowly eased himself into her. Levy whimpered loudly, gripping her hands together as she felt him tear through her wall.

Feeling how tight she was, he eased himself in deeper, watching her face. When he finally was inside to the hilt, Levy could feel him inside her deepest part, not believing that he could fit entirely inside of her.

Gajeel ceased moving, holding himself inside of her and Levy wrapped her legs around his waist. “G-Gajeel.” She moaned into his ear, wrapping her arms around his neck. Gajeel had both hands on her waist as he slowly started moving in and out of her, Levy whimpering each time he hit deeply in her. He slowly started picking up the pace, moving one of his hands up to pull her bra underneath of her breasts. He bent his mouth down and bit one of them. Levy moaned out loudly as he finally slammed himself inside of her. Over and over again.
Gajeel panted and groaned, feeling himself get closer. God he wanted release. Levy.” He moaned and pulled himself out of her and slammed it back into her. Levy squeezed his arm and moaned, holding onto Levy as he pounded into her.

“Harder.” She bit her lower lip.

Having that being said, The iron dragon slayer started going faster, slamming her into the ground over and over again, with levy moaning louder.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum.” Gajeel groaned, as he felt himself get closer.

Levy’s legs tightly wrapped around her waist, squeezing him tightly. “D-don’t pull out–” Levy moaned. Her body starting to tremble as she orgasms around him.

Not able to hold anymore back, Gajeel releases everything he’s had pent up inside of him to inside of her. “God Levy.” He said as he pulled his soft self out of her. And got up, pulling her up with himself. “Want to continue?” Levy nodded as Gajeel led them to his bedroom.


Gajeel looked over her belly, searching for any sign of a bump but there was none. Somehow there was his child inside of her. “God Levy, what did I do to you?” He shook his head, wondering what he should do about this. Honestly the dragon slayer was quite mad at himself for knocking her up. She deserved so much more, that baby deserved so much more. Gajeel placed a hand on her belly, wanting to feel it move but he knew it would be too early for that. He figured it’d be too small for that. So small that he could break it. That terrified him.

“I can’t be a father.” Gajeel shook his head no.


You walk up to the door and lift your hand to knock. As much as you want to, you can’t make your hand move to make the sound. Daryl watches you secretly out of his window and you have no idea. He wants to open the door so badly right now, maybe he could pretend he was on his way out to see Rick and invite you in instead. You start walking away, down the steps of his porch and he panics and opens the door quickly.
“Oh, hey, (Y/N), you okay? I was just on my way out.”
“Hey! Erm, oh never mind then, if you’re busy. See you later,” you mumble as you carry on walking.
“I’m in no rush, what’s up?” He says quickly, trying to get you to stay.
“I was just wondering if…” you pause, for what seems like ages, “if maybe you wan-”
“Daryl! I need your help on my car again, can’t believe it’s gone wrong so soon,” a familiar voice shouts out, interrupting you. It’s Claire, one of the residents of Alexandria who have been here since the beginning. She has a thing for Daryl and is always tearing him away from you because she knows exactly how he feels about you and hates it.
“Not now, maybe tomorrow, I need to talk to (Y/N).”
“No, no it’s fine, it can wait,” you said, forcing a smile. You walked away and Daryl watched you until you were out of sight. Claire took his arm and practically dragged him to her place. He checked the car over and couldn’t find one thing wrong with it so quickly returned home after making his excuses. He walked slowly past your door and glimpses you through the window sitting on your sofa with a notebook, furiously writing in it. The voice inside his head wanted to speak to you so badly, but he couldn’t find the courage to even walk up your porch. He turned away and carried on to his house.
The next morning you hear a knock at your door. Running downstairs, you imagine it to be Daryl, he’ll sweep you up into his arms and finally confess his love to you and kiss you passionately. You open it to find Rick instead.
“Hey (Y/N), we need you to go out on a run today, Daryl’s not feeling too good and we need him on top form, can you go with Claire instead?” He asked. Shit, her. No wonder he felt ill, stupid woman always harassing him.
“Yeah sure, that’s fine. I’ll be out in 15 minutes.” You gather some bits into a rucksack and a list that Rick gave you. Heading out to the gates, you see her in her car, tapping the steering wheel impatiently.
“Finally! Come on, lets just get this over and done with,” she sighs as you get in the car next to her. Daryl comes out to see the car leave and notices a familiar face next to her.
“Rick, did (Y/N) go with her?”
“Yeah, she’s as good as you, so the next best person right?”
“Shit! No, this isn’t good, I don’t trust her with (Y/N).”
“Why not? I’m sure they’ll be fine, just take it easy and go back to bed.”
Daryl huffs and goes back inside. He’d give you a couple of hours but come looking for you then. He knew the route you were meant to take, so it would be easy to find you. If he hadn’t faked being ill to get out of going with Claire, you’d be safe behind these walls. There was something off about her, how she’d hold his arm just a little too tightly, or look at you for just a second too long with dark, evil eyes, then she’d snap back to acting like normal again. She was always like this since Daryl told her that he had feelings for you. She’d tried to make a move on him, but he knocked her back and admitted that you were the one for him. She hadn’t like that one bit.
It was a little over half an hour into your journey and the route started to look unfamiliar.
“Are you sure this is the way?,” you asked, confused.
“This a short cut, don’t worry about it.”
Soon you got to a small town, but it wasn’t the one you were meant to be searching today. As you were about to face her, she pulled her gun out and pointed it straight at your head.
“Make one wrong move and I’ll shoot. Get out of the car,” she instructed.
“O- okay,” you stutter. She leads you to a small warehouse behind a shop and pushes you through the door. Inside there’s a chair and some rope.
“Sit.” You do as she says and sit down in the chair. She ties your hands behind you and your feet to the legs at the front.
“Why are you doing this?” You ask.
“Because women like you don’t deserve Daryl. I do,” she says bluntly. She smirks and backs away, “well, this is goodbye. I’ll leave the door open so the walkers don’t have easy access to you. Don’t want them to starve do we?” With that, she exits and you hear the car revving up and leaving.
You struggle against the restraints, but with no luck. How the hell did she tie this so tight?
Daryl’s given you both enough time, he tells Rick he’s going out to find you and within seconds he’s out on the road. As he’s riding, Claire speeds past him and he notices you’re not in the car with her.
“FUCK!” He shouts to himself. He heads straight to the town you were heading for, checks every building, but you’re nowhere to be seen. He races back to Alexandria where he finds Rick questioning Claire.
“She WHAT?” He bellows.
“She got bit, so sad, had to put her down. Left her in a safe place though,” she lies.
“The fuck did you just say?” Daryl interrupts, “she’s not at the town you were meant to go to. Where the hell is she?”
“Oh, no, we went to the next one over, west a little bit,” she smirks, hoping that walkers would have already got to you.
“Ya fucking bitch! If she’s dead, I’m coming back and killing you myself,” Daryl seethes. He jumps back on his bike and goes back out on the road.
He finds the small town and looks in all the buildings then finds the warehouse behind one of the shops. Stepping inside, he sees walkers shuffling about and quickly takes them out. He spots he chair, toppled over and the rope laying on the floor next to it with fresh blood coating it. He looks over at the walkers, they couldn’t have eaten you that quickly, and there was no trace of you here, it wasn’t possible that they took you. Looking around on the floor, he searches for a trail of some kind, and sees small droplets of blood, possibly yours, heading towards the door. Following it, he’s lead to a small shipment container further back from the backs of the buildings that lined the road.
The smell of damp fills his nostrils as he enters the container. There are boxes everywhere, he moves them all out of the way until he sees something in the corner.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?”
“Oh my god, (Y/N),” he says as he gets closer and can see your body fully. Blood soaks your tshirt and you have something pressed against your shoulder. “What happened?”
“That doesn’t matter,” you gasp, “I’m just glad you’re here.”
“Let me see your wound at least.” He reaches out for your shoulder and peels back the cloth you found. There’s an obvious bullet wound and he can see where it’s also been dug out. It’s bleeding heavily and you’ve already lost a lot of blood. “We need to get you back now.”
“I can’t move Daryl,” you say slowly, “I can barely breathe.”
“No, we need to get you back and get you fixed up.”
“Daryl, you can see what’s happened, look at all this blood… I can’t do it.” You’re face is white as a sheet and Daryl knows how this is going to end.
“(Y/N), please, don’t say that,” he starts to cry. “That fucking bitch I’m gonna kill her for doing this to you.”
“Daryl… you’ve got to promise me… you’ll do it, when the time comes… please,” you stutter through laboured breaths.
“I can’t.”
“You can… strongest person I know… why I love you.” You breathe, closing your eyes.
“(Y/N), please don’t say that,” Daryl sobs, tears now cascading down his cheeks.
“Love…” you start.
“I love you too (Y/N), I do, always have done, please come back with me, you’ll be fine,” he rambles desperately.
“Can’t… love you,” you smile as you finally let go and your breathing stops.
“NO! NO! (Y/N), please, please open your eyes, I know you can. Open them,” he cries. He holds your face in his hands, rubbing your cold cheeks, trying to bring colour back into them and get you to wake up. He knows you won’t, and picks up his gun to finish it, but as he brings it to your head he can’t make himself pull the trigger. Instead he uses his knife, slowly pushing it through your ear. Picking you up, he walks out to his bike and places you over it. He walks back to Alexandria with you and when he arrives everyone gathers round as they see your body. Rick is first to speak.
“Daryl, I’m so sorry.”
“Where is she?” He asks, eyes red and puffy from crying.
“In the cell,” Rick answers, knowing what was about to happen. Daryl walks off to the cell as Rick and Carl take your body and lay you down by the church while they dig a grave. As they’re digging, a shot echoes throughout Alexandria and Daryl appears next to them soon after. He takes a shovel and digs at the ground furiously.
“(Y/N) gets a grave. She doesn’t. I’ll do this myself.”
“Daryl, let me help,” Rick says softly.
“No. Leave me,” he shouts. Rick and Carl walk off to sort out the other body and take her outside Alexandria and leave her in the forest for walkers. They get back and Daryl is still digging, wiping tears and sweat away from his face.
“Let me go talk to him Dad,” Carl says, seeing how worried his father looks. Carl walks over slowly to Daryl so as not to startle him.
“Daryl, I know you wanna be left alone, but I cared for (Y/N) too, she was like a sister to me, so I want to help if you’ll let me.”
Daryl doesn’t say a word, but looks up at him through his hair and hands him the other shovel. They stand there in silence and dig until it’s ready, and both lower your body into it.
“Carl, I can’t do it, I can’t bury her,” he says, breaking down again. Carl looks at him shocked at how open he’s being with his emotions.
“No, of course. Me and dad will if you want us to.”
“Yeah, thanks,” he says, dropping the shovel and looking down at you one last time. Then he heads to his house.
“Daryl, you can stay at ours, don’t be on your own,” Carl says after him. Daryl nods his head and changes direction to Rick’s house, not wanting to admit he needs someone, but accepting the offer gratefully. Rick comes out after talking to Daryl and helps Carl cover your body.
“That was a real nice thing you did Carl. Daryl may not show it, but he appreciates it a lot. He really loved her.”
“I know, we all did, and she didn’t deserve what happened to her. I hope she told Daryl she loved him too.”
“I’m sure she did Carl, don’t worry.”


A Hard Work’s Night

Dan and Phil fanfiction. Warning: some sexual scenes and some strong language.

It had been a while since Dan worked that late at the cafe. Getting off at eleven was not his particular cup of tea. At least the pay was good. He was off to have a good night’s sleep at his apartment.

Dan woke up in a daze, he seemed sweaty and clammy. He looked down, and his sleep pants were wet. Memories of his dream raced through his head. He sighed, “Not again” he thought. He tried to repress the thoughts of his dream in the shower but it was just no use. “It’s going to be another hard day at work.

Dan arrived, just on time as usual. He walked past the backroom, trying to not pay attention to his manager. 

“Hey, Dan!” A man’s voice called out from inside the office. Dan grimaced, just who he didn’t want to talk to.

Dan popped his head in, trying to avoid eye contact. “Yes?”

“Marsha called in tonight, I was wondering if you could work a few hours over.” 

“Yeah, sure. No problem.” Dan replied, his voice monotone and his eyes looking down.

Just as Dan was getting ready to walk out of the room, “Oh, and Dan?” Dan looked at his manager “Shit shit shit shit”. “Yeah?” “Keep up the good work!” His manager replied with a thumbs up. Dan nodded and walked out of the room, his face as red as a tomato.

He wasn’t sure what it was, but something about that man really got to him. He could never look straight in his face without getting extremely flustered. The day went on, and Dan worked alone in solitude, taking care of customers, avoiding his manager, just the way he liked it. 

“I wanted cheese on this, you dumbass!” A customer exclaimed at him, throwing the plate down on the table and breaking it into pieces. “I-I’m sorry, sir. I can get you a new one if you like.” Dan responded calmly. “Hell no! I don’t want anything from you!” The customer stormed out. It was late and Dan was tired. He was glad that was the last customer of the night. “That customer left no tip. Not surprising.” 

This wasn’t like Dan, but he was come over with such strong feelings such as aggression and sadness. This wasn’t the only rude customer he had today. Usually he just brushes it off, but tonight it really got to him. Holding back tears, Dan ran into the solitary bathroom in the back and started crying. 

A few moments later, after he had calmed down a bit, Dan heard a knock on the door. “Hello?” His manager called out. “Is anyone in there?” Dan unlocked the door, his eyes still a bit puffy from crying.

“Dan, are you okay?” The manager asked, looking at him extremely concerned. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Dan replied, wiping his eyes, still trying to avoid eye contact. “Just a bad day I guess.”

His manager put his hand on Dan’s shoulder, forcing Dan to look up at him, which he knew was an immediate mistake. He took in what he was looking at. A tall, slim man, finely dressed in black slacks and a white button up long sleeve shirt. That shirt brought out the starkness in his ocean blue eyes. Dan bit his lip, trying to force the feelings inside away, but it didn’t stop his face from getting red.

“It’ll be okay, Dan.” His manager smiled, Dan smiled back. “And I know what would make you feel better.” The manager slammed the door shut and locked it. Turning to Dan, he pressed his lips hard against his, almost pinning Dan to the wall.

Eyes wide open in shock, the kiss was broken. Phil looked worried, that he may have crossed a line. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t- I thought…just forget this ever happened.” He started to unlock the door, but Dan stopped his hand. “How…how did you know?” Dan asked. Phil laughed a little, “Well, you made it pretty obvious.” Phil kissed Dan again, a little more passionately this time and Dan wasn’t afraid to give back.

An exchange of kisses led to an intense make out session, Dan pressed up against the wall with his legs around Phil’s waist, vigorously running his finger’s through his dark black hair. Phil pulled away, giving small kisses to Dan’s jawbone and neck. “We won’t” Dan cleared his throat “We won’t get in trouble for this, will we?” “No, not at all.” Phil replied, only pulling away from the kisses to respond. “As long as we both want it.” Phil paused, looking up at Dan. “You want it, right?” He asked hesitantly. “Oh god, yes.” Phil smirked and resumed administering kisses.

Soon, Dan’s bowtie was untied, laying on the tile floor along with his shirt and belt. The kisses continued, slowly going from Dan’s neck, all the way to the top of his pants. His breathing started to get heavy, from anticipation and nervousness. Phil slowly unbuckled his pants, kissing the brim of Dan’s boxers. He slid Dan’s pants all the way to his ankles. Phil slowly started taking Dan’s boxers off, kissing the skin as he went.

With both Dan’s pants and boxers at his ankles, Phil gently grabbed Dan’s cock and licked the tip of it. Dan moaned, his eyes rolling back into his head. Slowly, Phil put the whole of Dan’s penis in his mouth and began sucking, bobbing his head back and forth, and swirling his tongue around the shaft. Dan’s breathing was rigid. “P-phil.” He moaned, thrusting himself more into the man’s mouth. Phil sucked and started gradling Dan’s testicles in his hands, playing with them. Dan’s knees shook, and they about made him buckle over.”Phil, I can’t take it.” He slid down the wall, now sitting on the floor still with his cock in Phil’s mouth,

Phil stroked and sucked on Dan’s cock, every so often grasping his balls. Dan moaned, his breathing getting faster. He clung to everything he could, Phil’s hair, his shirt on the floor. “Fuck!” Dan screamed as Phil took his whole cock in his mouth again, slowly swirling his tongue around the shaft. “P-phil” Dan stammered. His body began to shake, and he scrunched up his face, moaning loudly as well, cumming straight into Phil’s mouth.

He moaned loudly, the noise echoing off the tile walls. They were both glad the cafe was empty except for the two of them. Dan’s breathing hitched, he hadn’t felt this good in, well, ever. He slowly brought Phil’s lips up to his, kissing him hard and passionately. He wanted all of him, all of him now. Dan pulled away from the kiss slightly. “Fuck me.” He whispered, digging his nails into Phil’s back. Phil moaned out of pain, but part of it made him want Dan even more. 

The two men continued to kiss with Dan eagerly tugging on Phil’s belt. Phil laughed “Be patient, baby.” Phil let Dan slowly remove his belt, and unbutton his pants. Dan thrusted his hand down Phil’s pants, grabbing Phil’s firm cock. Phil grimaced, out of pain and pleasure. “God damnit, Dan.” He smirked and took Dan’s hand in his own. “I said be patient.” Phil smiled and gave a kiss to Dan’s pouty face. “But I want you now.” Dan whined, now removing every inch of clothing he had on, laying down on them and avoiding the cold bathroom floor. He laid out, anxiously almost overbearingly waiting for Phil. 

He whimpered, watching Phil slowly remove his pants, then his boxers. He squirmed a little, moaning in anticipation. Phil met Dan on the floor and began kissing him. Dan grabbed Phil’s dick and started stroking it slowly. Phil moaned against Dan’s lips, his cock slowly getting wet. He knew that’s what Dan wanted. Phil pulled away, licking two of his fingers, he slowly pushed them in Dan. Dan whimpered, “Oh god, Phil.” Phil took some of his own wetness and added it to his fingers, slowly lubricating Dan’s hole. Dan bit his lip, wanting Phil inside him now more than ever. Phil went up and met Dan with a kiss, slowly opening Dan’s legs as wide as they’d go comfortably and thrusting himself in Dan.

 Dan moaned, Phil took him a bit by surprise. Phil began thrusting and rocking them both back and forth. The two’s breathing for hard, the rougher they became. Phil suddenly hit Dan’s prostate, causing him to squirm and moan louder than he had previously. “Phil! Fuck!” He exclaimed, swirling his hips to get more of a feeling. “Oh god, oh god.” He whimpered, slowly losing his self control. As Phil thrusted, Dan ran his fingernails on Phil’s back, edging them a bit closer every time.

 Phil moaned, Dan’s wetness and whimpering making him crazy. “Phil, Phil I-I’m gonna…ohh.” Dan threw his head back, digging his nails into Phil’s back. “Harder, harder.” He whimpered and Phil followed his orders. Gently rubbing Dan’s prostate with his cock, he could feel Dan getting closer. “Phil, oh my god!” Dan whimpered as Phil found his sweet spot. 

Hitting it with every thrust, Dan clenched his whole body, arching his back and throwing his head back. Dan screamed out Phil’s name and moaned as he orgasmed, cumming all over their chests. Dan clenching up so hard made Phil orgasm, “Mmm, Dan.” He moaned as he felt himself release. The two, breathless, lied next to each other on the floor. They turned over and met each other with a kiss. “I guess work wasn’t too bad today.” Dan thought.

but then you’ll come across someone with a kind and gentle soul who’s going to make your heart feel soft and whose voice will make you feel so safe that you can’t help but wonder if it’s real or a dream

because in the past it just always felt like settling

he will understand you without even having to try and he will be able to tell when something is on your mind and you think back to the times when your friends told stories about boys who were so rough with their hearts that you’ll just start thinking oh god you have no idea how much you deserve more than that because you know the feeling of knowing someone who makes you feel so safe and warm 

someday someone will be so gentle with your heart, i promise

someday God Himself will lead you to someone who is so kind and wonderful, someone you’re going to have a real connection with that you won’t be able to even explain it. you won’t have to force a thing. it’s going to feel so easy and right, like it’s the most natural thing in the world

no mind games. no wondering. 

when it’s right, you’ll just know it, and it’s all going to make sense why it never worked out with anyone else 

you will remember the times you wondered why you ever thought it was a good idea to quiet your heart, why you thought you were going to be better off alone, why you were so resentful of God saying no, because now you can’t believe how you were so wrong

because he will understand you like no one ever did before–both your silences and your words

his presence alone can make everything feel lighter

he’s going to feel like safety and warmth, but also of fireworks and ocean waves, and you wouldn’t have it any other way

you’re going to meet him at the right time, i promise. don’t settle–please don’t settle–and don’t give your heart away to just anyone because you’re lonely. let God satisfy your loneliness, because ultimately He is the only one who can truly satisfy. don’t forget that. guard your heart, surrender it to God, and let Him keep it. one day He will give it to someone worthy. just keep your eyes on Jesus and seek His face and don’t be anxious about it

if God says it will be, it will be

nothing good gets away.

Beloved Jimin


can i request a jimin scenario where you’re dying and he doesn’t know but he’s cheating and you know that so all you want is to spend time with him before you die and he agrees. he comes to realize he’s so in love with you again but he’s out of time. when you die, that’s when he finds out about ur illness and you leave a super heartfelt letter fr him. something really super angsty pls, i wanna cry😭😂 thanks :)

Hi! I’m admin Kim. This will be my first scenario in this blog. I did my best to make your request as angsty as possible. I hope you like it! 

p.s this was such a great idea. 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Your body goes numb. Everything from the tip of your fingers to your toes, has no feeling. You walk towards the door like some sort of lifeless creature. You want to get out of the apartment and go home, you want to put as much distance from you and what you had just seen. But you can’t. You don’t even have the strength to make it across the living room. Before your knees give up on you, you manage to make it to the couch.

“Y/n!” Jimin calls after you, certain that you were long gone. He zipped up his pants already grabbing his keys to go and find you. He saw you sitting on the couch, staring at your hands blankly.

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despite l*uis showering little louis with gifts and attention and trying to distance him from anne and aramis so that he would love him more and remember him after he died, little louis in his last scene is dressed as a musketeer–as aramis, as his father–and looks extremely happy and i think that’s beautiful

•so Sirius is at this fancy restaurant
•it’s some work thing for his parents and he’s bored af because his brother won’t play ‘what is the sassiest comment I can say in front of dad’s boss’
•and after they’ve been sitting for a while their waiter come and asks for drinks
•Sirius looks up to order and promptly feels his stomach fall out
•because his waiter is an actual god
•he has this curly mop of honey coloured hair in his fringe
•and god those eyes are brown (Sirius thinks he might be falling into them but he’s not sure)
•he’s so goddam tall (Sirius is a Tiny Gay Punk)
•and he’s looking at Sirius with this crooked smirk that Sirius thinks might actually kill him if he doesn’t look away soon
•he’s aware he’s been staring at him with his jaw practically on the table
•he stutters through his order and then flushes bright red when he realises he got all the words in the wrong order and has to say it again (The Waiter just grins even more)
•his parents are frowning because they’re homophobic twats
•his brother is frowning because he wants to impress him
•his dad’s boss is frowning because he’s very confused
•Sirius has his head on the table and is trying to disappear
•eventually he has to run away to the bathroom because he keeps seeing The Waiter at other tables

•once he’s in the bathroom he splashes water on his face
•then he turns around and Jesus Christ it’s The Waiter holding a mop
•he goes bright red again
•The Waiter smiles (that smile could actually revive a person that’s been dead for years) and says his name is Remus
•(dear god his voice is so deep and raspy Sirius thinks his knees might have vanished)
•Sirius manages to say hi (he’s such a fucking nerd omg)
• eventually Remus gives him his number and Sirius is just grinning like a madman

•after they’ve eaten dinner Sirius sneaks out for a smoke and to text prongs about 'The Waiter Of The Holy Cheekbones’
•and after being outside for a few minutes someone walks out of the kitchen door
•oh god it’s Remus
•oh god he’s wearing a beanie
•oh god he’s seen him
•oh god he’s getting closer
•he gestures to Sirius’ cigarette and asks for a light
•of course Sirius lights it for him (he realises he probably won’t ever say not to him) (he realises that’s a little terrifying and he’s a little turned on)
•after they’ve finished Remus turns to face him
•'so, Sirius, on a scale of one to ten, how good would your reaction be if I was to push you up against this wall and kiss you till you forget your name?’
•'about a million?’

Reservoir Dog - Halloween!Ash

Summary: Ashton gets into a fight with (Y/n) at a halloween party and makes it up to her later when they get home

Word count: 1.9K

Warning: Smut 


We walked into the party, the smell of alcohol and the loud music filling our senses immediately. Everyone was dressed as Tarantino’s characters. Well, it was a Quentin Tarantino themed party, hosted by Ashley - or Halsey. Ashton and a group of his friends, including Calum had decided to go as Reservoir Dogs. While I decided on Shosanna Dreyfus, because why not. As soon as we walked in, Ashley approached us,

“You guys made it!” She smiled, hugging everyone, “You guys have a good time, but I need to drag Ashton away for a bit. I hope that’s not a problem (Y/n).” She said.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all. I’ll go to the side and chill with Calum while waiting.” I said.

“Great!” She grabbed Ash’s bicep before dragging him away. I watched them disappear into a crowd before hearing Calum speak up,

“It is a problem.” He said, taking my arm and bringing me to the drinks. I sighed, I didn’t want to be that annoying, overprotective girlfriend, but I couldn’t help but think that he’s been obsessing over her the past few days. “What’s up?” Cal asked, handing me a plastic cup filled with beer.

“He’s just been obsessing over Ashley for the past few days, and it annoys and scares me because I don’t know if he’ll choose her over me.” I sighed.

“Don’t say that!” He exclaimed, making me jump slightly. “Sorry. But don’t say shit like that. He wouldn’t choose Ashley over you.” He tried reassuring me, but I wasn’t paying attention. My eyes were occupied to him across the room. Calum followed my gaze, his jaw dropping, “Oh no.” He muttered. I felt my blood boiling. He was there alright, but he wasn’t with Ashley. He was with some random blonde grinding. I crossed my arms. “Hey, hey, hey, wait.” Calum grabbed my arm just as I was about to make my way over to them. “Don’t think about it. If he wants to grind on someone else, you can grind on someone else too.” He grumbled, pulling me to look away from them.

“What the-”

“Shh,” He cut me off, moving his face to my ear, “Dance with me, princess.” He whispered. I felt a shiver tingle down my spine as I did as he said. His hands moved to my hips as mine moved to his shoulders.

“Cal, I don’t know if this is a good idea. He gets really angry when he’s jealous.” I fretted.

“It’s okay, doll.” He calmed me down before getting ripped away from me.

“What the fuck, mate?” Ashton barked. Cal fell to the ground,

“You were dancing with that blonde chick, I felt sorry for your girlfriend!” Calum argued, standing up.

“But she’s still my fucking girl!”Ash retorted, shoving Calum. Everyone around had stopped dancing, watching the fight break out.

“I’m still your girl?!” I yelled, feeling my blood boil once again, “You went ahead and grinded with some fucking bimbo, and you get upset that Calum’s just dancing with me?!” I fumed, “It doesn’t make any fucking sense! Be glad I didn’t go up to you and punch that blonde in the face.” I glared at him. His breathing was heavy, and his costume wasn’t helping. He looked actually terrifying. The blood covering him made him look extremely intimidating. He opened his mouth to argue back, but he closed it again once he realised that he couldn’t argue. “That’s what I fucking thought.” I turned on my heel, walking out of the party. Ashley followed me out,

“(Y/n), wait!” She called once I was in the garden. I stopped walking, sitting down on the grass. “Hey, you okay?” She asked, sitting beside me.

“Yeah, I guess,” I sighed, “I’m just so scared that he’ll leave me for someone else who looks better than I do. I mean, I’m just normal, and he could easily leave me for you because you’re pretty, and you sing and you’re funny. He could also leave me for that blonde, she’s pretty, she’s tall and I guess she’s much better than I am to have him grind on her.” I wiped my eyes to stop the tears from streaming off my cheeks.

“It’s alright, babe.” Ashley hugged me, “I don’t think he’ll leave you. When I pulled him away, he wouldn’t stop talking about how much he cares about you.” She pulled away.

“Did he really?” I asked.

“He did. He really loves you, (Y/n). I don’t think he’ll stop loving you anytime soon.” She assured me.

“(Y/n)!” I turned around and the voice of Ashton. He crouched down beside me, wrapping his arms around me, “Princess, babe, I’m so sorry. I don’t know why I got so jealous when it was fair for you to do it. I’m sorry, babe. I don’t even know why I danced with that other girl.” He held my face in his hand, apologising over and over again. He noticed my red eyes and dried tear stains, “Oh my god, I made you cry. I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.” He apologised. before I pressed my finger against his mouth to hush him,

“It’s okay, Ash.” I smiled, pressing a kiss against his lips.

“I’ll go inside.” Ashley smiled before running back into her house.

“Let’s go home.” I stood up, taking his hand and dragging him to the car.

“I swear I’ll make it up to you as soon as we get home.” He mumbled as he started the car.

As soon as we got into the door, Ashton had pressed me up against the door, kissing me hard.

“I’m sorry, baby.” He muttered against my lips. I brought my hands up to his face, pulling away,

“I told you; It. Is. Okay.” I said in between kissing his lips.

“It’s not okay. I hate it when you cry, and I was the reason you cried.” He mumbled guiltily, his head hanging low. I lifted his head with my hand, leaning in and kissing him,

“I forgive you, babe.” I mumbled against his lips, trailing my hand down and rubbing him through his pants. He let out a sigh, moving his face to my neck and sucking on the skin, no doubt leaving love bites. His hands trailed to my beige coloured coat, moving it off of my shoulders before moving his hands to the hem of my green blouse. He tugged on it before pulling it off, tossing it onto the ground.

“Bedroom.” He moaned softly, picking me up bridal style and going straight to the bedroom, closing the door and throwing me onto the bed. I let out a squeal as he did, watching as he crawled to me, hovering over me and connecting our lips once more. I pulled his suspenders off of his shoulders before unbuttoning his white shirt. I pushed it off of his shoulders, running my hands down his toned chest just as he started trailing kisses down my neck, stopping to leave a few hickeys.

He stopped just above my bra, reaching behind my back and unclipping it. He pulled the lace off of my body, revealing my bare breasts to him.

“So beautiful.” He murmured to himself as he cupped them with his large hands. His tongue flicked my nipple, hardening it before sucking it into his mouth as his fingers twisted and pinched my other nipple. He alternated the movements before travelling south, kissing down my stomach and stopping at my pants. He pulled them off, tossing them aside. Looking down at my panties, he hooked his fingers in the side, slowly gliding them down my legs as I whined impatiently. “Patience, princess.” He chuckled, looking up at me with his eyes that were clouded with lust.

He looked at my glistening core, one hand reaching up to my stomach and the other moving dangerously close to my heat, but never quite getting there.

“Ash, please.” I pleaded. He smirked,

“Since you asked to nicely.” He said before licking a bold stripe up my heat. I let out a loud moan as he pushed two fingers into me, reaching through my walls and pressing against my g-spot. He wrapped his soft lips around my clit nibbling on it gently before sucking on it harshly. He pumped his fingers quickly, bringing me closer to my climax. Just as I was about to release, he pulled away from me, causing me to release a whine. He chuckled, taking off his pants and boxers, “Patience, baby.” He repeated before slamming into me, both of us letting out moans at the contact. He paused to let me adjust to his large size before moving.

“Oh god.” I moaned, reaching around me to grab the sheets. He moved his hand down to rub harsh circles against my clit, make me moan even louder.

“Let the whole neighbourhood hear you moan. Let them hear who you made you feel this good.” He groaned, speeding up his thrusts. The obscene sounds of his balls slapping against me just turned me on even more, making me feel my orgasm getting closer. “God, I love you so much.” He moaned. I moved my hands to his back, running my nails down his back and leaving red marks, causing his moans to get even louder, his cock twitched inside of me. My orgasm hit me hard. Ashton’s name the only thing on my brain as I moaned his name over and over again, making him hit his release. He shot his load into me, filling me up with his warm seed. He rode out both of our highs, still moving before pulling out after being oversensitive.

He collapsed beside me, wrapping his sweaty arms around my own sweaty body and pulling me towards him. I nuzzled my face into his neck,

“I love you.” I murmured, feeling tired.

“I’ll get a towel to clean you up.” He said softly, pressing a kiss against my head before getting up off of the bed and coming back with a damp towel and one of his sweaters. He cleaned up my legs before helping me get into the warmth and softness of his sweater. He pulled on his own pair of sweatpants, sliding back into bed with me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close to his chest. I buried my face in his chest,

“I’m sorry I yelled at you at the party.” I said softly, “I was just scared you would leave me, and I got jealous.” I whispered.

“Leave you?” He questioned, lifting my face up so that I was looking at him, “You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me!” He exclaimed, “Well, other than the band. But the point is that you’re so perfect to me. I would never think about leaving you.” He pressed a kiss to my forehead. “I should be sorry too. I just saw you with Calum and got jealous so I started mindlessly dancing with that blonde.” He sighed.

“Looks like we both just tried to make each other jealous.” I chuckled, “I love you so much.” I felt my eyelids getting heavy.

“I love you, too, princess.” His voice faded as I slipped into a deep slumber.

A/n: As you can probably tell from this, I suck at writing smut soooooo I probably won’t be writing that much smut. But if you request it, then I’ll do it 

The Office

Based off this AU: “i’m really really worried you’re gonna fire me can i make up for the massive mistake i made???” au

Dean Winchester in a hot suit is the reader’s boss and things get very heated

Warnings: swearing and SMUT

Words: 1885

Dean x reader

A/N: I actually wanted to write a part 4 to “Hidden” but I will do that tonight. For now, enjoy this smutty mess

My fingers ran over the keyboard in ordered, fast motions, typing several different numbers into the Excel chart. My brows were furrowed in concentration, eyes fixed on the bright computer screen. 

“Y/N, you in for a lunch break?” my fellow worker and good friend Serena shouted through the office. I lifted my head from the display to look at her, shaking my head in response. “I can’t, I need to get this finished today,” I pointed at the laptop in front of me, shooting her an apologizing glance, “the boss said he needs it this evening. It’s urgent.”

Serena walked over to my desk, propping herself up on it and looking at me with annoyed denial on her pretty face. She wouldn’t accept my ‘no’. “Boss can be a real dick, right?” she said, it was more a statement than a question. “Come on, it’ll only take half an hour. Then you can get back work,” she tried to convince me and she knew that it would work. Something about her always made me give in. “I’ve been working on this for 7 hours straight,” I said, closing the laptop with a sigh, “I could use a break.”

She grinned winningly about her victory and put on her black leather jacket. “Let’s go then.”

We went to a small diner two blocks away, shared burgers and salad. I was sipping on a sweet chocolate milkshake, when Serena dropped the question that was bothering her since the beginning of the meal. “So, did you sleep with Mr. Winchester last weekend?” Her voice was neutral and in complete contrast to the intimate content of her phrase.

I almost choked on my drink, coughing in surprise. “Excuse me, what?” I exclaimed, still coughing.

“You know,” she replied, shrugging, “the spring party last saturday, good vibes… you had some alcohol in your blood and Mr. Winchester was literally eye – fucking you all evening. So I thought you two maybe…had some fun.”

I looked at her a little embarrassed, but also flattered at the same time. Mr. Winchester? Eye – fucking me? Someone as hot as him wouldn’t be interested in me, would he? Furthermore, I was his employee. Mr. Winchester was my boss.

He had inherited the company last year and he seemed to be a nice guy. A little strict, but fair. Also, he was stunningly beautiful. Hot as fire. And of course, every unmated woman in the office had attempted to flirt with him – but he never responded. That’s why I’d never tried. Even though I did fantasize about him sometimes. But I was sure he wouldn’t want me. And he was probably a heartbreaker anyways.

“We didn’t, Serena,” I said, emptying my milkshake.

“Y/N, he was staring at you the whole time. I think he wouldn’t mind…” I didn’t let her finish her sentence. “Stop it!” I interrupted her, then waving at the waitress to bring us the bill. To me, that conversation was over. Serena giggled.

When we got back to the office, I instantly knew something was wrong. I put my jacket off and threw it on my chair, then I let my gaze wander around the desk. Something was wrong

My laptop was no longer closed, the screen was on, but my Excel chart was no longer visible. I sat down and started searching for my Excel file. I combed through every single folder, but I couldn’t find it. Oh my fucking god. I started panicking a little, desperately typing the file name into the search bar for the fifth time. No, no, no, no! That couldn’t be! I had worked seven hours on this freaking Excel chart. I needed to get this done today. The boss had said that it was urgent. If the file was gone, there was no way I could finish this today. My face started heating up, my palms got sweaty. I tended to exaggerate sometimes, but this really was a catastrophe. I could already see Mr. Winchester’s brows furrow, his eyes filled with disappointment, telling me that I had to pack my things and go. I could see him making several calls to fix the mess that I’d made. His beautiful features mutated by the stress that I’d caused. No!

I stood up, legs trembling, and walked over to Sam’s desk. He was known for his skills concerning technology and I prayed to Jesus that he could help me. “Sam?” I tapped shyly on his broad shoulders. He turned around to face me, a cordial smile on his lips. “What can I do for you?” he asked. 

“Someone must have done something to my computer. There is an important file missing. It’s an Excel chart,” I answered, trying to seem more relaxed than I actually was, hiding the desperate fear of getting fired behind a poorly faked smile. “I just can’t find it anymore. And I really, really need it, so I was thinking you might be able to help me find it?”

He chuckled quietly, got up from his seat. “Of course.”

He followed me to my bureau and started searching for my holy file. I was totally freaking out, biting my lip, anxiously and fretfully tapping my fingers on the table. Please, please, please, find it.

But he didn’t. “I’m so sorry, Y/N,” he apologized, “It got deleted somehow and I can’t restore it.”

“Well, I’ll see you at my funeral,” I said jokingly, but on the inside I was not laughing at all, “The boss is going to kill me.”

Fifteen minutes later, I stood in front of Mr. Winchester’s office. He was sitting on his chair, drinking from a big cup of coffee, when I knocked and walked in. He greeted me with a smile, unaware of the mistake that I’d made. My heart was pounding fast, I was scared of his reaction – but I had to tell him. I had no choice.

“What can I do for you, Ms. Y/L/N?” His dark, low voice was like sex to my ears. Man, he was so attractive. His eyes were so distracting. Those flashing green eyes. And those broad shoulders, covered in an expensive black suit. A grey tie graced his neck and I couldn’t stop myself from imagining what it would be like to kiss it, suck it, leave love – bites…

“Ms. Y/L/N?” he repeated my name and it ripped me out of my inappropriate fantasies. I had to focus.

“I need to tell you something,” I began, nervously fumbling around with the hem of my white blouse. I didn’t know how to say it, I couldn’t find the right words. Oh god, this was so difficult. 

I lifted my head to look at him and that’s when I saw it – there was something in his eyes. In those gorgeous eyes that scanned me, that wandered over my body, resting on my chest, admiring my features. There was just something that I couldn’t really define – desire, passion, lust, something in between. I thought about what Serena had told me at lunch. And then I decided that maybe, there was a way to keep him from firing me. He was just a man after all. And maybe if I used my charms a little…

Discreetly, I opened two buttons of my blouse, exposing more of my breasts, showing more cleavage. Then I stepped closer, slowly. I would make him fuck me. And he wouldn’t be able to fire me after that, would he?

“I made a mistake,” I whispered. My voice was sensual, almost a moan and I saw his eyes widen. “But I think I know how to make up for it”

He shifted in his seat, licking his lips and I could already taste my victory. He was putty in my hands. I couldn’t really believe what I was doing. I never seduced a man before. But it felt good. I felt powerful. And Jesus, I wanted him, too. “I could make you forget about my faux pas. And I promise you will like it”

He didn’t want to know what mistake I’d made. His glance was focused on my lips, my curves, the way I moved.

I walked over to him and sat on his lap, one leg on each side of his hips, our mouths close. He didn’t stop me. Quite the contrary. He put his hands on my waist and pushed me even closer, my womanhood pressing against his growing castle. 

“Fuck,” he exhaled, tightening his grip, “this is so wrong. You’re my employee. But I’ve wanted you since the day I started working here and now you’re in my office, sitting on my… and god, you’re so damn sexy”

His voice made me shiver. I started gently moving on his lap, earning a groan and then we both couldn’t handle it no more. Our lips crashed together in an intense, lustful kiss. His tongue danced tango with mine, I melted into his mouth. 

“Mr. Winchester,” I sighed, as his fingers strolled to my bust, caressing it. “Call me, Dean,” he groaned, then he lifted me up, sitting me down on his desk, taking off my tights and skirt. His hands travelled from my stomach to my legs, his lips tracing kisses on my thigh. “You’re officially my employee of the month,” he announced, then he started licking my wet clit. “Dean!” I was moaning like crazy, not caring if anybody could hear us. Nobody had ever made me feel this good. “God you’re so hot,” he said, “so wet for me”

I was getting closer and closer to the edge when he suddenly stopped. “Do you want more, baby girl?” he asked under his breath, his voice was filled with lust and filthy desire. He had taken control over the situation and I honestly didn’t mind. “Yes, boss,” I answered, looking him straight in the eye, driving him insane. He muttered several curse words, before he took off his clothes in a rush. “Tell me, you want me,” he demanded. “I want you,” I gasped.
“Do you want me to fuck you right here on my desk?”

“Yes, please”

“Say my name”
“Please, Dean”

“Who is your boss?”

“You…you are”

And with that he slammed into me, filling my walls. “Dean!” I cried out, as he fucked me on his table, satisfying his desire. “Oh, fuck, Y/N”

He pushed harder and faster with each thrust and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold it in any longer. “I’m going to…fuck I’m…” he moaned. “Me too, Dean, oh god!”

He went even faster and made us both lose it, sending us over the edge. I pushed my fingernails into his sweaty back, being shaken by my orgasm.

He was still heavily breathing when we put our clothes back on. “That was…very…” he kissed me softly. I smiled. “Yes, it was.”

“So, that mistake, you were trying to make up for…what was it about?”

I hushed, not daring to answer. “Don’t be scared, just tell me. I’m not going to fire you. Not after all this.

“The Excel chart that you asked me to finish for today…I sort of…lost it. The file is gone,” I admitted. I closed the last buttons of my blouse, looked at the ground. “Well that’s not very handy,” he responded, “but it’s okay. Just get it done for tomorrow evening, okay? And maybe, if you want, you can come to my office afterwards and we can celebrate.”

Hi, my name’s Emily. It’s nice to meet you.

I will begin by saying, I am just now learning about all of the different labels/sexuality names and what they mean so I don’t know much. What I do know is that I am Pansexual.

I never really had much of an affinity towards a specific gender and that terrified me, it still does. The last few months I have been searching for a way to stop the horrible feeling not understanding my sexuality provoked.

I love YouTube, a lot. So I spend more time then I should on it, one day after riding the YouTube vortex for a few hours, I stumbled upon Superfruit. Superfruit is a channel by these two best friends, Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi, who are part of a band called Pentatonix. I love their music, so being able to learn more about them was awesome.

 Now at this point I was feeling really uncomfortable calling myself straight or gay, I didn’t feel like I was either. I had no idea who I was.

This is where Superfruit comes back in, Scott is Pansexual and Mitch is Homosexual. So to see these two young adults’ being so comfortable with themselves and each other was incredibly encouraging. It was through them that I found out about Pansexuality.

I looked it up and read what people had written about Pansexuality. It was like they knew my exact thoughts, feelings, and doubts surrounding my sexuality. Everything I read and every video I watched resonated with me. Finally, things were starting to makes sense.

I love people. I instinctively trust and care for people, a trait that, sadly, tends to hurt me. It doesn’t matter what gender. I love them. I think why it took me so long to realize I’m Pan, is because I am a very awkward person. I thought that because I am generally more awkward around guys I must be straight, right? Nope. I am super awkward around woman too. I am just a little less so because my whole life I have only ever had female friends. I am more used to conversing with them.

I knew about bisexuality before I learned about pansexuality but I only began to explore what it meant when I began exploring pansexuality. It caused me to realize that it really does not matter to me what gender a person is, just who they are as a person. I deeply value a person’s personality. I can love anyone, male, female, transgender, and anyone in between, who they are as a person is always the deal breaker.

I cannot begin to express how happy I am to have found myself and to feel like I fit in somewhere. But I know my fight isn’t over. I have only come out to my little sisters after accidentally slipping out a pan joke (stupid, I know). They are incredibly supportive and I want to be there for them if they ever have to go through what I did. But I haven’t come out to anyone else. I know my older siblings will accept me and my mom will still love me, but my dad I am afraid to tell. I know he would never hurt me physically but I don’t think he will ever accept me.

Like I said earlier, I am from a Christian family. Church has always been a big part of my life. I am and will always be a Christian. The peace I have found in Jesus is unexplainable and gives me so much joy. Without him my life would be empty.

Sadly, part of the fear I felt when I was questioning my sexuality came from a fear of losing my relationship with him. And that, truthfully, scares me far more than losing my family or friends. He has always been there so I don’t know what I could do without his support. But the more I explore myself, the closer I get to God. He created me so why am I trying to be something I am not. I’m not straight, I’m not gay, but I am a Christian pansexual.

If you made it through all 700 words, thank you so much for caring. I am still in the process of accepting who I truly am so being able to write it all down and post it means the world to me.  And if you want to talk to me about anything please, please message me. I would love to talk. Also, if I said something that was offensive please tell me, I am trying to learn.


Friends (part 4)

Chris Motionless x reader

Warnings: language, devious plotting by band members, irate tempers

 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5,  Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9,Part 10, Part 11)

You had the worse hangover imaginable.

You stand blearily in front of the coffee pot, watching it slowly fill up, the slowest it had ever been in its entire existence.

You rub your temples.

You’d woke up in your clothes from last night, and though you’d at least changed into some pajama shorts and a large t shirt, you hadn’t bothered to fix your bedhead.

There wasn’t any makeup around your eyes anymore, it was staining your pillows from your crying fit.

You couldnt believe you’d been stupid enough to kiss Chris and think he would want to kiss you back. That had been the most humiliating experience in your entire life, even worse then the thing with your ex.

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Feminism, Rape Culture, and BYU...

How I know Rape Culture exists at BYU:


Because my bishop taught about chastity a few months ago in Relief Society, and instead of talking about growing closer to God, he talked about how if you get raped while dressed immodestly, then it’s your fault.


Because after that lesson, my RA had to pull aside the girls on my floor and remind us that rape is never the victim’s fault.


Because my Relief Society advisor’s lesson on Visiting Teaching ended with ten minutes of advice on how to survive college, and instead of talking about how to study or how to do well she gave advice on how to not get raped. She told us to just not go dancing, to not stay out late, to use the buddy system. Instead of teaching the men to respect us and not rape us, she spent a good chunk of our worship service teaching us to protect ourselves and to avoid situations in which men could hurt us.


Because when people commend me for dressing modestly, they’re commending me not because I’m trying to grow closer to God or to show my divine worth as a daughter of God, but because I’m doing my part to keep the minds of the men around me pure.


Because before every date, my RA offers to let me borrow one of her cans of pepper spray (meaning she owns multiple cans of pepper spray).


Because when my mom heard about my RA’s pepper spray, she wanted to buy me my own can.


Because when I go running, I have to be back before dark, but my guy friends often don’t start running until after 9. They don’t understand why I feel unsafe running in the dark.


Because when I have to go up Freshman Hill in the dark at 4 A.M. on my way to work, I run as fast as I can, even though the path is well lit.

Reasons I get frustrated when people act like rape culture doesn’t exist at BYU:


Because in a survey from 2003, 90% of rapes in Provo were not reported to the police.


Because there are signs posted around campus reminding women not to walk alone after dark.


Because when I go running in the middle of the day, in very modest workout clothes, I still get cat calls and rude comments from men.


Because last semester, I was studying in the sunshine outside of Hinckley Hall wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, and a group of guys walking past started cat calling me and making rude comments like, “She wants to go out with me!” “Give me your number!” “She wants me,” “Take your clothes off!” and other comments that made me no longer feel comfortable studying anywhere but in the safety of my dorm room. It doesn’t matter what I wear, some men still view me as an object instead of a human being.


Because when I told people about the above encounter, I received comments like, “Were they cute?” “Well did you give them your number?” and “It must feel nice to get so much attention from boys.”


Because some of the campus police have the sole job of investigating sexual assault and rape (meaning that although many people I know think of BYU as a safe campus, there are enough cases of sexual assault and rape for it to be basically the main focus of those police officers)

Why I need feminism and why I need Rape Culture to die:


Because when I was 12, I wasn’t allowed to walk literally a block to the library to do my homework without taking my tiny, scrawny 10 year old brother to protect me. The logic behind this was not that he would physically protect me in any way, but that his presence would either deter an attacker or he would be able to run for help if I was attacked.


Because when I walk down the street, some guys will walk right into me if I don’t move out of the way for them.


Because I’m already mentally preparing myself to be paid less than my male coworkers when I start my career after college.


Because some people don’t take me and my feelings seriously just because I’m a woman and I’m young.


Because when I go dancing, men assume that I want to dance with them simply because I’m there even though I don’t know them and I’ve shown zero interest in them.


Because when I tell people about my plans to work for Amigos de las Americas after college and how I want to live abroad people ask, “Well what about when you get married?” because not only do they think marriage should be my only goal in life and that I need to sacrifice all my other dreams to get married, but also because it’s my second semester in college at age 18 and already my future husband’s dreams and goals are more important than mine.

Because I don’t feel safe on BYU’s campus!

Cat and Mouse

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony)

summary: When Tony gets in trouble with Steve, he does the only reasonable thing - he runs. Too bad that he keeps forgetting that outrunning a super soldier is not an easy thing to do

length: 728 words

a/n: this prompt! I also don’t have anything against New Jersey, just to make it clear. just a litte fun moment between Tony and Steve!


Cat and Mouse

Tony’s heart was hammering behind the arc reactor, his lungs and legs on fire. Luckily, he managed to keep his head clear and he was constantly working on the escape plan.

If the distance between two masses is tripled the gravitational force changes by a factor of–

“Friend Tony, what are you doing?”

Tony winced, jumping away from the wall, eyes round as oranges. A factor of a Norse God giving away his location.

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Clothes Shopping

Another day. Another monster. Another set of clothes destroyed. It was quite annoying, honestly. Saitama had paid for those clothes, with actual real currency, and money wasn’t exactly falling out of his ears. It couldn’t be helped, though, being a hero and all. Every once and a while, something or someone would tear his pants, sear his hat, rip his shirt, or burn all of his outfit off entirely - all in a futile attempt to kill him. It never did quite reach his skin, though.

So he rushed home with Genos at his heels, hoping that no one would notice his stringy hoodie and ripped pants, even if that was impossible. The popular idol cyborg in a half naked state swiftly jogging behind him did not help with, y’know, not drawing attention to himself.

It was better once they got into the district where they lived. There were less people. By less people, he meant no people, which was honestly great. There was a monster or two, though, wandering the streets, looking for something to do. Whatever.

Once he got inside the apartment, he immediately started looking through his drawers for something to change into. And then he noticed it. And then he stood there for a few minutes, contemplating the issue before consulting Genos on it.

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