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Klance - soulmate au

It happens for the first time when he is five.

He’s lying in bed with a cold, eating the chicken soup his mother made him, when he suddenly hears a bunch of children sing.

Lance recognizes the song immediately. It’s one of those they make you sing in kindergarten. He drops his spoon into the bowl and calls for his mom excitedly.

His soulmate must be around his age.

Keith almost falls off his bike from giggling.

He’s on his way home from school when his soulmate listens to some song about butts. It’s form him, he knows that.

It’s not what they usually listen to and it’s become kind of a habbit. They will listen to something with really weird lyrics at the most unexpected of times just to make Keith laugh. His parents find it a bit inappropriate at times but Keith doesn’t mind. He can feel his soulmate’s amusement each time and it makes him laugh even harder.

He likes to think about what his soulmate must be like. They mostly listen to pop-rock but sometimes classical music too. Keith likes it. It’s a nice contrast to his own undefinied taste in music. He also hears a lot of wedding and birthday songs so they must have a big family.

Their lives seem to be quite different but Keith likes to thinks that they complete each other.

Lance finds his soulmate’s taste in music weird. It’s not that he doesn’t like the songs, so far he liked all of them in some way. But there are so many different genres. He’s sure that his soulmate is one of those people who listen to everything as long as it sounds good in some way.

He keeps playlists. One playlist for every year since he turned 12. There are a lot of songs in them and they’re taking up a lot of memory but he refuses to delete anything.

When he’s 14 Keith is on edge. There have been no songs for over a week and he is starting to freak out. His soulmate usually listens to music every single day, so when there are no songs at all for that long… something must be very wrong, right?

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Arachnophobia ~ Peter Parker

Request: Hello! May I request an imagine where reader is afraid of spiders and she calls peter to take care of it but when peter gets the spider he teases her? If you can do this thank you in advance!

Warnings: fluff, swearing, this is more of a drabble I guess

Word count: 635

Peter was startled by the sound of a girl screaming. He practically fell out of his bed. He dropped the book he was reading on the ground trying to figure out the source of the noise. It didn’t take him long to figure out it was his neighbor/best friend. He walked up to the door knocking.

“Y/N are you okay” He yelled. He heard footsteps getting closer to the door.

“Thank god you’re here, I almost died” she breathed dragging Peter into the apartment by his shirt with one hand quickly closing the door. She had a white towel wrapped around her body, and her hair was dripping water. The sight of his best friend barely clothed made him slightly choke on air, but he covered it up with a cough. “I was in the shower” she panted.

“Um, yeah I see that, why were you screaming bloody murder,” he asked, laughing.

“Okay well, I was minding my own business taking a nice, warm, relaxing shower, and the next thing I know I look up, and there’s a huge ass spider hanging from the damn ceiling” she exclaimed, waving her open hand in the air. Peter bursts out laughing at how much she was overreacting.

“That’s why you screamed bloody murder for the whole apartment building to hear” he choked out through his laughs.

“Oh my god Peter shut up, I hate spiders,” she said playfully slapping him.

“But you don’t hate me, and I’m Spiderman,” he smirked.

“I hate you right now” she giggled crossing her arms trying to act angry. Peter gave her the puppy dog face wiping an imaginary tear from his cheek acting hurt by her sarcastic words. “I won’t hate you if you kill it” she smiled a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

“Fine, I’ll kill the harmless spider” he laughed.

“Thank you so so much Peter I love you” she bubbled giving Peter a kiss on the cheek. He walked to the bathroom, Y/N following behind. She stood in the doorway as Peter killed the spider with a Kleenex.

“There it’s dead” he laughed taking the spider to the toilet.

“You practically just committed murder because you are basically a spider” she giggled, as Peter flushed the spider down the toilet.

“Did you know that you can eat spiders in your sleep” Peter popped a random fact just to scare her.

“Oh. my. God. stop now” she cried tucking her towel in and covering her ears.

“That spider probably laid eggs in your shower” Peter laughed, as her eyes went wide.

“I’m never taking a shower in that shower ever again” she shrieked throwing her hand in the air, running to her room.

“There are probably spiders in your bedroom” Peter yelled back.

“Peter I actually hate you so much right now, but I’m terrified, and I’m staying at your house tonight because you can protect me from the spiders” she breathed walking out of her bedroom in pajamas.

“Fine by me, you better hope I don’t summon an army of spiders” he chuckled, but Y/N looked at him like he was insane.

“You can do that” she whispered, hugging herself. She was truly terrified.

“No, Y/N, I can’t, and don’t worry as long as you’re with me nothing is ever going to happen to you,” Peter said wrapping his arm around her. She cuddled into his shoulder as they walked to Peter’s apartment.

“Thanks, Peter” she mumbled pulling him closer.

Phone sex (Seungcheol)

Not a request!

This is actually one of the pieces I wrote when I applied as an admin on another scenario blog like 2 years ago, and I’m now posting it here (after re-writing of course) as a, uh, lil filler because I haven’t had time/energy to write recently. I hope some of you’d find it enjoyable despite its short length 😂 


The phone call had been odd to begin with; his voice had been huskier than usually, and it didn’t take too long for him to ask the very cheesy question that easily gave away what he was going after. 

“What are you wearing?” 

As you had caught up to Seungcheol’s plans, the call had soon led to the present: you were sitting on your bed with your back against the wall while he was seated on a comfortable armchair he had in his hotel room, with his hand around his cock.

“Tell me how you feel around your fingers,” Seungcheol said into his phone’s microphone, eyes shut tightly and his other hand wrapped around his hardened length, pumping slowly while he painted the most beautiful images of you in his mind. You moaned on the other end, two of your fingers deep inside of yourself, making you squirm despite the digits not belonging to the one person you were craving for.

“So wet, so t-tight,” you whined and scissored your fingers a little. You felt yourself clench involuntarily when you heard Seungcheol’s groan.

“Touch your clit for me, baby,” he muttered, and you obliged readily. You did your best to keep your phone between your ear and shoulder as your hands were busy between your legs, which you held open for easier access.

“Ah, Seungcheol,” you moaned, slowly pushing in a third finger of yours, desperately trying to mimic how it felt to have the said male inside of you, as impossible as it was for it to ever feel as good as he did. "I need you so bad, oh my god…“

He grinned while biting his lower lip, getting closer to his climax with your sweet moans ringing in his ears, going oh so well together with his mental images. He wished it was you around his cock, but he was grateful for your moans as well. "Oh, if I was there, you’d be long gone.”

“I know,” you moaned at the blissful mental image of your boyfriend slamming deep into you, and you could’ve sworn that you’d never been as frustrated during a sexual act as you were now. Excluding that one time Seungcheol had teased you to no end, of course, but that time had paid off with the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life.

“I do agree though, you don’t understand how badly I want to be inside you right now,” he said with a grunt, picturing you on his lap to the best of his ability. “I’d be in so deep, and you’d be clenching around me so deliciously…”

You moaned quietly and encouraged him to continue his visualization, a very similar image taking over your mind as well, which only made your own touch so much better.

“I’d be playing with your clit in rhythm, and your nipple would be tortured by my tongue…” You encouraged him to continue again while moving your other hand to your chest, playing with your nipples and trying to multi-task with the hand you still had down at your core, desperately reaching the clit with your thumb. In the end it was fairly sloppy, but felt good nevertheless, so you paid no mind.

“What about you?” he asked instead, a hint of playfulness in his tone, and you could practically see the smirk on his lips. You groaned, contemplating throwing your phone away before finally letting your imagination free.

“I’d be pushing back against you,” you began, feeling the knot in the pit of your stomach tighten a little, “and my nails would be digging into your back, and I’d–”

You couldn’t even finish your description as you felt your orgasm crashing over your body, with a loud moan erupting from your lips. Seungcheol groaned, thumbing the slit of his cock whenever his hand, now moving a lot quicker than in the beginning, reached the top of his length.

“Ah, fuck, baby,” he groaned as he came, the image of your blissful, post-climax expression the only thing in his mind. His breathing was heavy as he slowly came down from his high, opening his eyes slowly.

“How did it feel?” you asked with what you hoped was a steady voice as you wiped your fingers into a tissue, and you got a guttural groan from your boyfriend.

“Very, very good,” he said contentedly, wiping himself with a tissue as well, aiming a similar question to you. You smiled to yourself, falling to lie on your side on your bed.

“Not as good as the real thing,” you said and bit your lower lip, and he chuckled.

“I’ll be back next week,” he said with a slightly amused tone. You played with your hair, letting out a thoughtful sound.

“The day I see you, you won’t know what hit you,” you said suggestively, and when he asked what you meant with that, you merely laughed a little and wished him a good night. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he replied with a soft smile on his face, sighing when he put the phone down after you had hung up. Meanwhile, you were already planning the day he’d come back, a solid plan slowly but surely forming in your mind.

Admin Scooter

John’s boys are happiest when they’re tangled together. Sam was just a baby when they started sleeping like that, Dean’s limbs wrapped around his little brother like a blonde octopus. After the fire he couldn’t leave Sam’s side. 

It’s not like it bothered John, when they were younger. He doesn’t blame them. Poor kids had lost their mother, and he was far from the most present (and responsible, affectionate) father.  He ingrained into Dean’s mind how important it was (how important it is) to protect Sam, to keep him safe at all costs. John knows he’s at fault for that. 

But they’re eighteen and fourteen now, and Sam’s growing up. All his teenage frustration is pointed–taken out–on John. Dean isn’t completely safe from it, but he’s not a monster like John is. He’s the loving big brother, and that’s what is bothering John–Dean should be pushing Sam away when he drapes his limbs all over him, should be annoyed by the lack of personal space because he’s older now and God knows he never gets any space. Instead he pulls Sam closer and (when he thinks John isn’t looking) kisses the top of his head.  

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Military boy

i don’t know where this idea came from but somehow it popped in my head, the premise is your one of carl’s military dude officer guy’s daughter and you hook up and then he takes you on a good ole gallagher adventure. that’s not proper english whateverusebusebeuhsdfbjsc jsdbsbud

also it’s unintentionally deep in some parts idk this is like a mini story rather than any kind of simple smut I LIKE REAL STORIES OKAY SOMETIMES I WANT TO WRITE MORE THAN JUST CARL BEING A HORNY BOY LET ME LIVE

Word count: 3,413

Originally posted by carlscrib

Your dad had served in the military since way before you were born, and he had recently taken a job at a military school. When you thought of military school you thought only of privileged guys who had nothing better to do with their lives then prepare to die for their country. You appreciated anyone in the military of course, and you understand it was necessary, but growing up watching your dad fall apart made you hate it. Every time he would put himself back together only to fall apart again. He was a military dad stereotype when it came to his protectiveness and worry, but you had to hear and watch the real aftermath of what his life had done to him.

It was the weekend and you were going to work with your dad. Not in a bonding type of way, but you had gotten busted for sneaking out and he didn’t trust you to be home alone by yourself for the day. You sat in silence in the car on the way to the military school you had never once visited, or had any desire to. 

“You know I’m bringing you with me because I care about you. I don’t want you going any further down this path you want to take.” Your dad said breaking the silence for the first time in the twenty minute ride.

“Me going to work with you for a day won’t change my life. Only gonna make me want to go further down that path to get away from you.” You retort, still angry with him for his large absence in your lonely childhood. He just sighs, knowing he can’t win with his military man attitude vs your angry teenage girl attitude. You leaned your head against the window and scrolled through your phone and checked on various social medias. You watched as your dad reached for the air conditioner button and turned it up more. You were already cold in your dress, so you immediately turned the knob the opposite direction after his hand returned to the wheel. From the corner of your eye you saw him glance over at you and shake his head slightly. You rolled your eyes and dropped your phone into your lap. You fumbled with the edge of your dress until you pulled up to the gates of the school. 

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EXO WOLF: Reaction to meeting you during mating season

Xiumin: *Squishy baozi wolf who? Sorry, you met someone completely different from what you heard. Once he sees you, he starts doing the best he can to attract you to him.*

“Oh, she’s so mine.”

Originally posted by icallhimbangjamesbang

Luhan: *Once he sees you in a huge crowd, his eyes are locked onto you and only you, casually checking you out. After the time is right, he would walk up to you and make his move.*

“Well hello there”

Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Kris: *This cold city wolf will be acting super cool and trying to woo you with his coolness idek if thats a word rip*

“So, whatsup?”

Originally posted by vvu-yi-fan

Suho: *Our amazing leader would subtly flirt with you*


Originally posted by exoplathot

Lay: *Being sweet is his way around to get to know you*

“You’re very pretty”

Originally posted by mauloveskpop

Baekhyun: *This flirty wolf would be making so many moves, you won’t know what hit you.*

 “Hi there, I’m Baekhyun!”

Originally posted by exoturnback

Chen: *After successfully asking you out, he starts playing w your heart even before the two of you are together*


Originally posted by rxxbinc

Chanyeol: *lowkey stalks you from a distance and waits for the perfect time to make a move because to him, you are that important.*

“Come on Chanyeol, you can do this. She’s literally right there.”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

D.O: *This wolf would be way too shy to make the first move. So instead, he secretly prays that you’re the one and hopes that you approach him first. Once his prayers were answered, he thanks the wolf gods and proceeds with trying to get closer to you and become your mate*

*gasp* “She’s coming my way! Okay okay, act natural”

Originally posted by dokyunggie

Tao: *He waits until he catches your attention, then he starts to make his move*

“Wow, she’s so pretty.”

Originally posted by pockysooo

Kai: *It wouldn’t be difficult for this wolf to get your attention. With just a few small, flirtatious gestures, you were already head over heels (or paws)*


Originally posted by starlightkai

Sehun: *Being already really good looking, he easily catches your eye and has you interested. It’s just a matter of time until you are his mate*

“Found my future mate already.”

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SHUT UP | Backstage series



warnings: strong language, smut, mature themes, explicit language

Originally posted by thot-7s

masterlist | yg | jb | bb | mk | js | jy

>> Jinyoung sends you to check up on Youngjae since he’s singing too loud in his opinion, you find just the right way to shut him up. Or not.

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15 Day Challenge; Day 11: Fireplace

A/n: Short and sweet just like the others! I think this is my favorite part as of rn I hope you like it as much as I do! There is quite a lot of fluff for you all. -G

Pairing: Loki x reader (getting closer!!!)

Warnings: mentions of anxiety and stress

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs


She didn’t know why she was freaking out more than usual, she attributed it to her plans with Loki and the lack of days to finish his list. Not to mention the lack of sun lately. She didn’t want to think about the fact that she was beginning to love him and that he seemed to be feeling the same. She might act like a child at times but she wasn’t stupid and she could read people, and apparently gods, pretty well. She doubted her thoughts up until Thor had told her of his brother’s feelings. She wasn’t going to say anything if he wasn’t though and she figured that he wouldn’t say anything, ever. He had plenty of reason not to, she doubted he’d want to get close to someone so easy to lose. And so she was sat to mope in her room and try her best not to snap at anyone.

That was easier said than done as soon she was pulled from her safe space and forced to talk to people at the tower. Usually, she loved the weekend dinners, but this weekend it was too much. It didn’t take her long to lose her patience with practically everyone. She apologized and excused herself, taking her meal to her room.

“Is she alright?” Loki was the first to speak up

Tony smirked “and you say you don’t like her,”

“Am I not allowed to be worried about my friends?” the god retorted

Tony was about to say something but received a glare from Bruce “she’s probably just stressed and low on Vitamin D, it happens,” the doctor shrugged

“Is there anything I can do to help,” the god asked
“Leave her alone?” Tony chuckled “You really have no idea how women function do you?”

“Or perhaps Midgardian women are different than the ones on Asgard.” Loki huffed

“Well if you walk in on her and she seems to be having trouble breathing or is crying stay for awhile unless she says otherwise. Try to wrap her in a blanket and keep her warm it should help,” Bruce informed him

“Why wouldn’t she be able to breathe?” Loki asked trying, and failing, to hide his worry

“Panic attacks mess you up man,” Tony sighed

As soon as the meal was over Loki excused himself to check up on Y/n, he was hoping she’d just be upset, but instead, she was shaking and curled in a ball on her bed.

“Y/n,” he called softly

She didn’t say anything or move, he walked closer to her bed and sat on the floor beside it.

“Do you want me to leave?” he asked after a long pause

Tension hung in the air until he heard a whimper

“No,” she rolled over to face him, her eyes red and puffy.

“Are you alright?’ he asked mentally cursing himself for asking a stupid question

“I’m trying to be,” she replied slipping from her bed to sit next to him, she was already wrapped in a blanket so Loki did the only thing he could think of to help her be warmer. Within seconds a small fire was in the fireplace across the room, he hoped the heat would reach her. She looked up at him, and he smiled. To his surprise, she moved closer to him and put her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you,” she muttered after a while “I’m probably the most annoying person on the planet to you right now. Dragging you around to do things you don’t even want to do.”

“I might not want to do them at first, but somehow you always change my mind,”  the god replied, “besides if I found you annoying, I wouldn’t even let you take me places.”

She sighed “Still, I’m sure you have your own traditions, and I didn’t even think about that,”

“I can always share them with you another time,” he shrugged “perhaps next year you’ll have a list of your own.”

“Maybe I will,” she smiled

“That’s better,” he said

She huffed and shook her head somehow getting even closer to the god. He wrapped an arm around her and held her till she fell asleep. Not knowing what to do he sat there and watched the fire doing his best to keep her comfortable.


A/n: Requests are open (especially ones for characters I don’t usually write for!) Let me know what you guys think of the series and if you want me to do another one for Christmas or Winter! -G

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love-elizabeth-the-3rd  asked:

Okay! So maybe she continues to behave a little off with seven but okay with the others, and maybe now Seven starts feeling like really concerned but he's confused because that's what he wanted? But now he's starting to wonder if that's what he really wants, and he kind of starts to feel like MC felt when he did that to her. Maybe she starts opening up to one of the members a bit more now since she cant with him, and he feels bothered by that, lol idk but really just go nuts with it x")

707: The Cold Treatment [Part TWO]

Thanks for the request!! Here’s part two, everyone~


Click for: [Part One] [Part Three]

Seven laid in bed, staring up at the dark ceiling, dimly lit by the moonlight peeking through the windows. For the past two days, you had been brushing him off coldly, but you seemed to be perfectly fine in the chatroom. He’d given up on bringing up your strange behaviour in the chatroom, but he had continued his attempts to talk to you, worried.

Pfft. Who was he kidding?

A large part of him simply wanted to talk with you, to laugh and joke with you, to spend time with you… Although he was fully aware that it would be dangerous for you, he couldn’t help but secretly desire this. He couldn’t help but try to communicate with you, even when you were trying to push him away.

At the same time, he didn’t want you to get involved with his problems. You were so precious to him… He’d hate to be the source of your suffering. Who knows what the agency would do to you if they found out about you? What if they tortured you? What if they held you hostage? The possibilities were endless. He had to stay away from you.

But now that you’d finally stopped trying to get close to him, he couldn’t help but feel empty.

He knows that he shouldn’t feel this way, and he should be happy that you finally seemed to understand how dangerous he was… but the change was so sudden, it honestly kind of hurt him that you could become so cold so quickly.

… Now that he thought about it, that description sounded awfully familiar.

Oh. Hadn’t he treated you the same way, when he first showed up at your apartment? He’d been all fun and jokes, warm and cheerful in the chatroom… but then he had been curt and cold towards you when he met you. It must have been a huge change to adjust to, and you’d continued to shower him with your love, affection and care. Until the day the two of you had that huge argument.

Seven groaned, rolling onto his side and curling up into a ball. How was he supposed to feel? How was he supposed to act right now?

Personally, he really wanted to win you back. He wanted to get closer to you. God, you were so intriguing to him. You had managed to push past his walls, and seen through his acts, and yet you had still continued caring for him. You had seen his darkest sides, and put up with his angry attitude and hurtful words. And you hadn’t held it against him even once. He was so touched by your actions, he couldn’t help but feel all fuzzy and warm inside.

But professionally, he know he had to keep you away. And he’s succeeded. This would protect you. You would be safe, and you would have the chance to find happiness again. As long as you were happy, Seven would be able to let you go.

So why wasn’t he happy? Shouldn’t he be relieved that you weren’t bothering him anymore?

It was all so confusing. His thoughts continued to race, until he figured he wasn’t going to be able to sleep. It was 10 in the morning, but he’d been up late all night, completing his work for the agency.

He reluctantly got up, and wandered into the living room. As he passed the kitchen, he noticed that the plate of breakfast he’d made for you earlier had disappeared from the table. Seven walked towards the sink, taking note of the cleanly scraped plate. A soft smile etched his face as he realized you had taken care to eat every bit of the meal. He felt glad that you were eating normally, at least.

Footsteps sounded from behind him, and he turned around to see you walking towards the door, putting on a coat. Alarmed, he ran toward you. “MC? Where are you going? It’s dangerous outside!” he panicked.

You looked up at his face, but avoided meeting his eyes. “I’m meeting with Zen. I’ll be back soon.”

Seven’s face contorted into anger, pain flashing briefly in his eyes. He thought to himself bitterly, So she’s leaving me for Zen, huh?

“You shouldn’t go. You don’t know what could happen out there. Do you even remember why I had to come here in the first place?” he said harshly. “Do you think I came here for fun? I’m here to protect you from getting hurt.”

You forced a bitter laugh, finally looking directly at him. “That’s hilarious, because you’re the only one hurting me right now,” you managed to say, tears welling up in your eyes as a wave of emotions overwhelmed you.

Seven winced, feeling ashamed of himself. “…I have to. You don’t know what the agency could do to you if they know that you’re associated with me,” he mumbled, looking down at the ground. “I-I’m sorry, okay? Just… don’t go to Zen.”

You stayed silent, weighing your options. Finally, you sighed, taking off the coat. “Fine.”

You took out your phone to call Zen, walking away from Seven.

Zen: Hey! What’s up, babe?

You: …I can’t go today. Seven says it’s dangerous.

Zen: Are you sure he’s not using that as an excuse? You never know, he could just be jealous.

You: I don’t know. I’m sorry for cancelling at the last minute, I really didn’t mean to.

Zen: No, no, it’s not your fault. Don’t apologize. We’ll see each other at the party soon, and we can always meet up after that too. It’s not a big deal, so don’t feel guilty.

You: Thanks for understanding. It means a lot to me that you’re being so considerate…

Zen: No problem, babe! I have to go now though, a few people are staring… Haha, I wonder if they’re my fans? Well, take care of yourself, okay?

You hung up, and noticed Seven staring intently at your cell phone. He had been listening to your phone call. Dammit, wasn’t Zen being a bit too overfriendly? Seven could hear Zen’s flirtatious tones (no Seven, you’re just jelly) through the phone.

In fact, since when did you confront Zen about these things? When had you two become so close? Seven frowned at the thoughts swimming in his head, and you noticed the tightly clenched fists at his side.

“…It’s not polite to stare,” you said softly, before turning around to head back to your room. That was where you had shut yourself for the past few days, interacting happily with the members despite feeling empty inside.

Seven watched, his eyebrows furrowing in sadness. He couldn’t take this cold treatment from you anymore. He.. he just couldn’t. It hurt too much.


Well! That’s where I’ll leave it at!

I don’t re-read my work, so I hope this was okay..?

The existence of a third part will depend on the feedback… :P


Enemies to lovers w/ Renjun
  • i f i n a l l y got a renjun request, i’M SO HAPPY
  • i feel like this would be kind of hard to do tho bc baby renjun is so pure like how can someone hate on him am i right
  • i mean yeah sometimes he rlly hates jeno and he’s really grumpy when you wake him up bUT he just needs more patience lmao
  • even tho, i don’t believe a 100% that he’s the purest member of the dream team
  • not saying that the other one’s are not i just don’t think he’s THAt cute and innocent, idk he gives em those vibes
  • i really miss his black hair btw bUT THE BLONDE HAIR LOOKS SO GOOD TOO
  • but it doesn’t matter, let’s start
  • okay so,,,, first of all, it wasn’t always a hate relationship. actually, in the beggining, y’alls friendship was really cute and sweet
  • he would always treat you kindly and would try to help you even w the smallest things, especially if you’re younger than him
  • mostly it was bc he really cared about you, but, the truth is that since the beggining had a crush on you, he would talk all the time about you
  • “y/n was so beautiful yesterday, i have no doubts that she probably looks even prettier today”
  • “y/n’s outfit was so pretty, she looked so cute today”
  • “wow, y/n just gets more and more beautiful everyday”
  • ugh, those months were gold for both of you tbh
  • but as his feeling grow more and more everyday he would get more protective & jealous of you and would notice lots of things
  • like your inside jokes w jaemin, how comfortable you felt around chenle, how jeno and you had no secrets at all in y’alls friendship..
  • and, you know when u really like someone but you don’t know how to talk to them so you start bothering the shit out of them to get their attention??
  • well, that was his first reaction to his jealously and to the whole situation
  • he would create arguments w you on purpose and tease you about everything 24/7
  • and it was kind of funny for you the first times bc he was just playing around ya know
  • but he would start to get really fvcking annoying
  • and past like a month or so you find yourself basically hating on him and talking shit about him 24/7 w the other members
  • “renjun is so stupid, i almost got hurt bc of him today”
  • “renjun started a rumour of me liking him, h i m, ew, disgusting, never”
  • “probably even moomin hates him”
  • and the other dreamies were sO DONE
  • and king donghyuck was the one who actually let you know about the whole situation
  • “you talk about him just as much as he talks about you, both of you are unbearable"
  • and you were like wAIT REPEAT THAT
  • and he told you everything, everything , e v e r y t h i n g and you felt so stupid
  • and you also kind of realize that you may have some feelings for jun too
  • like, this past days you have been thinking about him a lot and ugh he’s just so precious?? like?? an actual angel???
  • “donghyuck, make a plan for us were we can confess to each other in the end”
  • “forget about it, stop being so immature and just go and tell him”
  • “y/n, there’s literally a 0% of probability of him rejecting you”
  • “y’all are seriously made for each other”
  • and you were like uGHgGHg, but he was right after all
  • so you started with small steps, like actually giving him the attention he wanted in the beggining and taking care of him in obvious ways
  • “renjun, don’t go there, it’s dangerous”
  • “hey, so, i was with kun the other day and he insisted on giving you this moomin plushie that i found”
  • “renjun? i bought you some of your favorite candy, do you want some?”
  • basically a tsundere all the way
  • and his heart would beat so fast whenever you start being like this and would get so smiley and shy
  • and there you are both of you super blushy and smiley and hOW CUTE 
  • and all this cute actions from your part would motivate him to treat you again in that sweet and caring way
  • eventually y’all would talk in a more chill way and would be friends “again”
  • and since y’all are making your feelings so obvious this time y’all would be all skinship and compliments 24/7
  • so the dreamies went back in the game, lmao
  • they invited you to the dorms so all of you can watch some movies together and have like a fun night together
  • but in the end this little devils just went to the 127 dorms and let you and renjun alone
  • and it was great, tbh, y’all played around and talked a lot
  • and instead of wacthing those boring action films y’all watched moomin as y’all were cuddling together under the bedsheets
  • and you planned a few ways to confess to him but still were a bit scared of it, ya know
  • but you also knew that if it wasn’t now it would never happen
  • so just went for it
  • “renjun?”
  • “i have to tell you something”
  • he would look at you and smile at you widely, making your heart go cray cray
  • “no, you don’t.” 
  • “did no one tell you that actions speak louder than words?”
  • and, oh my god, he would get really closer to you and leave a kiss on your lips in a really sweet way
  • but then he would separete and cover his face with his hands
  • “oH mY GoD i’m SorRy i gOt ShYYY”
  • and you were in so much pain because how can someone be so damn adorable????
  • so y’all spent like ten minutes just laughing and blushing like idiots
  • but then he would hug your figure and kiss your cheek sweetly
  • “i guess you’re finally mine, y/n”
  • “right?”
  • and he would look at you with so much love
  • “maybe i can answer that with an action instead of words, uhm?”
  • “please do”

You walk up to the door and lift your hand to knock. As much as you want to, you can’t make your hand move to make the sound. Daryl watches you secretly out of his window and you have no idea. He wants to open the door so badly right now, maybe he could pretend he was on his way out to see Rick and invite you in instead. You start walking away, down the steps of his porch and he panics and opens the door quickly.
“Oh, hey, (Y/N), you okay? I was just on my way out.”
“Hey! Erm, oh never mind then, if you’re busy. See you later,” you mumble as you carry on walking.
“I’m in no rush, what’s up?” He says quickly, trying to get you to stay.
“I was just wondering if…” you pause, for what seems like ages, “if maybe you wan-”
“Daryl! I need your help on my car again, can’t believe it’s gone wrong so soon,” a familiar voice shouts out, interrupting you. It’s Claire, one of the residents of Alexandria who have been here since the beginning. She has a thing for Daryl and is always tearing him away from you because she knows exactly how he feels about you and hates it.
“Not now, maybe tomorrow, I need to talk to (Y/N).”
“No, no it’s fine, it can wait,” you said, forcing a smile. You walked away and Daryl watched you until you were out of sight. Claire took his arm and practically dragged him to her place. He checked the car over and couldn’t find one thing wrong with it so quickly returned home after making his excuses. He walked slowly past your door and glimpses you through the window sitting on your sofa with a notebook, furiously writing in it. The voice inside his head wanted to speak to you so badly, but he couldn’t find the courage to even walk up your porch. He turned away and carried on to his house.
The next morning you hear a knock at your door. Running downstairs, you imagine it to be Daryl, he’ll sweep you up into his arms and finally confess his love to you and kiss you passionately. You open it to find Rick instead.
“Hey (Y/N), we need you to go out on a run today, Daryl’s not feeling too good and we need him on top form, can you go with Claire instead?” He asked. Shit, her. No wonder he felt ill, stupid woman always harassing him.
“Yeah sure, that’s fine. I’ll be out in 15 minutes.” You gather some bits into a rucksack and a list that Rick gave you. Heading out to the gates, you see her in her car, tapping the steering wheel impatiently.
“Finally! Come on, lets just get this over and done with,” she sighs as you get in the car next to her. Daryl comes out to see the car leave and notices a familiar face next to her.
“Rick, did (Y/N) go with her?”
“Yeah, she’s as good as you, so the next best person right?”
“Shit! No, this isn’t good, I don’t trust her with (Y/N).”
“Why not? I’m sure they’ll be fine, just take it easy and go back to bed.”
Daryl huffs and goes back inside. He’d give you a couple of hours but come looking for you then. He knew the route you were meant to take, so it would be easy to find you. If he hadn’t faked being ill to get out of going with Claire, you’d be safe behind these walls. There was something off about her, how she’d hold his arm just a little too tightly, or look at you for just a second too long with dark, evil eyes, then she’d snap back to acting like normal again. She was always like this since Daryl told her that he had feelings for you. She’d tried to make a move on him, but he knocked her back and admitted that you were the one for him. She hadn’t like that one bit.
It was a little over half an hour into your journey and the route started to look unfamiliar.
“Are you sure this is the way?,” you asked, confused.
“This a short cut, don’t worry about it.”
Soon you got to a small town, but it wasn’t the one you were meant to be searching today. As you were about to face her, she pulled her gun out and pointed it straight at your head.
“Make one wrong move and I’ll shoot. Get out of the car,” she instructed.
“O- okay,” you stutter. She leads you to a small warehouse behind a shop and pushes you through the door. Inside there’s a chair and some rope.
“Sit.” You do as she says and sit down in the chair. She ties your hands behind you and your feet to the legs at the front.
“Why are you doing this?” You ask.
“Because women like you don’t deserve Daryl. I do,” she says bluntly. She smirks and backs away, “well, this is goodbye. I’ll leave the door open so the walkers don’t have easy access to you. Don’t want them to starve do we?” With that, she exits and you hear the car revving up and leaving.
You struggle against the restraints, but with no luck. How the hell did she tie this so tight?
Daryl’s given you both enough time, he tells Rick he’s going out to find you and within seconds he’s out on the road. As he’s riding, Claire speeds past him and he notices you’re not in the car with her.
“FUCK!” He shouts to himself. He heads straight to the town you were heading for, checks every building, but you’re nowhere to be seen. He races back to Alexandria where he finds Rick questioning Claire.
“She WHAT?” He bellows.
“She got bit, so sad, had to put her down. Left her in a safe place though,” she lies.
“The fuck did you just say?” Daryl interrupts, “she’s not at the town you were meant to go to. Where the hell is she?”
“Oh, no, we went to the next one over, west a little bit,” she smirks, hoping that walkers would have already got to you.
“Ya fucking bitch! If she’s dead, I’m coming back and killing you myself,” Daryl seethes. He jumps back on his bike and goes back out on the road.
He finds the small town and looks in all the buildings then finds the warehouse behind one of the shops. Stepping inside, he sees walkers shuffling about and quickly takes them out. He spots he chair, toppled over and the rope laying on the floor next to it with fresh blood coating it. He looks over at the walkers, they couldn’t have eaten you that quickly, and there was no trace of you here, it wasn’t possible that they took you. Looking around on the floor, he searches for a trail of some kind, and sees small droplets of blood, possibly yours, heading towards the door. Following it, he’s lead to a small shipment container further back from the backs of the buildings that lined the road.
The smell of damp fills his nostrils as he enters the container. There are boxes everywhere, he moves them all out of the way until he sees something in the corner.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?”
“Oh my god, (Y/N),” he says as he gets closer and can see your body fully. Blood soaks your tshirt and you have something pressed against your shoulder. “What happened?”
“That doesn’t matter,” you gasp, “I’m just glad you’re here.”
“Let me see your wound at least.” He reaches out for your shoulder and peels back the cloth you found. There’s an obvious bullet wound and he can see where it’s also been dug out. It’s bleeding heavily and you’ve already lost a lot of blood. “We need to get you back now.”
“I can’t move Daryl,” you say slowly, “I can barely breathe.”
“No, we need to get you back and get you fixed up.”
“Daryl, you can see what’s happened, look at all this blood… I can’t do it.” You’re face is white as a sheet and Daryl knows how this is going to end.
“(Y/N), please, don’t say that,” he starts to cry. “That fucking bitch I’m gonna kill her for doing this to you.”
“Daryl… you’ve got to promise me… you’ll do it, when the time comes… please,” you stutter through laboured breaths.
“I can’t.”
“You can… strongest person I know… why I love you.” You breathe, closing your eyes.
“(Y/N), please don’t say that,” Daryl sobs, tears now cascading down his cheeks.
“Love…” you start.
“I love you too (Y/N), I do, always have done, please come back with me, you’ll be fine,” he rambles desperately.
“Can’t… love you,” you smile as you finally let go and your breathing stops.
“NO! NO! (Y/N), please, please open your eyes, I know you can. Open them,” he cries. He holds your face in his hands, rubbing your cold cheeks, trying to bring colour back into them and get you to wake up. He knows you won’t, and picks up his gun to finish it, but as he brings it to your head he can’t make himself pull the trigger. Instead he uses his knife, slowly pushing it through your ear. Picking you up, he walks out to his bike and places you over it. He walks back to Alexandria with you and when he arrives everyone gathers round as they see your body. Rick is first to speak.
“Daryl, I’m so sorry.”
“Where is she?” He asks, eyes red and puffy from crying.
“In the cell,” Rick answers, knowing what was about to happen. Daryl walks off to the cell as Rick and Carl take your body and lay you down by the church while they dig a grave. As they’re digging, a shot echoes throughout Alexandria and Daryl appears next to them soon after. He takes a shovel and digs at the ground furiously.
“(Y/N) gets a grave. She doesn’t. I’ll do this myself.”
“Daryl, let me help,” Rick says softly.
“No. Leave me,” he shouts. Rick and Carl walk off to sort out the other body and take her outside Alexandria and leave her in the forest for walkers. They get back and Daryl is still digging, wiping tears and sweat away from his face.
“Let me go talk to him Dad,” Carl says, seeing how worried his father looks. Carl walks over slowly to Daryl so as not to startle him.
“Daryl, I know you wanna be left alone, but I cared for (Y/N) too, she was like a sister to me, so I want to help if you’ll let me.”
Daryl doesn’t say a word, but looks up at him through his hair and hands him the other shovel. They stand there in silence and dig until it’s ready, and both lower your body into it.
“Carl, I can’t do it, I can’t bury her,” he says, breaking down again. Carl looks at him shocked at how open he’s being with his emotions.
“No, of course. Me and dad will if you want us to.”
“Yeah, thanks,” he says, dropping the shovel and looking down at you one last time. Then he heads to his house.
“Daryl, you can stay at ours, don’t be on your own,” Carl says after him. Daryl nods his head and changes direction to Rick’s house, not wanting to admit he needs someone, but accepting the offer gratefully. Rick comes out after talking to Daryl and helps Carl cover your body.
“That was a real nice thing you did Carl. Daryl may not show it, but he appreciates it a lot. He really loved her.”
“I know, we all did, and she didn’t deserve what happened to her. I hope she told Daryl she loved him too.”
“I’m sure she did Carl, don’t worry.”


anonymous asked:

Hey can you write me an imagine where the reader gets drunk at a party and gives Dylan a lap dance and then takes he's virginity and it's amazing 💕

“Come on y/n! Chug chug chug!!” You grimaced as you tried to down your drink in one go, coughing, spluttering and failing miserably.
“You guys suck!” You exclaimed wiping your mouth of the alcohol that dribbled down your chin, before laughing.

Your folks had left for two week for a second honeymoon in Hawaii and had left you in charge of the house and you two younger siblings. Lucky for you they had begged you to go stay at the friends places for the weekend so you had told them if you let them they were not to say anything about your friends coming over to party. When you were all in agreeable negotiation point and you also were $100 out of pocket to seal the deal for their silence you’d invited everyone over.

Eric decided it was a good time to see who could beat Dylan at chugging drinks. But being fucking tiny in comparison to Dylan you had NO HOPE in hell.

“Oh my god let’s play truth or dare!” Devon cried, gaining many groans and “that’s a lame kids game” from the majority of everyone. But never the less you all got into a circle and began the game. Eric being the show off he chose dare. Brooks dared him to streak down the street and knock on a a random house. Props to him because he did it but unfortunately he chose your neighbour who owned 3 sausage dogs who chased him back up the street.
You all cried with laughter as Eric hastily got dressed, bragging that he was no fucking pussy.

Around and around the game went and you were getting drunker by the minute till it was your turn.
“So y/n? Truth or dare?” Brooks asked you. Not wanting to seem like a wuss you yelled “dare!” Giggling loudly.
“Hmmmm ok y/n, I dare you to give Dylan a lap dance!” Brooks exclaimed. A chorus of “oohhh’s” and “ahhh’s” following quickly. You looked over at Dylan who’s face had turned bright red and refused to meet your eyes.
“Easy!” You laughed loudly. You swayed slightly as you got to your feet and reached for Dylan’s hand. He took it and you felt him trembling.
“It’s ok y/n you don’t have to…” he mumbled as he got up with you. You led him over to a nearby chair and forced him down onto it before straddling his lap.
You knew the alcohol was giving you this confidence you’d never usually have. You’d been crushing on Dylan for months and you badly wanted to do this. You smiled down at him and leaned into his ear whispering.
“I know dyl, but I really fucking want to. If that’s ok of course?” He swallowed hard and nodded, a small smile playing across his face.

“Let’s set the mood!!” Whooped Zach as nine inch nails closer began to blast from the stereo. You smiled down at Dylan taking his hands and placing them on your hips.
“Just go with it dyl” you mumbled as you began to grind down onto him. He ran his hands up and down your body.

“You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you”

Reznor crooner as you pushed your breasts into his face. Dylan’s face was flushed red as he watched your every move. Totally transfixed. You slid slowly off him and ran your hands up over his legs and crotch. Everyone was cat calling now and wolf whistling you. Dylan not taking his eyes from your swaying hips flipped them the bird. You spun around before slowly bending over and then back up again. You sat back in his lap facing away from him, leaning your body into his Ad his arms wrapped around you. His fingers dancing across your skin. You heard him breathing heavily and you squirmed and grinded against him.

“Help me
Tear down my reason
Help me
It’s your sex I can smell
Help me
You make me perfect
Help me become somebody else”

You grabbed Dylan’s arms and placed them back on your hips bending forwards again as you sat on his lap. You heard him groan as you slid around in his lap before leaning back up. He slid his hands up to your chest and neck gripping you tightly.

“I want to fuck you like an animal
I want to feel you from the inside
I want to fuck you like an animal
My whole existence is flawed
You get me closer to god”

“Oh god y/n!” He moaned quietly you felt him under you. So hard and ready. You turned around to face him, not getting out of his lap and sucked hard on his neck, his hands switching to gripping your hips and butt. You leaned into his ear murmuring,

“I DO want to fuck you like a animal Dylan!” Before nibbling on his earlobe. He swallowed hard again before the song changed. You slowly got off him and gave him a wink. Everyone was whooping and laughing.

“Damn!! When’s my turn! Y/n! That was hot as fuck” Eric groaned

“You lucky fucker Dylan! Why didn’t you pick me Brooks!” Chris grumbled

You laughed before telling everyone that you all should do something else.
Eric and Zach suggested you should all go let off some fireworks. Which everyone quickly agreed to. As the all raced outside giggling Dylan stood to follow them. You quickly pushed him back down onto the chair and straddle him.

“Y/n, what are you…” he started before you crashed your mouth onto his. He paused for a moment before returning your kiss hungrily.
“My room. Upstairs. Now” you begged your hands gripping at his shirt, he studied your face before nodding. Getting up off him you grabbed his hand and tugged him to your room. Locking the door.

“Y/n we don’t..” he started before you pushed him down onto your bed and climbed over him, kissing him hard and passionately. He happily returned your kissed but broke it as you reached for his belt.

“Y/n wait! You don’t, we, I er…” he stammered.
“We don’t what Dylan? Don’t you want me?” Fear flashed in his eyes before he tried again.
“Fuck of course I do y/n! I’ve liked you for soooo fucking long it’s just im…I’m a…I’ve never..” he coughed and looked embarrassed.

“Am I your 1st dyl?”


“It’s ok Dylan, relax, its me. And I’ve liked you for ages too. I want this so bad! I want YOU so bad”

“You…you do?”

“Very much so!”

Dylan flushed red again before sitting up and flipping you onto your back. His hands roaming your body, kneading your flesh. He groaned and moaned as you palmed him through his jeans, clawing at his belt. He kissed you roughly as you undid the clasp and gripped his erection.

“Jesus!” You exclaimed

“What?’ What’s wrong?” Dylan asked panicked. You giggled and kissed him again.

“Nothing! Your just fucking huge Dylan!” You replied smiling.

“Oh, thanks” he smirked before leaning down and sucking on your neck.
You moaned happily as you stroked his length. He pulled away from you and pulled off his shirt. You quickly mirrored his actions, removing your own shirt and bra quickly. Dylan sucked in the air between his teeth as he stared down at you half naked body, his hands shook as he hooked his fingers into your pants and underwear pulling the quickly down and off you.

“Y/n..your..your so fucking beautiful, your perfect!” He moaned looking down at you. You blushed and hooked your finger into the ‘come here’ motion.
He laid back on top of you, kissing greedily at your breasts.

“Dylan please! I want you, I need you!” You begged. He swallowed hard and kicked his jeans and boxers off. He slowly slid his hand down to your sex still kissing and nipping at your breasts. His long fingers sliding up and down your folds. You moaned and pushed against his fingers.

“It’s so wet, so wet and ready” Dylan moaned pulling his hand away, his mouth releasing your breast. He propped himself up and lined his hard on at your entrance. Looking you in the eyes he asked again if you were sure. You nodded and he slowly, slowly slid inside you, never once breaking eye contact. You gasped as the full feeling inside you. Dylan asked if you were ok and if he should stop but you pulled him down to you and kissed him hard. He moaned loudly as slowly began to thrust into you. You moaned loudly and clawed at his back.

“Dylan! Please! Harder, faster” you begged him.
“You sure? I don’t want to hurt you y/n” he asked.
“Yes! Please Dylan! It feels so fucking good! oh god!” You practically screamed.
Dylan lifted you hips slightly and picked up the pace, you kept begging him to go harder and faster. Groaning his name over and over. Telling him how good he made you feel. Dylan began to thrust harder. The sound of flesh hitting flesh mixed with you moans and pleas.

Your orgasm tore through you, you clung to Dylan’s shoulders, as he gasped at the feeling if you clenching around him. It made him pound you harder still. He moaned and groaned your name as he thrusted.

“Oh shit y/n! I’m-I’m gonna cum!” He cried before pulling out if you and releasing all over your stomach. With laboured breaths he stared lovingly down at you.

“Oh shit y/n” he gasped

“You liked?” You giggled looking happily up at him

“Oh fuck yea!” He laughed collapsing down to you and kissing you hard.

“Just one thing though” Dylan asked

“What Dylan?”

Dylan swallowed before cheekily asking,

“Can we do it again?


  • You and Jungkook had been best friends since you were in diapers
  • Growing up, you often had sleepovers at each other’s houses, causing mischief and checking for monsters in the closets
  • “Kookie, what if there’s one in the bathroom?” you asked, nervously pulling on his shirt
  • He grabbed your hand and looked you in the eyes. “Then I’ll protect you! I won’t ever let a monster get you!”
  • Jungkook opened the door to the bathroom with determination on his features
  • “There’s no monsters in here y/n! But… I think we should check a different room just in case.”
  • “Okay!” you agreed, and it took you both hours to realize you hadn’t stopped holding hands yet
  • Years later, on the first day of third grade, you scraped your knee at recess and started crying, trying to hide your face so that nobody would see your tears
  • Jungkook looked at you quizzically. “Do you wanna make it better? I know a magic trick!”
  • You nodded and wiped your snot on your sleeve and he helped you stand up and led you a short distance away from the other kids
  • “It’s our secret though okay y/n?”
  • Again, you nodded, he grinned before bending down and giving your knee a kiss
  • You giggled as he stood back up. “That tickled Kookie.”
  • “Momma says a kiss always makes it better! Did it work?”
  • “Yeah, let’s go play again. Can we pretend to be pirates this time?”
  • “Yeah!!!!” he replied, and grabbed your hand again as you both walked back towards everyone else
  • this is making me cry, this is so soft skdnellw
  • You two stuck together, even when middle school came and you started noticing a change in yourself
  • Your pulse would speed up when you were with Jungkook???? What was happening :((
  • And like??? Why did you feel so weird around him? It wasn’t bad weird but you were always like isneoemeowklw?????
  • It took until the middle of 7th grade and yet another sleepover to realize that you had a massive crush on him
  • “Hey y/n, you know that girl I was talking to in math class today?” he asked, and you felt your heart fall to your stomach
  • “She kissed me after class by the water fountain!” he said excitedly, and you couldn’t help but wonder why your world felt like it was collapsing in on itself
  • “Oh… that’s nice.” you wanted to be happy, but you just weren’t and you didn’t understand why
  • “Yeah! Anyways I think we should go break into my mom’s movie collection and watch some of it! She’s already asleep so she’ll never know!”
  • To be honest, you didn’t wanna do that, but you were never able to tell him no
  • About three movies in, you had completely forgotten all about Jungkook kissing the girl, and you were both cracking up at the cheesy romance playing on the screen
  • “I love you!” Jungkook cried, in a high pitched voice, throwing himself on top of you dramatically
  • “But we can never be together!” you somehow managed to say through giggles in your best grown-up voice
  • Jungkook sat up, grabbing your face with his hands and your heart nearly flew out of your chest
  • “At least kiss me goodbye, my love!” and he pressed his lips to your cheek and you just froze
  • y/n.exe has stopped working
  • Even if it was just y'all goofing around, you couldn’t help but feel like that kiss was… right?
  • Jungkook pulled away with pink-tinged cheeks. “I didn’t mean to do that.”
  • “I-it’s okay.” and you mentally kicked yourself for stumbling over your words
  • *internal screaming*
  • That night you’re on the giant blow up mattress that he keeps under his bed specifically for sleepovers with you
  • It’s so big that you two always shared it, and that night was no exception
  • But neither of you could sleep
  • Both of you kept thinking back to the little kiss
  • You covered your face in embarrassment recalling the memory, the heat of your cheeks warming your hands
  • Meanwhile Jungkook kept touching his hands to his lips as if he couldn’t believe that he had actually kissed you
  • Suddenly, one of the movies you had watched earlier popped in your head
  • In the movie, the main character had a bunch of weird feelings around her best friend that you related to when it came to Jungkook
  • But the difference between the movie and real life was that the movie character had a crush on her best friend and you didn’t have one-
  • wait oh my god
  • So that’s how you realized your crush :’))) you weren’t sure how you were able to sleep that night, but you somehow managed
  • You kept quiet about your feelings because you were terrified that it would ruin your friendship
  • At least until senior year happened
  • He was on your bed studying and you couldn’t help but stare wouldn’t we all in that situation
  • “Kook.”
  • “Yes?” he asked without looking up
  • “I like someone.”
  • Well that got his attention fast
  • You hadn’t really dated anyone even in high school, mostly because you were too whipped over your best friend to really find anyone else
  • So the fact that you liked someone freaked Jungkook out, especially since he had a massive crush on you that he had been hiding since he kissed you way back in 7th grade
  • His eyes were wide and nervous as he stared at you
  • “I like someone but he doesn’t like me back.” you continued, praying that your voice didn’t shake
  • “I can treat you better than him.” he said softly, almost too soft to hear. But you heard, and the breath was knocked out of your lungs as he stood up and continued
  • “I’ll give you everything. You know I will. And you already know that I’m a good guy and that I’ll treat you right and-”
  • It took probably a solid 90 seconds of just staring at each other for it to sink in
  • “OH MY GOD.”
  • You wanted to laugh, but he was getting closer and closer, and soon you had those lips you remembered so well on yours and wow it was like electricity shooting through every nerve in your body
  • When he pulled away, Jungkook groaned and flopped down face-first onto the bed
  • You touched your lips with worry. “What’s wrong? Am I a bad kisser?”
  • He moved his hands to cover his face, even though you couldn’t see it anyways. “NO I JUST CAN’T BELIEVE I COULD HAVE BEEN KISSING YOU SINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL. THAT’S SO MUCH TIME WASTED.”
  • *cue the sound of your heart exploding*
  • You literally had to sit down because your knees turned to jello
  • He suddenly sat up, making you jump. “I have a suggestion.”
  • “I’m listening.”
  • “So what if we knock an f off of bff???”
  • You interrupted. “No, it’s fine, I see how it is.” Your voice was filled with fake annoyance, but he could probably see the adoration you had for him in your eyes
  • Jungkook pouted, sliding off the bed and over to you, grabbing one of your hands
  • “I meant it would be bf like boyfriend…” DAMMIT THAT POUT WAS TOO CUTE
  • You immediately dropped the act, laughing and grabbing his cheeks and pulling him in for yet another kiss
  • “I think bff can still work. Boyfriends forever.” you said as you pulled away, a fond smile on your lips
  • “No wait, we’re better than that. We’re-” Jungkook paused to think. “WE’RE BBFFS!”
  • “Best boyfriends forever?”
  • “YEAH EXACTLY? Wait is that too cheesy?”
  • You laughed yet again, staring at his fingers that were linked with yours. “I think you’re just cheesy in general. But it’s okay. I think I like cheesy.”
  • And that was how you ended up dating your best friend
  • And also how you ended up in the fluffiest relationship humanly possible wow
Body Horror in the Curse of Strahd: I probably should have seen this coming

Kopesk gave the arcanaloth her tail to “get closer to her god,” which he willfully interpreted as sending her to the afterlife. She came back, no problem. Later, we encountered sarcophagi that gave us all cool abilities, but most came with drawbacks. For instance, Kopesk has blindsight, but her eyes melted out of her face. I have three extra lives, but all my teeth fell out. Francis has a bonus to perception, but now he has a permanently closed eye in the back of his head. Wuvo, Bahshra’s feathered snake, has the ability to use Suggestion on people as a standard action (I think) but now also feels that he should be surrounded by art and will manipulate those around him to that end (as much as a non-sentient flying snake familiar can do that). Varissa has truesight, but also feels that life is meaningless and will not resist death when it comes, which is slightly conflicting with her other flaw: obtain power at all costs. Gromm has strength out the wazoo, but gained the flaw of being a bully, which was kind of redundant because he pretty much already was. Li got giant skeletal wings and can fly now, but he has to eat a pound of either bones or grave dirt every day or he dies. Mephistopheles wasn’t there, Feign abstained, and Father Z got something for his bat familiar, Bartleby, but I don’t remember what it was, or what anyone else got. I was a bit distracted by all the body horror.

On the plus side, accepting the gifts of evil deities meant that we were cool with the lich that guards the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. He gave it to us on the condition we don’t let Strahd get a hold of it, and invited us to come read books in his library when we have the time.

but then you’ll come across someone with a kind and gentle soul who’s going to make your heart feel soft and whose voice will make you feel so safe that you can’t help but wonder if it’s real or a dream

because in the past it just always felt like settling

he will understand you without even having to try and he will be able to tell when something is on your mind and you think back to the times when your friends told stories about boys who were so rough with their hearts that you’ll just start thinking oh god you have no idea how much you deserve more than that because you know the feeling of knowing someone who makes you feel so safe and warm 

someday someone will be so gentle with your heart, i promise

someday God Himself will lead you to someone who is so kind and wonderful, someone you’re going to have a real connection with that you won’t be able to even explain it. you won’t have to force a thing. it’s going to feel so easy and right, like it’s the most natural thing in the world

no mind games. no wondering. 

when it’s right, you’ll just know it, and it’s all going to make sense why it never worked out with anyone else 

you will remember the times you wondered why you ever thought it was a good idea to quiet your heart, why you thought you were going to be better off alone, why you were so resentful of God saying no, because now you can’t believe how you were so wrong

because he will understand you like no one ever did before–both your silences and your words

his presence alone can make everything feel lighter

he’s going to feel like safety and warmth, but also of fireworks and ocean waves, and you wouldn’t have it any other way

you’re going to meet him at the right time, i promise. don’t settle–please don’t settle–and don’t give your heart away to just anyone because you’re lonely. let God satisfy your loneliness, because ultimately He is the only one who can truly satisfy. don’t forget that. guard your heart, surrender it to God, and let Him keep it. one day He will give it to someone worthy. just keep your eyes on Jesus and seek His face and don’t be anxious about it

if God says it will be, it will be

nothing good gets away.

•so Sirius is at this fancy restaurant
•it’s some work thing for his parents and he’s bored af because his brother won’t play ‘what is the sassiest comment I can say in front of dad’s boss’
•and after they’ve been sitting for a while their waiter come and asks for drinks
•Sirius looks up to order and promptly feels his stomach fall out
•because his waiter is an actual god
•he has this curly mop of honey coloured hair in his fringe
•and god those eyes are brown (Sirius thinks he might be falling into them but he’s not sure)
•he’s so goddam tall (Sirius is a Tiny Gay Punk)
•and he’s looking at Sirius with this crooked smirk that Sirius thinks might actually kill him if he doesn’t look away soon
•he’s aware he’s been staring at him with his jaw practically on the table
•he stutters through his order and then flushes bright red when he realises he got all the words in the wrong order and has to say it again (The Waiter just grins even more)
•his parents are frowning because they’re homophobic twats
•his brother is frowning because he wants to impress him
•his dad’s boss is frowning because he’s very confused
•Sirius has his head on the table and is trying to disappear
•eventually he has to run away to the bathroom because he keeps seeing The Waiter at other tables

•once he’s in the bathroom he splashes water on his face
•then he turns around and Jesus Christ it’s The Waiter holding a mop
•he goes bright red again
•The Waiter smiles (that smile could actually revive a person that’s been dead for years) and says his name is Remus
•(dear god his voice is so deep and raspy Sirius thinks his knees might have vanished)
•Sirius manages to say hi (he’s such a fucking nerd omg)
• eventually Remus gives him his number and Sirius is just grinning like a madman

•after they’ve eaten dinner Sirius sneaks out for a smoke and to text prongs about 'The Waiter Of The Holy Cheekbones’
•and after being outside for a few minutes someone walks out of the kitchen door
•oh god it’s Remus
•oh god he’s wearing a beanie
•oh god he’s seen him
•oh god he’s getting closer
•he gestures to Sirius’ cigarette and asks for a light
•of course Sirius lights it for him (he realises he probably won’t ever say not to him) (he realises that’s a little terrifying and he’s a little turned on)
•after they’ve finished Remus turns to face him
•'so, Sirius, on a scale of one to ten, how good would your reaction be if I was to push you up against this wall and kiss you till you forget your name?’
•'about a million?’