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Deity meme (1/?) - Dionysos [x] - God of Theater, The grapevine and Religious Ecstasy.

The presence of Dionysos is one of unknowing ignorance. He is the god of wine and religious madness yes but there is a stronger lesson he is trying to teach. He is, up most, a teacher of Hubris. The theaters of Greece created in his name were stages in which tragedy and comedy could be played freely, without consequence. Masks during these plays gave actors the ability to create  ekstasis themselves and make the audience become confronted with questions. There is a reason why the best known line in a tragedy is ‘What should I do?’ In this, the theater is the place for questioning society and life as we know it. 

Comedy on the other hand was a satirical piss take of those in high standing.Theater was created the same time as Democracy, and was ultimately kept alive within it’s bounds. The Dionysia was a celebration and competition of playwrights, also translated to teacher in Ancient Greek. As soon as the theater doors were shut, everyone became one equal group. Without the theater, democracy would have died out and so, the Athenians would have died along with it.

Dionysos is the god of wine, of ritual and ecstasy. His madness is one of non-conforming to societal norms. His theater is place of questioning and thought. He is the outsider looking in, the twice born and judge of those who think they are above their station, be it peasant of king. Dance in his revelry, knowing that your humanity is more beautiful than rules and regulations. 

but then you’ll come across someone with a kind and gentle soul who’s going to make your heart feel soft and whose voice will make you feel so safe that you can’t help but wonder if it’s real or a dream

because in the past it just always felt like settling

he will understand you without even having to try and he will be able to tell when something is on your mind and you think back to the times when your friends told stories about boys who were so rough with their hearts that you’ll just start thinking oh god you have no idea how much you deserve more than that because you know the feeling of knowing someone who makes you feel so safe and warm 

someday someone will be so gentle with your heart, i promise

someday God Himself will lead you to someone who is so kind and wonderful, someone you’re going to have a real connection with that you won’t be able to even explain it. you won’t have to force a thing. it’s going to feel so easy and right, like it’s the most natural thing in the world

no mind games. no wondering. 

when it’s right, you’ll just know it, and it’s all going to make sense why it never worked out with anyone else 

you will remember the times you wondered why you ever thought it was a good idea to quiet your heart, why you thought you were going to be better off alone, why you were so resentful of God saying no, because now you can’t believe how you were so wrong

because he will understand you like no one ever did before–both your silences and your words

his presence alone can make everything feel lighter

he’s going to feel like safety and warmth, but also of fireworks and ocean waves, and you wouldn’t have it any other way

you’re going to meet him at the right time, i promise. don’t settle–please don’t settle–and don’t give your heart away to just anyone because you’re lonely. let God satisfy your loneliness, because ultimately He is the only one who can truly satisfy. don’t forget that. guard your heart, surrender it to God, and let Him keep it. one day He will give it to someone worthy. just keep your eyes on Jesus and seek His face and don’t be anxious about it

if God says it will be, it will be

nothing good gets away.

Retcon level 5.

*Cyboy flies over to the three leaves building…god its big…lots of nanites are swarming around…he gets closer*
Hello? Anyone in here?

it had been three whole days since tyler went missing. by missing, it meant taken. taken against his own will and jaiden had no idea where he could be. jaiden was given clues and hints and things as such, but never a direct place. he could put anything together. the male on the other side of the phone chuckled, “you’re deadline is coming to an end, mccann. 17 hours before your boy here gets a bullet to the head. you know the deal, 100k and he lives. you don’t deliver and he’s dead.” jaiden’s blood was boiling. how could someone thing he’d so easily hand over the money? “how ‘bout you listen to me, dick. you hand him right back over and you live. you don’t, then you die. it’s as simple as that.” jai felt as though they were getting closer to finding him, but he was god awfully wrong. the male sickly laughed, “i guess if that’s how you want to play it then. your boy has 7 more hours left now. let’s hope you get to us in time.” the phone went silent and jaiden clenched his jaw. 

Feminism, Rape Culture, and BYU...

How I know Rape Culture exists at BYU:


Because my bishop taught about chastity a few months ago in Relief Society, and instead of talking about growing closer to God, he talked about how if you get raped while dressed immodestly, then it’s your fault.


Because after that lesson, my RA had to pull aside the girls on my floor and remind us that rape is never the victim’s fault.


Because my Relief Society advisor’s lesson on Visiting Teaching ended with ten minutes of advice on how to survive college, and instead of talking about how to study or how to do well she gave advice on how to not get raped. She told us to just not go dancing, to not stay out late, to use the buddy system. Instead of teaching the men to respect us and not rape us, she spent a good chunk of our worship service teaching us to protect ourselves and to avoid situations in which men could hurt us.


Because when people commend me for dressing modestly, they’re commending me not because I’m trying to grow closer to God or to show my divine worth as a daughter of God, but because I’m doing my part to keep the minds of the men around me pure.


Because before every date, my RA offers to let me borrow one of her cans of pepper spray (meaning she owns multiple cans of pepper spray).


Because when my mom heard about my RA’s pepper spray, she wanted to buy me my own can.


Because when I go running, I have to be back before dark, but my guy friends often don’t start running until after 9. They don’t understand why I feel unsafe running in the dark.


Because when I have to go up Freshman Hill in the dark at 4 A.M. on my way to work, I run as fast as I can, even though the path is well lit.

Reasons I get frustrated when people act like rape culture doesn’t exist at BYU:


Because in a survey from 2003, 90% of rapes in Provo were not reported to the police.


Because there are signs posted around campus reminding women not to walk alone after dark.


Because when I go running in the middle of the day, in very modest workout clothes, I still get cat calls and rude comments from men.


Because last semester, I was studying in the sunshine outside of Hinckley Hall wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, and a group of guys walking past started cat calling me and making rude comments like, “She wants to go out with me!” “Give me your number!” “She wants me,” “Take your clothes off!” and other comments that made me no longer feel comfortable studying anywhere but in the safety of my dorm room. It doesn’t matter what I wear, some men still view me as an object instead of a human being.


Because when I told people about the above encounter, I received comments like, “Were they cute?” “Well did you give them your number?” and “It must feel nice to get so much attention from boys.”


Because some of the campus police have the sole job of investigating sexual assault and rape (meaning that although many people I know think of BYU as a safe campus, there are enough cases of sexual assault and rape for it to be basically the main focus of those police officers)

Why I need feminism and why I need Rape Culture to die:


Because when I was 12, I wasn’t allowed to walk literally a block to the library to do my homework without taking my tiny, scrawny 10 year old brother to protect me. The logic behind this was not that he would physically protect me in any way, but that his presence would either deter an attacker or he would be able to run for help if I was attacked.


Because when I walk down the street, some guys will walk right into me if I don’t move out of the way for them.


Because I’m already mentally preparing myself to be paid less than my male coworkers when I start my career after college.


Because some people don’t take me and my feelings seriously just because I’m a woman and I’m young.


Because when I go dancing, men assume that I want to dance with them simply because I’m there even though I don’t know them and I’ve shown zero interest in them.


Because when I tell people about my plans to work for Amigos de las Americas after college and how I want to live abroad people ask, “Well what about when you get married?” because not only do they think marriage should be my only goal in life and that I need to sacrifice all my other dreams to get married, but also because it’s my second semester in college at age 18 and already my future husband’s dreams and goals are more important than mine.

Because I don’t feel safe on BYU’s campus!

“So… Your EYE is weird… let’s-let’s talk about that.”

Since Stan didn’t have the other 2 journals at this point in the show, who wants to guess this wasn’t just a “date” but Stan trying to glean information out of Lazy Susan about her past/ her potential involvement with the Society of the Blind Eye?