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monsta x and:

monsta x + loving kihyun

Q: What feeling do you get when you look at Kihyun?

Changkyun: Warmth x, x

“Hey! Everyone! I’m Archie Andrews – most of you don’t know me – but I’m here with Veronica Lodge – and if she means half as much to you guys as much as she means to me, I know you miss her a lot. I just want to say – I’m really glad to meet her old friends, and if you ever want a taste of small town life, you’re always welcome to visit us in Riverdale. Until then, let’s raise our glasses  … to Veronica – the love of my life.” 

things sherlock holmes has canonically done:

  • scrapbooked the hell out of his newspapers
  • put on a hat that was too big for him 
  • giggled
  • cried because lestrade was nice to him
  • got all sappy and romantic by smelling a rose
  • let a puppy lead him on adventures
  • “impish mood”
  • lit his pipe with an ember from the fireplace because he thought it looked cool

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cinnamon roll /ˈsɪnəmən rəʊl/ 
   1. Salim from American Gods


ok i´m not in the JS fandom but i really like this character and from what i read i had to draw him so here´s it! also thank u @markired for the follow i didn´t expect u to do that like i freak out haha but seriously thank u!! i would like to share some theories with u someday :)